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Kyle Richards Says Yolanda Foster Is Not A ‘Straight Shooter’ Considering She Lied About Bashing Lisa; Points Out Lisa’s Hypocrisy!

Kyle Richards doesn’t really get what the deal with Yolanda Foster. Kyle took to her blog to talk about the drama regarding Yolanda and Lisa and is surprised that someone like Yolanda who is a ‘straight shooter’ would deny what she said about Lisa at Paris! That’s not all; Kyle even points out Lisa’s hypocrisy!

“I had been dreading this day for months. Fighting and rehashing every disagreement we’ve all had gives me anxiety. All of our faces looked so tense. Especially mine!

It was strange that Camille and Adrienne were not there. I was disappointed that Adrienne didn’t show up to explain her side of things. When Brandi first made the comment, everyone felt bad for Adrienne. Then she stopped coming around and lawyers got involved and that started swaying people’s opinions. I wish she would have shown up and let her voice be heard. We all felt let down. I don’t think she has handled the situation well from the beginning. If she had, there would have been a very different outcome. It is sad that she won’t be back for Season 4. We all went through a lot together and the good times we shared will be missed. Now, on to what happened at the Reunion…

I guess we will start with Yolanda, since that’s where Andy started.

Yolanda and I didn’t really spend any time together this season. Although she was always invited to the girls’ and my events, she didn’t always show up. I had no problem with Yolanda and thought she seemed nice, although cool and standoffish. Then I heard she was saying things about me behind my back.

At the Reunion she was saying that I never made an effort with her. In spite of her being cold toward the group, I was making an effort. I invited her to my parties (on and off camera) asked her to dinner (off camera) and sent her flowers when I heard she was feeling down. I also called her to talk to her about her symptoms before she knew she had Lyme disease. I thought perhaps she was suffering from fibromyalgia, like I do, and was troubleshooting with her as to what it could be. I didn’t know her well, but shared with her what I have gone through with fibromyalgia in an attempt to get to know each other better.

It seems all that was forgotten the day of the Reunion.

When she said she was at my home and I didn’t offer her a glass of water, I was shocked. We were doing a photo shoot for a magazine and they used my home for the shoot. We had an entire set up of food and drinks for the cast and crew. Most of us didn’t even know Yolanda was there until way later. She never came in the house and stayed away from everyone. We were all getting ready together inside and didn’t know why Yolanda didn’t want to come in. At the Reunion, Brandi said that Yolanda had come from the hospital to take these pictures and was angry we didn’t come out. I had never heard that until the Reunion. It makes more sense that she was angry about not feeling well and less about me offering a glass of water.

Yolanda went on at the Reunion to say that I was catty about Brandi by saying she had plastic surgery. She was referring to our dinner in Vegas when we were having a conversation about how Adrienne “lied” about her family secret and I was saying “well, you don’t tell people you’ve had your nose done.” Meaning, just because we don’t tell everyone every detail of our personal life, it does not mean we are lying. Some things are nobody’s business. If it’s not hurting anyone else, why do we care?

When Lisa said Yolanda told her I was talking about her, I finally had had it with Yolanda being sneaky and two-faced. Yolanda had asked me what happened between Lisa and me and I told her. That was the extent of what I said to Yolanda. She was posing as someone trying to help me fix things with Lisa and I shared the details with her. Yolanda knew how hard I had been trying to patch things up with Lisa; how sad and mean that she would then go back and try to make things worse? Meanwhile, Yolanda was speaking badly about Lisa. What I said at the Reunion is EXACTLY what she said! Yolanda said those things about Lisa to Kim and me. I was really surprised Yolanda didn’t own up to that. She tries to come off as being a “straight shooter” and that was simply a bold faced LIE. Everyone knew she was lying. I think Lisa knows too, but didn’t want to admit it. Lisa is smarter than that. Although, self-admittedly, not the best judge of character, she is very smart.

Hearing Lisa say she didn’t believe it really stung. Especially, since I believe she KNOWS it is the truth. Perhaps her reason is an attempt to discredit me. I am still, one year later, being “punished” for the last Reunion.

What people didn’t KNOW was that we had a disagreement off-camera, right before shooting Season 2, that put a damper on our relationship. That disagreement made me feel conflicted at our Season 2 Reunion. I opted to stay quiet when she and Adrienne were fighting. Since then, I have apologized many times hoping to move forward because I do care about Lisa. At times it was frustrating to me because the viewers didn’t know WHY I hadn’t jumped in to defend Lisa. I chose not to discuss it. I knew if I did it would be impossible to move forward. Meanwhile, Lisa continues to bring up my “not defending” her, every chance she gets. I still don’t understand why it was OK for nobody to defend me (or Camille for that matter) when we had our argument at the table in New York City. Everyone stayed quiet. Then there was Vegas, when Camille said Lisa didn’t really own SUR. Why was Lisa only mad at me for not defending her and it’s OK that Brandi didn’t? I had no clue what percentage Lisa does or does not own.

The accusations made by Lisa at the Reunion were so hurtful. I would never let business come before my friends. She knows that. Having Camille, Lisa, and Adrienne as my husband’s clients never stopped me from telling them how I felt. EVER. I stuck up for Adrienne because I felt that Brandi was wrong in exposing something Adrienne felt was sacred, and she wasn’t around to defend herself.

On top of that, there was no disputing that what Brandi did was wrong. Even Brandi admits that. So why wouldn’t I speak up about what I felt was wrong? If Adrienne had done that to Brandi, I would have done the same thing! What’s right is right.

I’ve started to see that these false accusations that some of the women make are much like politicians who go on smear campaigns.

It really hurts when you care about the person making the false accusations.”

Like I said this show should be called…you get the point! All the girls are guilty of being hypocrites one point or another. I do think Yolanda bashed Lisa and Kyle did make some valid points. Thoughts on what Kyle had to say?

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  • KYLE and Kim are freaking annoying and should shut the F up. So annoying. She doesn’t stop talking and making the situation worse, she’s 2 faced. Brandi is just being herself. KYLE AND HER FREAKY SISTER act like they have the authority to get on people’s face but when someone goes against them, omg!!!!!

  • Yolanda is gross and a big mouth classless person just like Brandi and Marisa. Yolanda is a trouble maker and phony she looks down upon everyone and thinks everyone is going to cater to her she is no one special Yolanda is an old washed up lady. David will wake up and realize he made a mistake. She looks gross

  • Sorry. I don’t believe Kyle as far as I could throw her. I definitely don’t believe her here. An example of her lies? She said she would have defended Brandi if Adrienne said it about her. But Adrienne DID smear Brandi and accuse her of being a neglectful parent. I didn’t see Kyle say one word to defend Brandi. Kyle, is full of shit.

  • I do not adore Kyle. She is Jill. She continues to talk extremely hurtful about other people and then beg to be their friends. She is incapable of being a true friend. The only reason she was disappointed by Camille and Adrienne’s absence was that she spent all season kissing their a$$ and realizes it was a huge mistake as she was left hanging alone at the reunion. She is as calculating and manipulative as they come.

  • I adore kyle!! Lisa,yolanda,and brandi are nothing but mean women,yolanda acts so innocent but shes is as much drama as everyone else.Kyle also starts drama,but tells people how it is! Love her

    • Kyle is a bully and a mean girl and a liar. Far from telling people how it is, Kyle LIES AND MANIPULATES and always misrepresents the truth then acts upset when the ladies see the episodes themselves and see what Kyle said is a complete fabrication. Kyle is a dirty liar and a manipulator who couldn’t tell the truth if her children’s life depended on it. Hate Vyle Kyle. Only bullies like her.

  • Kyle represented herself at all times…sad for the necessity, amongst “friends”.

    Good for Kyle to call out Yolanda..afterall this is what Brandi and Andy said this show is about.

    I understand her disappointment about Adrienne not attending, feeling like Adrienne let her and the girls down the stood up for Adrienne.

    Kyle, now that Brandi/Brandi’s mom Lisa are somewhat finished with Adrienne, they have pointed their manacured claws in your direction.

    • @samael ITA! It was very obvious that Lisa is out to destroy kyle emotionally, mentally, and financially…there’s a reason why lisa likes to be around underdogs and/or young, impressionable people. Lisa doesn’t have school children to worry about and her husband prolly isn’t hitting it like he used to (nature is what it is), so this is how she keeps herself busy.

      Also, did anyone else notice that ken only mentioned 2 of his children at the recommitment ceremony?

      • Hi Fiftismommy 🙂


        I know that I did not notice…odd comment for Ken.

        Their vows were so sweet, this dress that Lisa wore it was the design not the color that looked odd to me.

        Maybe I am so used to seeing Lisa in pink.

  • I’d like for Kyle to get “the bad edit” next season, but I’m sure she won’t, as Andy loves her.

    • when did she get the “good edit” cause according to this blog she is the devil of beverly hills.

    • Seriously?! What show have u been watching? Kyle has had the worst edit…almost feels like miss andy has a teresa-esque kind of hate towards her.

      • actually Andy loves Kyle…that is why bravotv is deleting negative comments and keeping all the positive ones. , editing can’t put words in her mouth. KYle always fails to take responsiblity for anything….someone else is always to blame.I think Lisa is just as bad….but at least she owns it.

  • Yolanda is acting for the cameras and Lisa is not this perfect little person. Kyle has always been my favorite, she admittedly makes mistakes and knows it. She knows she has a dysfunctional relationship with her sister and she gets the Hollywood game better than all of the ladies 🙂

  • Kyle is the “mean girl” high school bully! It’s so sad to see her “justify” her actions as helping, but she really is a bully. I hope her children don’t act the way she does. Sad…..

      • Coughcough game night coughcough. Kyle was snarky to Brandi the very first episode she appeared. Mocking her crutches, laughing about her ‘only claim to fame’ being cheated on by husband with Leann Rimes, her treatment of Brandi on Game Night. Then, her constant digs at Brandi for the rest of last season, topped of with her setting Faye onto Brandi this season and standing by, with a very visible smirk on her face?

        Wow. Why is it Kyle stans have such conveniently forgetful memories? Honey, Kyle is called a bully on just about every blog from Bravo onwards. She is one of the most hated housewives because she is a malicious bully. You obviously haven’t watched this show before now…..

  • People approach friendship in different ways. There are people like Kyle who have hundreds of friends, but the ties of friendship carry few, if any, mutual obligations other than being social together. Other people, like Lisa, call more people acquaintances and colleagues and reserve the word friend for people they feel an obligation of mutual support and loyalty. When these two kinds of friends become friends, they are bound to disappoint each other. The easy friend will be disappointed that the harder friend is not so easy-going while the harder friend will be disappointed in the lack of loyalty of the easy friend. I think both Kyle and Lisa felt real friendship for each other, but they each defined friendship in far different ways.

    We have seen Kyle disappoint Lisa again and again and again. She had a chance at the party. All she needed to say is that she doesn’t think Brandi is Lisa’s mouthpiece. However, she didn’t say that. To rub salt in the wound, the minute Faye walked away, Kyle began explaining “in her defense” and justifying why Faye was upset. So yeah, she showed she can stand up for a friend, but not Lisa.

    As to the mouthpiece idea. Seriously, if Lisa wanted a mouthpiece, she would use Taylor who is easier to control. If anything, Lisa is trying to get Brandi to be less outspoken, not more so. However we saw with our own eyes that Kyle primed the pump with Faye before her dinner party. Faye also used Kyle’s own wording when accusing Lisa, something that did not pass unnoticed.

    So yeah, I think it’s possible that Lisa believed Kyle and said no because she wanted Kyle to feel that bite of betrayal and because she does not think Kyle deserves her belief in her.

    • “Seriously, if Lisa wanted a mouthpiece, she would use Taylor who is easier to control. If anything, Lisa is trying to get Brandi to be less outspoken, not more so.”

      THIS! Totally THIS!! I have *never* understood people saying Brandi was Lisa’s puppet mouthpiece). Brandi is very aggressive and strong-willed. She aint going to be no one’s puppet. If anything, Lisa is more likely to be Brandi’s puppet. Brandi is strong-willed and forthright. She doesn’t need a puppet. But Kyle, now SHE is the one who is all about ‘keeping up appearances’ meaning she tries to play the part of the innocent, ‘shocked’ “peace-maker”. Since Game Night, she has not been able to come out and be herself without the viewer backlash. So, she does it in steal mode. Hiring Faye to aggressively attack Brandi (while Kyle stands gawking with a half-smile and at times outright smirk) so she could keep her peacemaker status. Lisa doesn’t need a puppet. Brandi sure as hell doesn’t need one. I venture that even Adrienne doesn’t need one. But Kyle SURE DOES. Because without it, her manipulative and malicious behavior is naked. And her ‘peace-maker’ role becomes null and void.

  • Kyle needs to be honest to herself about how she treats her friends and sister. She let a taylor talk about Kim and Lisa behind their backs, defended Adrienne everywhere, and had TWO dinners where someone close to her gave Brandi a verbal lashing. I did not see one comment on camera to Adrienne where she said, “We’ll, I think you’re wrong about….Lisa has a point….” You can defend Adrienne AND criticize her at the same time. Kim is a little brain fried, but she was kind of right. Kyle dismisses the feelings of the people closest to her when they’ve been wronged in favor of people like Taylor and Faye. Heck, Taylor even got a little taste of that this season. It’s not so much about DEFENDING Lisa as opposed to practically consigning the insults when they’re trash talking. The scenes with Kyle and Taylor or Kyle, Kim, and Yolanda talking about Lisa would never happen with Lisa talking about a friend. Only trash talking so far has been done about Adrienne, and Adrienne knows how she stands.

    Iif Kyle’s mad with someone and can’t stand them, she needs to be honest about it instead of pushing it down and encouraging her friends to trash and attack them. Kyle, please watch seasons one and two.

  • These women are not bullies, none of them. The closest thing to bullying was Adrienne’s attempt to use legal intimidation to silence Brandi. That didn’t work.

    Disagreeing with each other is not bullying. Yelling at each other or using vulgar language is not bullying. Bullying is a systematic and sustained abuse of power and influence and intimidate someone. They are fighting, they are not bullying. When you label these minor spats as bullying, you minimize what really happens to people who are bullied. They are not just being yelled at by their peers. They are made to feel alienated, afraid and alone.

    • Amen Cajsa.

      None of these women are defenseless. I haven’t seen the reunion yet, but it sounds like everyone gave it as they got. Swinging by the store to pickup some popcorn and vodka to watch the rerun!

  • Have to say that bugs me about Kyle her hair looks like crap on her. She’s had the same style since she was 2! If you read her book she has chapters talking about hair care ????????

    • Her hair is awesome, I like that she has long hair and people seem to think she should cut it because she is old. I think people love to pick on people’s looks. Kyle’s hair is a lot more healthy than probably most of the housewives and people that are her age.

      • I love Kyle’s hair too and the fact that it’s ALL hers and that she’s a proud brunette in a land full of blonds. People pay thousands of dollars to sew or glue in hair like Kyle’s. That’s Kyle’s trademark and whatever tips she has about growing and maintaining a healthy and shiny main like that I will gladly listen and take notes.

        • Kyle has nice hair. It looks shiny & healthy, BUT it looks like normal hair. Her hair isn’t thick, and doesn’t look like extensions. Her hair is just so long for her short body, and there’s not much body to it. It’s like her long hair is weighing her down. I used to have really long hair, but I’m tall & still young, and it worked well for me. My hair weighed the volume down so I got a haircut a while ago, and now my hair is short.

          I think Kyle should get a trim. At least take a few inches off. People have their opinions, so who cares? I like Kyle’s hair long, but not too long. Change it up every now & then.

      • Honestly she had the best hair and dress during the reunion. I think she’s been reading the comments and blogs.

        • Exactly!!! I’m 35, and my hair doesn’t look nearly as healthy, full, and shiny. And who cares if her hair is long…it’s beautiful.

    • Kyle’s hair is disgusting and needs a different part. If she can’t keep her hands off it or can’t keep from flipping it all the time, she needs to do something else with it. The part down the middle is not flattering to her face. She is a pretty person. When she wears her hair differently, she gets compliments. I’m also wondering if she might look taller and thinner with a different style.

  • I believe & support Kyle! Lisa is a smart lady, and I do believe that she is playing chess with this show! She (Lisa) knows that her influence in BH is beneficial to Brandi, and Brandi knows that as well. Of course Brandi will try to please Lisa in hopes of establishing a career and financial stbility for herself. I never like Yolanda, but I didn’t think she was a liar….until the reunion that is! It was very clear Lisa, Brandi, and YoYo had gone to it united and dared to speak against one another! I’m seeing the side of Lisa that all of the original case have been referring to. I also don’t believe that Lisa truly feels that Kyle is just frineds with people for business. Sad!

    • Agree %1000. Am so glad u brought up the damaging and ruthless accusation lisa threw at kyle about only being nice to lisa so mauricio could get the listing. Pretty grossed by lisa with her unforgiving grudge…kyle didn’t kill giggy, she didn’t defend her (over a year ago), how does that justify lisa attacking kyle and mauricio’s liveihood. Lisa needs to get laid, and stop trying to live vicariously through trandi.

      *fixes glasses and twirls out of the room*

  • I believe EVERY word Kyle says. I think YOYO said that and probably MORE and I think Lisa isn’t at all surprised she said that…she just knows how to play the game with viewers.

  • I like this blog from Kyle…..

    Again all of them are guilty of what they accuse others of doing….

    Just now, she understands the game better……

  • Kyle used to be my fav but NOT anymore…especially since she is bring her bully friend Faye in the mix… And I agree with lisa on what she said about the real estate thing, in fact I tweeted that when the whole Adrienne thing happened…why would Maurico fight with lisa/ken and Brandi otherwise?? Kyle has said they are not really good friends… And kyle says her friends mean more then her husbands clients. I DO NOT believe that for a second!!!! I am team Brandi/Lisa/Yolanda. All the way…..

    • I totally agree! I remember Kyle saying how she’s also GOOD FRIENDS WITH ADRIENNE, not just Lisa’s friend, but I never saw Kyle as being close to Adrienne. It was only because Adrienne was paying her husband a huge commission so she made sure that money went through.

      Kyle & Mauricio worships money & possessions! Literally. She can say she doesn’t care as much about money, but I don’t believe that for a second.

    • Same here–she’s a walking contradiction, it seems. And the way she feeds david’s ego is off putting. Am all about supporting one’s hubby, it’s like she’s overcompensating (a bit too much for my taste).

    • Same here–she’s a walking contradiction, it seems. And the way she feeds david’s ego is off putting. Am all about supporting one’s hubby, it’s like she’s overcompensating (a bit too much for my taste).

  • Kyle claimed Yolanda bashed her in her bravo blogs but failed to see why that happened. My guess is Yolanda got over kyle after she showed up at her house sick for a shoot and kyle did nothing to make her feel welcome or check on her later on (I would be disappointment too in a person like that). To Kyle, we are friends when filming comes around but complete strangers after that’s done and that did not sit well with Yolanda. Can’t blame the girl.

    • Kyle had no idea Yolanda wasn’t feeling well. She can’t do anything about it if she doesn’t know. And Yolanda is totally fake because she never said a word to Kyle’s face. Like Kyle said Yolanda kept to herself and they didn’t hang out much despite the fact that Kyle did try to get to know her and befriend her. Yolanda doesn’t have a reason to go after Kyle the way that she did, she’s just Lisa’s minion.

      • I know I’m new, but have read for a long while. Lets now forget that Kyle was no friend when she was at Yolandas house. Yolanda was really trying to be a friend and explaining about her cleanse and Kyle was making all kinds of faces behind her back. Yolanda eventually saw that later on film. It would piss me off too.

        • “Kyle was making all kinds of faces behind her back. Yolanda eventually saw that later on film.”
          I agree. I think that has a LOT to do with Yolanda’s feelings about Vyle.

      • Yolanda does not fool me I think she just wants attention and saying limes disease was stoping her from thinking and talking please she does not shut her big mouth. Yolanda is a loser and makes David look bad.

    • I’ve always thought Yolanda had just caught on early to Kyle’s games and she wasn’t having it.

    • I think Kyle is someone you immediately like (first season!), then when you see her with other women you can’t stand her.

    • I agree.

      I remember Kyle telling All About the Real Housewives in an interview and in other interviews that she NEVER READS HER CASTMATES BLOGS, or read what the viewers gave to say. Kyle even says she doesn’t like knowing what the other women think because it may upset her. I mean, she just doesn’t want to hear the other women stating their opinions because she will never see what they’re saying. Looks like Kyle will never admit to anything.

      Hmm… I never believed that because Kyle lies a lot and will say things to make her look better.

  • yeah, everyone is being hypocritical. no matter what lisa did or didn’t do either. although i do recall lisa defending kyle against the crazy psychic at camille’s dinner party from hell. it still doesn’t change the fact that kyle chose adrienne over lisa and kyle didn’t defend lisa. lisa was obviously hurt by that and it drives me crazy that kyle won’t admit she messed up. she claims she apologized but still doesn’t think she did anything wrong. it also drives me crazy that kyle says that she and adrienne aren’t close but was so far up her behind that adrienne almost choked on her. kyle worked so hard to defend adrienne. no she didn’t have to. if she cared so much about rebuilding a friendship with lisa then she wouldn’t have defended adrienne so much. she’s dumb as hell. i think to lisa that showed she didn’t care and who’s side she was on.

    as for yolanda it seems to me there was an issue when supposedly kyle didn’t bring her water at the photo shoot. maybe yolanda thought that was rude and kyle was being stuck up. whatever the reason is. i think yolanda needs to practice what she preaches and just be honest with kyle and tell her in her face what the problem is.

    • Can you tell me when Lisa defended Kyle against Alison Dubious? I watched the episode recently (have the DVDs!) and the only person who stood up for Kyle was Faye from what I recall. Not trying to argue, just want to know where I missed something.

      I am glad we have the same opinion on Yolanda though, I’m rather disappointed in her.

      • i know you’re not trying to argue with me. i wouldn’t want to argue with you either. you’re a tough cookie. i remember when they were all getting up to leave and that alison lunatic said something really horrible and lisa said something back.

    • How did kyle bully either of these two? “Bully” is a strong word, and a very serious issue that should not be oversimplified by being misused.

      • Um, HELLO! Game Night? Why do you think Vyle is known as the bully on all the blogs for the last 2 seasons? duh.

    • More like manipulated. She’s the most high school of them all when it comes to playing the girls off each other and having an agenda.


    Kyle is not playing games with these bitches. They are trying to come at her and nothing is sticking. They all had to backtrack because they know they were coming at her with complete bullshit. Kyle knows her truth and she is being herself and that’s all she needs to be.

    • Haha. I’m not team Kyle but I thought it was unfair that Yolanda was attacking her for what I thought was social awkwardness. I’m awkward so that whole conversation about the details of who called who and offering a glass of water was killing me. Don’t blame everyone being awkward on Kyle!

  • The thing Kyle forgets when saying Yolanda trashed Lisa in Paris, that by her own description it was a conversation between the them about Lisa, which means that once again, she is trashing Lisa.

    • and Yolanda is trashing Kyle and Kim. Brandi is trashing them all. Kim is trashing Lisa and Lisa is trashing Kim etc etc. No one is perfect here.

    • Oh stop throwing the term “bully” around so loosely. These are grown women, not middle or high school kids.

    • VYLE is the bully. Vyle is a MAJOR bully and manipulator. She should be so lucky to have had Lisa as a friend but Vyle threw that away for Moris’ real estate deal with Adrienne.

  • LISA has defended Kyle. Maybe not right then at dinner with Camille but in her BLOGS (as Kyle likes to refer to) all through season 1 as well as at the reunion season 1.

    • What does it matter if Lisa defended Kyle 6 months later? The fact is Lisa didn’t stand up for Kyle in NY with Camille, but she expects Kyle to jump in every time someone confronts her about something. Lisa doesn’t even live up to her own standards of friendship so how can she hold Kyle to a much higher standard than she does herself? Kyle was right there are different standards for her than there are for everyone else.

      • I agree JaiJai.. Everything Kyle said in this interview rings true too me .. I also believe just by Lisa’s face when Kyle told her what Yoyo said in Paris That Lisa knows its true .. Lisa said she didn’t believe Kyle to get even with her

      • But the difference here is that Camille wasn’t Lisa’s personal friend that she spent all season defending OR bringing around with her to defend Lisa. If that makes sense. I do have to say Lisa seemed hesitant to say Kyle was lying. Kyle seemed genuinely surprised by Yolanda’s denial.

      • I thought she claimed that Camille must have misunderstood her when Lisa and Camille were shopping. Then at the dinner Kim her sister, who also was there said nothing and then Lisa inquired what happened in the hotel room with Taylor & Camille after Kyle & Camille made, and then again at the reunion when Camille called Kyle a bully Lisa said something like No, Kyle is not a bully and I won’t listen to that or something along those lines. With that said Lisa’s little “jokes” do come across as small digs disguised with humor.

      • Lisa is being a huge hypocrite, why does she needs Kyle to defend her when she is there present to defend herself.

        Kyle didn’t make such a huge issue of Lisa not defending her in NY with Camille. The double standards in this group are staggering.

        • @lexy, am in complete agreement with you. But let’s just say that lisa is mad at kyle because she feels that kyle didn’t defend her…ok, well, why can’t lisa just move on? How many times does kyle need to apologize? Why does she insist on mocking kyle for genuinely trying to mend their friendship? (Telling brandi: “i love you, but don’t tell kyle. haha.”) How can lisa so easily let go of a friendship that was so sweet and special? Why can’t she understand that perhaps it hurt kyle that she replaced her w brandi so quickly, lisa herself was hating on kyle for being friends with taylor before? Used to really, really like lisa, but am finally starting to see she is exactly what they have been accusing her of being, and more.

  • Ok, I just don’t like Kyle. I just don’t. There is something about her that makes me think she is just a catty, petty, manipulative, and jealous person. I don’t think she takes responsibility for anything. She is always pointing fingers…..and it is just getting old, imho.

    • Literally pointing her finger. If you notice, she does that a lot throughout the series. Lisa even called her out for it once.

      • I did not like her eye shadow, but for once I am glad that she left the PC to the side and took a stance at the reunion and called Yolanda on her BS and hopefully realize that Lisa is never going to be her friend.

        Funny how Lisa during the 10+ that they had been friends without a camera in sight has never thought that Kyle is her friend because of being a potencial client.

        I wonder what is Kyle’s motivation to keep Taylor as a friend then, because Taylor can’t even afford to rent a place.

        • I have to agree with you Lexy. (I know, shocking….) 🙂

          I didn’t like her eye shadow at all. She is way too old to wear something like that.

          I didn’t like it when Melissa wore something like that at NJ reunion, either.

        • What Lisa was saying was that Kyle forges some friendships when business is at stake. Taylor is beside the point. That doesn’t make Lisa’s statement untrue!

          Didn’t she backtrack and befriended Camille because Moris didn’t want to lose that commission?

          Wasn’t she instigating a fight with Camille using MC Faye? By the way MC means, MORALLY CORRUPT. As if we don’t know that.

      • And Lisa didin’t have the same smirk on her face. She was loving the drama Yolanda and Brandi were giving Kyle. Lisa’s liability with me is in the toilet like Brandi’s and Yolanda’s.

    • Spot on Srt_!!!! I agree with this whole comment. Kyle only opens her mouth when she is trying to deflect from herself, or when she tag teams with another to bring someone else down.

    • Totally. It’s fascinating how now she is distancing herself from Adrienne. Make no mistake, this woman is calculating and that she sees herself in a peacemaker role shows her total delusion and lack of self-awareness.

      • Or maybe Kyle saw Adrienne’s true colors so she is distancing herself or Adrienne has just stopped all contact with all the housewives. You know that could be an option.

        • Yeah Adrienne admitted she’s not talking to any of the housewives. I think she just wants to distance herself from the entire situation.

          • Who could blame her, after what happened this seaosn i wouldn’t trust anybody on this show, they have vested interests in creating drama and if they have to tear someone else down then so be it.

        • Possibly. But to side with someone as much as she did, defend her as much as she did, then later say: we were never good friends. I don’t trust that.

          • Exactly. Kyle is a sneaky liar who sets people up (ie Brandi with Faye) and stands by smirking and does nothing, then at the last minute acts all ‘shocked’ and poses as a ‘peacemaker’. Vyle is like Adrienne. As phony as a 3 dollar bill. NOTHING Vyle says can be trusted.

        • That too. I’m curious to see if Andy asks her if she’s changed her mind about Adrienne. When Kyle said “we’ll I’ve never been close to Adrienne”. I was shocked.

          • I was shocked, too. I don’t care whether or not they were close or not. However, throughout the whole season, she defended her over and over again that lead me to believe they were closer than she just admitted.

          • I’m sure the selling of stories (true or not) really deterred Kyle from Adrienne. I also bet that is why Mauricio said he and Kyle have skeletons they can handle (incase Adrienne and camp leak them). Why would you ever friend anyone (in their status of life – always being in the press or on the internet) who is a potential person to sell a story if you have a falling out. Better to cut ties and move on amicable instead of waiting like a ticking time bomb

    • If someone is out in your yard, why don’t you come say hello? It’s weird! She’s acting like it was Yolanda’s responsibility to greet Kyle in her own house!

      • Kyle didn’t know Yolanda was out there. They weren’t at Kyle’s house just hanging out they were doing a photo shoot. So they were busy getting makeup done and picking out outfits for the shoot. Kyle didn’t she Yolanda until she came into the house and Yolanda was keeping to herself the whole time. And as far as water there was a service table full of refreshments that Yolanda could’ve sent an assistant to get.

    • I think Yolanda is sickening. Yolanda is a phony and a liar. Yolanda has a big mouth and her true colors came out on the reunion when she acted like Kim was delusional. Yolanda is unkept and looks dishsheveled. She is very aggressive and demands attention just like when David said Yolanda demands love letters. Thats going to get really old. David nees to spend more than one night home and he will realize he made a big mistake marriying this big loser she really fooled him. Yolanda doesn’t fool me she is disgusting and a big trouble maker

    • Yolanda is so rude and mean. She is classless and aggressive with a big mouth. Yolanda is a trouble maker. She makes David look really bad.

    • I just want to see if anyone else noticed that when Yolanda was saying she had sat in the car at Kyle’s feeling sick, Kyle said she didn’t know that she had come at all. Then in just a few more words she goes on to say they were all up getting their makeup done and everyone wondering why she Yolanda did not come up? This happens very fast at the end of this conversation, I think Kyle realized she had just been somewhat caught in a lie. BUT we all know as Kyle herself told us she does not lie.
      As well it is my opinion that Kyle tried to avoid conflict this year after being called mean girl last year. I believe she vented her feelings to Faye and then Faye couldn’t help doing Kyle’s bullying for her. If this were not true and Kyle is the fair and balanced lady she wants us. to believe she is she would have put a stop to the thrashing Faye gave Brandi at her dinner table in her home. After all Brandi was an invited guest in her home invited by Kyle she deserved the same respect shown to Faye and all the rest. I still believe Kyle is a mean girl and is worried someone on the show might be more popular than she is.