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Kordell Stewart Files For Divorce From Porsha Stewart! [UPDATE]: Kordell Issues Statement!

Another reality TV marriage bites the dust! In heart breaking Real Housewives of Atlanta news, newest ‘wife Porsha Stewart’s husband, Kordell Stewart, has filed for divorce after just under two years of marriage, TMZ reports. Kordell filed for divorce on March 22, 2013 and the couple are separated as of now!

TMZ reports that Kordell claimed the marriage was “irretrievably broken”. Kordell is refusing any spousal support, claiming that Porsha “[She’s] an able-bodied person, earning income and is capable of supporting herself.”

The couple were chronicled on their first season of the hit show as they struggled with the idea of having children. Kordell gave his wife Porsha a choice between family or career, and he also appeared to be very controlling of her, which got him a lot of backlash from the audience! Surely, this was a contributing factor to their divorce.

Do you think it’s better for Porsha that she re-marries a man who has the same vision as she does? Could she have made it work with Kordell if they had tried longer?

I guess life wasn’t as picture perfect as people said…

UPDATE: Kordell has issued a statement to HipHollywood via his lawyer. Check it out:

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  • Perhaps when Porsha was talking to her therapist, Porsha then started to think.
    The other HW’s, I feel, had no influence over her. They are all way past Porsha’s age.

    To Porsha: It’s nothing you did wrong so please don’t blame yourself. You’re young, beautiful and a
    plus right since Kordell will not be a father
    to your future children.

  • Google Kordell Stewart and “gay”…I think he wanted OUT of the limelight so he wouldn’t be OUTted. (Good one Dee, that he and Walter are now together, lol!)

  • Just wondering, did Kordell picked Porsha because she was ditzy and he thought he could control her so she could be the perfect beard? I like Porsha and hope she finds fulfillment in all areas of her life. She is deserving.

  • I think he failed to give her what she really wanted and in return gave her material things, such as those fancy gowns, chanel bags, lavish parties. I think thats disgusting of him to tell her she had to pick a choice-career or children. A real man allows his lady to be independent yet take care of the household. And there is women who have done this, look at angelina jolie, SIX KIDS yet working all the time with her man and traveling with the children. It was obvious porsha had other dreams and goals and kordell wouldnt let her fulfill that. I felt at times she was afraid to just speak how she felt. God bless her. Shes a sweet girl and she will make it through!

  • He’s a jacka$$. Not too long ago he was tweeting:

    “My wife @PorshaDStewart showed “LEADERSHIP” not giving into PEER PRESSURE. That is real #girlpower…..”

    Now all of a sudden he files for divorce? Something is fishy…

  • That guy is so controlling and he is very ugly and rude. Did u see the scars on his chest and arms? Looks like he got stabbed a few times. PORTIA hold your head up high keep it moving. You will find a better guy.

  • I feel for her. TMZ has her stating that Kordell led her to believe that they could work on their issues and then blindsided her with the divorce filing That’s such a cowardly move. My guess is that she started standing up for herself more and he’s divorcing her because controlling her isn’t as easy as it once was. What a punk ass bitch he is.

    I’m sure Porsha will fare well. She looks like a black Barbie so I’m sure she’ll have no problem finding another wealthy suitor searching for a trophy wife. In the meantime, she comes from a well-off family, right? She’ll be fine financially.

    I actually like Porsha and I do think she really loves that square-headed prick. She’s dumb as a box of rocks, but she’s harmless and her heart seems to be in the right place. It’s his loss.

  • Question – Possibly a new thread topic? In one of her blogs, Porscha said that she did not have a prenup, yet Kordell’s statement said that he won’t be giving her anything. How is that possible??!!

    • Aloicious, in Georgia, assets are divided more generously after a married couple reaches the two-year mark. I think Kordell filed for divorce BEFORE the two-year mark but I am not 100% sure.

    • He’s seriously already talking about dividing assets? How disguating is he? You just filed from divorce and you’re already on that? Give your freaking wife a damn break! Hes a disgusting pig and i knew there was a reason why i didnt like his vibe…

  • I always find it amazing how people actually find pleasure and entertainment in the misfortune of others. I pray that Porscha has family and friends she can lean on for support during this experience and she goes on to find someone to complement her beautiful spirit and personality.

    To actually bash someone for loving their husband….UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!! People need to go find their happy, only a miserable person revels in the misery of others.

    • I saw a comment on Twitter this morning where someone tweeted to Kenya that Porsha’s divorce was karma for her “teasing” Kenya for not being married. I think that was the exact moment I lost all faith in humanity.

  • Kordell comes across like a real jerk. While divorce is a sad thing and my heart goes out to Porsha, in the long run, this is the best thing that could have happened to her. No one should be married to a control freak, who seems to be lacking sensitivity.

  • The way I see it is that they did have the same vision for their marriage. Porshadstewart thought she wanted to be the perfect stay at home wife and mother and cater to her husbands every need and desire. What man wouldn’t go for that?? Coming on this show and talking to these women completely changed her outlook and she probably just expected Kordell to jump on board but he wasn’t willing. I think that he did talk to her more as a father would buy I also think she liked that. She liked him taking the lead and being the “man” and she was perfectly ok being the pretty little wife standing right behind him. I feel for them but ultimately I think reality tv is what did it.

  • I feel sorry for her. She treated him far better than he treated her. As to his press release, his concern is for his son? Yeah, right! What a dick move.

    • Did you notice it stated “Re: Kordell Stewart & Porsha WILLIAMS” ~ damn Kordell that’s cold blooded.

      • Yea, cause he’s a douchepig. Did they consider marriage couseling or any of that? Its a shame they gave up but i’m starting to believe he’s the one that gave up and left. I’m sorry some people change but the way porsha was changing was not in a bad way. She wanted a career and children and he said no. If jim bellino was fine with his wife starting a career, why couldnt kordell? Alexis has three kids too. And jim seemed very conservative and old school and liked his wife staying at home but she stood her ground and did what she believed in while also being the mother of the house and taking care of her family. Kordell is nasty and i am saddend for porsha. I think over the next few days we will hear porshas side and that maybe this wasnt really her choice!

      • Then it’s not legal cuz she’s a Stewart. I blame him for goading Porsha into annoying the other housewives. She was fine with things, and he would say don’t let them do this or that to you. You stand up for your right, etc. They weren’t doing anything to her. But because of Porsha listening to Kordell she ended up looking dumb.

  • Remember when Jennifer from Basketball Wives was having problems with her husband and he told her she needed to stop running around with and listening to her single girlfriends? I think Porsha may have listened too much to what the mostly single women of RHOA were telling her.

    • That’s a bunch of bull! My friends are probably half married/ half single – and it does not affect your relationship – unless your relationship isn’t strong to start off with!

      • That’s your opinion and obviously in the case of Jennifer her husband thought it did affect their marriage.

    • DebV I remember that and with Jennifer it was true. She needed to stop listening to that hood rat Evelyn . But in this case porsha did an interview just days ago saying how perfect her marriage was and her and kordell were doing good. From what I understand, porsha is probably as shocked as we were.

      • I just read on Tamara Tattles that Porsha found out on the internet just like we did. That’s just too sad!

    • Why does evelyn have to be a hoodrat? Forst off jennifers ex husband cheated on her the day before her wedding day. I dont care what any of u call eveyln but she was there for jennifer when her husband was NOT. bumo head was retired from basketball and couldnt even stand to be around his wife. I dont care if you are a good girlfriend you hit your frienda with the TRUTH not sugar coat shit. At the end of the day it wasnt evelyn who was holding the pen to sign the divorce papers, it was JENNIFER. jennifer shouldve never married beaver teeth knowing what she knew. I guess none of you want a friend to be honest with you or maybe beat around the bush. If my husband was never home and i was in denial i would wanf a friend to wake me up. Regardless if she was married or not, evelyn was not coming from a bad place. And i have watched since season one and probably saw jennifers husband like 3 times on the show. He was a douchelord especially in his final scene when he forcefully threw the drink in her face and even the way he was laughing at chad and evelyn after their incident. Beaver, you dug your own grave and burried yourself. He has no one to blame but himself and if you guys think otherwise go get the dvs box set and rewatch it. Thanks!

  • Wow.. Poor Porsha. She tried to do right by him but I think he did not want her to have any life outside of kissing his butt. I never saw this coming , and not so soon. Im surprised Mr. Man gave up so easily on his vows.

  • I was shocked to read this because they appeared to doing OK on the show and she was always so happy when she talked about their marriage. However, if it’s true that he is controlling, then I think it’s best for her to be on her own, find herself and eventually find someone who will love her, support her decisions and let her do her own thing.

  • They were not compatible….had different visions for their marriage….being on a reality show for the world to judge you is hard….editing can make or break you and if your marriage is not strong….it gets broken….

    But remember, there is no pre-nup…at least Portia doesn’t think there is….she probably wouldn’t remember what she signed…

    Her family has money and I’m sure she will fair well with this split…..guess things weren’t as perfect as she thought….it’s sad….

  • This is surprising but not surprising at the same time. She seemed to really live him, but he seems like a complete dick. I always felt he kind of talked down to her, and ditzy or not, no woman deserves that. She’ll be better off without him. Your husband want you to do well and be successful, he should be your number 1 supporter and fan. He should help you and want you to achieve your goals, and help you do all these things no matter what. She should have said buh-bye to him the second he started acting like she’d have to raise and take care if a baby by herself! He lost all respect when he did that. That’s not “traditional” that’s just being an asshole! Your wife/husband is your partner, your equal! Men should never underestimate women, we are tough, and we can do it all! There’s no reason she couldn’t be a mother and have a career! We’ve been doing it forever, and many of us in our own! However she was married, and for him to act/think like that, makes him nothing but a PIG!!! I don’t think any relationship will ever work for him with his mentality in this day and age…

    • LMAO, but you could be very right, Maybe he tryed out the Wifie thing and it just wasn’t for him.

  • I’ve always heard Kordell plays for the “other” side… here’s a blind on CDAN today, everyone pretty much guessing this is Kordell:

    Blind Item #5

    She is barely out of her teens. She is also the reason that this C+ reality star is now getting a divorce. Her husband found someone younger and someone who doesn’t have a desire to be on television and someone who will worship the ground he walks on. Also, the barely out of her teens woman has another quality that he has never had before in a relationship. He is in lust with that quality. It kind of blurs the line between male and female if you know what I mean.

    • Hmm this blind item would be about a wife that kind of looks manly? I think there is no confusing porsha with a man. She’s so naturally beautiful with female curves , features , hair and a girls personality.

      Now I’m trying to figure out who else it could be about! Tamra and Eddie maybe? She does have a mans mouth lol

      • Say What, the ‘quality’ referenced in the blind item refers to pegging. Just google the term and it will all fall into place for you. 🙂

      • @SayW

        The way I read the blind item is that the husband found someone else that is barely out of her teens and doesn’t want to be on tv. Because of this new person, he is getting divorced.

        I could be wrong though, or just confused.

  • I hope Porsha wasn’t blindsided by this and is alright. Yes I know she isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but she is sweet and kind-hearted. Plus she is stunning. She gets a pass from me just for being so young. All those other women are at least ten years or more her senior. I really hope they take her under their wing and lift her up. But who knows with these gals? I wish Porsha the best.

  • I think she’s better off! Who the hell wants to constantly told what to do & when to do it & it’s either a career or kids…wtf….DADDY MAY I?? F*ck off Kordell….

  • I feel sorry for porsha but I’m glad because she’s beautiful and sweet I know she can do better

    • Agree 100%, Get. I also feel sorry for Porsha. I hope she she gives herself a little time to mature and finds a man who will treat her like a wife, not a daughter.

  • A slim waist and pretty face only last for so long. At some point you want someone of substance, even if they are a stay at home wife/mother. Kordell thought he had a “PYT” to stay at home and cater to him like a king and when she got a whiff of freedom and started stepping out of his prescribed “lane” for her, he was done. Plus he’s not slick. In GA, after 2 years of marriage the spouse is entitled to half of everything regardless of if there’s a prenup or not, that’s why he’s filed right before the 2 year mark. He’s not slick….smart, but not slick.

  • I personally like Porsha on the show, she’s young, naive, and slow on the uptake at times but she seems to have a good heart. She constantly defended him against everyone else. She also seemed like a good wife and wanted to make her husband happy. She might have thought everything was all good then when she watched the shows and people started talking about how she needed to be more independent took it to heart.

    Kordell is/was too sensitive to do reality tv. He got a horrible edit. But so did Peter the first season Cynthia was on and don’t get me started on Teresa’s hubby Joe. Kordell looks like Ken from RHOBH compared to how those two came off on the show.

    • I agree about bravo and their edits. Joe guildice, Peter, slade ( although slade prob deserves it) Simon , Tamara’s ex husband , then they showed Chris Laurita as a creepy gossiping girl and now Mauricio is shown as the creepy gossiping girl. Hard to judge someone from bravos edits. They should be more creative with their villain roles hehe

  • lmaoooooooooo ahaahahhaah! so much for the perfect life she said she had. spit up and landed on her face.

    • Well, I’m not going to take any joy in her misery. I wish her the best of luck. She is sweet and gorgeous. She can do better.

    • BionicMe,

      No one knows that yet, not even you!!!! Unless you have unbelievable psychic
      abilities. Give Porsha a chance, this could be the biggest blessing in diguise, for her.
      Going through a divorce is devastating and very painful. I hope this makes her stronger and wiser. Hopefully all of her true friends will be there to help and
      give her the support she’ll need.

  • #teamporsha since day 1 she needs to leave him he is trying to hold her back you cnt block a star tht shines bright like a diamond this would be the perfect time for nene and kandi to put their differences aside & help uplift another housewife like when everyone came together for meme when she divorced Greg & Dwight lol

  • #teamporsha since day 1 she needs to leave him he is trying to hold her back you cnt block a star tht shines bright like a diamond this would be the perfect time for nene and kandi to put their differences aside & help uplift another housewife like when everyone came together for meme when she divorced Greg & Dwight lol

  • WOW I think this might have something to do with her not getting pregnant. I am certainly surprised

    • Really? I got the impression he didn’t want kids at all. While he was ready to retire into a quiet life she was young, still figuring out who she was and wanted a family. Plus porsha has wanted to be famous her entire life . Now given the chance with this show, he tried to shut it down. Run porsha run!

  • Not shocked at all. In a thread last week, I predicted that they would break up if Porsha wanted to remain on the show. Honestly, I think seeing the reaction he was getting from viewers pissed Kordell off, and I bet Porsha started standing up to him more often. He did appear to be too controlling. She’s not his daughter but his wife! Porsha doesn’t appear to be too intelligent, but hopefully she can use this time to develop her mind. As for Kordell, I’m sure he’ll find another eager, young, unintelligent woman to be his next wife and whom he can control.

    • He did treat her like a daughter. He always seemed like he was trying to teach her a lesson, when he should’ve just been supportive of his wife! I think he’s such a tool!

  • I think he left her because he realized SHEs dumb as rocks.. “People think my life is perfect and IT IS” that’s what she gets for haveing tht as a tag line glad life gave her a slap to the face.. Nothing is PERFECT dear

    • Spot on! Dumber than I don’t know what and just as goofy. Very full of her self to say the least. Wonder how she will feel about living in a rental and working 9-5 like real people????

      • I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure porsha comes from old money. I don’t think divorcing will leave her a poor woman.

        • Yep, she will just move back to her parents mansion or have them pay her way until she lands another rich sucker. She is a trophy wife.

    • I was wondering why everyone is all, “Poor Porscha.” We don’t know why he filed, if it was anyone’s fault, who initiated what….

      I don’t think they knew each other that well when they got married. That’s my guess. It’s too bad, but I’m not surprised after seeing them thought the season. They were never on the same page unless he was gifting her with something LOL.

    • Just because someones “dumb” doesnt mean we need to laugh at her. She did nothing wrong to any of those women, and yes she comes from money-who the hell cares? Did she flaunt around her money, purses, or cars?! Not really. Just because she isnt quick to attack people doesnt mean shes “dumb” and thats harsh to laugh at her because of a stupid tag line she uses on the show. If thats the case lets laugh at almost everyone cause everyone sounds pretentious with their tag lines. Get over yourself. Plus kenya isnt laughing at porsha, she actually said no matter what they have been through shes very upset for porsha. And i appreciate and respect that considering they didnt like each other at all, atleast kenya is acknowledging the fact that yes it does suck to get divorced and she is upset for her. To laugh at her is disturbing based on what she said on her tag line and i wonder how you guys treat people in daily life???

      • Thank you for saying that about Kenya. I actually do like her. She was so hurt and upset by Walter. No one felt her pain. Kenya feels Porsha’s pain. I don’t think Porsha will give her the time of day, but if Porsha does, she’ll have a friend in Kenya.

    • Danielle, I thought the same thing. When I saw this headline that is the first thing that came to my mind…perfect life. I just did not want to be rude and remind of this…but, you are totally right. People have to be careful with this perfect title. Nothing and non one is perfect.

  • I feel bad for her. Only married since may 2011…thats just crazy to me. Considering he wanted her stuck in that traditional role I don’t even see how they managed to sign up to do the show.

    She was just on WWHL talking about how happy her marriage is and has been on a press tour all last week saying she is a trophy wife and he is her king.

    It says he filed for divorce on the 22nd and didn’t show up for the reunion taping.

    • Which makes me believe he filed because she said she would do another season of the show rather he liked it or not . I’m rooting for Porsha!

      • Say what?,

        I HEARD Andy was going to address the gay rumors to him at the reunion. Not that that would have anything to do with him pulling the plug, but it may have hurried things along.

        She is better off without him.

        • I have shitty gaydar. I never saw him as being gay but if he were …..I would be the LAST to know lol

    • Exactly! Which makes him even more of a douche bag considering she has been going out her way to defend him and take shyt for him. That’s so messed up. And then to find out online…Ughh. I hope Peter kicks his arse next week

  • This might be the best thing for Porsha. She needs to learn how to be independent, think for herself and make her own money. Basically, she needs to get a job.

  • I’m actually not surprised by this and I think it would have ended even if she had not been on the show. There was just…something odd about them.

    • I agree. They seemed so different in personlities. She seems so young and ready to start her career while he seemed old and ready to retire into a quiet life with NO CHILDREN.

        • Well the updated story says something about doing what’s best for his son. Maybe he felt the way he was portrayed on the show was/would hurt his son. We all know how bravo can manipulate things and people’s images.
          Hard to defend his ass with what we have already seen and then the previews of next week. But hasn’t everyone had a problem with Peter and his Jamaican temper? Lol Now i can’t wait to see what that’s about next week.

    • I hope he didn’t plan this and make sure she was working so he didn’t have to pay spousal support? He sucks! But she will be ok. I hope she returns next season; I really like Porsha.

    • He’s a controlling ahole. She’s. Not the brightest bulb in the box but she deserves WAY better!

    • I got the feeling he was so much older than her. Maybe because of the way he treated her like a child? Not sure. But I personally think porsha is one of the most beautiful black women I have ever seen and she still seems very young. I hope she stays on the show, creates her own empire and gets with a man more compatible for her.

      I wonder if he he filed for divorce when she said she WOULD be signing on for another season . No idea, but I secretly hope porsha becomes a big star! I like her.

      • I agree with you, Porsha is a very very Beautiful woman an I hope she will find real love one of these days an a REAL MAN .



        • THANK YOU! I completely agree. Why the color of her skin is even mentioned is beyond. What an ignorant comment!

          • It’s an ignorant comment when you take it as such! You have no idea what color my skin is. Thank you!

        • It does matter when she’s on a show with Cynthia bailey who’s a classic beauty and I could say much more about WHY she is the most most beautiful black woman I’ve seen but its ridiculous to argue over the way someone perceives what was written.

        • Ok. I thought it was just me that had to pause atthat. Like there was a need to point out that she was a pretty ‘black woman’ and not just a pretty woman as if to point out a ‘friendly pit bull’. Whew…

          • People need to learn, that sometimes their wording is wrong this can be ignorance, they should be called out on it but does not mean they are bad people, or even a Lil bit racist, but that is why it is important to call it out do they can change that

        • I take it as a compliment. Not only is she the prettiest woman, she’s black as well. Like when they say she’s the prettiest woman and she’s a blond. Get it.

          • Having said that, I don’t think being blonde is the epitome of beauty. But many folks do; so they talk like that. Ignorant? Nah. People are entitled to their preferences. BTW, I neither white or black.

      • I’ve always thought Porsha is a beautiful woman, and her curves are bangin’! I could tell just from her pictures when she was first announced as a housewife. I know she is better off without him because he’s a bit controlling and Kordell always wants things his way. Porsha isn’t the smartest women, but she is a joy to be around. She’s bubbly, entertaining, confident, and I would have fun hanging out with her.

        I hope Porsha remains happy and confident in herself. I like her personality, and she really us a hoot to be around. She’ll find a better man for her, for sure! She and Cynthia are the most beautiful women on the show.

      • Kordell is 40yrs. old; and I believe Porsha is 25/26yrs old. (Poster, please correct me if I am wrong) This is most likely why he wanted her not to have a career. He is finish with his NFL career; and currently working as a Sports Analysis.

        When they married Porsha admitted she wanted to be a stay-at-home Mom; and of course, he was happy about that decision. Unfortunately, what Kordell didn’t expect was Porsha changing her goals. But, that seems delusional on his part. She is in her middle 20’s; so yes, her goals will change; sad he didn’t want that.

        Note To Porsha: Do not EVER be with a man where he insists you choose between motherhood and a career.

        Marriage DOES NOT work when only ONE party is happy.

        • Porsha is 31 (still very young). I feel so bad for her. To have this done in the media has to be so much more difficult.

        • OMGosh I disliked Kordell so much. He was emotionally abusive. I can tell that Porsha was nervous around him, thus the do I pee for 2 minutes comment. She was a nervous wreck. He didn’t show her love. What is that phony baloney stuff that she CANNOT have any help whatsoever when she has a baby. Geesh. Her tears and her saying, “but I have you Kordell” brought back painful memories of my youth and an emotionally abusive marriage.

    • I feel sorry for that girl. She seemed very sweet. She deserves better. What a douche.