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Caroline Manzo Says Season 5 Of RHONJ Will Top Last Season; Calls It ‘Unpredictable!’

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo has been busy promoting her first book, Let Me Tell You Something and recently spoke to Wetpaint regarding season 5 of the hit show! that is currently filming!

Caroline said, “New Jersey always delivers. I always say, ‘we’ll never top last season,’ but we did it again. That’s all I’m saying!”

She added, “You’re gonna have those big moments, but you’re gonna have a lot of everything. This season from one minute to the next changes so drastically. It’s like a pendulum that just swings crazy, but there’s a lot of great stuff. I think it’s a really great season this year. And it’s very, very — for the viewers at least — unpredictable. I’ve sat and filmed some scenes that I thought was going to go one way, and then went another way. And then went back to something completely out of whack like ‘Where did that come out of?’ It’s a very interesting season.”

AllAboutTRH was first to reveal that Caroline Manzo had a sit down with Teresa Giudice and the two are now in good terms. We also were first to tell you that Danielle Staub will be making an appearance! Jacqueline and Teresa had some drama so it’s no surprise when Caroline says how many different things happen since Jacqueline and Teresa are now on good terms! Thoughts on Caroline discussing season 5?

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  • I think that Penny is finally going to get her wish and be on the show this season, albeit in a limited capacity.

    Trashing Penny was one of the dumbest things Teresa has ever done, so this season I predict we’re going to find out EXACTLY how Teresa set up Melissa at the PFS (not that most people don’t already know this lol), and how she orchestrated a phone call from Melissa’s old famewhoring boyfriend, Brian (aka “Mike”).

    I understand Brian’s nickname is “Brian the Bat,” btw, and for all the wrong reasons. (He clubbed a man into a coma with one for having the nerve to park in his driveway.)

    There’s no doubt in my mind that this idiot (Brian/Mike) was dug up by Teresa and then referred on to Penny to create even more misery for Melissa and her family.

    I don’t believe ALL the leaks that have been coming out about season 5 by any means, but the ones about Penny and Teresa’s attempts to “take Melissa down” ring absolutely true. From Penny because she desperately wants to be on the show, and from Teresa because she has no conscience and thrives on the hate she harbors toward her own family. I think that hating and “getting even with” her own family (for what, again?) has become Teresa’s sole driving force.

    Take away Teresa’s hate and you’re left with an empty shell — I don’t think too much else going on in that head.

  • Rarely am I completely gobsmacked by a comment but saying Teresa’s four beautiful CHILDREN will give the next generation of all women a bad name put me there.
    All I can say is, you certainly seem to think Teresa’s four little girls will wield a large amount of power as adults.

    Sounds a tad personal.

  • So it appears that some new additions on the board have already begun attacking kids aged 3-11 years old in anticipation of the new season –how completely pathetic.

    Let me guess – the Marco sisters are gearing up their multiple screen names and crew of Teresa and the kids haters ready for the new season. This is why Brandi should be happy her kids are not featured on the show because there will always be people that lack any decency and class and enjoy attacking and name calling children.

  • I don’t think last season was a surprise it was just the same ole’ bash Tre fest so I’m not quite sure what Caro is trying to say, once again she tries too hard to sound important when I wish she would just go away, far far away….

  • I really wish Dina would come back on the show.

    Caroline is just toeing the party line for promotion of her book and the show. It’s all PR SPIN!

  • My God we watch these shows to get real stories, glimpses of their “real lives” but from the look of it or from her speaking about it, it looks like fakeness like a show that is put on to make them look good or funny or well off. Nothing is real with these people.

    Married with Meds debuted last night and it’s the same crap. No realness. All these nonsense stupid stories and accusations thrown at viewers in the hopes of story lines and ratings.

    I always appreciate when bravo airs the first season of the real housewives of oc….it was so great and is so much different from the crap we have now.

  • I have a thimble that is ten times too large for how much I care what Caroline Manzo thinks. The only thing I want from Caroline Manzo is to take her bad attitude and her over-privileged underachieving spawn off the show.

  • It is so time for a cast change. I will watch the first couple episodes of this season, and if it’s just the same 5 women with new “friends” thrown in, I will stop. Last season was so boring. I wish people here would stop painting Teresa as some innocent angel. She and Melissa are very similar and seem hard to get along with.

  • I hate how every other “housewives” isn’t as deeply wounded by family drama. Sorry, but if I have to witness another Gorga/Guidice feud, I will be turned off.

    Also, I’m NOT a Melissa fan at all. I can’t stand how she is portrayed as the innocent one. Although you can’t always believe everything you read on the internet, there’s more bashing and hate towards Melissa than Teresa. I’m excited that, if it’s true, Danielle will make an appearance and shed this fake character that Melissa claims she is.

    One last thing, it really is time for a cast shakeup. One person being the villain, while the other 4 are team players. Time to get a new storyline, with a different housewives, who aren’t attacking the self- proclaimed “villain”. Get rid of Kathy or make her a “friends of the housewives”; stop making Teresa this bad person, when actually she’s the one who MAKES the show; Caroline is annoying who LOVES to be up everyone’s ally; and even though I didn’t like Jacqueline’s character last season, I really don’t wish anything on her but less emotional scenes with her and Teresa.

  • LOL this Season will be however the Bravo idiots want the show to go with the idea that the viewers are for the most part still stupid. What we see on TV is not who these people are in real life. It will be fun to see what lengths the producers will go to this time around to fool the viewers. Keeping in mind always that the cast has to do what they are getting PAID to do, I am in for a good laugh! And come May 7th I will receive Teresa’s new cookbook and I will take Mariah to the City to see her and get it signed and our Milania also. We are about real life and not Bravo fake crap!

  • WOW !! AM I the only one still against Team Teresa ?? I cannot stand this woman OR her disgusting husband !! Castmates trashed her because of her lies…trashing her friends in sold stories to magazines, trashing Caroline in her cookbook (that was soooo intentional). Remember her confronting Danielle (not that I like her) at the fashion show…just waiting to start a fight with her…what grown woman acts like this ?? AND, when Gia was auditioning for movie roles ~ I remember her sitting in the “waiting room” drving everyone nuts with her “perfect daughter” stories. I’m sorry but this b**ch got/gets everything she deserves. I, for one hope the Teresa bashing continues !

      • Aubree, I’m pretty sure it’s you who needs to stop being a “butthole”. BRAVO has nothing AT ALL to do with content in the magazines that Teresa was trashing everyone in. Plus, she said has said she does not have a contract with US Weekly(I think it was that one), but her “butthole” husband confirmed they had to do 6 cover stories. LIES Teresa !! Her whole life is driven by lies. Lies about hidden assets after claiming backruptcy, her husband lied about his identity. It’s her thing….lie first, deny later !! AND NONE of this is from the show !!! TRUE FACT LIES !!!

        • Actually, Sade, it was INTOUCH, not US — that’s Melissa’s paid article/cover territory. Easy to confuse I’m sure as all of Mego’s stories only become relevant and the printing of Teresa’s name.

          So if Teresa’s lies about hidden assets and bankruptcy are so heinous, I’m guessing you hate Jac and Chris Laurita as much considering they spent $7 mil of someone else’s money, too — including Susan G Komen… That frosts your ass, too – right???

          • you forgot to say that wacko jacko and chris also owe state on new jersey over 140,000 in taxes, if i have to pay mine,they should pay theres

    • 1.) She never trashed her cast mates in magazines. Every article that the mags put out about her cast mates were straight from the show and things that they directly said out of their mouths. That’s a fact. The only one Teresa remotely “trashed” was Melissa and Joey, who also trashed Teresa to the mags and at every chance given before Teresa ever retaliated. That’s also a fact.

      2.) Saying Caroline is 1/16 Italian is an insult, how? That joke was used on the Rachel Ray show when they had their meatball cook off. Caroline laughed out loud and also made friendly jabs at Teresa as well. It was a stupid joke, but it certainly pales in comparison to all the “jokes” Caroline made about Teresa when they were still friends.

      • I am with you Nicole- the quotes came right from the horses’ mouths 😉 Thats why I could not figure out why exactly they were bitching, because their OWN words, with their pictures, were from episodes, LOL I too remember the Rachel Ray incident and could not figure out WHY Big Red decided to wait so long to bitch about Teresa with that, when it happened so long before that episode, and Caroline was fine on tv about it. Gee, I guess she is not “as real as it gets” then?

      • Was Caroline to be a bitch on the Rachel Ray show ? Of course she laughed about it then. But Teresa also made a reference to Caroline’s son’s car wash / stripper venture. That was a dig which didn’t need to be put into a cookbook. Despite how Teresa felt about it. She knew that was an insult directed at Caroline’s son and did it anyway.

        She’s just an asshole, flips out when someone mention the pig husband going to jail, flips tables at dinner parties, and I won’t even mention The Apprentice show….can you spell S T U P I D ?? OMG, this woman….train wreck waiting to happen (hopefully soon) and I will def be watching it go down !!

        • I think you’re missing the whole point that the 1/16 Italian comment was a joke. In that same segment, Caroline ALSO made jokes about Teresa and her intro to her book was ABOUT THE MEATBALL COOK OFF.

          And please, Teresa DID NOT insult Caroline’s sons. The chapter where she said she doesn’t not condone stripping of any kind was in relation to her daughters and her opinions. Period.

          • BUT if Carolines son had not opened a stripper car wash those words would have NEVER come out of Teresa’s mouth. She only referenced the car wash end of it BECAUSE of the son’s involvement.

            My original point also was not about the 1/16 Italian, it was about ALL of their lies, hidden assests, false identity, etc, etc. These are not good people ~ they make their money off the books, don’t pay their taxes (Wacko Jacko included)etc. Teresa is just MY favorite to hate, she makes it just too easy.

          • Yes, Nicole, thats is correct.. But my point to Sade is, Caroline cannot act happy and supportive about the dream of a stripper car wash for her boy, then throw daggers at anyone who mentions a stripper car wash!

          • Teresa said something along the lines of ‘unlike other housewives I don’t condone strippers, not in car washes, on poles, sex tapes’ or something. She’s simply saying SHE DOES NOT CONDONE STRIPPERS REGARDLESS OF THE BUSINESS. And she had every right to feel/say that. She didn’t say anything about OWNING a stripper car wash, she only said she didn’t condone strippers. Regardless if Chris mentioned that idea, there is a difference between people who actually strip and people who own strip clubs.

        • @Sade, if Caro had such a problem with someone talking about a stripper car wash, then she herself should not have glorified the idea of him doing it, LOL!!!! If she is mad at someone addressing that as an occupation, then why was she oh so happy to support her son if he chose that? Cant do that and then bitch about someone talking about it 🙂 The cameras even showed him running a car wash for a day, and also working at a gentlemen’s club way before Teresa even made her comment!

          • An Irish saying goes…(yes, I’m Irish) “A family of Irish birth will argue and fight, but let a shout come from without, and see them all unite.” Of course Caro will stand behind her children no matter what, that’s what parents do but I would NEVER disparage my friends children. Neither to their face or in print. Friends just don’t do that. I’ve never heard or seen anything where they are telling Teresa she is a horrible mother that cannot control her children in stores. Letting Milania scream and yell in clothing stores, let her sit on cooler’s in grocery stores and falling on the food, all the while Teresa chatting away on her phone ?? Maybe they have..or maybe they just “aren’t going there” but Teresa goes there without looking inward. People in glass houses and all.

          • Exactly @ mich

            And really besides all that the only thing Teresa said about this stripper car wash thing was that she would not want her daughters working in one, or something like that.. it was not a terrible thing, and did not put Christopher down seriously.

          • Here is another family saying — “Many good mothers don’t want their four daughter’s working at a stripper car wash and have every right to say it proudly and loudly even if Gandhi and Mother Teresa said sign right up!” A person doesn’t have to condone every morally suspect or skanky thing their friend does – free speech baby!

            If Caroline wants Lauren stripping away at Chris’s future car wash – then she can write about how much she is for it in her own damn book. Just because Caroline loves and supports her son doesn’t mean she had to think it was fine and dandy for her son to be job training at a strip club. Most mom’s natural response would have been “why don’t you try something different,” instead of blind support, especially those moms with teen daughters.

            Funny I don’t see any criticism of Jacqueline Laurita stealing $18,000 from the Breast Cancer Charity Susan G. Komen Foundation and how that reflects on her as a mother (yeah, I happen to think stealing from charities goes in the bad column)–but instead total panties in a wad for not wanting their daughters to be strippers or bringing them to an acting or modeling audition likes thousands of other moms across the country. Ok then

          • caroline never said anything,when her sons were peeking in the bath house at melissa and poison joe, guess she doesn’t mind having two perverts

          • caroline never said anything,when her sons were peeking in the bath house at melissa and poison joe, guess she doesn’t mind having two perverts

        • She’s a bitch any other time, why stop then. Let’s be honest here they have ALL talked negatively about one another. Caroline is no saint neither is Teresa. My problem with this show is that none of the others get put on blast for their flaws, only Teresa. I feel if they had not tried to do a four against one gang up, Teresa would not have as many people pulling for her as she does. They with all their vitriol made Teresa the star of the show, and now they cant handle it.

      • Exactly @Nicole

        The quotes were right from the ladies from the episodes.. They even had the quotation marks over their words.

        • You know what Holy even if it had come from Teresa’s mouth I say good for her, at least it was right there for them all too read. The other two-faced women talked about her on camera for two seasons,behind her back,and she had to wait a whole year to her what their fake A**** had to say!!

          But, I do agree those were statements they all made on the show.

    • I with ya! Can’t stand Teresa or her brood of spoiled, ungrateful girls. A whole new generation of females that give women a bad name.

    • teresa did not trash caroline in the cook book, that was a joke that was said on a tv show when the ladies made their meatballs for a contest, it was first said that caroline is as italian as the olive garden…..funny caroline laughed her head off at the time about it, teresa put that quote in the cook book because caroline thought it funny, now suddenly it is terrrible thing to say?? and what is wrong saying someone cooks like the olive garden anyway? everyone like to go to the olive garden, the food is good there…

  • By “unpredictable” does she mean we’re going to see more bad acting and playing for the camera? All the leaks and promos already point to that.

    Nothing these Ladies and their hangers on do for a paycheck surprises me anymore.

        • I know!!! At this point, Im like, why even watch the new season????? Every week, there are new stories, plots, alliances, arguments, trips, articles, pictures, tweets… UGH. Is this the pre-game warm-up? This is NOT the tailgating party I signed up for 😉

  • This “woman” is nothing but a trouble maker, shady and two faced. Teresa is the favorite so Carolwine will do anything to be in the good graces of the fans, even try to make things right with Teresa. Nothing about her is real or genuine.

    • Caroline is just trying to sell her book…I will read later this year once it makes it to the Dollar Tree!

      • Me too! Love all the hws. Even the villains, so I’m not going to fork over $20 for a silly book

        • i would love to know how the sale of the book is doing so far…and blk….meho’s music and fishface cannoli kits…..and i am sure meho book will be laughed off the shelves in the book stork

      • they need teresa to sell there products,because all of them know she is loved,not hated by us.but we aren’t fooled, so moths will stay in our wallets,when they coome around lol

  • I think she uses the word “unpredictable” because she doesn’t expect us to know they all make with Teresa. It’s just annoying to me that Teresa goes along with these story lines now. I feel like she just will do whatever is asked of her. Clearly these women had a vendetta against Teresa and her gaining popularity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Teresa supporter and will continue to support her, but I think she is being manipulated from season to season and it’s not right. She probably gets paid the most, which is great for her, but I don’t think money should be the defining factor here. She got a terrible edit last year and if it wasn’t for people like Roxy exposing the truth about the other cast members, we would be stuck believing she is the horrible person out to sell stories about her family. I have mixed feelings about this upcoming season. I love Teresa/hers kids and Joe, but I hate watching them portray her so terribly.

    • Exactly my feelings on the subject. I won’t watch if the Teresa bashing continues in the new season, and I won’t watch if everything these people have put Teresa through is miraculously resolved and all is forgiven and forgotten. If that’s the case, I’m calling bullshit and deleting RHNJ from my DVR.

  • Well Meatball Manzo sure had alot to say last year before the seaon 4 aired,’ read between the lines’ and all the other bs she spewed so, she is at it again. I know she is tight with the producers and Andy so she probably does know how she will be edited, she does have a book coming out, so she will get the ‘ good edit”.

    • UGH.. I like how certain things are said to make sure we watch, LOL!!! And I saw over the weekend Ms Holy, that Teresa, Elvira, Jacaloon, and Jennifer Dalton all had dinner- together. If there is peace and laughs, I will be happy. If there are dramatic lies and BS laced daggers flying, Im done.

      • Michers, really? I wonder how it really went. I’m sure this dinner was all FAKE to make it look like they’re above it all. I just don’t believe their dinner was genuine with all the smiles & giggles. Jacqueline is just acting ’cause she doesn’t want her bankruptcy/fraud to surface which it BETTER. It’s not fair that Bravo hasn’t even showed the viewers all the money the rest of this clan owes!

        Danielle said in the past that she would appear in 4 episodes. Does anyone know the update on her and the Jersey girls? I hope she’ll say a lot of juicy stuff about MeHo, but I doubt it.

        • It was on Elvira’s twitter and Jennifer’s.. I think Teresa had something up, but she did not have the pic that showed all of them together- Jennifer or Elvira did 🙂 Elvira tweeted something to a fan of the show about being Teresa’s friend, and forgiveness was need ( Im guessing for her and Jax?) And she is always on Teresa’s side.

        • i read that danielle and teresa met,nobody else was there, guess we have to wait till show to find out more lol

        • Hehe!! Almost any nickname seems to really fit her though that we have come up with along the way !

  • Are they adding a new Danielle so that the Housewives can transcend their scripted “issues” and go at the new Housewife? And people who here cry about Teresa being the victim can cheer as the bullies the new Danielle? hahaha

  • I probably won’t watch it. This show has been ruined for me which is a shame because it used to be one of my favorites.

  • It all makes sense. Joe Gorga put Melissa second to Teresa, just like Teresa put Joe Gorga before her husband. Teresa and Joe Gorga where still close, and they both said that one. It really is disgusting how these ladies act.

  • I just hope it isn’t about free for all on Theresa. If so I wont be watching. I will leave it at that.

    • I’m with you NYDeb, if they even start with the Teresa bashing…I’m boycotting this show. Wacko Jacko needs to be exposed for the vile human being she is.

  • I have a feeling the season finally will tear Teresa apart again. I think it will take place at Kim D’s party and will involve Penny and Teresa . It is no secret that these two woman are no longer friends. Penny will accuse Teresa of setting up Melissa at the fashion show and Fredo will believe Penny over his own sister.

  • Let’s just hope they at least don’t damage Teresa’s family even more.

    Maybe slowly phase Melissa out please? Or at least Kathy.

    Or just make everyone look good then replace everyone lol. Except T of course.

    • Phasing Meho would be great for RHNJ franchise! Kathy she’s just a nobody. I doubt we would notice if she is there or not.

    • No one cares about Kathy or her family. They won’t be phased out because they have been phased out for a while now.

      MeHo and her nasty husband need to be taken down 4X as hard as Teresa & her family.

  • RHNJ, this is actually the one franchise that rises my blood pressure, sometimes I just can’t take it and have to walk away and then watch reruns.

    What Bravo is doing to Teresa’s family is hard to take and I don’t think I can take too much of that this season. I will give it a try but if it is the same Teresa bashing of the past two seasons, I might be done with this franchise for good.

    • I agree. They seriously need to stop with the exploitation of family drama. The worst thing any family could do is invite reality tv producers in the stir things up. RHONJ was my favorite show before BH but it’s too much to watch.

    • I agree I don’t watch it anymore because of this but I wouldn’t blame Bravo for what’s happened to Teresa’s family.

      Joe and Melissa begged to be on this show and promised to take down Teresea. Bravo just let them.

      If I recall there were members of Caroline/Dina’s family that refused to even be filmed in Season 1 before it got disgusting.

      Bravo is gross for what it portrays but they have to have willing participants.

      • ITA PandaBear! As Heather B from the 1st season of The Real World said, “They can’t show what you don’t give them.” (paraphrased). Even if everyone else (Bravo & whoever) wanted the show to go in a different direction, I believe Joey, Melissa & Jacqueline wouldn’t want it to, simply because it would put the spotlight on them & their wrong doings (I’d add Caroline & her crew to that, too, but she’s got a book to sell). (Oh yeah, I forgot to add Kathy & Rich to that list…she’s so forgettable. lol)


    • Same. With the exception of RHONY season 4, this is the only franchise that has ever made my blood boil and the only one that has ever made me pissed off. RHONY season 4 made me angry because of how catty Jill and LuAnn were and how hateful that Cindy chick was. NJ makes me angry because of the ENTIRE cast (Even Teresa annoys me in how she can just forgive these horrible, horrible women), how Bravo manipulates the footage into making Teresa and Joe into being more horrible than they are, the complete utter bias Andy has and his attempt to make the entire case except for Teresa look like perfect little angels,and the fact that none of these women except for Teresa or Andy or Bravo seems to think it’s unethical to bring down an entire family.

      NJ is sickeningly hateful. I have never seen a reality show this bitter or disgusting.

    • I’m out definitely not watching the show. As much as I like Teresa i’m not putting up with all the B.S. with bravo and the cast members. I will read about it and watch clips so as to not give bravo the ratings. They pushed it when it has been an all out assault on the guidices.

    • does caroline really believe that we will forget the past two yrs of the way all of them treated teresa? teresa has to be cleared and truth to come out first. caroline, you are only being nice to sell your book, i saw you on fox this morning and not once did you mention pushed your family,now that was as boring as your book so no sale