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Was Albert Manzo’s Father Connected To The Mob? Caroline Manzo Dispels The Rumors!

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo’s family has been rumored to have had ties to the mob in the 1980’s because of how her father in law, Albert “Tiny” Manzo, was found murdered in 1983. Albert was found bound and gagged with bullet shots in his body, locked inside the trunk of a car in New Jersey back in the 80’s. His death was very “mob” like, but did he have ties to the mob?

Caroline tells the New York Daily News, “I will not give credence to the Mafia talk. He was a good man, a family man. His death remains a mystery.”

Wetpaint points out that Manzo’s murder was rumored to be linked to a suspected skimming of money from a casino in Staten Island he took part in with Gambino family soldier Peter A. Campisi, who happened to be executed in a similar fashion.

Do you believe the Manzo’s had ties to the mob despite Caroline denying the rumor?

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  • Of course I believe it.

    Caroline herself has that “mob menatlity” going.

    That past has nothing to do w/ today or the awful person Caroline is. But its interesting that she gets so pissy about it being brought up…Danielle’s past was fair game to Caroline in S1 and S2.

    Remember S1 reunion, Dina crying and practically begging Caroline to shut up about it bc their mother-in-law had to relieve the tragedy all over bc of them being on the show?

    I cannot wait to find out what CaroLIEs first week book sales are.

  • Where there’s smoke there’s fire. People are murdered every day. They are not however murdered “Mob Style”.

    I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic to the family losing a loved one, but at the same time they signed up for a reality show with this BIG ASS skeleton in their closet. They have the prerogative to not answer the questions surrounding the death but they certainly should not be shocked by being asked.

  • More intetested why Chuckie’s father went to jail.And did her Mother’s “friends” predict that Nettie would “divorce him and write a book”

  • While family members do not sign up for reality shows or celebrity status, they are going to be sought out. Stories are going to be told to sell the show as well as magazines. Just because somebody asks a question, doesn’t mean you have to answer it. Regardless of whether he was are not, people are still going to speculate and believe what they want. Maybe the Tiny Manzo Caroline knew wasn’t involved in the mob. However, we don’t know everything about our family members. He could have been.It’s gossip and it’s going to be talked about whether he is dead or alive.

  • This happened 30 years ago! As far as I know, there is no book or movie about it. The family isn’t trying to capitalize off of this event. It was addressed at the season 1 reunion. People should just leave it alone. The rehashing of this is probably hurtful to many people who are not paid castmembers of RHONJ.

    I’m no Caro fan, but this story shouln’t be a part of anything. There are so many current things she should answer for, events that happened so long ago have no place.

    • ITA rhfan. I would much rather have current questions answered, and this isn’t just about Caroline, this hurts people that aren’t on the show and had no desire to be involved.

  • Of course I believe he was. You don’t get murdered like that unless you are connected to the mob. Duh Caroline.

  • Why this is being brought up now? It is publicity for her soon to be released book. It is a very classless – but typical – PR ploy, and I would not put it past her to have arranged the question. And of course he had ties to the mob – found in his own car trunk, naked, arms and legs wrapped in plastic and riddled with bullets!

  • So I guess all the mafia reports years ago and how they theorized his death about Albert “Tiny” Manzo are all just made up huh Bog Red? From reports and articles, its pretty clear that he was shot , I believe execution style, because he started skimming a bit of money from others. When they found out and traced the money missing to him, he was killed.

    • Hi mich

      Yep, that the story that has been around forever. The Brownstone was built and run on Mob money. Tiny Manzo got greedy and started stealing from the hands that were feeding him. He got caught and well that was that..Curtains for him.

        • mich-

          LOL. Yep we will always have Jersey.
          Now BH, or Mob Wives not so much, but that’s ok. 🙂

          • mich

            I have to stay off the BH threads. Holy shit they are rougher than the Jersey threads. It’s hard though because I do like BH and sometimes have alot to say about the episode/ women, etc. But DAMN..Those threads are too damn much! Sorry as long as you are a Brandi Lisa YoYo fan you are safe, but if you are not.. Freakin off with your head!!

          • LOL Holy!!!!! See, sometimes I feel opposite- if you like Brandi, off with your head, LOL. Its relentless to say the least sometimes on both sides, BUT I can see how some get defensive about Brandi. She is not nearly as bad as Messy, and to me, she is the underdog like Teresa and she gets crucified, IMO.. and Im like really? I can get not liking her, but some of the things repeatedly said and said and said again, is just ridic. Then peeps be getting pissed, LMAO

    • I remember the scene where they showed the office at the Brownstone. It looked like a boiler room. A catering hall does not need all of those desks and office equipment. My radar went up when they showed that.

  • well well well…Caroline had no problem exposing Danielle’s “shady” past, but doesn’t want anyone snooping around in her past? How come it’s ok for Caroline, but not ok for anyone else?

    When your father in law is shot, bound, gagged and left in a trunk-usually the hallmark of a mob hit-I think we can safely assume that his death wasn’t a random act of violence. Expecting Caroline to own it is useless.

    • Because it’s not Caroline’ past, it’s her FIL and the man is dead. Let him rest in peace. If he was in the mob it doesn’t matter anymore.

      • She did not have to respond, again, ( Caroline) she draws attention to it herself! She wants people to know without “knowing” that there were mob ties! It does kind of matter, because her husband’s business ties would matter if the mob was connected somehow , especially financially.

        • How is she drawing attn to it, when she was asked a question. Yea she could have said no comment, but then it would have more people talking about it. It doesn’t matter to me anything about his business, he’s not paying my bills so I dnt care about that.

      • how can the man rest in peace if no one can tell the real story of his death? And it most certainly is part of Caroline’s past, and her husband’s past! Don’t forget that Caroline diagnosed Danielle’s children with having no light in their eyes, due to their exposure to Danielle and her past.

        And by the way Rox, I don’t really think Caroline “dispelled” any rumors, she just refuses to discuss them.

        • Why does anyone need to tell the real story? The man is dead and has been for a long time. Is it going to affect whats happening today? No it is not, I’ sorry but if that mans father was in the mafia, do you really think he would admit it. It is no ones business if he was.

          • The real story ahas already been out for many years- nothing really to tell. I find it odd, that since season1 reunion that it just came up to be asked now? With her book coming out? Maybe she put something out there for it to be asked- again.

          • Love ya SweetPea but I couldn’t disagree more. If it’s not going to effect what’s happening today, then what is the problem with discussing it? And IF he wasn’t in the mafia, why aren’t they demanding that someone be brought to justice for the brutal murder of the man?? I think the facts speak for themselves, and this is just more of Caroline not wanting to answer to the truths in her life.

        • I agree with all of your comments Cammierari – 100%. I would also add that since the Brownstone was purchased by Al’s father, it is built on mob money.

          I do think that it is our business. These money that these leeches steal ends up costing all of us.

          People glorify this “way of life” or romanticize these men by assuming they had no other choices in life. They most certainly did. Let’s face it, they aren’t just in it to “get by”. They’re criminals and murderers – nothing more.

          I understand that they also have people in their life that love them, and I respect that. If my father were involved I would still love him – but I wouldn’t justify his crimes.

          I think people would back off caroline if she were not such a hypocrite. She worked overtime to expose Danielle’s shady past, and showed such disdain for her actions (rightfully so). But where is her distain for her father-in-laws actions?? When a man is murdered, stripped naked, wrapped in plastic and duct tape and placed in the trunk of his car – I think it’s safe to assume that this was not a run of the mill carjacking or robbery.

          Don’t forget that Al pulled his own heist on the taxpayers of Patterson. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I guess.

          Sorry for ranting!

      • as long as caroline is on tv then her father’s name will always be brought up. it is carolines past. that is her father. her family and something happened in the past. so people will talk about it and she’s no exception. i personally could care less because either way caroline is still a horrible person.

    • the other thing, if he wasn’t connected or at least friendly enough, they could’ve been hitting him up to scoop off the top of the brownstone’s funds or loitering there. the mob targets local successful businesses and paterson is the friggin ghetto. he could’ve been reluctantly involved if not actually.

  • There’s ample evidence that he was mobbed up. That does not make Caroline or Albert mobbed up. We do not hold people accountable for their parents mistakes in this country.

    Of course I think Caroline is lying, but I also think that it’s okay to lie when answering invasive questions about your family. She signed up for a reality show, but she didn’t sign up her entire extended family who don’t need or want public familial confirmation of a family scandal.

    • I agree with you to a point, cajsa. People should not be held accountable for their parents actions – ever. But when those children avail themselves of the fruit of their parents crimes – my sympathy runs out. The Brownstone was built with Tiny’s ill-gotten gains.

      Also, Al Jr. has pulled some shady actions himself, and when he was confronted with it by the governor, he was defiant and arrogant – no remorse. He obviously feels entitled to help himself to the taxpayers $$.

  • I do believe he had ties of some sort… it doesn’t affect my thoughts on these people one way or the other. Big Al could have kept his business dealings secret from his whole family and they may not have even suspected these ties until after his death. Who knows, I just know that I don’t judge Caroline or Albert based on who or what Big Al was.

    Caroline is only trying to protect her husband and HIS family…. I think it should be let go… there will never be any answers, not even for the family.

  • If my father in law died like that (mob style) I would make the same statement to the media like she did.
    But god bless him, we only dragg this mess because she is on tv and she is a hypocrite and someone who’s book I never would buy.
    Why don’t she first practise what she preach? She practises to make Teresa look bad every day and talk shit about her. She can never be like Teresa, or even be Teresa’s shoes. (Arabic quot).

  • And to be perfectly honest just because someone is caught up in the mob doesn’t make them a bad person..maybe that was the only way he could feed his family(if he was involed) noone really knows the mob isn’t what its shown to be in movies and tv yes they do do a lot of things that can be horrible at times but if and when you get involed these are the things you know and sign up for..does anyone not believe that there are cops out there that walk around with their badges and guns and kill people and get away with it? Because believe me there are from personal if Carolines father in law did have ties its nobodys bussiness and doesn’t forreal this happend so long ago.

    • It doesn’t make them a good person either. Anyone can take the illegal way to make an earning for fast dirty money to live a wealthy lavish life.

      People generally take the honest hardworking way. I respect that more.

      Let’s be realistic. Of course Al is crooked he is living off what his father did. That makes Caroline just as crooked as she is benefiting from it and acts entitled.

      • You don’t think people who in your words who are “honest and hardworking” aren’t shady..don’t do things that are just as bad as mobsters..get outa here I know of cops who have gone out and killed people because they had a promblem with them in 1991 in south west philly tons of young kids who weren’t perfect and got themselves into some trouble were all killed..and strangely it was all by let’s not go there with honest and hardworking there’s more crooked and shady ppl you know of..

        • Sorry XIX, I respectfully disagree with you. I myself come from a family that are part of the military and law enforcement and couldn’t be prouder.

          I totally agree with you that not all people in law enforcement are honest and also I have come across shady/crooked people but would never say that applies to most people.

          I myself by no means am perfect, but have always worked hard and honestly to provide for my children and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

          Sorry did not mean to get you mad just stating my opinion.

          • Not to be smart but coming from a family of cops you aren’t going to believe that a lot of them are crooked..but that’s just my experince with them all intitled to our own opinion

          • Nah lol but I do sound like one of them with my whole mobsters aren’t bad guys because a lot of em arent

  • In a legal proceeding the response would have been “Asked and answered” How many times does she have to say no to the same question? Do people really hate her so much that it would give them great joy if she answered yes? No matter if he was or wasn’t, he was still a human being that was loved by his family and his death, especially the manner of his death, brought them great grief.

    • Yeah sure but it’s ok to steal and scam other innocent ppl and Im not talking bout him skimming from the mob. The mob steal from other ppl some of them innocent ppl and he skimmed them or not at the end of the day he’s just as guilty and doing the job himself. Why is it ok for crazy Caro to spew everyone else personal business but she’s untouchable Nah doesn’t work that way love. However it’s sad what happened to him and his family as no matter what ur parents or kids do u love them and it does hurt when something so awful like this happen

    • Live by the sword, die by the sword. It’s as simple as that. I bet Tiny didn’t think about the many other lives that were ended by the mob when he was raking in the money.

  • WTF, are these interviewers BOTZO?

    Of course Meatball Manzo is going to answer the way she did.

    • Holy, ciao bella ….LOL “BOTZO”. Yup.

      As the story goes, Tiny Manzo was a bag man for the mob at an Atlantic City casino. Tiny and his partner were caught skimming, then both were executed mob style. Ssssh, don’t tell anyone.

      • @
        Shipp, ciao bella, x,x ( both cheeks)

        Yep, heard all that. They f’ed over the wrong freakin guys. Too bad so sad. Can’t f, with the mob, you will get caught, period!

  • Now she doesn’t want to discuss it? Maybe she should have thought of all the dirty little secrets that were going to come out before she signed on Andie’s dotted line. I find her to be a joke. She had no problem bringing up Danielle’s past that I’m sure she also didn’t want all over the TV screens. But I forgot this is Big Mama Manzo we are talking about she thinks she should be held at different standards.

    • You know, maybe if it was her dirty little secret I would agree, but no matter how you slice it, it’s not! Danielle’s past was her past, not her father’s. So it is a totally different standard.

      • If this is true trust me it was not only her FIL involved they all were including her hubby. As for Danielle’s past that is exactly what it was her past not what is going on in her life right now. So maybe Meatball Mama should also think about Danielle’s kids and how that would make them feel. She has to realize its not only her and her family that should be spared any embarrassment.

      • If you want to parse, it’s different. What the two share in common is that they have negative information from the past that they do not want made public. The golden rule, do unto others, comes into play here. If you go around exposing someone’s past (someone with two children of an impressionable age to boot) and gleefully prognosticate about the demise of others, you cannot morally IMO claim that your skeletons shouldn’t be exposed. Let’s not forget that her Teresa prediction was about Teresa’s husband going to jail, so, even on your terms, I do not see a qualitative difference.

    • Thanks for that. When you throw others out there, you really shouldn’t be surprised when you get put out there. Boomerang!

  • Of course not! Because that is such a totally natural way to die! This family is dirty and it goes back several generations.

  • So what if the Manzo family had ties to the mob in the eighties! Why do people need to speculate about it? This was someone’s father, husband, brother and son that has passed away and unless he did something that somebody can point to and say “he did it and here is the proof” leave it be because his family shouldn’t be further hurt due to speculation.

  • I really like Caroline and respect her, however my gut tells me yes he was connected with the mob.

  • In all honesty, I don’t care if Caroline’s father-in-law was in with the mob. I could care less.

    I just care about the fact that Don Caro is a terrible awful human being.

  • Didn’t one of the police officers that investigated come out years ago and say that he did have mob ties and Caroline is lying?

    Either way, I think it’s really disrespectful of interviewers to keep bringing this up.

  • When a family member is murdered its no joke(I know from personal experience) it hurts. It hurts to talk about it hurts to think about it it hurts for it to be brought up. Weither or not there were mob ties or not doesn’t matter some people just need to realize that this man was someones father grandfather husband ect and it does not feel good seeing your dead familys name being brought up in a news paper article basically saying they deserved what happend to anybody who knows anything about the lifestyle knows even when you know a death has ties to the mob you don’t speak on it..don’t ask don’t tell.

  • Absolutely Also And Albert Caroline’s husband had the county police chief in his pocket until the man was fired.. He also sheared a close relationship with Berni Kerig the disgraced crooked NY Police commissioner

    • That is why if you remember the first season and second Albert always threw the Sheriff a fundraising dinner at his house. That way he could get money from the businesses in his area and they can get favors in return. That guy was in his pocket before he was fired.

    • I really have no idea nor i really heard anything like this before maybe if owed the mafia at the time the Gambino some protection money. Really don’tknow but reading some me the threads it most certainly could be true anything is possible

    • You sign up for a reality show your basically free for all regardless how long ago things happened and if i were crazy Caro id would answered the same way out of respect for my husband