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Melissa Gorga Celebrates Her 23rd Birthday!

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga turned 23 yesterday or so she wants us to believe! Melissa celebrated her birthday with her hubby at Vegas and tweeted, “All ready for my 23rd birthday weekend! #vegasbaby “ with the following photo below

She continued, “Okay okay.. Maybe I’m not 23.. But a girl can make believe… Lol…”

Melissa Gorga actually turned 34 and girl is looking fab in her thirties! Bet its the best she’s ever looked! Happy Birthday Melissa!

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  • You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Most of the women who write blogs about how dumb and ugly Melissa is..Well lets just say they are all probably FAT and UGLY with husbands who stare at other women instead of them. Are you all really telling me if you looked like melissa,after three kids with a body like that, you wouldn’t take advantage of it? How is she a liar? regardless of what she has or has not done in the past- she is a good person who loves her husband and her kids..How would you like to have a sister in law who was jealous and spiteful of you? Who treated you a certain way because she has the sister complex ( sisters who secretly want to fu** there brothers) IT SUCKS being in that situation. A sister of your husband who is so obsessed with her brothers attention she FORGETS that he has a WIFE AND HIS OWN FAMILY and LIFE. leave the poor girl alone. so what- she wants to be famous..let her be. if you were her- you’d be loving it. all a bunch of HATERS

  • Did anyone say or ask where she was modeling? That couch was gross! Is that in her house? Whose house is that? The lamp, the painting? Really….this is the best spot in your house you got? Plus……who took the photo? Her daughter?

    Just wondering?

  • They allow horses in the Sugar Factory? They allow runty little pigs there too? Oh yeah, it is Vegas.

  • Am I the ONLY one who thinks at 34 YOU should look good. Jesus, 34 is still young! However, all the cosmetic procedures she’s done for a 34 year old is downright scary. This is at least the 2nd or 3rd nose job (hello Michael Jackson), the big plumped lips, botox in her forehead that now doesn’t move: I mean seriously, that is way too many procedures for a 34 year old. She only cares about herself and how she looks. A bit pathetic for me.

    • Also, why is she getting paler and paler? It’s not just that she’s not using bronzing or tanning anymore. If you look at her pics when she was younger, she was at least 3 times darker. It’s friggin weird to me that she’s so obsessed with her looks (maybe because she truly has no other talent).

  • Hope all your Birthday Wishes come true Meliss – maybe you and Joe could simulate intercourse on the mechanical bull Atl Cynthia rode? Glad the kids continue to predominantly live with your Sis – consistency and stability is so important in the young years….plus if the Birthday Bash ends poolside, at least none of them will be in danger, right?

  • She might be a tacky, overly made-up mole who looks like she bathes in fake tan and buys her clothes from a pint sized Vegas hooker circa 1992. She may be about as sincere in her every move as David Gest was in his marriage to Liza Minelli. She may even have a voice that makes fingernails down a blackboard sound relatively pleasant behind all the synthesisers and jacked up sound, but you have to admit, she has got a pretty amazing body for any age, let alone after popping out two kids. Happy birthday, you pain in the arse.

  • It seems to me that joking,sarcasm and such has the ability to get lost on social media. Unfortunately, many individuals like to insinuate their own perceptions onto a written statement. It is our natural habit. I joke about my age constantly but I clearly know that I am 47!! Melissa looks great 🙂

  • The girl is hot and since Michers turned me down on my proposal….Melissa will be getting a call.

  • Where are your children? why arent you spending your bday with them?! What would happen if you were to die tomorrow and didn’t spend your last day/bday with your kids!!! I’m not saying you need to spend every waking moment with your kids but they are just babies!! THEY NEED YOU AROUND!!!! Stop trying to play superstar/party girl and start playing mom! YOU should be ashamed on YOURSELF Melissa

    • Girl please get yourself together…I spent my bday last year without my then 3 year old. Does that make me a bad mom? No, I just wanted to be around grown ups and do things that kids cant do. There are soo many other things to talk about regarding her. Her lies and backpedaling for instance, but to say she is less than a mother is ridiculous and makes you look foolish.

      • umm like I said theres no need to spend every waking moment with your child…I’m sure she didn’t fly out 3,000 miles JUST to spend her birthday, I’m pretty sure they are spending the weekend. If you go on her twitter you will find about 3 pictures of her kids to her sister Lisa’s 20 (they’re not even Lisa’s kids)….Soooo what does that say? Are her kids a priority? Does her husband calling his own daughter a cockblocker and her not saying anything make her a great mom? Maybe to some other people’s standards but not in my book. I understand that some moms have to work out of town and leave their kids behind but it seems like the Gorgas do it quite an awful lot. Good for you, sometimes moms need time away from their children and be with adults but there’s no need to call me foolish or get nasty…I do have myself together…THANK YOU!

        • I have tons of pics of other family members on my social sites, so what her sis posts more than her. Yet again not a reason to call the chick a bad mother. I get it you don’t like her, there are tons of other things to talk shit about. But u never question someone’s live for their kids unless you know that person. Do you know Melissa, if not I will continue to give u a side eye for talking out the side of your neck. As for the cockblocker comment, I found that funny as all hell cause lil kids do cockblock sometimes when ur trying to have mom and dad time. Hell I’ve been mad as hell when my son woke up in the middle if the night and got in the bed.

          • SweetPea I gotta agree with you on the dock locked comment, I really didn’t think it was that big of a deal as people made it. He was kidding, and it IS true, maybe not the best way to say it, but meh it’s still true lol. Kids don’t care if you want some uh…alone time together, they come around any time if they want something. I still really dislike Joey but to me that comment wasnt really all that bad.

          • Cattface, in all fairness here, if another husband would have made that comment, ALL HELL would have broke loose! So, no its really not that funny for Gorga to say about his daughter, because all he does is lie and try to paint a picture of he and Messy being saints, when we have seen them be nothing but sinners. This is where ( and Im not saying you) the double standards are annoying.

          • @ mich

            I totally agree. If Joe Guidice would have said what Fredo said..OMG #Fuggdegaboutit..Off with his freakin head, worse father of the year!

          • Fair enough, and you are right about if it was someone else(Joe giudice mainly) it would have been a big deal. I just didn’t see the big deal if anyone had said it is all. You know I’m a Teresa fan and I actually like her Joe lol and I dont think most of what he says is all that bad. It is annoying how everyone else gets away with stuff except the Giudice’s.

        • Rachel, dont worry about it , I know exactly what you meant based on what I have seen the last 3 years.

      • No Sweetpea, not foolish, so need to get so defensive over Melissa, LOL! Rachel has expressed an opinion that many of us have seen since she has been on the show- she herself makes it look like she is never with her kids. Your right! There is way more people can say about Melissa, but Im not going to fill this spot up with all the trash that goes with her name today.

        • Oh god we would have to write a book to fit all messed up crap she has done just since being on tv, and who would want to read it? Well it would probably do better than the one she is writing now about marriage lol.

    • She looks ok, I just wish she wear her hair down more with the soft curls. IMO it makes her look better.

  • Melissa defines ugly on the inside. All that botox and cosmetic procedures have aged her well beyond 34. And that’s all I’m gonna say because this woman is a liar and a joke and frankly is irrelevent when I watch rhonj. Have an unhappy birthday scheming to get fans like you do every other day of your life.

  • Melissa is 34,and the girl got some much darn Botox to look like that. She always says thank u Jesus, but she changed herself.

    • Lol. She only says ”Thank you, Jesus!” when she gets something, or have things her way. Let her keep getting botox and other crap ’cause she’s looking weirder by the month. She already destroyed her ‘barely decent looks’ so, in a few years… Lol.

      • Hey thanks guys i thought she looked different but had no idea she’s had her nose done extra. Keep going hope she ends up looking like that scary cat women. Well i feel great Im only a couple me yrs older than her and haven’t had anytime done and i must pay i look pretty good well others have said it lol

    • OMG, that couch does look disgusting. I need to see teresa’s room because unless bravo is paying for it, she would never stay in a room like that. That is the same woman who doesn’t like living in used homes because it makes her skin crawl (the dumbest thing I ever heard by the way).

      • Which would be one of the deciding factors in her financial problems. Only the best for Teresa. She doesn’t like ‘used’ houses because they are dirty because no one cleans like she does. Really? That’s all you can complain about?

    • You are right, that couch is filthy, wonder where they stayed. Funny it kinda suits her though 🙂

  • Someone needs to do their homework and proof read their stories! She is not 23 unless she was 12 years old when she met Joe. Geech!

  • My mom does that, her bday was yesterday also, and she’s 29. With a 25 year old daughter and a 20 year old son…lol. Not a big deal I’m gone be 21 in May…lol:-)

    • After my 35th birthday, I could never remember how old I was. So, I started saying I was 40, and I plan on being 40 for the next 20 years or so…

  • I was looking at pics from when she first came on wives….she seriously looks like a different girl now. In every picture she looks a little different than I remembered seeing her in the last.

    • @LoLo
      I was just thinking the same thing. Her face looks different again.
      She does have a great body though.

      • She does look different from when she first started on the show, but not in a bad way ( in my opinion). What ever she has had done, she looks good.

        • She does look great, if she would just understand that she doesn’t need to compete against Teresa, if she would understand that there is room for both and if she actually and truthfully would try to reunite brother and sister it would be the best gift she can every give to the Gorgas.

          • The best gift Teresa could give Melissa is to stop spreading rumors about her brother’s wife and stop trying to break them up. There isn’t any comparison between Melissa and Teresa. Melissa is younger, nicer, happier, HAS THE BEST HUSBAND, hands down!!!

          • I agree she looks great…However, my first thought was that her face looks “different”.
            MY SIL competes too…I don’t get it..I’m happy for her success whatever it may be …Looks, money, etc…..Family should be happy for each other and celebrate each other’s success…Not compete! xo

      • I agree her body is great. Her faced actually looked nice in season 3(first picture), she should have stopped at that point. Now her face is starting to look weird. I’m not even going to mention the fact that she doesn’t even look like herself anymore.

        • Anonymous, I agree. MeHo’s face has looked weird for over a year how. I think, since after she got her second nose job. I think it’s her fake smile & over plumped lips, too. When she smiles, it doesn’t look pretty and natural. She always looks like she’s smelling poo, or she has the look of hate & jealousy.

        • LMAO Joe Gorga the best husband “he’s pussy whipped” if she stopped giving him sex all the time lets see if he’ll be the same. He’s a creep with no balls and only got her coz me his money

  • LOL…Yeah this isn’t the first time she’s been confused about ages….how old did she tell her daughter Jesus is?

    • LOL, that was hilarious.

      It is a shame , she does look great for being 34, I just wish she would focus more on the inside of her persona rather than the outside.

    • She gets confused on dates as well! When she went to Florida, when she went HS, College, when she graduated, what jobs she had…. UGH.

      • The reason y she gets so confused about dates and age it coz SHE’S A BIG LIAR and can’t keep up with what she says she tends to go through life relying on her looks coz SHE’S as dumb as dog shit lol

    • Really? You ever tell a child about the Easter Bunny or the tooh fairy? Children as young as Melissa’s do not have a sense of time, days, months or years. Get over it. It wasn’t a lie. I told my children when they asked me how old Santa Clause was, that we were still counting and no one really knows!

      She isn’t ‘confused’ about her age. IT’S A JOKE, GET IT???????

      • I don’t get people acting like she is dumb cause she said that either. I have told my son white lies like that before because he really doesn’t understand things like that yet(he’s 4). Or the wench like me lyric, maybe she misspoke or really thought th was the lyric cause they both sounf alike while singing the song. Some just live nitpick every little thing.

        • Melissa is dumb because she said she had carolers in the LIBARY and while singing amazing grace sang saved a WINCH like me. I can go all day but those two things alone scream dumbass

          • Lmao. Really?

            Ingridiences (Ingredients)

            Come-in (Cumin)

            rerevoronated (renovated)

            Ringing any bells for you?

          • Except JPG, that there have been plenty of us here who don’t think Teresa’s that smart either. But since this blog post has nothing to do with her, why would you feel the need to bring her up, except to troll?

          • Meh, none of the NJ ladies will be making it into Mensa anytime soon. They all say things wrong, but they also think ts cute when they do, but yeah I’ll admit Teresa isn’t any better lol.

      • Yeah, I really did get it. Maybe my tongue-in-cheek tone wasn’t obvious. I don’t think she was lying or confused about her age…just thought it was funny…..!!

        • Well this particular blog is bout Melissa yes we all know she was joking bout her age we get it so chill but overall she’s A liar and yes Tre is the brightest bulb in the chandelier but she knows it to be honest none me the jersey girls English is that great i have to laugh at the way they speak they truly are funny

  • Lol i told my little sister melissa is coming to the sugar factory this weekend and if i should go see her, my sisters response? “yeah go and then throw stripper boots at her!” lol it just made me laugh, cause of her “history” hahaha. But all things aside she looks pretty damn good for having 3 kids but i’m sure thats how her body always was and shes the type that doesnt need to work out cause her body is naturally skinny. But i wish teresa was coming to vegas! Now i would do whatever to meet her!

    • LOL, maybe Melissa is saying she is turning 23 because she secretly missed her life on the stripper club, wasn’t that were she was when she was 23?

    • Ew, Melissa is just nasty. She brings nothing but lies and hurt into peoples lives. Go away Melissa!

      • Haha she put on fb shes gonna be on one of our local tv news..and i’m wondering..why?! You have NOTHING to promote?! Besides her book but i didnt hear of a release date yet. I dont even know why shes going to be at sugar factory?! What if she going to do? Sign lollypops?! Lmao. Bring tre to vegas!! I would love to get her new cookbook and have her sign it for me and my mom! 😉

        • I love SUGAR lollipops! I have the old Britney Spears one, and ya gotta get the blueberry one. It’s my absolute favorite one!

          As for MeHo, I hope she isn’t get a specialized pop ’cause she’s whack!! I would definitely buy Tre’s Sugar pop if she had one. I would get one for my nieces, too! 🙂

          • I don’t give a fuck about this basic bitch Melissas. Your stolen 15 minutes are over. Get off the show with your no talent ass!

            P.s. You lie about EVERYTHING Melissa but we are not stupid like your husband, so when an old prostitute tries say she’s 23 people are again going to call you out for lying.

    • Lapband s.e does look good for her age and three kids Im a little older with kids as well and look just as young just be in our genes even tho i hate to put myself in the same category as that gold digging tart. She sure loves herself can’t she ever take a photo without posing be natural girl for once

    • To whoever wrote the above statement. You are a moron if you are a supporter or fan of Theresa’s. It says alot about who you are…scum.