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PHOTOS: RHOM Ladies Spotted Filming Season Three At Miami Fashion Week!

There had been hints dropped around the internet that Real Housewives of Miami would begin production soon and it looks like things are officially in full swing! Some of the ladies were spotted at Miami Fashion Week’s kick off last night, and accompanying them were the production cameras. It looks like season three is officially a go.

Spotted filming scenes were Adriana, Lisa, Marysol, Alexia, and Ana! No sight of Lea, Joanna or Karent just yet. Las Gringas Blog based in Miami shared the photo above on Instagram. Thanks to our Twitter follower @AlexNavarro7 for tweeting us the picture!

Venue Magazine, which Alexia serves as editor for, also tweeted the following picture and confirmed season three, saying:

Are you excited for season three of RHOM?! Do you think all the ladies were asked back for the new season?

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  • Thank god that Ana, Alexia, and Marysol are returning. They were my favorite especially Ana. Hopefully this season beats 1 and 2.

  • I hope we get a longer season. Miami is the only Franchise that I feel is only on for a month. The rest of the franchises seem to be on way longer. I hope Alexia is back to being on full time. Her and Adriana are really the only two I like.

  • I’m glad Miami is back as it’s my favorite after Atlanta. Personally I think NYC and OC need total casting makeovers and are currently the worst franchises, followed by the stale and tired storylines in NJ.

    Anyway, I was hoping Bravo would do a minor casting change for Miami, but boring/lying Marysol is back. Marysol is like Adrienne, in that they BOTH lie and hide a lot about their past. They want to be on reality tv to show off their glamorous lives, but that’s not what viewers want. Either be real about your past and talk about stuff or GTFO. Adrienne now is gone, hopefully Marysol will follow after this upcoming season.

    Ana better bring that reunion attitude to this upcoming season as she was very dull except for standing up to that pig Thomas Kramer. Alexia is a mess and her sole storyline last season was hating on Karent. I think this season will be Joanna, Karent and Lea vs. everyone else, with Lisa stuck in the middle.

    I was hoping for a new latina in the cast, either Puerto Rican or Mexican just to shake it up a bit but I guess that’s not going to happen.

  • Good grief. As a Miami resident, I am embarrassed by these women who do not represent anyone in this city. I hope they all took a crash course in English. Believe it or not, some of these ladies were born here, but you would not know it by their lack of command of the language. It bothers me that this is the image that Bravo is protraying of Miami to the rest of the world. Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest.

  • OMG noooooooooooo, not the boring Ana! I can’t stand that woman, especially after the way she acted at the reunion.

    And Alexia was a huge b!tch, a complete opposite of what she’d been in S1. Hope she gets it together this time.

  • I’m glad RHOM is coming back! It seems to be the only franchise that films the Ladies at ACTUAL social events and not just “made by Bravo events”.

    I hope Alexia is back to her season 1 self and not the Alexia of season 2. I look forward to watching.

    • The White Party that Kyle throws every year is a real social event. So is the 30 year anniversary/housewarming and Pandora’s wedding. Fashion Week and the Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge were real events. Not all the events are manufactured.

      • Yes, I agree about the White party and Pandora’s wedding. Fashion week hasn’t been shown in a while. The Brooklyn walk was 2 seasons ago.

        There are a few real events here and there, but the majority of events in recent seasons are made by Bravo.

  • Why is this even back on for another season? This is the worst HW franchise of them all…in my opinion. These woman really annoy me.

    • I like this one. It’s the only one I’ve watched completely since it first aired. It’s not as dark as the other ones (like RHONJ) and there is no crazy family drama.

    • I thought RHOM was very entertaining! It’s lighthearted drama like RHOA! I think RHONY is the worst at this point…it was horribly boring last season

  • Seriously? Alexia AGAIN?! why cant we get a break from her? She was seriously a big biotch last season. I couldnt even handle it. I hope she changes her damn attitude. And ana..snooze! But i see lisa has changed her crowd of people. I honestly hope she is happier. Joanna wanted lisa to kiss her ass constantly and she left lisa. Very disapointed she dumped lisa as a friend but if you’re growm enough to fight another woman you should be woman enough to deal wiyh the consiquences as well!

    • why wouldn`t she? (dumped Lisa as a friend) Joanna doesn`t even live in Miami. It`s a joke. Joannna is there just to promote herself, not making friends. I just read in polish news that she sold her wedding for $600,000. to the Real Housewives producers, of course.

      • I know she lives in los angeles. But the way she dumped lisa was not cool. Lisa was friends with both adriana and joanna. Shr chose not to be in the middle of it and after the reunion she stopped talking to lisa. Shes a biotch. I would be happy if her drunk ass didnt come back but i doubt that!

    • Yes, I am over Alexia already! Having said that, all the ladies look great! I’m looking forward to it, especially Mama Elsa!

    • Right, why Ana? She is so gosh darn boring and desperate to be back on this show…cues reunion footage.