Evelyn Lozada’s Daughter Calls Out Chad Johnson And Asks Him To Rot In Hell!

It looks like things have gotten a little uncivil between Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada and her ex Chad Johnson! Chad went on a Twitter rant sub-tweeting Evelyn accusing her of being a gold digger and a cheater, and Shaniece, Evelyn’s daughter, is coming to her mom’s defense calling out Chad for being a deadbeat dad with a sex addiction, and asks him to go kick rocks – in hell!

Chad began tweeting Evelyn’s publicist and said the following:

Shaniece fired back on Twitter saying:

@ochocinco U r so busy going on a rant about other people. How about u talk about your self? U have a child in Liberty City that u do not take care of, u have a sex addiction and was ABUSIVE to other women before U met my mother. That’s what u call a BITCH – and bitches such as yourself should rot.. In hell!

Evelyn just tweeted a simple:

Crazy! Do you think Chad needs more professional help?

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  • Everybody knew that Evelyn was a gold digger all the time. She slept with Chad the first time she met him. She had Chad p*ssy whipped. Look at all of the things that he did for her. Some was shown on the show others wasn’t. How can someone be so traumatized after being bumped in the head. She called it domestic abuse…that’s a joke. You didn’t even see a mark on her head. Everything she did was for recognition. Chad is just finally deciding to point the finger at her. Because he never said anything bad about her but I’m quite sure that he has some tales to tell that would make us see who the real victim is. All I have to say to Shanice is that YOU SHOULD KNOW YOUR PLACE LITTLE GIRL!!! STAY OUT OF GROWN FOLKS BUSINESS!!! You know who and what your mother is.

  • Why does S know about her ex-stepdad’s sex addiction??! -_- That’s gross & weird. Something smells fishy about her response. I kind of feel sorry for her because her mother was not a good mother and put her in that situation.

    I personally wouldn’t want to know ANYTHING about my stepdad’s sex addiction or sex life. Period.

  • this is ALL publicity BS. The marriage was publicity BS. It’s just a shame. Chad is a talented football player and good looking but is not a good person. Evelyn and her daughter are beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside. They all need professional help and to get out of the tabloids. damn.

  • I’ve always thought Evelyn’s daughter was gorgeous, and I still do. She looks absolutely NOTHING like Evelyn to me.

    Evelyn has nice skin, nice hair and a nice figure, but I never found her face to be all that pretty.

  • Why should shaneice take a seat? Shes a grown woman and her mothers ex husband bas done enough. He publicly humiliated her mom. I wouldnt sit back either and take it lightly. I think if evelyn DID cheat on chad, he would just get up and walk out. And evelyn had money before chad lets not forget that people. Antwon walker was deadbroke and evelyn got up and worked her ass off. She may not be perfect but she is still a woman learning evrryday just like the rest of us. Now she has a bunch of ventures going on, her makeup line, her books, her nee h20 drink and also her show. She doesnt need him shes too smart and hes just a nasty pig. Hope he has a great time removing that tattoo of her 😉

    • She got most of that after being with him. She had a high end shoe store in Coral Gables that Antoine gave her the money for. Nobody was buying her shoes that she was selling for $800.00 upward. So how was she making the monthly rent because it had to be costly. She was only filming basketball wives and she wasn’t making all that much. Evelyn knew just what Chad was and she married him anyway. So no one should feel sorry for her because she is fake and she went after Chad for his money.

  • If Evelyn had listened to Jen she wouldn’t be in this position. She was the one who kept defending Chad and attacking Jen because she tried to help her and now look at what’s happened. Jen was right.

    • I know I find it funny how Jen was always right. But ev being so into money she say $ signs and once he lost his job she didn’t want to go back. I’m not buying she stayed away cause he “hit” her. I don’t feel bad for that trash at all. She is a straight up bully. She reminds me of bitchy bully high school hoodrat punk ass sluts. I can’t stand her and wish they would kick her fake ass off TV.

  • Wasn’t she just with him at some event with his daughter saying they are friends…SMH..

    They are all crazy…

  • I think both of them are horrible. Evelyn is a big time bully; does anyone remember how she acted on the show, jumping on tables and threatening to beat up people? Now she’s trying to be a spokesperson for domestic violence….b*tch please! Chad is no better for picking her and actually getting married. Two idiots who deserve each other, if you ask me.

  • He’s trying to reverse the damage he has done, by turning it around and blaming Evelyn! This is his “PR” stunt! He’s only upset because he hasn’t gotten picked up by any teams and is now taking it out on Evelyn! Get a life Chad, because it seems as though Evelyn has moved on!

  • I WOULD DEFEND MY MOM AS WELL, AGAINST SOMEONE SO CRUEL AND HORRIBLE! CHAD was the one who hurt her mother, now he’s going on “Twitter,” like a little girl to finish the job with his emotional abuse and stinging words! I’m against children being in adult affairs, but in this case, it was TOTALLY APPROPRIATE! Evelyn’s daughter did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG, EXCEPT FOR STAND UP FOR HER MOTHER!

  • Wow! Evelyn’s daughter looks beautiful! Why shouldn’t she defend her mom? No matter what that’s her mom, I would defend mine too!

  • wow did Evelyn really just stay classy? Good for her not to respond. Chad is an attention whore go take care of your 10 kids.

    • Thank you. Whatever happened to the good old fashioned and CLASSY way of cursing a person out over a phone call or IN PERSON? LOL. 😉

      Twitter is the devil. I mean, people are even tweeting each other when they are in the same damned house with each other at the same damned time. Craziness.

  • They both need to grow up and her daughter needs to stay in her place….

    She knows who her mother is and she knows what her mother is about…..they both were all up in him when he was paying….how does she know he isn’t paying child support for one kid….to hear Evelyn tell it…she took care of ALL his children and they all loved her….remember that….

    All these twitter fights are pathetic…..

      • Oh I am sooo thank the creator of Twitter..LOL LOL

        They both need to take a seat. Evelyn knew what she was getting into before she married him. She seen gold. Her best friend tried to tell her and she kicked her a side. Then she wants to play the victim when he beat her. Was he wrong…ABSOLUTELY, violence is not acceptable in any relationship…. But Evelyn is no angel…

    • I know, I guess she also didn’t see her mother acting a fool during her time on the basketball wives show. She should remember her mother is a hoodrat and she’s the daughter of one.

      • Buck Henry, LOL. I agree. Evelyn will always be a crazy, gold-digging hoodrat in my eyes, and Chad will always be a sex addict. I don’t think Ev would have gotten with Chad if he didn’t have all that cash before! She knew what she was getting herself into.

        As for her daughter, glad she backed her mother up, but she should know her place, and she knows her mother acts triflin’!

  • WOW! The truth ALWAYS comes out; from both sides. However, I do believe Evelyn’s daughter should know her place; and that would be to stay out of her mother affairs! (Yes, pun was very much intended!) LOL

    • If someone wrote that about MY mother they’d have to restrain me from not beating the sht out of them. Chad is a loser and has been trying to get Evelyn back fora while now but it appears she’s not with it so he decided to twitter rant his rage. I suppose better than beating her again! His career is on the toilet, good for her that she got away when she did! He’s a punk. Go away Ocho, get help.

      • Chances are your mother doesn’t talk about ‘smashing’ guys on national television. I just think she’s a disgraceful jilted gold digger. Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas.

        • Agree with Mon. She had no problem dealing with what he was when he had a job. As soon as he lost that job, she walked.

          • She walked because he assaulted her, and that’s why he lost his job. Where do people get their info from?