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Sonja Morgan Predicts Heather And LuAnn Won’t Return To RHONY Next Season!

Apparently the Real Housewives of New York still hasn’t began filming it’s next season but Sonja Morgan is confident she’ll be returning. She isn’t very confident with two other housewives coming back!

In fact she told ShowBiz that she predicts that LuAnn and Heather next season!
Do you agree with Sonja’s predictions? Wonder how LuAnn and Heather feel about this…

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  • I love Heather and how she kept it real. She wasn’t afraid to stand up to Ramona or call Luann out! Sonja needs to be keep quite b4 she gets fired! She is the only RHNY that NEEDS the money~

  • Great news! I think Bravo is finally getting the hint, those are the two women I don’t like on the show. I just hope they don’t replace them w/ women who act like them cause they will continue to have the same problems w/ the show as they did before. Like when they replaced Jill w/ Heather, they are practically the same person, Heather is just younger.

  • For me, NY took a big hit when Bethenny and then Jill were no longer on the show. Love them or hate them, they have huge personalities and aren’t boring. Ramona can’t carry the show by her annoying self. Luann, Heather and Sonja all need to go.

    • I agree – RHONY was on life support when Bethenny left and died when they fired Jill – they need to start all over with a new cast or let it RIP

  • I thought I liked Carole but her onesies are getting on my nerves. Trying to keep the body of a 12 yr. old girl is creepy, and trying to be an elite hippy type is also grating. Yes, we know you are related to the Kennedy’s through marriage. I thought that was the very thing JFK jr. hated was people trying to get close to him because he was a Kennedy and also because Jackie O. Was his mom.

    • I would love to see Alex and her Simon come back, pure entertainment. The only one I did not like was Aviva (sp?) because she was just annoying and her Dad was a creep. I would also like to see more of Sonja’s life outside of Ramona.


  • Honestly,I’d rather keep LuAnn and Heather. Because I am really tired of 2 middle-aged constantly drunk women behaving like high school girls. It’s just disgusting…

    I am fed up with alcoholics and drug addicts on the whole HW franchise,seriously. Sonja,Ramona,Kim,Taylor,Tamra (who else?) need to go and deal with their problems.

  • I agree with some of the others. RHONY needs a whole new cast or to be canceled all together. Bravo made a big mistake with their last cast chop – it ruined the show and no reshuffling of the current cast will fix it…. It’s just not there…

  • I absolutely love Carole and Heather together. Especially when they giggled together and called out Luann for sleeping with Tomas (or whatever his name was). Ava is just off her rocker and I can’t take another season of crazy eyed Ramona or bare butt Sonja! I will probably watch if Carole and Heather are on, but if they are gone – so am I! Real girlfriends giggle together and have fun, and support each other, not try to rip each other apart!

  • I ended up liking Heather, so I would like to see her return. The Countess is boooooring and fake-time for her to either own up to her REAL personality or go. Sonja is a favorite-she is kind, warm and also fun when the situation calls for it. Ramona is Ramona-I think she brings a spark to an otherwise stuffy group. This may be the only franchise I can still stand to watch-unless they bring Aviva and her creepy Dad back!

    • i agree with each of your choices cammi. I would like to see LuAnn gone. Dont miss Jill or Kelly. and wouldn’t miss Aviva.

  • I think NY Housewives needs a complete new cast get some new women that are wealthy and live in the Hamptons and upper east side Last season was so BORING 🙁

  • I know I’m probably in the minority but… I liked Holla Heather and hope she’s still part of the cast. (HOLLA! LOL)
    I kind of wish that Bravo would dump LuAnn and Sonja instead. Watching LuAnn on my screen is about as entertaining as watching paint dry. And I can’t watch another season of Sonja’s ridiculous anctics. I don’t think she’s charming or glamourous at all. (Don’t even get me started on Ramona. LMAO)

    • I’m with you on Heather, Holla!
      Sonja first season was great, I enjoyed watching her and she handled Kelly like a pro. Then when she got together with Ramona, it was like watching a ship sink. Horror and devastation for all those involved but I can’t seem to stop watching!
      I would pay to not see crazy eyes Ramona next season!

    • I like Heather. I hope LuAnn comes back so she can pretend not to have another affair on Jacque. I thought that was hilarious. She was so caught it was so funny.

      I like Sonja but she needs to be tempered by someone like Heather and LuAnn is just a blast from the past and I really like the original cast of NYC with the exception of Jill Zarin.

    • Agreed.. I’m so over Ramona, Luann, & Sonya..It’s a snooze fest. Their sense of self-righteousness, always being right, and pure lack of intelligence lost me a few years ago..