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NeNe Leakes Questions Why She Is Still On RHOA, Calls It Childish!

Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s biggest name is NeNe Leakes, who has transcended reality TV and transitioned into scripted TV acting. NeNe obviously likes being on RHOA even though she could focus on her acting, and she has revealed that she does question why she remains on the reality TV show that made her a household name!

NeNe live-tweeted while watching this week’s RHOA episode and revealed to her followers:

I think I know why…because she wants the money! Duh.

Why do you think NeNe remains on RHOA when she clearly hates most of the girls and always seems condescending about it?

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  • I Love Nene. Why should she stay the same as when she started on the RHOA? She has evolved and grown and she should be proud of herself. Not many that start out as she did have the life she has. She should be proud of herself and we as women should be happy for her. She is over the top wonderful and she admits she thinks highly of herself. I wish I had that confidence and could help my daughters find it for themselves. Her home is Atlanta and I am sure that is why she stays working on the show. Actor’s are often out of work and she knows that so she should take advantage of all opportunities she wants when they are there for her to take advantage of.

  • I hope and prey they get rid of her and her big head. She was semi tolerable at the beginning of this season, but seeing how she is acting all high and mighty now makes me revert back to my old opinion of her overhyped, jealous, and bitter not to mention putting on major airs with nothing but trashy behavior to back it up

  • Nene has been the most childish in the past and just because now shes on a tv show she thinks shes above the drama…does anyone remeber season one when she was singing kims song and making fun of her? Now that was childish…maybe she needs to watch how shes acted in the past seasons and realize whos the child…shes fake!

  • Child please. Now you’re really losing it. Don’t forget where you came from Ms. Nene. You’re the top kid but a kid never the less on the RHW playground.

  • NeNe, NeNe, NeNe… look awful – huge – you are not as “famous” in real life as you are in your own mind – you have some sleletons and you better keep in check cause Karma gets everyone….just ask some of the other housewives from other shows. Your sitcom is rumored to be cancelled – your life can change for the bad as fast as it did the good. Quit being so obnoxious – you are digging a grave with your stupid, arrogant remarks – and – you are constantly being a hater. Check yourself.

  • Nene’s ego is completely out of control for someone whose show is on life support. The New Normal is dangerous close to being cancelled as their ratings have plummeted.

    But Nene’s the toast of Hollywood according to her so I’m sure she’ll have no problem getting a new role. /end sarcasm

  • btw, how about an article about “Fashion Queens”, starring Miss Lawrence and Derek J? lol I watched it last night and thought it was pretty funny. Those 2 are a trip. I actually have a friend who is an acquaintance of Derek J and he said that Derek J always dresses that way, but that his personality is more toned down off camera.

  • I’m a fan of Nene, but her attitude has been bothering me. It’s cool that she was able to break into acting and other mainstream hollywood ventures, but as she should know, show business can turn on a dime. All of a sudden her career might not be hot, so she really should stop putting down RHOA. It’s funny though-in other interviews Nene says she enjoys being on the show and she’s not ready to give it up. I do hope if she comes back next season, that she’ll be more involved with the cast. It was cool to see her getting her hollywood hustle on for 1 season, but NOT 2. I’m sick of the same old storylines in New Jersey, so I don’t want that to happen to Atlanta too.

  • It’s been obvious that she hates doing the show. Whenever I watch she seems to be thinking, “Why am I here”

  • NeNe is impossible to watch this season. She is not a professional actress,she is not a Hollywood A-lister,and never will be. She needs RHOA.
    But her ego span out of control. Not classy at all.

    • Nene, it is called gratitude. What got you recognized in the first place. Even Bethany credits Bravo for her success and she had a product that was sellable. God woman keep your arrogance to yourself,the bigger they are…

  • What is up with her Clorox, George Washington hair and honey, peekaboo bra is one thing, peekaboo Spanx is a another.

  • I still love Nene, but she’s on the show for money, status, and security. She’s the breadwinner, and needs to provide for her family. Plus, Nene makes a whopping $1 million, so of course she won’t leave. Also, she knows a lot of people tune in to watch her, and Andy loves her. When she’s on t.v… That’s where she can keep talking about what she has…

    I don’t think she could give up a pair of Louboutin shoes! 🙂 Jk, Nene!

  • Seriously?? Nene is a true narcissist, that’s why she still does the show. It’s no longer about hustling to put food on the table or being rich. She loves for people to talk about her, positive or negative, she doesn’t care. So much so, she is willing to put up with it just so people keep saying her name, LOL!

      • Haha, yes, but for her I really do think it’s less about the money and more about her name being kept in people’s mouth. It’s what drives her. Being notorious is not always good, but she doesn’t care, she’ll take it!

  • I think she’s just admitting that the “unscripted/manipulated by Bravo actions” of the women are not always very mature. They’re all on the show for $ and/or notoriety.

  • So why is she? I miss the old Nene…even that Nene used to bother me at times but the Nene of Season 3 and beyond is unbearable. I’ve read that typically the housewives sign 5 year contracts to Bravo when they start the show, meaning Nene’s contract with Bravo is up this year. So I hope her over inflated ego hits the door, The New Normal gets the ax and Queen Leakes fades away into oblivion…

  • I can give you 750,000 reasons of why you’re still on the show. Oh lookie! 1 reason for each dollar you get for being on! Yippie!

  • She makes more money from RHOA than the other 2 shows put together. If she doesn’t know why – I know why. I don’t know how she holds her BIG head up her EGO has gotten so big.

  • Um…

    According to the TV By The Numbers Website….The New Normal is likely to be cancelled.

    I like NeNe…but she is getting a HUGE ego.

    Just because the Glee/New Normal Producer likes her does not mean every other producer in Hollywood will hire her. Most of the industry HATE Reality TV.

    She’s going to be in for a hard fall down the road.

    • I can’t think of a single producer who’d hire her. Not even Tyler Perry and he hired Kim K!

    • I agree with you melody. She has such a huge ego and she thinks she is above the show. Well if that’s the case, why doesn’t she quit? Who is she doing any favors to? Yes she is hilarious at times but I don’t really think she’s all that. I can’t stand this woman seriously. Get your head out of your ass. You are not the queen of England boo! You just work on a reality TV show and I heard the new normal isn’t coming back either.

    • I thought it was already cancelled. I cannot imagine that she is easy to work with. She’s here for the money, that’s it.

  • The money…the title of being the top dog of the show….security in case that other show gets canned….

    I wish she would quit…..immediately….

    • She’s acting like she has made it (and she probably has if rumors of her getting the view spot is true). She was on that show because she wanted the money, it wasn’t too long ago that you and Greg was dodging landlords and living in rent a mansions at Bravo’s expense. Even was the one time that the local television station in Atlanta went to the condo you and Greg where staying at about his shady business dealings and you and the others wouldn’t come to the door.

      Down memory lane.

      • You forgot to mention going to mansions and peeking through the window pretending you grew up there and have always been rich

    • Goodbye and good riddance. You know, sometimes I like NeNe, then I don’t. Her attitude just stanks. I hope she just doesn’t think that if it was her on this show, it’d be the highest rated Housewives franchise. Be humble and give credit where credit is due.