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Mob Wives Recap: Karen Meets The Other Woman; And Love Can’t Stop Mentioning Carla!

This week on Mob Wives Renee Graziano is still adamant on getting an attack dog but her son AJ thinks it’s a dumb idea considering she’s not home and the price is outrageous. I agree. $20,000 is a ridiculous amount of money and call me crazy but I don’t think Renee needs this. Renee also wants to take a self defense class. I think Renee is being paranoid. She asks AJ to take the class with her but he doesn’t want to so she takes Drita instead.

Renee, Drita and Love later meet at a bar and talk about the self-defense class they took. Renee then brings up Carla. Surprised? Me neither. Renee says she has a problem with Carla and Love says she has one with her too!

While Karen is in Arizona she meets with Dave’s girlfriend Rebecca who spends a lot of time with her daughter Karina. If Karen is so upset another women is hanging with her daughter, why doesn’t she just move her daughter back in with her and she won’t have this problem? It’s very rare that a child is kept living with her father while her mother is totally capable of taking care of her. The meeting is just all kinds of awkward. Karen initiates the conversation. Rebecca starts opening up and reveals she works in real estate and is a mother as well. Karen then tells Rebecca she is bothered that Rebecca would take Karina to the doctors. Rebecca responds that it wasn’t a big deal and it isn’t. Karen, because you chose not to take your daughter to the doctors don’t get upset when someone is willing too! Rebecca makes it clear she isn’t trying to replace Karen and be Karina’s mother. That’s when Dave mentions Karina is friends with Rebecca’s daughter and that they go to school with each other. The meeting ends up on a good note and Karen seems happy she met with Rebecca. Karen even invites them over the next day!

Karen, Ramona and Karina go for a walk. Karen asks Karina if she thinks Dave’s girlfriend is pretty. Talk about awkward. Karina responds that she is nice and sweet not like Karen. Ramona raises her eyebrows. Karina reveals that she’s heard Dave in talks to buy his own place with Rebecca and that Rebecca wants to have more kids. Karina fears this because she thinks if Dave has another child that they won’t be as close. This makes Karen get emotional because she doesn’t want her daughter to feel this way. Karen let’s Karina know that Dave will always love her. She then tells Karina she wants her to move back with her. Finally!

Love goes on a date with Fate a man she was with 7 years ago. Back at Karen’s place. Everyone comes over for a get together including Dave and Rebecca. Ramona isn’t Rebecca’s biggest fan and takes Dave aside to ask if he’s happy. He says he is. Ramona tells him that he should tell Karen when he makes a big decision and he surprisingly agrees. Dave then talks his relationship with Karen once Ramona asks. Dave says he was hoping to get back with Karen but some things just aren’t meant to happen. Ramona then grills Rebecca and says it wasn’t right of her to take Karina to the doctor. Hold up. Why is Ramona even getting involved? This has nothing to do with her and she has no right at all to talk to Rebecca. Ramona is the one who is out of line and if I was Rebecca I wouldn’t have even acknowledged her because it’s none of her business and Karen already spoke to her about this.In the end of the day, Karen respects Rebecca for coming to her get together.

Big Ang meets with Drita to go shopping and Big Ang brings up the fact that Love is constantly bringing up Carla. Drita agrees and they both think things are getting worse because Love just won’t shut up about it. They then decide that Carla needs to be told about what Love has been saying. Drita is worried for Carla because Carla doesn’t fight while Love does.

Thoughts on Sunday’s episodes? What did you think about Karen meeting the other girl? Should have Ramona stayed out of it? Let’s Discuss!

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  • Dave really surprised me this episode; I don’t think most people would put up with their current girlfriend being grilled by the mother of their daughter. Big Ang was also amazing; I hope she and Drita can talk Love out of hurting Carla. I was working late at DISH when this episode of Mob Wives aired. Luckily, I remembered to set my DISH Hopper to record it for me. It holds up to 2,000 hours of entertainment space; this way I can record the full season along with the full seasons of my other favorite programs. This has turned out to be the perfect way for me to watch my shows after a long day of work.

  • been around the block a few times ..
    these broads should not underestimate carla ….lol
    the big mouths always go down first ….
    IMHO carla is the toughest (& def’ fittest) out of the bunch ….
    karen is making an azz out of herself …
    getting her father out ?
    is she kidding?
    does she not know that some of us know the truth about him ?
    she should go over to todt hill & try that & see what happens to her …
    thank god the daughter is in arizona with the father …

  • I like Drita and Big Ang, always have.
    I can’t stand Karen or Ramona, never could.
    Carla meh,the only reason I will stick up for her is because the of the gang up “wanna be gangster clowns stuck in a decade goons” are doing to her, other wise, she is like nothing.
    Renee is working my last nerve, I always liked her, I always felt bad for her, but damn she drains the hell out of me. Also she is a hypocrite, always has been.

    Love is an ass, sorry I know that’s not popular on here. But I will say she can be funny.

    • I 100% agree with you holy. I don’t like the biased editing on this show that jenn graziano is doing. Hell even carla’s ex joe said on twitter that he doesn’t like how carla this unfair editing and is supposedly not talking to jenn G.

  • Love gave me a headache on this show, and if you noticed next week episode, Carla is not threatened by her. What is this woman’s problem? Is that the only story line that she is going to bring to this show?
    P.S. I didn’t think her ex-boyfriend with that goofy outfit was that hot either.

  • Love Drita, Carla & big Ang. Karen & Drita were fine, remember it was Renee who had a problem with Karen and Karen just smirked when Renee nearly got punched by Drita saying I’ve seen Drita fight, Renee better look out. Then Renee admitted Karma bit her for calling Karen a rat after junior was one. Renee has worn my last nerve, she couldn’t throw a punch at Krav Magaw, whatever it is called. Then she runs her mouth like she is tough. Love is just trying to remain on the show and of course Renee has to be mad at Carla, so she wants Love to hate her. Remember Renee’s sister is producer, whatever, so Renee uses her power. If you listen to stupid gossip then you are going to get 20 different stories, Big Ang said it is a load of crap and I know she knows what’s going on. I like Drita because I think she has a big heart and. Dosen’t like weaker people to be picked on, and probably had it happen to her because she is petite. I hope Carla surprises everyone, she is in tremendous shape, and Drita and her have the best bodies, the others are fat and Ramona is just ridiculous, their ” connections” to the mob are either dead or in prison. Besides she got her mouth bloodied when she and Karen jumped Drita and wanted everyone to think a guy did it, no Drita hooked you. Remember when Drita cried at the therapist about the disabled boy having a cheeseburger put on his face by bullies and she fought them. Heart of gold, that one. Also really made me mad when guys would flirt with everyone but Renee and she would yell JUNE-or! Like nails on a chalk board, also hate the way she has treated A.J. And kicking him before rehab, that is so emasculating and creepy, like emotional incest, which means acting and talking inaproiately to your child. Why don’t they unite against the gossip mongers instead of turning against each other, that would be far better.

  • OK long time lurker first time comment and I am probably going to be ripped apart. If it helps I love Teresa and I hate Melissa:)
    I used to live in Staten Island before moving to the midwest. Carla has a REALLY BAD habit of running her mouth about anyone and everyone. When caught she will swear she never said anything. Not cool cause it can get get your head cracked if you know what I mean. I also met Love and that is one crazy b**ch who you would want having your back.
    Look at Drita’s face in the previews for next episode. I took it as she was scared for Carla cause when she tried to warn her about Love Carla blew her off. I also think that Drita wouldn’t step in if they got into it cause Drita knows Love is the one female who could beat her down. Once again just my opinion…

    • Welcome to the site, Stephanie 🙂 I always love reading comments from people who live or have lived in the area and know a little more than us regular viewers. You are right, that Love would probably kick Drita’s a$$. She is one scary woman, that’s for sure!

        • I think so too. I think all of them even poop head Carla have good points. And for the most part they have all been pretty funny this season, which is so much better than all the fighting and drama.

      • I don’t think Love could take Drita by a long shot. For starters, she can’t be a good boxer – no reach! plus she is top-heavy which shortens her reach even more. Drita is fast and athletic, love is kinda flabby. ….I can’t believe I am even discussing two grown ladies sparring….. but if those two had to step into a ring, I would have to put my money on drita.

        • They’re not stepping in a ring and the way it goes down, nobody is going to care for strategy. Lol

          • True that Klown. And honesty I don’t even think Drita would get involved with Love that way, just from what I have seen on the show thus far!

        • Miami, that would be a street fight no ring, no rules and I really doubt Drita would step to Love.

          • Just curious, what are you guys basing that on? Do you have inside information? Because assessing them both physically and on past reputation, I would have to bet on Drita in a fight. Not that I like her more, just if I had to bet money on one of them winning, I’d pick drita.

    • Stephani, you can love and hate whoever you want. Even if it was the other way around, it wouldn’t matter because most of us “try” to be fair and open minded to everyone’s opinion. I will take your word on carla becaus you are from state island.

    • Welcome Stephanie! I enjoy hearing your viewpoint, especially since you lived in the area. Carla probably does talk, but they all seem to somewhat. I just don’t get why they haven’t shown Carla saying stuff about Love if indeed she had been.

    • I live in staten island as well, and I agree with @stephanie. Carla walks around Staten Island like she is some sort of celebrity and is better than everyone else. It is kind of funny and pathetic at the same time because people that live here and know her, know that she isnt anything special. People think that she is classy bc of how pretty she is and how she dresses, but I know beauty comes from within and that bitch is ugly inside! But hey not just her, all of those women think who they are. This whole “lifestyle” is getting old.

  • carla is the best one in it. carla should just stick with big ang and drita. love is just trying to create drama to keep herself in the tv show thats how shes draged it out instead of just phoning carla in episode 1 for a sit down shes talked crap about her for 10 episodes. ramona is annoying aswell any time karen has beef she just climbs out karens butt to get into the argument.

  • I don’t think it’s fair to keep saying why doesn’t Karen take her back home. She has said over & over, her daughter craves a relationship with her father. Every single season besides the first one, Karen has tried to get both Dave & her daughter to move home and they both want to stay in Arizonia. If she makes her money in NY, then let her continue to do so. Her daughter is very well taken care of and clearly Karen is keeping her word by seeing her daughter often and helping financially.

    I do think Dave rather be with Karen, but it seems like for the wrong reasons. She seemed very much into him last season so what happened from then?

    • She was smashing Storm since. I wish I can upload pictures to this site from 2 summers ago of her acting a fool at club Vintich in NY. She acts like a 20yr old groupie when cameras are not rolling. She is strung high on Storm. Fails to mention that he has a kid and lives with his baby momma which puts up for a few Gucci bags.

        • I have no idea where this “studio” partnership comes from because this has been one of his “business” for a while. I guess he is taking her for the exposure. He is also a certified thug from Queens.

          She has been running around with him since shortly after season 1. I am not sure if we are allowed to post twitter handles here but you can see his pictures that should date back to 2 seasons ago with her. He was acting like the interested groupie and even hosted her bday party at Amnesia. Unless the pictures have been taken down so their storyline is not “off-track’ with the timeline. I don’t think he predicted she would dig him this much to put him on the show.

          Safe to say that she got goons on payroll through him but those are little wings to grow for her. His thugging in no way compares to organized crime, as she knows it. She better not think that Storm and his “crew” as invinsible. LOL! OR well connected. They are hood cats with a little cash.

  • Yeah, its hard to take Love seriously about Carla. Hasn’t she learned a thing or two by now in life about gossip, how old is she? I am so sick of Carla taking a sit down, I am sure she is too!

    As for Ramona talking to Rebecca, I don’t get it, it shouldn’t have happened. But I give her major props on getting Dave to reveal he really wants to be with Karen. I don’t care for Ramona as the fighter, but I do like her interogation skills! It’s not easy getting a guy to reveal their feelings. And she came down hard on Karen about her guilt with her Dad, but she was right.

    Totally agree with everyone that I like the show when they focus on love, family and work.

    • He never said that he really wants to be with Karen. He said that sometimes we think we want to be with someone then come to terms that they are not meant to be. He said he loves her, as he should, they have a child together. He didn’t say he was “in love” with her. Funny cause Ramona was putting words in his mouth and when she didn’t get the answer she wanted she did the reverse psychology “you have feelings but you’re not in love”. WTF are “feelings”? Then again, this is coming from the same numbnut that is having a wedding by herself to her incarcerated fiancee.

      • You’re right, we only saw maybe 3 minutes and it was very edited. Guess we’ll see if Dave and her get back together.

        • Maru remember last season? And even at reunion, they seemed fine didn’t they ( getting back together)? I do remember he was not so sure about moving back there, and I wondered if it so he stayed out of trouble. He is form that area also.

  • This episode was pathetic and fabricated. Karen swears that she is a notorious mobster trying to intimidate Rebecca. Rebecca did nothing wrong. And for a mother that choses to be thousands of miles away from her kid so she can be getting drunk and filming a show in NYC, she should be thankful that another woman is doing what you are not there for. STFU with the tough talk. That’s all you are, TALK.

    Ramona needs to mind er business and stop acting like the HS bully that she is. Ridiculous to claim that Rebecca would be chopped up in pieces if she had an accident with Karina in the car. ROTFLMAO! That was laughable to say that Sammy the bull would come out and handle her. YEAH MEATHEAD! Isn’t this the same rat that is locked up and looking to appeal for excessive sentencing? Brilliant to say on national TV that he will come out and kill someone. There goes his chance. NICE!!

    I had to laugh at Ramona’s imaginary army. THEY DON’T HAVE MAFIA PROTECTION! On the contrary! They are considered bottom of the barrel, that’s why they are on our TV screen talking smack. Delusional.

    They are all ridiculous and pinned to a “lifestyle” that no longer exists for any of them. Grow up.

    • We should start counting how many times Karen says “lifestyle”. She is so annoying with her tough talk and needs to grow up already and focus on being a mother.

          • haha I agree!! This show has become a serious joke to me. I mean honestly this whole wedding with Ramona? She has nothing to bring to the show so they are making this whole story line of her getting married! I think it’s hilarious. Karen attempting to get her father out of prison, I doubt she will uncover a way to help him. I think the only good thing on this show is Drita. Her new life with Lee back home. Carla is so boring and Love is just blehhh.

    • Speaking of high school, can you imagine the two “cousins” back in the day. I bet they were huge bullies!

      I heard somewhere that Karen and Ramona jumped some poor girl – two on one. Not nice, if it is true!

  • There is alot of history with mostly all of the people within this group, to include Dave, hence why Ramona feels that she is close enough to them to talk to him or anything regarding Karina. As for Karen not having her daughter live with her, I think last year Karina said she was hesitant because her ‘life”, where she has grown up , went to school, made relationships, is in Arizona. Karen was trying to let her decide what she wanted to do without uprooting her to New York. Karina was raised( *Dave was in jail most of her life) mostly by Karen and Karen’s mother, until she went to NY to do the show and write her book, so Im not knocking her as a Mother.
    Someone will always have an issue with Carla, because all of her gossiping , snide comments, and everything she repeats that she “hears on the streets” is catching up to her. Don’t you think if it were all lies, at least Drita would have defended her long ago?
    She is known to say things about Love, because I believe Love dated Carla’s handyman before she did! Other then that, I have been having a lot of laughs the last 2 weeks and the episodes are better.

    • Also months ago Carla and her handy man had a bit of a twitter war with Love calling her terrible and disgusting names before she was on the show. So Carla saying she has no problem with this Love girl is bull! She is just saying that on camera so people would feel sorry for her and think Love is just out of her mind. OWN UP to your actions!

      • You do know this show was filmed back in the Summer and Fall. The twitter fight could have easily stem from what you are watching now. Just saying…

        • @klown no its not, it was way before Love was even mentioned being on the show. All I am saying is that she shouldnt act clueless as to why Love doesnt like her or has a problem with her. She knows damn well why.

        • I just want to say that I am not a huge Love fan either, but everyone should just own up to what they say and do. That’s all I am getting at. Hate when people act like phoneys

        • Thats the thing Klown- Carla says ALOT on twitter, then is infamous for deleting once someone sees her message, LOL. She also put out very vile tweets about Love having an abortion, when she had a car accident and lost the baby! She is cray cray on twitter! She has called gay people nasty names, she has talked shit about white women hooking up with black men ( Karen/Dave) and some others! IMO, Carla is a vicious troublemaker and talks way too much.

          • Oh wow, I have missed all that Twitter stuff, too bad a blog doesn’t put it all together. But whoa, that is some vicious stuff for Carla to say!

          • LOL! She deletes anyway Maru !!! Sure there are some with screen shots, but I am not digging up, and getting links, LMAO 🙂

          • A fan said something about white/ Italian women with black men… Carla responded “wow!” And some twitter trouble maker mcmouthy started spreading rumors that Carla was making derogatory comments. I watched all unfold, Carla never made a derogatory comment. I did see the abortion comment, don’t know if it’s true? But, just like when Renee was bashing her so was this Love character 😉 so she gave it back. Love has made nasty nasty nasty comments, threatened to post compromising photos… Then apparently shared them with a so called “blogger” that posted them. She aligns herself with the nastiest people on twitter to bash Carla. I don’t blame Carla one bit for lashing back.

          • @KathyR I can agree with lashing back but making fun about not being able to bare children is a no no. That hits home for way too many women out there and it is just plain wrong! I’ve seen a lot of nasty comments between both the two women, but Carla knows how to push you to a point where you want to go nuts. Love shouldn’t be putting her hands on anyone, but Carla is definitely no angel.

          • @ Kathy , what you are speaking about, is very recent- this crap with Carla goes back for quite some time. She is known for “hitting and running” on twitter, then deleting. She made racist comments to /about Dave last season or season before, a few bloggers did story on it with pics of the tweet! She bashed a young gay man, there are screen shots of that also ( Mike Granata) Of course the trash Carla aligns herself with started a bully war about the young man… her clique is a bunch of women in their 40’s and up trashing other people, her RT’ing the bullying and agreeing with it.. Its gross.

    • Karen left her daughter in AZ & decided to do her in NY. She wouldn’t have been the first mother to relocate and her child would have to adjust to a new state. She wouldn’t be as loose in NY if she had her daughter. She should be thankful that Rebecca is filling in. Been there done that. It is not fun to take care of someone else’s kid (plus your own) while their mother is doing them.

      • I think you are somewhat right- she decided to do her for a reason, for a future for her financially and her daughter’s future. I don’t think she wanted to bring her right away for a few reasons and that is her choice. I can kind of imagine why; all the backlash she received for doing her book, her filming the show and promoting those things also. If I were Karen, I would be hesitant to bring her along . And she is still a mother to Karina so she does have a right to know who is around her daughter and what type of person they are. Im thinking the girlfriend knew , or had to know as a mother herself, what she was getting into being with Dave. Whats funny about this, is that Fathers do this all the time, and no one questions them, so why is it so different that Karen is the one who moved and is trying to get herself situated for a future?

        • Very good point Michers about two standards, one for men moving to start a new career, versus a woman.

        • Fathers do do this all the time, so that makes it ok? I don’t think so. I am mother of three, two that are biologically mine another from a mother that took off across country to ‘do her’ and honestly I find that disgusting. Having carried the two I brought in this world I could not even begin to imagine leaving them to ‘do me’! It’s awful emotionally for the child that is left behind.
          It’s all good though because my bonus son is loved and I wouldn’t want him to be there with the selfish ‘B’ anyway.

          • No. Who said its ok?????? But it is a double standard. And not everyone’s life is the same. Obviously your situation is not the same as what we are seeing on a television show.

        • Sweetheart, Karen is about nothing. All talk and bullshit. ALL she had was that book to offer and her delusional role in this scripted bs. She should lay off popping Molly’s. I’m sure she won’t own up to that on the screen. Fake bitch.

          • Anything can be twisted to suit your opinion of someone you do not like! I see it on every show people get their panties in a bunch about on here 🙂 IDK if Karen or any others pop molly’s and what not, so Im not basing my opinions on things other then what I know , see, hear..So I guess they are all fake then, LOL?

  • Renee is such a drama queen week in and week out. She needs to chill out.

    This Love character is annoying as hell. All she talks about is stabbing people…it is sooooo unattractive for a woman to speak like that. And can someone please tell me, how can she have a problem with Carla if the two of them have never met?!?

  • Isn’t Love’s main issue with Carla is that she claims she’s “heard” that Carla has been talking about her. Other than constantly repeating how many people she’s assaulted/stabbed all she talks about is Carla.

    Other than Carla saying I heard this Love has a problem with me I don’t think she’s said one word about her. Of course Carla doesn’t want to fight. What grown woman in her right mind wants to constantly go around putting hands on people?

    This show is interesting without all the fighting.

    • Carla seemed like she did not mind fighting Renee in season 1, and this season before she went to rehab. She looked like a loving grown lady at that lunch, not…

      • But in reality, she didn’t put her hands on anyone at that lunch. They love to exaggerate.

        • I know, but , Carla was definetly no better than anyone else 🙂 She did on season 1 though.

          • They all did in season #1. Everyone on that episode ended up swinging. I gotta admit, I loved the part when Drita took of her heels. That was classic!

          • Oh, I remember that pushing/hair pulling incident on Season 1. Does that even qualify as a fight?

      • Agreed,Carla did fight in Season 1, they all did. She responded to Renee screaming in her face.

        But this season everyone except Love seems to want to avoid fighting(physically).

        • Im not sure where my original comment went Panda, sorry!
          I think Love is the ONLY one on the show who would not care or think twice to bring a beat down and I think screaming in faces may have been a requirement, LOL( kidding)

      • Love big Ang but she should’ve set it straight the night @ the Botox party when Renee straight lied about what Carla said.

  • I’m sorry but this season is not interesting to me. I thought love was gonna bring something to the show but apparentlt not. For the past like 10 episodes she brags about stabbing people and carla. For god’s sake have a sit down down with her or the STFU seriously! Like big ang said. Regardless of what carla did supposedly who really cares. Everybody makes mistakes and I’m sure renee, karen, ramona , and love aren’t perfect either. The bullshit I’ve been seeing on twitter with this show is ridiculous and makes me SMH

    • Meh, I can’t really get into it either. I watch it for a bit and keep switching to something else.

      • I wouldn’t go either. Who wants to have a sit down with someone who can’t seem to tolerate a difference of opinion? someone obviously looking for a reason to get violent. I respect the fact that Carla doesn’t want to get in a physical altercation on TV. Who wants to see two 40-something broads scrapping? Yuck.

        Also, notice how she chose Carla to pick on. Not Drita, of course, she would get beat badly (Drita would kill her). She didn’t pick on Karen cause Karen had the balls to square up with Drita, so Love knows Karen won’t back down regardless. And Renee is Jenn’s sister… so she picks on the non-fighter, Carla.

        I can’t stand it when ‘tough girls’ only seem to have problems with whoever is weakest.

  • Karen is so annoying. She effectively abandoned her daughter so she should get off her controlling high horse.

  • This Love character is just always nagging on Carla…Kind of reminds me of Ramona last season with Drita…I think Love is trying to secure a spot but i am tired of hearing how many people she stabbed and how tough she is.

      • Don’t doubt for one second that she is really that crazy. She is. They should have her as a guest on RHONJ and drop dime on Melissa. She knows her well, btw.