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PHOTOS: Lisa Vanderpump Flaunts Her HOT Bod!

WOW! Ken is a lucky man! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump, 52, was spotted rehearsing for Dancing with the Stars in a leotard and tights and was looking mighty fierce!

Lisa attempted to cover her talked about booty but there is no denying that Lisa looks absolutely fabulous! Go, Lisa!

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  • Lisa looks normal by BH standards (or probaly below average since the zipcode is so vain and most live under the knife) she is not 80 for god sake! My mother is 60 and looks better. She is in great shape by average but looks older than 52. I am sorry that is ONLY 9 years older than lets say JLO. I understand 90% of people are not this well-kept.

    Ken is a lucky man but from their conversations on the show doesn’t sound like he uses the merchadise more than twice a year. LOL! Is it me or is she constantly brushing him off? SMH

    • What are you? 10? You can’t be much older if you think Lisa looks 62, at best no less. She looks fab for 52.

      • Sorry to chime but I have to agree with Daisy. I know a lot of women in their 50’s and some are washed yet a lot look way younger than this. Here body looks younger than her face. Even in the ent. industry there are many lwomen who look younger at this age look at Demi Moore, she is 50. Halle Berry is up there also.

    • No you didn’t Socal, LOL.. I will always cherish that flick! What kind of tarnished it for me was not Pumpy, by Abbie lee Miller from Dance Moms! Have you seen the commercial with them doing Flashdance?Haha- Abbie even sat in the chair, but the water went on the moms!

      • OMG! I loved the movie also. I saw Abby Lee in that commercial; she wishes she looked like a dancer. I do watch Dance Moms; I don’t know who is crazier, the moms or Abby.

        • Socal, I watch it too, LOL!! Sometimes I think Christie is making sense, then I wanna smack her.. I think Holly is just too good for this mess, and Melissa is silly- she is not bad, but sometimes dumb things happen with her mouth? IDK.. Jill is cray cray, but its hysterical to watch! Kelly is alright- she has been with Abby since she was a child, she is NEVER leaving 🙂

  • Lisa was all I’m gonna be on TV half naked and got in shape to get in shape for the show. lol She looks fantastic though. I still say she’s the best looking out of all of them and most natural. I actually know who does work on her, and she hasn’t gone under the knife, so I commend her on that. 🙂

  • WOW! I knew she looked great, especially for her age, and that her body was in shape. But DAMN! I’m 30 and she has hotter bod than me! Lisa will shut it down!

  • Lisa was never falling apart..watched the practice for DTWS what a bod!

    As much as I dislike her ugly behavior, I will always support and praise her for the things that make her happy!

    She is a beauty 🙂

  • Proud of my fellow Brit for being a top star on HWs for being the first HW on DWTS so proud amazing figure for her age 😀

  • WOW! I was not expecting that! She looks great. Some of the outfits on the show definitely have a tendency to make her look a little larger than she actually is.

  • Lisa looks AHMAZIING!!!!! Can’t wait till I’m her age. My body may have a chance after all!!! 😀

  • It has to be in her gene’s.In my family all the females have the Pribble chair.Great Great Grandma did us no favors handing that down.The niciest thing you can say about some of the butts in our family is we made good breeders.

    • @ Miss Etta!! What in the world is a Pribble chair?? Never heard that one. I was always called *Bubble Butt* in high schoool. I was skinny but I had a butt. My huba still calls me that every so often. I have a black girlfriend and she tells me, *Honey, You got a sisters booty!* And I feel complimented! LOL. I think one one of my favorite tunes is Sir Mix-A-Lot’s *I like Big Butts* and I cannot lie. No idea what’s in my gene pool or what my great great grans wa. Maybe there is some black back there.

      • My great great Grandma Pribble had a big ass.And after you have your first child in my family the butt tends to stay big.Except for my youngest daughter but she worked her way through school as a personal trainer.

        • Well that explains it Miss Etta!! LOL!! Well I happen to like big butts. I think they are sexy especially with an hour glass (no pear shapes looks too swift with a big booty)figure where the shoulders are nice and broad (like Yolanda) and are in proportion with a nice ass. Yoyo has the nice booty thing going on too. Yes my butt got bigger too after each baby. Thank goodness I am married to a butt and shoulders man. He loves sexy shoulders. Good thing too as I just found out I have breast CA so I probably won’t have any boobies soon. Not sure yet. Just found out, you are the first person I have told as I don’t want to freak out my family. I will know more a week from tomorrow. I am okay with loosing my boobies. Just so I can keep my life. Gosh it feels good to get it out there!! Thanks for listening!!

  • holy crap. i’m so jealous. i’m younger than her and her body is so much better than mine. i’m going on a diet right now!! after i finish eating this donut.

    • LOL. You’re funny! 🙂 Makes me wanna stop eating my mozzarella cheese sticks with marinara sauce and ranch, but I just can’t resist. Now you make me wanna go eat a doughnut. Lol.

    • LOL.

      Lisa has one of the best bodies of all the Bravo HW, not too skinny, curvy where it needs to be, and for her age, she looks amazing.

    • LOL – you sound like my friend who watches her exercise video while sitting on the couch. I agree with Lexy though. Lisa does have the perfect balanced body. Doesn’t look like a skeleton yet appears to not have an ounce of actual fat but still has nice curves just where you’d want them.

  • Lisa looks amazing and has a great body. Let’s hope she doesn’t have two left feet. I wish her well and will be rooting and voting for her. x

    • Agree! Lisa has an amazing body, and I will definitely vote whenever I watch the show.

      • It’s the sun and bad lighting. After all, there’s paparazzi talking pictures of her. They just took a bad shot. She doesn’t look jacked up. Lisa looks beautiful. I mean, she’s 52, and has an amazing body! Her face still looks fresh & beautiful.

        Give her a break. 🙂 How many 52 year olds look this good & in amazing shape?

          • She is slim, I’ll give you that. Still, I’d be mortified to be Pandora. It’s like, Mom, stop! Trying to be a bitchy 20-something w/ Vanderpump Rules now wearing a leotard on national TV. Yikes! Her pretty pretty princess act tires me.