Lilly Ghalichi Shahs Of Sunset

Before And After: Shahs Of Sunset Star Lilly Ghalichi!

Ever wonder how persian barbie Lilly Ghalichi looked before all the glamorous makeup and hair? Well we have a before and after photo of the Shahs of Sunset star and it doesn’t look like she was always so barbie-like! Check out Lilly before and after below!

Hot or not? Does Lilly look a lot different now?

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  • Wow! There’s a lot of judgement going on here. A lot of people seem to forget that even though this is called a “Reality” show, there is not a whole lot that is real about it. It is created to a set formula, the ‘actors’ are chosen for their larger than life personas, because this is what makes them interesting in TV, and the ‘scenes’ are staged to a certain extent. Yes they are real people but they are in a highly co-ordinated production environment.
    I really kind of like Lilly. Yes, she has had surgery and yes she wears a lot of makeup and hair etc., but that’s what I watch for. That and that I find the show hilarious. I love to see her glamour, as I love to see the other cast member’s glamour, and you have to admit, they are pretty funny.
    I think there is a certain vulnerability to Lilly that is endearing.
    Maybe we need to watch these shows like we do big action adventure movies. We have to take a step back from reality (how ironic) and just enjoy the experience.
    Personally I think Lilly is gorgeous both before and after, maybe she is just a different kind of gorgeous now. I give her kudos, passing the bar is not easy and requires a lot of hard work.

  • She looked much more beautiful and natural before. Now she doesn’t look like a human being and I don’t doubt her boyfriend didn’t want to marry her. Who wants to be married to a mannequin? I think someone that changes their appearance so radically has underlying mental problems.

  • She’s the only gorgeous woman on the show. Can’t stand that ugly one who says she doesn’t like ugly people. Obviously that chichuachua doesn’t look in the mirror.

  • I actually prefer her older pic. She looks so fake now and too much like Kim WhoreTrashian. Lily was attractive before…plastic now.

  • I don’t think she’s had plastic surgery to her face. She looks like she lost a little bit of weight and wears a pound of contouring make-up. She looks the same. I actually expected her to look bad for some reason, she’s still a gorgeous girl without all the fluff.

  • I actually thought she was kind of funny and reacted to the shahs the same way most people would thrown into that kind of situation! Yes she had it out for MJ but let’s be honest MJ did attack first. And she did not have a previous friendship with her the way that greasy asswipe Reza did! She reacted to MJ the way anybody else would! And yes she may have looked like she had a stick up her ass but who wouldn’t within the vicinity of these classless ass clowns! Ask yourself these questions and be honest with your answer.

  • Lilly should have spent the money wasted on unnecessary plastic surgery on a vocal coach. I doubt that I was the only one who called her a Persian Fran Drescher.

  • She’s had some work done no doubt about it, and now we see why she’s so shallow now. She must’ve been an insecure mess growing up, and now she thinks looking like that is better. Her jaw looks completely different too besides the obvious nose job.

    She should just admit to all of it b/c that’s more than a boob and nose job honey. She’s had her face contoured surgically, and if she was always as skinny as she says she is now, her face wouldn’t have changed that drastically.

    IMHO the best looking one is Mercedes anyways. Look at her when they show her with very little makeup on, and she is truly a beautiful woman and allegedly the oldest. Reza is so full of crap and jealous because he certainly doesn’t look as hot as he did growing up anymore.

    • Hw mj has lost a lot of weight but she looks super healthy and happy. I am so happy for her. Lilly is insecure and i dont think she was ever that skinny. It just doesnt look natural or healthy to me at all

  • I dont really care what she wants to look like. I just think her personality stinks. Shes a smart woman yet she acts SO DUMB. The way she was attacking MJ i had to sit back and think…uhmmm…didnt you just meet her? If these people were so worried and wanted to help out MJ they certainly did it in the nastiest way possible. Just calling her out on national television. I by far hated Reza this season. The nasty things he was saying to mj, “I may call my mom a bitch and a ho but YOUR MOM is a BITCH AND A HO!” I’m sorry but in middle eastern culture, i’m sure vida has been an aunt to him, you don’t say that to family. He’s known these people for 20 years of his life. Reza is a punk asshole who keeps torturing MJ, “You’re mom doesnt love you!” who says that to a friend? Help her out! Be there for her! Reza uses his hurt to make sure MJ is hurt too. He’s disgusting and vile. He should be ashamed of himself for his behavior and i’m sure he’s lost a lot of his fans this season. Lilly…is just…ugh. She has no self esteem because i’m sure she got picked on a lot for her nose, thus the plastic surgery. Also she was dating the same dude for 10 yrs and he never put a ring on it. That must suck. And you stuck around with him also? I feel bad for you honey.

    • Oh he was absolutely hateful and so ugly. What a jerk wad. I can’t stand him anymore. The sad thinf is, he could just say og MJ. I am sorry. I was just haveing such a shitty day. My life is so hard. Blah blah blah. All about him as usual and MJ would say okay and accept him back with open arms. Boy not me. I am so over him. After this awful reunion (Which I couldnt even watch it all) I won’t be watching this show if it is renewed. It’s worse than Jersey.

      • Omg sandy i know! I couldnt even watch part two because of the comment he made about vida. It just hurt me how they attacked MJ. and this punk ass is going to be on wwhl i think tuesday?! Why??? Shahs is over. He doesnt deserve to be on the show. Ive had enough of him. Hes just the type of person that if you dont kiss his ass he will not only de-friend you but spill all your secrets, and make fun of you. MJ has done a lot for reza. I hope mj wakes up and realizes reza hasnt done shit for MJ. i hope she never forgives him!

    • I was seriously confused at the reunion. One minute he was telling her all this and the next “she is family and I love her”. Lost.

  • O.K. Here’s the link. After a 2nd look at the pic, her nose is not as huge, as I remember, but it is definitely a different nose from the 1st old pic on here and the 2nd pic with the way her nose looks today.

    Facially, she also looks like she might have had cheek implants and lip fillers/enlargers/implants (SOMETHING because her lips were way thinner).

    Scroll down for the pic of her in a wedding dress. She does not even look like the SAME person:

    • I don’t know why it did not turn into a hyperlink. If you want a look-see yourself, just put it in your address bar.

      • thanks Lola I always go look at these links all of you post. I have gotten to find some I really like that way. No idea how you guys all find them!! I am so clueless. And I don’t know how to do it without backing all the way out and typing in search and all that. Lame-o computer skills -none.

  • I actually saw an older pic of Lily trying on a wedding dress, and her nose was HUGE. It was much bigger than the one shown in the older pic on here. She did not even look like the SAME person.

    I think that she has had more than 1 nose job, and the 1st pic on here is after at least 1 of them.

    I’m going to see if I can try to find that old pic of Lily in that wedding dress (with what I believe is her ORIGINAL nose) and link it.

  • She’s had a nose and chin implant. Her chin was square before and it’s round after. She obviously is not ‘naturally thin’ like she claims, she looks of a normal weight before. If she were naturally thin she would have always been that small. Now she just looks plastic.

    • Iranian is a nationality. Persian is an ethnicity. About 2/3rds of Iranians are Persan, but there are also Arabs, Kurds, Baluchs and others.

  • Hmmm.. pretty bit change regardless who you think she is “better looking” before or after.
    Wonder if this is reason why her BF wouldn’t commit.
    He probably fell in love with the original. Also not forgetting what his mate said to here, re swimsuit business.
    Although I do not agree with the latter.
    Everyone should have the opportunity to do what makes them happy.

  • Lilly looks like a Persion blow-up doll now. I don’t think she’s pretty or hot now in anyway. I find it interesting that someone that’s always proclaiming their own fabulousness and touting how attractive they are, is swimming in self-hate. She literally reconstructed her entire body. And she has an ugly personality to boot. Sad.

    Her sister is gorgeous, though.

      • How awesome of her to write that post. I do agree that her overactive immune system is due to the implants. Implants are seen as foreign by the body.

        I think Lilly would be just as beautiful — more so, actually — if she totally removed them and just had the surgeon tighten the loose skin.

        And her before photo is quite gorgeous.

      • Yes, kudos to Lilly for her honest and eye opening blog to the perils of silicon. I feel badly for her and hope that she will be able to have her health back to 100%. It’d be great if they would touch on this in Season 3 of Shahs.

          • OMG…Michers I had to turn it off. It was so uncomfortable and actually heart breaking to watch them annhiliate MJ. They should be supportive if she is in trouble. I wouldn’t be friends with any of them again ever. That was just unexcusable what Reza said and did to her and on national tv. F—-ing asswipe. I can’t stand him. I have never talked that badly about an enemy let alone an old friend. One who has helped him through a lot of pain and issurs he had. The man (?) is a nut case.

          • Sandy, I could not believe how Reza started to change once he started to hang around Lil. He became such a stereotypical jerk off with his behavior with the show getting to his head. And if they were issues MJ really had before the show started, why as a great group of friends supposedly for years, did he & others wait until after a second season on tv to address that with her, and in that way? I smell BS somewhere. Very unnecessary.

      • That post was very well done. She shows some real compassion and I liked this blog of hers. Thanks for shareing this Rach!

  • WOWWW I hate to admit it myself as I don’t and certainly am not a hater…but Lily is really unattractive before and after. Maybe because I really didn’t appreciate her character during the season and how she strategicly maneuverd herself in between MJ’s and Reza’s friendship.

    But what is more unattractive is not being true to who you really are. I mean come on going to these lengths to camouflage her entire face reeks ISSUES big time.

    You can doll yourself up no problem, but in all honesty this is too drastic. Even A list celebs don’t use round the clock glam squads all the time! You see them going about their business on the streets of LA looking like regular people and sometimes dishevelled because that is NORMAL.

    She looks nothing like herself! Atleast Asa, GG and MJ look normal and not over the top like Lily does.

    Most definitely not hot. Lily..oops I mean Neelufar you don’t need to go to these lengths to look attractive.
    She has body image issues.

    • Totally disagree, I thought she was a good addition to the show and I would like GG to leave if anyone. Alot of the these types of shows are fake, so she may not always have a glam squad at her beck and call all the time. She has definately had a nose job and as you saw on one of the episodes, works out with a personal trainer, so she does look after herself. I don’t think she came between MJ and Reza, they have their own issues but it seems like they bring the others into it, but in the end settle the issues themselves. I like this show, but I couldn’t stand the GG psycho scenes this season, again, I would like her to be replaced in the show. There are plenty of other Iranian girls in LA that could replace her.

      • I dont think mj brought others into it, if anything jt was reza who out of spite was trying to piss off MJ. he talked so much shit about asa last year but now he’s “bff” with her. And he’s only friends with Lilly for only her vanity. And her money. P.S. Lilly stated she DOESNT work out via her twitter and fb. She said when she does work out she looks better but she doesnt. So i dont know why they are trying to make us believe she does. Either way i dont care i just dont like her personality

      • She does have a glam squad on tap all the time. Every single day as a matter of fact. I started following her on Instagram because I was interested in her eyelash line. She literally posts millions of photos of herself everyday getting “glammed” up by her make-up artist/hair stylist.

    • She probably does have some bad self esteem. She looks plastic to me, not real. What made me dislike her is the way she fell in with Reza and Asa at the reunion just smirking and agreeing with Reza. Her and Asa both were so hideous to MJ. I had to change the channel during Part 1. It was so dark and so disturbing. Asa is a no talent self centered spoiled brat. She tries way to hard to look like the Persian hippie and then Lilly. Lilly reminds me of a manequin. She is young yet so hopefully she sees a good therapost and works on her self esteem issues.

  • I think she is beautiful in both pics but she is really young looking in the before. Yes she’s had work but as a lot of women get older they learn how to look and feel their best with makeup, having their hair done and dressing better. For me its been a fun evolution and I definitely look way different than when I was awkward at an all girls high school. I don’t understaned what the problem is if she feels good with her new look.

    • I agree with you Portishead! As far as MJ…she needs to stop drinking and drugging. She always looks bloated.

    • I prefer the before pic – she looks pretty and her skin is amazing. The big fake boobs is what annoys me the most, I guess I don’t see the point.

      Also, not for nothing, but i love Portishead. One of my favorite musical groups!

    • Obviously her new look is to mask her insecurities. We still see them and hear them. She is vain and talks about everyone else that is not 75 pounds as if they are beneath her. Bone head she is.

  • Her before pic is not bad at all! I think if she toned down the HEAVY make up and the extensions she can look really good. I personally don’t like too much makeup and unnecessary hair extensions. I think make up should enhance your beauty, not turn you into someone else.

    • Anahit ITA her hair extensions are over the top ridiculous she’d looked much better and more natural without all that crap. Less is more. My husband laughs at her every time if sees her he said god help the guy tin wakes ur next to her the next morn without make up i think she’d sleep with it. She wasn’t bad looking before her face looks chubby i wonder if she’s also had body sculptoring

  • I don’t understand people who can not love themselves for who they are. She just looks unnatural to me …. very fake!

    • I know MJ was no saint, but after the way Lilli appeared to be so judgmental of MJ based on looks, then seeing this pic, I was OMG-ing about her immaturity to her based on looks!

      • It’s funny how these people have plastic surgery and then unnecessarily stand in judgement of others features. They seem to forget that they may have remade themselves but just wait until they have children and their DNA takes center stage!

        • I know! I wonder if that is why MJ had a problem with her initially when she first met her? Knowing her ” before” looks, could not say anything on show? Childish in any case.

        • I think it’s because they have had plastic surgery that they feel justified in their judgements. I guess they think that they fixed their flaws now everybody else should.?

        • FOR REAL! Also, do they forget that people remember them from before? There are pictures too. LOL! Idiots. I dislike it when I see someone with obvious plastic surgery and they want to act brand new (well makes sense) and lie that they were always like that. No b*tch!

      • Even her name is FAKE! Her real name is Neelufar Seyed. How did she get Lilly Ghalichi from that??! LOL FAKE FAKE FAKE!

        You don’t even have to see her before pics! It is obvious that she’s had so much work done and the pounds of make-up, yet she reeks insecurity.
        She swears she is hot yet can’t find a man.

        Isn’t she getting sued by the real “Persian Barbie”?

        I think she also lied about being a lawyer. Doesn’t she claim to be in her 20’s? SO when exactly did she go to law school and practice law? In her dreams?

        Funny that she swears she is super wealthy. GG is actually 5 times wealthier than Lilly and doesn’t act this full of it.

        • It depends on her age. She could easily be in her 20’s and graduate law school since the average age is 24-25 years old. She did attend Loyola Marymount Law School. She graduated in 2008 so she could be 29 going on 30 or 29. I don’t know where she is admitted but that is easy to verify if she has passed the bar, since it is a public record.

        • Neelufar means Lilly if you translate it to English. But I have no idea where she got galichi from. Maybe it’s like a middle name or something

    • DebV & Michers, I agree with the both of you! She irks me. Especially that voice of hers, and Lilly swears she’s the hottest thing on the planet when she’s not even as hot and interesting as boiling water. Even boiling water has it’s purposes.

      That’s why I couldn’t watch every episode. I only watched some, but I just got annoyed with Lilly, the bushy mustache guy, & Asa!

      Omg, what is his name? I can’t believe I forgot! The dude that thinks he’s so hot, wears a lot of brands, and looks like a rapist? Sorry, but that’s that I see.

      • U mean Reza? Mike is cute though 🙂
        Underneath ALLLLLLL Lilly’s hair, what is there? I think personally she lacks a few things that are considered good qualities.

        • Yes!!! Thank you for reminding me! I was thinking ‘what the hell is his name?’ Idk… I just forgot. LOL. My friend’s friend’s name is Reza, but he’s not even Muslim. Didn’t Reza say that the name ‘REZA’ came from a Muslim an Islamic prophet?

          I think Lilly can look pretty if she would stop messing with her face and body, and get ridmofnthat RIDICULOUS hair. She already has a lot of hair in her before picture. I looove makeup, and wear full makeup once in a while, BUT AT NIGHT. Huge difference! When I’m celebrating something, or going to a fancy dinner with my bf, that’s when you get all dolled up! How does she stand doing this on a daily basis?? All that makeup is so tough on the skin.

          Lilly, you pack on twice the makeup as KIM KARDASHIAN! Please stop. :]

          • Yesw, the name Reza is muslim. Your friend may not be but he has a very common muslin name.

  • She’s not really hot before, but I prefer her look before because she’s more natural. It’s like… This woman doesn’t want to look like herself, so she has all this surgery and 10 lbs of makeup to hide her natural looks.

    I think her sister is gorgeous! Now she is BEAUTIFUL! 🙂

        • I actually think that she had looked cute(meaning you won’t give her a second look but good personality might make up for that.) She looks slightly better now but in a fake way. She is so damn skinny and not in a natural way. Did she have some ribs removed?

          • I read she got 1 rib removed. That’s why her body is way smaller than her head. Someone posted up a link a long time ago, and it showed all the stuff she had done to her face and body. Mind you, the list was quite long! Don’t know if it was all true, but looks like it. She’s only in her 20’s… Why destroy your whole putter appearance. I just don’t get why people do this to themselves.

          • cause she doesn’t have much on the inside. This chick is shallow, vain and super insecure. Too bad all that plastic, weave, fake lashes, dentures, implants can make her happy. These fake broads expect to find a real man when they are manufactured themselves. I dont get it.

            She was phony on the show and too full of herself. Don’t like her she is pathetic.

  • Interesting how they kept showing her in the preview talking about how she hadn’t had a nose job.

    But hey, people can do what they want to their bodies. She is definitely very photogenic now.

    • @myblackfriendsays she contours her face with makeup so that can help make your nose look better or as if you had surgery..

    • She def had a nose job her lips done and her bombs done when i was younger i used to be a beauty therapist a e make ur artist that’s not contouring dear. Shes totally fake however very pretty and if i had her money id do a couple me things myself but please don’t say she’s had nothing done

    • Its obviously she had a nose job. When you look closely you can see a line going across their nose. This happebed to one of my girlfriends. Kris jenner is the same way. You can see it in some of the episodes but mostly pictures too. I think it doesnt look very good when that happens, not a very good nose job. That line should never be visible

    • I can not take her lace front wig…evnthough she denies wearing one and says that she only has extentions. Girl, that hairline is too perfect in the front…that’s a lace front. a bad one at that…nickish not beyonceish.

      • She actually stated in a video tutorial recently that she had her baby hairs lasered and showed us a close up and deff no wig there, she wears short wigs for fun but her full head of hair look is extensions, no wigs.

    • She may not have had a nose job she lost a ton of weight. So did I and make my nose thinner and more refined looking

    • She may not have had a noise job she lost alot of weight and so did I, it changes your noise making it look thinner and more refined. She is obviously significantly thinner now so is her nose. She had no bump before it was nice n straight just rounder bc of more facial fat, which also alot is list as you age ie 16 vs 29

      • Oh she did have one. By bad but good for her, who cares but she should have owned it. I think body modification like tattoos and piercings have become so acceptable and ‘normal’ plastic surgery at it’s very least is body modification, often having positiveeffects on patients self esteem. (note drs do n should make sure patients are mentally stable)