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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: SPOILER: What Caused Tamra Barney And Gretchen Rossi’s Relationship To Change On RHOC?

AllAboutTRH had the opportunity to interview Tamra Barney a few weeks ago and when we asked Tamra about her new BFF Gretchen Rossi. She had an interesting response questioning her friendship with Gretch saying,

“Yes, it’s grown. We continue. We definitely have some hiccups with some things I’ve seen in her that were issues that I had in the very beginning with her. It made me open my eyes and question, ‘is this really what I want in a friend?’ I’m not saying we’re enemies by any means. I still talk to her, but some things definitely come to light.”

So what went down during season 8 filming? AllAboutTRH has the EXCLUSIVE details and is the first to tell you what caused the friendship to change! An insider close to the cast tells us, “It started when Alexis Bellino was invited to an event by Tamra. Gretchen was upset that Tamra would invite Alexis when Gretchen is no longer friends with her. Gretchen contacted Tamra off cameras about this and Tamra denied inviting her blaming it on the producers!”

The insider continues, “When cameras were rolling, Tamra would say a total different story. Turns out it was Tamra who invited Alexis and she was lying to Gretchen about it. Tamra did take responsibility for it but things became a little different between them.”

The insider adds, “The two are currently not on speaking terms and Gretchen is really upset that Tamra blasted her when she thought they moved forward. Things are going to be heated at the reunion with these two!”

RHOC premieres April 1st! Are you surprised the friendship didn’t last?

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  • Gretchen hates Tamra (and for good reason). Both were very jealous of Alexis, however. That was obvious. Alexis’ body had them both feeling totally inferior. Throw in the fact that Tamra has NO education and no class, and you have a recipe for disaster. Only that idiot Eddie would go for her.

  • NO ONE likes Tamra. She is VERY retaliatory towards everyone, even her fans. After I had made a harmless comment in general to her AS WELL as four other twitterers in one tweet…. TAMRA STARTED STALKING ME ON TWITTER AND EVEN TO MY HOMETOWN!! I’m not going to say how it all played out, but it actually did happen. Yes, she’s that crazy, twisted & evil. She can get away with bashing & retaliating against every single person, but there will be that ONE person she comes across whom she is going to truly regret crossing! Evil witch…. BLOCKING BRAVO, NBC & STYLE networks. Reality gone too far.

    • I’m really not all that surprised that she would be vengeful against ANYONE even a viewer,I think she is seriously mentally ill. I used to have to work with a creepy b!tch just like her. Biggest backstabber I ever knew, she would have to get “even” with anyone over anything. EVERYONE hated her–even her own family.

  • I agree. When she called Slade’s ex-girlfriend at the reunion to get more info about the child support, I could not believe Gretchen did not run across the room and slap her in the face. That was so over the top. Child support issues are none of skanky Tamra’s business. There is no way Slade likes Tamra, he was probably cordial to her because of Gretchen. Slade’s son has been in the hospital since October fighting cancer.

  • Some say its all made up drama for tv. The thing we all can agree on is… the fact that Tamra brought Slates cancer stricken son in the “reality tv” to me is unforgivable! She crossed the line and should have never been forgiven for it by Gretchen, Slate or the viewers!!!

  • Wait…….what? I’m sorry. I guess these are more rich people probs. I’m confused.

  • I honestly think Tamra and Gretchen are too much alike and too competitive to ever be anything more than “Frenemies.” Gretchen is not MEAN like Tamra is, but she LIES A LOT, IMO, and she’s shady (just like Tamra, who is also shady and lies. She’s just MEAN as a cobra at times, unlike Gretchen).

    I mean, any woman that makes sure she pays her boyfriend under the table so that money won’t go toward paying the child support of a child of his who is dying of cancer is not really a person filled with “integrity,” like Gretchen is constantly claiming she IS.

  • Gretchen is an idiot! She turned on Alexis so quickly that I do not feel bad for her one bit. She deserves it. Tamra is horrible, too, and they deserve each other!!

  • Can I ask you guys this, if all of you had a close friend that was trying to make it in the entertainment industry, singer, actress, stand-up comedian, after a awhile if they weren’t that good wouldn’t you want to tell them?! Tamra is just being fricken honest, most of the hw have been one hit wonders or not even charting, so with Gretchen, is this even a big money maker, or even something that she’s good at? She can’t even perform without some excuse. Really guys if you had a good friend who was just average, wouldn’t you want them to know the truth?

    • Yeah, I probably would. Tamra is a b!tch, but she is definitely right about Gretchen not being able to sing. She’s delusional if she thinks she can.

    • Well, Gretchen knows she is not a great singer. She seems to have a realistic assessment of her abilities at least from watching her anxiety over the Pussycat Dolls gig. She just recognizes that celebrity can sell just about anything. After all, she’s better than Kim and no worse than Melissa and they are all better than the countess.

  • Tamra is a shit stirrer and all, but I can’t help but like her. Tamra knows she’s a dirty bitch and she doesn’t care, so long as she’s getting paid to do her job. I think Tamra is a lot smarter than people give her credit for. She knows drama brings in ratings and the more drama she causes, the more it solidifies a spot for her on the show. I wouldn’t doubt one bit that Tamra we see on TV is just a “character” and that she isn’t really friends with any of them off cameras except, maybe Heather or Vicki.

    There’s just something about Gretchen that I don’t like. She’s been caught in so many lies, and she still denies it even when there are proofs that she’s lying!

  • While it’s possible that they are all sweet, likable milkmaids with rosy cheeks, dew-petal lips and drift about in clouds of lavender when they are not filming, we are obliged to consider them as they present themselves on these programs.

    Tamra is certainly fine being the viper of the group. She believes in upwardly mobile friendships and friendships of convenience. Her greatest strength is her quick wit with its sharp, biting humor. But it is her weakness, too, because she would rather say the funny, but hurtful, thing than pass up a chance to score a point for zinging someone.

    Most people have resolutions like “never go to bed angry” or “never let a day go by without telling your loved ones that you love them” but for Tamra, the day is incomplete unless she has poked someone with a snide remark, a witty dig or with “being real.”

    I want to know when being real became defined as being mean. When I grew up, being real meant being authentic, not pretending to be smarter, richer, holier or wiser than you really are. Being real meant taking life as it is and working with what you have to do your best. Now, being real is hurting someone. When did that happen?

    • ^^ Everything she said.

      It’s funny because many people have the same grievance with Brandi. But for some reason I see Brandi’s tendency to speak without filtering as more authentic than Tamra’s. I’m not sure why. Maybe Brandi is more loyal to her friends with her comments? Like, she doesn’t make hurtful jokes about Yolanda or Lisa while Tamra has no problem making mean jokes or saying mean things about Vicki? Maybe it’s the loyalty thing. Or maybe it’s that Brandi isn’t such a heartless bitch in my eyes? Maybe because she has yet to throw a glass of wine at someone at a party. I can’t put my finger on it. She has more redeeming qualities and moments than Tamra does IMO. Anyway, I just wanted to call myself out on that before anyone else had the chance, LOL.

    • It has not changed unless you are really a nasty biotch then I guess you are being real 🙂

  • It’s never about what it’s REALLY about: Tamra’s in negotiations to get her own “Tamra’s Getting Married” Spinoff. This is a sore spot with Gretchen and is what’s causing all the friction. Gretchen violated her contract when she chopped off her legendary hair (which pleased Tamra to no end). The contract specifically states the Housewives may not make a material change to their appearance without prior authorization. Yes, Gretchen did it outside the production period, and you wouldn’t think something as trivial as hair would cause a Tornado, but this is OC and hair is a big element to this show, whoever has the LONGEST biggest hair WINS!

  • Gretchen is getting what she deserves, there was no reason for her to turn on Alexis. She knows exactly what kind of person Tamra is and she chose to trust her. Slade should really be upset that Gretchen chose to befriend her after she publicly went after both of them and called his ex on the reunion. Tamra always goes too far.

  • I wish I could blame it on “the producers” the next time I piss one of my friends off and they call me out on it.

  • And I’m sure somehow this WON’T be the reason for their falling out on camera because it can’t be mentioned that producers exist/set up events…another faked storyline coming our way.

  • So let me get this straight. The show is about to start a new season and now all of sudden there is drama. I think this whole thing is made up for ratings. The timing of it all is crazy.

  • Is Gretchen in the fifth grade? Doesn’t she already know that Bravo always dictates who should come to an event or participate in on a trip? Gosh the immaturity with these women is beyond sickening.

  • This is actually my post but typed from my stupid phone & it mispelled my name! ugh!

    And this is a surprise? I think not! Tamra throws everybody under the bus ( including “so nice to meet you, you are awesome, goo goo ga ga….bloggers)! She is proven to lack alliance or loyalty with anyone. Hence the retweet of certain interviews & the denial of authenticity w/others! It’s quite laughable really! These EXCLUSIVES are from D-List celebs trying to make a donkey out of us all! More like, Tag! You’re it, no less! Excluding a select few, I’m doubtful that any of them take this shi….cago seriously, I certainly DO NOT. All in a day’s work w/soap opera TV & I love love love it! Just goes to show the power of the mighty dollar w/some people selling their soul to the devil! Unbelievable but quite entertaining! Let’s see, go to Bravo, etc & get your fix for TRASH TV! Then turn to History & get your spiritual fill from The Bible! How cool is that?! I’d say (as I borrow Maurice’s fav word) AWESOME!

  • And this is a surprise? I think not! Tamra throws everybody under the bus ( including “so nice to meet you, you are awesome, goo goo ga ga….bloggers)! She is proven to lack alliance or loyalty with anyone. Hence the retweet of certain interviews & the denial of authenticity w/others! It’s quite laughable really! These EXCLUSIVES are from D-List celebs trying to make a donkey out of us all! More like, Tag! You’re it, no less! Excluding a select few, I’m doubtful that any of them take this shi….cago seriously, I certainly DO NOT. All in a day’s work w/soap opera TV & I love love love it! Just goes to show the power of the mighty dollar w/some people selling their soul to the devil! Unbelievable but quite entertaining! Let’s see, go to Bravo, etc & get your fix for TRASH TV! Then turn to History & get your spiritual fill from The Bible! How cool is that?! I’d say (as I borrow Maurice’s fav word) AWESOME!

  • Tampra used gretchen to get back at alexis. Tampon had her own vendetta against alexis, and it was obvious the way these three clearly attacked and tried to make alexis run out of the show, which it did work. Thankfully alexis knew she wasnt going to be bullied and came back. Tampon wants to sit here and act like she is “soooo real,” she is the fakest person on that series. She will lie and do whatever bravo wants for her paycheck. And who the hell is gretchen that she doesnt want alexis to attend events? Last time i checked it was gretch who stabbed alexis in the back. Why is she mad? That alexis called her out on her lip augmentation when clearly gretch was lying to sell her products? Good for alexis. After the way gretch treated lex, i dont blame alexis for anything. I didnt like this woman but she has a good heart. I’m glad shes sticking up for herself. And i think everyone knew this friendship between tampon and gretchwhore wasnt going to last. And it makes me laugh! They hated each other for years. That will never go away overnight

      • She is a tampon. Something you need in the moment but can flush in the toilet once you’re done. LMAO! I don’t think she meant to hurt Vicki because she genuinely did like her but I think Vicki was tired of the bashing. I think what Tampon wanted to do was rally all the girls to gang up against Alexis so eventually Alexis would have to walk away because no one likes her nor wants to film with her. Eventually once Vicki started hanging out with Alexis she saw she actually wasn’t a bad human being. And she saw Jim wasn’t bad either. Vicki never gave Alexis a chance, that was her problem. I think once tampon saw Vicki wasn’t down for the bash fest, she flipped and turned on Vicki, blaming it on just “growing apart.” Gretchen is a follower and she can’t think for herself so that’s why she quickly accepted Tampons behavior. Let’s not forget what Tampon has put gretchwhore for the past few years, accusing her of cheating on Jeff, that her ex bf was calling Tamra’s phone (gee, how did he end up with Tamras number?) That slade is a deadbeat dad and she even went to find Slades babymama and bring her up at the reunion. At the end of the day it’s their karma. I’m glad Alexis saw who her true friends were.

    • Alexis may not be that bright, but she really is harmless. I just love how she called out Gretchen on her lip injections and extensions.Ha! I guess Gretchen’s lip plumping gloss isn’t selling so well now! She deserves what she got for being dishonest about the products she is trying to sell!

      • I think Gretchen should have had to refund everyone who bought her lip plumper after she lied and claimed that’s whu her lips looked so big! Its false advertisement! What she suddenly forgot she had botox or lip augumentation?

  • Hey Tamra, “liar, liar, pants on fire!” She is the gift that keeps on giving, but not in a good way. She basically called Jose a liar in his interview with her last week. She gave another interview yesterday, and said she did say the only HW with a good voice is Kandi. Tamra is white trash and will never be a friend to anyone; if Eddie had a brain in his head, he would run away and never look back.

    • This is all bullshit. It’s for publicity for the new season.

      “Things are going to be heated at the reunion with these two!” Please.

      I agree with you on all things Tamra though! 😉

      • Most likely since they punk’d us last season when they became BFF’s. Don’t trust neither one of them. Poor Alexis, she is harmless but these two, not so.

        • Honestly, I never really liked Bubbies McGee because I thought she was annoying and braggy and not all that she made herself to be (moneywise). However, after last season, I have to agree with you. She’s harmless! She’s just a Missouri girl who wants to be on TV. And so what that she’s super ditzy. At least she’s not an evil bitch.

          Also, I heard from my insider (muhahaa) that they are all nice in real life including Tamra, Heather and Vicki, that Bubbies McGee is actually pretty cool even though at first this insider did not like her much (she ended up closest to her in the end), and that the only one who sucks in real life is Gretchen, who you can’t even have a convo with because she’ll be fixing her hair in your sunglasses reflection. BAM

          • I agree about Alexis, she seems harmless. She just likes being on TV. I wonder how long before the fitness studio goes out of business? I give it until year end.

          • Your insider may like them but I am not so sure about Tamra being so nice. She originally went after Gretchen because Simon thought Gretch was a nice package, like Tamra, but with more class, hence the etiquette class, then she went in for the kill. Alexis and Jim are friends with Simon so they are automatically Tams enemies, just like Jeanna is. Tamra is a two faces b that has your insider fooled.

          • Oh Jesus Barbie! (no pun intended)

            Gretchen has done so much work to her face that she can even speak.

          • Just sayin,

            LOL, yeah, I don’t think she was claiming Tamra is an angel, just that out of all of them Gretchen was the only one not sincere or nice to HER. Of course we ALL know when Tam is nice to you, it’s because she has alterior motives…

            I’ve watched OC since season 1, so I am well aware of Tamra’s short-comings and her behaviors to try to make up for those short-comings. I felt like the way she reacted to Jeana was UNFORGIVABLE, and that her accusing Slade Smiley of being a deadbeat dad, when those of us who watched the first two seasons of OC know that that is not true, was disgusting. I think she’s gross and she’ll do anything for attention.

            Any guesses on who my insider might be who has experience with all girls??…I can neither confirm nor deny (Actually, burn this after you read it).

            Klown, she can still speak. And laugh at her own jokes. It’s so unforunate. 😉

          • I would rather stick pins in my eyes! OC needs another fitness center like it needs more breast implants.

      • Agree Barbie it’s all about publicity – and Tamra was no doubt told by her producer to lie – some housewives will do as they are told – they’re called Cohen’s Girls!

  • IMO Tamra & Gretchen are both lying,backstabbing,POS. Gretchen only acts like a friend to someone when she is in a vulnerable situation, first season she was on RH she was “friends” with Lynn because nobody else liked her,she scooped up her big diamond ring from her dying fiance all the while sleeping around on him, then she is “friends” with Alexa once again because nobody likes her. Once she feels she has an upper hand she turns on them. Tamra was up Vicki’s ass for how many seasons till she threw her under the bus too. She becvame “friends” with Gretchen then some how turned and said Vicki was the one always bad mouthing Gretchen. Sorry but I always remember Tamra being the one starting all the rumors about Gretchen then Gretchen and Slaid.

    • After Tamra had the gall to call Slade’s ex to talk about their child support issues mid reunion, I was done with Tamra, I can’t even understand how Gretchen would muster to even look at her, let alone talk to her.

      Tamra got down and dirty with something that was none of her business and Gretchen should have never forgotten that.

    • didnt gretchen win her lawsuit because all the cheating rumors were lies? and even so jeff wasnt with her because he loved her he wanted a hot young thing to take care of him. therefore no one should be mad at gretchen she barely even got anything when he died anyways! And I dont think gretchen turned on Alexis I think she was just getting annoyed with all the fakeness like the other girls were

      • I thought they settled the law suit? That doesn’t mean she won. As for her being sick of Alexa’s fakeness Alexa has been the same person from day 1 Gretchen has no problem hanging out with her when nobody else could stand her. IMO they are all fake!

        • Jen I totally agree w/ you! I saw Gretchens true colors when she stabbed the one person who always had her back in the back! ? lol I used back twice. Anyway Gretchen is a lying fraudulent pos. She publicly lied about her extensions and said she was 100% real. Well come to find out the rotten pos had botox on her lips and lied 3x about it! Once to Tamera when tamra called her out about it a second time in her talking head and the 3rd by far the worse was when she lied on WWHL and said it was her lip plumper!

          • Gretchen has been sued for lying a couple of times. First with that Photoglou guy, then her partner with the Makeup line.

      • You are correct. She won $500,000 in damages and $23,500 in punitive damages. There was no settlement. She also won a 3 year restraining order against him.

      • As far as fake…there is no one as fake as Gretchen. Alexis has been a bragging air head since day 1 but Wretched changes depending on who she’s with. I’m sry but of them all Gretchen is the worst, she even beats Tamballs.

  • Tamtam, is not a loyal friend! We have all watched her treat Vicki bad and she can never have more than one friend at a time! And we’ll Gretchen is or was a gold digger and cheater! But who cares!

  • Tamra is a sh*t stirrer. She’s not classy she’s trashy. Whenever someone is being called out on something in a group setting she gets this evil look in her eyes like she is enjoying it. Classic bully

      • I’m on my lunch break, and I’m eating CHIPOTLE & TORTILLA CHIPS! =) I couldn’t resist! What are you y’all eating? LOL.

        I still have a liking for Tamra, but they are both two-faced. Gretchen is an obnoxious, fake, backstabbing, snake in the grass, and Tamra can be mean and a total bitch.

        I wouldn’t trust either of them, and I truly believe the producers wanted them to start a war for ratings. I don’t think much of it is real at this point.

  • I am not surprised at all. Tamra is known to backstab her friends. Tamra doesn’t know how to be a loyal friend!

    • Tamra used Getchen last season to antagonize Vicky and get rid of Alexis, it didn’t work so now she has no more use for her. The loser? Gretchen, she lost a good friend in Alexis, she might be dumb and live in la la land but she did have her back when the other ladies were attacking her.
      Gretchen is too old not to know that Tamra is purely a user, she should have never fallen for it so I am not sure I can feel sorry for Gretchen for something that was her own poor decision.

    • agreed tamera isn’t loyal to anyone. She has habitually done this now way to many times.

    • Gretchen, was not loyal to Alexis, I new it would come back on her.Gretchen is alittle Nieve and she and slade think they are never wrong.

    • Tamra is a pure liar, backstabber, childish, manipulative skank! The fact that Andy Cohen seems to love her makes him pretty scummy too. You could easily count 100 times when Tamra yells at others to stay out of her business. Meanwhile, she gets in other’s business every single episode. She was always harping on “what does Brooks do for a living?” What the hell does her gay bf Eddie do?? I mean, besides fart in front of her?

    • Vicki’s plastic surgery may have blown up in her face, but at least her boob job turned out well. You can bet that Tamra is green with envy towards Vicki’s breasts since Tamra had to have her implants removed. Tamra is still a nasty, ignorant, lying skank. Hopefully, Slade got to do some stand up comedy towards her before his radio station got whacked.