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9 Things You Didn’t Know About Carla Facciolo!

You might think because you watch Carla Facciolo on Mob Wives that you know all there is to know about her but that’s not true! In fact, VH1 posted 9 things you didn’t know about Carla Facciolo below!

Still shocked that Carla is 40! Surprised about anything Carla revealed? Sound off below!

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  • Carla is fake. She talks about everybody to anybody. And later she will say; no i didn’t say that i don’t even know the girl. If you say it ones i may believe you, but she says it all the time. And than blame other people to be liars and cheaters. But in reality she is the liar. With here big month and she calls it self protection. In real life when you have a big month, there will be a time someone will come to you to shut it down. And that is why i liked Love so much. When she made here first appearance in the show i already saw it. She is tuff and if you talk make sure you stay behind what you say. And if you talk about here make very sure it is the truth and be a grown woman to tell here that in person. We all saw Rene confronting Love with the trouble they had. Did Love fight? No. Did Love get angry because Rene confronted here? No. That was the same move Carla had to make. Not hide in home and stay away from the girls. I really think that was the solution of all the drama. But no Carla just waited and waited till there was an event she had to go. And before hand talking about coming for the kill. Carla what do you want to kill. Maybe your water hose in the garden. Or kill the light? But that was not what you mend, you were talking about Love. Again. And now you are wondering why she came for you. Truth be told I would do the same. Don’t talk the talk if you don’t wanna take the walk. That is how I see it. And I really hope it is true you won’t be on season 4. I can not stand to hear you talk with the wise month and your terrible attitude.

  • I’ve never liked Carla. I agree with the comment about her coming off as shady from the beginning. The way she treated Renee on Season 1 just because Renee tried to do the right thing and let her now that her BF touched her (and the rest of her friends) inappropriately. She’s one of those girls that pretends to be a great friend until there is a guy involved. It disgusts me. She DOES come across as incredibly narcissistic and with nothing to even back it up. Carla has always been, by far, the most irritating mob wife on the whole list and THATS saying something.

  • I love Clara! She looks damn good for her age. But you guys need to keep in mind those bitches bring out the ugly in one another. Karen needs to pump her brakes, Ramona needs to SHUT UP! I’m happy for Renee love her and the mood swings that comes with her,Drita is cool and Ang cracks me up.

  • KArEN, RAMONA, AND RENEE STOP BEING HATERS YOU FAT MESSES!!All you do is talk about Carla and fighting get a life already. Aren’t you mothers? You all should be ashamed of yourself!!! Fat Karen, you call Carla a hoe…Aren’t you sleeping with the guy who works for you?? Don’t throw stones. All of yous are hoes and need to mind you business stop picking on people. Drita is also fake you don’t even stick up for your best friend?? Don’t you forget when they were picking on you. The only good one in this show is Big Ang she is great and Carla. The rest are jealous haters!! Ramona worry about your husband in jail and making money. Renee you are a recoveringdrug addict trouble maker worry about yourself and stop taking pills mess and stop taking and starting trouble all the time. Karen loose some weight worry about taking care of your daughter and your own sex life trouble maker. She is a bully thats all she is you arent a tough guy your dads a rat! Couldn’t even believe how Karen started up with Carla for no reason at all then Ramona chimes in so pathetic clowns!! Drita your fake as they come no loyalty!

    • @stophating but it was ok when Carla was friends with them in season 2? Going away with them all? Didn’t mind Drita was on the outs with them.

  • carla saying she’s too nice? lol that is freakin hilarious. there is nothing nice about her. i don’t know about off camera but on camera she always has a puss on her already fugly face. she never smiles or has a good time. always arguing with someone. the many things she does and says isn’t nice.

    • I so agree rukidding. People were fooled by her season 1 quietness. She does alot of underhanded crap festing off camera, but people catch it and some screen shot it. How many times has she said ” I heard on the street”.. UGH.. Well Carla, we all hear about you too.

  • I don’t have a problem with Carla. I think what she does in her bedroom is none of my damn business. But if she is messing with friends husbands, or bfs, yes it might be an issue there. All I know if Carla better not try to sleep with my man or get near him, lol. I hope they can all get together and figure it out. And I don’t appreciate renee throwing Carla under the bus to Love. If renee has her own issues, that’s fine. But don’t make it worse with love. I don’t know..why can’t people just stop sleeping with each others men?! LOL. It’s not only a new York thing, its a vegas thing too, lol 🙂

  • Did anyone else catch Ramona calling Dave’s go Rebecca “Becky Puttana”? She is a whore??? Why? Cause she is with David? Oh so I guess Karen smashing Storm and the homies makes her???? The nerves!

    • I think that was just Ramona being loyal to Karen. I don’t actually think Ramona REALLY believes this girl is a puttana.

      It’s like if my girlfriend calls me and tells me that her ex-boyfriend, for whom she STILL carries a torch, is seeing this new girl. Just to cheer her up, I’ll say, “Well, she sounds like a STRAIGHT HOOKER!! He couldn’t handle you because you were TOO good for him. He’s a LOSER! I’m going to try to find someone else for you because he’s a BUSTER!”

      Now, do I REALLY believe all of these things I’m saying? Ummm….NO. I don’t think that girl is a hooker (unless she really DOES act like one). I probably don’t even think her ex-boyfriend is a loser (if he really isn’t.).

      I’m just trying to make her feel better, get over dude and MOVE ON! 😉

      Dave is HOT to me.

      That is all. LOL

      • Then as soon as Dave got there, Ramona was giddy, told him he smelled good and told Karen to get back with him, LOL! So yes, I agree Lola, it was a loyalty thing!

        • I know, right? I couldn’t believe Ramona. It’s like she fell in love with Dave or something. She had a good look at him, told him he smelled good, listened to the conversation and then came out saying, “I REALLY think this is the guy for you!”

          I could understand why Karen looked at Carla like she was crazy at that point. I mean, what about the nonchalant and insensitive way he handled his conversation with Karen indicated that he is “the guy for her”?

          I think Ramona just thought Dave was hot and fell in love. LOL 😉

    • And also, its the same girl her daughter said left a thong in her bed, so yeah, I get the name calling, LOL

  • Holy crap people!!! Women do NOT only have 20-30 good years. We have the ability to look good for a lifetime if we take care of our bodies, minds, and spirits! I HATE when people “she looks good for [enter age here].” How about we just leave the compliments at “She looks good!”


    • I think I’m going to start telling people I’m 60 (I’m actually 42), so they can just tell me how absolutely GORGEOUS I am for a 60 year old!

      Some days, I’ll take what I can get. LOL.

  • Carla isn’t a drama queen & is a down to earth gal’.. She’s got that ‘touch of class’ going for her…. Enjoy both Carla & Drita on the show…..:)

    • I totally agree with u Heidi.we’ll c who’s picked on next nd wat pple hv 2 say abt dem. Bitches jes kip ratting abt each oda bt hey……..,

  • Carla is a very attractive woman looking at her, but her nastiness makes her unattractive. Deep down she is a mean girl. I feel bad for her being attacked by everyone on the show but she doesn’t help herself either.If I was her I would just ignore all of them because she has better things to do. I should know because I am from Staten Island and I know a lot. She had a BIG problem with her ex’s girlfriend meanwhile shes back with that guy who touched all the women on the show in season 1. But this guy is OK to be around your children??? Also I hear he has a pretty bad record, like robbery or something like that. Also he is a huge flirt. Good Luck with that! Don’t think Ramona and Karen should get involved in the beef between her and Renee. It is their business and that’s that. Again I don’t agree with her being attacked by all the girls on the show but do you ever stop and think that there is much more going on then what we see on TV? These girls don’t like her for no reason because they made up with her in season 2 when they all went away together. Something is up with Ms Carla.

      • yes he is. Last name is Rodriguez. You can look him up online and see some of the charges that were pressed against him.

    • Yeah, if I had more than 1 friend telling me that my man had an issue getting all “handsy” with them, I wouldn’t be angry at my FRIENDS (especially if MORE THAN ONE OF THEM told me the SAME thing). I’d kick THAT loser to the curb. It’s like Carla will pick a MAN over a FRIEND any day. Women like that work my nerves.

      I THINK “Mr. Handsy” IS Love’s ex-boyfriend.

      I also think that Carla has been seeing “Mr. Handsy” for YEARS, which is why I couldn’t understand why she was giving Joe such a hard time about having a girlfriend and moving on with his OWN damned life. I mean, it’s not like she was loyal to him (DRITA was loyal to and stood by Lee. Carla is a totally different animal…that’s ALL ABOUT CARLA).

      I didn’t think Karen and Ramona should’ve gotten involved in what occurred at the brunch because they were NOT there. I don’t like Carla, but I’m fair.

      • Lola, agree, I said something to that effect above…about not understanding her BS with Joe because of her own extracurriculars she was doing.

        • Maybe Karen and Ramona should not have got involved, but I understand why they did. And Carla did the same for Drita when Drita was not around. Actually, I think they all have done this out of loyalty for one another at some point. Understanding what Renee went through and what Carla said about her and to Renee, I get it. I think they could have done worse and said worse to Carla, but they did not. I don’t think they went overboard and no one got hurt, LOL!

    • Obviously theres more to it than we see on the show . The girls talk about knowing each other for years. So im sure they had there share of fights, drama, and “sleeping around”

  • Hhhmm.. I dunno about Carla. Where there is smoke, there iS fire. Clearly all the ladies have controversial pasts but I feel thrre is alot Carla is and has to hide.

  • A few other things you didnt know about Carla…

    She screwed the [married] handyman while she was in a relationship with Derrick.
    Her kids are not living with her anymore and living with her ex husband and Raquel.

    I used to like Carla…But IN REALITY [IN THE REAL WORLD NOT THE SHOW] She is a Hoowa!!

    • I can believe this.

      I have not liked Carla since Season 1. I have very good instincts about people and she came off to me as shady, self-absorbed, narcissistic and COLD. I believe that she HAS slept with more than 1 married man and has NO compunctions about it (I’ve read comments on all blogs related to “Mob Wives” since Season 1, and that has been a VERY persistent and pervasive rumor. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire).

      • that’s right .. We see who and what everybody really is ..But we don’t get anything from Carla but shady , self absorbed and COLD

        Great post Lola

      • Lola and NY- I have heard that also since right before season one aired about her. Hence, why I questioned her antics on blasting Joe because she was having relations with men the whole time he was in jail, and supposedly, Joe cheated on her pre jail? Joe also had a wife pre-carla, and I wondered for a while if she started with Joe while he was married???? I would love the truth on that, just to know.. Anywhoo, she looks good for her age though!

        • Word on the street is that she DID, indeed, also start seeing Joe while he was very much married. I’ve heard Joe say that his “marriage was already over,” but I’ve heard many a man say that (when their wife at home had absolutely NO clue that this was the case….because the man was still coming home every day and sleeping with them and acting like nothing was wrong while, unbeknownst to them, their husband had a mistress that he was telling that his “marriage is basically over” while CONVENIENTLY forgetting to tell the WIFE the SAME thing.).

          • You’re spot on, Lola! I despise women who up after married men. I’ve heard the same things…it was basically over, crap. Yeah, he just forgot to mention that to his wife. I guess he thinks that doesn’t make him a cheater and his floozy can pretend she’s not a home wrecker. They’re only fooling themselves.

    • “LOOOSAH”, LOL in Bigg ang voice.
      I used to like her too, but I always had a feeling she was like an onion and the layers of season 1 would be peeled away.

    • She just sleeps with married men (who have some money) who will support her. Remember, her husband was in prison and she was dating guys but not working hmmmmmmm. Because she was sleeping with these guys and they where paying for it pure and simple.

      • Well good for her shes an adult and a sexy looking classy lady. If a man wants to support her and pay for things there is no problem with that. Im sorry who took care of two kids while hubby went to prison for all those years. Good for u carla!

    • Carla would never let her kids live with Joe, you are a liar. NY knows too much about talking shit and hurting a woman that didn’t do shit to you. People are such assholes on here

      • I’m sorry, I forget…did Carla agree to get paid to put her life out there for all to see or not? That’s the thing with “reality” television…you don’t get to pick and choose what people say about you. If she wants a private life without everyone talking about her then she shouldn’t have gone on tv!!! I can’t stand these reality show types (and their fans) who cry all the time about people talking about them. What did they expect, that no one would gossip?

      • I agree with you. I have liked carla since season one. I think shes real, has class and is a cool girl who doesnt give a fuck. And as for her sleeping with married men (not that i agree with anyone doing that) if she aint sleepin with your man mind your business. Reality show or not people will still talk especially in NY. Same goes for renee i like her but she looked stupid accusing carla because it has no effect on renee. It made more sense for carla to call renee a junkie. I know little stab there but its true

  • She is not 40… she is IN her 40’s. A little difference there.

    She does look good to be in her 40’s. But what else besides working out, massages, brunches, drinks and picking up the kids from school she is doing nowadays? LOL!

    I like her and I don’t see what is the big issue with her. They all do the same thing they are accussing her of doing. Talk about one another. What she said about Renee was true and Renee did go talking badly about her prior to butterknifegate.

    They needed someone else to pick on this season. Last season ended with Carla being dragged no?
    The Drita vs. Ramona & Karen beef became a liability for the show. Renee and Karen can’t no longer beef about the ‘snitch’ bs because Renee is not one to talk about anyone’s father being a snitch. Aint life ironic!? She put Karen through the same social stigma her son is about to go through. KARMA!
    Karen & Ramona are two needy and immature bullies that don’t mind their business and think they need to be RAMBO season in and season out. Karen, STFU about “we need to go to war” because you have NOBODY with power on your corner and go to war with the CIA & FBI? Yeah. Good luck. Idiot.
    Hilarious when the helicopted passed… her delusional mobster saying the FEDS sent it to watch her. LMAO!!!!!!!!!! THAT WAS COMEDY!!!!! Bitch please!

    None of them would ever dare to start with Big Ange. She is the one with the real goon network and with the most $.

    Carla was the weakest link.

    • She’s in her 40’s (I think 43 to be exact). The reaso she looks good is because she doesn’t have to work and take care of herself at other mens expense. She’s pay for play and everyone knows it.

    • Or if Karen says “lifestyle” once more…OMG! This b!tch really thinks she’s something special, doesn’t she?

      • She’s really a nobody and her father was the biggest rat in American history. She has no soldiers but Storm.. And that’s nothing but a block radius type soldier. Lol he wouldn’t entertain beef like that anyway.

  • I like her, but the fact that she always looks exactly the same, dressed up or in work out clothes, drives me insane!!!! Do something different with your hair every once in awhile please. Or wear some other kind of make up, something anything please!

    • Don’t hate on the girl because she looks good in jeans or a dress, makeup, no makeup. So what if she does not change her hairstyle, it looks good and natural. Don’t be a hater.

    • Carla is a very stunning person visually and interesting for a variety of reasons other than her obvious appeals to the male prurient interest. She looks like an athlete but talks like a refined Brooklyn tough. A long list of inconsistencies makes her into who and what she is striving to define herself for public mass consumption. What’s tragic is coming and that’s her overexposure. She should dodge that bullet if she can.

      • Carla had Dritas back when all the girls were against Drita, I was really dissappointed in Drita that she was throwing Carla under the bus. I don’t feel like Carla has done anything to anyone for them to be mad. Carla was being attacked and she defended herself. Renee is always mad about something.

        • I have to say I was dissapointed in Drita as well, not what she said, but how she said it. If some waived a butter knife at me, that would be last thing they waved at me, so I agree in what Drita said, just she did not seem like she was backing her friend that stood by her when everybody was against Drita. I saw a preview where Drita was saying a fight against Carla was not happening. I would expect that Drita would have her back in a fight no matter what. Drita is a stand up girl and when it comes down to it she will protect her friend, especially since she knows Carla is not a fighter. I believe in Drita!

    • I agree. And people say negative stuff about her but I really like her. I think she’s the only one from the beginning that has stayed steady and tried to avoid the drama. Now the bullies want to be friends with Drita so they need someone new to pick on. When Ramona & Karen started in on her the other day about Renee I was so annoyed. Those two are shit stirrers and need to pay attention to their own families and not what they THINK Carla is doing or saying.

      • I agree. I like the fact that Carla does act all hard with stupid fighting. They need at least one woman on there that doesn’t talk that crap. That’s why I’m not feeling that Love person, she is already talking about the beating she will put on someone (Carla) if she says something somewhat offensive to her? How silly is that??? If someone gets snippy with her she wants to get violent. Kinda gross. I know girls like her, they are very selective on who they pick on, which makes her a bully.

    • I think carla is gorgeous. I don’t think it’s fair for the other mobwives to jump on carla for defending herself. Renee is always bitching at carla about things that are none of her business.