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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Gretchen Rossi Responds To Tamra Barney Saying It’s Hurtful That Tamra Is Tearing Down Her Character, Business And Singing!

AllAboutTRH recently had the opportunity to catch up with Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney at her fitness Grand Opening. While we were there, we asked Tamra about her friendship with Gretchen.

Tamra had this to say, “It’s grown. We continue. We definitely have some hiccups with some things I’ve seen in her that were issues that I had in the very beginning with her. It made me open my eyes and question, ‘is this really what I want in a friend?’ I’m not saying we’re enemies by any means. I still talk to her, but some things definitely come to light.”

Tamra also slammed Gretchen for her singing saying she sucks adding, “Have you heard her sing? Are you going to argue with me? No Housewives should sing!”

Gretchen who thought Tamra and her were in a good place was totally taken back by these comments and responded EXCLUSIVELY to AllAboutTRH telling us she was “surprised” and had no idea Tamra felt this way about her!

“I was surprised to hear she questioned the friendship she has with me. Her and I talk often and I certainly did not know she felt this way, however I’m not naive to the fact that we had some hiccups this season as all friendships do. I think I have realized with her that when you call her out about things she goes on the attack and lashes back at you. This season she was texting me one thing about a situation, but on camera displaying another. I’m just a straight shooter, I don’t talk out both ends of my mouth. So I asked her on camera what the deal was and how come she was texting me one thing but doing another, needless to say that didn’t go over very well and things got a little weird with us for a minute, but I thought we worked through it and were back on good terms. Perfect example is this interview with you guys, when I asked her about it she texted me it was all BS and you guys completed manipulated the story, but then you guys said you have voice recordings of her saying this about me, so as anyone would feel, sometimes it’s hard to know what the truth is. However as a friend I want to give her the benefit, so I have to believe her.

With that said you asked if what was said was hurtful, and the truth is if she did say it, of course it is. How could it not be, that is why I immediately reached out to her and asked why would she say those things? All I know is that I have been nothing but supportive about her business endeavors, her personal life, and protective over people taking away from special moments in her life (as you will see this season with an event at her fitness studio and dress shopping day). I have always done that for my friends and always will. This past year I have talked to her several times and texted about her fears of starting her own business always encouraging her to go after her dreams. I have always said I believed in her and knew she could do it and that it was her past getting in her way (meaning certain people making her feel like she was incapable or always tearing her down). I myself am a self made entrepreneur and it’s important to empower others (especially woman) who are starting out in that space. She has told me several times that she has had nothing but positive things come in her life since we have become friends and that she likes talking to me because I lift her up and don’t tear her down like certain other friends of hers. So obviously, if what was said in this article is true it is beyond hurtful that she would tear down my business, my character again (because we had a disagreement) and now my singing.

I write and sing because it is something I love to do in my past time. I don’t need everyone’s approval, and I’m not trying to be the next big pop star. I know my capabilities and why I am doing this. I do this for the fans that continue to be touched by my lyrics and meaning behind my songs. Every song has a message that has been inspired by the experiences in my life. The emails and feedback from people saying how much it has helped them get through something makes it all worth it and the people who hate on it. I’m ok with someone’s opinion and if they don’t like my singing, I am not offended, but Tamra has never voiced that to me. She actually said I rocked it at Pussycat Dolls and was super proud of me, and has heard all of my songs and has always said, they were good. Tamra certainly would not like anyone having a negative thing to say about her new business venture in the fitness industry, and her level of fitness to be doing something like that.


She also says she is not here to make friends and this is a job for her at the end of the day, which I respect, but for me I am not willing to lose my integrity or the way I treat others to keep my paycheck. I think we can all have our opinions in a very authentic and adult like manner without assassinating someone’s character or business just so we make good TV. Funny thing is Tamra actually asked me in one scene this year how I know so much about so many things and how I know how to deal with them so well. I laughed and said “I don’t really, I just live and learn”. I think even though both brutally honest Tamra and I go about it differently when we deliver that information. Her way works for her and my way works for me.

I sincerely wish her nothing but the best in all her endeavors.

The best part of all this is that anyone can say whatever they want, but I am, and always will be #Unbreakable”



AllAboutTRH records each interview I have with housewives and never twists words. I think Tamra didn’t realize she would hurt Gretchen by saying what she did. Thoughts on Gretchen’s response? Looks like there friendship didn’t last like many assumed…


Watch Gretchen’s video HERE and HERE

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  • this show is scripted just like the kardashions but that dont mean the show is not good cuz it is good yea..people say kardashions have no talent but they do the same thing that every tv actor does so the kardashions are actress’s too but they dont get credit like tv actors do…housewifes are actress’s too but they dont get credit bcuz their job is 2 make pulic think its not scripted and it depends on ratings of who gets paid more…nini on atlanta houswife makes most on alanta show…its just a night time soap opra but its good some episodes

  • What is funny to me is how all these women accused Alexis of being pretentious but yet all of them are pretentious to me. They flaunt everything they have and try to outdo each other. It is like the pot calling the kettle black! Alexis was a true friend to Gretchen. Then Gretchen turned on her. So the person I feel sorry for throughout all of this is Alexis and hopefully Gretcen realizes now that karma can come back to get you!

  • Now we are sopose to fell sorry about this friendship that never was.I called it last season.You could tell the friendship was fake.I am watching because Alexis,is back.Gretchen alot of people blogged you were a crap of a friend to Alexis last season.All i can say is Alexis watch your back.

  • Does anyone think that these two are lying and causing fake problems for the show so they can stay on and possibly get a raise, lol!

    • No,I think it was fake last season and it backfired.Alot of people did not like what Gretchen did to Lex.And we know Gretchen and Vicki have never liked each other.

  • Just found this as well.. Look what Gretchen has accomplished. Don’t think many of the other housewives have anything that even comes close to what Gretchen has done and some of these woman have been on the show for a lot longer than Lady G.

    Sorry Tamra but I am less than impressed with your interview. Your not all that and it’s obvious other people have made things happen, not you..



  • Bravo played RHOC today from 2007 and brought me back to how much I really liked that group of housewives! I miss housewives like Tammy Knickerbocker. Though I hope that the rumor is true and that Lauri Peterson is coming back for some of the episodes.

  • Tamra responded on twitter in a couple of responses about Gretchen:

    “narcissistic and immature. You’re not so innocent ! Need I remind you?”

    “big deal I agreed with a reporter that she can’t sing. I never said her purses sucked or anything like that.”

    “never meant to hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s all blown up to a stupid level”

    “hey it wasn’t like I went to the press and told them her engagement was fake like she did to me”

    • Forgot one:

      “yes you will see a certain someone Lie then try to manipulate me with her lies to make me feel bad”

    • If I remember correctly Gretchen went on National television to confirm the report was not true about her engagement and the reporters had no proof Gretchen said it so it was obviously made up by Page 6 just to get themselves attention. Yet Tamra couldn’t do the same because ALL About The Truth had voice recordings. Tamra is just mad because she got caught lying again…

  • That’s what Gretchen gets for jumping ship on Alexis and turning her back on her friend. Karma is a bitch and so are you and Tamra!

    • Just what i said last season.It has a way of coming full circle.Alexis,I think this wll be a good season for her.

  • I adore Gretchen. I’ve liked her since she first appeared on HW. She follows me and we’ve actually DM’ed quite a bit. That being said, she got what she deserved here. Tamra is vile. Gretchen saw here in action not only attack her and Slade personally but many other people. She even use her own child to make Gretchen look like she was cheating on Jeff. How do you forgive someone like that? The whole relationship made no sense. It was only a matter of time before Gretchen got hurt while thinking Tamra was her friend.

    • I think she saw the stories that Alexis was going to be cut. She certainly saw how unpopular Alexis was. With the current HW, she would be untethered, with no friend, so yeah, she attached herself to Tamra. I think it was poor reasoning, because Tamra managed to rehabilitate Alexis with her spite.

      • And the sad thing is, yeah, Alexis has her faults but she’s harmless. She was always there to cheer Gretchen on. No matter how annoying she was about flaunting what she had or didn’t have to them (I still don’t get it when Heather is flaunting helicopters and sprawling mansions that aren’t big enough)she still never went out of her way to hurt anyone. Gretchen walked away from a true friend and into a fire pit with Tamra.

  • OK, I have an a strong preference for Gretchen among all the wives on RHOC. Mainly because she seems so down-to-earth relative to the other women. She lives in a small house and lives within her means. She doesn’t pretend to wealth she does not have and hustles like all get out to capitalize on her celebrity while she can.

    I recognize her flaws, including her poor taste in men and her followship with Tamra and her betrayal of her friendship with Alexis whom I think she thought was on the way out, so she needed to attach to another. But then I think all the women on RHOC are incredibly flaws. The flaws make them interesting.

    I very much dislike Tamra. I will recognize one thing about her though. She is correct in her assessment that she brings absolutely nothing of interest to the table aside from her mean streak. She doesn’t have an interesting sense of style, an interesting career, an interesting family or interesting conversation. The only interesting thing about her is the shit that comes out of her mouth. She recognizes that an plays to her strength.

    Anyway, I cannot blame Gretchen for feeling hurt, but I also think Tamra is correct in assessing Gretchen’s singing skills. Of course, not all great singers have great voices. However, I don’t think Gretchen is a Dylan, a Willie or a Tom Waits.

  • That’s What YOU GET GRETCHEN being so Quick to Turn on a Real Friend like Alexis for some1 like TAMRA lmaooo!

  • Not a fan of either woman. Haha this is going to be Joanna-Adriana. During the season we’ll see them have fights but then make up, meanwhile in the press the tension between them will build and by the time the reunion rolls around, they’ll be at each other’s throats again. Vicki and Alexis must be most pleased at these developments. I’m sure Tamra will drift back to Vicki and Gretchen to Alexis lol

  • I don’t see what Tamra said that was wrong? If her personal thought is no housewife can sing who cares! Gretchen did do good with the PCD but that doesn’t mean anyone would pay PCD money to go see her. I think she’s over reacting.

  • Gretchen should’ve expected this because it’s obvious what kind of person Tamra is and it’s obvious how she treats people. She wanted to be validated by Tamra so badly that she turned on Alexis. Seems like Tamra’s goal was to split Gretchen and Alexis so she could get on Gretchen’s good side and find out all of her dirt. She should really be smart enough to know that Tamra can’t be trusted.

  • I didnt think tampra was bashing gretchen. I even forgot gretchen released a few songs lol. But its not like tamra was wrong. None of the housewives can sing besides kandi. But anywho, this is the way tamra is. Gretchen thought everything would be fine and dandy while she dotched ber relationship with alexis. Tamra did the same thing. I think they try hard to keep this friendship but i think we all knew it wasnt going to last long. I’m sure alexis is somewhere laughing right now! Lol

  • Well, Tamra does have a point! Gretchen cannot sing and I agree that none of the housewives should, minus Kandi as that is her career anyway!

    • That is true, but if she and Tamra are supposed to be friends, then a friend would not say that during an interview.

    • Michers, I agree! I like Tamra because she’s blunt and deep, deep down… I know she knows what Gretchen is really like.

      I actually feel a little bad for Gretchen because she thought she has a genuine friendship with Tamra, but I don’t feel that bad because even though I don’t like Alexis as much… Gretchen did a 180 and completely turned on her! Alexis may be a phony with her money, house, clothes, and making everyone think she’s the best hands-on mom ever, but I think she was a pretty damn good friend to Gretchen.

      I’m sure they’re hypin up the drama ’cause of publicity and money. I hope this is all real, but I doubt it.

      • I will hardly feel bad for any of these housewives, with a few exceptions across the franchise, LOL! I never cared that much for Gretchen from jump anyway.. always liked Tamra, but I don’t always agree with some things.

    • Yet of all housewives she gives Melissa Gorga props. She forgot Kandi and mentioned Whorga. lol

  • That’s our Tammy Sue ! 🙂 She says it the way it is oftentimes not thinking first…. Hmmmm, kinda’ reminds me of another of my favs’ elsewhere… IMO, I don’t think that Tamara took into consideration that what she said may cause hurt feelings… JMO..

  • None of the OC Housewives really “move” me, but I still watch for some stupid reason.

    I don’t like or dislike Gretchen. I’m neutral. I do think her feelings are genuinely hurt by what Tamra said in her interview. I also think that she lies a LOT. She’s constantly talking about how much she values her “integrity.” Methinks she doth protest too much.

    I don’t like or dislike Tamra either. I think she has a serious mean streak, but she does sometimes say what I’m thinking about her cast mates.

    These two should probably just accept that they are more “Frenemies” than real friends.

  • Don’t believe any of this at all – their season is aobut to start and they have to drum up some drama.

  • I don’t feel sorry for Gretchen one bit!!! She turned on Alexis last season and was apart of the brat pack picking on her not saying Alexis is all innocent but you can’t run from KARMA. Tamara has always displayed her jealousy of Gretchen from since when Gretchen first came onto the scene with the older man. She hated the fact that this beautiful blonde had an older guy spoiling her and went through great lents to tarnish her reputation. And then Gretchen the idiot went and befriended her she got what she deserve don’t feel bad at all!!!

    • I think you are onto something. Tamra admits here that she is a great employee of Bravo so she may very well be drumming up fake drama to promote the show. And it did lend Gretchen the opportunity to promote her music too. Win-win for both.

  • I hate to say this but Gretchen is dumb. I mean Tamara clearly said it, Gretchen clearly read it & she lied about it &gretchen believed her. WTF? O.o Gretchen needs to realize that Tamara is a mean person &she gonna do whatever for a bravo check. I can clearly tell if the produce want someone to act a fool or be mean they go straight to Tamara.

    • Gretchen is probably concerned because her Bravo storyline the first episodes I bet features the lovely friendship and escapades of Gretchen and Tamara. She knows she will look like a fraud if in the press now that they are at each other’s throats, but the viewers are supposed to buy into this Gretchen – Tamara love fest. Gretchen like Tamara is only truly worried about one thing – keeping her job at Bravo and playing the script they gave her this season.

  • Gretchen was being shortsided and naive to jump in a friendship with Tamra – I don’t feel sorry for her – Tamra has shown Gretchen over and over what type of person she is – what type of friend she is… Tamra has not only dogged Gretchen for years, but every so called friend she has had on the show. She is not a good person, Gretchen you became friends to have an ally – I can’t believe you truly thought it had any depth.

    And I am sorry Gretchen you have NO INTEGRITY – the moment you lied to the public about your lips and hair to sell your products, you lost integrity. The moment you viciously turned on Alexis – who had your back you lost your integrity. And honestly as much as I loathe Tamra – I think you lie more and I wonder what of what Tamra has accused you of in the past is true. So sorry Gretchen I am not buying what you are selling – You and Tamra are two of a kind – the worst kind!

  • Integrity? Gretchwhore wouldn’t know the first thing about that word. Ask how much integrity she had when she faked to be in loved with a dying man, and then, she has continually used that storyline for sympathy purposes (even trying to one up Vicki about her daughter being sick). Stop playing the victim bitch.

    Everyone knows the truth who has an ounce of intelligence about who you really are. Anyone who has lost a love one to a horrible disease KNOWS someone like her belongs in the bottom of the trash heap.

    She is a grifter plain and simple, as is her hubby to be Slade. She wouldn’t know the meaning of working hard if it bit her in her ass. She is more foul even than Brandi, but really, they’re both in the same cateogory.

    • Agreed, I actually find her to be the most repulsive of this particular bunch of ladies. She puts on a good act and fools a lot of people, but if people do any kind of digging in regard to her past manipulations I think they would change their minds.

  • Gretchen, what did you expect? You befriended someone who had bashed you for years! This was such an ill fated “friendship” to begin with. Tamra in the last couple of years (since the end of her relationship with her ex husband) has been putting on a show for the cameras. From the teary limo ride with Simon where she just couldn’t contain herself on camera and then again later at Vicki’s party. She has always felt the need to dominate the camera at any cost (or anyone’s expense). The bathtub with Eddie which was truly the most odd display for a mother to participate in. Yeah, if she were on “Temptation Island” or the “Bachelor”, then I could understand it. But the scene was totally classless. She was still in the process of her divorce and she has young kids. But hey, like she says, “I was given a job and I’m doing it well.”.

    Then there was phony scene with Gretchen and their bracelets. Teary eyed and all sappy. Which is it Tamra? Is it for the paycheck or are you being “real” because you claim that you are just here to do a “job”.

    She spoke to Jose about being “Real”. She went on and on about it. Then in the same conversation admits to doing it all for a paycheck.

    “Andy Cohen refers to me as “the perfect Housewife”. I take my job very seriously and when I sign a contract asking me to be real, I’m going to be real. If you’re going to do something stupid, I’m going to call you out. That’s what I’m here to do. I am not here to make friends and I tell every single one of the girls that.”

    This is a contradiction. You can not go on screen and cry about your friendships (Vicki and Gretchen) and then say it is all business. These things do not go hand in hand.

    Parading around like you are gods gift to television (Andy Cohen refers to me as “the perfect Housewife”) and taking pride in obliterating your opposition by bashing their lively hood (Gretchen), relationships ( Vicki, Alexis and Gretchen) and mocking someones religion (Alexis)is the making of a severely disturbed character with no compassion or care for how it affects others. She can never seem to say anything positive about anyone.

    Gretchen, you trashed your friendship with Alexis because you felt she was suddenly being fake. You chose “Real” with Tamra instead. I don’t feel sorry for you. Not one bit.

    Jose and Rox, I am sorry that you were blamed by Tamra when clearly it is just more of the same from her. You waited over an hour for the interview to boot. It just goes to show that a first impression goes a long way. Any Tamra fans out there should just keep this in mind. Tamra says in her interview with Jose, “I don’t lie, I don’t cheat, and I don’t exaggerate.”

    Claiming that her words were twisted during her interview is a lie.

    • I totally agree Crywolf. Tamra is a nasty piece of work who is incapable of maintaining friendships with other females. She claims she’s “real”, but she really is just classless trailer trash.

      • Someone on this blog called Tamra the “Honey Boo Boo of the OC.” Although, I think that is insulting to Honey Boo Boo. Tamra is jealous of the younger better looking “housewives” on this show. Tamra is a liar; I believe Rox & Jose over her any day.

        • LOL yes the Honey Boo Boo she is, but seriously Tamra is showing us the same person she has always bee. While I do not agree with her or like the way she behaves, Getchen is just as bad! She always protects her friends? Really? I do not think Alexis would agree with that statement. It is so funny but at first I disliked Alexis the most but she is now the only one who is not being a mean girl.

          • I kind of feel badly for Alexis; she seems harmless. Her marriage is a little old fashioned for me, but if it works for them, then go for it.

          • I don’t mind Alexis either. Someone had to fill this franchise,s role for ‘ditz trophy wife of a controlling older husband’. Do these ladies even realize that when they all start to attack one person that usually makes that person more sympathetic to most viewers? It seems like they never learn because every one of these shows does the same thing, and it always backfires.

        • ITA Just sayin. Gretchen saying that she always protects her friends is laughable. What friends has she ever had on this show other than Alexis? She had a friend in Alexis and not only did she not defend her but she stabbed her in the back. The Fox 5 fiasco was absurd. It is the equivalent of saying, “Hey, by the way…your boyfriend liked me first and asked me out before he asked you.” WHO would SAY THAT? Gretchen would. She kinda has this coming. I think that calling Tamra Honey boo boo is an insult to that sweet child though. At least Alana has a good heart. Tamra has no heart and no care or concern for anyone but herself.

          • I agree with what everyone is saying. I do not feel bad for gretchen what so ever. She deserves this. She jeopardized her friendship with alexis for this?! Haha. Good. And then shes insulted tamra said they arent as close and she doesnt like any of the housewives singing? And it pisses me off that tampra wants to say her words were mixed up. I’m sorry, i thought you were “real.” and now you’re going back on your words?! Kiss my ass lady. I really wish they would do an interview for alexis. I would love to know whats going on in her life, how her businesses are doing, and why she chose to come back after quiting. I also see in the previews heather starts attacking alexis and saying she “doesnt want to be near her,” well dear, with a face like yours, i wouldnt want to either! I’m not trying to be rude but seriously what other excuse does she have not liking alexis besides alexis being “pretentious?” seriously?! Thats by far the stupidest excuse I have ever heard of for someone not liking someone. Heather is a bitch, period point BLANK. Talk about pretentious with “my kids dont have enough bathrooms!” seriously?! With people struggling to put food on the table this bitch is crying because her children dont have enough bedrooms and bathrooms in their 16 mil dollar home. Disgusting sick woman. You should be ashamed of yourself

  • Tamra is a “user friend”. She will use you and when you are no longer needed, she will strike venum and find a new user friend. Like now her new bff is fancy pants.
    I feel that she seems she is better then anyone now that she has a business and getting married to Eddie.

  • I feel bad for Gretchen too. It seems like Tamra always has something negative to say about everyone. (I’m waiting for Heather’s turn –I know it’s coming) I know some people don’t like Gretchen but she’s the reason I started watching these shows. I was changing the channels one day and there she was on the end of a pier with one of those swim-noodle things between her legs laughing and acting all silly about it and she just struck me as–wow there’s something special about this girl. I thought she was vivacious and funny and pretty. I watched the rest of the show and saw Vicki ( boo) and Tamra all up at the lake and from then on I have watched every episode of every franchise of RHWo. Gretchen is definitely one of my favorites and I hope she doesn’t disappoint this season !! (I know she won’t !) YOU ROCK GRETCH !!!! PS Gretchen–you can do so much better than Tubba wubba–please let him go………DO NOT marry that !!!

  • Tamara is a nobody, and has no business owning a fitness studio. What a joke. She used to say she starved herself to stay skinny! It sucks that Gretchen supported Tamara’s business, and Tsmara rips Gretchen apart. Tamara has always been two faced and jealous. Team Simon

  • Tamra speaks before she thinks. I also think she’s sarcastic and her humour can be biting. Whatever Gretchen did to upset Tamra neither of them say. However it’s clear that Tamra is insensitive but there’s nothing new there.

  • I hardly know where to begin. Self made entrepreneur, you were left several million dollars from your Fake rich boyfriend. Fans touched by your lyrics, sorry but I would have to see that in print to believe that statment. And lose my integrity, oh please, PINKY, help me here, cause I’m laughing to hard to type!

    • My thoughts exactly Barbara i gaged when i read that comment

      These women are so delusional give em 15 mins of fame and they think their mother Teresa or Cher LMAO

      When these HW show come to an end no one will remember em id already forgotten bout Alexis until i read a post that mentioned her

  • gosh tamera always with the foot in mouth. At this point Tamera needs to leave this girl alone. She is always the aggressor.

  • I feel bad for Gretchen. Tamra is no one’s friend as you can watch on OC. Tamra turns on her friends once she finds a new one.
    Gretchen as you can see Roxy is as honest as it gets. She records her interviews (smart girl).
    Be careful Gretchen Tamra is no one’s friend. She isn’t a loyal friend BEWARE!

    • Tamara is trying to do as many interviews and press events as she can right now because she needs publicity for her new fitness studio, I think it is called CUT. Tamara knows exactly how to play the sick Bravo game – attack a housewife you are fake friends with, cause controversy, other housewive responds, story gets bigger, more press for news business adventure.

      These ladies use and abuse each other constantly for fame and money, period!

      • Yes they all do it, it is disturbing and seems like it is getting worse over the years/seasons. I keep watching and waiting for the day the Housewives house of cards will fall…

        • I’m with you CaTfAcE – sooner or later this house will fall – and I, for one, cannot wait! The real housewives franchise is about as real as the tooth fairy! No wait, at least with the tooth fairy you get something real in return.

        • Agree. I have been watching this franchise for quite some time and I think once they added Teresa’s family it seemed like TPTB completely changed the premise of the show. The fighting, cattiness, pettiness, and overall bitchiness is just to much. OF course I am still going to watch because it is like a train wreck waiting to happen, but seriously I wonder if these women realize how awful they actually look!!!

          • I totally agree with all of you! NJ ruined the HWs for me. I really can not all the edited drama. These shows used to be light & fun…now they are always dark & scary! :•|
            But I do continue to watch the train wreck. I really don’t know if I can watch NJ though.

          • You know at the end me the day there HW makes my family and friends seen so normal and well adjusted maybe that’s y i watch these shows lol

  • Only a narcissist wouldn’t understand that bashing someone’s livelihood and art wouldn’t hurt someone. Tamara’s gross.

  • That’s so sad. Gretchen actually thought Tamra was her friend and Tamra randomly blast her. I have sympathy for Gretcehn

    • Mila, I agree. I really enjoyed their new-found friendship last season. I don’t want them to take “two steps forward, three steps back,” type of thing.

      I have liked Tamra in the past, but am curious to see how she is portrayed in this upcoming season. She definitely could be seen as a mean girl. She made me have sympathy for Alexis and I can’t STAND Alexis!!!!

    • In my opinion Tamra only made friends with Gretchen to use her to hurt Alexis. I was not a fan of Alexis but I think its wrong what Gretchen did to her. Friends dont do that to each other and i despise her solely for turning on her friend…

      • AHH Alexis i forgot that nut case and that awful controlling creepy husband me hers but yeah that wasn’t nice or rite me Gretchen to do that to her even tho i can’t stand her and everything the girls said to her was true

        i would’ve backed her anyway

  • That’s iur Tamra! Although, I don’t think her comment was that hurtful. That’s very tame and mild compared to her usual MO.

    • I agree. I am sure she said it tongue in cheek, but is not being taken a little more aggressively. I am a somewhat fan of Tamra, but she needs to think before she speaks. What I don’t like about her is I feel like she is always pointing fingers and not owning what she has done or said.

      • I think its hilarious in an interview where she says shes a bitch because shes HONEST and calls it how she sees it…. she’s caught lying and even calls the blogger a liar.

        I loved Tamra before the divorce.. Maybe this controlling she accused Simon of was him actually looking out for her and trying to prevent her from ruining her own image with her lies and nasty behavior.. now simon is gone and her reputation left with him.


        • Oh and Gretchen gets no points from me.. she turned on Alexis (even tho i didnt like Alexis) just to make Tamra happy. I think Tamra only made up with Gretchen to use her as a tool to hurt Alexis. So both of these assholes can shove it. haha

          • I agree! Karma is a *****! For many seasons Tamara tried to Destroy Gretchen! Alexis had her back! Gretchen turned on her so fast you barely had time to blink. I made a comment about this on twitter and Gretchen “DM’ed” me which I didn’t think was necessary! If Gretchen thought Tamara was a friend then she is a fool.

          • EXACTLY!! What a liar and phony, old Gretchen is, by her own words. Oh I want to help ’empower’ women.., when she couldn’t
            wait to tear apart her ‘friend’ ,Alexis making sure all the other
            women joined in, on the bashing as well. Lying Hypocrite.

        • Say What, I totally agree. Remember the scene (don’t remember the season) Tamra & Simon were celebrating her bday, and she was being crude as usual. Simon said somthing like, “my friends wonder why I put up with you.” She is an embarrassment especially to her kids. The bathtub scene with Eddie will live forever on Youtube!

      • srt, I too am a Tamara fan! I never have cared for Gretchen! Do you think these two could be lying to us for publicity or just for rating and pay? Never know! But I am excited to see the New season of O.C.!

        • Oh ya also I don’t like any housewives singing! All of them use auto tune! It’s all crazy funny!

    • I did like Tamra in the begging but as the seasons go by she’s getting bitch n bitch and IMO i feel she may be a little jealous of Grdtchen.

      However she is right Gretchen IMO can’t sing i thought she was awful when she did the pussycat show if she was good you would think they would ask her to stay or come on again

      • Tamra and Gretchen are both back stabbing *******. Neither have any loyalty. I liked Heather ‘rnt i rich and wonderful’ Dubrow but shes turned nasty and shes a rubbish actress. Vickys just a bully. Alexis seems to have got real and realised she shouldnt have to make people like her.