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Lisa Vanderpump Says Kim Richards Was Being Over Emotional; Doesn’t Trust Kyle Richards!

RHOBH star Lisa Vanderpump took to her blog to discuss Monday’s episode. Lisa says Kim was being over emotional when Lisa simply asked if Kim had taken a sleeping pill. Lisa also talks friendship with Kyle and says she just doesn’t trust her!

“I had suggested that maybe it would be fun and a unique experience to take a cooking class with the girls. Oh how wrong could I be? It wasn’t exactly the gastronomic pleasure I had envisaged. . .

We had arranged to meet at about 6:30 pm, outside of the hotel. I had spent the morning with Kim, separated before lunch and then spent the afternoon with Yolanda at the Notre Dame. We were all acutely aware that there was a significant change in Kim’s behavior, but couldn’t quite understand what exactly was responsible for the shift. I knew she wasn’t drinking, for sure, and I support her a 1000 percent in her struggle with sobriety. But she seemed sleepy, lethargic, rambling, and almost incoherent at times. We waited for her for a substantial amount of time,which in the past had been a bit of a ritual and finally she joined us.

She still seemed not herself so I asked her in my naïveté, as there is such a difficult time change of nine hours, if she had taken a sleeping pill. I am ignorant of the fact, and have since been educated, that if you struggle with one sort of addiction, it is almost as if you slipped if you indulge in some sort of sleep aid. I didn’t realize the two were synonymous.

Kim was over emotional and volatile, vehemently denying that she had been in her bedroom all day. As I said previously we had left her just before lunch and she didn’t reappear until that evening. . .She was not accurately recalling the events of that afternoon.

As we watch this story unfold, all will be explained. I empathize with her situation, and love and support her.

It was difficult to watch Yolanda stating that because I hadn’t phoned her that I didn’t care about her. We have all been on this adventure tethered together by circumstance for three years and that cannot be erased.

I explained it to Mauricio when he arrived because there had been such a radical change in the dynamic between us. Kim was emotional and it was difficult to fathom. There seemed a tension and what should have been a wonderful experience was rapidly deteriorating.

Paris is one of the most romantic cities I have ever experienced. The incredible architecture, coupled with the little streets, creates a wonderful ambience. Maybe that would encourage one to be idealistic and strive for perfection in our relationships.

Kyle and I still have fun together. You the viewer has seen that. But she repeatedly brings up the question mark over ours. Absolutely the friendship changed, and I have endeavored to explain it to her as best I can. Actions have consequences, and she has difficulty computing that. The ripple effect of the hurt that is caused will manifest a change in any relationship. The trust isn’t there, but I continue to challenge her, intimating that going forward, if she was ever in my corner when under pressure (which sounds ridiculous but occurs frequently in this group of women). I would appreciate it and maybe it would be a step in the right direction towards rebuilding our friendship — back to what it used to be anyway lets not hold our breath.”

Thoughts on what Lisa had to say?

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  • Absolutely adore Lisa on the show, enjoy her snarky witt, she’s funny, has class, intelligent…. (I’m also a Simon Cowell fan & love his snarky witt & sense of humor too… Must be a British thing?!) 🙂

    Yep, I agree with Lisa on this one for Kyle just doesn’t let things go… She was on Kim’s back for couple of seasons & still comments on camera about her. Then last season at the tea party Kyle agreed with Taylor in lieu of Lisa; next the reunion whereas she said things about Lisa & here we are in this season & it’s still all about Lisa for Kyle… She changed the game for camera time & Lisa has told her numerous times their friendship has changed as in real life things change as well… However, Kyle, IMO, keeps brining up the issue over & over… Probably with the encouragement from the producers as it appears she doesn’t really have a storyline this year with the exception of Kim’s sobriety; hating on Brandi & repeatedly confronting Lisa over the friendship deal…. Lisa is articulate & has explained it well, numerous times. Unfortunately, either for camera time or in realiity Kyle just doesn’t let up…. JMO….

  • Do you really think that Lisa has been kind to Kim since season one?

    I seem to remember her always making fun of Kim and the way she behaved, (her talking heads about Kim at any given time) assisting Kyle to humliate Kim (climbing over the balcony in Hawaii), constantly talking about her not showing up. Taylor was worse..when she said at the restaurant this season that she ALWAYS supported Kim I spit out my drink…what a crock!

    On the night of Kim’s famous fight with Taylor when Kim told Kyle that Taylor was a fake friend Lisa wasn’t at all supportive of Kim (the only one who was and I’m sure everyone will hate me for saying it was Adrienne) Lisa always showed how much she disapproved of Kim and looked down on her (facial expressions and such) You could tell she tolerated her for Kyle’s sake. She said just last episode that she’s only just getting to know Kim because she wasn’t sober the first two seasons. She wasn’t kind to her or supportive beyond for contractual obligations. Only Adrienne and Yolanda were housewives who made a point to invite Kim to their homes or to be with them one on one. Adrienne jogging with Kim, Yolanda inviting her over to be at her house. The only three woman who were kind to Kim were Adrienne, Yolanda and Camille (and I think Camille was because Kim wouldn’t side with Kyle and try to bring her down)….interesting. Kyle, Taylor and Lisa were not kind or supportive to Kim season one or two.

    • She was trashing her right along with Kyle that first season. I remember that kitchen scene and Lisa was acting as if Kim was the burden to the family. Lisa and Kyle are too alike is the problem, and neither wants to give up control. However, the fact they were friends for years, and this show ruined that, well, that’s just sad to me. I wouldn’t throw away a friendship for anything. That’s why I think it’s more about the whole fame bug. These women are hungry for fame more and end up forgetting who they are.

  • Agree with mithers 6:00PM, it will make a horrible season if everyone has to tiptoe around the elephant in the room. I think Kim should leave the show and deal with her personal issues. I also disagree with most of you and think that Lisa is correct. I don’t think that Lisa’s relationship with Kyle will ever be the same and Kyle has to accept that and Kim was too emotional, but she is in an emotional state of affairs in her life right now and doesn’t need to be on the show.

    • Agree, I think Kim ruined the whole trip for everyone, she was not ready for this trip yet, she is too fragile. Maybe she should concentrate on herself for awhile and do some deep soul searching and get well, maybe with others that are going through the same situation?

    • Thanks Mary! And I don’t think Lisa was horrible at all, but depending on the person and their state of mind, depends on how they receive the joke, the message, whatever! These ladies ALL, have done a great job of supporting her and “tip-toeing” and making things easier for HER, since season 1! Funny how some are quick to forget that. Then her own sister threw it up in her face on camera!

  • I use to really like Lisa but she has become an instigator and trouble maker in so many instances. Then she always plays the innocent! Lisa spent the entire show gossiping about people, putting others down &, in general, stirring the pot. How people don’t see that is beyond me? I think Lisa knew what she was saying about Kim; It was not as innocent as she is trying to make it out to be. She kept talking about it for hours even before she made the remark on the bus. There’s no excuse for the talking behind Kim’s back afterwards-especially with her right at the same table . Kim may be clueless most of time, but even she could figure that out and hear Lisa! Lisa loves puppet friends that she can control & always agree her , hence Brandi, Taylor & Cedric. Lisa seems very needy this season. She defends herself wonderfully. why does she need friends constantly helping her out when she can handle her own battles? Lisa is upset that because Kyle did not join her & Brandi “bash Adrienne” bandwagon. If Lisa is willing to throw away her long friendship with Kyle over her relationship with Brandi, so be it. Maybe Kyle is better off without Lisa.

  • Perhaps, when Kim wrote her blog, she didn’t mean literally she had the wrong pills, but it was a matter of being prescribed the wrong cocktail for her issues. That is VERY possible. Levels are a bitch to get right for any individual on those type of medications, and if you’re the slightest bit off, YOU do act like Kim acts.

    Plus, Kim’s body is adjusting to being sober AND taking medication, so that can’t be easy. My aunt is like Kim, and she hates taking her meds for this same reason, and I would rather she be on them and KNOW there are going to be this issues than think she’s not taking anything. Now the fact NONE of these women (including so-called expert of all things drugs but has no degree in anything Brandi) aren’t aware of this tells me this is Bravo’s doing. More and more I think these stories are just fabricated to the point where you don’t know what to truly believe.

    I think that’s what she meant not that she literally was given the wrong prescription, but she didn’t express it correctly. Kim isn’t that articulate all the time, but I like her when she’s just being Kim, funny and a goofball.

    Lisa does seem to have changed quite a bit since the whole Adrienne thing, and she was the one I enjoyed the most besides Kim and Camille. Fame bug hit Kyle, and now it’s hitting Lisa, and she’ll probably be worse after DWTS, if she lasts a while.

  • You can’t join a reality show hiding an addiction to pills and alcohol and then get all pissy and defensive when a cast mate calls you out on said addiction to pills and alcohol.

  • it’s ridiculous that lisa is being used as a scapegoat for kim’s behavior. kim was acting strangely, she was rambling and slurring her words, she did sleep for a long time, all the other ladies were concerned about her and talked about kim behind her back wondering if she’s on anything. lisa questioned her in the van and that makes her the enemy? you gotta be kidding me. i think there is something more to it. it seemed to me kim used lisa to get attention. she wanted everyone to look at her and feel sorry for her and it worked. kim is a dramatic person and likes to play victim. she’s not fooling me. kim can be manipulative, two faced and shady and is an excellent liar. so lisa asking if she’s okay in her face isn’t good enough? lisa has to make a phone call to be really concerned? i never knew that stupid rule. maybe everyone should get the memo so nobody will be accused of not caring over a freakin txt.

    • Amen!!! “Scapegoat for her behavior’. Deflection is a main them for Bravo shows ! Lets not forget the many faces of Kim on the balcony last week- that was hilarious, but scary at same time. I said last week, if she relapsed, I would have more respect for her just admitting that instead of the blubbering blog we got! And if I was wrong, then I would apologize.. but I don’t think Im wrong! And I so agree- we have seen Kim be those things, she gets no free pass from me other then at times I felt bad for her because her relationship with Kyle, and her sobriety struggles.

  • Just like Yo said…there was no reason for Lisa to keep talking to everyone about Kim while Kim was right there…Lisa thinks she is just so above everyone else…

  • Wow, the “few” of you that hate Lisa are so dead wrong with your reasoning. Kim was definitely on something as it was so obvious to see. I think I need to loan my “scary” name to quite a few of you as many of you seem to be taking the same drugs kim is.

  • Kim is incredibly immature as well as an addict. She was a complete and total fair weather friend to Lisa. Loving her and harping on Kyle because she knew Lisa had issues with her as well, then exhibiting the same behavior with Kyle for the same purpose. Typical addict behavior. Manipulating the room to deflect attention off of yourself. Kim was in a complete fog and don’t be fooled. She knew it. She might have even over medicated or “confused” her meds on purpose. She is not at the point where anyone can trust her. Lisa wasn’t going from person to person. She expressed concern to Kim’s sister and brother in law. She was clearly very concerned when she realized that Kim had zero recollection of how she had spent her entire day.

    As far as Kyle and Lisa go, I find it very interesting that Kyle said NOTHING when Yolanda insinuated that maybe Lisa just doesn’t care anymore. Kyle knows that is not the case. She knows that Lisa was coming from a loving place and has been extremely supportive of Kim. Yet again Kyle says nothing. Yet again, she doesn’t defend Lisa. It’s so obvious that Kyle has no problem with people thinking badly about Lisa. I’m sorry, but that is NOT how a friend behaves!

    • How does Kyle know that isn’t the case and that Lisa was coming from a “loving place?” In her talking head, Kyle said she thinks Lisa was joking about the pills. That’s not coming from a loving place, that’s making light of a delicate situation. Lisa also made ZERO effort to call Kim and see how she was doing the next day after she hurt her feelings, so clearly, Lisa doesn’t care all that much. I love when Lisa is wrong, people still find reasons to blame Kyle.

    • And, I find it funny how you’re calling Kyle out for not defending Lisa when Yolanda was the one bad-mouthing Lisa about not caring for Kim and not defending Lisa either.

      • Why would Lisa “joke” about pills when she went through this with Kim and Kyle and showed support? Here Kyle is missing Lisa and crying for her to be back in her life. If she wasn’t loving then why does Kyle want the friendship back? Can’t have it both ways. If you support Kyle then how can you bash Lisa so harshly when clearly Kyle wants her in her life.

        And YES, Yolanda bashed Lisa….right in front of Kyle. Why didn’t Kyle say something? Why didn’t she tell Yolanda, “You’re wrong! Lisa cares about Kim” Kyle hasn’t liked one word out of Yolanda’s mouth all season. All of the sudden she speaks the truth?? Interesting…

        • Funny how you’re acting like Lisa only asked Kim abou the pills as though she were concerned when everyone there agreed that Lisa was just joking around with Kim.

  • On the question of Lisa and Kyle’s friendship, Lisa has been very clear. She forgives Kyle, but no longer expects her to defend her or back her up. Kyle has lost Lisa’s trust. Trust cannot be regained by words, only be actions. So, if Kyle is sincere about wanting Lisa’s friendship, her path is clear.

    Instead of saying she wants to be Lisa’s friend, she needs to show it by not going along with the producers’ request to drag the uninvited Resnick to Lisa’s party or by being direct with Kim when she says Lisa is phony and fake and saying “No, she’s not, you just want us to talk about Lisa instead of our concern about how you seem out of it on this trip.”

    People are bent out of shape about Lisa’s blog post. I think it’s pretty rational for someone who saw that Kyle went along with Kim’s Lisa-bashing in the morning and then shortly after pleaded to restore their friendship. How many hours were those events apart?

  • All the women voiced their concern that something was wrong with Kim. All of the questioned her sobriety and said things like “deja vu” and “Hawaii all over again.” Lisa became the butt because like any addict, when questioned, Kim got defensive and deflected. Lisa happened to be the one she decided to deflect on, but it could have easily been Brandi, or Kyle or Yolanda. The point was not who she chose to deflect on, but that she deflected, distracting the conversation from her behavior to another party. She has honed her addiction skills well.

    • i agree totally cajsa. it was very strange how upset she got over lisa’s questions. i understand getting annoyed but she got so angry that it was unbelievable. i do think she did that on purpose to get sympathy and to deflect away from the obvious which is she was under the influence of something.

  • As I’ve said before in my own past issues with substance abuse, your almost always put on medications when you leave rehab. I was put on 2 medications…one would cause me to have a rush of energy for several hours and the other would cause me to look extremely tired and I would often forget things. I would read a book and completely forget the chapter I had just read.
    The way Lisa behaved was deplorable. Kim clearly had some confusion on the days events, but it wasn’t much different than Lisa’s re-telling of the bus story to Maurico, which wasn’t entirely accurate either.
    I have yet, in 3 seasons, see Lisa take accountability for anything ever. Her blogs are ridiculous and she goes out of her way to write her blogs like she’s Shakespeare. She never says I’m sorry and if she does admit she was wrong there is always a BUT – for instance when she decided that Brandi was OK afterall she said she was sorry for judging too soon, but quickly blamed it on Kyle’s assessment of Brandi and game night.
    To me, this episode is the beginning of the true Lisa being shown…we all know how Bravo loves to build a housewife up and tear them down by showing the worst of them. I really think Lisa is going to start to go the way of Caroline Manzo, Vicki Gunvalson and Jill Zarin.

  • So sad, first time I ever had a problem with Lisa. Kim has problems and they don’t need to continue to be pointed out. She shouldn’t be on the show and Bravo shouldn’t make money on her problems.

    Kyle needs to be supportive and not enabling. When Brandi is the logical one on the show, we have jumped the shark.

  • I know that Lisa is not being dishonest, she is choosing to not acknowledge her inappropriate and hurtful behavior.

    Lisa joked about Kim’s behavior, the fact that Kim is an alcoholic and is clean..this is not something to be joked about, that is not explained as Kim being over sensitive. What Lisa did was identical to, if Kim had joked about jiggy’s medical condition. Lisa would have a feeling about that.

    Kim has the right to her feelings and I believe she experienced the right feelings.

    Way to be accountable Lisa and Lisa lost all sorts of credibility to how she chose to speak at Kyle.

    Most humans would be honored that their friend is saying, hey our friendship needs to exist.Apparently, Lisa does not want that.

  • I didn’t think that anyone came out looking great after the last episode everything seems contrived now cast change time

  • Shoot Kim looks like she relapsed in her talking heads.

    On to Kyle & Lisa’s issues…I think they need to just let it go as in the friendship it’s hard to repair a friendship after you’ve felt “done wrong” by them after so many times.

    • Speaking of Kim’s Talking Heads, Thank God she threw away that pink polka-dotted blouse with the huge BOW tied underneath her neck that she wore in her Talking Heads all last season. I knew she had a substance abuse problem when I saw that she even WORE that HORRIFIC shirt!!

      • OMFG. That. Shirt. There’s an actual circle of hell reserved for that ugly frigging thing. Legend has it that every time she popped up on the screen wearing it last season, Tim Gunn punched a fashion fairy in the face…

  • I like kim but she has relapsed onto something. She is slurring her words & is incoherent almost all the time. She is making no sense.

    • Of course Kim has relapsed. And most probably on perscription drugs. All the ladies were concerned about it.

      Lisa played it off in a remark. Let’s burn Lisa at the stake. Jeezus, much ado about nothing.

    • I sometimes wonder if Kim’s behavior is due, not to presently abusing some type of substance, but instead, possible neurological damage as a result of YEARS of abusing alcohol (and possibly OTHER things. I know she claims it was only alcohol with which she had a problem, but I’m not so sure I believe her. I like, and I am rooting for Kim. But I just have to be honest).

      Then, at other times, I wonder if some of her odd behavior is simply just the result of having an eccentric, quirky and a bit of an odd personality.

      • I think she is quirky but her quirkiness may be a bit extreme due to her years of alcohol abuse. A few people in my family who abused alcohol seem to be not all there now, some of them though also used a lot of other drugs.

  • I wish people would quit making excuses for Lisa and all you guys bashing Kyle, Adrienne or whomever to start calling Lisa out on her crap as well and lift the blinders when it comes to her because she’s just as bad. She has been the mean girl on many occasions masking it with “British Humor”. She’s very passive aggressive and ‘I’m up here, you’re down there’ type person. Lisa holds grudges and can’t move on more than anyone on the damn show – why is that okay for her to do, but not anyone else? Bottom line, these women get paid to tear each other down and run with the fake story lines (shame on Bravo – what’s wrong with lifting each other up and being supportive? People wonder why our world is so messed up!). I wish Lisa would take some responsibility for her actions…maybe that’s why she bugs me more so than the others. At least Kyle takes responsibility or explains her thinking and then takes responsibility be it Bravo, twitter, her personal blog etc., even Brandi does that to some extent. Not Lisa…she in turn writes an insulting blog about how Kyle doesn’t understand their friendship has changed, Kim is over emotional etc. Dumb.

    • If any of these shows were to be supportive and about lifting each other up, nobody will watch.
      Trash TV is the new black!

    • no lisa is not an bad as the others. she does make mistakes like anyone else but she isn’t two faced, backstabbing, manipulative, and doesn’t constantly lie and isn’t as catty as the others. lisa is much more tolerable and it’s crazy when i see people trying to find something to be angry with about her. i don’t get it. someone mentioned in another blog that people tend to nitpick to make themselves feel better and i guess that is what some people do. these people pick the most put together, intelligent, and mature person and try to tear them down.

      • Rukidding- agree! I like Lisa, and I never thought anything wrong with her, or her take on things.

  • We can all see Kim was on something. The ladies could see Kim was on something. Sorry, but I think Lisa should not have chosen that moment to push the obvious. Once it was clear that Kim wasn’t clear on the day’s events, Lisa should have just sat back and moved on to the topic of the cooking class and Paris. Lisa should have let Kyle and Kim have their moment on the bus and not pushed her way back into a moment that she should have left alone in the first place. I really don’t think Lisa was appropriate to continue to rehash the Kim drama with Mauricio, Ken or whoever. I find it really disrespectful to discuss someone as if they don’t exist or can’t comprehend what you’re saying.

    I usually like Lisa but in this episode, I was really annoyed by her. Oversensitive or not, Kim should not have been discussed and treated as she was by Lisa.

    • With regard to her interaction with Kim, Lisa annoyed me this episode as well (although I will give her room to be human and make mistakes. If this kind of behavior becomes a pattern with her, however, I will no longer love her).

      • Yet, somehow, Kyle always walks away smelling like roses! Damn, I wish I had those skills.

        • No, she doesn’t. If you check out other blogs, the majority of people cannot stand Kyle and have not been able to stand her since Season 2. She is often called “the new Jill Zarin.”

          Also, if you check out her BRAVO blog comments, she gets ripped to shreds.

          • Kyle is the new Jill! She corners Lisa to confront her about the friendship, calls her manipulative, calculating and tells her she holds grudges. Then Lisa has to say everything is perfect and she loves her just to end the torture. I don’t think the relationship can be saved; Kyle can’t be trusted.

          • You make a good point, T.

            I DO have to say that I trust them more since they changed their system. Before they did, Teresa’s blog comments were overwhelmingly negative even though she had so much support from so many fans based on social media and much support on other blogs.

            Once they changed their system, however, I noticed that, despite the fact that BRAVO seems to have it out for Teresa for some reason, she started receiving overwhelmingly positive comments.

            Also, since Kyle has some sort of stake in RHOBH, I would think BRAVO would be more inclined to let mostly POSITIVE comments through for Kyle (She is not just a cast member. I think she was the one who put the majority of Season 1’s cast together for BRAVO, and she negotiated to have some type of stake that provides her with some kind of bonus and/or perks from BRAVO based on the cast members SHE brings to the show. I think this is why she was chomping at the bit so hard to get The Morally Corrupt Faye Rancid on the show. ).

            I DO notice that sometimes there will be several negative comments for her and, after a couple of days, many of those are erased (I guess the intern responsible for deleting those is either asleep or off at certain points. LOL).

            Again, you DO make a good point, though, T. If you don’t trust BRAVO, check out the comments on “Reality Tea,” “Stoopid Housewives,” “Lynn’s Place,” and “Tamara Tattles” when it comes to Kyle.

            Also, check out not only the comments, but also the BRILLIANTLY written recaps by Julie Klausner (Her recaps and her writing in general are AWESOME) on “Vulture” (She was in the clubhouse with Andy serving as the bartender recently on WWHL. She’s surprisingly very attractive).

            She describes Kyle perfectly and detests her with the heat of 1000 suns (So do the majority of the commenters there).

          • LOL @ T!!!! We should not really ever 100 % trust anything Bravo… but we keep watching ! 😉

  • Honestly Kyle probably shouldn’t trust Lisa. I mean who would want to have a friend that holds grudges and then true to manipulate you into saying what she wants and stuff? Liss is going to become or already is turning into Caroline Ew Ew Ew

    • Who would want a friend who knowingly allows others to coordinate an attack on your business and not warn you, stand up for you or support you? but instead, threw her issues into the same pot as the others. Lisa is not refusing to be Kyles friend. She just no longer trusts her enough to allow her close enough to HURT her again. Like any sane person would do.

      Kyle was shitty to Lisa and refuses to take responsability for it. Obviously she feels she has done nothing wrong. Thats Kyles right. But if Lisa feels otherwise then she does NOT have to pretend she was not hurt and open her heart up again to be hurt by the same person.

      • Yes, say what, agreed! And Kyle is used to people taking her little ” Im sorry ” and moving on.. well guess what Kyle? Thats not enough to fix everything maybe, and that does not erase the hurt and betrayal you caused- its a band-aid over a bullet hole. When she realizes that and addresses it properly, I think Lisa would totally change her current tune with her. People keep screaming about Lisa this, Lisa that.. Lisa never takes responsibility.. When will Kyle? Or half the cast? Why the focus is only one one or 2 people ALWAYS is crap.

      • Kyle did stand up for Lisa, just not at the reunion. Lisa is allowed to feel hurt and that’s fine she can be hurt if she wants to but Lisa is holding a grudge and she demands things as if she is entitled to them when she isn’t.

  • Lisa is right on. It was uncomfortable watching her talk to Maurice but oh well… Lisa did nothing wrong on the bus talking to Kim. I like Kim but there is no doubt she was loaded with Lisa earlier in the day. I dont care what medication she claimed she mixed up. She was on NARCTOTICS and nothing will make me believe otherwise.

    Kim brought up that HER relationship with her sister has changed. She said her sister is a different person.. Lisa responed with.. yes, my relationshop with Kyle has also changed. Kim ran and told Kyle what Lisa said but not that she had started the conversation. Kim was stirring the pot.

    And how about Kyle throwing her sister under teh bus yet AGAIN by saying she doesnt want Kim to come between her friendship with Lisa. Kyle is shitty!

    • ITA! Kim just traded addictions. It happens all the time. I always remember she was kinda a big deal when she was young. She did contribute a lot to her family money wise. Like so many child stars, she has loads of problems.

      Kyle, on the other hand, is completely obsessed with maintaining her ‘rep’ as innocent and a good friend and wife. Though, imo, she’s nothing more than a gossip & mean girl. But because of her husband’s business she has to keep her horns hidden and her halo high. =)

    • How is that throwing Kim under the bus? She plainly stated that whatever issues Lisa and Kim are having, she doesn’t want it to affect her friendship with Lisa. I fail to see where/how Kyle is throwing Kim under the bus?

    • Kim did not bring it up. Ken asked (doing Lisa’s dirty work..for sure) How are things with your sister. WHY would they…HE bring that up? Scripted drama…Lisa got away with not brining it up because she wants to say what she wants but doesn’t want to bring it up. Does no one remember at Brandi’s Vegas dinner Lisa encouraged Brandi (who passed off to Jennifer) to tell about lawyergate situation. Lisa gets others to open the door..and then she steps RIGHT in!

      • Agree 100% Lysel. Just like at the White Party when she pulled Taylor aside and said “Now repeat to me what you were trying to tell me at the tea party the other day about the email Russell sent to Camille and the letter Brandi got” (acting as if it was something Taylor was trying to tell her but didn’t get to finish)…then Taylor says “Yes as I was telling you at the tea party and then again earlier today”…Lisa REALLY wanted to make sure Taylor was captured saying that on camera.
        Also just like when Lisa called Camille and asked her to pull her aside at the seance and say on camera that she wasn’t friends with Taylor so that Lisa could prove Kyle and Adrienne wrong.

    • Thank you! Kim has admitted to being on the wrong meds. What if something terrible had happened to Kim?! Would everyone be saying how terrible Lisa was to NOT say anything? The woman cant win for trying with this crowd here. Thanks god there are sane people here.

      • Kim didn’t know she was on the wrong meds. She was upset that Lisa insinuated she was abusing pills! Whether Lisa was coming from a place of concern or not, she hurt Kim’s feelings by asking if she’s taking sleeping pills or whatever.

        • Nicole with all due respect, because I do have comment respect for you , LOL, how in the hell do you keep taking wrong pills on a trip? How do you NOT know you have wrong meds, and why keep taking them if you are not feeling “right”? And I may be wrong here, but in her blog last week, did she not say she had to see a doctor while she was in Paris , because of the problems she was having?

          • I’m not Kim, so I do know. But giving Kim the benefit of the doubt here, she said she was on the wrong pills. Why she continued to take them, I don’t know. Maybe she doesn’t know how to follow simple doctor instructions or something.

            But at the end of the day, Kim does have every right to feel hurt by Lisa’s comment especially because Lisa was making light of her sobriety and vulnerability. She made a joke about Kim taking sleeping pills. Instead of speaking directly to Kim about it after Kim has calmed down, she pulled everyone aside to discuss Kim further and never (yet) issued an apology. Instead of saying she’s sorry, she makes excuses for herself and blames Kim for being too overly sensitive and emotional.

          • Maybe to Kim it seemed under sensitive( is that a word?) But not everyone walks on eggs shells.. what is funny to one may not be to someone else, looking back I think Lisa realized maybe with Kim that was not the right joke, who knows? I think , personally everyone went through enough and if she continued to stay on the show, she needs to get alittle tougher now that she is sober. The show is not the Kim show and is not supposed to be everyone ignoring the elephant in the room! Not everyone is cut from the same cloth, and if that is how Lisa is , so be it! Kim was not right on that trip. No one has to keep skirting around “feelings” to pacify on e person- thats ridiculous.And when others do not have the experience to deal with one in Kim’s situation, they should not have to suffer for it.

          • Exactly! Not everyone is cut from the same cloth. Lisa hurt Kim’s feelings with her joke and Kim is overly sensitive, instead of apologizing to Kim for making light of her situation and joking with her about it, Lisa blames it on the fact that Kim is overly sensitive.

            Lisa admittedly said she was naive when it come to sobriety and pills and that she didn’t know she shouldn’t joke about that or ask if Kim was on sleeping pills. But why is she STILL, in her blog, blaming the fact that Kim was hurt on her being too sensitive instead of just saying “Sorry, I didn’t know better and I apologize for hurting your feelings.” Lisa says hurtful things wrapped around a joke and when she’s confronted about it hurting someone’s feelings, instead of apologizing, she gets defensive and continues to say “it was a joke” until she’s forced to issue an apology.

          • Thank you Michers! How much of a mess was she that she took the wrong pils on vacation and why does an addict have so many pills?

          • My mother has two small pills that look entirely alike, same size, same color, the only difference is one has a small indent on one side. I have had to go thru her pill box and just make sure that she’s put the right one in each day because they look so much alike. You don’t generally take the entire bottle with you when you go away (at least I don’t) you put them in a daily pill box and keep it moving. That totally could have happened. What I’m more interested in is what Yolanda means when she says that Kim forgot her kindness…now that is interesting..because as much as Yo sometimes annoys me with her I’m perfect act..I do think she is pretty much straight forward. I totally can imagine her liking Brandi (similar backgrounds (in terms of modeling) Yo just did a better job of her marriages than Brandi and that’s prob because she appears (and prob is) classier. Don’t much like Brandi (tolerated her in this episode…I think Bravo is pushing her career for her) I think she is tacky and opportunistic, but I do have to say in THIS episode she was right to tell Lisa NOT to go out to the car. Back to the point. I think it is very possible Kim took the wrong pills. She is still (as far as we know) clean and sober and I still believe she is the nicest of the housewives with the least agenda. I think she truly just wants to be happy after all these years. I hate how people bash her like she’s an awful person. I don’t think what she did with regard to Brandi was so horrible. I think people tend to use Kim in all sorts of ways and like the usual story of child stars, she is damaged. Her mother was NOT a saint and she took herself away from the spotlight very early in her career…18 and declared financial independence..if there was no prob with her mom and family..why would she do that. I think she was used and continues to be by people who are stronger and more manipulative than she.

        • Youre looking at it wrong in my opinon.
          Consider the other angle. Lisa CLEARLY knew Kim was loaded early in the morning. She KNEW BRAVO would air that scene with kim rambling and being loaded. Her trying to get Kim to rememeber and trying to explain her behavior away with a sleeping medication was a GIFT. To give Kim a chance to explain her odd behavior earlier. But instead Kim reacted like all guilty drug addicts react. Lashing out and being angry and turning the tables on the person who busted them.

          I understand addiction. I recognize Kims behavior and I dont dislike Lisa so much that i see everything with a critical eye.

          We all have different opinions on many topics. But on this, I stand firm in my belief that Kim relapsed in Paris. Its not a big deal. NO ONE goes through recovery without relapse. It happens to all addicts. Accepting it and getting back on track and remaining on track is whats important. I lost respect for Kim on this episode. She watched this episode then lied to all of us saying it was a medication mix up. She should have been honest and said she messed up but has gotten back on track and remained sober. S

          • agree say what, Kim definitely relasped and then lied about mixing her meds up. Someone up thread mentioned that people don’t usually take their bottle of meds on trips but put them in daily doses. Correct me if i’m wrong, but I believe airlines require all medications to be in their orginal bottles. That being the case, Kim was taking the pills out of the bottles. Either way, I have never heard of sobriety pills. She was high on narcotics or something like xanax. Alot of recovering addicts fall off of the wagon, just don’t lie to us about.

      • Exactly Crywolf. If you read Kim’s blog last week, it is all over the place with excuses…and I said on the other thread today, after the other trips they have had with Kim, and everything they all went through with her and supporting her, how can you not question things with her in regards to her behavior at times? Its reminiscent of her past.

        • Kyle and Yolanda both said they were concerned that Kim might do something (accidently). They were pounding on Kims door to rouse her from whatever.

          Kyle and Yolanda also made comments as to Kims state of being. They just didn’t say it in front of her.

          Lisa was confused as she had spent the morning with Kim, and Kim was rambling then.

          So… it was all about concern for Kim. Not blowing some joke out of proportion because little Kimmy can’t get her shit together.

          • Kim should not be on this show at this early stage of her sobriety regardless of whether she is relapsing or not. And frankly, the fact that she is fragile enough to crumble under the strain of a trip abroad with friends and family, apparently ‘mix up’ her medication (if you buy her version of events) and fall to pieces at a friend’s tactless joke (which was thoughtless, granted, but told by a woman whose sense of humour she’s known for years and is presumably well versed in by now) just proves to me that she really needs to be fully focused on herself without the stress of filming something as intrusive as a reality tv show while trying to get well.

            Her behaviour in Paris was off the charts and concerning. I questioned it from the minute she flicked her hair and her eyes rolled back in her head on that balcony.

            No amount of deflecting on her behalf can change that fact. She needs time out.

  • I just love how Yo-Yo and I share hair style here. This is my favorite “out & about” hair-do and my same color! YIPPIE! LOL

  • Every time I think I can’t possibly despise Lisa more, I DO. She is so manipulative and sneaky with her words. She absolutely disgusts me.

    • Come on now KIM did relapse on something. Her eyes were all over the place, that does not happen to people unless they take something. She was jammed. I don’t care what anyone says. When she was on the balcony she was making faces and flipping her hair. Her eyes were rolling. I’m in recovery, I know! And Lisa knows too.

      • Kim wrote last week, that was on ills, but brought the wrong ones, which Im really confused after last night because she stated that she was on pills to help keep her sober. So did she bring wrong ones, or was on other things?

        • Yeah, that’s kind of confusing. And yes, that was major ‘rolling’ behavior on the balcony. Lisa’s implications that the full story will come out makes me wonder if a confession of relapse is happening in the next episode.

          • Sorry, meant to type “pills”, and yes confusing Ellen! It really blows my mind what people decide to nit pick or harp on. They are in Paris, and something is not right with someone they care about, so lets bash the one who says something upfront, instead of behind her back.

        • Yes michers that DOESN’T MAKE SENSE WHAT KIM SAID.. Unless she is on some kind of personality disorder medication ..antidepressants , lithium Ect…. I don’t understand what she means by pills to help her stay sober ????

        • At this moment i wouldn’t or i should say i find whatever Kim says or writer not to be true

          she may not be drinking but her behaviour on t.e balcony and shopping with Lisa tells me she def took something i don’t buy the i bought the wrong pills story c’mon

      • I agree Kim was acting weird and appeared to be under the influence of something. I can’t believe she is on prescriptions unless it is something with absolutely no opiates or benzodiazepines in them whatsoever. That being said, she appeared to be under the influence of such type of drug. She didn’t know when she had last seen Lisa in the same day!! Kyle and Yolanda can judge but they were scared to even go to Kim’s room and they admitted this. I don’t understand who is prescribing medications if they are making her disoriented and confused.

    • Well, I certainly am INSUATING Kim was on something. That was no “Medication mix up”
      That was a drug addict who relapsed. Kims problem was more then “drinking” She has a pill addiction too. OBVIOUSLY!

      • I honestly think her problem was pills the entire time. I don’t think for one second that her drug of choice was alcohol! The way she used to ‘nod’ off is something I’ve only ever seen with opiates/benzos. Yes alcohol will make you pass out and crap, but the ‘nod’ from pills (opiates/benzos/heroin) is very distinct, and that’s what Kim would do. Remember the scene in Hawaii when her and her creepy bf were about to leave their hotel room and she was looking for her “medicine”? Except she was looking in her purses that had nothing in them, she was looking for any medication that was prescribed, there’s no way you wouldnt have seen a pill bottle in there, she was looking for pills that she more than likely got from someone else and lost em some where in her purse….anyways she’s a pill popper, end of story!

        • Yes LadyLuck and if I remember right, wasn’t she on the floor of a hotel looking for pills? That is a really bad sign.

      • Yeah i tend to to agree with you saywhat. Or if she didn’t have a pill addiction before she’s just replaced alcohol with pills but yeah i think her addiction was not only alcohol sad

  • Another issue that I have with Lisa is her conversation with kim about Kyle, really Lisa? Kim and Kyle are sisters, even if they hate each other guts from time to time, the reality is that their relationship is completely different from a friendship, why did you need to talk about your realtionship with Kyle and try to elicit information from Kim’s relationship with Kyle baffles me.

    You are or have been close to Kyle so you know the sisters’ relationship has never been easy, what did you expected Kim to tell you, that they are in a great place now, that they do each other nails?

    You provided Kim a loaaded gun because you wanted to hear Kim riping Kyle a new one and that to me is shady.

  • after wtching you behavior last episode Lisa, it is quite hard to trust you as well.

    If your concerned for kim was real, then you should have kept a distant eye on her instead of going form one to the other trying to make yourself look good and making her look bad.

    Lisa, you don’t need to do that, Kim is a recovering alcoholic and has a sleuth of problems that can be discussed for days, but why do you need to point them out is besides myself.

    • Lisa thinks the viewers are stupid. She was anything but naive about Kim behavior. She’s not only a Master Manipulator; a hypocrite to boot. I’m starting to believe that her & Brandi are a perfect match. Her mean and vindictive streak is showing more with each episode. She was totally stirring the pot. If she cared about Kim’s well being , she would not be gossiping about her with the others while sitting on the same table. Even Yolanda thought you she was being tacky.