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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Heather Dubrow Reveals New Living Arrangements & Discusses Selling Her Home; Plus, Marriage Drama To Come On RHOC!

AllAboutTRH was present at Tamra Barney’s CUT Fitness grand opening party this weekend and supporting her friend and Real Housewives of Orange County cast mate was Heather Dubrow and husband Dr. Terry Dubrow! Even in workout gear, no make-up and strained vocal chords, Heather looks just as refined in person (“fancypants!”) as she does on TV. She is really pretty, tiny and very friendly with all the people she was meeting and chatting up. She and Terry could not have been more delightful to me. They were great people, which is not always the case with some reality TV stars. And, they are huge AllAboutTRH fans, so that’s a plus in my book!

After some Zumba sessions (Terry has some serious latin moves!) and some BodyPump, Heather took some time to talk to me about some of the things we’ve been hearing about the Dubrows and their recent real estate ventures, and also dished on what to expect from her and her family on the upcoming season of RHOC. Check out our exclusive chat below:

AllAboutTRH: Last year you were introduced along with your husband and children to the show. What can we expect from you on your second season of RHOC?
Heather Dubrow: What happens with us is very personal. If you saw the teaser you saw me slam the door on Terry. Like all relationships, you go through times, and unfortunately the cameras caught us going through a little bit of a time. We’ve been together for 16 years and we love each other, but we’re a couple and things happen.

I’m glad the audience will have a chance to come inside our world a little more. Last year we were introduced, but now you know us. We’re happy, we’re a great family, but we’re not perfect and it’s good to show that great couples do get into fights and then move past those things.

It’s exciting for me, because of my reemergence in scripted television. I have roles on two amazing shows, Hot In Cleveland and Malibu Country. It’s very exciting, personally, and very gratifying. I had a really good time filming. My youngest is two, and she is starting school in the fall. Just a few days a week, but it’s really a more appropriate time for me to be considering working full-time.

AllAboutTRH: Why would you guys ever sell that gorgeous house of yours?
HD: Yes, that’s something that has gone public!

Terry Dubrow: Wait ’til you see what we’re building next!

HD: We’re pretty “on the table” people. We don’t really have any secrets! Ever since we got pregnant with Collette, which was a big surprise, the house just didn’t work for us anymore which sounds so silly. We didn’t have enough bedrooms upstairs and our kids are so young.

It wasn’t on the market, but someone basically knocked on the door with an offer we couldn’t refuse!

AllAboutTRH: I’m glad you bring that up, because some of the immediate speculation from viewers was that you were having financial problems!
Did you see what we sold it for? I’m the top plastic surgeon in Orange County and she’s an actress. Why would we be broke?! (laughing)

HD: You know, we don’t have to qualify. Let people think what they want. We’re doing pretty well, so I don’t think anyone should worry for us, but that’s okay. People can think what they want, I don’t care about that.

They made us an offer we couldn’t refuse and now we’re in escrow in a magnificent lot not far from where we live. And it’s even slightly better than our lot now for certain reasons. It’s bigger, we can get higher ceilings, and we get more harbor so we get more twinkly lights at night. But the best part is that we could now put five bedrooms on the top floor which is what we need.

AllAboutTRH: Where will the Dubrow’s reside in the mean time?
HD: What we’ve decided to do is change up our lifestyle a bit. We’ve gotten a place in a beach community with a private beach and it’s really good for the kids. There’s tons of kids everywhere and it’s definitely a smaller home, but it’s a cool lifestyle that we’re excited to live for the next one to two years while we build our new house. For us life is an adventure!

So basically, they are taking a two year vacation. I wish I had Dubrow problems! What do you think of what Heather had to say? Are you looking forward to a more personal look into her family life on season eight of RHOC?

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  • How could you align yourself with such trash as Tammy sue? This season really said a lot about you. Why did you not stay true to you? We liked you heather until you sided with such scum. Tamra is garbage and when you lie down with dogs you get fleas. What comes around goes around and I guess your getting yours for what you did to Alexis. Enjoy!!

  • Not into Heather or Terry. They are kind of scary how they both turn things around to make others look bad and think that they are building themselves up in other peoples eyes .

    I wouldn’t want to be within a mile of Heather and Terry. By the way, Heather never put down Vicki for screaming. And Heather kissed Tamra’s arse all the time and vice versa. Heather and Terry hanging with trash rubbed off on them I absolutely believe.

    I use to LOVE Heather and Terry. I was thrilled with them!! Now they seem to chose one person and picked on that person. Hope their children never see what they have put out there.

  • I can’t STAND her. She plays to the camera…watch her on any of the silly shows she is acting in…and you see the same person. There’s no change, everything she says is calculated. She makes my stomach turn. Maybe that’s why Andy keeps her, every show needs someone the audience “hates”. I can’t wait to see what new fancy words she uses this coming season. She is already at home researching. What a showboat.

  • Heather is extremely insecure. She has no class, only misplaced entitlement.

    She is easily threatened.. Be it a chair, onion rings, a castmates businesses venture.

    Dare to confront her & her mask-like joker face contorts, her dead black eyes turn blacker.. like the stare of a great white shark before a kill. You see the real Heather – not pretty.

    She’s a pathetic mother but doing a great job of raising entitled spawn – her husband is treated likewise but without any entitlement..or onion rings.

    In the end, she will be the downfall in her own failures.

  • Love Heather and how she doesn’t stoop to the other ladies lows- keep it real, and stay strong Heather!

  • I Love you Heather!! Im the “Heather” in my neighborhood of small minds and drama. I cant help myself from telling it how it is. I should have been a lawyer or diplomat.LOL We are the same age and you are the ONLY Housewive I can identify with. You are true and real and know whats right and wrong(just like me)If her gym was that fucking great, youshouldnt have to be the one to promote it. Its business bitches. Build a bridge and “get over it”

    you look amazing too!

  • Heather is as phony as they come! Sh is also demeaning to her husband and the other e
    Women on show. Who brags about selling their house for $16 million because they need a bigger house. Just stupid when most of us live in average homes atound $200,000. She is nothing but one of those spoiled rich bitches that believe there is nothing wrong about bragging about their lifestyle and money!! Spoiled, spoiled an have no clue how we live our lives. Sick of the botoxed, injectable women who think they r living a real life!!’n

  • Heather Dubrow & her family are a breath of fresh air. And since when do we comment negatively on children’s looks? They are young innocents, &I certainly don’t think any of them are homely. Let them all be well, & enjoy themselves. I, personally think Heather is the best housewife, &Sam real happy she is returning. Can’t say the same about Vicki. And her son-in-law is the most rude bully of the entire cast. Wouldn’t miss any of them at all if they were deleted from show.
    Again, go Heather!

    • Agree, Heather is a classy lady and is definitely what you see is what you get, and not changing for anyone-keep your values Heather and keep your chin up!

  • Heather you are my favorite. Have picked up your “shut it down” comment and love it. Use it on my hubby all the time. I look forward to watching you next season and I am very happy for you and your new home! Congrats !

  • You just need to rewatch the episode where the Dubrows held their dinner party outside in their backyard at a large long table. It was when Terry kept crying about no onion rings.

    Take a look where Heather sat at the table compared to where Terry sat at the table.

    Heather had a big king’s chair for her at the head of the table and Terry sat in a guest chair down one side of the table. Obviously she is Dominant and his is a Pussy.

  • Love love love Heather…she is a real mother and has a real marriage! She’s classy and sophisticated. The other women wish they had her taste and money. She always looks elegant while the other women always seem to look trashy no matter how much money they spend or how hard they try…I’m talking about u Alexis=trash.

    • I agree ~ Heather is definitely the classiest housewife! Absolutely loved how she handled that rat that ate the bow off the cake!

  • Now that’s what I’m talking about. Working to provide for your family. You work hard and treat yourself to the better things. It’s great to others succeed in life. It’s amazing how many Debbie Downers are out there to ridicule others for there own success.

  • It true, there are 7 lawsuits for medical malpractice listed on the court’s website as filed against Terry Dubrow since 1999. That’s not a bad record in 14 years, especially in the field of plastic surgery — comes with the territory. And I doubt very seriously that his record is the worst of any doctor in Orange County, considering 2 of the 7 lawsuits were filed by “pro pers”, which means they had such crappy cases that they couldn’t find any lawyer who would represent them.

  • Heather and her wimpy husband re the biggest fkes and braggers around. Terry is a wimp and he has more malpractice suits then ny other OC surgeon. Heather you accuse Alexis of doing the same as you do. You re nothing but a fake and a phony, greedy JAP>

  • What Heather doesn’t realize is, she’s worse than what she accuses Alexis of. SHE is the MOST irritating of all the women on the show. None of them are as hoity toity as she is. She called Alexis Phony, because of the reason she gave her. why she wears a fake diamond. See, to Heather, a diamond is a diamond, and as long as it’s insured you can replace it. Alexis’ diamond has sentimental value to her, and I totally understand why she protects it, and wears a fake one. Big deal. That doesn’t make Alexis phony dear Heather, it makes YOU shallow, for not appreciating a gift that holds that much love from your husband. Also, many of us have children, and are stay at home moms. Whether it’s until our children hit school age or until their grown. Albeit, she is a stay at home mom, while Terry goes to work, and brings home LOTS and LOTS of money. She spends his money VERY WELL, so take care of your children, and stop bickering about not getting help with them. Do you ever hear Terry crying about her not assisting him in his surgeries? No ! She’ll spend that money though. Heather is the shallowest of them all!

  • Wow. The house is gorgeous. It’s a shame Heather spent all her husband’s money on the house and didn’t save any to fix that Grinch Who Stole Xmas face.

  • You ask, they respond….. GREAT INTERVIEW!!!
    I saw that Terry even tweeted the author, Jose’ stating that ‘you rock’! 🙂 Excellent interview skills & enjoyed reading the interview…..
    Hey, the way I look at it is that if you’ve got the $$, it’s your business what you do with it & ignore the negativeness that usually comes in the form of ENVY!! We work hard for our money, regardless of our status, & it’s our business how, where & when we spend it not to mention to always enjoy life while doing so…… Kudos’ to them! 🙂

  • Heather is so boring…She is pretty and smart, but she doesn’t add much entertainment value to the show

    • Spoken so well, but she is another who sides with the ones who are against another, Tammra is also turning out to be such a rude person who believes she is an angel when she is so wrong for how she attacks others and then she is pulling gretchen in with her so she to will be looked upon badly as well. Vicky will hopefully be true to herself and not what others believe is best for her.

  • How do you know if you’re THE top plastic surgeon? Do they have an awards show for that…like the Grammys or the Oscars? Why not say ONE of the top? They just sound so arrogant to me. After telling Alexis she does the same thing-Hypocrites.

    • I agree. Such braggarts. Just like when he said his late brother Kevin, was the best selling rock singer of all time, or something similar.
      In this economy, I am quite sure that plastic surgery/botox,etc. has taken a major hit and I personally don’t think they are doing all that well, financially.

      • Kevin Dubrow was the lead singer of the VERY popular metal group Quiet Riot for almost 30 years. I think Terry was just showing his pride in his very successful brother who happened to die in 2007.

  • Heather is a true actress thus knowing when the cameras are on, Heather is on. The difference with all the other HW’s they can’t turn it on and off as
    an actress. They can’t remember what’s fake or real.

    Look at the amount of divorces, fights, breakups with
    friends and families….law suits…and personal things re: drinking, pills, autism, debts, etc.

    If Bravo hired real actors, a trade they went to school for, this would NEVER
    affect their families; just like soap operas. People coming up in this industry and learning a good trade,
    is now a waste? These HW’s get paid pretty nicely, but why use them when the economy need people to work? I’m sure the actors would work for the same amount of money yet no one is destroying their life.

    How did this happen? To fix it would be to write Andy Cohen or the person in charge, and boycott the shows unless they use trained actors.

    For instance, NeNe is spending and spending. She doesn’t understand it’s not forever. She will also be

    Look at all the violence we are seeing first hand….and then all the reality shows…violence again. For instance, I was really looking at my very small family on the holidays…They weren’t talking…they were typing on their telephones or whatever one calls it. Where’s the communication
    skills? Killing fake people on video games?

    I am a senior and quite ill. Everyone should try to help the new generation to the best of their ability
    before their life circle closes. Thank you for reading.

    • Very true about people spending money carelessly. I have noticed time and again, that whenever someone comes into a big windfall of cash, it burns a hole in their pocket and before long they are even worse off than before. Hard to understand.

  • I didn’t like Terry saying he was the number one surgeon in OC. Even if he is, that sounded so cocky and arrogant. I was very surprised. I know he has a great sense of humor, so maybe he was joking????

    • Perhaps it is Karma because Terry and Heather have some of the ugliest children I have ever seen! So good thing Daddy’s the best plastic surgeon in OC, maybe Daddy can give them a new face! It hurts too look at those kids they are so unattractive, just horrendously UGLY! It’s strange because Terry and Heather are some what attractive people, but those kids are ugly as sin! Karma hit those babies with the ugly stick perhaps because the parents are such braggarts !

  • I liked her but ended up not. She talks about pretentious..she is WAY MORE pretentious than alexis is. And i dont think alexis should be bullied out of the show. Tamra booboo child is still acting like a psycho..i really hope lydia sticks up for alexis. She needs it. I know alexis tries but she just doesnt really have a mean bone. I would hope jose and rox interview alexis. I would like to get her side of things plus im more interested in her than this biotch and her pretentious LIFE. oh my kids dont have a bathroooooom BITCH i shared a room with my siblibgs growing up and bathrooms. Kiss my ass lady and take a look in the mirror before you talk about alexis. Her interviews always reek of “mememememememmememe terry….mememememmemememe..house..mememememmememememe..acting..mwmmemmememmememme” cannot STAND HER

    • It’s really sad when a house worth $16 million does not have enough room for a fourth child. Get over yourself Heather!

      • I agree. You have a 16,000 square foot house. I think that you could make room for another child. I hope that she donates to charity and give back. She needs to live in the real world. Can’t stand her or her husband. She is a trophy wife. There is no way she married for love. It was money.

        • Her walk in Closet is bigger than a lot of peoples living rooms! Their Children are SPOILED, SELFISH, mini versions of their bragging is record, over indulgent parents. The episode they were asking them what the kids wanted in the new house. That homely looking boy sais” a bigger pool” the other kid said ” more elevators”, thTs right they have an ELAVATOR to get to the second floor. I’m hoping I can pay the rent next week, otherwise my kids will be living in the back seat of my Volvo. That episode really nauseated me. Selfish, spoiled, UGLY children, inside and outside!

    • That’s the point I was trying to make. However, they ALL know that Alexis is way more sensitive, and they can get away with treating her the way they do, where Heather will fight back, and deny deny deny, like she and Terry do everything else. When Terry was confronted about the things he said about Alexis, his mouthpiece (Heather) had to come over, and help him back peddle his was out of it, until finally nosy Tamra thought she had a place in the convo, and ruined their “man to man” talk. Terry never owned up to what he said about Alexis, even though it was aired for the world to see. So they say what they want, hurt who they want, and then just deny their way out of it. There’s always a justification from Heather. She should’ve been a lawyer. She’s quick with a comeback, and excuses. Like I said, She is ALL she accuses Alexis of being. Actually, pretentious should be Heather’s middle name! hahaha, I also shared a room with my sister growing up, and the whole family had one bathroom, and I don’t feel like we had such a rough life, lol.

  • I appreciate our bloggers taking the initiative and going out to interview the cast members when they have the opportunity. I would suggest, however, they adopt a bit of journalistic skepticism and recognize that the the persona adopted in press interviews (and bloggers are press for the stars) is not who they really are. They know that charm can result in positive stories and if they have two neurons sparking in their brains, they will try to charm.

  • I like her. Her husband is nice too and has a good sense of humor. IMHO she is the most arrogant of the women. BUT… She does pretty much have it all. She is probably the wealthiest of the women thanks largely in part due to her husband. Second she is strong. I love strong women. She is gorgeous and has a great family. I like her and I don’t care for that silly Alexis either so I don’t mind her laughing at her pretensions of being a news broadcaster and all that bs. Her and her her controlling creepy older man with his trophy wife make me hurl!

    • You realize that Heather is just as, if not more controlling of Terry than Jim is of Alexis, right? Heather even acknowledged it in some other blog.

      • Yes,But people always make it dfferent when it is a man.Works both ways! women should not control men either.Jim can not be to controling.Alexis is back!He did not want her to come back.Do not say they needed the money.There bussiness is doing fine!

      • Thank you for that acknowledgement !! Jim has toned it down a bit too, but How a couple chooses to live is their business, not a topic for so called “friends” to gossip about. (behind their backs, at that!) I don’t blame Jim at all for not wanting to attend functions that these people will attend. It always ends the same way, with someone over drinking and acting a fool, and someone else getting insulted, and judged. It’s so ridiculous. Makes me love my middle class life, with my REAL friends :))

  • She is full of shit. Only being.kind to you bc you write a blog and she wants you to write nice things. Do you remeber how unkind she was to Alexis, and her friend? They are fake and phony, and though i love your blog, i cant stand when you kiss ass.

    • Exactly…Right on the mark…Bingo! I thought I was the only one that thought that. Thank god there are others out there.

    • Agree. She was so nasty to Alexis. She’s a mean girl and from the trailer preview she continues on the upcoming season.

      I hope Alexis eats the bows off everyones cakes all season. 😀

    • Alexis brags worse than Heather and Alexis has NO MONEY!! Everything about her is rented or fake! Heather is a breath of fresh air for the OC and I hope they add more like her. Love Heather!!!

      • How do you know that Alexis has NO MONEY ??? Even if she didn’t, who cares. Money doesn’t make a good person. Besides, she seems to have enough to make her, and her family happy. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you have a loving family to enjoy your life with, and they really seem happy!

    • I’m only going on my personal experience. I’m not their cast mate on the show they are paid to go on to have conflict.

      If they faked it for me, then they did a good job because it worked. They were LOVELY to me even before I told them who I was. 🙂

      • Jose, you sweet, naive person. OF COURSE THEY WERE NICE! What did you expect?

        Next time, you might want to ask questions that catch them off guard. You almost did with TD. And his anger wasn’t that well hidden (with the financial problem question). The rest was fluff. Maybe that’s what you were going for?

  • Jose! You are truly a talented pop culture interviewer. You did yet another nice job and I am proud of you!

    I always enjoyed Terry’s upbeat and sometimes silly sense of humor. He is a very content person and it shows. Heather sounds very happy about her new beach lifestyle and I’m happy for her and their family. Good for them.

      • well as far as I’m concerned shes alright alittle bit of a bragger but hey If u got It go 4 It she looks fine and has a nice family good 4 u Heather

      • Just my opinion 🙂 I never liked her on the show. She was very mean to Alexis and brags way too much.

          • Difference is Alexis brags to try to show what she has, Heather brags to try to one up other people and make herself feel superior to them, big difference. I can not stand Heather myself, big time snob imo.

          • Alexis,She is my favorite.That is why i am watching.I know there has to be some drama! But i hope the Ladies have some fun! I feel this will be a good season.Gretchen and Vicki look like they are bringing most the drama!

          • Dayna, no wonder they don’t get along. Too much alike?

            Bigger house. Yawn. Twinkly lights. Uh, huh. More space. That’s nice.

            Let people think what they want. LOL. Me thinks they already do, unless TD is planning a communist overthrow. Are these people for real? Don’t think so.

            I’m a surgeon and Heather is an actress. Um…has anyone seen the remote? It needs a beeper so I can find it & change the channel.

        • I think they never got to know each other.Alexis,she is my fav.What Gretchen did to lex is way worse ,because they were good friends.I think this will be a good season.I think lexis and Heather are pretty.Thoselong legs.They need to go on DWTS!Tamra has gotten tiny.

          • I agree; I really thought I was going to like Heather; she seemed classy, funny, and refined. I can’t see how that could be true now, though; otherwise, she would have not formed an alliance with the two trashiest women of the RH franchise, Tamwhora and Wretched.


    • LOL. Always bragging…..hey heather you kind of beat up your husband also….maybe divorce is coming ur way.

    • Yes, you are right! Don’t like her much. And she has had work even though she says she hasn’t. Scary looking. Brag, brag, brag!