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Lisa Vanderpump Reveals More About Ken’s Son & First Marriage!

I don’t know about you but I was shocked to learn on this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that Ken, Lisa’s husband, had a 45 year old son and a 21 year old grandson! The couple visited Ken’s son, Warren, and his wife, Sue, in St. Tropez on this week’s episode and now Lisa is dishing out some of the details about the family extension on Ken’s side. Lisa writes in her Bravo blog:

One of the many reasons that I fell in love with Ken was the kindness he exuded. We met when Warren was 15 and I was 21. As he explained he was married briefly for two years at 19, to a young wife who wasn’t prepared for the challenging job of being a mother. So he then fought for custody of their only child. He worked many jobs laboring, night jobs, anything to provide for his son, and, with the help of his mother, he raised an educated, well-mannered young man.

Life was hard at the beginning. But with sheer tenacity and some sort of innovative business sense, he created a life for his family (including his parents) that otherwise they wouldn’t have had.

Warren is very much his fathers son — ambitious, incredibly family oriented, and someone to be proud of.

People have often asked me why I would sign up for a reality show as if it was some sort of sentence, but when I view episodes forever documented like this I rest assured that we made the right choice.

I explained how when Warren first met Sue, the 16 year age difference, the secrecy that had transpired, was not something we supported. But I learned a very valuable lesson, when our children make a choice, remember our opinions and influence are pretty much redundant. The intimacy between a couple supersedes the parental relationship and take heed — it is not a battle that is worth fighting. It took a while, a few years, that with hindsight was a complete waste of emotion. And now 26 years and a lovely grandson for Ken later, we would have to admit we were wrong.

I have to be frank, my family in England have not supported my choice to venture into this world. But there you have it. It has afforded me a plethora of opportunities and a smorgasbord of amazing challenges, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I interact with you the viewer on Twitter and read your blogs, and I will say for the most part you are all incredibly kind, honest, and supportive.

Were you suprised by Ken’s past life?

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  • Being a shrink/psychiatrist i feel i can hazard a guess as to the subconscious reason behinde warren choice of marrying Sue who happens to be 16yrs his senior,as humans we often times marry people that perhaps represent a missing vital part /postion in our own original family. Remember he was raised for the most part single handedly by is young Dad for the most part of his childhood before his Dad later married a relatively very young Woman Lisa When he was already in his mid/late teens.It his almost as if he was probably without realizing strongly attracted to Sue because she fufills a longing /or yearning for a mother and also lover which was absent in his early childhood. Hugh Jackman and the young guy from youg directions who dates older women might be classical example of this catergory of men….lol

    • Sorry I meant Harry Stiles from one directions could be considered classical examples of this category of men ,despite how drop dead gorgeous they appear to look physically !

    • Sorry I meant Harry Stiles from one directions could be considered classical examples of this category of men ,despite how drop dead gorgeous they appear to look physically !

  • Ken’s son is GORGEOUS! I can’t believe he is 45 w/ a 21 yr old. He looks 26 himself! I think Ken really is a sweet man, the way he took care of Warren as a single dad and Giggy lol

    Lisa has a persnickety side. Not sure I trust her but Adrienne is a nasty control freak and Brandi is gutter trash. Richards not much better. I was starting to like Marisa but she is so awful to her cute hubby Dean.

  • Lisa and Ken, always a class act, always. Kyle, get the pea green out of your eyes, and shut your mouth, because there is a lot you could learn from those two, as well as Yoland.

  • I think Warren’s wife comments about putting up with them for three days, etc. were very similar in humor to Lisa’s own brand of humor. I think that reaction shot of Lisa looking offended was edited from something altogether different because Lisa herself employs that very same brand of humor. Her DIL had been her good friend, so I assume they get each other’s humor.

    • Of course there is a plug!!!! As for the Ken and his son comment that was lovely. Ken does love his children and so does Lisa.

  • I’d like Lisa a lot more if Brandi would go off the show. I think she has made her a nasty person and so demanding. However, Lisa is the one I’m truly most like in a lot of ways, so I find her more appealing than the rest. I wish she’d open up more about this family situation. Does she come from money as well?

  • So Sue is the mother of Ken’s grandson? Yes, the age difference is weird but I think it is stranger that Lisa and Sue were friends and Sue and Warren kept their relationship secret. That would creep me out I think. Either way, I heart Lisa and Ken!

  • Wow, noticed she had to mention the age difference between her and ken’s son (6 yrs)…..versus the age difference between ken’s son and his wife (16 yrs)…..had to explain away those couple of awkward comments the wife made about putting up with them for three days…..they were so excited to get rid of them….lol….have to so tho….warrens wife looked crazy old….if she lived in BH she would have already gone under the knife

  • I could honestly watch an entire show with Ken and Lisa. Outside of Sur their family seems so interesting. I know the younger son, Max, doesn’t like to be filmed but I’d like to know if he’s still doing music. Season 1 I remember him wanting to go to some Music school in LA and he had made his own guitar.

    Heck I’ll watch Giggy walking around modeling his bedazzled outfits for 15 minutes over Vanderpump Rules.

    • I agree. Ken and Lisa could be the focus of their own show with their swans and dogs. I don’t think we’ve seen their entire property yet. They have such a loving and cute relationship.

  • there was definitely tension when Lisa and Ken went to the south of France and how old is Ken? and how much older was Sue than Warren!?!?!?!?!?!

  • I am now more curious that ever to know all the backstory of Lisa’s family.

    She said it created a lot of conflicts because of the age difference but I would like to know also how did Lisa’s family reacted to her own age difference with Ken.

    I am also curious to know more about ken’s son, he seems to be rather succesful yet Lisa called him self made and he seems to have a lot of money so what kind of business does he have.

    This should had been much better than the story of the servers of SUR, I would had loved that Vanderpump rules would had been more about Lisa’s family life.

    • In her culture it is perfectly fine to marry an older man, especially one that it is stablished. The same can’t be said about the son’s situation. There is a double standard there. A younger man marrying an older woman makes her a “cougar” and him a “gigolo” in the European?English worlds. Of course, these are all stereotypes and the world has modernized much since the last century but it still happens.

    • They had no real money until about 22-25 years ago. They really made it all in 25 years or about that time. This is when O Bar and a chain of pub/restaurants started coming up in London. Then they started at the same time as part of a chain they sold to a large group a few gay bars in SoHo which took off rather quickly.

      Lisa was only a host in one of Ken’s pubs which was the only he had at the time when they met. She was an actress and that was rather normal to serve or hostess at a pub or restaurant in London.

      Warren started buying property when his father did in SoHo and Notting Hill both areas that became very hip in London for about 25-28 years.

  • So Ken didn’t come from money? That makes me respect and admire him even more. My Dad is self made and I think that makes a huge difference. And 16 years is a quite an age difference imo. I thought Kens son was good looking so I’m surprised his wife isn’t 16 years younger than him lol. I wonder what Lisa and Kens age difference is?

      • I think LJ meant that with as good looking as Warren is, she is surprised that he isn’t with a younger, hotter woman.
        And before anyone jumps on me, that is not to say that older women can’t be hot too.

    • Lisa and Ken’s age difference is 16 years. Ken is 16 years older than Lisa.

      For anyone who’s interested watch the episode when Ken has hip surgery. Lisa states that Ken is 16 years older that her, Lisa.

      • I wonder why Warren felt the need to keep his relationship with somebody 16 years older a secret, when his father married someone 16 years younger? Why would the age difference bother them?

    • LJ I think if I remember correctly, when Ken had his hip surgery she sad there was a fifteen year age difference between them. ‘That seems about right. That would make him 66 and that all adds up pretty much

  • Yes but not shocked; you can see he and Lisa are good people; I want to come back in my next life as Lisa; LOL

    • Me too! They keep saying the other HW are jealous of Lisa. Who wouldnt be? I am jealous of Lisas life, closet, close, shoes, house, beauty with age, sense of humor.. I could go on and on.

      Love Lisa!

  • So, shuold we surmise that Sue’s frustration (as it appeared to be) with their visit was due to the cameras?

    • I don’t think so, it is not like Lisa and ken ambushed them, they have had to sign the appropriate papers to be featured on the show.

    • I think Sue’s frustration (which did come off very rude) wasn’t truly frustation, but truly the way they all banter together. I think her comments are said in jest and just the way they all interact. Kind of like the way the grandson acted like he was going to strangle Jiggy, could you imagine Lisa and Ken’s reaction if someone truly tried to hurt Jiggy?!

  • I admire Ken and Lisa. I think the story she tells here gives us a great insight into the type of character Ken has.