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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Kyle Richards Reveals She And Adrienne Aren’t As Close Anymore; Responds To Brandi Calling Her A C*nt!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to Mohegan Sun’s Reality Check event at Resorts Casino for Kyle Richards. Kyle Richards walked in and all eyes were on her. She was asked to sit on a stage where she would answer a few fans questions.

A few became many when Kyle wanted to please and answer everyone of her fans questions. It was nice to see how she was  outside of what we see her on the show.

Later I met up with her at a lovely restaurant where we sat across each other one on one drinking and catching up on everything going on with the housewives. Kyle was absolutely lovely, beautiful, sweet, genuinely nice and her hair was to die for. Kyle talked to me about where her relationship stands with Adrienne Maloof, her response to Brandi Glanville calling the castmates a c*nt, Chef Bernie, if she is jealous of Brandi and Lisa’s relationship plus a lot more. Check out my exclusive interview with Kyle Richards below!

AllAboutTRH: Brandi Glanville has stated that you are jealous of the friendship she has with Lisa. What’s your response to that?
Kyle Richards: When I first saw them becoming friends I was taken aback but I could see why Brandi would say that. There was a little side of me that felt sad because it used to be us (she and Lisa) and now it’s them so I could see Brandi’s point in that. I feel like Lisa normally latches onto one person and I was that one person and now Brandi’s that person to her. I love Lisa and have apologized many times to her but I feel like she has no room for me. I don’t know if jealousy is the right word but isn’t there room for all of us?
AllAboutTRH: Brandi Glanville was on Howard Stern last week and referred to all of the cast mates on RHOBH as c*nts. What do you have to say about that?
Kyle Richards: Disgusting. I think it’s really disgusting and the truth is I’ve been so nice to Brandi and really have gone out of my way to try and get to know her especially after last season. Every time we’re together we actually have a lot of fun and laugh. I made a point to try and get to know her off camera and have even said I really enjoyed the times we’ve had together and one minute we’ll have fun and laugh and the next second she’s saying something hurtful about me or the other ladies to the press.
AllAboutTRH: I think because Brandi is known for not having filter she continues to just say anything even if it comes off hurtful.
Kyle Richards: I agree. She thinks, ‘Since I have no filter, let’s see how I can shock everyone’ and just says whatever. But I feel like if you’re nice to my face and tell me you like me, why must you say something horrible about me to the press? I just think she doesn’t really consider other people’s feelings when she talks to the press.
AllAboutTRH: Yolanda constantly has negative things to say about you on her Bravo blogs. What do you think her issue with you is?
Kyle Richards: I think Yolanda has heard from viewers that she’s boring so now she wants to try and start trouble in her Bravo blogs. I’ve been nothing but nice to her on and off camera and if she’s so honest like she portrays herself to be and had any issues with me, she should say it to my face instead of being nice to my face and being dramatic on her blogs. I don’t know exactly what is said on her blog but I hear she just has negative things to say.
AllAboutTRH: Do you read the ladies’ blogs?
Kyle Richards: I don’t read any of the blogs because it really hurts my feelings to hear what the girls have to say about me. I’m very sensitive when it comes to that and I don’t want to read the mean things the girls are saying about me so I chose not to read anyone’s blog the entire season. I don’t read any comments or Google anything.
AllAboutTRH: Do you think Yolanda is a good asset to the show?
Kyle Richards: I think her house is beautiful and her daughters are beautiful…*laughs*
AllAboutTRH: Since Ken and Mauricio’s disagreement at the restaurant how has their relationship changed?
Kyle Richards: Both Ken and Mauricio are not the type of people to hold grudges. I feel like at the art opening Ken had a bit of a grudge but now he’s fine. I saw Lisa and Ken this weekend at SUR because Kim threw my nieces birthday party there and everything is fine. If Ken and Mauricio were to be together right now, they would be completely fine and gentlemen.
AllAboutTRH: Who has remained a genuine friend outside of the show?
Kyle Richards: Taylor.
AllAboutTRH: What do you think about Chef Bernie accusing Paul of abusing Adrienne on his Facebook page? 
Kyle Richards: I think that Bernie is looking for attention and will do anything to be a part of the show. I think he says rude things to start controversy hoping he’ll be on the show. He will go after anybody if he thinks that his name will get out there. And even by me saying this right now he’ll probably come after me now but oh well.
AllAboutTRH: So why do you think Adrienne remains friends with someone like Bernie?
Kyle Richards: I don’t have an answer to that. People get confused and think I’m best friends with Adrienne and the truth is I’m not even that close with her. I’m friends with Adrienne but I’ve had very little contact with her ever since shooting season three. The only contact I’ve had with her is what you’ve seen on the show and I’ve only seen her twice since the show wrapped. I saw her at the premiere of the housewives plus my holiday party. Other than that I’ve had no contact with her. Adrienne and I aren’t best friends but regarding the drama she had with Brandi, I think Brandi was in the wrong. I just felt like Brandi was wrong when she brought Adrienne’s family up and I made my point across saying I felt like she was wrong and that’s it. I moved on. I didn’t hold a grudge against Brandi. I told her that it was wrong and wanted to move on.
AllAboutTRH: Do you have any regrets this season?
Kyle Richards: Nope. People may think I should because for example, Lisa said at the dinner party that Faye was speaking on my behalf but that’s absolutely not true. I’ve never needed a mouthpiece. I have no problem speaking for myself.
AllAboutTRH: Many attacked Faye after the episode aired that she was in because they disagreed with her speaking up for Adrienne. What do you have to say about that?
Kyle Richards: And I think that’s wrong. Because there are times you’ll see Brandi say shut the fu*k upand then there are times you’ll see a soft side to her. Viewers get to see a balanced side of Brandi while they didn’t get to see that with Faye. They just see her sticking up for her friend. They don’t get to see that she’s an amazing mother, an amazing friend, and an incredibly talented designer. It’s like they’re not seeing a balanced person and I feel bad. I wouldn’t be friends with someone who was a bad person and Faye is a very kind person. I just feel really bad that she has gotten that reaction because that’s not who she is.
AllAboutTRH: Are you nervous for the season three reunion?
Kyle Richards: Yes! I hate the reunion. I hate everything about it. I hate it because I feel like there are certain things we can’t explain and sometimes your hands are tied about what you can talk about. Instead of the reunion being a place where people can talk about their problems and have a resolution and come together at the end, I feel like they all want to just be mean and vicious and I don’t like that.


Glad Kyle acknowledged that what Bernie does is not cool! Are you surprised Adrienne and Kyle have had little contact? Thoughts on what she had to say?


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