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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Kyle Richards Reveals She And Adrienne Aren’t As Close Anymore; Responds To Brandi Calling Her A C*nt!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to Mohegan Sun’s Reality Check event at Resorts Casino for Kyle Richards. Kyle Richards walked in and all eyes were on her. She was asked to sit on a stage where she would answer a few fans questions.

A few became many when Kyle wanted to please and answer everyone of her fans questions. It was nice to see how she was  outside of what we see her on the show.

Later I met up with her at a lovely restaurant where we sat across each other one on one drinking and catching up on everything going on with the housewives. Kyle was absolutely lovely, beautiful, sweet, genuinely nice and her hair was to die for. Kyle talked to me about where her relationship stands with Adrienne Maloof, her response to Brandi Glanville calling the castmates a c*nt, Chef Bernie, if she is jealous of Brandi and Lisa’s relationship plus a lot more. Check out my exclusive interview with Kyle Richards below!

AllAboutTRH: Brandi Glanville has stated that you are jealous of the friendship she has with Lisa. What’s your response to that?
Kyle Richards: When I first saw them becoming friends I was taken aback but I could see why Brandi would say that. There was a little side of me that felt sad because it used to be us (she and Lisa) and now it’s them so I could see Brandi’s point in that. I feel like Lisa normally latches onto one person and I was that one person and now Brandi’s that person to her. I love Lisa and have apologized many times to her but I feel like she has no room for me. I don’t know if jealousy is the right word but isn’t there room for all of us?
AllAboutTRH: Brandi Glanville was on Howard Stern last week and referred to all of the cast mates on RHOBH as c*nts. What do you have to say about that?
Kyle Richards: Disgusting. I think it’s really disgusting and the truth is I’ve been so nice to Brandi and really have gone out of my way to try and get to know her especially after last season. Every time we’re together we actually have a lot of fun and laugh. I made a point to try and get to know her off camera and have even said I really enjoyed the times we’ve had together and one minute we’ll have fun and laugh and the next second she’s saying something hurtful about me or the other ladies to the press.
AllAboutTRH: I think because Brandi is known for not having filter she continues to just say anything even if it comes off hurtful.
Kyle Richards: I agree. She thinks, ‘Since I have no filter, let’s see how I can shock everyone’ and just says whatever. But I feel like if you’re nice to my face and tell me you like me, why must you say something horrible about me to the press? I just think she doesn’t really consider other people’s feelings when she talks to the press.
AllAboutTRH: Yolanda constantly has negative things to say about you on her Bravo blogs. What do you think her issue with you is?
Kyle Richards: I think Yolanda has heard from viewers that she’s boring so now she wants to try and start trouble in her Bravo blogs. I’ve been nothing but nice to her on and off camera and if she’s so honest like she portrays herself to be and had any issues with me, she should say it to my face instead of being nice to my face and being dramatic on her blogs. I don’t know exactly what is said on her blog but I hear she just has negative things to say.
AllAboutTRH: Do you read the ladies’ blogs?
Kyle Richards: I don’t read any of the blogs because it really hurts my feelings to hear what the girls have to say about me. I’m very sensitive when it comes to that and I don’t want to read the mean things the girls are saying about me so I chose not to read anyone’s blog the entire season. I don’t read any comments or Google anything.
AllAboutTRH: Do you think Yolanda is a good asset to the show?
Kyle Richards: I think her house is beautiful and her daughters are beautiful…*laughs*
AllAboutTRH: Since Ken and Mauricio’s disagreement at the restaurant how has their relationship changed?
Kyle Richards: Both Ken and Mauricio are not the type of people to hold grudges. I feel like at the art opening Ken had a bit of a grudge but now he’s fine. I saw Lisa and Ken this weekend at SUR because Kim threw my nieces birthday party there and everything is fine. If Ken and Mauricio were to be together right now, they would be completely fine and gentlemen.
AllAboutTRH: Who has remained a genuine friend outside of the show?
Kyle Richards: Taylor.
AllAboutTRH: What do you think about Chef Bernie accusing Paul of abusing Adrienne on his Facebook page? 
Kyle Richards: I think that Bernie is looking for attention and will do anything to be a part of the show. I think he says rude things to start controversy hoping he’ll be on the show. He will go after anybody if he thinks that his name will get out there. And even by me saying this right now he’ll probably come after me now but oh well.
AllAboutTRH: So why do you think Adrienne remains friends with someone like Bernie?
Kyle Richards: I don’t have an answer to that. People get confused and think I’m best friends with Adrienne and the truth is I’m not even that close with her. I’m friends with Adrienne but I’ve had very little contact with her ever since shooting season three. The only contact I’ve had with her is what you’ve seen on the show and I’ve only seen her twice since the show wrapped. I saw her at the premiere of the housewives plus my holiday party. Other than that I’ve had no contact with her. Adrienne and I aren’t best friends but regarding the drama she had with Brandi, I think Brandi was in the wrong. I just felt like Brandi was wrong when she brought Adrienne’s family up and I made my point across saying I felt like she was wrong and that’s it. I moved on. I didn’t hold a grudge against Brandi. I told her that it was wrong and wanted to move on.
AllAboutTRH: Do you have any regrets this season?
Kyle Richards: Nope. People may think I should because for example, Lisa said at the dinner party that Faye was speaking on my behalf but that’s absolutely not true. I’ve never needed a mouthpiece. I have no problem speaking for myself.
AllAboutTRH: Many attacked Faye after the episode aired that she was in because they disagreed with her speaking up for Adrienne. What do you have to say about that?
Kyle Richards: And I think that’s wrong. Because there are times you’ll see Brandi say shut the fu*k upand then there are times you’ll see a soft side to her. Viewers get to see a balanced side of Brandi while they didn’t get to see that with Faye. They just see her sticking up for her friend. They don’t get to see that she’s an amazing mother, an amazing friend, and an incredibly talented designer. It’s like they’re not seeing a balanced person and I feel bad. I wouldn’t be friends with someone who was a bad person and Faye is a very kind person. I just feel really bad that she has gotten that reaction because that’s not who she is.
AllAboutTRH: Are you nervous for the season three reunion?
Kyle Richards: Yes! I hate the reunion. I hate everything about it. I hate it because I feel like there are certain things we can’t explain and sometimes your hands are tied about what you can talk about. Instead of the reunion being a place where people can talk about their problems and have a resolution and come together at the end, I feel like they all want to just be mean and vicious and I don’t like that.


Glad Kyle acknowledged that what Bernie does is not cool! Are you surprised Adrienne and Kyle have had little contact? Thoughts on what she had to say?


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards Loves AllAboutTRH!

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  • This is the same argument. Why go through it again & again? When Kyle & Kim go for each other’s throats, literally, we’ll have something to debate. In the meantime, life goes on. By rehashing the same behaviors of the past seasons, these women get richer & nothing of interest is worth reading.

    Of course, if you have nothing else in your lives, it’s just really sad.

  • Kyle is the most normal and level headed woman on the show. I like Faye for her bavery of confronting that nasty Brandi and Yolanda for being bullies.

    I’m so happy that Kyle exposed Yolanda on the reunion for the hypocrite that she is – talking behind uppity Lisa’s back and then denying it.

    Kyle was telling the truth about that Dutch “wannabe bully”. Yolanda. If she said sweetheart one more time Kyle should have slapped the shit out her (but Kyle is too much of lady to do it.

  • I like Kyle, I think she loves her sister dearly, and is a great wife and Mom. I think she makes mistakes but is the first to realize it and apologize and I do believe she is true. I think she can be strong but I also think she doesn’t like conflict and is non confrontational, but she will stand up for something she feels strongly about. My gut feeling is she is a good soul. So is her sister, and I’m happy that she is trying so hard. I like the show but you do see into who they are and I believe they are both genuine and good

  • Stop projecting Kyle. And please don’t come back next season. Maybe a Beverly Hills franchise of Little People, Big World might take you on as cast or a recurring role.

  • Like or hate any of the HW but leave the children out of it Brandi should not have bought Adrienne family up full stop how would Brandi react or any of the HW if anyone bought up my children i no i would start a war have a dig at me but leave the rest of my family alone i sure any of the HW would react the same. That was low of Brandi to mention that bout Adrienne if she had divulged anything bout Lisa i sure Lisa. And ken would’ve reacted as Adrienne and Paul did maybe even more.

  • CLEARLY I need to start watching shows on a regular basis. Watching Vanderpump and now I see people who were broken up (?) now trying to get back together and a photo shoot. Last episode I saw was an employee meeting at SUR, with Lisa.

    I am absolutely: CLUELESS

    • It was a horrible show. I think one of the worst reality shows ever put out by Bravo. Unless you are under thirty (might like it then) otherwise you probably won’t like it. It casts Lisa in a poor light too imho. Half of them should be fired yet she lets them get away with telling off customers, deinking at work and fighting at work to name just a few things. If anything they are ruining the business and the reviews aren’t the great about the restautant not the show. Lots of complaints about the food etc.

  • I feel that there are a lot of people that watched the OJ case thus watching Faye on the stand. She was supposed to have been friend’s with Nicole, but then two days later, wrote a book about her stating things she shouldn’t have; personal things.

    That’s why I can’t stand her. Kyle should keep her mouth shut about anything personal because Faye, for a buck, will put it in a book!

  • I really tried to like Kyle when this show started but I just can’t. I think she’s fake. The fact that she’s so tight with Taylor speaks volumes to me. She was horrible to Brandi from the get go and I think she still would be but fans liked Brandi.
    Kyle, if you’re reading this, please stop with the lip licking. It drives me nuts.

  • I wanted to reply directed to you Say What but couldn;t do it upthread, so here it is my answer to you:

    Say What?? says:

    February 25, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    No, I dont think your Samuael.
    I think you are..




    Please keep me out of your stupid blog wars. I am not Jennifer nor any of thee other people you are naming in this list?

    What is wrong with you? you can’t fanthom for a second that plenty of people can have a different oppinion than yours?

    This blog war is ridiculous and pathetic on both sides, you are not innocent by any means and as far as me whenever it erupts I scroll and scroll and scroll. I am here to post and snark about the Bravo HW, not about the posters, so please keep me out of your damned list.

    I do not care to participate in your silly games.

  • Of course they aren’t close – Kyle and Morris sucked up to Adrianne, got the commision for selling her house last summer/fall after filming & now – little to no contact! See the pattern yet? Kyle and Morris suck up, kiss azz and get your commisions then, like they did to Lisa, throw you under the bus! I can’t stand this woman. At all.

  • I love Kyle and her husband is gorgeous and little Portia needs her own show. I love Brandi 2 but I am fair. We don’t see everything.

  • This WAS a great interview.

    I still think Kyle is a nasty, backstabbing, jealous and basically horrible person, though (not horrible like a serial killer or anything, but a shi**y friend and a shi**y sister. I get the feeling her sister Kathy doesn’t even like her that much. She’ll appear on camera for Kim, but not for Kyle. She and her husband will go to dinner with Ken and Lisa and not even invite Kyle and Mauricio. I think Kathy’s got her sister Kyle’s number! LOL. JMHO).

    Again, great interview, though. 😉

    • I have seen this of Kathy also Lola. Kyle is a nasty little thing but I do think she is probably a very good mother and she does have a sense of humor which we a lot more of in past seasons when she isn’t being the resident biatch. I am trying to find one other thing I like about her beside humour and motherhood. Oh a loyal wife how’s that? I think her bff Faye talks volumes of who Kyle is as a person. Truly in it for number one.

  • If someone like Kyle thinks that “she’s been nice to…” then there’s not going to be World War III or did I wake up on the wrong side of my bed. Kyle being nice is like rain after years of drought.

  • Can someone explain to me why it’s not okay for Kyle to follow up on an apology with an excuse but it seems to be okay for Brandi to do so? It’s funny how some people don’t like Kyle for certain things but like Brandi when she’s basically the same. Brandi apologizes but always follows up with a “but she did this first” and just like Kyle, Brandi continues to repeat the same behavior that she apologized for doing.

    • I can only speak for myself, when to me, it looks like Brandi has to be on the defense with this bunch,therefore, when she apologizes, I get it why she is saying that. Im not going to lie, I think I feel this way because last season she really did appear to get the mean girl treatment. I feel like they , or Kyle, after pretending to be her friend or be nice, turns right around and kicks her when she is down. At the same time, I started to see the snotty girl side to Kyle that caused me to not care for her. I saw tidbits during season 2 especially the way she talked to Camille- no excuse that was classless and funny how people judge Brandi BTW for how she talks!

      • I don’t really care for Kyle either, but I don’t understand the hate there is for her (not talking about you michers 🙂 ). It kind of frustrates me because then I find myself trying to defend her when I don’t really want to lol. I know she can be an attention whore, she stirs up dram sometimes, and can’t choose a side but all the others do the same things. I guess I just think some of the other ladies are far worse IMO. At least Kyle is attempting to to be nicer to most of the cast this season. I see a different side to her as well when she is wih her kids, I actually like that Kyle, you can tell she loves them to death.

        • I agree CatFace about Kyle
          I used to really like Lisa & Kyle. I still wanna like them both but I actually get annoyed with all of the BH HWs at some point. I don’t get the hatred for Kyle either. IMO Lisa Brandi & Kyle are pretty similar.

          • I really liked them together the first season as well, I was upset when they got into it. Why does Bravo have to do that, it sucks! You start liking (at least I do) two of the ladies together because they are funny and fun to watch and then 2 episodes later they are at each other’s throats. It is depressing, and not how real life works (well at least not that I’ve seen). Friendships on these shows are disposable and it is sad.

          • I have to agree with you T to a certain degree. The biggest thing I see the three of them having in common is there sense of humor. All three have a great sense of humor and love to laugh and have fun.. I have often said it really is sad the three of them can’t be friends. Imagine the good times they would’ve, could’ve had.

        • @ Cattface, its not really the fact that she is stirring sometimes, along with other things, I think its her attitude with how she does and says things, how she goes about it , then changes her stance, her reasoning, or acts like she did NOTHING, LOL. The way she handled her own sister, the way she so quickly tore Camille up on tv, the fake apologies, said we are fine, then next minute she is talking smack again, @ reunions she is like a whole other beast again.. Cannot keep up- too many changes, which makes think, Hmm, which is the REAL Kyle? And there are other things( like yes, Im saying it! GAME NIGHT, LOL) the way she judges people like a mean girl in Middle School..UGH

  • and Adrienne has proven to be nothing but an arrogant, self absorbed liar! I can’t even stand her this season!

  • I think Kyle is sweet, but she is a pleaser and really wants to be liked. She is more honest when talking to outsiders than she is in the moment. Also, we don’t get to see a balanced view of Faye becuz she is not a housewife. She is just an unlikable tagalong. They should not give her the airtime they do. Who shows up to an invite only party when they are not invited, and then causes a scene. She is an overly opinionated tagalong.

  • Yet again Kyle threw people under the bus and backed over them. She accuses people of being the very thing she is, two faced. It reveals her character to be best friends with Faye. She is lying. She is too self centered to not read blogs and do internet searches.

  • I never really understood the hate for Kyle. Sure she is annoying at times, a little self centered and does stir up drama, but which one of any of the housewives can that NOT be said about? I know one of the biggest complaints people have with her is she flip flops on whose side she is on. I think though that makes her more like a “real” person in a way, because in real life most people see things we agree and disagree with on our friends. Even my best friend has things that drive me nutty and I could not in good conscious completely defend. Of course I will always stick up for her and won’t let her get attacked, but that doesn’t mean I will defend some of her actions if I know they were wrong. I know there are people out there who will pick a side and stick to it and defend it no matter what, even if they don’t necessarily agree with it, but there are a lot of people who don’t as well. Why can’t a person like someone and not agree with everything they do while still having their back? Anyway, I just don’t understand why Kyle is one of the most hated, I personally think there are worse one’s out there, but to each their own I guess I don’t have to understand lol.

  • Roxy, I had hoped that you would have asked her why they made a big deal when Brandi revealed Adrienne’s secret but they didn’t even bat an eyelash when Kyle ran and gossipped everything to Faye. I believe that what Brandi said was wrong (and I like Brandi) but I think that it is also wrong to go gossip about it to Faye and who knows who else Kyle might have repeated the story too. I liked Kyle season 1 but after the Dana’s party I don’t like her anymore. I thought that she would redeem herself in season 3 like Camille did on Season 2 but every episode I see her instigating and bringing gossip back and forth. Even her husband got involved which to me was a major no no.

  • i liked kyle’s interview and she seemed alittle more honest this time but i don’t agree with some of the things she said. she claims she isn’t best friends with adrienne but yet all season she was attached to adrienne’s ass and defending her all over the place. now they hardley talk and see each other?! wow, some friend adrienne is. why stick up for someone that isn’t even gonna talk to you when the cameras stop rolling. the way kyle felt about lisa and brandi is probably the same way lisa felt about kyle and taylor and kyle and adrienne. kyle attaches herself to others and leaves lisa behind. as for yolanda, it’s pretty obvious why yolanda has an issue with her and i’m sure we’re all gonna find out more at the reunion. kyle’s own bad behavior is to blame for that. also yolanda was nice to kyle as well and even invited her to her house for that awful master cleanse and kyle was nice too but then in the head interviews kyle throws catty remarks about yolanda. so yeah very two faced of kyle.

    • In answer to your question, “why stick up for someone that isn’t even gonna talk to you when the cameras stop rolling?”, maybe Adrienne and Paul’s commission check for the sale of their house cleared with Mauricio (so Kyle no longer has andy use for her and no longer has to play nice).

      Just a thought.

      • I can’t stand Kyle anymore. I hope Brandi eats her up. Brandi doesn’t fight, she fights BACK. She’ll leave you alone if you DON’T mess with her. Kyle is in EVERYONE”S kool aid. She criticizes everyone for all the same things she does. That also makes her a hypocrite. Nothing about this woman is real. Her and her boring sister need to go. buh bye!!!

  • C*nt!! Who cares! It’s just a word. It doesn’t mean anything unless you let it. I wish you would have pointed out the fact that Brandi was right about stupid Bernie when she brought up the fact he was selling stories. I guess people from BHs rather live in LaLa land then being confronted with the truth. They love fake kissing on the cheek and kissing each others asses. I like Brandi because she can be a Lil nutty but she is who she is. I wouldn’t trust anyone else on the show. Kyle and Kim can act like the mean girls and people don’t care but with Brandi everything is a big deal. She is a single woman who likes to laugh at herself and have fun. I LOVE IT. BH women get the sticks out of your asses!

  • BG was on Howard Stern where you let it rip a bit more. She was also discussing Season 2, when the ladies were cunexttuesdays. She wasn’t talking this season. It is a crass word, but then, anything goes on Stern. She was being honest about it, but also irreverent. So – big fat deal.

    Glad Kyle understands about Bernie.

    I do think Kyle is missing one point – she is overstating the mouthpiece comment. Faye is getting her info on BG from Adrienne and Kyle. Thus, she is influenced by it and chooses to run her mouth off about it. Viewers are not spurred by what Lisa said. We are turned off by how Kyle has treated her beginning LAST season and at the reunion. If Kyle had ever said, hey, after watching the show, I have a bit more perspective and I can see where I made some errors. Also, Kyle stood by and watched Paul and Adrienne rip Lisa several times without standing up for Lisa or EVEN saying, this doesn’t sound like Lisa, or I think you are blowing this out of proportion (Like Maloof the hoof. Paul took it as an insult. Hoof is a term for shoes that rhymes with Maloof.)AM spent the early party of the season repeatedly calling Lisa high school (thus acting high school) while Lisa was simply direct. AM’s actions re: the reunion was not cool and Kyle should have stood up for a friend who has stood up for her several times.

    BG should not have said what she said… period. Even though it was the truth. BUT AM’s actions have been highly manipulative, dishonest, and entitled. Incredibly entitled. BG’s interviews leave no punches, but she is direct. AM is shady.

  • Jose thanks for the interview, it is refreshing whenever a confident and honest woman gives an interview, I am absolutely a Kyle fan.

    When kyle explained her feelings about the friendship between Brandi and Lisa, these are the same feelings that Lisa stated in season one about the new friendship between Kyle and Taylor.

    Why would any woman want or enjoy being called the “c” word. Unfortunately, that’s all the backlash poor little Brandi will recieve..has anyone “heard” about Bravo lifting one pinky to address this with Brandi? In the cave day’s if a staff/cast member spoke or discussed this stuff in public (“c” word and salaries), that person would be fired..but that interview probably got Brandi a large bump in salary.

    Good for Kyle not having any regrets, she has nothing to regret, she has been supportive and not allowed cast members to bully her.

    I am sure Kyle will be wearing her “bs detector” and respond accordingly.

    • It’s Roxy’s interview. She met Kyle over the weekend but I too think it’s good Kyle doesn’t have any regrets

    • Opps!!! Thank Jose for the Interview!!! I just thought it was Rox, but you are Rox are a team, so congratulations to both of you!!! I loved the interview. Go Rox!!!

        • Oh goodness not again Say What??? If you look up top I thought it was Rox and congradulated her there. Then when Samael said it was Jose I thought he was right and wanted to change it, then I saw I was right from the beginning. You are becoming tedious. Oh and I assume you were responding to me because it was linked to my post.

          • Sorry about that Jennifer….I did thank Jose because when he was asking us for questions for him to ask Kyle…I assumed that Jose was doing the interview..I did look a number of times to see who did the interview, can’t see a by line..see this is what you get for talking to me…ha ha..sorry again.

          • Are we all going to ignore that once again you busted yourself using Multiple names?

            This is ridiculous! Why cant you just be yourself.

          • Say What??!

            You are nuts! Now you think I am Samael. You have got to be truly paranoid.

            FYI, about 10- 20 minutes before my post on Samel’s thread I had thanked Rox. When Samel thanked Jose in his thread as I was reading down I thought I made a mistake and then thanked Jose and noted they were a team, but there was an immediate editing problem so I posted again. Thereafter, Sameal corrected himself and I then posted a fourth time.

            You are psychotic Say What??? I know you are Shipp because you said I posted C U next Tuesday to you which I never did it was ONLY to Shipp. I have that screen shot. I know you are Shipp and Say What??? You are certifiable and I know you Samantha2

          • No, I dont think your Samuael.
            I think you are..


            Along with a slew of other names you create to have fake discussions with yourself..and btw…most people reading the blog think so too. They are just afraid to call you out.

            Honestly, I dont care anymore. You have ruined this blog and i’m over your bat shit crazy ass.


          • Say What???

            I know you are Shipp and Samantha2. The C U next Tuesday was Only said to her and no one else. You said it was said to you. I have the screen shot.

            Also, I have no fear. I have one account since this site started. You haven’t been on as long as I have. I know this. I know you have other accounts.

            Want to bet? Because you will lose dear Shipp. You outed yourself with the C U next Tuesday comment. Sorry dear but it is true.

            Plus you posted as me once on the Bernie thread. Nice one! That is the first one that sold you down the river.

            But you started it first week of February. You did my dear. I have every screen shot dated and the incident.

            You like to harass me but we know why because I found out you were a fake and Samantha2.

            Ciao Dear!

          • Say What???

            You ruined this blog for since February and really from the end of January.

            You called me Mary as well. I have the screen Shot of that one.

            You and Shipp have the exact same writing style. Then we know when you outed yourself on the C U next Tuesday comment.

            You are a bully and harasser. It is disgusting Shipp get help. I mean it honestly.

            Where is Samael in your list? You said you outed me here on this list, but now you back track. Plus Shipp is the one that started it because you are the same person but different moniker.

            Ciao again Darling!

  • I dont care what brandi was referring to, theres ways to talk about people and not using the c-word. You cant take your words back. Shes almost the same age as these women and they’ve never said words like that. On top of that brandi is a mom of two young kids. Come on now. Brandi was in the wrong and theres no excuse to use language like that. She shouldve had a clue as to what she was walking into. No one forced her to be on the show and no one has to play “nice” with her. Plus the things she said about kim werent so nice what does she call herself for that behavior?!

      • I think she would.

        I doubt seriously that Brandi would call herself “pathetic.”

        She may call herself a “slutty famewhore” and laugh about it, though.

          • You are right Jelly. If you feel your friend is wrong you do not back them up. Frankly these women are out of pre-school they do not need to be backed up if they are present.

    • She defended Adrienne because it was the right thing to do being that Adrienne wasn’t there to defend herself.

      Kyle has done this several times on Lisa’s behalf as well, for example when Taylor (now another of Lisa’s besties) was the first one to say that Lisa sells stories to the press, Kyle was very vocal in her defense of Lisa who wasn’t there to defend herself.

      When Adrienne has been there to speak for herself, Kyle has not say a word for or against, that speaks volumes, especially considering the fact that she has already told Brandi what she thinks of what she did.

      Lisa wants Kyle to defend her but defend her from what? Adrienne was not there attacking her, Lisa and Brandi were spewing their venum against an absent person and Kyle thought that was mean, yet Lisa wants Kyle to jump in in her defense? LOL

      That word by word apology completely took the veil out of my eyes when it comes to Lisa.

      • Lexy,

        I think she defended Adrienne not only because it was the right thing to do, but also because if Brandi could go after Adrienne was private facts making them public Brandi was a loose cannon and could go after anyone.

  • Good interview! There are parts I like about Kyle sometimes, and others , no thanks! Interesting that she says what we all already knew about Bernie, hence, Brandi not lying. Not surprised about her and Adrienne because I don’t think A can be a true real friend to anyone! What sucks is that Kyle and Camille spent soooooo much time kissing her ass, it did nothing for them friend wise.

    • I agree Michers
      I knew all that Bernie crap was true…he’s just gross.
      I disagree with Kyle about her choices in friends. I’ve never been an Adrienne fan & hated when Kyle defended her.

      • UGH me too, although season 1 I liked Adrienne. How the heck did she go from being the calm voice of reason to this? So, I guess , IMO, she was fake season 1? Yep. 🙂

  • Sorry I think Kyle is fake and a phony; she admits and points out everyone else’s faults but doesn’t see anything she; Faye or her sister ever did wrong. And I call that a two-faced person or delusional!!!

    • I agree. Back at season one there were tons of rumors that Kyle was furious that BRAVO chose Kim for the show and not Faye. That was why she was so hateful and angry at kim all of season one. Then she went after Camille and expected Faye to take her place in season 2. Brandi foiled that plan. Think about it, Kyle never once gave Brandi a chance. She was mean and nasty to her from the very first time she met her. Trying to run her off the same way she did Camille. But it backfired and Lisa befriended Brandi.. and Kyle and Faye are both angry at Lisa over it. Imagine if Lisa was ganging up on Brandi too.. refusing to film with her on top of her not being allowed to have her children on… Brandi would not have the platform she has now.

      That, has ALWAYS been my opinion on why Lisa and Kyle are no longer the friends they once were.

        • Jelly, with all due respect,its not that far of a stretch if you think about it,just by observation. I think Kyle is disappointed because it did seem as though she was trying way too hard to getFaye a spot. But Faye ruined that on her own, thankfully and hopefully. As far her trying to befriend Brandi, I think it would have benefitted Kyle and how she is portrayed on the show, to give Brandi a chance like she attempted to do this season. But with any other show, you never know whats really real anymore and who is really friends with who in real life when all is said and done.

        • Jelly, I would appriciate it if you would not insult me because we all know that when i respond you will run and cry that someone is trying to run you off the blog. If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all to me.


          • Aw someone thought I was being mean!!!! Actually your story doesn’t make any sense sorry that you can’t handle that.

          • Say What as a fan of your comments do as I do with miss peanut butter. Ignore her. It isn’t worth it. Your comment was a well thought out one that makes a lot of sense. I admit I hadn’t even thought of that but it does make perfect sense. Don’t worry about these negative few on here. They will say anything to continue to bash Brandi and /or Lisa.

          • Also Say What, your opinion wouldn’t make any sense to the non-thinkers on here anyway so don’t worry about it. Remember the famous words of Alice Walker in The Color Purple, *Love Redeems and Meanness Kills.* Words to live by. So go on with yoiur bad self!! LOL! <3

        • Jelly,

          I agree with someone below that I thought Kim was brought on board by Kyle. In fact, Kyle casted Kim for the show.

      • say what,

        that makes no sense. Kyle was the one that bought Kim onto the show……so why would she be upset that bravo picked Kim. lol. Kyle had also suggested Camille to Bravo as well…so again ur logic makes no sense.

        I know Kyle has always wanted Faye to be a part of the show, hence why we have seen faye each and every season (unfortunatly). HOwever, I think because of fayes reputation Bravo wwas testign the waters on her. Give the huge backlash….I would recommend Faye to go away quietly.

        Kyle has every right to be angry at Brandi given some of the things Brandi has said about her on the show, blogs, interviews. It was only after season one that Lisa began a full fledge friendship with Brandi..given the fact that the majority of the cast had it out for Lisa. It only makes sense that one would get close to someone who continues to support u veruses ohers who are trying to bring u down. Lisa is no fool.

        • With the Kyle and Brandi thing, they both said “mean ” things about each other… But I took it as defense mechanism for Brandi, because when she first joined, Kyle was such a mean girl! That really changed my view on her. It was hurt first, get to know her later mentality and it was catty and unnecessary.

        • @JoJo
          That’s what I read also Kyle actually pushed for Kim to be on the show. If I remember correctly Kim was hesitant at first. I am almost 100% certain that they talked about Camille being brought on the show by Kyle through Mo & Kelsey during an episode.
          Kyle has a right to be annoyed with Brandi now but in the beginning Kyle was rude to Brandi.

        • JoJO,

          I agree Kyle did bring Kim on the show. Kim even said that in an interview. I believe. I did read it in 2010 or 2011.

          Why Faye was not used likely is because of her reputation. I did read that Faye was being considered for the show back in 2009 or 2010, but then Bravo passed.

      • That is interesting Saywhat and makes a lot of sense. I never understood where her anger towards Camille came from in season 1.

        • All the Faye/camille/kim stuff came out after season one. I re-watched the show with these “tips” and it all made more sense to me. Then season 2 was so obvious. I believe it to be the truth 😉

  • Brandi is out for Brandi. She used CEdric to latch onto the show. REmember all those photo ops with her and Cedric prior to her being on the show? (eye roll). Once Cedric served his purpose she moved on to Lisa. Since Lisa was the head biatch in beverly hills Brandi made sure to latch on to her.

    Next…Brandi made sure to milk her Leann stole my husband storyline over and over again. Even though this happened four years ago and prior to getting on the show things had settled down between her and Eddie. Once Brandi got on she continued to bait Leann on twiter then cry foul. She gave interview after interview about the affair to further villify her childrens stepmother (mind you the press had a field day with Leann when it initilly happened). Brandi continuously tweeted about private custody arrangments and voiced her parental concerns in PUBLIC (intead of calling her ex or lawyer directly) to further garner sympathy. Brandi continously eggs on bloggers to harrass Leann and Eddie. If that wasn’t enought she wrote a book chronicling everthing to further milk the story for a nice pay day. Cries how Leann won’t leave her alone…when IN FACT it is Brandi that continues to keep this alive. Although Leann has given interviews it is only in response o the many stories that Brandi has given to tabloids and bloggers. i.e Leann left two laxatives that my kid ate and got sick….leann has eating disorder and unstable….etc. All coming from BRANDI.

    ONe day Brandi’s kids will read these stories, watch these interviews, and see the show. It is sad that Brandi continues to use people in the way she does. She continues to say hurtful things about folks and then when people fight back she cries foul.

    • Jojo, I disagree with her latching onto Cedric for the show- I think she was getting on the show, Cedric or not!

      • michers…i think there are alot of friends of hw that never get pass a few episode. I think Brandi latched on to Cedric at first to gurantee a storyline going in…to ensure more camera time. Once she was in for REAL she switched up stregies and latched on to Lisa. My opinon is Brandi will do and say anyhing to keep herself relevant. I can’t hate on that becaue it seems to be working fr her. Ny times best seller, countless hosting gigs, and products coming out. I guess selling people out and instigating drama is profitable in BH.

        TO me Brandi is not classless because she doesn’ have the wealth the other ladies have (as much times as she riminds us of this fact….poor me poor me). She is classless for the way she she conducted herself to get the things she has now. NO one and I mean NO ONE really trust Brandi on that show and she has no real authentic friends on the show. Lisa, Yolanda, KYle, and KIm are established, had careers prior to the show, and were notable people prior to the show. Brandi clawed her way in and contiues to claw her way to keep her position. I don’t find her funny anymore I just find her sad and self centered. THe same way you get up will be the same way you get down.

        • JoJo, I think “class” is out the window for the most part with any of the franchises anymore, LOL! I think most of them at this point are capable of doing and saying anything to be “relevant”, its the nature of the beast with these shows. Although, there are a few that do not need this show as others may. I like Brandi, even though there are a few things I disagree with in re to her response sometimes. For cedric, I never knew anything about them really be friends per se, until after she was on the show. I will have to go back and check because I stand by my opinion that she would have been on the show regardless.( of knowing Cedric or not)

        • LeAnn has been bashing Brandi for years Are you kidding??? LeAnn is crazy. Look at how she has even morphed into Brandi the past few years. Her dramatic weight loss, her hair even the same boob doc and same exact boobs as Brandi. She copies her shoes, her clothes even a few of her tweets. Her posted bikini pics are copied from Brandi. She is nuts, If Brandi went a little over the top the past year its because she finally had a voice. No one knew who she was before the housewives. LeAnn is a spoiled selfish kid who no one ever said no to. She destroyed a family. I can only hope Eddie fines someone else with big bucks and leaves her sorry ass.

    • JoJo, Brandi did not really know Cedric. That was BRAVOS doing. They wanted to bring someone on the show to go against Lisa. They planned for that to be Brandi and chose to introduce her to the show via Cedric. Cedric went and screwed that up by trying to blackmail Ken and Lisa. That left them scrambling to find a way to introduce Brandi. Thats when they made her one of Adrienes “friends”.

      Regardless of which housewive you like. This says a lot about bravo and the tabloid leaks we see. We often blame the housewives and try to figure out who’s behind the stories. Im willing to bet that 70% of the time BRAVO is behind the tabloid stories laying the ground work for the season. Just look at NJ and the leaks we are hearing and seeing now. The housewives are under contract so odds are these leaks are NOT coming from them.

      • sooo…..your theory is Bravo was using CEdric as a way to introduce Brandi? So if ur theory is right…Brandi willinging lied and went along with this and acted like CEdric was her “manny” to get on the show. Then when strategies changed she lied and acte like she was friends with Adrienne.

        Well based on this theory, Brandi is a liar and an opportunistic biatch who willingfully followd a storyline created for her. So her “I am honest…tell it like it is” personae is false. She is just another famehungry, plastic, self centered hw..

        Boy……I am soooo shocked (sarcasm) lol.

        Anyway u slice it whether bravo is in on it or not….U HAVE to be a willing participate. Outside of Brandi…none of the other beverly hill wives had to go through that to get on. They got on based on their own merit (fame, money, connections, class). IF u are willing to sell ur soul to get a reality show…..there is nothing authentic about u.

        Did Yolanda call paps to take pictures of her hanging out with anyone? Did Camille write a tell all book about her marriage to Kelsey Grammer? Do Lisa or Adrienne go on howard stern calling each other C’nts (even though i am sure they would like to). Does Kyle and Lisa initiate twitter wars with folks they don’t like contantly. I stand by what I said earlier….BRANDI has ZERO class…and no amount of money will buy her any.

      • jojo, you’re really twisting the facts. brandi never claimed cedric was her “manny”. she did know him and was seen with him once and there was a picture of the both of them and bravo ran with that trying to say that brandi and cedric were friends when they were not. brandi even said on the show that she doesn’t really know cedric so she did not lie. bravo even tried to pretend that adrienne brought brandi on the show and they were besties but they were not. brandi never said she and adrienne were best friends. they did know each other but weren’t close at all. if you want to accuse of brandi being manipulative then you can say the same thing about the other women because they all pretend or go along with bravo’s storylines. it is a reality show and it’s a known fact that bravo likes to manipulate and edit scenes for dramatic purposes.

        • rukidding,

          THe photo ops with Brandi and CEdric were pretty obvious. She was pratically screaming look at me take my pic (with CEdric). Do you think it is a coincidence that Brandi was photographed with Cedric right before she was to be on the show?

          I don’t doubt any of the the other women are innocent…they all have been manipulative at some point….the reason I called out Brandi specifically is because she acts like she is “authentic an honest etc” when she really isn’t any better then the rest. She latches on to whatever will keep her relevant….if not Leann…then adrienne…when that get old she hopes on the I cant stand Kyle…when that gets old….she goes back to Leann. She is forever keeping her name in the headlines. Kudos to her for maintaining her relvance to sell her ware….but to continue to do this off of the backs of other people (many of which just want to be left alone) is disturbing to me. Every time someone calls Brandi out she then plays victim. You can’t continue to say hurtfull things about people and expect them to not react. Its ok to stand up for urself….but Brandi lives for hitting people below the belt…and Ithink that is what bothers Kyle and some of the other women.

          Perfect example of the way Brandi opporates:

          HW: I think you are being such a biatch Brandi.

          Brandi: well at least my husband is not sleeping with the maid and has a gambling problem….

          another example:

          HW: I think u need to tone it down….u are acting immature.

          Brandi: Well maybe u nee to tell ur daughter that….cause I heard she a slut and all the boys at her school have had a go at her.

          These are extreme examples lol…but just wanted to illustrate how nasty Brandi can be. Gone are the days calling someone a biatch was enough….hitting BELOW the belt is never ok in my book.

          • Well for the HW’s its a sport now and it has spread like a virus to all franchises. And IMO, Brandi may have “hit below the belt”, but she definitely is not the only one on BH!

          • Ok ok I get it already jo. Yoiu hate Brandi’s guts. Enough already. Youi’ve taken up pages of ranting and raving about her. Now I know just to scroll past your name like the other trolls/haters that love to talk smack about her every time she is mentioned. I get it .

        • She said she knew him from her imaginary modeling days in Europe. Then she said that she was friends with Adrienne because their kids went to school together. Must be a very expensive school, by the way. I think Brandi had no ties to the show whatsoever.

          • I am really confused about her “modeling”. Did it even really happen? I tried to search one day for almost half an hour for pictures from her modeling days and I found like one. If she was “all over Europe” why is there NOTHING I could find on any of that. Is this a Bravo storyline, or a Brandi story or is it somehow real?

          • Mego,

            You are right. Where are the Chanel and Gucci ads? There are none. She did a little lingerie modeling and one large campaign for Wacoal but those were US based. Some catalogue modeling but I never could find anything else.

    • perfect post, that is how I see Brandi as well, she used Cedric, used Adrienne, now is Lisa’s turn and whoever she needs to use to get the things she believes she is entitled to.

      I wish I could beleive that she is doing all this just for her kids but the fact that she wrote a whole book to villify the father of those kids just tells me otherwise.

      Like you said, Brandi is out there only for Brandi.

      • Maybe she is out for herself, but I do not fault her for that! She has no hubby. Not many true friends on the show outside of Lisa, and this is her time to try and get as much work as possible, and money. She has to look out for her because no one else is. And if she did use Cedric- yuck, who cares? He used Lisa for years. Im just not seeing how he can have any role in getting Brandi this job on the show… And if her and Adrienne were never really friends like some of you always bring up , then why would that matter? But IMO, just because they are not “friends” anymore, doe s not mean she used someone.

        • Interesting take on that rukidding! Hmm, to that I think I agree! I do not see Brandi using them. Just because a friendship failed, does not equate to Brandi using Adrienne. And, I think Brandi would have put up with alot more than what she did from Adrienne if that were the case.

          • cedric wanted to be linked to brandi to try to get on the show. he loved the attention, adrienne wanted to use brandi as her “new friend” and use brandi to attack lisa but that plan backfired. that is how they used brandi.

          • @rukidding
            I’m confused…Cedric used Brandi to get on what show? He was on BH before Brandi. I don’t like Adrienne but I don’t get at all what you mean about using her as her “new friend?”
            Adrienne may have tried to use Brandi to get at Lisa but Brandi said no. I just don’t get how they used Brandi.

        • If Lisa is so smart, how did she get totally taken by hat Cedric guy? I never understood how someone could be so dumb; he used Lisa and Ken big time!

          • OMG, Socal, I felt bad for her and Ken. Didn’t they bring him to US with them from Britain? She believed his sordid tale about being orphaned by his prostitute Mother, and the whole rest of the story. Did we ever find out if any of his story was even true? I probably would have believed him also. Im a sucker with emotional things. Unless my instinct radar goes off, LOL

          • even the most smartest people in the world are duped. lisa was very generous and kind to cedric. she felt sorry for him and he took advantage of her. he’s a con artist and con artist are very manipulative. i don’t care how smart you think you are. anyone can be tricked.

          • He sure tricked them for a long time. I would never let someone live in my house for that long with no job and no income. I don’t think his story was true. He took complete advantage of them. I guess I’m suspicious by nature.

          • SoCal,

            Oh ten money! Lisa did not get taken in by Cedric. Cedric lived with them for a short period of time not the 2 years they want people to believe.

            Lisa used Cedric and then when he wanted more she discarded him. Where we the charges and/or police report on the supposed fraud and blackmail that happened in S1, which Lisa spoke of at the S1 reunion? It isn’t anywhere.

          • I think it’s kind of the same way some extremely intelligent women can fall for the biggest douchebags on the planet and believe all of their lives. I often see women who have it all together career-wise, but they are COMPLETELY dumb in their personal lives.

            When it comes to someone touching your heart (whether it be in a romantic way or in a way of friendship or pity), your judgment can be clouded, even if you are normally a very intelligent and logical person. JMHO.

          • On second thought, Maybe Lisa is not that smart. Did you watch Vanderpump Rules? I watched one episode and could not bring myself to watch it again. One of the worst shows ever. In my opinion, the worst “reality” show ever is Pregnant In Heals. That show was truly unwatchable; Rosie Pope does seem like a nice person though.

    • Brandi did not “latch on” to Cedric. No offense, JoJo. Cedric did an interview where he said the producers of RHOBH cooked up a storyline of Brandi and him being friends from their modeling days so that they could keep Cedric on the show in some capacity and get Brandi on to the show (because they wanted Brandi for some reason. Who knows? Maybe she did well in her interview, and she looked great to them on screen?).

      I think it’s the same thing they did on RHOOC when they acted like Tamra was the realtor for Heather Dubrow (Yeah, right! Like the Dubrows would use Tamra to try to sell their house).

    • Jojo – It’s not the affair that is the problem in the Brandi/LeAnn feud, though that was bad enough. It’s LeAnn’s behaviour afterwards.

      I will never understand how a mistress can ever be seen as the victim, when that same mistress has been bragging from the roof-tops about her actions that broke up the family, and is releasing an album of songs about it.

      You are only hearing Brandi’s side now because she didn’t have a platform to speak about it before because no one was interested in Brandi.

      And the irony of it all is that if the Mistress had ridden off quietly into the sunset with her prize, we’d never have Brandi as the media star she currently is. Afterall, no one knows who ‘aloe Vera’ is, do they?

      The mistress dragged the wife into the spotlight and is now crying about the lemonade the wife made of the lemons she was given.

      That my dear is karma.

  • I use to like Kyle until “game night”! Her & Kim were digusting to Brandi & for no reason other than they felt like she was moving into their terriotory. Get over it!!! The way they treated her was disgusting. Brandi shouldn’t have said what she said about Kim but clearly she wasn’t off the mark too much considering Kim’s rehab stint.

    Team Brandi all the way!

    • Ditto I totally agree they were terrible and she even had Lisa disliking Brandi until Lisa saw the footage; and right now she is claiming that Faye is a good mother and designer not one is questioning that what people don’t like is the way she seemed to bully Brandi for her actions with Adrienne; Sorry to see Kyle have that allegiance to Faye and not Lisa no wonder Lisa needed an aplogy on Camera and You see Kyle couldn’t/wouldn’t do it. KYLE IF FAKE and my opinion of her changed on game night!!!

      • Lisa hated Brandi back then, she thought she was coming after her due to Cedric.

        Kyle has acknowledge that part of her initial animosity towards Brandi came from that same fact.

    • yup. count me in. especially since her haters seem to all love Kyle, Adrienne and Taylor and Kim. My four least favs after Faye who I might add Kyle is trying so hard to get on the show. I will stop watching just as I did NJ due to all the stupid fighting. Sorry, I am not used to friends acting like this toward one another.

  • I like Kyle….I just dont like the fact that she never takes responsiblity for her PART in anything. I think when Lisa expressed her disappointment in regard to the way Kyle treated her…..Kyle was very dismissive and in my opinion apologized out of necesity not sincerity. I think there is alot of behind the scenes drama that may have played a role in the way Kyle sees Lisa now….and for the most part I get that.

    However, I feel like the crack in their relationship happened at the reunion when Lisa realzed Kyle truly did not have her back. I remember the reunion prior to that….LIsa stood behind Kyle 100 percent and even voiced her disgust at the way fans where going after kyle regarding kim. Lisa stood up for Kyle even though Lisa was a fan favorite.SO to Kyle to sit there and not say a word of support for Lisa was shocking and hurtful. Look back at the reunion….Kyle defended Taylor tooth and nail (even thought taylor was holding her own against brandi). Throughout this season Kyle and her husband have been relentlessly defending Adrienne over and over again. Where was this conviction when Lisa needed it? She just sat there silent. AFter weeks and weeks of Adrienne’s chef sending out nasty stories about Lisa and Ken…..Kyle silent.

    I think Lisa is loyal to the people that are loyal to her. She will walk on fire for a friend, however once you backstab her….all bets are off.

    • Maybe she was dismissive (in your opinion) because Kyle has already had this conversation with Lisa in private, yet Lisa wanted her to do a word by word apology in camera which I found very patronizing and truly pathetic.

      I hope that was the moment when Kyle realize that whatever idea of friendship she had with Lisa was over, right there and then.

      • I do have to agree with you Lexy. When Lisa asked Kyle to repeat after her….thought that was disturbing. I have also noticed Lisa retweeting negative blogs about Kyle as well. I guess when you piss off Lisa V…she becomes a beast.

        I don’t think Lisa is innocent in this at all. My point was I understand were all of it is coming from. Once Lisa realized that Kyle did not have her back and was talking crap about her behind her back….Lisa cut Kyle off. I think in Lisa’s mind she wanted Kyle to publically (on the show/blogs) support her instead of just in private. She publicaly supports/defends everyone else (adriann and taylor) but never lisa. When the whole nanny thing happenen Kyle tweeted like a mad women that day correcting the misunderstanding and even went on her blog to do the same. VEry different from the way she handled the reunion drama with Lisa.

    • Right on JoJo, I said the same above before I saw your comment. All of Kyles “apologies” are followed up with an excuse for her behavior. That completely negates the dang apology. She does it every single time. Even with her sister. It makes it insincere.
      Season one Lisa defended everything Kyle did. She even took Kyles side after game night without hearing anyone elses version. Lisa always had Kyles back as friends usually do..
      Kyle clearly defened others on the show and took sides but never once stood up for Lisa. Obviously something happened after season 1 that we havent seen. No idea what that is, but im pretty sure thats behind the broken relationship and Kyle refusing to ever defend Lisa.

      • Thats right you are 100% correct; this is why Kyle is fake in my book; maybe Brandi says things that are not polite but she is honest Enough said

    • @JoJo

      I agree, Kyle puts qualifiers on all her apologies.

      Frankly, I’d prefer a no apology statement like “that’s how I felt” rather than a half assed “mea culpa” that she often gives. She might as well just cry “you started it” and run away. Sometimes listening to her give excuses is like listening to my kids explain who broke something.

      I thinj Kyle only has herself to blame for the rift between her and Lisa.

        • I agree, B sometimes does that.

          I do think that as many times as B, and in some cases Kyle, have been asked to apologize for the same thing over and over, I might recommend a polite “fuck off” to anyone asking for one more apology, lol

        • I was going to point out the same thing, Jelly. I can’t think of a Brandi apology that hasn’t included a “but you did this first”

        • Also, to me, an apology that isn’t followed by a sincere effort not to repeat the behavior is meaningless.

    • I felt like Lisa didn’t have Kyle’s back at the reunion, either. She buddies up with Brandi well before that, and had plenty of opportunity to speak up against the continual “mean girl ” accusations, yet she didn’t.

      I feel like the level of general civility on this show plummeted about 8pts on a ten point scale since Brandi joined the cast.

    • JoJo, I agree with you. I think Lisa continued to want to talk about it with Kyle because every time she turned around Kyle was defending someone else!!! So, if I were Lisa, I would be pissed, too. Just because they had the conversation is private doesn’t mean you forget. And then when see Kyle continuing to defend Adrienne, it must have left a poor taste in her mouth.

    • I agree, JoJo. I see nothing wrong with being very loyal to a friend an expecting that loyalty returned. I also see no problem with changing the parameters of the friendship once one realizes that a friend has NOT been loyal and has possibly participated in stabbing them in the back.

      That’s not holding a grudge.

      That’s just good common sense. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” I just think Lisa is now very guarded with Kyle, and with good reason.

  • I’ve always felt bernie was the one selling stories. He’s trying to bullie his way on the show. I’ve always liked Kyle, I think this was a fantastic interview!

    I think the same about Yoyo.

    • I agree about CreepyChef. I just wonder if Smurfette doesn’t agree with what he says/does, why doesn’t she fire him? Why does she defend him?

      • Maybe he’s got dirt on her? I don’t see why she keeps him around either. Also, did Adrian dress up as smurfette before? Just curious about the nick name.

        • There was a photo of Adrienne wearing a scarf or hairband, with her hair pulled back, bangs showing, it made me think “Smurfette” Now I see her bopping around with her big head and hair and all Ican think of is Smurfette.

  • I loved this article and interview, good job Rox.

    I have a lot of respect for Kyle, and I really love her honest answers 🙂

    • Me, too. I will add that Bernie has caused a lot if the problems on this show. I really don’t think Adrienne knew how much trouble he was causing. I think he told Adrienne that Lisa was selling stories and she believed him and everybody broke apart after that. He also said bad things about Brandi. Ibthink a lot of these problems could have been avoided if Bernie were locked in a mental institution where he belongs. What an evil nut.

      • I see where you’re coming from Mego but my only issue with that is she knew Paul didn’t abuse those kids. Has he been fired yet I wonder? If she hasn’t fired him after all of this I’m going to have to go with Adrienne being his partner in evil nut crime. 😉

      • Come on….are you serious!?…Adrienne knew exactly what Bernie was doing..she was and is a conspirator. You actually think that Bernie would do and say anything without Adrienne?

        Please, just ask Paul!

        • I agree. Adrienne was his mouthpiece as far as I am concerned. Paul is sueing him I think I read recently for saying he abused his wife and kids.

  • I have alot of respect for Kyle this year! This is a great interview Roxy, you asked all of the right questions!

  • Really great article, and great questions for Kyle. I believe her that she doesn’t read the blogs, especially since she is always everyone’s snide comment target.

    Well done!

  • Great interview, but it didnt’ change my take on Kyle at all.

    Kyle has proven herself to be a disloyal friend, sitting on the sidelines when her supposed good friend was being lied about on national television. Kyle sees it as grudges. I see it as someone very jealous of the fact that Lisa is the fan favorite.

    Kyle makes it like she is as pure as the driven snow. Her mouth can easily rival Brandi’s.

    Interesting that now she & Adrienne aren’t that close. I guess once Mauricio sold the house there’s no need for her.

    I don’t think Lisa chooses just one person to be close to. I think she chooses her close friends carefully. If I heard one of my close friends say to another close friend that I prey on the week, I’d be done as well.

    Kyle contradicts herself a lot. She is the one who keeps bringing up Adrienne’s secret. She’s the one who let the viewer think that Taylor was oblivious to the story regarding where her daughter was. And Kyle was the one who let the huge family secret out on tv about Kim.

    • Obviously Lisa wasn’t as a good friend as Kyle thought she was. A good friend doesn’t force you to take sides, especially when you feel you are in the right. Kyle apologized to Lisa but Lisa wanted blind loyalty ans that can’t happen because as Kyle said, she thinks Brandi was in the wrong and there was no way that she would had supported what she did even if it meant going against Lisa.

      Lisa and her petty BS and her grudge against Adrienne had ruined her friendship with Kyle and now she has Brandi to echo her every thought.

      Brandi is the friend that Lisa deserves.

      • Lexy,

        Absolutely!!! No real friend will force sides.

        Kyle even apologized. I think she should have just walked out. If anyone forced me to repeat after them an apology, then they would never be my friend.

        I agree, that Lisa is petty and vindictive.

      • When has Lisa ever forced someone to take her side? You mean Vyle has done that? IE, all S1 when Kim didn’t want to get in the middle of her drama with Camille, and she dogged her out for it, chose Shana over her own sister, and trying to corrupt Lisa’s mind against Brandi after game night? Plus, Vyle backstabbed Lisa by not having her back, talking behind her back all Season 2. And Lisa should have a grudge against Adrienne. Adrienne went on national tv claiming Lisa was selling stories, when it was really her and her faux chef.

      • Kyle Richards is a good lady who tends to be more emotionally balanced than brandi or carlton. She tried to tell lisa what yolanda said about her but that just embarassed lisa, so lisa turned on kyle. Joyce tried to tell lisa what brandi said about her but once again, lisa bit the hand that fed her ( fed her good information). Lisa doesn’t like much reality being given to her, and she’s reacted negatively towards both kyle and joyce when they tried to have her back. Kyle is one feisty lady- the key word being Lady. She’s not a crude, vulgar train wreck like brandi and she’s not an evil, paranoid mental case like carlton. Brandi and carlton bring the trailer park persona to Beverly Hills. Wish the producers would bring in some replacements so that the roles of beverly hills housewifes would be more believable. Brandi and carlton are just too low for the show. Kyle is a consistent lady, good mother and wife and a class act.

    • I agree. Once I saw a friend of mine say that about me, that person would drop down a few notches in how closely I would allow them into my lives and how much I would trust them.

      Kyle says Lisa is manipulative and like a chess player, but notice the subtlety of her own digs. She doesn’t say Lisa seems to be close to only one person at a time, but that she “latches onto” one – because that is the most pejorative verb to use.

      And seriously, I don’t believe any of them when they say they don’t read each other’s blogs or any of the news commentary. Most particularly, I don’t believe media-savvy Kyle.

      • I agree with your view on Kyle. All of her apologies are followed up with..”ya, but you did this or this” She has never apologized for something she’s done without adding an excuse for it. Which makes me think the apology is never sincere. She apologizes only because she has to. She owed Lisa a real apology, which was not what she gave and thats why Lisa will accept it but not allow her close again.

        Melissa Gorga use to say she never read Teresas blogs but would quote Teresas blog on twitter or in her very next blog. LOL

        • Agree with both of you! THAT is one reason I do not care for her that much anymore, with a few others, LOL. She is so infamous for doing that with the digs, being passive aggressive, then sits there like ” Oh, My feelings are hurt, I thought we were friends, I was trying to play nice… PLease ! Kyle says she needs no mouth pice and she is right to the point and strong, but she often says things like that and her actions and talking heads are different!

        • Funny but Brandi does the exact same thing. she actually does it more than Kyle does which is odd sinxe you hate that about Kyle …

          I wouldn’t compare Melissa to Kyle they aren’t comparable really.

          • Jelly, I missed those parts I guess? None of them are without fault, but since I ( viewing) noticed changes in her I do not like, that does not mean I would not like others! I was disappointed with Kyle, when to me, she said one thing did another, picked Taylor over Kim, etc… For Brandi, it was never easy or welcoming for her, and Kyle sure did not help. None of them were in a position to judge another woman so harshly. That was awkward to watch at times. And there is a difference when you are reacting to another, or always having to defend yourself.

          • Jelly,

            I agree Brandi always qualifies her apologies. Do you remember when she said that she was sorry about the surrogacy, yet she said but Adrienne didn’t apologize to her. Do you remember when Brandi said to Kim on the meth head comment she was only “incorrect.”

            Brandi is the number one qualifer of apologies on this show.

        • I said this elsewhere, but when a person apologizes but continues to repeat the behavior, it makes the apology insincere in my book. At least with Kyle and Brandi, Kyle has followed through with an effort not to repeat Game Night. She has defended Brandi in her talking heads and on her blog, consistently. Brandi might be quicker to apologize, and I like that about her, but she keeps doing the same things to warrant apologies which makes me think she isn’t really sorry.

          • Lucida, I agree with your take that Kyle is trying. I think she’s mostly trying for the cameras, but that may not be true, and I don’t begrudge her anyway because it still counts! 😉

            I think Brandi is just INCREDIBLY reactionary, and though she’s sorry after she says/does it, she can’t help herself the next time. The fact that she wanted to talk to Paul and Adrienne at the White Party, and her saying she really had no problem with them before this, and her getting so upset at Faye’s accusations at the dinner party at Kyle’s, and the fact that she sent a private apology email to Adrienne instead of making it a big fancy show for everyone….I think she truly was sorry, IMO. But I also think that the woman is so uber defensive at this point she just speaks without thinking over and over. So I see where you are coming from.

      • I had this friend that I had to let go because she could NEVER apologize for anything EVER. It’s like it was just physically impossible for her mouth to form the words.

        One day she and I had a long talk about that, and she decided she would improve.

        She finally, maybe 3 times, apologized (for doing some very messed up things, I might add) by saying, “I’m sorry you FEEL that way!!”

        After that 3rd non-apology, apology, I ended the friendship (because how can you be friends with someone who is NEVER accountable and NEVER takes responsibility for when they screw up, which is bound to happen because all human beings screw up at times?).

        Whenever I hear someone say, “I’m sorry you FEEL that way,” I mentally envision punching them (because it is just so patronizing). I sometimes feel like responding to that with, “And I’m sorry you’re a smug, patronizing jackass. I am NOT, however, sorry for FEELING that way about you!”


    • The point isn’t the words Brandi uses, the point is that Kyle has done nothing but be kind to her for the past year and yet Brandi says cruel things to the media about her every chance she gets.

      At least Brandi admitted in her book that everything she does in public is an attempt to stay relevant. Witness the Oscars dress.

      • OMG, I am still LMAO at that dress

        What was she thinking? The dress looks as cheap as Brandi is but I still have a hard time thinking that she looked herself at the mirror and thought this was appropriate attire for the Oscars.

        • Sad thing is, her hair and makeup looked great (although ESP when she smiles, I understand the modeling agents comments about her being a body girl and not a face girl). And the color of the dress was great for her.

          The dress wasn’t an accident. She is rounding out the top of all the “Worst Dressed” lists, and I’m sure that was a calculated goal. It keeps her name in the press. Brandi is as packaged as anyone else, folks!

          • WOW! I like Brandi but I was shocked about the boob area of the dress, LOL. Agree, color was good, hair and makeup good, and the rest of the dress I thought was good- just need to fix the boob area, LOL

          • I would agree that her goal was probably to be noticed, good, bad or otherwise, but isn’t she trying to promote a clothing line?

            I would expect that someone who is trying to promote a clothing line would actually want to be perceived as marketable, that dress was hideous but even more so for such an event.

          • The dress was ill fitting, no doubt, eeek!

            The worst part, for someone looking to start a line, is that the dress looked cheap and cheaply made. In one of the photos, the material looked like a cheap knit. Whoops!

            Sorry B, try again!

          • @Sadie

            I don’t know. I saw you mentioned that last night, but I didn’t see that mentioned on any of the photos. In all fairness, I don’t think any designer wants their name on that dress, lol

          • I read that, I thought here. That it was her new clothing lines “coming out” dress, pun intended lol. Could of been a joke too hahaha, was funny!!

          • Aunt Sadie/rhfan, yes I was reading somewhere that it was her own dress form her line. While it needed some “work”, I give her kudos for continuously be confident enough to work her dresses in public! I think she wore another one on the View recently? There not awful, IMO, but still needs some adjustments. I would not do it, LOL.. but good for her!

          • Her hair and jewelry were great – the dress was a pr nightmare but her friends and stylist should have helped her. Sometimes we think things look better than they do.

          • I don’t mean to nitpick but she had piles of foundation on. I didn’t like the makeup.

          • Mego,

            I agree the hair and make-up were awful. She is a pretty woman and she made herself look matronly. It was bad.

      • Brandi says cruel things in the media about Kyle every chance she gets? Maybe I missed that, when has she saidanything cruel aside from the “cunts” comment?

        • I haven’t seen a lot, but she loves and adores retweeting mean things about Kyle though she hasn’t done it in awhile it was one of her favorite things to do.

          • Oh I have. I followed her for awhile but then I unfollowed her because she’s craycray on twitter. She would retweet stuff and do other things that I thought was distateful.

          • I said “She hasn’t done that in awhile” but she most certainly did ALL season 2. If you don’t want to believe me that is a-okay because I know I’m telling the truth.

          • Well season 2 they weren’t getting along as well as they are now, correct? (maybe not after the cunt thing LOL)

      • I don’t know if this went in the right place, but let me clarify: My “PREACH” and “AMEN” were for Plainview Sue, because I agree with every single word you wrote.

    • As far as Faye, I don’t care if the person is your “Best Friend” if you are a friend, you let them know when they are wrong. Faye was TOTALLY wrong to come at Brandi; and not only that Adrienne was lying; so this makes what Faye did even worst. Regarding, Kyle relationship with Adrienne just goes with Kyle realizing Adrienne is/was lying and wants to distance herself from Adrienne.

  • Adrienne was always a phony with a lot to hide. She was always boring…time for “Maggie May” to move on…

  • Lets be clear – when Brandi called them c*nts, she was referring to how they treated her in the beginning. She is 100% correct. Everybody gets on Brandi, but you all forget how catty Kyle and the others were – both at the first party Brandi attended, and the Game Night from Hell.

      • why was she RB? because the other catty bitches were attacking her!! don’t act lik game night never happened because we all saw it so lets not pretend that the other women are innocent victims because their not. if brandi feels they were being C then they were. i personlly don’t like the word and i wish she didn’t say it but she was on howard stern show and i think she was saying it for shock value and for his show.

        • RU, I agree!! It’s like Brandi was such a bitch, I can’t believe she did and said what she did. But, what about what they did?? It’s just as bad!!! Kim and Kyle act like they did nothing. I don’t give a rat’s ass that they supposedly owned their behavior. If that were true, Kim would not have AGAIN mentioned Brandi’s behaviors that night when they were at dinner and Mauricio attacked her. That proved to me that they take no responsibility.

          • I am sorry but you can’t put Kim and Kyle together when KYLE admitted she was wrong. Kim did not, don’t attach the two.

          • Sure I can. Kyle didn’t admit shit. Sure, she said she was out of line, but come on. She tried to justify everything she said/did. In my humble opinion, justifying behavior after supposedly admitting fault makes no sense.

      • IMO, Brandi did not start acting like a C U Next Tuesday until they messed with her FIRST. They ACTED. She REACTED.

        I mean, from the first moment the woman appeared on the screen, they were nasty to her. She innocently walks into a party on crutches, wearing one wedge heel, and with the way those catty bitches loudly laughed and mocked and talked about her, you would have thought Brandi walked into the party and yelled, “Yes, I MOLEST small children in my spare time!!”

        Lisa directly approached Brandi and asked her about her relationship with Cedric. She let Brandi know that she had MAJOR problems with Cedric in the past. Brandi told Lisa that she and Cedric only modeled together and really were not close friends.

        So, instead of cattily mocking Brandi behind her back, Lisa acted like the real woman that she is and approached her to basically say, “B*tch, I’m WATCHING you because of your connection with Cedric. As long as there are no problems involving Cedric, however, if you don’t mess with me, I won’t mess with you.”

        After that, Lisa disliked Brandi based on KYLE’s version of her interactions with Brandi (like Game Night), which, of course, always favored Kyle and made Brandi look like the Devil.

        Lisa trusted Kyle’s version and, out of loyalty, had Kyle’s back (as USUAL until Kyle f*cked Lisa over at that Reunion by failing to have HER back) with Brandi….until she slowly got to know Brandi for herself and gave her a chance.

        It’s like some of those women (mainly Kyle) hated Brandi on site and never really gave Brandi a real chance. So, Brandi’s been defensive ever since (So, they WERE C U Next Tuesday’s to her from the beginning and for a while afterward. That’s all she said: the TRUTH, which often gets Brandi’s ass into trouble. What are you gonna do?).

    • I agree Janice. I did not listen to the whole Howard Stern video, but because its Howard Stern, I can only imagine that it was not Tea Tome with the Queen, LOL! I don’t think there are rules on that show and I think he encourages the most shocking answers! Kyle may as well have called Camille the C Word first season, as she called her everything else!

      • Michers, I heard the whole interview with Brandi. She was more than willing to talk about her marriage to Eddie and the girls she brought home so they could all have fun. I’ve been listening since 1995; and if you want to here a “real” intereview with celebs. listen to Howard. He usually gets all of the “dirt.”

      • you can watch her interview on youtube. it’s hilarious. her interview made me want the book even more.

        • OMG- she is hilarious. That was a great interview, she gave a lot of dish about the show: ‘season 2 Camille’ and her boss’ name is really Alex, not Andy. And she confirmed Simon & Schuster vetted all of the information, that is why E&L can’t sue. Can’t believe Adrienne had the nerve to sue Bravo too, she knew she was on a reality show! Geez.

          • They could not have vetted all information because it would not be available. It is version in the interviews as her truth. Memoirs can be one sided, that is fine. Most it is perspective it doesn’t make it true it makes Brandi’s version of how the events transpired.

    • There is never a good excuse to use that word, ever.

      I love Teresa but I don’t even condone her using that word, is just nasty and there are so many other words that can be used to make the same point.

      • I agree Lexy.

        Although, if I were going to use it; I think using it for the woman who hid my crutches would be an appropriate use.

        • Some people hate it and some don’t care and think its just a word. I don’t think anyone will ever agree on it if they have opposing opinions on that word. I don’t really care, but I know a lot of people take great offense to it so I try and respect that when around them.

          • I’m neutral on the word. I don’t use it, but that’s because I MUCH prefer the word, motherf*cker!! What can I say? It just works BETTER for me.

            However, when analyzing motherf*cker versus C U Next Tuesday, why is C U Next Tuesday considered so much worse? I mean, when one REALLY thinks about the word motherf*cker, isn’t it REALLY a LOT worse than C U Next Tuesday?


          • Lola, its actually quite disgusting if you really think about what you are saying, LOL!!! UGH! So easily it falls from mouths though.. SIGH…

          • LOL! Lola!

            I have never understood…why so many people will exclaim that the “C” word is absolutely the worst. Calling anyone- any offensive name is, well, offensive. Call me a bitch, call me a “C”, call me an MFer, those words to me…are meaningless. The only message I get when I hear them directed at me is that the person doesn’t like me very much (at least in that moment.) BUT…I hate it…and find it most offensive…when someone calls me a liar. Question my word, my integrity and my character…and you best have some proof of your accusation.

            When Joe called Teresa a “C” this same discussion occurred on the BRAVO board…and I was one of the only people that felt that “C” wasn’t the “worst word ever.” Frankly, I was more offended by Joe calling someone a “faggot.” With the word “faggot” I see an attempt to make someone feel “less than” because of one’s perception of their sexual orientation. Awww, well, that’s just me!

            So, for Faith, at least, it’s better to be called a “C” then a “liar.”

            Go figure!

          • Lol lola I totally agree with your assessment of those words. Motherf*cker is just as bad. I don’t really get offended by bad words, it is just the intent behind whoever uses them that really matters. Otherwise it is only a word.

      • Lexy,

        When Teresa uses it with her family it is personal. I have to agree with Teresa that Melissa is a C##T. It is family and that is different for me. You cannot walk away from family or at least you shouldn’t.

        When Brandi says it about friends who really haven’t done anything to her, then she is just trash. I have used the word. I even used it here but it is wrong.

    • I agree Janice. She shouldnt have said it at all, but she was referring to how they treated her and she was on Howard Stern…

    • Brandi joined the show to initially side with Cedric, so the ladies (especially Kyle who was closets with Lisa than the others at this time and had just supported Lisa through the Cedric debacle) ) were worried for Lisa and Lisa was initially freaked out the episode when Brandi joined. The ladies were showing solidarity of Lisa in the beginning –how many times are the posters going to rewrite the history of the first few episodes when Brandi joined the show. Go watch for yourself – the episodes are online!

    • Not so. Her exact words were, These women are horrible. They are c***s. Present tense. She said it. She meant it. She is a beacon of truth, remember. Were= past tense, are= present tense.

      • I know. I actually heard the interview. Maybe Brandi had an early morning nip, so she didn’t realize what she was saying. LOL!

  • Kyle wasn’t as close to Adrienne as she was to Lisa, but what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong.

    Brandi was wrong when she decided to use information about the children for her petty fight and there is no sugarcoating that, all the rest has come as a result of this, so in that sense I respevct Kyle’s opinion, even if Adrienne was not as close to you, you defended what was right when it would had been so much easier to jump on the Lisa/Brandi’s bandwagon.

    • But why isn’t anyone holding what Adrienne said up to the light?
      Why hang kyle acknowledged what she and kim did to Brandi when they first met her?
      And why in the hell would kyle trust Faye after her tell all book about Nicole?

    • I am a huge Brandi fan. Even so, I think she shouldn’t have said whatever it was about Adrienne. But, whatever. She owned it. She apologized. What I cant stand about Kyle is her hypocrisy. She called her sister an alcoholic on the S1 finale!! She justifies that, but give me a break. It is the same thing. They both spoke out of turn. Brandi owns it. Kyle owns nothing.

      • So true about Kyle outing Kim. I think both Kim being an alcoholic and Russell beating Taylor were both WAY worse “secret outings” than Brandi’s about Adrienne’s surrogacy. There is nothing wrong with surrogacy, it isn’t even taboo! Alcoholism and domestic violence…definitely worse.

    • Revealing that Adrienne used a surrogate to have her kids is not using information about the children, it is using information about Adrienne. And not even controversial information at that. However, Brandi admitted she was wrong, apologized, and sent an apology email.

      I have zero qualms with Kyle for siding with who she felt was right, and I don’t get the impression that Brandi had any qualms about that either.

      • Did Adrienne really think she could keep the used of a surrogate a secret? Please, she is on a reality show; shit happens.

        • After she said on TV, ” I had C-sections”, in front of most of the ladies, who already knew that was a damn lie. You know I have a feeling that if ( maybe) she did not lie about that in Ojai, Brandi would not have used it against her to prove why she is a liar! A is a ___________!

          • I just feel that Kyle, after getting into a fight with Kim trying to defend TAYLOR, hopped in a limo and then physically WENT AFTER her own sister screaming, “YOU’RE A LIAR AND AN ALCOHOLIC!” would have a little more forgiveness for Brandi saying, “And she used a surrogate, and she lies about that too.”

            I mean honestly. None of these broads are innocent.

    • love brandi kyle not so much shes just so 2faced she says shes not but she is and all u have 2 do is watch the show 2 see this i dont think brandi should have brought up anything about adriennes children their off limits period

  • I am glad Kyle finally understand that her frienship with Lisa is over, Kyle needs to move on, Lisa doesn’t want real friends , she wants pet projects, Cedric and Brandi fill that profile perfectly, they accomplish the need of Lisa to fill in a much better level.

    Kyle is also correct when she says that Lisa only has time for one friend at a time and her time has passed.

    • I totally agree with this statement. I think Lisa is a phony boloney and since she started on the housewives she’s just trying to stay relevant in the limelight. I liked Brandi last season but this year I feel like it’s been nothing but the Brandi show. I’ve always been a fan of Kyle and Kim. I feel like Kyle is the real glue to the show and if the get rid of her the show will take a beating. You can say what you want about Kyle but I personally feel like she’s the most honest and real woman on the show.

      • I liked Kyle too…until I saw the way she and Kim treated Brandy on game night. Have you EVER seen two grown women act so shamelessly catty? I have NEVER.

        People make mistakes…I know this to be true. However, that night, in my opinion, was more about the true character of two girls (not women…because grown women never would behave in such a manner) who have always imagined themselves to be on a higher level than others…and enjoy every opportunity to prove it to themselves.

        All of this, of course, is just my opinion. I cannot imagine that Kyle will ever be able to redeem herself in my eyes.

        • That is the exact reason and same time and place I stopped liking both of them. Would they want their daughters treating a new girl say at school like this? And one with a broken leg to boot? (No pun intended) I think not! Something they both should be deeply ashamed of. These two sisters are the biggest asshats and Kyle starts almost all the problems with her constant need to be in the limelight and stirring the pot. She needs to go and her sister. They both think they are Hollywood roayalty. I never even heard of them before the show. Couple of self entitled dragons.

    • I agree Lexy
      Lisa wants a pet…loyal, will attack when needed, hungry for attention etc. that’s what she had in Cedric & now Brandi. It does seem she is the type of person to only have one friend at a time.
      I disagree with Kyle about Faye…can’t stand Faye. I don’t always agree with Kyle or her friendships on the show but she seems more honest than most of them.
      I still miss Lisa & Kyle’s friendship…I wish Lisa Kyle & Brandi would get along I think they are fun together.
      Still can’t stand Taylor or Adrienne. YoYo is a bore & so is Marissa.

      • I believe there have been quite a few pictures of Lisa with her other friends. You just don’t see them on the show.

        • That’s what I thought. I’ve seen all kinds of pix of Lisa with people that are supposedly friends of hers. They look to be just as wealthy and well-dressed as she is too.

          For instance, one of the possible rumored new RHOBH cast wives is Penny Lancaster, Rod Stewart’s wife. She has allegedly been recommended by Lisa. Rod’s pretty rich, and Penny looks to be pretty together. So, she does not sound like a pet project to me.

          Based on that and on pix of seen with her non-RHOBH friends, I don’t necessarily agree that Lisa has “pet projects” instead of friends. JMHO.

          • What I find hilarious are the people who make statements about Lisa. A person they’ve never met assigning motives and morals based on nothing more than the words of people who have clearly demonstrated their ability to lie , manipulate assign false statements to people and attack others relentlessly and repeatedly! While everything that we’ve seen of Lisa on screen and in talking heads completely contradicts the words of these people… But some people, I’ve learned will believe whatever scenario BRAVO feeds them. Who was it that said ” there’s a sucker born every minute”? For their sake I hope they are never the victim of lying gossips! Just because five jealous bitches with competitive motives and 0 conscience say something about you, does not make you guilty ! Show me some proof! I’ve seen all these so called ladies gang up say rude things be downright mean and lie! The only one Ive never seen be mean or untruthful is Lisa!

          • No offense mommahurley
            But this season Bravo has fed the viewers that Lisa is the queen & Brandi is the princess. Kyle has been made out to be the villain this season. I’m sorry but I don’t believe all the Bravo B.S.
            Lisa has to be on top for Bravo…she’s on 2 shows. Most of these women take little digs at each other…Lisa included. I’m sorry but Lisa is just as bad as the rest of them.
            Also everyone on this blog comments about people we have never met. It’s just our own opinions.

          • Miss Lola just look at who is saying this. It is the same tiresome bashing of Lisa and Brandi from her. She evidently thinks their whole life is on the RHW. I have always thought that Lisa enjoys Brandi because she is fun and has a great sense of humor like she does. Kyle used to be like that when her and Lisa hung out. I have always thought it was too bad Kyle has such envy she can’t be friends with both Brandi and Lisa. The three of them are all with a good sense of humor and love to laugh and have fun. It’s too bad.

    • True. And Lisa seems to like to surround herself with younger, uneducated women. I’m sure there a lot of people who would like to work at Sur and aren’t trashy.

      • Those are most of the people in on her twitter pictures. I follow Lisa. The real class in Lisa’s family is Pandora. I adore her.

    • I disagree. Lisa DOES want real friends….which is why she is done with Kyle. REAL friends do not think of you as manipulative, and holding a grudge.

  • “I hate it because I feel like there are certain things we can’t explain and sometimes your hands are tied about what you can talk about”

    Exactly and Bravpo takes full advantage of that, Bravo goes even as far as ask them things that forces them to lie by omision like when they asked Teresa about Melissa taking the girls out for a mani-pedi date when they knew darn well that this had been filmed months before than what they showed.

  • Great interview

    Kyle is absolutely right, there is no excuse for Brandi to have used the C *&^ word when referring to her castmates.

    That spekas volumes about Brandi.

    • I agree Brandi was wrong using the C word . But am I the only one that thinks Kyles answer in reference to Faye speaks volumes. She seems like she is upset that Brandi gets alot more screen time than Faye does . I think the rumors about Kyle being upset that Brandi was made a fulltime HW while Faye remained just a friend of the hw’s are true.

      • Faye has been a friend of the HW since season 1, she has never been showcased too much though. I think Kyle is upset that Brandi made it into a full HW, not because of it but because of the way she did it, she (IMO, simple made up or embellish some sort of gang up meeting and in the process teared up her friendship with Lisa.

        Kyle was never part of that made up reunion and not even once has Brandi confronted her about it, but she sure implied it several times until it was obvious that she didn’t have any evidence of that. Brandi would have loved to drag Kyle’s name into that meeting but she couldn’t.

        I am sure that Kyle also is weary of Brandi because she has said that she would do anything and everything that needs to be done to be Lisa’BFF.

        • At the last reunion I saw Kyle jump right in and yell over to Lisa in an accusatory tone. She was definetly defending Adrienne and was nasty! And I stilll can’t get over that insincere apology when last season her and her sister tag teamed Brandi and were horrible at Dana/Pams game night. It was their first time meeting her and Kims first words were “I don’t like youi,” While Kyle laughed her ass off. They showed their true colors and were so mean and hateful. And then the two of them twist it so Brandi looks like the bad guy by calling Kim a meth addict. Give me a break. They were monsters last season. And Kim never has apologized for that night. I think Kyle talks out of both sides of her mouth. I wish I could like her. She is an amazing mother and she is gorgeous.

          • Kyle said she hates the reunion because she feels like “THEY” all want to be mean and vicious. LMAO. She is the mean, vicious and ugly one.

          • Yeah she does play all sides. She has her own opinion of who it is she feels like at the time and it is ok because she will have an excuse as to why and it is accepted. Her sister crys wolfe about being called a meth user but these sisters both started this with Brandi. No different then Kyle when Brandi said what she did about adiranne. Kyle is the one who began that conversation and yet Brandi is horrible for saying what she did. I really think Kyle is so fake. She lets people disrespect people unless she disagrees and then it is a huge problem. She wouldn’t back Lisa up no matter what and yet she talked about her anxiety level, her heart rate going up but it didn’t stop her always having an imput on someone elses situation. I hope lisa and brandi always stay friends because they accept one another on a real basis. Kyle and the other ladies like Faye flow like the wind. They litterally shift according to the weather. Lissa and Brandi keep staying real and I will continue watching you.

        • Well said Lexy if Brandi can dish it out she should be able to take it Im not a big fan of Faye don’t know much bout her wat I’ve seen and IMO she’s a close friend of Adrienne and was sticking up for her Brandi is on the show because she’s a loose canon and would throw anyone under the bus for air time fame and money she’s befriended Lisa for her own selfish reason. On the other hand i did like Kyle in the beginning however Im starting to see a different side to her i was so put off her and Kim. At their behave at the hand night they truly acted like mean high school girls i thought that maybe they were just having an off night however as i said Im starting to see Kyle Iowa different light that doesn’t mean Brandi is better she’s a foul mouthed bitch and Lisa better watch out. To be honest Im getting sick and tired me all these women they all bitchy and they aren’t real friends anyway they’ve been put together for the show and to bring drama brings in ratings and that’s all that Bravo cares about it’s all bout the $ these women have put themselves in this situation u no wat ur getting into wen u sign ur for a reality tv show. Seriously thinking of just turning them off and the bullshit script

      • Good catch! But I think Faye is and has been one of the most hated people in America anyway, most likely because of the OJ Simpson saga. Its amazing to me that she gets any airtime and Im sick of Bravo forcing criminal and or morally corrupt people on us through the show.

        • Faye has been a friend fo theHW since season 1, isn’t it funny how she is hated because she told Brandi that what she did was despicable.

          I thought watching that episode that Faye had crossed the line and had to reason to intervene in something that was none of her business, but then watching the way that Brandi and Lisa teamtag on everything and how they want everybody to be on their side, I am actually happy that at least someone (Faye) had the guts to call Brandi to task to her face.

          Brandi is a grown up girl, mouthy, nasty and unsophisticated, if she can dish it, then she most certainly should be able to take it.

          • Kyle seems to be distancing herself from Adrienne who she and Mauricio fiercely defended Is this because she knows Adrienne won’t be back on the show?

            Defending Faye is a lost cause. Faye comes with lots of baggage and not a good reputation herself to begin with. And Faye was offensive in attacking Brandi over things said that had nothing to do with her. Whatever was said by Brandi in regards to Adrienne was between them. Faye was relentless in attacking Brandi, and it wasn’t her place to do so. She ruined the party for everybody. Not only that but it appeared that Kyle was on board with it all and did little as a hostess to stop Faye’s attacks.

            Brandi can be vulgar and inappropriate. However she doesn’t go out of her way to be so unless provoked. She’s brutally honest and her words can be cutting. She’s also a very loving caring person who appears to value true friends and treat them with respect.

            I like the friendship between Lisa and Brandi. I don’t think Kyle has been a loyal friend to Lisa nor has she had her back. Kyle obviously does when it comes to Taylor and Faye. I think Kyle only has herself to blame in losing that close relationship with Lisa.

            Kyle gets a little dig in there about Yolanda but I think that was a tacky comment. Yolanda has more going for her than her house and certainly more interesting to watch than Kyle’s sister Kim, Faye or Taylor.

          • I don’t think Yolanda is attacking Kyle. I think Yolanda is commenting on what she sees on the show, much of it being incidents where she was not in attendance, hence she can only comment after the fact, in her blog. I think Yolanda has proven that she will speak up if she has something to say. Maybe Kyle should be thankful that Yolanda wasn’t around more. I don’t think Kyle could hold her own against Yolanda. I think that type of bluntness scares her when it is directed at her.

          • Lexy , I hated Faye since the OJ trial, long before BH! Faye has crossed a line the few times she has been on. Her only friend is Kyle, and I am not sure any other HW’s besides Adrienne this season care for Faye either.

          • RHOAmbler, totally agree on Yolanda! Maybe Kyle should read said blogs instead of taking other people’s word for it that they are so negative. Yolanda HAS to give her 2 cents, they all do! She has never been downright nasty, she just calls Kyle out on her shit. And I say that as someone who likes Kyle (sometimes :)).

          • Yes she has been a friend since season1 and its a known fact that Kyle tried to convince Bravo to make her a fulltime HW but thankfully that didnt happen and they went with Brandi instead , which i’m sure upset Kyle.And I think Faye was hated looooong b4 the RHOBH

          • What IrishMafia said – ITA.

            What RHOAmbler said – ITA.

            What Michers said – ITA.

            What BMBarbie said – ITA.

            What YeahRight said – ITA.


          • Exactly, Brandi can dish it but she cannot take it.
            Brandi and Lisa are mean and rather pathetic in their attempts to make everyone take a side.

          • It was unfair Lexy. She never heard the whole story and she didn’t even know Brandy. Plus they were at dinner. She was a horses ass. If she would of done that to one of your favs you’d a been pissed about Faye then. You will blame Brandi for everything. How about Bernie? I guess yoiu believe all the stuff he said about her too. He is right in there with Faye. Adrienne has proved to all of us what a liar she is. And this is who Faye listens to. She is nothing but an old coke whore who made her money out of marrying rich old men and trash talking in a book she wrote about her murdered friend. She is an oppurtunist. I dont trustg anyone that would be great friends with Faye.

        • Hi Mich, I hope you have a peaceful day! I agree about Faye. She must be desperate to be on TV. Maybe Kyle wanted to have “back up” his season.

          • Hey socal. Good so far, hoping it stays that way 🙂 I think Kyle maybe ( secretly) wanted backup since her and Lisa are not so close anymore. Makes me laugh because she is the first one to say how strong she is, but you can tell she loves when others are nasty to someone.. especially when Faye chimes in.

          • I think Faye uses Kyle to get on the show. Faye shouldn’t attack Brandi because Faye is no better and it’s none of her business. As for Brandi…she really needs to grow up and have some class! Doesn’t she watch herself?
            As for Kyle…I love her!! She has class, is beautiful and best of all she has a great sense of humor. When she laughs it’s so hearty it makes me laugh too!

        • Being a criminal and changing her race. She went from a beautiful black woman to an ugly white woman. Seriously

        • I agree with Michers & Saywhat. I like Kyle but she should of stuck up for her so called BFF when Maloof accused her of selling stories. Lisa is 100% right. It’s not what your emenies say it the silence of your friend that hurts. Kyle stuck up for Taylor and then Maloof.
          There is no way around it. As I said I like Kyle. I don’t like Faye.

          • ITA with everything you said here NYDeb.

            She didn’t need to stick up for the “You don’t own SUR” bullshit but if I were Kyle and Lisa were my true friend, I would have spoken up against the selling stories accusation, if only to make my friend aware that someone is in her corner.

          • Kyle has been making passive aggressive remarks against Lisa since the very first season ” Lisa needs people who are beneath her”… Just one of many!!! And Kyle outed the most private of secrets about her very own sister in a very very cruel and self centered way. Did anyone see Brandi on Howard Stern? Because I didn’t but I can imagine he came up with the term and going along with the tone of the show Brandi just agreed. I don’t know… But I’ve seen Joward Stern and I know he puts words in his guests mouths and that word is one of his very favorites!

        • I totally agree with michers remark about Faye being one of the most hated people in America due to the OJ saga. She just seems evil to me and I can’t understand why Kyle is friends with her, of all people!!

      • I agree with you. The way that Faye behaved at the dinner party was terrible. She calls out Brandi but doesn’t think that Faye was wrong ? What ever.

        • Big difference here..Kyle and Faye are real life best friends. She’s friendly with everyone else! I would never stick up for so-called, Housewives friends and not my best friend..are u kidding me!!

        • That is what I mean about Kyle. She allows people to be disrespectful and never backs them up yet has an excuse for it as to why she didn’t, but then again she also has an opinion on what they did as well. It’s just when you confront Kyle that she can cry all she wants but how funny that she still could not back Lissa up when lissa was letting her know that this will help there friendship. She had ample opportunity and came up with nothing but excuses. So yeah I would choose Brandi over Kyle any day of the week as with her sister Kim. Both are fake and real friends don’t allow others to disrespect them or there friends let alone allow other people to stand there and disrespect them either. Kyle needs to learn really what friendship is about before she can actually give advice lol.

      • This interview and your comments about Kyle showed me that this is not an unbiased interview. Kyle forgot to mention (and you forgot to ask), thaqt she is two-faced and often throws Lisa under the bus. She also forgot to mention (and you forgot to ask her) about Maurico handling Adrienne’s real estate deals. Kyle is a pot stirrer and not the sweet little thing she’d have you or us believe and Faye is NOT a nice person, on or off the camera. I know that you didn’t want to antagonize her but this was a very weak interview and the only truth that came out of it was about Bernie. SInce he is a villain to most of us Kyle aalso took that position. If Adrienne were returning to the Housewife’s next season and defended Bernie than Kyle would have sung a different tune. Sorry, but I call it like I see it and I was disappoainted in what you passed off as an interview seeking real answers.

        • Ooooo, point triggered. I concur. And Kyle flat out irritates me. She is a drama queen, potstirrer, and she did rile up Faye at tha dinner party to attack Brandi—there may not be a clip of it, but I believe that is what really happened. No rational person attacks someone so vehemently when they don’t have dog in the race. Kyle told Faye about it, with a biased slant against Brandi, which set Faye off. They hadn’t even sat down and Faye was bashing Brandi. I will never like the morally corrupt Faye Resnick, no matter how much Kyle butters her up to me.

      • I agree. I absolutely can’t stand Kyle.I think she set Brandi up at her dinner. She met with Faye before the dinner,she said in her talking head that Faye couldn’t stand Brandi and she had a major problem with Brandi ever since Brandi said what America was thinking about Kim season 2.Why would she do that and invite Brandi, even Brandi questioned her about that before the dinner. Kyle wanted her there so Faye could attack her I’ll always think and believe that. I understand that Faye is their friend but the way Brandi was treated by her friends was horrible and they have no right in my opinion to be upset with Brandi about anything that was said that night period. They can be upset at a lot of people because countless were thinking the same thing Brandi was. Kyle started stirring the pot this first time Brandi enter the picture. It was at her charity event she was in the corner with some of the others laughing at Brandi. People were unkind to her from the get go. It was always like she was the one that was wrong. She was on the defensive side season 2 because they constantly went after her. I think the way the sisters behaved season 2 was worse than Brandi’ s. Season three has comes back calmer than before because she wasn’t attacked right away, she was sincere with her feelings with Kim and she really did want to be in a good place with Kim. She apologized to Kim and that’s in my opinion is enough I’m sick to death of Kim’s crying and why she’s even on this show is a complete mystery to me. Kyle is getting boring to me when it’s just her on Camera. Faye says all the things that she would like to say. She used her season one at Camille s and she did the Same thing again this past season and if she thinks it’s not fair that Faye is seen one way that’s on her and Faye. She said she doesn’t read blogs that’s BS I think she reads everything. She sure did reference Yolandas blogs at the reunion this interview was clearly before the reunion as she says that she’s not looking forward to it. What Faye did at the dinner and on the finale was ridiculous she’s a clown and they are both full of sh#t. That’s just the truth and the way I view it. Kyle would love to say all Things that her BFF says but she has to be careful of the damage it could cause for her husband and she doesn’t want to do more damage to herself than she did last season. Kyle is the easiest to read of all the ladies.

    • Great interview, Rox!!! I love she endorsed your T-Shirt!!! It was great and I loved your questions. You did a fantastic job!

    • She was on the Howard Stern show. His show is over the top. I really don’t think she would have said that on any other show.

      • Patricia, I agree. Its a provocative show, its meant to be. And he has a way to get ALL of his guest to let loose, talk about things that no one else can. Its all “for show”!

    • Brandi said they were C’s to her the first season, which most were. She said that their friendships have evolved and they are in a better place. I really hate when people twist things.
      Faye has been in her true light.

    • Great Interview. Before Kyle can really make a statement about how she’s sad about Kyle and Brandi being close, she needs to have think back to last season when she was talking about Lisa behind her back, then allowed Adrienne to manipulate her into trying to gang up on Lisa on the reunion. She’s so fake and phony. Again, she wants people to have her back, but when has she ever had Lisa’s back?

      • Never (unless a time where she has is simply slipping my mind at the moment).

        I also think it’s ironic that she was SOOOO upset with Kim in Season 1 and went on and on and on about Kim not having her back with Camille (I personally think Kim did not really defend Kyle because Kyle DID say what Camille said she did), but she simply CANNOT understand why Lisa now views her differently and has changed the parameters of their friendship because Kyle has refused over and over to stand up for Lisa.

        • Thank you. Camille vs. Kyle was Camille vs. Kyle. No one else needed to be involved. Kyle has simply deflected all of her bad behavior and is completely self unaware and she thinks she’s perfectly innocent.

      • I think it was Kyle that organized the Reunion attack on Lisa as well as the tea party attack. Just like with Taylor’s “intervention” Kyle waits to speak until she can size up the reaction. When she realized that Lisa would fight back she left Adrienne on her own just like she did to Taylor at the tea party.

        An if she doesn’t read the other HW’s blogs, how is she able to respond to them in her own blog.

        You couldn’t get the truth from this broad with a cattle prod.

        • Good point. Kyle works behind the scenes as she is unable to have a confrontation. I have always believed this. Kyle can not ever be true to her real self. She tries to sit on the fence, but she really sides with Adrienne. She is very emotionally manipulative, and knows how to trick others into doing what she wants. Then she sits back and watches the fireworks, and acts all innocent. She did this at the Reunion with Addy, at her horrible Dinner party with Faye, at Kim’s nose party using Kim against Taylor, and does not have a loyal bone in her body. She has even tried to incite Marisa (Yoga workout) but Zanuck is her own person and wasn’t having it.

      • i think you mean “sad about Lisa and Brandi (not Kyle and Brandi)being close”, and I totally agree. She a total hypocrite in this area.

    • But it’s the C word. Just a word. It’s no different than the B word. My God. Is this America or Afghanistan? I can only imagine what Vyle has to say about Brandi when the cameras aren’t rolling.

      • It’s Howard Stern. Worse has been said on there, but Ms Pearl Cluthcher can’t stand it. It is just a figure of speech. You can say Dick but can’t say Cunt? What a double standard. Errr, Kyle gives me the heebiejeebies.

        • Right. And I can distinctively remember her saying her favorite cursing words on the reunion. She needs a reality check.

      • It’s not that people hate on Kyle. It’s that Kyle does not take accountability for any of her actions. None!

        • So true which gives her a reason to agree with the other girls. She sides with the one that the other girls are against and always comes up with a great reason as to why.

    • If Kyle doesn’t read the blogs, why should anyone read her interview? Who is Kyle Richards, anyway? Never heard of her until Andy found her at the D list restaurant for child actors.

      Didn’t know her; don’t like her. Please, someone make these wannabes stop talking. I prefer the lambs screaming.