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PHOTOS: RHONJ Cast Support Teresa Giudice At Nephcure Fundraiser

Say it ain’t so. The majority of the Real Housewives of New Jersey gang (pictured above during their road trip to Napa Valley, CA) all came together to support Teresa at a Nephcure Foundation Zumba fundraiser and everyone seems to be all smiles, including the husbands and children!

Teresa’s make up artist and rumored “friend of the Housewives” for season five, Priscilla Di Stasio took to Instagram to share photos from the event which are a far cry from what the group looked like at the season four reunion. Priscilla wrote, “RHONJ helping raise money for Nephcure the Zumba way! Great times with great people!”

Check out Priscilla’s photos below!

Gia Giudice, Teresa’s oldest, even shared a photo with her cousin Gino, Melissa’s second child. She wrote, “Me and my little cousin Gino I love home so much!”

Remember when Melissa said she would never mingle with Teresa ever again and would keep her children away as well? Hah! These people will do anything for the cameras.

While it’s lovely to see the cousins together, I can’t help but think that for the adults it’s just for a TV show. Last season was horrendous with all the mud slinging: cheating allegations, secrets exposed, etc. How could these people even be in the same room together? At least they all did it for a good cause, and I suppose it’s not bad to let go of the anger and animosity! The legitimacy is questionable, though.

I am anxious to know how the editing will play out next season. Are you surprised to see the whole crew getting along, at Teresa’s event, no less?

UPDATE: Teresa uploaded the following photo to her Twitter. In it, you can see that everyone except the Manzo’s attended!

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  • Krissy

    Just what will this book be about anyway?

    1.) How we have wild, drunken, sex orgy pool parties in front of innocent children, then dive into the swimming pool like raging maniacs on top of innocent kids.

    2.) How to always be ready to fake for the cameras at all cost, including PRETENDING to be an actor in an empty warehouse, HOPING someone will discover me acting like I’m being chased in a scary movie?

    3.) How to stay close to my husband and have him join in with my hatred and jealous rage towards in own sister?

    4.) How to fake a “setup” and play innocent, by husband attack his one and only sister, then tell him to tell her, “say shame on you, say shame on you, say shame on you!!”

    5.) How to get on the same show as my sister in law, then create a FAKE ASS SINGING CAREER TO GET SOME ATTENTION, WHEN I KNOW I CAN’T SING FOR ANYTHING!

    6.) How I throw parties for my children, then steal their joyous day by dressing myself up with a hairstylist, makeup artist, and clothing stylist, then prance up and down the party to make sure the attention is all geared towards me and not by daughter.

    7.) How I take jabs at my sister-in-law, then steal her friends.

    8.) How to write a book like my sister-in-law.

    9.) How I use my sister-in-law’s hairstylist.

    10.) How I use my sister-in-law’s party vendors.

    11.) How I play innocent in front of my husband, then have him attack my sister-in-law.

    12.) How I dress like my sister-in-law.

    13.) How I tell everyone that my sister-in-law is out to get me, but I can’t say what she’s personally done, because I’m secretly jealous of her.

    14.) How I try and turn everyone against my sister-in-law, because it just may give me a shot at becoming famous and taking her place. (NOT!)


    16.) How I fake wanting to move away from Teresa by saying that I don’t want my children growing up around her, when in reality, it’s truly because I cannot afford to stay there.

    17.) How to tell my sister-in-law that magazine covers are not good for family matters and how to ask her to stop doing them if she wants to make up with me, BECAUSE I SECRETLY HAVE A STRONG DESIRE TO BE IN THEM AND WANT A SHOT AT LETTING EVERYONE SEE MY HORSEY-FACE ON THE COVERS, even if she says the stories aren’t real! But I can do them!

    18.) How we fake for the cameras about our wonderful sex life and how my weasel of a husband will pull down his pants any chance he get, just for a little extra camera time.


    20.) How my husband and I are copycats, who are now copying off of Phaedra and Apollo, by coming out with a “couple’s workout” DVD.

    21.) How my husband and I befriend ANYONE who is close to my sister-in-law, just to try and hurt her.

    22.) How we love going anywhere there are cameras, even if we have to fake a good deed!

    23.) How I beg for producers to show me interacting with my family more this season, because I cannot let Teresa outshine me as a REAL MOTHER. WHO LOVES SPENDING TIME WITH HER CHILDREN.


  • Kristina

    There are some people who are famous for their work, such as great actors, actresses, philanthropists, ect. AND THEN there are those like Melissa Gorga, who just work at being famous! ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!!!

  • Belle557

    Regardless of anything, it’s nice to see everyone come together for a great cause. I hope the Manzo’s have a good reason why they weren’t there because drama should never supercede helping out children with a need.

  • NonnaB

    I hope this means the Manzo’s are NOT on this season. Then I might catch an episode or two, now if they just could get rid of the Lauritas.

  • Anacapri

    If only this did NOT include the Laurita/Manzo crime families!!! ;-(

  • audpaud

    Don’t feel too safe Jacquelyn…I thought the despicable Taylor would get a sympathetic-suicide-widowhood edit and major respect due to the now-fatherless Kennedy. So far this Season, we’ve seen the editing showcase Taylor’s drunken unraveling – to the point of pointing out last eppie that ShanaTay doesn’t even know where Poor Kennedy IS!

    ATTENTION BRAVO: Exposing Jacquelyn in a similar fashion = RATINGS BONANZA!

    • haydaki

      So Agree with you audpaud!

    • Anacapri

      Oh goodness yes!!!

  • September24

    Can you imagine having family that only attend for a paycheck? Can you imagine being God-parents who refuse the child? Meet SloJo and his wife Victim. So whorish.


    Remember when Teresa told Kathy she was “DONE DONE DONE!” too?

  • Rach

    This show is as fake as most of these women’s breasts.

  • reddvette

    Even though this wall for the show, the charity made moneyy. You know the others hate having to support Teresa events, is why Slowjo Fredo makes it clear its only for the show. Slowjo Fredo. Doesn’t want us to think that the families have made it, so makes sure to let it slip that Teresa is full of sh*t.

  • Marty

    I don’t trust Meho one bit.

  • rukidding?

    even though it’s fake. i’m glad they can fake it long enough for a good cause and so that the children can see each other. it’s unfortunate they can’t get along like this all the time. when they are together like this taking pictures and smiling it looks hopeful but disappointing when joey gorga admits it’s just for show. i hope it isn’t all smoke and mirrors.

    • lucille mason

      melissa wants more scenes of her with her kids,see what a good mommy i am, i’m better than that nasty teresa. i don’t want to be known as justteresa’s sister in law i;m mel hooker and won’t be forgotten when teresa had enough and leaves the show

      • Glasshalffull

        Well she will need to learn how to cut up a hot pancake for baby Joey to eat instead of just plopping it on his highchair try. Also, learn to buckle in the car when driving her to school because she missed the school bus when Meho was pretending to be mommy of the year taking pictures. These two thing took place in the first day of school scene. I mention these things because these are things parents automatically do without thinking, should be habitual.

        • Glasshalffull

          ^buckle her daughter

  • socalsoccer

    On twitter, I just saw that Melissa tweeted a nice message to Teresa. Maybe they did reconcile.

    • Glasshalffull

      Yea, “#muchneeded.” What a load of crap. They need Teresa to survive… They are scum…

    • Lola Falana

      Or maybe Melissa is shi*ting her pants about Bryan Bowen providing an interview to some type of media outlet about the affair he had with Melissa AFTER she married Joey, and she’s decided to play nice with Teresa so Teresa can defend her because she is “family.”

      I just don’t trust Melissa as far as I can throw her. She actually SLITHERS across my television screen (like the SNAKE that she is).

      • michers

        I agree. And I heard recently that he was giving an interview, not sure if that is true, but Im sure melissa is shitting her pants. They ( meaning herself and her hag sisters) started to really think they were untouchable the last 2 years. They should have watched which bridges they burned, because you never know when you have to cross them 😉

      • socalsoccer

        Nice one Lola!

      • Glasshalffull

        As for Teresa defending Meho, Teresa should adhere to Meho and her brother’s wishes to stay out if their marriage by saying no comment. Meho and Slowjo can’t have it both ways, although they think they are entitled to gave Teresa bend over backwards for them.

        OMG, I need therapy, I can’t stand them…I’v been on a 24hr binge and purge, stop the insanity, lol

      • Anacapri

        GREAT comment-she really is a snake!!!

    • holy cannoli

      Hi socal

      I saw that also.

      • Glasshalffull

        Meho had to interject herself again. Why can’t she allow Teresa a moment between her and her brother without shoving her skank face at Teresa’s fans. Teresa posted another picture of her and her brother today. Let’s see how long it takes for Meho to jump on Teresa twitter tail today.

        • holy cannoli

          Ya know @ Glass

          I would have thought it was a nice tweet for Melissa to have sent to Teresa about the photo. But since Joey gave that interview ( I think last week after the Miliania event) saying that it’s dirty situation, ( no make up , photos just for the show) and he is waiting for Teresa to come to him without the bullshit.

  • RHOAmbler

    Regardless of why everyone is playing nice, I love that they have to keep doing it in support of Tre’s projects.

    • Glasshalffull

      Yep!! They “have to do it.” I guess Caroclown was not invited.

      • haydaki

        Its not that Caroline wasnt invited. Producers are going to try to turn her image around a bit. She will be shown to be civil with everyone and won’t involve herself in all the drama. They want her to be seen as the non-phony one. She will speak to Teresa but won’t attend her events, which would seem unreal after the last two seasons. Caroline’s storyline will be, we have made up and are moving on. Jacqueline will be made to seem like the backstabber that she is, I mean come on how can she realistic support Teresa’s event, because she’s dumb thats why. Producers probably encouraged her by saying everyone else is getting along with Teresa, you have to also are you will look bad. She was the only one who didnt attend the trip to St. George and if everyone turned a corner during that trip, including Caroline. That would leave Jacqueline out there as the lone “Teresa Assasin” and we all know Jacqueline can’t fight a battle alone without Caroline backing her up!!

  • Lapband Lauren

    Like i said melissa should take a few pointers from her sister in law. This is how you run an empire. Plus she supports a very good cause. I think at the end of the day everyone should drop what they’re doing and help any charity. Its for the kids! So i dont really care if melissa and joe were there. Just like caro SHOULD be doing with dina and project ladybug. I think everyone should ditch jaq. Shes the cause of a lot of problems honestly. Caro has her following along like a dog. Jaq is good for no one! And priscilla and her family are soooooo adorable!!! What a beautiful family. God bless them.

    • Lola Falana

      You are totally right when you say Caroline should be supporting Dina and Project Ladybug.

      I also totally agree with you about Jacqueline. I think it’s Jac that has caused a lot of drama and fighting between people because she is an unstable, sh*t-stirring backstabber.

      I also think she’s had it out for Dina for a long time for some reason (Jealousy? Jealousy of the once-close relationship Dina had with Chris? Discomfort over the fact that Dina was close friends with the fiancee’ Chris had that he was cheating on with Jac before Jac got knocked up and Chris married her? Who knows? All I know is that Jac has got it out for Dina for some reason, the same way Melissa has had it out for Teresa.). And I think Jac and has done several things to stab Dina in the back and cause problems for her.

      Because Caroline still chooses to remain so close to Jac, I don’t blame Dina one bit for staying completely away because ANY bit of information about Dina on which Jac can get her crazy hands will be twisted and/or used by Jac in some way to hurt Dina.

      I can’t believe I was so fooled by Jac at one time. I actually used to like her before she revealed her true colors.

      • socalsoccer

        I’m sure Dina has always seen Jaco
        For who she really is; an opportunist. Dina was smart to remove herself from the show and keep her dignity in tact.

        • Lapband Lauren

          Yep remember the rumors that supposedly jaq was telling lynn in chicago that dina was taking some of the funds?! And i dont believe for one sec jaq wasnt involved with the PFS set up.

          • holy cannoli

            @ Lapband Lauren

            I remember that also, Cracker Jac was real real tight with Lynn nChicago. That woman was relentless with her blogs about Dina. “Everyone knows” Cracker Jac was feeding her info.

            I also agree Cracker Jac had a huge hand in the PFS bullshit!!

      • holy cannoli

        Totally agree @Lola!

  • Dora

    Jacqueline was there too!! Would love to see Jac and Tre be friends again. I’ve always enjoyed them goofing off, they’re hilarious together!! Looks like Caroline is gonna be the villain for this season..lol

    • Anonymous82

      That friendship is over. I just can’t get over jac saying that she hope juicy go to jail. Not to be mean but I’m all for karma and treating people the way you want to be treated. Since jac hope juicy go to jail, it is only fair that chris end up in jail. Juicy and Chris both broke the law.

    • Lola Falana

      I just don’t see how Teresa could ever trust Jac again. I know I sure wouldn’t after everything Jac has said and done to and about Teresa.

      • holy cannoli

        Cracker Jac is a freakin Whack!

        I don’t think Teresa would ever forgive her for what that goof has said and done to her, her daughter and he husband, besides involving herself in her families issues.

    • Anacapri

      That ship has sailed-sadly Jac put the final nail in the coffin. I wish her well-sort of-but I no longer want to see her on my TV!

  • Kiki

    Its for the show, just wait and in a day or 2, you”ll hear jogo or any sources saying its for the show. As much as I would like to believe they all get along and all is forgiven, its all for the cameras. Still on teresa’s side!

  • Candida

    What a bunch of aholes now their friends even ahole Jac and Teresa’s cousins I can’t with these peopl Oh year caroline and her ahole kids and ahole husband; Get a new show Bravo.

    These people are an embarassment to me as an Italian American; the way they acted and spoke about Teresa to her face at reunion and behind her back to the camera but they are there to support for charity no they are there to support their bank account disgusted

    • jeanbean

      ITA agree Canadida. The last season left such a bad taste in my mouth I doubt I can sit through another season of the same. The anger DON Caro showed on the trip was over the top.Her mini me, Lauren, was too much for this viewer. If they are returning to further their agenda and line their wallets I think it’s too late. The faux getting along just does not ring true for me.

  • Lola Falana

    I’m glad money is being raised for a charity. That’s always a good thing.

    I have a feeling that Joey and Melissa need to align themselves with Teresa in order to get their book to sell. Love her or hate her, Teresa’s products SELL.

    I just don’t trust Joey and Melissa’s motives.

    • JanShe

      @Lola, You and I both.
      They are so vile, and as phony as a two dollar bill.
      The only time you see them associating with Teresa is when the Bravo cameras are around.

      There was more than a year between season four filming and it being aired, and when Teresa was asked how long it had been since she was with ANY of her castmates, she answered more than a year.

      • Anonymous82

        Teresa already stated that joey/melissa only want to be together when the camera is rolling. Bravo was not filming for a whole year so of course joey/melissa did not want to associate with teresa.

        • Glasshalffull

          Anonymous82, or maybe Teresa didn’t want to give them the time of day. People never change but they eventually show their true colors. I think Teresa has more power than Meho and Slowjo want us to think. They are on her playing field now. Meho and Slowjo can’t hold the “family love and loyalty” card against Teresa, she is much wiser now. The most loving, accepting human has a breaking point, a point where the line is crossed; and that would be Teresa’s daughters and the derogatory remarks/innuendos made by Melissa about Teresa’s girls.

          • Glasshalffull

            Also, while I’m purging all of my thoughs for the scum bags Meho and Slowjo, I have to question if Meho actually graduated college. I ask this question because she posted a picture of “her degree” and I thought it was shady because it didn’t have any “official” stamp next to the signature line from the Dean. I could be wrong, but all of the degrees I have seen have a gold star embedded at the bottom, left hand side of the degree.

          • Anonymous82

            Glass, diplomas should have the school signa(I think thats what its called) next to the president’s signature. I never saw her college diploma but if it doesn’t, than it might not be real.

          • Lola Falana

            I actually wondered about whether Melissa was telling the truth about graduating from college myself. My suspicions about that were raised when I read an interview where, when asked what year she graduated from college, she said she did not remember.

            I can believe someone not remembering the exact DATE you graduated, but the YEAR? Who forgets the year they graduated high school or college or any other learning institution?

            It just seemed really fishy to me. Then I saw that she posted a copy of her college diploma somewhere, and I chose to believe it. You may be on to something, though, Glass. Maybe that diploma was as real as those pay stubs she provided for the year she worked as a “bartender” at Lookers.


          • Silvana

            Glasshalfful I have also wondered if she actually went to college because she sounds kind of uneducated to be a teacher remember in Punta Cana she didn’t even know who the Vice President was even I knew that and I’m from Australia !!!! Glad my kids will never be taught by her;-)

          • socalsoccer

            Lola, it would be like forgetting your date of birth; ridiculous.

          • Lisa

            She posted her degree on twitter, high school she got her GED

  • holy cannoli

    Teresa just posted a picture of this event on twitter.

    I saw them all there ( Kathy, Jacqueline, Rosie, etc.) the only ones I didn’t see were the Manzos. I know Caroline is with Albert in Florida, I guess her kids didn’t go to this.

    • Glasshalffull

      Hopefully it was Teresa’s choice not to invite them. I’m sure Teresa isn’t losing sleep over not attending egghead’s going away party.

      • holy cannoli

        @ Glass

        I don’t think any of the ladies were at Greggs going away party. It looked like just the Manzos, Greggs family and very very close freinds.

        • Glasshalffull

          Don’t forget Albie’s shirt. It attends every event too, lol.

    • holy cannoli

      Or maybe they did. It looks like not everyone was able to fit in the photo.

  • michers

    I do like however the fact the every event so far, has been for Teresa, LOL!!! Whether they are “forced” or not, it looks like camera time is due to Teresa and that makes me giggle!! No wonder Messy was complaining recently that she wanted more camera time for “her family’. Well honey I think you blew that idea at the Christening, LOL. Oh and was the trip to Lake George Teresa’s “idea” also, ???? Muahahaha… Melissa, pick a fake plot and stick to it and maybe , just maybe you would have some of your own camera time. Because your lies are all over the place and you helped instigate ” Operation Take Down Teresa”, now you are stuck ! Put the on your pole and swing to it 😉

  • Ok can someone please tell Melissa to stop working on her nose before it falls off! Before it didnt look bad but now she’s starting to look odd!

  • Anonymous82

    That is nice but its just for show. Do you know how many of these things teresa have gone to along with priscilla and at least one of her kids? The gorgas are doing it look good, the manzo/laurita are problably hoping that teresa will return the favor and go to their charity event on camera. The wallkiles(?) are followers. It is nice that they went but none beside the giudices/priscilla did this out of the goodness of their heart. Even when the cast does something good (minus teresa), it seems contrive. Because it seem contrive, we the audiance don’t take seriously.

  • rhfan

    Oh, another event by Bravo, how exciting.

    At least they got together to raise money for people that really need it. That’s the best I can say.

    These stories, teasers, and rumors coming out of RHONJ are boring and one note. At this point, Bravo should just run last season’s episodes, edit GorgaMel and Kathy’s noses and be done with it. They seem to be following the same old “script”. Why even bother filming new scenes?

    LOL I want to say I won’t watch, but I feel I won’t be able not to 🙂

    • holy cannoli

      @ rhfan

      ” edit GorgaMel and Kathy’s noses and be done with it”. LOL!!

      I have got to watch it, I want to see for myself, LOL.

    • Glasshalffull

      LOL, edit their nose, good one. Bravo should give the fans what they want. They should make a special “It’s a Giudice World” with only footage of Teresa and her family. There was a clip on Bravo’s website were Teresa was chasing her girls who were fighting over a 20 dollar bill. Sisters fighting/arguing is a reality and can be funny, which Bravo doesn’t seem to get.

      • Anonymous82

        glass that scene was so funny. Melania had taken the money from gia’s wallet/purse and gabby had snitched on melania. That scene of them fight was funny and real because who haven’t fought with their sibling over things. That is the kind of thing that I want to see because that is normal and “real”.

        • Glasshalffull

          Anonymous82, yes, like I’m sure it hasn’t been all love and harmony between Meho and her sisters. I’m sure Meho was pissed when she found out her sister, Lysa was at the beach with Teresa enjoying all of the attention Teresa was getting. Then they went back to Teresa beach house and ate a pasta dinner. If I’m not mistaken, Teresa would have been pregnant with her fourth child and still being the wonderful person, mom, host she is, Super T. Remember the day of the Christening all three of them acted like Teresa was a bitch because she was late, but never, even though they are mothers, said oh it’s hard when you have four kids… At one point, when wantabe Lysa said it was a technicality that Teresa was invited to her brother’s family party and Teresa said to Lysa, something like it depends which side of the fence you are on Lysa; one day you are talking shit about Meho, the next you are her best friend so you can be on TV, something like that.

          • Silvana

            Teresa’s words to meho sister was ” when ur on the phone to me u takes the other side”

  • Harper

    Where’s Kathy?

    • Glasshalffull

      She went fishing.

  • Harper

    Very nice to see. The authenticity is Bravo manufactured but it’s for a good cause.

    SN: Melissa looks really young! Her doctors have done amazing work!

  • bravo junkie

    It would be nice to see that all get along, but it’s doubtful. Beside, who would actually watch the show if they behaved like adults and got along with each other.

  • Estelle

    It looks like another event they all were forced to show up for, but I only see Joey, Richie and Chris. Where’s everybody else?

    I don’t believe for a minute that this means they’re getting along. In fact I’m getting the feeling that all season long not one thing has been resolved between Teresa and the rest of the cast; if anything (what with the digging up of Melissa’s ex-boyfriend, starting vicious rumors about her brother etc.), they’ve probably gotten ten times worse.

    And OT but Priscilla the Make-up Lady gives me a serious case of the willies.

    • Jericho

      Mum, blame the sisters for the xboyfriend bs showing up.
      You are definitely transferring the Marco’s behaviour onto T

      • Estelle

        The sisters had nothing to do with it. Famewhorgas (the blog of choice for paranoids everywhere) was the first to dig up this guy, then Johnny and Penny (Teresa’s friends of many years) jumped on what they hoped would be a major gravy train to finally getting their (ugly) asses on the show.

        I’m not sure how much Teresa was involved in this, but you can bet your she was involved somehow since Penny virtually LIVES up Teresa’s butt.

        If you read the Brian’s tweets he’s clearly sort-of a putz, and it couldn’t be more obvious that he’s being led around by the nose and being made a fool of by some major users, most of whom make it very clear that they are “Team Teresa.” And btw you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

        • JanShe

          Johnny and Penny are NOT long time friends of Teresa’s.
          Penny and Mel were friends and hung out with each other for years, hence Penny having a lot of info on Mel’s past.

          • holy cannoli

            @ Jan She

            That’s what I thought too. Penny and Melissa were friends, also Melissa and her bridal party had the hair done at Pennys salon for her wedding.
            Also isn’t one of Penny’s relatives the one that owns Lookers, where Melissa worked?

            Isn’t Kim D long time friends with Penny and Johnny also?

          • Anonymous82

            I don’t reply to estelle and jpg because everything is always teresa’s fault. They even blamed teresa for the fight between juicy and joey. Any sane person would blame juicy and joey but not them. In their mind, everything that happen is teresa’s fault.

          • Estelle

            They never “hung out” together; Penny is old enough to be Melissa’s grandmother and knew her only as her HAIRDRESSER. She has no information on Melissa, otherwise, as desperate as she is, it would have come out a long time ago.

            She and her husband have become ridiculous, and the only people who are foolish enough to trust them are Teresa (since Penny’s full-time job seems to be helping her “take Melissa down”) and Brian, who they’re using to help Teresa in her ongoing smear campaign against Melissa.

            As far as Teresa and Penny not being long-term friends, try telling Penny that lol.

          • Glasshalffull

            Yes, Meho used Penny and Love. It was Love’s closet that Meho borrowed all of her clothes from, because she was Byan’s live-in blow job/girl friend.

          • Estelle

            Oh. I see.

          • embee

            Penny’s family owned Lookers. Penny also knows the salon owner that paid for Melissa’s ahhh enhancements.

          • Estelle

            Wow! No kidding? That Penny sounds like one busy lady! LOLOL

        • audpaud

          The only time I would be ashamed is when after my “I loved the guys house” marriage I hooked-up with my sort-of-a-putz old boyfriend in the parking lot of a sushi restaurant in front of witnesses. LOL! 🙂

          • Estelle

            Yeah, me too. Too bad it never happened.

            You really don’t get it, do you? NO ONE is buying this story, and the more you pursue it the more stupid you look.

            So by all means, pursue away. 😀

        • Melissa gave me herpes

          I can’t with this estelle anymore, she is working for or is a Marco. We should all be ashamed of ourselves because Melissa cheated and it got out…. Really???? My friend Todd just got found out for cheating is that Teresas fault too! Estelle you moron Cheaters always get caught and it is no ones fault but their own. Melissa had to know she would get caught. It is hilarious that the Marcos continue to pull Teresa into their trailer trash drama and they think people are actually stupid enough to go along with their lies. Teresa needs to sue the Marco witches for slander, she really needs to, i would.

          • Estelle

            I’m not about to take the word of some jerk who had to pay $20,000 in restitution fines for BEATING A GUY WITH A BASEBALL BAT.

            And when I said you should all be ashamed of yourselves, I was referring specifically to the members of Team Teresa who have been egging this guy on on Twitter. Each and every person involved in deliberately getting this dim bulb all worked up and ENCOURAGING him to make up shit about Melissa is beyond despicable.

          • Estelle

            And for anyone who’s interested in WHY someone would club someone with a baseball bat UNTIL HE WAS IN A COMA, it was because the man who was beaten parked his car in Brian’s driveway.

            So continued good luck in your endeavors to turn this tool into some kind of hero lol.

  • stay

    Melissa and Joe are only with them because they are filming! They are so gross!

    • Isabella Patricia

      Totally agree! They’re shady that way… It’ll benefit them later when they talk during talking head saying how they always “support” Teresa because we’re family, and we are there for her, but why isn’t she there to support us and our business… Yada, yada, yada!

      Doesn’t the guy in the first 3 pictures have a slight resemblance of Brian Austin Green?? 🙂

      • Anonymous82

        Teresa can and should publically(?) support any business melissa/joey/kathy have but that doesn’t mean that we the audiance have to buy their products. She should support them so they won’t use that against her, you know they are quick to turn on her.


    For the bottom line in this story is how much money was raised for a worthy charity. If they could all come together and help to raise funds, then good on them. The rest of their drama is insignificant by comparison.

    • hannavas

      Thats exactly how I feel. They’re going to be backstabbing and acting in their usual manner anyway so if a worthy charity can benefit by them pretending to play nice, I’m all for it.

      • Glasshalffull

        You can pick your nose but you can’t pick your family. Sadly, some families need to “play nice” that is a reality.

    • Harper

      My sentiments exactly! If they could put the BS behind them to raise money for a good cause, bravo!

    • holy cannoli

      I agree Irish.

  • holy cannoli

    I’m glad the kids got to see each other. 🙂

    • DianneL

      Me too holy!

    • Lysel

      That’s probably the only thing I wanted to say about this entire affair. The kids got to see each other. The adults need to grow up.

  • sandybo

    Was visiting family on the west coast and happen to catch site of Teresa. First it was day time ok? Secondly she needs to fire her bff her make-up artist for the show! I am not trying to be snarky but I swear to God Teresa looked like a transvestite!! Her damn make up is slathered on two inches thick and looks awful. They all looked like people out of the eighties. I don’t think I can physically watch the show this coming season. It hurts my stomache too much when they fight and then shout over each other so nobody even hears or listens to the other, I don’t know what’s on instead? Maybe some Honey Boo=Boo?

    • Harper

      Seriously. I have been saying the same since forever! Teresa’s makeup always looks the same no matter what the occasion. It never looks professionally done. The eyeshadow is caked on and she looks oily all the damn time! I’ll give Melissa credit, that make up artist of hers is amazing! He BEATS that face into submission. I don’t like her but I’ve never disliked the way her make up was done, since he’s been doing it!

      • Glasshalffull

        Yea Meho’s makeup does look good. Her makeup guy has more chin and forehead to work with.

        • The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick

          Go to the corner, Glasshalffull! LOL

    • socalsoccer

      All of the ladies on every housewives show wear waaaaay too much makeup. It makes most of them look older than they really are.

    • Jennifer

      It is not unusual the amount of makeup. Go to Villa Blanca and see Lisa she piles it on all the time. They all do. I have been to Villa Blanca several times and two other I have seen Lisa and she totally looks fake but she needs to wear it all day long.

      • socalsoccer

        Lisa looks older because of all of the make up she wears, in my opinion.

        • Isabella Patricia

          I’ve seen Tamra Barney when she was still with Simon. She had A LOT of makeup. I mean, SO MUCH! I think she looked really pretty though, but it looked really thick.

          I wonder how Gretchen looks like in person? She has more makeup than anyone. Especially the powder she piles on her face, so I’ve always wanted to see her in person.

          • socalsoccer

            Gretchen looks like she wears tons of face make up. I really think it makes people look older with all of that foundation.

  • barbara s

    I don’t think I care any more!

    • Marty

      It does not matter what any of them do now. Its now just way phony.

    • Anonymous82

      I was over them after season 3. I don’t watch the show anymore. It causes to much stress and I already have enough stress from real things in my life, I don’t need stress from a show that is suppose to entertain me.

    • Annie

      Yeah, I’m slowly getting over this show. Not just this one, but all the other RH shows too.

      • CaTfAcE

        Me as well. The last couple seasons of NJ and now with BH going the same way I find myself not caring if I miss episodes. I used to Watch religiously And now i find myself asking “What’s the point?” It is all the same formulas just different cities and women. After bravo decided to air the season after Russell had died I lost a lot of respect for them as well. I remember there was a show on MTV where one of the cast mates committed suicide while the show was airing and they took it immediately off the air. So what does that tell you, bravo has even less class than MTV.

  • lilly

    More smiles I’m not shocked.Seeing the kids together really does put a smile on.I hope Melissa feels bad about what she said,anything for her 15mins.!

    • Marty

      She’s a snake!! She has said way too many nasty things about Teresa and her beatiful girls on national TV she can never take back. She said it and meant it. Too late Meho your a poor and embarrassing excuse for a housewife!

    • Glasshalffull

      I’m sure Meho feels bad. She feels bad because her victim game didn’t work. Marty is correct, she is a snake. Remember Teresa said something like little kids can tell if people are mean and evil and Gia didnt like Meho. I believe that. I believe all her girls can sense their evil ways. Even audrianna (SP) didn’t want to hold her uncle’s, the angel from god POS, hand.

      • Can someone tell me what (sp) is?
        I hope I’m not embarrassing myself. Lol. 🙂

        • my6girls2012

          I think it’s when you don’t know if you spelled the word right…so you put the sp beside said word.

        • Glasshalffull

          Yes, my6girls2012 is correct; (sp) means you are not sure of the spelling of the word you have typed.

  • Liz

    Why is Greg in the photo? ………Why is Greg even in the show?

  • I would hope that a group of adults, not matter how dysfunctional, could put aside their differences for a day on behalf of a charity. Moreover, since I presume they had to Zumba and they are a spectacularly unfit bunch (remember the charity run mot of them cheated on) they may have been far to out of breath to argue.

  • twitter @blac_babe

    It’s just a show and everything you see on the show is script everyone gets a long really well.

    • mara77aus

      I agree, I still remember Caroline’s words at the reunion, something along the line of “we will all be together again one day” and she was looking at Teresa when she said it. I seriously believe this was the plan all along

      • I guess they think the fighting keeps viewers intersted. I think if they all got along it would be boring. They are just not that interesting of a group. All the fighting is annoying. This Jersey girl will not be watching anymore. I will stick with OC, and maybe give NY one more chance.

        • michers

          Shiks, I agree. Their ratings went up the more the drama unfolded. The more hostility, jealousy, whatever transpired, people kept coming back. Set the Teresa attacking/drama aside, what the hell do they have? Nothing. They should have stuck with the original formulas, along with showing how each of them, besides Teresa actually do things, join things, use the platform for useful things! The show would honestly still be worthwhile, had they not took the drama to the levels they have. If they would have pushed for family reuniting, and friends actually bettering each other, it would have be so much better. Having the women encourage and support each other, even through the bad times, would be more realistic for me.

          • Glasshalffull

            True, but Meho is not capable of supporting another female. The others could never support her either, they thought they could control/use her to make their pockets fatter.
            I saw a picture of Meho, pictures for the cover if her book, rolling eyes, looks like she copying Lisa Vanderpump style of dressing. She’s ass backwards. Now she’s dressing like a high class business woman, when the topic is hot and sexy? She should stick to her normal dress code, her ass hanging out in Antonia’s shorts at a family gathering.

            I’m sure she will give credit to Slowjo for tricks she learned from other men. Oh no, scratch that, she’ll take all that credit for her self not actually mentioning Slowjo)

      • twitter @blac_babe

        Me too…. I just think evryone is just doing their job & for the money .

    • I agree, scripted is scripted, this particular “housewives” broke records last season.
      There is a system to Bravo madness..usually, all get along at first, fighting the rest of the season..
      very unhealthy emotionally for the cast.
      But very good for each cast members bank account.

      • twitter @blac_babe

        Yep… And bravo knows drama brings ratings & $$$$$

  • holy cannoli

    Damn with all these stories coming out just about everyday about this upcoming season( on all the gossip sites/ blogs) . With all these ” sources”, I am so curious about this upcoming season, I seriously have no idea whats/ what.

    • michers

      I am starting to think that is the point Holy. Everyone has had enough, and they think buy “promoting” it this way, that most viewers will be anxious and return. Im not sure if I am going to watch- I may just get all my goods from here if……I am still interested by then

      • holy cannoli

        Hi mich

        Oh I’m watching, LOL. I want to see if any of these ” sources” and people on twitter that seem to think they freakin ” know” everything, are even close to what they have spewed!

        I want to see for myself whats /what.

        • Glasshalffull

          I want justice for the horrible treatment of Teresa!!! It’s beyond me how they all think they are superior to Teresa. Whacko is so pissed that she can’t control Teresa with what she does and how to think like she thought she could. Slowjo is an assh**e for still thinking Teresa needs to stop the bull shit or anything for that matter and kiss his and his scum wife’s ass to make nice.

          • holy cannoli

            I want to see the Lauritas Bk / Financials/ Stealing from a charity brought up, some how

            But Oh No.. That won’t happen, they have an Autistic child. So they will get a pass. SMH!

          • michers

            Holy, I would have agreed last week. I know what is the truth- they are corporate criminals, they are fraudulent cancer fund thieves.. Im sure because of Jax behaving like such a loon, that is helping to fend off Bravo from that lost shove of pushing her over that edge! Luckily for her, I do not think Bravo wants any part of her lunacy antics. But will see, you never know!

          • holy cannoli

            @ mich

            I know Andy was ” over her” Crazy Ass at the last reunion!

            I would just like to see them take shit about their crap.

          • JanShe

            Hi guys, speaking about all the illegal crap the Laurita’s have been up to, has there been any news about the class action suit against the Brownstone?

          • holy cannoli

            Hi JanShe

            Oh I forgot about that.

            I haven’t read anything more about it, now that you mention it.

          • Lola Falana

            I want justice for Teresa too. I’d love to see all of her cast mates’ skeletons examined and discussed ad nauseum on the show the way Teresa and Joe’s were.

            My only fear is that BRAVO would somehow twist it to make Teresa look like the evil mastermind bringing all of these skeletons to light just to bring everybody else down.

            I just can’t understand how BRAVO can give one of its biggest moneymakers (I think Teresa is 2nd only to Bethenny when it comes to all of the success and money she’s made using her RHONJ platform) so little respect and mistreat her so much. I mean, is Andy Cohen STILL holding a grudge because Joe Giudice said he felt like “a gaylord” when he was taking a dance lesson during Season 1?

            I just don’t get it.

  • Mary

    That was nice of them. 🙂

    I am sure the fact that Donald Trump is a big sponsor of this charity and could had possibly be around maybe scooting for a next season of Celebrity Apprentice had nothing to do with their eagerness to show up there and do their best.

    I rather believe they did it for the kids (eyeroll)

    • michers

      Oh I so agree Mary!!!!! The tricksters are not fooling us, as much as they may try

      • JanShe

        You got that right. These idiots are very calculating.
        I don’t think Trump will be putting any of Teresa’s castmates on CA anytime soon. (unless he is forced to by NBC, Bravo’s parent company)
        The Trumps have given Teresa some good advice and they are very friendly with her.
        Remember, Teresa vacationed with them not so long ago.

        • Anonymous82

          I didn’t know about vacationing together. You know caroline and the others were jealous.

        • Glasshalffull

          Seeing Katfish’s husband and Slowjo actually work could be really good comedy. They can be team Dumb and Dumber.

          • audpaud

            Didn’t another Co buy BRAVO? Thought someone explained it to me a few weeks ago – I think “Comcast” – instead of NBC now owns BRAVO? (Altho’ in todays Corporate World, no idea of the implications of this, if true.)

          • JanShe

            Comcast owns NBC and Bravo.
            Top is Comcast, next is NBC and Bravo is on the bottom of the ladder.

  • DonnaLee

    Seems like same old Bravo format…get along for the season to sharpen the images..then act like Aholes at the reunion..there is nothing REAL about any of this.

    • Marty

      ITA! Bravo expects us to forget how Meho and Slow Joe came on the show guns blazing from the very first episode they were on. The Whorgas have made RHNJ unbearable to watch. This getting along is for show!! The Whorgas have a book and DVD coming out and they now need Teresa on their side to sell anything that will stick. Give me a break!!! Will never buy anything they peddle.

      • pinkie


    • oldnjlady

      Last week it was Fredo and Lookers attending Teresa Milania event. They were all smiles for the cameras. Two days later Fredo tells the press that there was no make up. It was all for the show and “when Teresa is really ready without all the bs” they can make up.
      This was just another “I will get along with Teresa so I get a good edit” photo op for Lookers and Fredo.
      At least Teresa and the girls got to see Fredo’s kids.
      Everyone needs to remember Fredo’s words just a few days ago when this season airs.

      We don’t even need to mention the others. Boring, Gross, Smelly and Drunk

      • Glasshalffull

        What bull shit from Teresa? These people really piss me off. They are still getting a free ride on Teresa’s coat tails and getting rewarded for being scum. I need to see justice, truth about Meho and Slowjo.

        I must be a bad person with wunded soul to also feel they are pushing Antonia on Teresa’s girls’ coat tails for fame. I thought scum bag Meho, mother of the year, NOT!!, wasnt going to let her kids around
        Teresa’s girls? Why doesn’t Meho want her kids, or should I say kid, around Teresa, does Meho have a secret?
        I’m sure the kids aren’t fake, and if course Antonia isn’t a fame whore like her parents.

        • Marty

          Well said! I have supported Teresa by buying her books, wine (paid the outrages shipping fee, I’m from California) I have her new book pre ordered. I don’t know why but I can’t help but think this is a slap in my face for some reason. What they did to her the last 2 seasons was cruel. They meant every action and word they said. Their body language, their meetings behind her back, the ambushes, the angel from god comment, I could go on and on….all of it was so calculated and evil. If I am supposed to believe now that they are all snuggly together I will no longer continue to support Teresa. I’ll continues to like her but thats all.

          • Glasshalffull

            The actions you speak of almost makes me believe Teresa has been in on this from the get go. How can so many people treat a family/ friend the way they have. But, Teresa’s reactions seem to be genuine…Teresa’s book signing was the worst for me (worst than her brother scum crew talking behind her back at the drunken pool party about legal issues. Sometime it seems like Slowjo forgets what Melissa told him to say) the look in Meho and Sloejo eye were of joy and evil when Teresa was reading what she wrote to her brother in her book.

            On another note, it Is funny how Meho, in the pic above, is wearing her hair to the side (her right, my left) of her head that looked really flat, lopsided in pictures from Teresa’s hair care party. Is she hiding something? Maybe Slowjo leans his hand/holds her head too much on that side of her head.

          • Anonymous82

            If all of the cast are there, that means it is being filmed by bravo and they have to be there. Do you know how many of these things teresa has been to. She always has priscilla and at least one of her kids when she goes to these nephcure functions. The other cast members have never been there. You need to look at what happen when they are not filming to know what is going on with the cast, especially guidice/gorga/walkille(?)

        • Anonymous82

          Your not bad glasshalffull to think that melissa would push antonia on the giudice girls for camera time. I heard that when gia had her birthday party in season 1 or two that melissa tried to get antonia to ride along with gia and her friends in the car/scooter/mini car/whatever that was. Teresa said no and melissa had a hissy fit. Antonia is cute and all, along with her brothers but there don’t have teresa’s(along with daughters) spark/charisma.

          • Glasshalffull

            Thanks, they don’t have the same spark that comes from nurture not nature. I’m glad Meho didn’t get her way when she had a hissy fit. Of course she made Teresa look like the mean evil Aunt, when in fact it was Gia’s choice of friends to invite to her party, in this case a free ride, not Meho’s. If Meho was mother of the year like she pretends to be, she would know that is how kids are at certain ages. Gia was too cool…

          • Glasshalffull

            Antonia will be fine not being allowed to ride with Gia and her friends. I’m sure Meho and her sisters are always telling her how much better she is than Teresa’s girls, you know the way they spread the love.

          • Glasshalffull

            Or maybe this is when Teresa said Antonia was ugly, therefor she could not ride with Gia. This is what Meho said. Meho said Teresa called Antonia ugly. If Meho said it, it must be true.

          • Anonymous82

            That was during the time that teresa did not invite them to family functions according to melissa. I could understand if it was melania because they are the same age but why would gia want antonia with her when she didn’t even want her sisters to tag along with her.

          • Silvana

            Meho is full of shit when she says that they were never invited to anything. If you look real hard at Gia’s b’day party the one where they go in the limo when they get to the Salon u can c meho standing at the front as they are going in she is pregnant in that shot and u also c them at the christening of audriana meho and kathy and u also hear Teresa talking to her brother on the phone when she is in labour!!!

          • Lola Falana

            They were also at Teresa’s housewarming party, where Teresa specifically pointed them out and asked Joey to come up to the microphone. BRAVO cut them out of the scene when it was actually shown, but they DID show that scene after Melissa and Joey joined the show.

        • BonBon

          I think a photo-op is a photo-op for the Gorgas and the rest. Teresa is not as naive as everyone likes to think. She will do what she must at her events to keep the peace. Why? Because she’s protecting her brand and her family. If these fools make a scene, it is her business reputation on the line. She’s not going to let these idiots sabotage her livelihood. She’s worked too hard and put up with too much crap to get where she is. I say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Dont give them an opportunity to make up stories about you, Teresa! She’s taking control of the situation. She knows they are there because of her. I will support her because I see it for what it is. MeHo will get hers but there’s no need for Teresa to dirty her hands doing it.

          • Lola Falana

            You make some excellent points and provide some good insight. I hope everything you are saying is true too.

            I just worry for Teresa because I see her as being a bit naive and, although I consider her to be a very strong woman in many ways, I worry that her weakness and vulnerability when it comes to Joey might leave her open to being stabbed in the back and betrayed by him (and his wife and the rest of his Marco family) AGAIN.

            It’s like Joe Giudice and Joey Gorga are Teresa’s Achilles’ heels.

            You may be right, though. I hope you are. I’m going to try to give Teresa a little more credit for having grown wiser when it comes to Joey (and to make sure she protects herself).

          • Glasshalffull

            I agree, she’s taking control of the situation and she has the power to do so, and I love it. Keep your friends close and your enemies’ closer is so true. I wonder if it’s her goal to try and get rid of the Manzo/Laurita as payback for stabbing her in the back. It’s easier, for some reason, for Teresa to forgive Joe (Meho comes along with the deal) than friends who betrayed you; even if it means Meho gets another 15 minutes.

          • Anonymous82

            she will keep giving her brother chances because that is her only sibling. She doesn’t need the manzo/laurita in her life but she still think that she needs joey in her life. When she realize that she doesn’t have to have him in her life, then she will be done with him/melissa.

          • lucille mason

            teresa is also under contract to do what bravo and andy want even posing for pictures,too bad her contract wasn’t released to the public, so we could see whats in it

      • Buck Henry

        They know that bad edits are on the way and they are doing everything they can to look like they are working it out or having fun. In reality they hate each others guts.

        • haydaki

          ITA Buck!

          • Silvana

            Forgive me for being dumb but what does ITA stand for can’ for the life of me work it out:-(

          • Lola Falana

            ITA stands for “I Totally Agree.”

            And you are NOT dumb.

          • socalsoccer

            Silvana, don’t feel badly, it took me forever to figure out what “smh” stood for. Just in case you don’t know, it means shaking my head.

        • reddvette

          @Buck you are so right that they hate each other, but the others realise they need Teresa and the act of good will to push their products.

    • Melissa gave me herpes

      I am soooooo sick of bravo shoving Melissa down our throats. Melissa isn’t going to happen bravo, she’s beyond disgusting in every way. Enough! Cut your losses

    • Melissa gave me herpes

      Melissa not wearing a Nephcure shirt, she is so desperate for attention it’s ridiculous.