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Is Kenya Moore’s Butt Fake? Phaedra Parks Says It’s Full Of Silicone!

This season of Real Housewives of Atlanta dealt with some very important issues – BUTTS. I swore that I would never type the phrase “donkey booty” ever again after the storyline faded out for the season but here I am again. Phaedra and Kenya battled over their donkey booty and stallion booty workout videos, causing a major feud between the ladies. Now, Phaedra is speaking out about just how “real” Kenya’s stallion-sized posterior is.

Our favorite Southern belle tells In Touch magazine, “If you’re gonna sell a video talking about bottoms, you need to have one that’s homegrown. I’ve never been altered by plastic surgery. My butt is really my butt. [Kenya’s] is full of silicone!”

Kenya’s rebuttal? “I’m not opposed to plastic surgery. I’m just not a big fan — and I’m glad that I don’t need it,” she tells the magazine.

Honestly this whole issue gives me the chills. I would never imagine having implants filled with silicone put in my butt cheeks. I would be paranoid every single time I took a seat somewhere. I know that’s probably been looked into by plastic surgery experts and likely not to happen, but the anxiety I would get from that…

Do you think Kenya’s butt is real? There’s a really good close up of it provided at the top of this post!

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  • who cares if you need a butt buy a fake one use it when you need it and take it off when you don’t. They really look real without having surgury.

  • Kenya is full of shit she has had plastic surgery don’t know her butt has implants but i won’t put it past her. She looks like a drag version of Beyoce lol. She has very manly features. And a real nut case who is so desperate to get married it’s embarrassing

  • I believe Kenya’s breast are real. The butt is questionable. I don’t want to say that its automatically fake just because its not shaped like mines or the next. As we know, women parts come in all shapes and forms. As far as what she looked like in the 90’s, how many year ago was that? My but has had a major come up in size since the 90’s and I’m still small in size over all. I’m sure if you go back and look at some old Xscape videos from the 90’s, Kandi’s butt probably looks nothing like it does today.

  • I noticed that from the very begining but I thought maybe some people do have ill shaped aritificial behind!

  • As a women of color, who’s a large cup size with a small band size, and has quite a large derriere, (a bit more in shape that Kenya’s) I will say, I think she’s real. I think her boobs are real, so let’s not discuss that, and I think there’s a huge chance her butt is too. I think people underestimate the curves a women can have, especially women of color. My dimensions are pretty similar to Kenya’s, and I’m 100% real, so I’m going with her butt being real.

    • I don’t think Kenya’s butt is real, at all. Nothing about her butt looks natural and when you look at photos of her from the 90s, she definitely did not have that ass. Now amount of squats will make your ass triple in size.

      • *No amount

        I’m a black woman myself so I’m well aware of how large our asses can be naturally. I’m not buying that Kenya didn’t pay for hers, though.

  • well her breasts are fake because the doctor that did her biopsy mentioned scar tissue and that doesn’t just miraculously accumulate. I think her butt is fake because when she was in that workout gear her junk looked all kinds of deformed… nasty. But if she likes it and it makes her happy, I say go for it! but own it!

  • I’m not surprised it’s fake but Phaedra’s body isn’t one I would want either. Maybe Cynthia should make a workout tape. She has the figure Phaedra thinks she has and it’s all natural unlike Kenya.

  • If her derriere is fake then shame on her. That’s like an actress/model declaring her face cream works but she uses botox.

  • You can say a lot of things about Phedra, but jiggly ass is not one of them. You could bounce a quarter off it.

  • Whoa! Never knew her butt is fake. Lol. I thought I was naturally big! If it is, shame shame… At least say it’s real. Glad Phaedra called her out on it, but Phaedra still shouldn’t brag about her jiggly ass while making a video because she was born with that ass, and like I said, there is nothing to brag about. She wants to release more workout videos, but I never see her workout. I do see her eat all the time though, and it isn’t healthy.

    I think Porsha’s body and ass looks damn good, and that woman is so fit and in shape!

    I don’t mind Kenya at all. She cracks me the hell up! Even though she’s cray cray… I still don’t mind her one bit. Kenya is a hoot!

    • That picture was Photoshopped big time. Why is Phaedra and Kenya wanting a big butt?!? I think they both need to take some weight off their huge butts.

      • There’s nothing wrong with having a big ass. Some of us have it naturally and certainly don’t need to take any weight of”. Like anything else, there are preferences.

  • Its definitely fake. I went to you tube to see her win Miss USA. She had small breast, no hips and a flat ass. Before I even checked her out in you tube I knew something was up. Ive never seen a real model and I’m not talking about a vixen model, especially one that won Miss USA have that type of body.

  • Kenya cracked me up with that sheer outfit and the buttpads. It was just so silly, I had to laugh. Plus I had to give her props for having the courage to pull that one off.

    As far as having butt implants, I don’t get that either. I mean, if my butt was big, how would I fit into my normal sized jeans??

    Also, with a huge ass, the wiping hygiene would become a rather funky problem, I would think.

    • Ughhhhh I thought that was SO EMBARRASSING! WHY would you try to humiliate/call someone out by humiliating yourself?

      I almost always agree with you Honnie, but when I saw this on my TV I just had to SMH, haha.

      funky wiping hygiene- LOL

    • Honnie,

      That was hysterical!!! The buttpads were the best because they were off color.

      There is extra stretch in the booty area. LOL! I don’t know. I just think this is funny.

  • Regardless if it’s real or not, people will buy the video of who they like best. No if’s, and’s or butts about it! Bahaha

    • Who wants silicone in their butt unless you had an injury or a genetic malformation and have no butt. I don’t get it. I really don’t, but I know people will buy the video from the Housewife the like the most.

  • Yup!!!! Fake boobs and a fake booty. Everything else is smalll. Flabby but small. Kenya has been falke from day 1 though. What’s real about her anyway? Oh, and sorry boo, but minus the ton of make-up, u may want to consider doing ur face too it’s getting OLD!

    • You all must be a bunch of flat assed white girls. Nature gave women of African descent large butts. I have a friend whose butt is much larger than Kenyas’ (no, I’m not exaggerating). On her, it’s too big. Every women in my family has a large, round butt, small waist and average weight and it has served us very well. Kenya has a lean torso that makes her butt look larger than it would if she where fat, plus she works out and any muscle you work, becomes larger. Kenya is an intelligent woman and I don’t think she would get silicone in her butt, breats maybe. Stop hating and save energy.

      • Really…you are sounding like a racist ass!! Im sure white andblack women agree on the fake butt and disagree too. Im black,with black friends that all say Kenya got a fake donk! Most white girls i know dont.give a damn about whether its real or fake. And their flatter butts do them just fine,by the way! They dont hate on us,like we siatas hate on them! I bet mywhite girls,Trish,Courtney and Heidi arent even concerned about ass….they just make money,have fun and are nice to everyone!! And they can buy donks too.these days…if they want too!! Ok i get off here myself and join the productive world.

  • I had my doubts that her butt was real when she walked into that party with butt pads right on the area where implants would go.. Then Phadra said she had a Home Depo booty… I think its a fake booty for sure!

    • Now that is funny!!!! I couldn’t stop laughing….”ELEPHANT BOOTY”…..what a visual I got with that one, HA, HA, HA!

  • Her butt is beyond fake! It’s about as real as Kim K’s Look at before and afters from her pageant days till now. She was flat as a board. No hips. And this new butt doesn’t even sit right! LMAO Trust me I know.

  • Now I KNOW Kenya’s lying when she’s said she’s never had plastic surgery. That’s just a big fat LIE.

    • There fake and to be honest with you I don’t like big donkey or stallion anything. Remember when she dressed in that thong swimsuit and that mesh dress that showed her ass (she looked like a an ugly crossdresser). She had those two big pink pasties on her but, I bet those things where covering her scars from the silicone injections.