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Housewives Claim Albert Manzo Had An Affair On Caroline Manzo!

The RHONJ drama continues! Season 5 is currently filming and it looks like the drama is still going strong. AllAboutTRH is the first to tell you that Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice go out and put things to rest but apparently Teresa and Kim D might know a little about Albert Manzo.

Penny Drossos AKA the salon owner of La Chateau Allure and Kim D’s friend hinted to Teresa and Kim that one of the house husbands aren’t faithful to their wives!

Sources tell Radar,

“Penny was a little bit hesitant to speak with them, but Teresa and Kim were relentless in their pursuit of digging up dirt on their fellow housewives. Teresa and Kim rattled off the names of all the men and when they got to Albert Manzo it was clear that was who Penny was suggesting is having an affair.”

Apparently Teresa and Kim tried to get all the details from Penny but Penny wouldn’t budge.

“When Penny wouldn’t elaborate Teresa shrugged it off and made a cruel remark about how everybody knows about his affair and inferred that it has been going on for what seems like forever.”

That’s not all! Penny is going to be apart of a lot of the drama on this season. She even gives a call to Bryan AKA Melissa’s ex boyfriend!

“While the cameras are rolling, Penny gets out her cell phone and calls Bryan directly, although he goes by ‘Mike’ on the show, and while on speakerphone he validates everything — and then some. While on speakerphone ‘Mike’ says that Melissa lied to Joe about why she needed to move in with him after they met. She told him that her female roommate kicked her out and that she had nowhere to go. When in reality, Melissa was living with Bryan and wasn’t even interested in Joe until she saw his house. Once she had him wrapped around her little finger she continued to have a discreet affair with Bryan and he had no problem blowing the lid on it this season.”

This all sounds very fishy to me….

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  • Wow now we see him calling his wife chubby on manzoed with children. This guy is such a piece of shit. Women like Caroline act hard in other areas of their life and let their husband use them as a doormat. Damn shame.

  • I believe that the network is behind all this nonsense because it makes for great reality TV. If this was all true why did it take 5 seasons for it to be brought out? If there was such juicy truth like this out there it would of came out long before now. All the extra people starting this gossip is only looking for there 15 minutes of fame at the expense of others. It’s a damn shame that the network has to invent story lines, but if they didn’t these shows wouldn’t be successful.

  • yes he would have a misstress and caroline knows. Its a wonder nosy jaqualine hasnt found out as she has her nose in everybody,s business.They are not a good and close family.

    • True. It is also doesn’t mean we should feel any particular sympathy for her now that she’s getting what she dished out with such zeal and delight for 2 years to someone else. I actually couldn’t care less what goes on between her and Big Al. Her rank hypocrisy does irk me though.

  • How far is the Brownstone from FL. A few miles. The Brownstone isn’t open 24/7. If he wanted, Albert could have gone home every night. Instead he choose to sleep in the apartment in the Brownstone. Something is wrong with this story. Now the 2 of them are off in Miami, big effen deal. Please, I do think that he is or that he has cheated on her. Hopefully someone will be able to prove it with pictures etc.

  • Many men and women have affairs although not so publicized….However & IMO, it’s up to the spouse to determine if she/he is willing to forgive & not live in the past or to move forward beginning a new life……. It’s up to the couple to determine which journey is the best for them as a couple & individually…. Unfortunately or fortunately, men & women with some form of power whether it be money, success, confidence withen themselves or otherwise have a tendency to attract women/men & many times take it to the next level…… To each their own…….

    • That all sounds very nice, Heidi and I think that’s how a lot of us feel generally speaking. I mean, who are any of us to comment on or pass judgment on someone else’s marriage and what works for them? The problem I have and the problem I think a lot of ppl have with Caroline is she not only did just that — passed judgment on someone else’s marriage and in a very public way — she also made it her business to meddle in it via comments and extended family interference. She’s an ASS. And now ppl are talking about HER marriage. Boohoo.

      • Oh…

        AND she’s tried to make a whole career (unsuccessfully) of giving advice based on authority she supposedly gets from having the ideal family life and marriage. Teresa sells hair products, Italian cookbooks and wine; Caroline is selling moral authority. And if you’re gonna do that, you better have some.

    • And I find it mad sketchy that Albert sleeps at the Brownstone. I’m not buying that “events keep him im sooooo busy that he just can’t come home” excuse. It’s not like he’s a one-man show.

  • Teresa’s so pathetic. Of course, she’s trying to find dirt so her sad life seems somehow slightly better.

    What a bitch.


  • i knew this from the start ..
    he has said so many things in conversation …
    who wouldn’t cheat on this bozo control-freak …????
    she’s a slanderin’ jealous slimeball …

  • And we all know that Teresa is an OLD SCHOOL Italian woman and never would have said anything about Caroline’s marriage or anyone else’s if the events of the last 2 hadn’t happened. She’s been provoked again and again and again and never went “there” with Chuck. Well, it seems she’s finally had it and is now “going there”. Good for her. A person can only take so much before they hit back.

  • I normally take NO pleasure in hearing about infidelity in anyone’s marriage and feel tremendous sympathy for anyone who has to endure it – even JUST rumors about it. HOWEVER, in this case I make an exception: Chuck deserves every bit of sh*t that’s about to come her way and then some. She’s been a HATEFUL, hypocritical, manipulative, meddling bitch.

  • I think this story about Albert is a bunch of crap. People don’t have anything better to do than start rumors about other people. This “Penny” lady needs to mind her own business, & if she “didn’t want to speak of it.” Then she should have kept her mouth shut at the beginnning.

  • The most I ever liked Albert? >snoozing in the chair< lol . . . his lowest moment was whatev superior comment he made about talking to Juicy lowered his IQ? Notice he doesn't say shit to Joe Gioudice's face tho…hmmmm.

  • I can believe it although I don’t remember hearing this before. He always seemed so detached from Caroline except for one or two times over the years. He was physically there at times but not emotionally involved.

  • I thought they said penny called bryan at the PFS…why does this story keep getting nrought up over and over again? Plus bryan confirmed he isnt “mike.” i dont know where radar comes up with these idiotic stories. There is NO proof of him cheating. Even with people from jersey saying he cheated. I wont believe it until i have proof or paper work that he bought this chick a house. I dont even like caro right now but im so tired of jersey taking things to the extreme. Its too much now. I think penny and johnmy know a lot but they are cowards and they put the blame on others. They have been all talk for 3 years. No action. Like i said either u wanna dish it or just SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN!

  • This Penny does not have Teresa’s back. The article says it all! She is clearly keeping her hands clean and blames others for the mess she brings for a desperate paycheck. Teresa should not talk with people like this about others. Everything she wil say will be uses against her. Reminder, this used to be a friend of Melissa, that says it all!!!
    I love Teresa but she doesn’t have the ability to articulating herself well if problems start. Thats why she needs to stay away.

  • I am no longer worried about Teresa looking like the “bad guy”-after what they have ALL done to her and said about her, Joe and even her kids ( I still can’t BELIEVE the way Caroline treated Gia)- they really have it coming don’t you think? There comes a time when you just don’t sit and take it any longer! You know what they say “Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house”-and they all have plenty of skeletons in the their closets,so they had better buckle up-as Caroline loves to say, because their day is coming!!!!!!!!!

    • she better put them ‘big girl ‘ bloomers on …lol
      she deserves everything that’s coming to her …

  • I can’t believe how everyone is taking up for that witch Tre she is a horrible person. Everyone talked about Richey talking about the other women, but there wasn’t nothing much said about the terrible things Joe Giudice said about the other women, all of the women. I’m sick of all the crap these people are saying. Tre surely called all her friends and family to write in. I’ve never been Caroline’s biggest fan but I’m glad she went after Tre good job. And as far as kids go Teresa’s are spoiled brats with no manners.

  • I can see it and the rumors have been circulating for a while. He is just is his brother Tony a cheater.

  • very fishy but very intersting. this is season is gonna be good. finally teresa has backup. i wouldn’t be surprised that albert is cheating on caro. there already has been rumors of him having a mistress. not that it’s great because it’s wrong to cheat and i always feel bad for the person being cheated on but it’s sort of justice for teresa because her husband has been accused of cheating. now caro can get a taste of her own medicine.

    • @ruki…

      I wouldn’t count on the Penny People for Tre’s backup. I read the story as Penny saying it was Tre and KimD fishing for stories. I think this Pennyperson will side with the Bravo paycheck. I say Tre watch out!

  • Sounds like they’re setting up strippergate 2.0. Series Climax perhaps? They have overworked the Teresa v Melissa storyline, now it’s gonna be a fuck ton

  • It has been known and absolutely positive of that the apartment above the brownstone was originally used as a place for Albert to stay when Caroline found out about his cheating wrongdoings. This is actually a fact from a reliable source who has been friends with the Manzos for quite some time. Rumors on the street are that she got the apartment in Hoboken sothat she can hide the fact something is wrong with their marriage. Looks like the tables have turned

  • An affair is no one’s concern except those involved. To “out” it is deplorable. If you don’t want to get caught, shut up, or lay low. Otherwise, you are asking for the masses to comment. And, as much as it goes against my values, there are many husbands and wives who stay married, have a marriage that is good for them, and one (usually only one) is a known adulterer. They are friends, business partners, parents–but not lovers. Bill and Hillary anyone?? Our town is full of them!

  • I don’t know if he’s is having an affair and I don’t care. Again when it comes to people’s marriage’s, it is none of my business. I do however believe that he does not like spending time with her, which might explain why she clinges to her children so much.

  • Ok lets back up for a second cause I half believe this story. I can see how Albert would have an affair, I mean with all the pressure that Caroline and his kids put him through to keep up with their lifestyle, it must be hell. Keep in mind I DO NOT CONDONE AFFAIRS! It is disgusting what some men and women would do. That being said, when my uncle cheated on my aunt I could understand where he was coming from, my aunt and cousins saw him as dollar signs and pushed him to finance a lavish lifestyle, like the Manzo’s my cousins are grown and still depended on mom and dad financially. When my uncle cheated, my aunt could not believe it, for he was the perfect man and she the perfect wife and they lived in their perfect home with their perfect children…Apparently, the woman he cheated was of “no pedigree” as my aunt said (cause you know people are dogs) when my dad asked my uncle why he did it, he simply responded that the lady he was with was a simple woman and that she did not need a lavish lifestyle to be happy….she would be happy with as happy with chocolates on valentines day as she would be with diamonds. Now there was more to his cheating story than that which makes him an asshole but his reason for falling in love with a “simpler” woman is totally understandable.I think this could/has happened to Caroline and Dina. although I would hate it! Idk why but I’ve always thought Albert loved Caroline more than she loved him.

    Caroline needs to stop acting like she’s all that because she has a big family, she thinks she knows everything. Her kids are disrespectful, rude, obnoxious and spoiled! I know me being an adult, and I spoke to some one older the way Lauren spoke to Teresa my mother would have slapped me on the spot for being so rude!! She worries more about her children than she does her husband, she needs to stop breastfeeding her kids and let them grow up!

    I think we need to go to twitter and let Andy know that we won’t stand for this! Lets all tweet him one day, lets protest the RH franchise by not watching them at least for one day and you’ll see how much the next seasons are going to change. This season will be but a mere reflection of the last one where everything is Tre’s fault. If Andy was smart he would fix the wrongs he did last season with T, I mean the bitch is his little money maker! Unless he is trying to isolate her in order to give her her own show like he did with Bethenny and Kim…..

      • !!!! 🙂 It is so true-I can just see the 3 of them fighting over whose turn it is, As Albert is hightailing it out of there-I can also picture Milania laughing at them and telling them to “grow up already!”

    • Lauren needed a slap across her face for talking like that to someone older she definitely was not taught about respect. I’m 37 years old and I still feel disrespectful for calling a friends mum on Facebook by her 1st name instead of Mrs even though she’s told me its ok to do so.

  • There have been rumors about Albert having an affair, using the apartment at The Brownstone, etc. for about as long as the show has been on the air. None of it is confirmed. Even if the ROL story is true, that Penny said he’s having an affair, it’s still not confirmed. After all, Jac said Joe Giudice is having all sorts of affairs. Do we believe Jac? Do we believe Penny?

    If he were having an affair, it would be an appropriate sort of karmic kick in the face to Caroline. However, I don’t believe in karma. Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. People’s children don’t get cancer because their parents didn’t go to church enough. People who destroy our economy get million dollar bonus checks. Life is much more random and there is no karma.

    However, I admit I would feel a deep sense of satisfaction and schadenfreude if it comes out that this is true. Not so much because of the evil that Caroline has done, but because I am offended that someone who has done such a poor job of raising her children thinks she has advice to offer the rest of us. She had the privilege of being home with them, not having to work and one brags that he never reads, all three are dependent on family for jobs, and only one has any ambition whatsoever and sadly even he failed at that. Raising three children with zero intellectual curiosity who are dependent of their family for their jobs and financial support is a failure.

  • “Sounds fishy” is right. Not that I don’t believe Al Manzo would have an affair, I just think this is yet another Bravo tale to get the viewers pissed at Teresa & Kim D and to bait us yet again into watching this farce next season.

    • Considering how nasty Carowhine was to Tre last season it does not make me pissed at Teresa and Kim D. I say more power to them, it is about time Teresa stood up to these fools who tried to take her down and get her off the show.

      • You know what I think? I think that Andy secretly hates ALL THE HOUSEWIVES and his aim is to take them all down one at a time first Danielle now Teresa and soon all of them hopefully Melissa is next!!!

  • OK I’ll say it – WHO CARES. Just another story line probably created by Chuckie to stay relavant on the show. Her ship sailed a long time ago. No one cares what her and fart face did or didn’t do.

  • This Bryan guy already came out and said he wasn’t “Mike”.

    I also read this entire article on Radar. They state that last year Teresa & Kim D cornered the strip club guy in the salon and asked him tons of questions about Melissa. Now I don’t watch the show but of all the recaps I read (pro and Anti Teresa) that’s just not what happened.

    Another article to sway public opinion. Doesn’t seem to be working. I read somewhere Teresa was voted #1 housewife.

  • I knew that Penny would be a problem, they are there for 15 min of fame and lets blame Teresa, because everyone else does, why bring it up and blame Teresa.

  • Sure seem as though the Bravo PR machine will do anything to take attention off of Melissa and her saintly behavior – sure, it’s only a show – but it’s produced by a network that distorts and manipulates reality better than the National Enquirer.

    • Annie B., this just shows what I have been saying for a couple of years. Proves how much Andy hates women. He absolutely loves for women to act badly. Especially towards one another. I guess it makes him feel better about being gay. Even on the reunion he looks absolutely gleeful when the gals start in fighting and throwing shade.

      • Sanydbo – Cohen is a Misogynist – and is laughing all the way to the bank… I’m hopeful that more people will realize this – the portrayal of women on this network is sad – the icing on the cake was when Cohen had Professor Paglia on WWHL to discuss the housewives franchise – what an insult!

  • It’s too bad if it’s true but I can’t feel sorry for Caroline. She’d have no problem blabbing personal business if it was bad for Teresa. Fair is fair.
    why would someone want to sleep with him though??

  • Why bother even watching the next season. Everyone will act like they are giving Teresa a second chance when in reality they are setting her up once again and make everything is her fault. SICK OF IT!

    • ITA! I can’t go through another season of Tre bashing especially about the dumbest subject matters such as magazine cover stories being the almight truth!

      • I’m not sure if I’ll be watching this
        coming season.

        I’ll see what the blogs and twitter say
        about it.

        Can’t take the nasty behaviors. When
        I sit down on a Sunday night, I want to
        be entertained, not stressed out from
        a reality show. Bravo can keep the
        edited/prearranged set ups..too many
        other good shows on at the same time.

  • I’m not quite sure what Joe Giudice’s infamous phone call has to do with With Caroline and Albert Manzo, exception both cases NOT ONE single woman has come forward with any proof. In fact, no one has come forward and said they were THE MISTRESS, GIRLFRIEND, OTHERWOMAN, etc. Let’s have some PROOF people, not just innuendo.


        • LOL, its a joke, paid as in well cared for by the people who they are having an affair with, as for Guidices being broke, I wish I were so broke, they are living pretty well for people who are broke.

        • Because Melissa is a pig who will deny having any affair, and maybe, must maybe Bulldog is not for sale.

  • Whoever this source is, Penny comes out smelling like a rose. Penny knows but won’t tell, are we supposed to believe that?

    IMO Penny, aka the source, throws KimD and Tre under the bus for harrassing her for dirt; hints that Caro is a fool because of the cheating behind her back and most of all looks as if she has something to contribute by being the Keeper of Secrets for RHONJ.

    This Penny is the ultiimate fence sitter, appealing to all sides, without overtly offending any; waiiting for someone to make her an HW. Sorry, at this point, I’m going to have to see some proof before I believe any source.

    • You and me both.
      Didn’t her husband @johnnythegrk say, as soon as the season is done and we are no longer under contract with Bravo, we will expose the truth.
      I’m still waiting…tick,tock tick,tock…

      I think that they are going to be making an appearance this season, Andy knew enough to bribe them into shutting up, so he could force the continuation of his “destroy Teresa campaign”.
      I hope that they DO NOT jump on the bandwagon with the rest of the cast, and that this season is not a continuation of last season.

      I didn’t watch last season when it aired, I waited and watched in when a friend of mine sent it to me.
      I was NOT going to give Andy (aka-the sadist) any ratings.

      • I hope they don’t jump on the bandwagon either, but I bet they will.

        They’re already hedging their bets by throwing Tre under the bus for asking about Caro, making pro-GorgaMel people happy. They’re also making Tre fans happy by hinting there’s trouble with Caro. Most of all, she is making Bravo happy by not letting the cat out of the bag.

        I think these Penny people are just trying to get a Bravo paycheck, no matter who they have to step on.

  • After the way CaroClown said on the show Tre will get a divorce, I don’t care what rumors are spread about her or who says them. CaroClown is a hypocrite and so not worthy of attention.

    • September24 me too! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
      In her talking heads interview she sat in that chair all pompous and proud predicting the demise of Tre’s marriage. The way she said it was so repugnant and smug, it was evident she took pleasure announcing it to the world.
      So Carowhone now it’s your turn you spiteful biatch. Whenever you open your mouth and make big statements like that, you deserve every bit of what’s coming for you. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

  • This is now a mean show. These people are out to destroy each other. I could never be glad for anyone who was a victim of infidelity, even if I did not like the person. The disrespectful behavior of all the husbands in the Jersey franchise towards their wives, is disgraceful. Why go out of your way to snoop and hurt a family in front of the cameras? I am no longer interested in watching any of these people. The only thing left is for them to try to kill one another.

    Awful. Just awful.

    • Oh you said it perfectly Beachiest. I feel the same way. I couldn’t even watch the reunion. They all sicken me. So vicious and mean just to be relevant on the show, They all are so damned mean and hateful and want to see one another go down in flames. And some are even related. Don’t these people have any self-respect? Evidently not. It is too disturbing for me to watch anymore. I used to love this show!
      Very disappointed.


        • Just Me yes I totally get you. I was gutted looking on at the TV as these families who were once the best of friends, crucify one another relentlessly.
          Any sane man can see none of it was Tre’s fault. That Wacko Jacko was spewing venom, she could hardly contain herself she was that riled up. It was like she was possessed by a demon lol.

          Ultimately her husband Chris put his hand on her shoulder and told her to shut up many times, because she was looking like a damn fool. She was adding fuel to the fire.

          Finally Andy saw it was getting ugly (about frigging time!) and he told her to stop talking and interrupting because it was getting to the point her blabber mouth and evil remarks were igniting the flames. Silly woman.

          She was never a friend to Tre, never a decent sister inlaw to Dina and I cannot imagine what that betrayal must’ve felt like to either of them. Smh Tre lost her family friend and best friend all because of her fame chasing family. That is hard to recover from. Poor woman. :/

      • Don’t forget these women are under contract and now have to do as they are told or risk being sued. The most disgusting of them all is Andy Cohen and Bravo TV for getting it to this point.

        • Silvana tis true up until a certain point. You can’t soley blame the producers and their contracts completely. Yes they have to provoke one another and be snide with their remarks and cause some drama etc.

          But the way these degenerates have behaved has not been wtnissed in any of the other franchises. They have no scruples, no values, no dignity.
          It’s completly unfair and most of world has caught wind of it. You are absolutely spot on about that piglet Cohen.
          I despise that man. He is the puppeteer and pulls which strings he wants and doesn’t care about the repercussions. None of it weighs on his concience because the piece of s*** has none.

          What we are witnessing is a family unit completely and utterly destroyed before our eyes. This is unprecedented. I wonder how Carowhine and Wacko Jacko would’ve felt had their family members joined the show and pulled a fast one on them like the Gorgamels and Fishy Fingers did.
          It sickens me. What a shame. They should be ashamed of themselves and just pontificate at the significance of the damage their greedy hearts have sent forth.

          We watched this injustice for two seasons and it caused all of us heartache. What would’ve Teresa have felt? How did that girl continue and survive? What a calamity.

          • I agree ! I wonder how Jaco an Can-male woulda felt if it was Done to them ? On TV by calling BS. I wish it did happen to them and Their Family just like it happened to Teresa’s, I’m sure they woulda liked it at all. I can’t take them any longer on this show.

  • It amazing how none of the houseives showed up and Teresa Launch party was a success!Yayyy! Stay in your hole Wakiles,Lauritas,and Manzos!Gorgas keep like you did at the launch party and everything will be good between you two familes of the Gorgas and Giuidces’!

  • After the shoty producers planting drama and actually setting up Teresa, I don’t believe a thing on this franchise.

  • I call bullshit. Joe Giudice calls his fucking girlfriend while on a vacation in Napa, and then has the nerve to refer to his wife as a bitch and a cunt while his mic is on. Whatever.

    • Yeah Mike, a RHONJ producer said they doctored that phone call. There was a whole story about the slicing and dicing of Joe’s scene; frankenbites. They also revealed the Posche show, the guy that knew Mel they doctored it and said Teresa was in on it when he later confirmed she was not. Its slicing and dicing/magic show.

    • First of all, that conversation was allegedly very edited.

      However, for the sake of argument, let’s say it was NOT edited, and Joe WAS talking to his girlfriend on the phone and then called his wife a bitch and a cunt.

      How does that indicate that the rumor that Albert Manzo has cheated (or is still cheating) on Caroline is NOT true? Are the 2 things mutually exclusive?

      I think not.

    • Albert having a mistress isn’t big news in North Jersey. But no one stoops so low as to publicly speak about it. Only a scummy reality TV producer would encourage it to be a topic of discussion and then run off to radar to get a story out.

      • Albert and the Manzo’s are known for the affairs, however, it is not scummy to speak of it at all, it is scummy to have an affair, I hope they do out him, I am sick of everyone acting like he is some kind of royalty when really he is nothing more than a criminal.

  • Not unbelievable that Mr. Manzo had an affair. If he could be as immoral and dishonest as to hold a job which he should not have (and all the benefits that came with that job) why is it unreasonable to believe that he’d soil his marraige vows. Also what’s not unbelievable is that Bravo would assume that we’d want to see and have them blame Teresa for outting what prob everyone in their circle knows/knew and chose not to speak about. I personally don’t want to see Teresa involved with these people. She doesnt’ have to be…she’s done her thing GOOD without them. Hopefully she’ll continue to move forward without them..just like she has so far. I don’t need to see her get any kind of “revenge” they outted themselves and look silly on their own…she doesn’t need to help it along.

    • Alberts brother Tommy cheated on Dina before they married and did Caroline tell her sister whom she loves sooo much not to marry the dirtbag??? Prob not cause to her it’s normal behaviour her hubby cheats on her to!!!

  • Didn’t Kim Granatell tweet something about Caroline and her hubby.

    Anyone remember what those tweets said?

    • Thats what I said in my post above ^^, I do remember her tweeting something about Albert and an affair, along with calling Caroline a man, and some nasty names. I remember thinking how weird that was because she is so tight with Jacqueline.

      • Thank you. I thought Kim had even said said
        a name or may be that was someone else.

        I think the name was Donna…now I have
        to back track and see if I can find the correct
        info and who said it.

        Penny is not the first to insinuate this about Albert.

  • This show is becoming ridiculous. It’s always the same old drama and same old story lines. They should fire them all or completely end the show. What an embarrassment they are to themselves and their children!

    • I agree, they need a complete revamp.

      I think this is true for all the cities. If they keep the same old broads on season after season, it just gets super fake (forced storylines to stay on the show) and the drama/cattiness gets to a point where none of us even want to hear it anymore.

      At the beginning of last season of RHOC I told my girlfriend, “Watch, Gretchen and Tamra will be friends this season because if they pull their bullshit storyline again Bravo is going to shit-can them.” FIRST EPISODE they made up…

  • “sources said” routine is provocative but usually untrue.
    Of course if AllAboutTRH were given an interview…wow I would absolutely believe the ugly situation.
    I guess “sources” said is trying to connect this to the new apartment.
    Will wait for actual quotes from the people involved.

  • Sounds like Penny & Kim D. are certainly doing what they promised….bringing the drama & outing secrets. Just hope Tre doesnt get to ropped into anything.. cause it will all be her fault in the end to the other HW’s. As usual.

  • Love how she didn’t include pics of the haters on her website article of the launch party. Melissa must be spitting nails

  • This rumor of fat Albert has been going on forever. The rumor of Teresa is spreading has gotten too old.
    When Al is filming with the fam he doesn’t look happy. Just like Juicy Joe but the haters of Teresa will say he had an affair. So double standard.

  • I just dont get it,why did they say they are done with Teresa,but yet keep talking about her and blaming stuff on her?!Look at Teresa blog on her website about the launch party!


    • I love that none of the other RHONJ cast showed up and it was a success without them. They need each other to make things happen (having to be at each other’s apperances to have people come) Teresa only needs Teresa. I love how she thanked her family…but gave them no photo ops on her page. I don’t blame her, two seconds after they go to her party for camera time Joe Gorga is saying they still don’t forgive her. WHATEVER!!!! She is moving on and UP without them…doesn’t need them and is better off (perhaps not happier, but def better off) without them in her life at this point. I certainly hope her family can resolve it’s issues, but in the meanwhile…you GO Teresa…do your thing!!!

      • And she never said a word when that egomaniac, Melissa snubbed her during Melissa’s birthday dinner. And Joe Gorga sits and let his wife treat his sister that way. He is so pathetic, I can’t stand to watch his little hurt face while he and his evil wife bash Teresa. No wonder he has problems with his parents.

  • WOW! I wish I could be sad for her, but in reality, the overall mean nature of her this season makes me kinda understand his infidelity. Who would want to go home to that?

    • I am not a fan of Caroline after last season either but there is NO reason for infidelity. I don’t care if she was screeching at him while clinging with her talons and swinging from the rooftop!

    • Poor Albert. She will cling to that man forever. Who else would want her, but for her money. And those boys and their sister are pathetic. I don’t think Caroline will ever let them grow up and think for themselves. Remember poor Albey’s comment about, “if I have to choose between my family and my girlfriend, they will be my choice.” What mother would want that coming out of their boy’s mouth? Why would they ever have to make a choice like that unless his mother and fiancé were both hanging off a cliff and he could only save one? Does anyone really value Caroline’s advice about raising their children??

  • Radar of Lies!

    Although I do remember that Kim G on twitter last year alluded to Albert having a long time affair.

    • I remember that also, but there were other mentions of it over the years. Nothing surprises me anymore too much with this show, who they blame. The only thing that keeps getting me is the Whorgas twisted games.

        • Do you also remember that when they were ganging up against T, 2 years ago maybe less, when she had the chance to give serve Caro back, she took the higher road? Teresa said she would not do to them what they were doing to her and she would stay out of others’ marriages. Apparently its been known that he has been doing Red dirty, hence the always sleeping at Brownstone and everything else. He may be acting like a good boy now, who knows? Wait to watch what happens!

          • What always gets me is glass houses…AHEM …Caroline. I always suspected her anger was misdirected toward Teresa yet something was making her miserable…cheating husband. I think she does turn a blind eye and that alone just kills her. Maybe she is waiting for the children to grow up before leaving the marrige. If that is the case, they will be together forever!

          • The episode when Albert and Caro checked out the Brownstone Apt.said it all.Caro hates that place for a reason.I damned neared died laughing when Albert brought out the strawberries.Caro was fuming.Made me wonder if Caro didn`t walk in on Al and friend during an afternoon taste treat

        • I remember reading about this Jill lady about a year or so ago, it was when Danielle hired a PI to follow and investigate what the hubbies are up to, she has kept what she knows quite for now, but I think she is gonna let the cat out of the bag this season . . . . . .

      • There was also mention that Luaren is the result of one of those affairs, which is why Caroline is so mean to her.

        • That’s why I don’t buy the prt about her not wanting to reveal the details to Teresa. Her loyalty is to Teresa, at least as far as I have seen all along. Plus she was brought on the show for the purpose of revealing info that Kim D couldn’t deliver. I think this “source” is just someone trying to pin one more thing on Teresa.

      • Penny is sharing what had and is going
        on with certain cast members.

        We all have been asking for the truth and
        now that someone is telling, she’s going
        to be bashed for it.

        Make up ur minds, would y’all…lol

      • @Holy I know! I mean, it’s a SHOW! Some people act like it’s their whole world.

        This Penny and her starving husband are just desperate people with nothing else going for them apparently.

          • He acts like he’s such a big shot and bad ass on Twitter, but this Johnny punk totally cowarded when Joe Gorga asked him to see the phone on the seasons last episode.

            He should stick to sweeping floors at Pennys hair Salon. (and maybe lay off the Baklava)

        • If that was the truth, they could have made a lot more money by selling their story to the tabloids so your theory just doesn’t pan out.

  • Everything is blaming Teresa.Lets all blam Teresa I mean Melissa and her crew is doing and her fans,lets do it,no?

      • Teresa’s fault that Albert cheated on his mean and twisted wife??? OMG. Are there stupid people out there or what? Teresa’s the only real one on the show. she doesn’t want to hurt anyone, other than Melissa, because she is afraid for her poor, ignorant and hapless brother. Watch how fast she leaves Joe after he loses his money and fame. Cannot stand her either and I would be upset if my brother was married to her.

        • Whoops, you were being factious. Sorry Irish. I’m so sick of Teresa bashing and I’ve read so much of it, I don’t even want to watch the show anymore.

  • Now we know why Caroline has moved out of the mansion and into an apartment with her daughter! She’s probably trying to keep the scandal quiet because it might effect her future book sales of being an expert at everything.

    • I thought the reason that she moved out
      was her 2 sons were getting their own show
      and she was going to be part of it.

      I think it had something to do with a
      restaurant. Also, her daughter was to
      be part of it.

      They allegedly said Mommy is setting up her babes for job security and that what the move is all about.

      • I just read on TT that Albert moved into the apartment too and that they aren’t selling their house. I realize Caroline has fallen from grace with the fans but I am just not buying this story. I can’t imagine Albert screwing around on her. Rememeber that episode where they were in ttheir car and parked by a little bridge and it was the spot where he proposed years ago? While they were reminiscing he got all teary eyed and cried. That doesn’t seem like a man that would cheat. I just think he loves his wife too much and wouldn’t disrespect her like that. Just my opinion.

        • i couldn’t agree with you more! they are secure in their relationship,, the rest of the gossip is just bull!

          • I respectfully disagree. Anyone is capable of an affair! I am talking from experience, a husband can look you in the eyes and tell you all you want to hear, the second you turn your back, he’s out doing his thing!! The next minute he’s he again playing his role!

        • That don’t mean shit, really it doesn’t. He wanted to do that to alleviate any guilt or suspicions and/or as a show plot. There’s been alot of rumors for years about Albert and if he’s old fashion you know that he has a woman on the side. And having that apt. at the brownstone (wasn’t only for the govt. job) and the mansion and her getting another apt. tells me that they are trying to keep appearances.

          • Yep. Since Season 1, local New Jersey commenters have discussed how Albert has had a long-time mistress by the name of Jill for whom he allegedly bought a house. He also allegedly has had other mistresses before Jill. This Jill is ALSO mentioned in the little discussions on Amazon regarding Caroline’s upcoming book (unless she’s made them delete it by now).

            I mean, I know Albert is a hardworking man, but do you HONESTLY think, as the owner of a long-time business (which means he has the authority to now delegate some responsibilities to his employees), he is ALWAYS working at the damned Brownstone and hardly EVER at home with the very-pleasant and sexy Caroline?

            The man hardly spends any time with her at all. I’ll bet Caroline KNOWS that Albert steps out on her too, but she just chooses to turn a blind eye (Maybe she does not believe in divorce. Maybe she wants to keep her family together. Maybe she likes her lifestyle. All of the same reasons that people judge Teresa for staying with Joe. Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors between 2 people, and different kinds of marriages work for different people).

            I mean, let’s get real here, people: Albert Manzo is not hardly at home because he is always working THAT damned much!

            Like I said the other day, I think ALL those husbands, with the exception of Richie Wakile (for lack of opportunity because he is highly unattractive and doesn’t seem to have the disposable income to overcome his horrible looks to at least throw some cash a mistress’ way) either are cheating or have cheated on their wives in the past.

            It sucks that BRAVO chooses to only focus on the rumors of Joe Giudice cheating when I’m pretty sure he’s not the only one.

          • totally agree lola. generally you should expect a partner to cheat esp after being together for like 50 years. it really is not the be all and end all when you have built a life with someone. i honestly don’t see the big deal in it. don’t get me wrong you don’t want this thrown in your face but to expect that someone is going to stay faithful to you for life is a little niave.

          • I totally believe this story about Albert. Caroline has too much unexplained anger. Why was she so threatened by Danielle, and was so aggressive towards her – a woman who obviously was lonely and weakly dependent upon the approval of others? I believe it was becaue Danielle portrayed the “divorced, sexually incontinent and attractive possible homewrecker” archetype, and Caroline despised her as the type of low self-esteem sexy woman who let herself get used up by opportunistic men – she was a “mistress type”. And I don’t judge on looks but Caroline is the opposite of sexy, it is not an age-based thing, it is jsut how she comes across – rigid, self-righteous, a self-appointed expert on everything, horribly posessive of her sons, and rather unattractive physically – it’s not like the husbands in her swanky suburb would be eyeing her off as she walks by, she lacks any type of sex appeal. Plus Caroline is always so eager to find someone to absolutely demean thus justifying them as a legitimate target for her terrifying rage – it just isn’t the behaviour of a happy woman, it is the behaviour of someone who is compromising a lot in her own personal life, can’t admit to herself she is angry with her loved ones, so looks to take it out on people who don’t have the verbal intelligence to fight back adequately.

          • I feel a bit unkind having said that, I hope she comes to a better happier place in her life, becasue she really does seem very angry.

          • Alissa Rose very well said. I have never really thought about the whole Caroline not being sexy before, probably because she just does not come across that way whatsoever. She is too motherly, controlling, conservative and everything you said. Hmmm, I don’t really like Caroline’s personality and I hated how she treated Teresa, her own daughter, and even Danielle but I don’t wish anyone being cheated on. I kind of feel bad for her, she seems so unhappy and like she has never really been happy. I just can’t summon up enough bad feelings to really dislike her I just really feel sorry for her.

          • CaTfAcE I agree totally, she has probably been hurt very deeply maybe by Albert or maybe not, maybe it was somewhere else in her life. She is so ready to be confrontational, but it seems like all that anger is a front for pain, because when you think about how she seems afraid to participate in things, silly things, like dancing or swimming, it seems like she has a lot of fears underneath her front. It makes me cringe how truly awful she is to other women, even with her friends she is domineering, and she absolutely is cruel to those she doesn’t like.

          • These are all excellant points, I believe them as why Caroline acts as she does.

            As for Albert being a cheat I think he is. If you recall when Caroline was commenting on the Gudice marriage Teresa stopped her cold with the remark about hers is not as it appears and she hasn’t commented on that. Caroline looked scared.
            As for Teresa pushing for dirt I do not believe. She has known these peop,le forever so she already knows the dirt.

        • I can tell you from first hand experience that the love for the wife has nothing to do with their cheating.

          • This is totally true. I HATE it when women who cheat with married men say, “Well, if his wife was doing what she needed to do, he wouldn’t be cheating with me” OR when they say, “Well, he’s in a loveless marriage.”

            90-95% of the time those statements are complete and utter B.S.

            I’ve never been married. So, I’m not speaking as some bitter, scorned women whose husband cheated on her.

            I have ALWAYS had plenty of PLATONIC male friends, however, who talk to me openly and honestly about why they cheat. SOME of them do it because they ARE seriously unhappy in their marriage but don’t want to live apart from their children. SOME of them do it because they don’t want to be ruined financially by having to give 1/2 of everything to their wife. SOME of them do it because they are extremely insecure and only feel validated by still being able to sleep with all kinds of women. Some of them are just plain sociopathic and immoral douchebags with sex addiction problems.

            But MANY, MANY, MANY of them love and adore their wives and do NOT want to leave them or even break up their families.

            They just want variety. It has NOTHING to do with the love or lack of love they feel for their wives either. In fact, if they were ever caught and had their wives leave them, they would seriously want to lay down and die.

            It’s sad and scary, but, based on my observations, it’s true. It’s not as simple and black and white as some people make it out to be.

            Women SHOULD leave other women’s husbands alone, though. It’s just bad juju and bad business all around. There are enough single men out there for a woman to refuse to have to lower or degrade herself by sleeping with someone else’s husband.

          • That is so true most love their wives and family but what that something extra, which usally lead to cheating. The something extra could be any number of things, gambling, drugs to name two.

            Other woman should leave that married man alone, it is bad karma..if in the beginnikng they didn’t know he was married.

          • Speaking from experience my husband cheated on me with many women i had a feeling but when i caught him in the act that’s when i packed my bags and left if did and said anything and everything to get me back i didn’t want 1/2 i just walked out with wat i walked in with so him begging me to come back had nothing to do with money or children i loved him but also knew if wouldn’t change and couldn’t live with a man i couldn’t trust i also felt if cheated on me coz i wasn’t good enough or pretty enough etc. If later married his mistress and did the same to her cut a long story short he’s on his forth marriage and still tells me if loves me and made the biggest mistake me his life wonder if if says that to his other 3ex wives. Lol apparently his family told me the same thing. After so many yrs me insecurity on my behalf i found and married a wonderful man so to those women out there who cheat with married men let me tell u the truth their lying to u wen they say their in a loveless marriage or all the other crap they just want variety coz their insecure with themselves and if they’ll do it once they’ll do it again and probably to u so find yourself an honest single man. Believe me Im not bitter in coz way i was but not know

        • mayb it is a man who is guilty and that is y u saw tears, also mayb y he bought her a JAG and a ring, etc. I think he would cheat on her, in the past.

    • The funny thing here in nj…….it’s Caroline who has had the discreet affairs

      Albert is always working and……

    • Irish, thats exactly what I was thinking while reading the story haha

      It’s been a well known “secret” that Big Al has had a mistress for years and years. I was shocked that Caroline would have the balls to talk shit about Joe Giudice knowning what she knows.

        • Caroline is an angry, bitter, jealous, bullying and vindictive women. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING started in that Season-long hate fest started with Caroline’s indignation at her perceived insult in Teresa’s cookbook about her not being 100% Italian and her attempt at being funny regarding Caroline’s continually breast-fed boys car wash. Think about it. She started the hate feet, using Melissa and Teresa’s dislike for each other to her advantage to take down Teresa. She would not let anyone, including Jacqueline say a nice thing about Tre. Very bitter and vindictive woman. Any book, advice or Reality series involving this mean woman is venomous bullshit. She hates women and Melissa, the narcissist is her perfect tool.

    • Well said, miss or Mrs no it all wouldn’t. Want anyone to to know her dirty little secrets and that brat Lauren is exactly like her mum does she even have friends she seems to obsess bout her bro’s and wat there doing and always hanging out with her mum or Jackie she’s a total bitch like her mum. It won’t surprise me if it’s true i can’t stand her words of “wisdom”and wen she’s on i in make a coffee so imagine living with her wat a NIGHTMARE lol. I see Caroline and the gamg picking on Tre again not that they’ve ever stopped. I was cheated on by my husband and it’s a horrible thing to go through

    • Well said, miss or Mrs no it all wouldn’t. Want anyone to to know her dirty little secrets and that brat Lauren is exactly like her mum does she even have friends she seems to obsess bout her bro’s and wat there doing and always hanging out with her mum or Jackie she’s a total bitch like her mum. It won’t surprise me if it’s true i can’t stand her words of “wisdom”and wen she’s on i in make a coffee so imagine living with her wat a NIGHTMARE lol. I see Caroline and the gamg picking on Tre again not that they’ve ever stopped. I was cheated on by my husband and it’s a horrible thing to go through and i wouldn’t wish it on anyone well except for Caroline it might just shut her up and her sayings what’s this bout a book deal OMG not another housewife with a cook deal or a singing/acting etc deal

      • Caroline does not like women and her spoiled daughter is just like her. Both are bitter and angry women. Felt bad for how Caroline treated her daughter, but got over it when I saw and heard Lauren act just like her. They are both not very attractive women and they treat other women with repugnance, except when they can benefit in some way by using further their selfish cause. Case in point, Caroline’s use of Melissa gorga, the one who thinks she is a Goddess to men. Very sad little women.