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Teresa Giudice Sends Dina Manzo Flowers; Says Dina Is Strong & Will Be Fine!

It’s nice to know that Real Housewives of New Jersey didn’t destroy at least this relationship. Dina Manzo and Teresa Giudice have been friends for years and the reality TV craze has not broken that friendship! With recent news of Dina going through a rough time and separating from her husband Tommy Manzo, Teresa has taken time from her busy life to show some support to Dina. Teresa also says that she’s sure Dina will rise above the trouble because she is a strong lady!

Dina took to her Twitter to express her gratitude saying, “Thank u @teresa_giudice for the thoughtful beautiful flowers!! #support #grateful.”

She also included this photo of Teresa’s gift:

Teresa replied, “@dinamanzo Love you always be there for u.Xx”

At Kim D.’s cuff line party Teresa had more support to show for Dina and talk about how she is doing, telling Wetpaint, “She’s a strong woman; she’ll be fine. We’re both busy — she’s working on a new show — but I reached out to her, we’ve been speaking. She’s doing good.”

Thoughts on Teresa and Dina’s exchange?

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  • There are other relationships that RHONJ has not destroyed. Caroline is still deeply infatuated with herself and still thinks she brings a special brand of wisdom to the table. In fact, she should bottle it. Spread enough of Caroline’s Sauce around and you can’t even taste that it’s been spread on a rancid meal.

  • who is that drag queen next to Dina???


    Where to start? nose? Caveman hairline ((c)JPG)? reptile skin?
    I didn’t even read the article*Yawn* I came for the picture XD

  • This is the Teresa I luv…of couse she will be supportive of a friend going through a divorce,whether the divorce is nice or ugly…it hurts.

    Way to go Teresa…awesome friend.

  • What a surprise another private moment shared on twitter. Round up all the Tre followers and get them on board for your new show. After months of no word about Tre, now with a new show on the way, Dina is tweeting about Adriana, old RHONJ days and now this. Talk about riding coattails, lol.

    • rhfan, I believe that you have a point. If you go on teresa’s website, you always see pictures or tweets about dina. Dina only have pictures/tweets of teresa or audriana when she wants to prove something. Ex would be audriana’s birthday, christmas shopping with audriana, etc. They are friends and have been friends for 17 plus years but dina only tweets about teresa when she wants support from teresa’s fans.

  • I hope they are all successful. Dina said the show had taken a toll on everyone and that she hopes once it is over, they can go back to being a normal family. She also said her comments were scripted. I just wish this whole family can someday not only find success, but harmony. At the end of the day, this is just a stupid show that can go away tomorrow. Family and friends are what we truly have.

  • I would like to see a show with Dina and Teresa doing what they do, not focused on the personal BS just their happy fin selves.

    • That would be a great home style show, cooking and decorating. Would love to see it, especially a part with Tre’s family on it too and Dina’s daughter also, she is a sweetie too.

    • Al and Tommy are alike they both have had side flings and Dina knew that going into her marriage and decided enough was enough but Caroline stands by her man no matter how many affairs he has just to have no shame and save face that her marriage isn’t perfect, why woman do this I don’t get it…….

      • If dina left tommy due to cheating she shouldn’t get any credit. She should have never married him in the first place when it was known by her and everyone else that he was cheating. I think she married him for financial reasons. Not saying that she didn’t love him but her and her daughter’s security was more important than her pride. If Al senior is cheating on caroline, it is probably nothing new. Beside, she is older, her kids are supposedly grown. Caroline and al sr. can just go about their business.

  • I truly hope Dina’s acting career takes off and she can laugh all the bank at her sister, brother, and sister in law!

  • I am happy that at least Teresa and Dina’s friendship survive the curse of Bravo.

    Bravo has a way of destroying friendship in lieu of ratings, but Teresa and Dina sure knew how to keep theirs going strong, good for you girls.

    Do not let an evil network like Bravo come in between your 15 years old friendship.

    • Bravo does not cause break-ups. These women signing a contract knowing all will be investigated and revealed but don’t care cause all they want is a 6 figure salary is the the cause of break ups.

      • I happen to think that Bravo somehow stirs the pot and creates a lot of situations to create drama and sometimes that can test the best of friendships, but you are right, sometimes a better salary, more exposure and likeability among viewers can do the trick as well.

    • They are both beautiful and better yet, they support each other with no rivalry or jealousy, that is true friendship.