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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: RHONJ Cast Head To Lake George, New York! Tons Of Fighting Occurs!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently filming season 5 and the drama continues! AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY told you recently that Teresa Giudice got into an argument with Jac Laurita and now we have more EXCLUSIVE details on the vacation the cast took right before the fight occurred!


An employee of the luxurious Inn that they stayed in gives AllAboutTRH the EXCLUSIVE details, “The housewives were supposed to originally go down to New Orleans this week for Mardi Gras for one of their trips this year. For some reason, that feel through and they decided to change plans and go up north. A couple weeks ago, Bravo contacted the very luxurious Inn at Erlowest in Lake George, New York. The resort is one of the best places to stay on the lake. The producers came before hand and looked around the site last week approving the spot and the housewives arrived Sunday leaving Tuesday morning!”

The employee at the Inn adds, “You’ll see on season 5 that they get their fishing licenses and went ice fishing on the lake. Monday, they used the kitchen at the 4 star restaurant to have some sort of cooking thing. There was a lot of shouting going on leading Caroline to leave the scene clearly departing the situation and chatting with the producers. The fighting was intense and all of the RHONJ cast showed up. There was added security in case anything got physical.”

The employee continues, “They were even supposed to attend the Log Jam restaurant on Monday night but had to cancel because they were running late because of a flight.”

Interesting! Isn’t it funny that they are all on vacation with each other when in reality that would never happen! If you ever question whether the Real Housewives is scripted. The answer is no. But they are put in unrealistic situations that wouldn’t happen if they were filming. They are placed in settings with people they don’t like because they are forced to by contract. That’s why the New Jersey gang is on vacation!

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  • mitchers, holy canoli, and more people than I can name, I want to thank you that you’re showing a funny, silly, clever and witty comments on this blog. Not everyone who comes to these blogs are over 18, and we need to set an example that ADULTS
    can express ourselves without being foul and vulgar. I come to these blogs for the humor, wittiness and and some people’s personal stories. I don’t come here for all the f@&$ you, call you next Tuesday’s as$&@e’s, etc.

    Thanks again for showing your intellect and humor.



    • Well if it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck I guess that makes the others
      a bunch of jealous quacking ducks…..

  • For once it would be refreshing if someone stood up for Teresa. Maybe someone be on her side more and even out the playing field. I am looking at you, Caroline. Even though I think you are, along with everyone but Tre, the laughing stock on this show.

  • If this season will be let’s gang-up on Teresa; I’m OUT! This is so not cool and so stale….The ladies feel they can do and say ANYTHING to Teresa and when she response they get their thongs in a bunch.

    Come on! I can’t take one scene with Melissa and Joe blaming Teresa and NOT be accountable for their actions as well. It’s just crazy; also, if anyone doesn’t see that Melissa and Joe were jealous of Teresa and Joe needs to wake up.

    • Ya know, as angry as I felt by that a-hole, I really do not like getting all cray cray on someone! I have put up with it calling me names for too long. I have had a feeling for awhile on who IT really is, too obvious! Its one thing to exchange tv hate for the peeps on the show, but that is way too much personal insulting/attacking/inciting. How does one with that kind of “personality” even function in real life? Too much.Im sure none of us that come here, different opinions or not, do not come here for this crap.

  • Good Morning Gals/Guys!

    I see a lot of support for certain women and a lot of hate to the other women and am curious, don’t you think over the years this program has been on, that ALL the women at one time or another have not been the most upstanding citizens? I have watched the series from the beginning and know that all of the women have taken turns being unpleasant, shady, liars, and bullies.
    No one is perfect and we all have our moments of butt-hole-ism. I am not standing up for one housewife over another and hope it is not taken that way.
    This applies to EVERY HW Franchise. No one can let by gones be by gones and just enjoy life but then I guess like others have said, it would not be as exciting to watch! These shows make me feel so fortunate for the life I have and if they were all so mistreated and bullied, why do they continue to participate in this show. The cast is just addicted to the drama as us viewers are! LOL!

  • So Messy just rt’ed a RumorFix article about Wendy Williams going off on the Lies and Style article about poor Messy and this rumor.

    I guess WW went off on her show, said that bravo needs to stop, blamed Teresa and Kim D .. LOL

    WW , like anyone gives a shit about what that Whale says.. She is such a flip flopper, obnoxious Ass.

    • She sure is obnoxious.. Yet she had T there multiple times, did not speak legit about anything and celebrated T’s Bday, LOL??? Wack

    • Why would anyone want to watch a show about Teresa and her family?So we could watch Joe call Tre horrible names,tell her to shut up every time she tries to speak,get drunk and make a fool out of himself every time he drinks?Oh,and to watch Tre and Joe giggle like little school girls when their children make fun and mock their aunt?NO THANK YOU!

      • Did you watch seasons 1 and 2 when Tre and Joe and her family had some good and interesting footage? I loved when they made the pizza in the ovens, one of my favs. That is when the show was really fun to watch.

      • Judy. The guiduce family are so normal, they have problems like every one else does, they don’t hide it,they don’t show it off, they are a family….with such real troubles, family arguments , mis behaving kids, finance problems, not enough time to do everything they want to……this is a family and they are happy, there never is a photo of joe with Teresa that he is no smiling or laughing, so who are we to judge their marriage?


    • That would make a great show tre and the girls, tre and joe, tre and her mom, tre and her mil, tre and joes family, aunts uncles cousins, all just honestly cooking family dinners and family favorites, the girls will be a hoot, gve my some pizza you old troll…. Sorry that is really funny,just what a high spirited child would do, I would bet money they would have a great program, watch how nice lelissa and Jose would get so they could be on camera……lol

  • How does one ignore a pair of fools *JPG and Estelle* Their opinions are as fickle as a person with 21 cats. Bizarre and on a endless loop.

    • I totally agree. I just don’t get why anybody response to them. I don’t bother reading their comments.

      Please ignore them. These two are just like Melissa Gorga. Either good or bad, they just love the attention

    • JPG is not as bad as Estelle, but she has had a few moments lately. Unfortunately, nothing much we can do. Ignore or engage.

    • her objective is to come here to insult us and I got insults for her too.

      why would she have anything to say about what we spend our money on? I didn’t appreciate that, and I am not backing down. It is only an insult to her because we like Teresa and she doesn’t.

      I want her to know, she should never come out with any product, service, etc. because I am going to set out to destroy her name and her brand thus keeping her in the poor house.

      Where I come from, we refer to that as a low life bitch.

    • Nothing like JPG and Estelle to bring a blog down. I don’t mind differing opinions, but the vulgarity of the 2 of them is too much for me — can they have an intelligent discussion — nope. Putting them back on ignore.

      • The vulgarity? Where was I vulgar? Cause I use the word “shit”?

        I’ve explained myself to you intelligently more than I should have. Just cause you can’t wrap your brain around it, not my problem.

        • your favorite word is f scroll above. you have a filthy mouth,my kids,which are adults now, still don’t curse in front of me.shows you don’t care who else is reading this blog. alot of us are old enough to be your grandparents

        • I really don’t understand you come here when you clearly do not like Teresa, unless of course if you come here simply to argue with others? Nah no one would waste there time just to fight…so I guess you don’t want to admit you are really wrong and really love love love Teresa but are embaressed to admit it ???

  • Wow – very impressed that you had a contact in Lake George who was able to be a little fly on the wall! You need more insiders like her/him!

  • JPG : *I’ll stick to my Grammy’s recipe* Shame on you for stealing a recipe from your Grammy.

        • @JPG- Im sure Teresa had permission from her Mother and MIL, as they are featured in her cookbooks, and did photos with her. Did she not say they, or at least one, was a family cookbook? Im thinking they did not have a problem with her sharing some of their recipes. I just think its silly that you always say she “stole” recipes, when clearly, that is not the case. Its also obvious that Teresa can and knows how to cook as we have seen on a few shows and episodes of RHONJ.

          • apparently she was raised by wolves too because most parents want to see and help their children to become successful. only a person who has never been told they are pretty, they are loved could think that way.

  • This is just so not right! Sold their souls for $$ & fame? How sad & pathetic . So wrong of Bravo to keep putting these people in these settings for a show. It’s also sad that cast allows this to happen for $$ when in reality a family is being destroyed! What is going on w Melissa & Joey and also Wacko & Chris is very nasty even for TV . Reality is these people are despicable & downright frauds. How anyone can do business or even like these 4 is mind boggling ! Liars.

  • Hello?????? Food and Lapband Lauren. Of course there’s going to be a fight. Poor Tre’s lucky if she didn’t pull back a stump.

    • Me too!….After watch Melissa and Joe, I became Team Teresa all the way.

      Also, it didn’t help that Caroline (who I have NEVER LIKED) was a big ole bully, who herself was jealous of Teresa and took that stank attitude to Jacqueline, who we all know doesn’t have a mind of her own.

  • Yes, Mego’s cover story just released and fight in sues …I for one am shocked lol (sarcasm). Gee, Let me guess. They pulled out the magazine in the kitchen like last time and accused Teresa. LOL.

  • Cover your eyes now Teresa haters—-Just ordered all of her cookbooks from Amazon for $32-and pre-ordered the new Grilling one for $12-better that the bookstores. I had 1 already-very good and very fun!

    • Every time Katfish, Caro, Jacko, Lookers or Fredo pissed me off by attacking Teresa I ordered one of her products.
      I know have all 3 cookbooks, 2 bottles of Fabilleni and I just placed my 4th and 5th orders of Milania. For those of you that have not tried Teresa’s hair products yet do yourself a favor and order them. Milania is a great product that has changed the texture of my hair from coarse and damaged to fine and controllable. I have my kids using it now. I gave one gift set to a friend for Christmas that doesn’t watch the show and she is in love with the Milania hair care products.

      • Estelle we choose how to spend our money and you choose how to spend yours. But you’re missing out 🙂

        • Honestly, not that I put that much faith in Amazon book reviews, but Teresa’s reviews are genuinely awful.

          And I actually tried to steer clear of reviews by anyone who had an axe to grind either way (both fans and non-fans of Teresa, that is) and they’re still generally pretty dreadful. She’s getting hit especially hard for her tomato sauce.

          • I for one have the books and like them — I don’t read the Amazon reviews either. The quickie sauce is a great basic recipe that you can make your own, I prefer her snappy red sauce.

          • @Gimme ~ LOL! Actually I was surprised. Knowing how always-busy Team Teresa is, I expected a wretched excess of over-the-top worshipful reviews, (with lots of exclamation points and “Love love loves” lol).

            Instead I found people who are seriously interested in cooking and seem to know whereof they speak, and who almost uniformly agree that Teresa stinks as a cook. 🙂

          • I don’t normally go by reviews either. I find people usually have something to say in a review when they want to complain about it. I look for reviews to look for a real problem, not an opinion. I reviewed a car I wanted to buy and found out there was a problem with a pipe, it was made too small and it caused oil sludge to back up and blow the engine. THAT is a real review when you see it over and over. The people complaining about not enough room or crappy stereo or the cup holders in the wrong place… whatever, that is just complaining and just an opinion.

            However, I have Fast and Fit, and I do really enjoy the book. It is my favorite kind of food, quick to make, taste good and inexpensive. Everyone who has tried my (well Teresa’s) lasagna has said it was the best they ever had. Of course, this is my opinion and worth about as much as those complaining about how much space their is in their car.

          • Estelle try the books or shut up about it — you can’t have a valid opinion about something you haven’t tried. You keep telling us how horrible they are and we tell you no we disagree and you come up with some other excuse. Move on until you try them.

          • There is not a chance in hell I’m spending a goddamned dime to enrich this simple-minded twat.

            And my opinion was about the reviews at Amazon, not the books themselves. So why don’t YOU move it along and go fuck yourself while you’re at it.

          • I’m sick to death of Teresa’s flunkies and your F’ed-up attitudes; is this how you rude pricks treat people in real life? Telling people to shut up, pushing people around, name-calling, in short, BULLYING?

          • @ Estelle, IDK, why don’t you have yourself answer that question, because I know we are all sick of your shit.( Minus 1 person) EFF you thunder! Ain’t nobody got time for that.

          • Once again, Shemp, no one’s talking either to or ABOUT you. You’re the village idiot, and I stopped paying any attention to your insane and utterly nonsensical tributes to Monkey Lady a long time ago.

          • Holy Shit Estelle

            You did not just post that..LMAO!

            You have got to be the rudest, most arrogant, nastiest poster on this site!

            You are the FIRST to come on and call people names, bully, etc.

            All anyone has to do is read your posts on any Jersey thread..It is all right there.

            SMH, you of all people calling people out… LOL!!

          • Oh look, it’s holy performing her assigned task of convincing Shemp that she’s not the gibbering idiot everyone (including holy) thinks she is.

            Why not try acting as her translator instead, since 90% of the time nobody knows what the fuck she’s talking about?

            And have I told you lately that you bore the snot out of me? Or how sick to death I am of you acting like some kind of HALL MONITOR for this site?

          • Estelle, Fuck off. You are the biggest douche to comment. EVER. Yes you stopped “paying attention” long ago when you were Samantha, uh -huh. Thats why you just responded to me again, LOLOLOLOL! Gee, I guess I brought up bad memories when no one picked you for their team, or wanted you at their sleepovers. Sorry. You already know that you are a vile individual, so no need for me to readdress what EVERY SINGLE person on these boards knows!!! Have a good day Sunshine 🙂
            ** Oh and I love how you deflected from answering your own question!!!!

          • @ Holy- Hey Hall Monitor, LMAO! Well, nothing ever changes! It was only good for 2 weeks until IT came back. You see how IT gets most riled up when you ask her to answer questions, or her own, LOL??? FREAK. Causing trouble for way too long. Ignorant M’Effer.

          • See, holy? This is EXACTLY what I’m talking about. I DARE you to take what Shemp just said and turn it into something intelligible to anyone with an IQ over 80.

            You’re doing her no favors, IMO, in your constant attempts to inflate her ego even further; there are times when I can almost ENVISION her head exploding from being so full of herself.

          • @ Holy, This is so comical, that she is acting like she is 13 and trying to get you to stop being my friend on here, LOL. I must have really hit a nerve with just posing a question. Interesting. Talk to ya laters, have to go deflate my ego. 😉

          • Be sure to let us know what comes out (of your head, that is). I’m picturing swarms and swarms of angry bees.

          • Honestly Estelle you never freakin stop!

            Let it go, people see you for what you are. A nasty nasty person.

            I actually feel bad for your family if you have one

          • Thanks for sharing your opinion. I feel so validated now. I can’t even imagine this blog without your brilliant analyses of EVERY SINGLE POST made by EVERY SINGLE PERSON who comments here.

            Insults about my family? Am I supposed to be actually AFFECTED by that? You’re getting as stupid as michers lol.

          • Wow Estelle you have a mouth like a truck driver….wait truck don’t talk like that other ladies….really you sound very unhappy, have a glass of fabulini and relax

      • No had I purchased hair care products from brand Estelle I would have been robbed, my damn hair would have fallen out and I would sue. Your big fat ass is sitting in front a computer drinking that black crap dissing Teresa’s products. Crawl back in your wood pile beaver. Haterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

        • So now, even when you try to be civil to it, look what happens?? I think its funny yet borderline disturbing. Hater does not even begin to describe it Rah.

        • Estelle, I am so disappointed in your language as of late. I have always thought you were an intelligent, educated woman, BUT, really,F!@& was the best you could do. It reduces your I.Q. As well as your charm. Please, I have appreciated tour classy and somewhat pithy remarks in the past, so let’s go back to your old self.

          I would really appreciate it,and would think so much higher of you.

          Thanks in advance,


  • This is all over the web, so this is for you JPG!! HA


    pound ground beef (85% lean)


    cup dry Italian breadcrumbs


    cup milk (preferably 2%)


    cup plus 1 teaspoon freshly grated pecorino cheese


    large egg, beaten


    tablespoons chopped fresh Italian parsley


    garlic cloves, minced


    teaspoon salt


    teaspoon freshly ground black pepper


    and ½ cups Quickie Tomato Sauce


    1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees and lighlty oil a rimmed baking sheet

    2. In a large mixing bowl, combine ground beef, breadcrumbs, milk, grated cheese, egg, parsley, garlic, salt and pepper. Knead everything together with clean hands. Feel for the right texture – it should be soft but not sopping wet, so add a little more milk or breadcrumbs if needed. Form 12 egg sized balls by gently shaping the meat nixture in your hands. Do not crush and mold the meat between your palms.

    3. Place the balls on the baking sheet. Bake until browned, about 30 minutes.

    4. Bring the tomato sauce to a boil in a large saucepan. Add the meatballs and return to the boil. Reduce the heat to medium-low. Simmer, stirring occasionally, until the meatballs are cooked through, about 30 minutes. Serve hot

    • Gosh, we’re back to the great meatball debate?

      I am not going to say which is better baked or shalllow pan fried. I, to the horror of my off the boat Mother in law, bake mine. Mostly for convenience.

      That said, the “Old school Italian way” to make meatballs is either to cook them completely in the sauce or pan fry until brown then finish in the sauce. The ovens they had back then were a hassle to light and took forever to heat, so they would not use the oven for things they could use the “stovetop” for.

  • I wonder if Teresa was ever there since she spent a lot of time on Monday and Tuesday on twitter. I hope for once the fighting was directed towards someone else.

  • Did my own cookoff “Juicy Joe’s Meatballs” versus Mama Manzo’s Miraculous Meatballs” ……LOL, T’s recipe won HANDS DOWN!

      • In Italy they cook the meetballs in the sauce. Italian Americans started frying meetball. There are a lot of italian dishes that were created by Italians in came to the US but are not native in Italy.

        • LOL my husband and I had this argument recently, I had made sauce and he put the meatballs in it to cook and I scooped them all out. I guess it just depends on where you learn or who you learn from. Truthfully meatballs are delish either way.

      • Old no lady….. Yes that is the real way to’make a nice juicy meat ball, I use pork and beef, I put in some pork also in the pot, I cook it for hours in the crock pot, makes them so good, fried meatballs can get hard on the out side

    • They really are great meatballs! I believe what makes them so good is the way you gently form them-remember when Jac was making her fried meatballs and very roughly making her meatballs?
      ” In a large mixing bowl, combine ground beef, breadcrumbs, milk, grated cheese, egg, parsley, garlic, salt and pepper. Knead everything together with clean hands. Feel for the right texture – it should be soft but not sopping wet, so add a little more milk or breadcrumbs if needed. Form 12 egg sized balls by gently shaping the meat nixture in your hands. Do not crush and mold the meat between your palms. “

  • why the “cook-offs” every season…..olive garden caroline will already go into that with attitude like she did when they were camping (so-called); T has her cookbooks; and then Gargoyle Eyes Kathy thinks she’s queen…’re begging for a fight in that situation

    • Ha. I remember in Season 3 when they had the pizza cook off at Juicy’s family’s cabin. And everyone chose Jaq’s Nutella pizza as the best and Tre couldn’t believe it. Started trying to make excuses and convince everyone why her’s was “the best”.

      She looked so pathetic. That shit was hysterical!

      • Yea it was pretty hysterical, Fat Ass Cracker Jac eating that whole damn Nutella Pizza, being her drunk- ass self .. Begging everyone to say hers was the best, and they were afraid not to say it wasn’t cause she would go get one of the guns and put a cap in their asses.

        LOL, KIDDING ..Umm not kidding..LOL, no really I’m kidding

      • I missed that episode somehow but if the nutella pizza was that hazelnut chocolate stuff then of course it won, chocolate always wins hands down. But if it was actual nutella then Jaco did not really make anything but just spread it on something. Tre has actual recipes. If you have not looked at her cookbooks then you really can not say.

        • Oh really? Cause Tre was quick to point out that she used that “recipe” all the time.

          Tre can’t stand when she’s not the center of attention. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

          • Yikes JPG


            I don’t know who is crankier today, you or Estelle? Wait, Estelle is always such a freakin ray of sunshine, what a “B”, sorry but thats what I think she is!

            So maybe it’s you that has lost your sense of humor today. What didn’t you get a Valentine’s Day candy/ candy / flowers?

          • I’m just stating my opinion Ani.

            If you choose to focus on me, that’s your issue.

            I made it clear. Don’t like it? Ignore me. Why is that so difficult for you to comprehend?

          • Holy – I had a lovely V Day celebration last night with my honey.

            Very transparent attempt to change the subject.

          • Geeze it wasn’t a transparent attempt to change the subject. I was just trying to get you to lighten up. I know you can. WTF?

            Good I’m glad you had a nice V day celebration last night..Keep the Love going.. And maybe find your humor again 😉

  • I am all Tre supporter to no end.. especially as when I signed up to twitter she was my first follower.. lol ..
    Anyway I cannot stomach this crap anymore. I could care less if it was scripted or if Gregg is banging Crittofer.. but PLEASE be freakin honest Bravo/people!!
    We clearly are not stoooopid.. if you advertise your program as a “reality show” then be so.
    If you decide you want to be like The Hills or that English show which states at the start.. “the people are real but certain scenes may be edited for your enjoyment”.
    Make a decision and stick with it.
    Stop fucking (soz) around families especially those who need $$$ and will sell themselves out.
    Rant over.

  • Heck we already know Jaq was a player in the argument she already got drunk and tweeted again…. Bravo just doesn’t learn….

  • Who is the one in front of Christopher? is that Vitto?

    He has sure packed the pounds. I wonder how long before Lauren demands he also gets a lap band?

    Meowww……. 😀

    • @ Lexy

      Yea that Christopher, this photo is from last season the Cali trip.

      Yea, Christopher is getting pretty porky, he has been for a couple of years now.

  • “Interesting! Isn’t it funny that they are all on vacation with each other when in reality that would never happen! If you ever question whether the Real Housewives is scripted. The answer is no.”

    And no offense Rox but you know the answer how?

    • When you say scripted, how do you mean scripted? Do you mean you believe they are told what to say and how to react? I myself do not believe that to be the case. I believe that Bravo puts them in situations, give them an earful of bull about each other then waits to see what will happen.

      • They are given a storyline that tells each character what they are to bring and what subjects will the topic each season. That is for most shows. Scenes are not “LIVE” at all, btw. They do many do-over takes.

        I have an acquaintance in a popular show at this very moment and it is the same deal for her. They tell her to go to an event or place to start drama and they also tell her which buttons to press, what to say so it sparks beef. At times she is wearing an earpiece and the producers tell her the info, etc.

        • Ok, so they are given a “role” to play and then the reaction is real? I am just trying to figure out if the reactions to what is happening is real like at the fashion show when everyone except Melissa and Kathy knew something was going to happen, that was to see what their reaction was going to be? Also does that mean that those involved only know their little part? and not the whole picture, so it is a contrived scene but real reaction?

          • You get the idea. I know Erica Mena- from Love & Hip-Hop (*cringes* she is the epitome of ghettoness and puts Latina’s in such a bad light) and one more person from that cast.

            Yes, they know their part. A lot of times these scenes are done over and over but the “explosive drama” like table flipping and fights, no. That is just pure gold and basically what they are aiming at. If it happens then it is captured, if it doesn’t they keep on fueling the fire.

        • Yep. I sound like a broken record but I have a little insider info coming in too. I know for a fact the producers feed them info right before the scenes are filmed, tell them what to talk about at what lunch or art gallery opening or what have you, and each woman on RHAnywhere HAS to throw some sort of party where every cast member is contractually obligated to go unless a previously discussed scheduling conflict had already been approved.

          You can say it’s not scripted, but it’s carefully manipulated. (Think Cedric showing up to SUR opening, that bald dude calling out the Melissa Whorega set-up, etc)

          • Barbie, What ur saying makes since to me. My question is How does Kim on BH get away with not showing to parties,events ect.. half of the time?

          • Kim has substance abuse issues her situation sounds touchy. I am sure BRavo wouldn’t want another tragedy…

            It baffles me how she is put in events that are so alcohol infused. Temptation must kill her or makes her stronger. SMH

          • Great question, here’s a breakdown:

            S1: Oh shit, Kim never comes to anything, we should probably drop her. OMG, that limo fight between sisters was epic! Kyle said on camera that Kim is an alcoholic!! This will be an awesome storyline for next season.

            (Kim considers not coming back, Kyle convinces her)

            (Bravo of course wants Kim back, what’s better TV then tension between sisters where the audience doesn’t know what will and will not be resolved)

            S2: Kim hardly ever shows up, shit. But we can’t drop her because Russell Armstrong just hung himself and we couldn’t come across any more heartless at this point unless we drop Kim. So let’s keep her. And again, great drama btw her and Kyle. And she really brought it on Game Night!

            (Kim decides to go to rehab. Let’s film a special segment of the reunion about Kim’s alcohol abuse)

            S3: Sober Kim. Whether or not she shows up and stays sober= rating gold.

            All of this to say, Bravo makes exceptions. 😉

  • Half of us are complaining on how dark this show has gotten. But I bet you, we will tuning in to watch the train-wreck. LOL 😉

    • Heck yes, I’ll be watching! Wonder if Bravo will give us free Xanax to take before airing begins? I’d hate to break my TV or, hurt my hubby..hehe

      • Lol, they should! This show and now BH are giving me anxiety for sure! It is their fault I’m addicted to this craptastic reality show, so they should give us something for the anxiety haha. I’m sure Jax has enough to share 😉

    • Of course.. Like I said I bet Meatballs kids said something stupid about meatballs/ Teresas cookbook, and probably would stop with their comments/ slams, all that shit. Richie probably joined in and all hell probably broke loose.

      Those people are such freakin idiots.

      Anyway I’m just guessing..

      • I hope that is not what happened! But truthfully Caroline should be embarrassed by her grown children’s behavior. My adult children would never speak that way to someone. I never forget her sitting there smiling at Lauren as Lauren sat there being so rude to Tre on the showdown. She should have been ashamed of the way she behaved, just goes to show the type of people they are.

        • you wouldn’t believe how proud some people are of their adult children, for doing this type of thing, I don’t get it, in my life it’s embarassing but we are not filming it for tv, if I was her I’d want to crawl under a rock……

        • I don’t think Lauren was rude to Teresa at the reunion at all.I agreed with her when she responded to Teresa making fun of Caroline’s ‘fat rolls’.What woman makes fun of another womans weight?Teresa was being a bully as usual.And when Lauren called T out about not writing her own blog,the look on T’s face said it all!If T was telling the truth all she had to do is ‘SPELL NAPALM’!Of course she couldn’t,her and her husband are dumb as rocks.Cute kids though.

          • I agree that it was rude of Tre to call Caroline fat, However, Caroline was rude to Teresa all season long and her daughter’s behavior is consistently unpleasant. Actually unpleasant is a very nice way to describe Lauren’s rude, shrew-like, attitude. The fact is no matter how old you are, you have no business interfering in your mother’s affairs with her peers. Especially when your mom is more than capable of handling herself. As far as that blog crap… If someone younger than you (your friend’s/frenemie’s child no less) asked you to spell something, you mean to tell me that you would have looked her in the eye and spelled the word on her request? Child Please! and that’s exactly what I would have said to Lauren. That girl is rude, crude, and incredibly unhappy with herself and unfortunately her behavior reflects horribly on her mother. I don’t find anyone on the Jersey cast to be incredibly smart, I think they’re all about average intelligence. What makes the Manzo family so unattractive is that they actually believe themselves to be geniuses!

          • if some nut like lauren started screaming at me to spell a word, i couldn’t think that fast either,most ;likely just stood there staring at her lol.teresa is far from being dumb. one of these days teresa will explode all secrets she held in will come out.


    • When doesn’t it?

      The other women know that the show evolves aroiund Teresa and without her nobody else has a story line so of course they are going to try to pick up a fight with her to get camera time.

      Each of them individually are so irrelevant and boring.

    • and caroline turns red as a beet, starts screaming at teresa,like a old hag. teresa stands there laughing at her,throwing caroline’s meatballs at her

  • Blah blah blah, fight fight fight, blah fight fight…..that is the recipe for a Bravo show. Over it – stop insulting us Bravo!

  • The fight starts because of some cooking thing?

    Hmmm let me guess Meatball Faces kids were there and made some kinda of crack about meatballs/ Teresas cookbook, whatever . You know those idiots can’t help their obnoxious selves.

  • The arguments are going to be the same as last season, so what is the point of RHNJ franchise now? Please, give Tre her own show and let’s ALL MOVE ON!

  • The fight probably started when T was looking for the Sherry to put in the recipe and found Jac all hunkered down behind a counter swigging on the bottle.

    • I would love to be there and watch the unedited version of this trip, after editing is set and one probably it will come out as Teresa the villain and Melissa ther saint again. I just can’t ughhhhh

    • The whole cast ganging up on Teresa and Joe again. I can’t watch that again. I am so sick of Melissa and Joe Gorga, the lauritas and manzos. The only reason i watch is for the Giudices. They need to get over their jealousy and leave the Giudices alone, their jealousy and hate have ruined this show.

      • Everyone loves the village idiot, hence i can’t stop watching only because of the Giudices… like the guido homer simpsons. Saying that, I don’t think its jealousy, there’s plenty of pie and the non-giudices just wanted a piece