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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: What Caused Jacqueline Laurita To Lash Out On Teresa Giudice On Twitter?

RHONJ star Jacqueline Laurita promised her twitter followers she would never tweet about her former best friend of over 10 years Teresa Giudice. It clearly was a lie and she took to twitter to bash Teresa last week calling her a moron saying, “U can 4give a person&start over or 4give them but choose2keep that toxic person out of ur life while they look 4 their table flipping moment.”

She continued, “When u argue w/a moron,u become a moron.U have2rise above&remember who &what is really important in life.Some things don’t matter.Let it go.”

So what exactly caused Jacqueline to go on her usual twitter rant? AllAboutTRH has the EXCLUSIVE details!

SPOILERS from Season 5:
An insider close to the situation tells AllAboutTRH the EXCLUSIVE details on what exactly caused Jacqueline to tweet angrily about Teresa! “Jacqueline and Kathy Wakile were out shopping when Teresa then gave Kathy a call to invite her on a vacation with the rest of the gang. Kathy put it on speaker allowing Jacqueline to hear everything Teresa was saying. Teresa pointed out how she wasn’t inviting Jacqueline because Jac did ruin her family and the two don’t talk. That’s when Jac yanked the phone from Kathy’s hands even shocking Kathy!”

The insider continues, “Jacqueline was running around the store screaming on the phone at Teresa while the two spoke about the infamous Posche Fashion Show! Teresa then called Jacqueline a psycho bitch which made Jac furious! Kathy asked for her phone back and was taken back that Jacqueline would even take it from her hands. The phone call didn’t end well and led Jac to go on a twitter rant. What’s even more interesting is that this happened two weeks ago and Jacqueline decided to tweet about it on Friday!”

There you have it! AllAboutTRH gives you the EXCLUSIVE details first! Thoughts on the drama? Are you surprised Jacqueline freaked out and took the phone from Kathy? Do you think Kathy should have had the phone on speaker

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  • The cast are shown the show approx. 4 days before
    it’s aired on Bravo and they don’t know what to expect from editing….so I’m guessing that is why Jac
    tweeted about Tre on Friday.

    • Forgot to add: I really whish that Bravo
      had dropped Jac and the Wakiles this season.

  • I still can’t get past relatives going on a show to hurt family members. Also I would never become good friends with someone who once was a friend and now no longer a friend with my sister in law no matter how much I dislike my sister in law.

  • As many others have said Teresa would so ROCK her own show-a wonderful family show-T, Juicy and his family, T’s parents and that beautiful gaggle of girls!!! The others are boring…..

  • kathy put it on speaker to stir the pot just like she alwasy does and then she plays innocent, it is just her usual…teresa can invite anyone she wants to on a vacation, and it isn’t any of wacko jacko business, and really if she has son at home who needs constant care why is she out galavatning with kathy, and what is she using for money,out shopping when you are chanrge with imbezzeling all that money form the business??????

  • Jac-Ass is pissed off at Teresa cuz Teresa would’nt go into the Blk Water BS So Chris,Jac & the rest of them that were in on selling the Black Pond Water could’nt put up enough money to get it going so the Man Oz’s Laurita ask Teresa to help with it. She said she could’nt cause of her FAMILY and their bills she just could’nt and that’s way Jac-Ass is mad at her. Chris lost alot of money on the Black Pond Water.This is what I’ve read from a comment from Lori-Ann Ferullo (Very interesting} Jac-Ass is very fealous with Teresa she can’t stand it.

  • 2 words for Jac: BAKER ACT! Kathy is an asshat. Why is she even on this program? Because her cousin, TRE, is famous and she wants her own 15 minutes of fame.

  • Right on Debbie, they are required to use speaker phone you could tell. I’m glad Tre called her a P B. I could understand how Jaq went nuts when Tre blamed her. Lets face it there is plenty of blame to go around. Mostly if her brother wasnt down with going on the hate Tre train none of this would matter. It comes down to Joe Gorga being more interested in getting is wife what she wanted. Her 15 min of fame.

    • Joey deserve most of the blame because that is his family and he allowed melissa and the marcos to disrespect his sister and parents. Say what you want about melissa but she would never let joey disrespect her mother or sisters.

  • As staged & fake this show is, the only real in this reality show is Jac’s craziness, she is delusional and out of control crazy, for real.

  • Scripted- Scripted- Scripted

    Producers to Kathy- ” Kathy here’s what we want you to do. Call up Jacq to invite her on a shopping trip . When you phone rings pick it up it will be Teresa.”

    Producers to Teresa- ” Teresa at such ans such a time call up Kathy and invite her on a trip. Make sure to mention you will not be inviting Jacq.”

    Producers to producers- HE HE HE let’s see the shit roll now

    PLEASE the only thing that Kathy and Jacq have in common is that they are both STUPID and I don’t even know how that warrants a shopping trip

    • hahahaha EXactly…yet Bravo is the MOST stupid because they think the viewers have not figured it out!!!

    • I don’t remember where I seen this, twitter? another blog? but someone posted a screen shot of Jac saying Tre called her/Jac acting all crazy and that’s why she twittered the moron comment. So what is it Jac? Teresa called you or Teresa called Kathy? She is such a liar.

  • Jac…Drop the wine..Step away from “Tweeting”…And shut the hell up you crazy looney toon!..She is really coo coo for coco puffs!

    • Lol if they’re not going to change the narrative for the new season, maybe they could have Jac drinking more than just wine.

      Integrate drink recipes into the show. Mimosas, bloody marys , for morning, martinis, cosmos, etc for after 11am, lol

      At least she’d have a story 😉

  • Some of you really need to realize that producers MOTIVATE everything. They initiate who hangs out with who, who calls who, who confronts who, etc.

    The show is still fun when you accept this. But the producers plan just about everything besides the actual words.

  • I have an idea. After each episode, we should all get together and put our own spin on the show. Make it into a comedy or at least lighten it up some. We can write our own scripts!

  • Why would Kathy put Teresa on speaker phone and not tell her that she’s on speaker phone and that Jacqueline was with her? That’s common courtesy.

  • Haha,Oh Jacqueline!
    Kathy you are a snake,and jacqueline is an rat/nut case!!!!!
    It is funny when Jacqueline gets upset.I love it!:)
    Teresa,congrats on taking up for yourself!:)<3

  • For real, im surprised by all the comments about kathy’s using speaker phone. I mean, do these people even watch the show? the phone calls are ALWAYS on speaker, always. The circumstances of the two shopping together, the timing of the invite, everything- it was all CLEARLY orchestrated by production. Poor tre… No amount of truth and innocence can give her a leg up if producers want to illustrate a certain story.

  • You are so right Sydney..when I first started watching this show I thought..okay..lets see how the incredibly wealthy spend their time and make their money and lead their lives with their families and cherished friends…of course Bravo is the puppetress…I have stated in the past…is this how Bravo opinion of women who are financially independent? Is this how they have “us” in mind? I truly hope that Bravo foots the bill for the therapy required to do this “show”.
    Very little time is spent around the jobs/money making worksites that each woman is in.
    I have stated before “why would Bravo create and encourage a dog fight/mob mentality show.

  • This is all for show people – trying to keep our interest up during the off season. None of this stuff is for real, it’s scripted so that there will always be “your team against my team” situations in order to keep viewers coming back for more. So over the fake drama – when will Bravo realize that we aren’t complete fools? I’d love to see RHONJ show more family fun, cooking, travel, fashion etc. instead of these ridiculous “middle school” girl fights.

    • I know Sydney it is so staged and scripted, it’s actually comical. I mean seriously, how many adult women (and men) act this way? No one that I know and I know a lot of people, not all get along but they don’t yell at each other constantly. But this is what Bravo thinks we want to see, well not me.

      I hope they show the sausage making and sauce making this year. The stuff that the families do together that are fun. But that’s not on Bravo’s agenda. 🙁

  • Meh! The entire thing seems contrived. Kathy and Jac shopping …. really? Kathy yearns to be friends with the “quality” people, the Manzos. She kept repeating this to Teresa during their hot tub scene. “You should reconcile with them. They’re really quality people.” LMAO Kathy never seemed interested in Jac so it’s surprising they’re filming together. Maybe it was too cold to film with Melissa on her front porch.

    All of the phone calls on HW are on speaker, standard operating procedure. However, Kathy did start the drama when she asked why Jac wasn’t invited while she, Jac, was listening in on the call. And Teresa escalated it further with her very true remarks about Jacqueline having a hand in the destruction of her family (PFS BS “storyline”).

    Bravo’s just playing us all and I think the HWs are in on it. NOBODY was talking about Jac for the past few months until her twitter meltdown. Stirring it up for attention and the ratings. JMO.

  • As you sit in front of your wine “as usual” you are so obsessed with Teresa, and it’s so apparent that she’s still in your head. Let it be already. Don’t you have enough of your OWN problems??? GROW UP!! GO TO REHAB !! Then MAYBE, you can judge people for yourself instead of allowing that clown Caroline to do your judging for you. You make me sick!

    • I believe it now. Tre’s utter stupidity has a way of getting to anyone around her. I’d flip the f*ck out on that stupid midget Tre, too.

      And besides I’d rather be a psycho bitch, then a stupid bitch like Tre.

      • I would be very upset, too, if my old friend, who I tried to help, BLAMED me for something that was out of my control.

        • How about you realize this a public forum and if you don’t want to see other opinions from different people, then you should probably get off the internet. You can’t handle it.

  • Tre needs to cut ties. Its unfortunate, but these women do not have ANY love for her. They HATE her, and theres nothing she can do to change it. They believe, god knows why, that theyre better than her, and until the world start treating them as such, theyll battle tre to the death. All to be reality tv superstars. Can bravo stop tormenting the poor lady and just give her her own show so she can get on with her life? to give kim z a spinoff instead of t makes no sense at all, none.

  • Even if Kathy was forced to put the phone on speaker by the producers, she stirred the pot by asking if Jac was going or now, because she knows that Jac and Teresa are not on speaking terms or in a good place. As for Teresa inviting Kathy on vacation, it’s obvious that it’s just another producer-forced HW vacation. If it wasn’t, I would have thought that Tre was a moron for even THINKING about communicating with the rest of the cast, little lone try to invite them somewhere.

  • So friggin funny Teresa FINALLY called Jac out for being a psycho bitch lmao! I hope we get to see the footage of Jac grabbing Kathy’s phone out of her hand. I’ll bet Kathy’s eyes just about popped out of her head! Great exclusive Roxanne. I cannot stop laughing:)

    • I mentioned that upthread, LOL! I cannot wait to see Kathy when Jax takes her phone, especially because of the “eyes”.

  • Actually, I have had the same thought about Teresa having her own reality show..after all isn’t she a mom of three/writing a book/going on tour/wife/going to court because of her idiot husband?
    She would rock her own reality show…isn’t that how Bethany got her own show?
    I like all the women..not all the time, but most of the time..

    • I’ve been saying this forever. I think it would run circles around RHONJ. I can guarantee, nobody would watch RHONJ anymore. LOL!


  • Honestly, is this the best story line the show can come up with? The show hasn’t even started yet and I’m already sick of it! Fire everyone but Tre and her girls and let’s start a new show.!

  • I think Bravo would be accurate to start these “leaks” with “once upon a time” rather than “insider says”
    All women have lied and all women have been stabbed in the back by their so called friends…live and learn..this is a paycheque..and again..once I have seen watched this “situation” actually happen..who cares..scripted is scripted…bashing the crap out of a woman is ugly.

  • Wouldn’t it be funny if after Jac’s blowup (or meltdown) on the phone with Tre..you can hear Tre saying, “So, is Kat going or not?”

  • And I cannot wait to see this episode, LOL! I wonder what Kathy’s eyes look like when Jax grabs her phone?????

  • Good for T calling it as she sees it, the girl is a psycho! Who takes someone else’s cell phone? And really, why would Jac even be offended to not be there? I thought they were not friends anymore? I think Teresa moving forward with her relatives is far more important than her. And 2 weeks later, LOL? Its because she saved the rage for drunk tweeting 🙂

  • oops..type o big time…ny sucks..nj is of my fav’s according to “wikepedia” yup rhnj broke records big time..so i am sure the cooks “producers” and the women are quite proud
    Thanks Klown Kardashian

  • Is teresa loosing her mind? Going on vacation with Katfish and calling on her phone while that fake cousin is shopping with her stalker.
    Teresa wil never get it or she is doing what procucers are telling her to do. Make her ass look more stupid for money.
    I love Teresa but I can deal with stupid. ( like Lea from real housewives Miami said).
    I realy do think Jacdrunk is a psycho and needs to stay far from Teresa and her kids. She is sick and she is getting no help from her family. Her husband wants her to film and bring some money. Even if that means she wil use her son for a storyline. I hope Teresa wil do the best thing and keep her distance even if that means no storylines. Bad things can happen from this!!!

    • It is in their contract that they MUST attend events TOGETHER. That’s because they know it will stir up lots of garbage. Sadly they get off on people’s misery.

  • WOWOW doesn’t Bravo get it yet…99% of us KNOW this is all staged. Maybe Jac decided to tweet on Friday because a Producer called/text her and told she forgot to rant about it when it took place..*LOL*

  • Love the “insider” routine..even if this is the good old rumour mill…what a way to hook us…this is completely plausable…because both Jac and Teresa lied to the “world”…both are using both faces….woo hoo..this is why RHNY actually broke bravo records last season..all the women are spitfires..wow…again if this is what to expect from season five…Teresa lied and Jac lied…shocker..again..this is only “insider”
    said routine…who cares, it is still exciting and we haven’t even watched one second..

  • In my opinion Cracker Jac was a huge factor in Teresa’s family being broken apart, with her bullshit she has, and continues to spew.

    • Me too Holy, she was a huge instigator, pot stirrer, two facer! I dont know what I would do if I ever had friends like that that started clinging to my family members! So bizarre, I cannot get past that…

        • They were friends for over a decade JPG. They were like “family” and they all loved each other.. even Big Red loved her at one time. Her and Dina were the closest before Chris ever knew Jaxanax. So I think this situation is a little bit different.

          • I don’t. Your friends are your friends. I would much rather hang out with people who were nice to me and treated me well (Mel, Kat) then with someone who turned on me cause I wouldn’t join them in the hatred of their family (Tre)

          • UGH.. JPG.. its not real, its fake for tv, and only out of spite toward Teresa. Are you telling me, that if you had “issues” with family, they came on the show you were on for 2 years with close friends for 15 years, and did this to you, you would be ok with all of them hanging together now and you were ostracized??? So if they all stood together, and left you in the dust and continued to make more petty issues, on tv, you would be happy for them they were all together? Instead of fixing family problems, and letting you try to heal your friendships you had for nearly 20 years?…

          • If I had treated my friends and family the way Tre did, then I wouldn’t be surprised when they all “ostracized” me.

    • I think Jacqueline is responsible for Dina & Caroline not speaking also, and for Dina leaving the show. She whispered all that anti-Dina talk to Danielle and got her crazy ass all wound up. I liked in the reunion when Caroline said she’s a little scared of Jacqueline LOL. Jacqueline is a miserable person.

      • I totally agree with all above, starting with Holy Canoli :)) Jac is a crazy ass alcoholic. She’s a terrible parent. She turned Ashley into what she became, and then threw her out of the house for it. Instead of fixing her daughter’s problem, she washed her hands of her. What MOM does that??? She played so innocent in the beginning seasons, but ya know , what don’t come out in the wash, comes out in the rinse. She eventually showed her true colors. SKANK!

        • She never really did anything to help her relationship with her daughter. She ALLOWED her in-laws to dictate every move that should be made.

      • Im sure Jax has a lot to do with their own family probs. Its amazing that she has so much time invested in Teresa’s.

    • @HCannoli…

      I disagree. I believe Jac is as responsible for Tre’s family problems as Tre is for Caro/Dina’s problems, which is zero responsibility.

      I agree Jac is a shit stirrer,but GorgaMel and Kat chose to go against their family.
      Jac, should not have befriended them, but I don’t think she is responsible.

        • @HCannoli

          I can’t believe I didn’t convince you 😉

          As always I look forward to reading your take on things.

          • It’s so nice to read comments between two mature adults who agree to disagree, can laugh about it and not resort to name calling. This is how it should be!

      • Things might have turned out different if Jac and Caroline didn’t interject themselves into the family rift with the guise of trying to help repair the issues .. WHEN IN REALITY THIS IS PAYBACK FOR DINA .. Jac is responsible for accusing Teresa of the setup And making like she had first hand knowledge that it was absolutely true .. Does anyone believe that Jacko would like to see Teresa get along with her family ?

        I don’t .

        • You’re probably right about Jac not wanting things to improve for Tre’s family.

          I just think that while Jac and Caro interjected where they shouldn’t have, Kathy and GorgaMel should have stood with family

          Ultimately family shouldn’t let outsiders rip the family apart. K and GorgaMel let it happen.

  • Really Tre? Jaq ruined your family? Right.

    You ruined your family. You thwarted every attempt made to fix your family. Nice to see you still blame everything on everyone else.

    • …And then bitched at Jacqueline about her family 24/7 and refused to take one ounce of advice. But it’s all Jacqueline’s fault!

        • What? Jacqueline tried to tell Teresa to make up with them but all she did was bash them to Jacqueline. (In the meantime she was lying about magazines, not asking how her friend was doing EVER, and being self-absorbed.)

          • All THAT according to Cracker Jac, ok fine beleive that, your choice.
            I choose not to beleive a word out of that Whacks mouth. Sorry I just don’t.

          • Tre said herself at the end of Season 3 to Jacq “I feel I haven’t been a very good friend to you”.

            So I don’t see how Gimme’s take is that far off.

          • I didn’t say it wasn’t, it’s her choice to beleive Cracker Jac, I don’t. Ok?

            And yes, Teresa did say that to Cracker Jac at the end of season 3, because of all the stuff she was going through with her family/ bk /all of that. She felt she wasn’t a good friend to Jac and apologized, and they hugged.

          • @HCannoli

            Wasn’t there a “sit down” between GorgaMel and Tre, at Jac’s house encouraged by Jac?

            I think there was a time she tried to help Tre, granted that was a long time ago.

          • That’s fine, Holy. I respect your opinion as you do mine. I just truly cannot see how Jacqueline “destroyed” Teresa’s family.

          • @rhfan, that sit down , if you noticed, was for TV, LOL. Do you think that would have transpired if no tv was involved? Nope! Because T’s family would not have taken up these immature issues because no show= no drama, no famewhoring!

          • @JPG: T said she felt bad because she was not overly invested in Jax’s personal family business, especially with Ashlee. Unlike Jac, T minded her own business and did not butt in, she felt uncomfortable to do that, but felt bad she did not.

          • @michers

            I think all they do is for tv and publicity.

            Tre’s latest ever changing “baby news” is proving that she is just the same as the others when it comes to chasing the publicity.

          • @JPG

            Yes in my opinion it does make sense. Cracker Jac played a huge part season 4 in messing up Teresas relationship with her brother and sisster in law. I saw what she did, and still does.

          • Thanks @ Gimme

            It’s all good.

            We can all disagree, without it getting nasty.

            I don’t think Cracker Jac destroyed Teresas family but she did play a huge part in everything that went down, and she is still in my opinion at it.

  • there have been sources that say that producers tell the housewives when to call to invite them to events and that they have to be on speakerphone… i dont think most people always put their phone on speaker like they do on reality tv! so it is staged that t called kathy at the exact time producers knew kathy was with jac

    • It is done so we (the audience) can hear a 2 way conversation. Other than that we would only hear one person talking. Which leads to believe that this blow-off is on film.

  • Uh-oh, she must have forgotten to take her meds that morning. I surprised that Chris lets her out of the house.

  • I don’t think Kathy did this on purpose. In EVERY single HW show they ALL accept calls on speaker phone. Jac is crazy! lol If she would have snatched my phone I would’ve snatched it back and told her to chill out. Why would Tre invite Jac on a trip after how the reunion played out?? Good for Tre!

    • Yes its true they are always on speaker but a heads up that someone else is there listening ( Arch enemy Jacko ) would be the right thing to do .. Then whatever happens is not Katfish” s fault

  • Oh wow…

    Again, the source says, we don’t know what was said. It sounds like Jac flipped out. I will wait for the show to see what Kathy actually said before I decide what I think about her.

  • Everyone posting is right. I by no means am a fan of Kathy, but the producers told her to put it on speaker. Tre should have known better (unless she did, but didn’t care).

    Good for Teresa. I hope she told Jac off good.

  • OMG! Jac is really becoming unhinged. She can’t control her hatred. Her lawsuits, etc. are making her crack even more than usual.

    Why would she think she can call Teresa “scum”, and hope her husband goes to jail, and still be expected to be included? Bravo should not have renewed Jac’s contract. She needs to focus on her personal life.

    • The jail remark proves jacs character. How can one wish that on a father? how can jac cease to care about children she once considered family? how can someone want tre to feel genuine DESPAIR? their falling out originally was not particularly nasty… I just dont get how jac took it this far. Again, how the fuck can she want that for four small children? WHY?? it makes no sense to hate tre so much that you dont care if her kids are profoundly traumatized, but you get closer to her brother. Sleazy bitch.

    • I agree DJ they hd the perfect out of the contract because she didn;t show for the reunion .. Why bring her back ? She is so unstable .. Does she have ANY fans at all ?

  • I think Kathy had to put the call on speaker, this happens all the time on these shows so I don’t think she did anything wrong.

    Now if she asked Teresa if Cracker Jac was invited on this trip, knowing damn well that Teresa would not invite her, and Kathy did that to get a reaction from Teresa. Then I have a problem with Kathy.

    Cracker Jac flipping out and grabbing the phone, and yelling through the store..Yea BIG SUPRISE THERE! Freakin ASSHAT!

    • I’m sure Kathy was well aware she would be getting an invite from Teresa on “this day around this time” and she coincidentally was filming shopping with Jacqueline? It sounds a little more contrived than just two “friends” shopping and only one getting invited on vacation.

      And ITA that if she asked about Jac coming than that’s messed up. It would show that her loyalty is with Jac over her cousin.

      • The hell with the phone call, I want to know what they were shopping for.

        They both gained so much weight, maybe new cloths? But, definately some vino for Booze Bag.

        • @ Shipp

          LOL. OMG they are freakin HUGE, but I have always thought they were.

          Scary that those 2 would be out buying clothes, neither one of them ever look good..They need a stylist STAT, and add Meatball Manzo!

    • @ Holy Cannoli, I think you have it right, I think that kathy was the one who asked if Jac was invited. She’s a bitch for doing that because (1) Jac was right there listening to the conversation and 2) Jac and Teresa aren’t friends, and she knows it.

      But I’m sure Kathy will act all innocent about it, and come of looking like a peace maker, she did the same thing with Teresa in the hot tub and caused and argument with Teresa and Caroline.

      • @ roxie

        I’m thinking that is what happened, but I don’t know, I’m just guessing.

        And yes, Kathy did start the crap, in the hot tub that lead to Caroline going after Teresa. But at the same time, Caroline was ease dropping on their( Kathy and Teresas) conversation, and that was all kinds of wrong!

  • I hate Kathy, why would she put it on speaker phone? She’s trying to make herself relevant again. Not working honey!

  • You would think that since jax found out her son is autistic she would devote all her time and energy to him because being a parent of a child with autism can be emotionally and physically draining at the end of a day and yes I can say this for sure my 24yr old son is autistic but then again I live in the real world apparently jax dosent

  • This is like when my son was younger and thought WWF/WWE was real. This is all so fake and staged. At this point in time, why would Teresa even have to say why she is not inviting Jacqueline? Who would really expect Teresa to invite her anywhere?

  • Did anyone watch Andy Cohen last night on wwh ? He was talking about Chris brown at the Grammys he said that when Frank ocean won his award everyone stood and clap for him but Brown remain seated. Okay, everyone knows frank & Chris brown had got into a fight but Andy thinks Chris brown hates the Gays so hes blaming chris for the fight but frank really started the fight. So Andy basically diss brown for no reason because he thinks brown is homophobia.

    Now I truly believe Andy still hates Joe G. Teresa husband. Smh Andy needs to grow up !

    • I watched the Grammy’s too. Chris Brown didn’t stand for alot of people. Now I can’t remember, maybe Carrie Underwood, was sitting next to him and won and he didn’t stand for her.

      I am not defending AC, but FrankOcean aside, ChrisBrown is a disrespectful ASS. He was shown multiple times throughout the Grammy’s just sitting there, looking pissed off not applauding or standing when winners were announced. In this case, ChrisBrown deserved to be “dissed” because he “dissed”many of the winners by just sitting there and not acknowledging their wins.

      • @klown & @rhfan

        please chris wasnt the only one who stood seated at the grammys when frank won…Be serious It doesn’t matter if he stand or not at least he clapped. Damn….What I’m trying to say is what was the point of Andy Cohen dissing Chris brown on his show. I could care less who started because from what I heard Frank ocean started the beef over a parking spot and I don’t care what tmz said because we all know Harvey hates Chris.

        @klown what video your talking about because theres none besides tmz interview the cops. I’m done !

        @reddvette My point

        • As I said, I wasn’t defending AC and I wasn’t referring to the Ocean incident. He was disrespectful to most everyone, it was obvious as he was in the front row.

    • That’s Andy for you! He made up his own reason. These young men don’t like each other it has nothing to do with being gay. Andy likes making everything about being gay or not being gay. Someone not liking you does not have to be about your sexual prefence. Andy is a pig.

      • I didn’t know Ocean was gay .. But i didn’t know much about him besides the fact that he told Chris Brown not to park in HIS spot and they got into a fight .. I never watch Andy’s show anymore .. His treatment of Teresa turned me completely off.. Never has he treated another Housewife the way he treats Teresa( his BIGGEST moneymaker) constantly

    • Yep that’s Nene’s boo for u. As crazy as Jill Zarin is, and as inarticulate her conversation was, I totally got what she was saying to him. He does pick sides, he does pit the women against each other, he does try to make certain ones look stupid and others look superior, and he is messy as hell when they come on the show. For example: Teresa. Why did he ask her the viewer question of why didn’t she invite Melissa and joe to her Fabelinne (however its spelled) event. Duh, the event took place after the Posh Fashion Show, bravo edited like that. So why ask teresa that question? He knew she couldn’t answer it truthfully (its how bravo edited); he also knew it would make her look stupid and like a liar when she answered.

    • No you’re actually wrong and Chris Brown is a certified homophobic. He’s displayed the rage more than once against the community. Frank Ocean didn’t start the fight. There is a tape proving this.

      • Now please don’t attack me because I have not problem with gays, however, does not Chris Brown, as repulsive as he is, have the right to dislike anyone he wants? I mean isn’t that part of his right? I may not agree with him but I will defend his right to not like something. Andy needs to stfu because he is not a good poster child since he rubs so many viewers the wrong way.

    • He is very sensitive. Did you see Andy almost bite whats his names head off from shahs of sunset the other night? Too bad andy doesn’t know that chris and frank are fighting over a parking spot and it has nothing to do with him being bi.

      • Exactly frank & Chris beef is over a parking spot.

        But Andy true colors are showing and i think the viewers are sick of his little boy antics. Bravo network needs to fire this man he’s messy and all about himself.

  • Kathy is so irrelevant this woman will do anything just to get camera time by hurting her own blood. Someone needs to sit Jac crazy ass down I swear this woman wants to be in Teresa life so bad. I can’t wait till season 5 I’m so anxious.

  • How many dinners has Jac hosted/been out to and Tre not been invited to? It’s called karma Jacqueline, and you’re getting yours.

  • I figured it was something with filming that set her off.

    I think the phones have to be on speaker, but Kathy could have said that she was out shopping with Jaq. What amuses me is that Jaq can say all sorts of vile crap, but goes ape shit when she gets an ounce of it back. She is mentally unstable. Shame in her family for capitalizing on it.

  • Clearly Kathy & Teresa were in a good place. So, it makes me wonder why Kathy would even put the phone on speaker when she KNEW that Jac & Teresa have not resolved their issues and NOT friends. Either Kathy is trouble maker or the show is taping….I will go with both!

    Oh, by the way…NEVER like Kathy and that creeper husband of hers!!!

    • I am thinking the majority of the time they have to put their phone on speaker when they are filming with other cast members.

        • Bravo knew exactly what would happen when Kathy put Teresa
          on speaker. Jaco really has come unglued; I’m sure Teresa has moved on but, Jaco get seem to let go. Can you imagine Jaco giving a deposition? Her answers will be unintelligible, she should be concentrating on keeps herself and hubby out of jail.

          • Now that would be to much like right. Instead of even giving Teresa a thought Jacq should be getting ready to answer questions about the 55 million dollars she, Chris,his 2 brothers and spouses embelezzed.
            Again this is Jacq sweating a nonfactor.

      • Ya they do, but you ALWAYS see the housewife tell the person they are talking to that they are with someone. The only time i’ve seen someone not warn the other person was JILL AND LUANN againts a crying and pregnant Bethanny

        • It’s NOT what we all want!!!! It’s EXACTLY what/who Katfish is!!!! I personally want her to stop and try to be a good person! Not a back stabbing, s*** stirring cousin to TRE!!!

    • Producers wanted to create drama and Kathy who can be back stabbing wanted to create her own storyline. What will she do if she is not attacking Teresa? Kathy and her snagged toothed husband are boring. IMO

    • Kathy, Whac-o-Jac & Melho gotta go. Filming my ass! Would she stab that Mr Magoo glasses wearing husband in the back because they’re filming? Kathy needs to keep tryin to sell canolli shells on qvc. Whack-o-Jac should focus more time on saving the children of the world & Melho should just put on some more eyeshadow

  • I knew Psycho-Jax couldn’t keep her promise to stop hate tweeting about Teresa. She didn’t last very long. Time to up her meds or get some new ones. Lay off the booze too!

    • Of. Course she can’t lay off the booze or stop tweeting about teresa. She stop tweeting about teresa there goes her relevance on twitter (aint nobody checking for those BS autism youtube videos) and the show. If she lay off the booze she’ll have to face the fact that Danielle was right when she said that Jacqueline would let Caroline make her into another version if herself- friendless, and last standing friend teresa us gone. Plus if she gets off of booze and twitter she’ll have to parent, and you know she ain’t doing that. Lol. Nope she’ll just continue her alcohol fueled girl crush on teresa.

  • What is this lunatic expecting? that after all the poison she spew during the reunion that Teresa is going to invite her anywhere?
    She should excuse herself when Kathy is talking with Teresa to honor her promise that she would never speak about her again.

    I am going to love watching that scene and watching her act like a mental patient, if that doesn’t open Kathy’s eyes about jac, i don’t know what will.

      • The only reason why Jac could had expected an invitation is because it would give her the opportunity to say NO to Teresa and feel superior because of it.
        Now Teresa has taken that power away from her and I give her kudos for that. Jac is as childish as an spoiled, bratty child.

        • Lexy, I think you’re wrong there. I think this crazy bitch really and truly wanted an invitation. Call me crazy, but Jacqueline is having a bitch of time “walking from her friendship with Teresa.” She acts out abs throws tantrums like a jilted ex lover. I swear, I think that she has girl crush on teresa. No joke. It’s like she can’t take her own advice and let her go. Teresa has said, with the rest of America, that she feels Jacqueline ruined her family, what’s new there? Why get mad about something you’ve heard many times? She’s upset that teresa is fine with being done with her. JMO

          • I LMAO, if that is true then she really has lost her mind, how in the world would Jac expect that teresa would invite her to anything after the awful things she said about her at the reunion. Jac is lucky that they are filming a show together, under normal circunstances Jac’s behavior would have warranted a restraining order, let alone trips together.
            I do agree about the jilted lover vibe, it is very creepy. Jac swore that after the reunion she was done with Teresa but that obviously is not truth.

          • Lexy the bitch is crazy. You remember last season when teresa said, fine lets just end the friendship and go back home and let it be like it was before we left. That bitch almost had a mental breakdown. And I believe that she was serious too. Then she gets in the RV and tell Chris and Caroline that she’s going to continue her friendship with Teresa. Fast forward to reunion time she forgets curling Teresa’s hair in the bathroom and the conversations on the RV. CRAY CRAY Jacqueline says, she heard teresa talking smack about her….. The bitch is bunkers.

          • I’ve felt this way too. Jac said she didn’t want Teresa’s friendship and then when she got what she said she wanted, she flipped out. She has been begging for Teresa’s attention. I think she’s going nuts because she isn’t getting it. I hope Teresa stands strong. And Kathy is a hypocrital, flip flopping, disloyal, 15 minute attention whoring POS.

    • Kathy knows what type of people, person, Jacq is because she is the same type of person, jealous, petty, insecure, shit stirrer who pretends not to understand why someone would be upset with them. Kathy is Jacq only she let’s. SleazieRichie do the talking.

    • I guarantee that this scene will be edited to make Teresa look bad. We are not going to see Jac flip out and go crazy nor will we hear Teresa call her out for her horrendous behavior. I will bet my entire paycheck that Bravo will edit this scene so that we see Kathy taking the call, hear Teresa SAY she is not inviting Jac right in front of her and then minutes later Jac will be crying. The viewers will be lead to believe that poor Jac is so sad over mean Teresa not letting her go to Lake George with the cool kids.
      And I’ll bet ANYTHING that the reason Kathy and Jac were shopping together was to stage a fake conversation where Jac says something about wanting to reconcile the friendship and then Kathy – the peacemaker (yeah right) – encourages her. Then BAM! Phone call from evil Teresa.

      GUARANTEE that is how this scene is going to go down. Because Bravo is still trying to force feed us the “Teresa is evil” bull shit.

  • Ugh. Kathy is Melissa with saggy, leathery skin. She loves to start drama and then feigns shock and innocence. And since when do Jacquelineand Kathy shop together? More producer staged drama I’m assuming.

    • Lmao why dont she STOP TANNING and to a dermatologist? Her skin is worse than Ritchie’s teeth. Eww. I asked the same question. What you think the two sweet housewives or talking about? Or shall I say, who?

  • Good for Teresa, but what gets me why would katfish put the phone on speaker so Wack can hear. Katfish is a shit_starter.

    • Probably because it was being filmed. This is all set up for the show. I have heard from multiple sources that Real Housewives is all set up and staged. Perhaps the actual words out of their mouths isn’t scripted, but the “storyline” and reactions are all prepped.

      You can’t watch it and think it’s real. Watch it like any other scripted show – then you’ll have peace of mind.

      • Yep I have been saying this as well. Why wouldn’t she be on speaker? I mean they probably told Teresa to call because Jax and her were being filmed. They all have to put the convo on speaker it only makes sense. Plus they do this on EVERY housewife show and other reality shows for that matter. If there is no speaker phone there is no drama, and the film crew can’t record what is being said.

      • Yes i think producers have a lot to do with how the stories play out but not everything is scripted .. I don;t believe Teresa would have anything to do with hurting her brother or his family on tv ..

        • I agree with that, just think all the calls are supposed to be on speaker and are planned along with the trips and all. I don’t think Teresa would want to fight with family either which makes this just sad. Didn’t she say that was why she was upset they joined, because she knew how the show worked and knew they would fight? Oh her brother is an idiot…

    • Caroline and Jacqueline claimed at the reunion that they have nothing to do with Melissa and Kathy because they don’t want to be in the middle of the family drama. My question is how did they start tweeting each others kids, going to parties, going shopping, having game night at each other houses, having matching blogs about teresa, and the whole shebang if they aren’t friendly and talk to each other about teresa???? I’m willing to bet $100 that they just so happened to be talking about teresa when she called. When Kathy heard the conversation turning why didn’t she say hey tre Jacqueline is here or hold up jacq let me go outside? That’s what a mature 50 y.o. Wife and mother if two would’ve done. And when they teresa invited Kathy on a trip with the gang, I sure hope she’s having a trip with her own gang. Don’t want too Melissa and joe Famewhorgas. Ritchie’s yellow teeth Caroline and uncle Fester with Pugley and Wednesday Adams. Non of them really.

        • Yeap, but as soon as the cameras moved on to another story line, so did their help. Lauren even put a sign to stop dropping items at her saloon, it was all for the cameras.
          I despise people who uses this natural disasters to look like good samaritans when all they want is camera time and recognition.

          • The worst part of all that, they were had people drop off whatever they wanted then drove it down to the red cross. It costs more for the red cross to handle and move that type of stuff then it would to give the victims cash to buy the items they need.

            All that fronting for the cameras cost the Red CROSS More money!!!

          • I remember when the tacky tactless bunch threw hints about teresa not being “so public with her help of others!” during Hurricane Sandy. Again why does Jacqueline care about what Teresa’s doing? One thing about that bunch, you can always count on them to be classless and selfish.

          • That’s not why she said to stop dropping stuff off. She did that because they were getting soo many donations and they were unable to handle them all so she instead asked people to take them to shelters, homes, etc.

          • And don’t forget that they took the items they collected in their BLK vans around town just to throw in some extra publicity for their “good deeds”!

          • Gimmie Pizza.. No the Red Cross asked them to stop. They were bringing truck loads of items that just created more work for the red cross. It actually cost he red cross more money to deal with those donations then it would have cost them to buy all that stuff new.

            here is the story about it.


            After they were ALL asked to stop Melissa and her dumb sisters went to target, USED the gift cards that were bought with money they raised selling T-SHIRTS and bought cart loads of crap to “DONATE”. They were supposed todonate the full ift cards! They took tons of pictures of themself shopping and posted them all over twitter…

            I Wonder where all that stuff went? Red cross wasnt accepting it and they used dontaed funds that could have made a big difference to families in need.

    • Again producer’s hands stirring the pot. I am sure they asked Teresa to make to call to kathy at the exact moment when Kathy was with Jac. I wonder if Kathy directly asked Teresa is she was inviting Jac or if Teresa just went ahead and volunteer the information.

      Something tells me that Kathy asked directly about Jac and it went downhill from there.

      • It is producer crap strring the pot. Kathy could have walked off but that’s not how she does things. Kathy is a shit starter in her own right. They all knew Jacq would clown, when she heard Teresa say she wasn’t inviting her. You can also trust that Kathy didn’t mention she was with Jacq and she was listening.

        • Exactly. And what’s more interesting is approximately two weeks ago when it was reported that joe blew up at teresa for coming to see him in the hospital. One report said that Kathy ugly ass was there and walked in and refused to even speak to teresa? So why are they going on vacation together? That bitch Kathy knew what her thirsty ass was doing. There is no way some bitch can talk to my cousin about her marriage and kids like how Jacqueline did teresa and not get checked for it. Even if I were trying to stay neutral. Kathy try that with the Manzo/Laurita’s. what fo you think will happen? It was and is a set up like the whole season is going to be.

          • Kathy is guilty of fueling the fire and has now been caught red handed! No more hiding behind playing innocent…it’s all an act…she has shown ber true colors!

          • Kathy is guilty of fueling the fire and has now been caught red handed! No more hiding behind playing innocent…it’s all an act…she has shown ber true colors!

          • If Jac is done with Tre why would she care if Tre invited her on her vacation – I thought Jac was going to stay away. Jac is the one who told Mel and Joe Teresa was behind Strippergate (even though she and the Bravo producers knew darn well and admitted afterwards it was Kim D.) but Jac made sure there was a blow up between Tre and Joey G and egged it on. This was right after the California trip when the family was trying to get along, so Tre is 100% factual when she said Jac on purpose helped set up the family feud at the Poshi event. Jac doesn’t like her psycho actions being called out and Kathy is low class for putting a private call on speaker- obviously Bravo manipulated the scene.

          • Exactly! she took sides and forgot that the manzos had tre’s side before and caroline kicked her (kathy) out of various parties and now she is buddy buddy with them. I knew from that moment on that they came to ruin Tre. My cousins and I don’t get along but one time at a party someone was talking about me and my cousin stuck up for me and put an end to it. THATS WHAT FAMILY DOES!!!!!!!!

          • I think they are set up so the call is on camera (obviously lol) and also set up so the two cast members with a lot of tension are hearing the conversation when the other calls. I am sure they are probably told to put it on speaker, so in this instance I won’t blame Kathy because IMO these things are arranged to cause the most drama possible.

        • Right Redvette .. Kathy is a troublemaker.. I don’t know why Teresa still is trying with her ? We all know it going to come back and kick her in the ass

      • Kathy is an instagater, but why would Jacqueline even care what they talk about? Kathy is TERESAs family, not hers. Wacko is wack.

        • Why would Kathy put it on speaker phone so Jac-ass could hear it? It’s it just polite to tell someone you are putting them on speaker phone if someone else is around to hear?

          Hmmmmm…..I smell a rat.

          • I can’t stand Kathy Wakile. She is so passive agressive. I can’t believe bravo fired Jill Zarin and not Car/Jax/Kathy/Mel. Jill was a bitch but she wasn’t EVIL. Those chicks are satans sisters…

            And why does Jax tweet all these silly child like things? She knows that WE know she’s 40+ right???

          • Kathy is a snake. This reminds me of when Luann and Jill put Bethanny on speaker phone.

            Remember when Jac and Chris planned their RV trip and complained they had already invited Teresa and wished she would not come… Guess Jaquline cant handle being treated the way she treats other people. Shes such a freak

          • Well I am sure they all have to put these calls on speaker to fuel the drama. Every call on all the shows are over speaker so the camera can catch what is being said. Oh the obligatory season trip and phone calls to be made when they all know damn well they are forced to go for the show. It is just getting so easy to predict how these shows go, it is sad.

          • Shipp,

            I know, right! I am so over Kathy and her husband! I wonder why Kathy and her husband are even on the show! It can’t be good for their businesses if people are against them! They are quite Boring and So Rude!!!

        • Maybe Bravo decieded to shut her off the Xanax. After all, it WAS her that posted the Bravo crew were feeding them to her! She’s nothing but a Drunk, Drug Addict lying thief! I had asked her on twitter I she stole from the Susan G Komen Breast Ca society and she said NO, it was all lies!! I cannot wait for her and her family to meet KARMA! And I title off topic but I really do NOT believe her kid has autism, I and many other think he has Acohol Fetal Syndrome.

          • Ooo damn. I thought I was mean. But you call like you see it, also it was revealed that he hadn’t technically been diagnosed completely as Autistic. Yeah, I’m not sure what that means either, but I’m curious to see how when teresa said some of the stuff about her bankruptcy was lies they all (Caroline, Jacqueline, MELISSA, Joe, ritchie and Kathy) that it was a matter of public record, so it had to be true. But for her case, it’s all lies. They stole from that foundation, and countless others, and investors as well. Just like her ex set that house on fire. The botoxed bitch is triffling.

          • Sorry Jac but the lawsuit against you and your hubby that was filed by the Susan G. Komen Foundation- yeah those court documents from New York are online, many of us read them ourselves, so sorry you lose Jac. Let’s see–believe pill- popping, being sued for bankruptcy fraud, drinking Jac or a charity …hmmmm.

          • Children with fetal alcohol syndrome have certain facial characteristics of which Nicholas has none. Those children also tend to act out aggressively and have problems controlling their anger which again does not describe Nicholas. I do question the Autism diagnosis but I do not think he has fetal alcohol syndrome. Granted, if he is Autistic, I do think Jacqueline is doing a poor job of handling it.


          • Children with fetal alcohol syndrome have a very flat profile and tend to have a cleft palette. I’ll be very surprised if Nicholas is diagnosed as autistic. While autism can create a multitude of behaviors, they usually don’t like to be touched or held. Jac has that baby in her arms constantly. I don’t doubt there’s a problem with his development, but it will probably turn out to be something other than autism. I feel sorry for the whole family, but Nicholas was always one my favorites among the kids. Bless his heart, I hope he gets all the help he needs.

      • Kathy did this on purpose also I bet anything this was caught on tape. And the reason why Jax flipped is because she knows that Teresa is telling the truth.

        • Exactly !!!!!!!! Teresa was TELLING the TRUTH and she couldn’t stand it what so ever..Jac is a Low Life just like the rest of her Family….. SAD!

      • Yes, “Lexy” That’s exactly how it happen ,I so agree wit ya, I can’t stand that Lying,Fake ass good for nothing thief taking someone’s phone right out of their hands but again I did say that Jac-ass is a “THIEF” as well as her whole Family is too. I so wish Jac would Do that to me cuz if she did Jac-ass won’t have no hands to grab anything for that matter. Tell that Drunk Jac to watch how much she drinks she’s making more of a ass out of herself out in public, she should be a SHAMED of herself.

    • Jac lashes out at Teresa 24/7 this is NOT a one time event. I hate when Jac tries to spin it in order to gain sympathy.

    • I have zero love for Jac but the real villain here is Kathy. She did the very thing that made me dislike Jill Zarin. She put a private conversation on speakerphone for a known enemy to hear. Then she acts shocked when a fight erupts. I really cannot stand Kathy. I wish she, more than anyone else, was booted from the show.

        • Kathy is trying so hard to be relevant! Did she not see the minute Jaxanax has a problem with a relationship she starts spewing any secrets she knows?! Why does Jax think for a second Tre would invite her to do anything? Remember, Jaxanax saying she was done with the friendship? How about J’s behavior at the reunion? Also, if your son is so sick, shouldn’t Jax be home with him? Ya know, doing all of her AMAZING (lol) research on autism and beauty products?! This chick is NUTS!!!! Did she really think she could treat TRE that way and then still get invited places??? SMH! Have ANOTHER drink, pop ANOTHER pill, Jaxanax!!!

        • Thats ridiculous! How is Tre the worst when Katfish and Jaxanax did this??? Tre has the right to invite (or not) anybody she chooses!