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VIDEO: Are Kyle Richards And Lisa Vanderpump Still Friends?

RHOBH star stopped by Watch What Happens Live last night and was asked if she’s still friends with her former BFF Lisa Vanderpump. So what was Kyle’s answer? Kyle responded, “We’re okay. You know, she get’s very sensitive. She thought I should have defended her that night and I thought she was defending herself just fine. Um. But. We’re good.” Andy then tells Kyle she’s accused of having Faye speak for her and see what Kyle responds below!

Kyle makes it clear that she has never needed a mouthpiece and it was upsetting to see Lisa say Faye is Kyle’s mouthpiece. Do you think Faye is Kyle’s mouthpiece? Do you think Lisa and Kyle will ever really move on?

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  • Lisa, Kim and Kyle were all actresses, but apparently don’t get the entire script to read.
    Kyle becomes boring because the REAL Kyle comes out and she’s stuck as to what to say next; thus, she brings in Faye for her mouth piece.

    The picture of half naked Kyle posted by Maur was horrible for college aged kids to have to look at.
    STUPID STUPID. Can you imagine Kyle’s daughter in college and the boys passing that pic around?

    Well, I guess this show is now off my list. I’m too old anyway.

  • Kyle doesnt need to defend anyone. How about all you dumbass ladies keep your mouths shut and enjoy the moment instead of bringing up something that legally isnt allowed to be brought up?! Why cant these women just enjoy themselves and enjoy their moment?! Adrienne doesnt need to be defended because her actions speak louder than words. Instead of her sitting down with brandi she had her lawyer send a letter. No one needs to be defended. THE END!

  • I miss Kyle and Lisa as bffs They had so much fun together., I love when we get a little glimpse or how it used to be .. Like when lisa was spinning Kyle on the pole .. Lol .. That was my favorite part of the episode., Come on Lisa you and Kyle have a blast together. and are FUN to watch.. Not so with you and Brandi..

    • Yeah but if you really think about it, Lisa is really mocking Kyle. They have fun times followed by unnecessary comments by Lisa. If she doesn’t like certain things about Kyle, then dont deal with her or call her a “friend”. Things people do for fame and money. Same goes for all of them.

  • I don’t think Kyle is much of a friend to anyone. Sure, she sticks up for Adrienne off an on and certainly makes a point of telling Adrienne that she sticks up for her. But it was Kyle who was digging for dirt at the tasting party, poking Brandi with questions about her issue with Adrienne. A real friend would not have done that.

    She’s not much of a friend to her sister, enabling her alcoholism, casting doubt on her ability to stay sober, questioning her at every turn. Both of them work at damaging their relationship, complaining about each other, rolling their eyes ruefully and inspecting every word and glance for something to give offense.

    As to the Faye Resnick mouthpiece issue, Kyle does speak for herself, but she drags Resnick along to speak louder. She primed Resnick for the dinner with Camille and the Smoking Ghoul and she primed Resnick for the dinner with Brandi, et. al. She loaded the corpse-eater with ammunition, pumped the barrel and aimed.

    I think Kyle’s relationship with Lisa is more strained than it should be because Kyle thought she would be the star of the show and yet she was not. She is just one of the planets circling the sun that is Lisa.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. But remember folks that is LA and in LA that is how people are FAKE.

    • Well we know everything Brandi wants to put out about Adrienne .. But we still don’t know WTF Adrienne did to her except supposedly call her to meet at the polo lounge.. Brandi didn’t even go .. So how does she even know WHAT Adrienne had to say..

      Now she is bringing Camille into the mix..

      Forget it already .. The reunion was last year .. Adrienne apologized Nothing bad happened to Lisa’s character .She even got a spin off . Lisa is doing her own Character more harm by keeping this feud going … Forget it already Pleaz

      • Disgusted,

        You hit the nail on the head. What did Adrienne and Paul do to Brandi that caused to be so vengeful and malicious towards them? I want to know.

        • Brandi said at the tasting that within days of confronting Adrienne at the reunion, the stories attacking her at Radard Online began. She blames Adrienne for them. Certainly all the stories targetting Lisa and Brandi talk about how they are jealous of Adrienne and trying to harm her – so they sure sound like they come from Adrienne since the are so positive about A and so negative about B & L.

    • Thank You so much for saying what I wanted too “But you said way better then I ever could have ……… “Cajsa”

  • I think there’s a lot more to this than just “sensitivity”. Was Kyle at the meeting that was called to discuss how they all were going to gang up on Lisa at the reunion? Kyle (in my opinion) sure looked panic stricken going after Camille when she stormed out of that dinner. Maybe Lisa’s true concern is that people she’d thought were friends turned against her without warning — and insult to injury — they discussed how they were going to snipe at her behind her back. I don’t blame Lisa for wondering about her so-called-friends motives and actions.

  • I am so very tired of Kyle and Taylor as well. I think every “housewife city” needs an infusion of someone like Carole Radzwell added to it.

  • Why does everyone constantly defend Brandy’s big fat loud mouth?!!! All she ever does is speak ill of Adrienne and the woman is NEVER their to defend herself! I have NO SYMPATHY FOR BRANDY WHATSOEVER! Being a single mother of two children does not give her a free pass to go on a rampage against a woman who is NEVER their to speak up for herself! Brand talks trash about Adrienne on every episode, but as soon as the others stand up for Adrienne, she’s crying like a baby! I’m so sick of Brandy and her garbage can mouth! It’s like she make up petty stories against Adrienne, just to get approval and sympathy from Lisa! I love Lisa, but I can’t take Brandy at all!

    • These people are human. In the real world, if someone is trashing you, having their chef trash you(and your friends), then suing you…and other people bring up that person around you, you’re going to throw your two cents in. Never in a million years would I believe that a single person on this board would sit there, mum, totally silent, or say – “Oh my oh me, I can’t give my opinion on a single thing you all are talking about right here in front of me, even though it’s all happening to me, because she isn’t here to defend herself.”

      • One sure way to deal with it is going straight to the source. Has Brandy done that? Don’t think so.

        She has a bigger enemy in LR and yet blames AM for all the “leaked” stories.

  • Kyle is not a friend to many people she describes as friends. She is really a snake to these people and they shouldn’t trust her. That is why there are so many nasty dinner parties.

    • I agree.

      I think Kyle is jealous of Lisa because Lisa is a fan favorite and also has a spinoff show. If I were Lisa, I would NOT trust Kyle as far as I could throw her, and I would accept the fact that I was a better friend to Kyle than she EVER was to me and move on from that one-sided friendship.

      Who needs a catty, petty, immature, disloyal, jealous, backstabbing, sh*t-stirring friend like Kyle anyway?

      Also, who wants to put up with Kyle’s CONSTANT attempts to one-up and be the center of attention? She reminds me of the “Penelope” character on “Saturday Night Live” with that constant one-upping. Half the time, when she’s on the screen, I think, “Oh, STFU, and have several SEATS, Kyle! Just be glad that the Fashion Police have not caught up with you and placed you UNDER their jail for those hideous caftans and muu muu’s. Girl, bye!!”

      Lisa is everything a woman should be. She is fabulous, IMO. I feel the same way about Yolanda. And, although they are equally as fabulous, Lisa and Yolanda are able to co-exist with no jealousy or problems between each other because they are both confident and mature and comfortable in their own skin without the need to compete with anyone. Kyle could learn a lot from them, but, instead, she wants to side with horrible people like Faye (a*shole), Adrienne (another a*shole) and Taylor (Ooh, looky, looky….ANOTHER friend of Kyle’s that is an a*shole. Well you know what they say: Birds of a feather…).

      Penelope, oops, I mean, Kyle, is beneath Lisa, and I hope Lisa now realizes that.

  • Of course they’re still “friends”, according to Kyle. Her new boutique is just down the block from Lisa’s restaurant. She is not going to burn that bridge. Not when there may be a chance for publicity or endorsement from Lisa.

  • Kyle only mentioned her feelings…she did not say it to inflame anyone’s guilt/anger. Why would Kyle join in Adrienne bashing…not going to happen. Lisa was again talking out of her other face and playing the poor little victim. Why would Kyle support attacking someone who is not there. The one redeeming factor is,Lisa looked awesome on the pole…playing with Kyle..they will always be friends. I am sure Kyle also is disappointed in Lisa as well.

  • Question who sold Lisa’s house? I don’t think it was Kyles hubby. Maybe she’s pissed because Lisa went to another realtor and since Adrianna had them sell her place she loves her….Kyle has changed so much from first season she use to be my fav , not anymore

  • Kyle is FOS. if someone attacked someone I don’t like – much less a friend – for something that I knew to be untrue, I would support the person attacked. I have no respect for Kyle or Maurice who support bottom feeders like Adrienne who has shown NO integrity in her annihilation of Lisa, BG and Paul. It is disgusting how she and her cook conduct themselves… why would Camille want to grab onto that coattail? Brandi is profane and often inconveniently truthful, but she is no where in the class of the less profane but more duplicitous and defamatory Adrienne!

  • I think the problem is that Kyle never has Lisas back, sort of speak. Lisa never needs defending, I agree she can hold her own. But as a friend, i would feel upset if my good friend went to bat for everyone except me. Kyle defended Taylor to Ken in the beginning of season 1, Kyle now is defending Adrienne to Brandi and Lisa. Seems to me Adrienne doesnt need defending, she can have her cash speak for her, that is what worries Mauricio / Kyle. Its funny how Mauricio was all indignant and offended at the crap that has come out of Brandi’s mouth, but he STFU to Camille’s allegations at the dinner party from hell in season 1 and all the crap she spewed directly at Kyle. He is such a kiss ass to the people with money who he thinks will use his services. He dont need Lisa nor Ken anymore he already banked the comission check from the sales of their homes. He is a hole that has a A in it!

    • Perfectly said Fat Violet. He made damn sure kyle made nice with Camille and smooth out all the wrinkles and boy did she. For money that guy will do just about anything. That’s why he kissed ass by offering that bottle of wine to Ken. He doesn’t want to lose prospective business. Yuck!
      If someone treated their wife (Kyle) appalingly (Camille situation season 1), i’d have hoped he would come to her defence and say, forget about losing the money and business opportunity. Mauricio just showed his true ugly side again this season; reclined back on his chair at the morroccan dinner, spewing crap at a woman whom doesn’t have a husband to tell this self absorbed smug douche to back off. He was going at her relentlessly!
      Now I see him for all he is and that dinner just proved he was no gentleman.

  • Did not miss any point..this is lisa trying to make nothing of something..Kyle stood up for one of her many friends that was not in attendance..that is a good quality to have in a friend…lisa is such a snore..nice try..Kyle is your friend and you are kyle’s friend, we all know it.

    • lisa has been saying this about kyle for a long time now and it isn’t nothing. might be nothing to you but to lisa it’s something. to me that proves she still cares about kyle and wants their friendship back. kyle hasn’t been a good friend and we all know it.


        • Sicily,

          I have to agree it seems like the Caroline Manzo rules of apologizing. Lisa accepted it and she should move on. If she didn’t want to accept it she should have said she didn’t accept it.

        • I don’t think Lisa wants more apologies. I think she is just done with Adrienne. The issue last night wasn’t with Adrienne. Lisa was hurt by Kyle and the fact that she believes Kyle doesn’t have her back.

          • rhfan, perfectly put! I feel the same. And I think when they met and Adrienne literally could not muster the words up, Lisa was aready done but ended that mess right then and there, and never looked back.

          • Ok, so why accept the apology and say you can move forward. If she is done then just say it. Lisa even said she enjoyed Adrienne they have their problems now in Vegas. If Lisa is done just say it because it very fake what she says and then what she actually does.

          • Lisa avoids Adrienne. She has not included her in anything she has done this season. Their friendship is over. Lisa’s actions are that of someone who has moved on.

            Accepting an apology doesn’t mean all is forgotten and things are back to normal. Lisa has moved forward, past Adrienne. Friendships end, aand this one has.

        • Sorry to say but Lisa is nothing like Caroline Man-Zo at all in anyway thats for sure, I don’t want you to think that I’m saying anything wrong to ya but that’s how I feel and “Lisa just feels a little hurt by Kyle not standing up for at times as Friends should that’s what I’m getting from Lisa……

  • I think that many viewers miss the point. I don’t think Lisa believes she needs someone to defend her. She is a self-admitted strong woman who as viewers have seen for 2 and half seasons is able to win arguments left and right on her own (just see the reunion when she stood alone and made everyone look like a fool). Her issue is with the fact that no matter what happens, everyone gangs up on her and no one, with the exception of Brandi and Yolanda, is there to defend her. A sign of friendship is sticking up for your friends and neither Kyle, nor the other ladies have done anything but fuel the fire between Lisa and Adrienne and defend Adrienne’s side to Lisa. I’m sure that Lisa is having a tough time watching people defend Adrienne to her but not her to Adrienne. I know I would be.

    • Kyle has defended Lisa when Lisa was not there to defend herself. However, Kyle doesn’t defend Lisa because she’s siding against Lisa but because Kyle feels she doesn’t need to defend Lisa. Kyle views Lisa as being strong and able to fight her own battles, unlike Taylor who is emotionally a wreck and who Kyle views as weak. Kyle has defended Adrienne because Adrienne has not been around to defend herself when her name is brought up with the ladies. The real issue is not about Kyle defending but why Lisa is taking up a fight that is not hers and expecting Kyle to champion it.

        • Yeah, I can’t think of a time Kyle defended Lisa either to another person, to Lisa’s face yes, but never spoken to someone else.

          • She defended Lisa to Russell and Taylor when Russell was accusing her of selling stories to magazines. Lisa wasn’t there and it was Taylor/Russell and Kyle/Mauricio having dinner. Kyle told Russell that Lisa didn’t sell stories and didn’t agree with the email he had sent Lisa.

          • JaiJai

            That is true!!! I totally forgot that scene at Taylor’s house where Russell went after Lisa and both Kyle and Mauricio supported Lisa.

      • JaiJai, I remember Kyle at that dinner, telling the Armstrongs that she’d never known Lisa to sell stories to the tabs (or whatever), but like Lisa, I thought it was odd that she didn’t say the same thing at the reunion when Adrienne and Camille were ganging up on Lisa about selling stories to a reporter?

        • That’s because Lisa was there to defend herself and I thought Lisa did a fine job of standing up for herself at the reunion. Maybe Kyle felt the same way. If Lisa was crying or getting upset I could see Kyle stepping in but that was not the case.

          • I think Lisa can (and did) hold her own against the reunion pile-on because she’s the most emotionally stable grown up out of that group. I don’t think she needed anyone to defend her against the crazy allegations being thrown at her. If Kyle would have repeated what she told the Armstrongs, it would have been more a show of support — not defense — and it’s the lack of support from her friends that’s bothering Lisa, most. And fwiw, Lisa did have tears in her eyes and she did sound upset at times — and if I picked up on that, I can’t believe her “friends” didn’t.

  • I think Lisa has an awkward sense of entitlement with season one..yup Lisa/Kyle together constantly..through thick and thin..when Kyle started hanging out with Taylor..Lisa was offended with Taylor possibly replacing her..but Lisa met with Taylor and addressed Lisa’s beliefs..good on Lisa. But now Lisa is hitched to Brandi and defends at all costs poor little Brandi…which is what Kyle did with Taylor….weird. I believe that both women are strong assertive and honest women..awesome..but their friendship changes it does not dissolve. They have disagreed with each other before and remained friends..why not now..they just know each others buttons to push and Lisa pushes the mouthpiece button with a gigantic smile.

    • don’t you think lisa and kyle were close friends in the first season? it looked to me they were best friends. when taylor came along lisa noticed something about her that she didn’t like and don’t forget taylor is why camille and kyle argued. now it turns out there is something wrong with taylor and she was right. then taylor tried to get kyle and the other to attack lisa at her tea party and kyle did nothing? then kyle did nothing to defend her at the reunion and attacked her with the others. yeah it’s no wonder lisa feels that kyle doesn’t defend her and it makes sense that she befriended brandi because brandi was being mistreated by the others as well. kyle and lisa’s friendship isn’t the same anymore. they’re not close like they used to be. if kyle continues to be two faced and shady then there will no longer be a friendship. i think lisa is finally realizing that.

      • Forgot about season 1 and all the weird hand holding Taylor seemed to need of Kyle. Those were big signs of a co-dependant friendship.

    • Good comment. If Kyle watched the show we all saw, surely she can see that the way Fay and Brandi were strategically placed, *or so it seemed* and Lisa was placed way at the other end, it looked like a set up big time. Plus a formal assigned seating for just six people? Really? Unless she had some lefties at the table and didn’t want them bumping elbows like I do, I question that as suspicious also.Kyle pulled the Fay card before when she brought her to Camilles dinner when her an Camille were fighting. And Fay spoke out for Kyle then too. I know that from what Lisa said before she loves Kyles sense of humor s it is similar to her own as is Brandis! It’s a common bond the three of them share as we have seen on the show. I hope they remain friends. I believe the three of them could get on famously without this Adrienne issue hanging over them. I am so tired of all the drama over the same old stuff.

    • You should have a sense of entitlement that your friends have your back. And if they don’t, have a reasonable, logical, fair argument for it. If my friend wasn’t defending me, saying they didn’t want to get involved in stuff, but then managed to defend everyone else and get in everyone else’s business…then yes, I would rethink that friendship. I would expect that is not a person who is going to have my back. If Kyle is going to have an ethos for friends that varies, then be honest about it. She’s not. Different rules for different people, and I think Lisa just wants her to admit it, but she won’t. Even if that video from WWHL, she was dismissive of Lisa calling her ‘being sensitive.” In plain language, she’s saying she doesn’t think there’s merit to Lisa’s feelings about things.

      • Well said Ellen. If you have a friendship with someone , it is always nice
        to get validation and support from that person.

          • Nice, Shipp. And Ellen, well said. If Kyle didn’t want to defend Lisa, the very least she could have done for her “friend” is diffuse the nastiness by attempting to shut down the conversation when others started piling on Lisa. She’s socially adept enough to do that, but, she didn’t.

      • I doubt he will lose business with Lisa. Lisa is not really anyone in the property area. The high price houses are being bought by Chinese, Russians and PE partners. They want the best property for the best price and that has nothing to do with Lisa.

        • These property also are worth Lisa’s entire Net. I am not sure what Mauro’s market is and what his listings go for.
          The Vanderpumps, in BH standards are not Creme de la Creme. Compared to the Russian’s, Chinese and Persian’s… they are middle class. LOL!

          • Oh you are totally spot on. The Chinese, Russians, Saudi’s etc come in and pay cash. It happens in New York all the time. $130M for an apartment all in cash and $89M paid daily.

            I don’t know Mauricio’s client list but all he has to do is get that willing buyer and let us face it who the heck is going to turn down the a cash deal.

  • I think they are friends but they probably won’t be the same. I don’t think it’s as damaged as a lot of people hope it is

  • yes fayes kyles mouthpiece kyle wonts 2 look like the kind one that gets along with everyone ive seen girls like her b4 i think they do brandi wrong and all brandi can do is use her mouth 2 back her up though ken and lisa watch over her

  • cop-out!!! i notice kyle likes to use that excuse whenever she knows she has messed up (she was defending herself just fine). whenever it’s about adrienne she jumps at the chance to defend her but when it comes to lisa she never does. she told brandi that was mean when she mentioned adrienne’s 2% but kyle said nothing when camille did the samething to lisa. actions speak for itself.

    • I thought the same. Why does Lisa need anyone to defend her. She does very well doing it on her own.

      • really? i don’t think she did. lisa is not very good at arguments. kyle should’ve said something. she drops in arguments all the time when it has nothig to do with her but she couldn’t tell camille she was wrong? i don’t think so.

        • Then again, that is what we are left to watch and may not be exactly what took place. I hate these shows. Guilty pleasure!

    • And I think it isn’t really about whether or not One can stand up for themselves. It’s about a friend sticking up for a friend. Plain and simple. Lisa sees Kyle sticking up for other friends….but not her. I would be hurt, too.

          • Hey Srt_3! Once again we agree agree agree! Also consider that Kyle may be doing what she does/or doesn’t do to simply offend Lisa without saying anything?!! I think Kyle is the master of passive-agressive behavior!

    • i think that kyle defended adrienne because ADRIENNE WASNT THERE!!!!! Lisa was present she could defend herself just well

      • Thank you. That was my take. Again, Brandi opened her mouth and said things that shouldn’t been said. Adrienne was not there…so Kyle defended her by saying that Brandi should not go there…..

        Lisa is all up Brandi and Brandi all up Lisa…I bet when one of them is not present and their name comes up…the one there will stand up for the other…

        Brandi still can’t STFU….

    • The difference is that Adrienne has never been there to defend herself and every time Lisa is “attacked” Lisa is sitting there and can open her own mouth. These ladies are 4o-50 years old. They don’t need a buddy to stick up for them when they’re sitting right there.

    • Right. She says Lisa was defending herself just fine, but when Kim let her handle her own business with Camille in Season 1, she lambasted her for not having her back. #Hypocrite.

          • Yeah and if my best friend said something about my sister I would be on my sisters side and I have more expectation to have my sister in my side than my best friend. Then again I don’t expect my best friend to side with me just because we are best friends.

        • Um, not really, especially since Kyle thinks such said “friends” cough, cough, YoAdrienne and Shana, are seemingly more important.

      • That’s because Kim could’ve ended the argument because she knows what was said between Kyle and Camille and she wouldn’t just tell Camille that she wrong and Kyle didn’t say what she was being accused of.

      • But that is her sister BIG difference look how K defended Kim on game night even though K know about Kim’s problems sisters are sisters

      • Kyle lambasted Kim for not having her back because Camille was accusing Kyle of saying something she didn’t and the only other person in that conversation was KIM. Everything that Adrienne has accused Lisa of, Kyle and Camille were also told the same thing by different sources. Camille saying Lisa didn’t own Sur was technically true.