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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Jax Finds A Rebound! Plus, Scheana & Stassi – BFF’s?!

I was not impressed by this show at all when it first premiered as you could probably tell from my recap of the first episode. But alas, here I am drinking the Bravo Kool-Aid again! I’m such a sucker for reality TV. Plus, after going to SUR recently and having Jax make me a delicious raspberry mojito and giving me a free lemondrop shot, I can’t help but tune into Vanderpump Rules.

Since the premiere of Vanderpump Rules, Jax and the queen bee of SUR, Stassi, have broken up after Stassi was fed up with Jax’s “overgrown frat boy ways”. Stassi rebounded with fellow SUR employee Frank and even took him to Vegas for her birthday bash which turned to sh!t when Jax showed up trying to take Stassi back! After a shirtless brawl outside of a Vegas restaurant, all of the group sided with Jax and basically said “f you” to Stassi.

Which brings us to this week. Jax is at Lisa’s house for a private event and he tells her about the fight in Vegas. Lisa is upset because they are all representing SUR and act like bafoons at some other restaurant. Jax is upset and unhappy with all that has been happening that he can’t even talk about it. The heartbreak is too much for Jax, but he is taking all the blame for Stassi leaving him. Lisa calls a staff meeting with everyone to smooth all this drama out.

Now that Jax and Stassi are over, Jax has rebounded with another SUR server – Laura Leigh! If Jax is so upset and wants to get Stassi back, this is not the route he should have taken! Then again, he probably he wants to get back at Stassi for rebounding with Frank – the other SUR bartender.

Mind you, this Laura Leigh girl is just strange and has the most annoying voice ever. She also is only nine months sober after overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. Oy. Anyway, she has already given Stassi a call to break the news of her new romance with Jax. Stassi admits to crying over it. When working at SUR that night, Jax and Laura Leigh are all over each other and Stassi feels like she has no friends left since all her friends seem to be siding with Jax.

Everyone shows up to Kristen’s apartment for a get together. Stassi’s not invited. Laura Leigh reads texts that Stassi has sent her basically bullying her! These are some pretty mean texts. Everyone laughs at Stassi even though they all claimed to be her friends just a few weeks ago. I think Laura Leigh is shady going out with Jax after Stassi was nice to her at SUR, and everyone else is rude for laughing at Stassi even though they claimed to be her friends. Also, Stassi is being way too mean.

Lisa hosts her restaurant-wide meeting with the whole SUR staff. Jax starts off by taking responsibility for all the drama that they got into in Vegas. Lisa has an issue with her staff dating each other, because it’s gotten too much and it’s affecting the work place. Lisa is pissed and is laying it down on these kids. Stassi tries to defend herself and play down her Vegas actions. She says she is not some “ghetto bitch” who fights and pulls hair and throws drinks. Except she is.

This is when Laura Leigh blows up and calls out Stassi for harassing her via texts. Laura Leigh exposes Stassi for the fake she was being regarding Jax. Laura Leigh says Stassi said her relationship with Jax was over months ago, so why is she acting up about her going out with Jax now? Kristen, one of Stassi’s friends, also jumps in and starts calling out Stassi on her stuff. Lisa just ends by telling them that they better get their act together or they’re out.

Scheana is performing her single which we saw her record earlier this season. She has enlisted two friends to be her backup dancers and she is kind of worried about what people will say – especially Stassi who has had it out for her at SUR. Stassi is so excited to watch just because she wants Scheana to fail.

The entire SUR gang comes to the performance and Scheana takes the stage. I’m not going to lie, Scheana is not the greatest performer or singer but she did pretty well and had a ton of confidence. Stassi is shocked and impressed, and admits that she showed up to make fun of Scheana but now she can’t.

After the show, Stassi and Scheana bump into each other outside the venue where Stassi is in the middle of a breakdown because she has no friends. Scheana extends her shoulder to cry on and Stassi accepts. Maybe Stassi is feeling so lonely that she is resorting to being friendly with people she previously had issues with? Maybe Stassi should stop putting up a “mean girl” front?!

Scheana and Stassi hug it out and Stassi notices that Scheana is the only one who came to talk to her. Is this the beginning of a new friendship?! Or is Stassi just using Scheana since no one else wants to talk to her?

Let’s discuss!

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  • As much as I love Lisa, I was so mad at her when she scolded Jax for jumping into another relationship so fast, what about Stassi getting a hotel room with Frank??? Isn’t that a bit fast Lisa??? Please don’t make us start to doubt you, after we’ve had your back thru thick and thin, throughout the Adrianne controversy!! We all love you, please don’t let Stassi fool you, she’s a conniving little witch! That really took me by surprise! We all love Jax, hate Stassi. Until she starts being nice of coarse, lol

  • I really don’t see why Scheana’s pitying Stassi after all Stassi’s done to her. Stassi is the biggest bullying bitch I’ve ever seen; she needs to be fired immediately! I wished Scheana was Jax’s rebound because Laura-Leigh is kinda off to me.

  • Can you imagine if this show isn’t fake. We would then have to think that Lisa (who is my favorite on the housewives) has lost her mind. Stassi is gorgeous but c’mon Lisa, you would never want a bitch like this working for you. Andy again, should be ashamed for faking all this and thinking we are really buying it!

    • I have never head a woman like Stassi explain in explicit detail in everyday conversation different ways to kill, damage and torture people. That does not seem healthy or normal- her boyfriends should always sleep with one eye open because she has Fatal Attraction written all over her times two! Scary if Lisa really thinks this is a good friend for her daughter-yikes.

  • I only watched 3 episodes of this show… I thought it could become another guilty pleasure but ugh it’s the same old same old. They should just make it a fictional series based off of SUR and it would be better bc it wouldn’t claim to viewers to be “reality” and it would be like watching gossip girl except lamer. Bravo should have followed each individual like they are doing Sheena (dk how that’s spelled anymore I gave up)… pursuing what they are trying to get exposure for. If this is them showing us their “acting” skills they are failing miserably.

  • As a Manager of a restaurant there is not a doubt in my mind this show is fake. No manager or owner in their right mind would open themselves to the lawsuits that Lisa is just to protect a good friend of their daughters.
    I can go on forever pointing out all the things that these kids get away with at SUR Thursday they would never get away with at any other job, but I’m pretty sure that most intelligent people already can see what they are.
    With that said, it is amusing to watch the Stassie show, and see what idiots are going to bow down to her next!

    • Told you so everyone, this show is fake. I think they integrate some real staff members in the show, but the key players are just actors. It is really kind of insulting to the audience. I like Lisa and like some of the others I was looking to view a show about Lisa not Stassi. She is now the lead actress and she is truly mean and any restaurant manager like Michelle would never tolerate an employee like this.

  • i thought everyone was pissed that stassi jumped into a relationship with frank so fast? why arent they all pissed that jax jumped into a relationship just as fast with another SUR employee?

  • I know Stassi isn’t the nicest girl, but that was cold blooded of her ‘best friend’ to have a party where she invited the psycho hose beast Laura Leigh over to be-friend her. I doubt Stassi would do that if her friends broke up with their douchebag boyfriends. Also, excuse me Laura Leigh has all the makings of single white female meets basic instinct!

    • lol it’s true. jax went from one crazy girl to an even crazier girl laura. laura is dumb as rocks. she has no idea that she’s just a rebound girl. i don’t like stassi but i felt her so called best friends backstabbed her big time. they were more like mean girls than friends.

    • Say what@!! And you failed to mention Stassi inviting Frank, instead of Jax, not to mention sharing a hotel room with him, (sleep with him too maybe?), plus Stassi really screwed over all het friends in Vegas, beat one up, threw drinks at another,then sent pics of her with a group of new friends,

      • Stassi started it! The friends simply finished it!! I feel no pain for Stassi, she deserves it, big time! I think most of you have Laura Leigh wrong, she’s a sweet girl that has gone through lots in her life and I see Jax as a nice guy that’s simply sharing himself with her, and vice versa, they’ll be friends even after they stop hooking up, because their both level headed adults, NOT like Childish Psycho Stassi!!

      • sorry dicky i have to disagree with you there. stassi’s lame friends were being jerks because they didn’t like frank. i don’t blame them. i don’t like him either. the reason why stassi threw a drink and got into a fight with one of her friends is because one of the friends boyfriend called her a bitch. i would’ve thrown a drink in his face too. instead of her “friend” telling the boyfriend to shut up she attacks stassi. that is messed up.

        not that stassi is innocent. she screwed up big time for inviting frank knowing damn well everyone was gonna have a problem with him and believing his story about jax. the girl is dumb.

  • Stassi is a b!tch and truly nuts, but that new girl Laura Leigh…OMG what an annoying voice she has! I thought Lilly from Shahs of Sunset had an annoying voice, but this one takes the win. I could not take her seriously.

  • I thought this show was going to be about Lisa!! But when I saw the first episode I through up in my mouth … such a boring little show…I never thought I would say this but “The Hills” would be much better to watch!

    • Not really my type of show either .. I watch reruns when there isn’t anything better but it real doesn’t hold my interest or draw me in.

      Its actually gross to think of all the body fluids flowing at the restaurant Gross

  • Jax is freakin HOT HOT HOT! Too good for Stassi, she’s the biggest game player I’ve ever seen. Feel sorry for Laura Leigh, she fell HARD for Jax, which I do think he is dating her to get back at Stassi. Sad all this game playing is going to hurt the people drawn into it. I worry Laura Leigh won’t be stable enough to handle the inevitable break up with Jax.

    • LOL!!! I found something to agree with you on :)He is a little hottie! And he is a legit model. Maybe frat boy mentality still, but looks wise, he has it going on!!

      • For some reason I just had a feeling that Frank is gay and is just playing this steal the gf part for tv.

      • frank and jax are both douchebags but frank is the biggest one for telling stassi about jax’s secret. you know damn well he just did that to get into stassi’s pants. stassi is stupid enough to fall for it.

        • The thing is, Jax said on BravoTV.com that the whole pregnancy thing happened 3 years ago, before he met Stassi, BUT that he told her about it after they got together. So why she isn’t questioning Frank’s crap or thinking for herself is anyone’s guess. Bravo manipulation is my thought.

  • Can’t help but wonder if Stassi is a small time sociopath. She is vindictive, remorseless and never takes responsibility for herself. She is also too mean and doesn’t mind exploiting people to suit her purposes. Laura Leigh is an embarrassment to Jax. She is pleasant looking but drab next to Stassi and has no self esteem. A little cray. Jax is overrated. Great looking but kind of dumb. Also – who wants to take care of a grown man?

    • Don’t even get me started on Jax! First of all, he needs to be clean shaven everyday, at his age! He’d look so much better! But he’s got a good life and needs no one to take care of him. If any of you had his looks and his way of life, you’d do exactly the same, he’s got it made, let the boy live a little, he’s still young! I guarantee you, hell be on top, as always, for many years to come, I know, because I’ve lived his life!!! If you’ve got, go with it!
      Stasis is the one that needs to grow up! Are you kidding me? She’s like a spoiled brat that needs a time out big time!

      • so are you saying you’re hot dicky? lol i’m sorry but i don’t find anything hot about jax. he does have a body but that is all. he seems dumb as hell. i do agree he needs to enjoy his life and he really shouldn’t sweat stassi. that chick is crazy.

  • I don’t watch this show because I wanted to watch Lisa and not a bunch of spoil 20 something who act like teens, I only saw a couple of episodes because I wanted to support Lisa but now I am wondering if this is all staged because there is no way that a smart business woman like Lisa would have somebody like Stacey working for her. Lisa should had fired the brat on the spot.

    • I agree. I believe Lisa’s excuse is that Stassi became good friends with Pandora. To me, if they are such “good” friends why is Stassi so out of control, jeopardizing Lisa’s business and credibility? I don’t know how I’d be friends with someone whose actions could potentially hurt my business. But it’s all fake so they don’t care. Which to me makes the business look even way worse… why fake stupid drama? Doesn’t make me wanna go eat there, have a raspberry mojito or drink all the free lemondrop shots I can manage.

      Well, just MAYBE I’d have a couple of free shots. Maybe.

      • Let’s be honest here. Lisa keeps Stassi on because she is beautiful and makes for good television. If there was no drama, there would be no viewers. Bravo would have no shows if they didn’t center around “fake stupid drama” People love it, I know I do. 🙂

        • Of course they need drama… we all like a little drama. I do not like the obvious, staged drama. I am easily entertained but Bravo needs to try harder to make it not seem so fake. At least make me believe it’s real; I’d be more tuned in lol.

          I thought these reality shows were supposed to promote the ppl/business… I’m just saying I don’t really wanna support or meet any of them at this rate.

        • Stasis is ugly, perhaps even uglier than she was when she was a fat cow of a brunette on Amazing Race last year!! She might be a decent looking girl if she wasn’t such a nasty devil child!! Drink blood much Stasis???

        • saxysam, stassi is beautiful? lol no. entertaining with her theatrics, yes!! i really don’t find anyone one of them attractive. they’re all a bunch of douchebags but i enjoy watching them act like idiots.

    • Lexy, I totally agree. I can’t believe Lisa would put her name on this. I wonder how much money she makes from owning two restaurants. This show is awful.

  • Stassi and Kenya should get together and either do a Thelma and Louise ending together or just get there own show.

    • Scary Larry, there you are! I’ve been wondering where the heck you’d gotten off to because I haven’t seen you post in quite a while – although I admit I may have missed a post from you. Good to see you back! : )

      • Hi Diggity, Yes I have been gone for a while. I do not hate Teresa anymore so I have been silent. But lately I have turned my attention to Kenya. Now that is someone worth hating!

        • Hey Larry, welcome back! I tried to watch the first episode, but could not get through it. One of the worst Bravo shows ever. I think Pregnant in Heels is the absolute worst.

          • Hello social, It is so nice to be actually liked on here lol. I just love Lisa and enjoy watching her as she seems very classy to me. Never watched pregnant in heels as I do not need another reality show to watch.

        • Welcome back! It’s great to have your input! Yeah, that Kenya’s a doozy, ain’t she?! I sometimes spend the whole time watching RHOA with my jaw on the floor. LOL

  • Well I don’t have to watch the show now, but I am not crazy about this show anyway, but have been following it because I love everything BRAVO. Lisa needs to fire Staci and all will be settled. This ‘mean girl’ seems to be the instagator in everything at SUR. But this show is fake. I think all these people are just actors that shoot the show with the real staff working behind them – at least that is what it looks like to me, because on Watch What Happens Live, Staci admits to being an actress. Caught you!

      • It’s so strange to me, the name thing, that is. My d-i-l’s name is NaStassia, Stazzi (pronounced Sta-zee not Sta-cee, as they do on VPR) or Stassia for short. I’d never heard of anyone else with that name until this show. And, no, my d-i-l isn’t a bitch like the one on VPR! LOL

    • When TVgasm started blogging this show the person assigned to it (an LA native) confirmed that the whole cast are SUR employees and all the relationshps were/are real.