AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: The Real Reason Jennifer Dalton Is Hanging With Melissa Gorga And Kathy Wakile!

February 5, 2013 |By Continue Reading

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 5 is currently filming and it looks like Teresa Giudice’s good friend Jennifer Dalton will be appearing on the hit show! Although Jennifer Dalton is friends with Teresa Giudice, she is still getting to know Kathy Wakile and Melissa Gorga. But what is the real reason Jennifer is hanging out with Teresa’s family?

An insider close to the cast gives AllAboutTRH the EXCLUSIVE details! “Jennifer and Teresa have been friends for a very long time. Jennifer will always be loyal to Teresa and Teresa doesn’t mind that Jennifer is hanging out with Melissa and Kathy. Teresa still doesn’t have a relationship with Kathy and Melissa and Jennifer has made it clear that Jennifer is only hanging out with the ladies solely for business! Jennifer is a real estate agent and is selling/trying to find Kathy Wakile and Melissa Gorga a new home! That’s why the three have been hanging out. Jennifer does not have a problem with any of the ladies and wants to keep it that way but her loyalty will always stay with Teresa!”

That makes sense! No wonder Jennifer has been hanging out with them so much! Season 5 will air early May! Are you ready for the New Jersey wives to enter your screens again?


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Comments (116)

  1. audpaud says:

    What’s that real estate agent/friend checklist look like again?

    “Ok, so we’re looking for a home out of the school district of my good friend because her daughters will bully your kids, like you said on international television?” CHECK

    “And you’d like to barter for the home with landscaping services?” CHECK

  2. ajaii says:

    This picture looks awkward from –

    Kathy looking pathetic by trying to dress youthful and looking fame hungry
    Jennifer looking uncomfortable
    Melissa’s expression of ” Look at Me ! I’m with T’s Friend!”

    All I hope is this Jennifer chick does not become another turncoat ( like Gretchen in OC season 7) and jump of Don Caroline & Crews bandwagon.

  3. Sicily says:


  4. 1Dondiva says:

    Im waiting to see Jennifer on the show before I judge but what is going on with homegirl’s jawline? Seems like it sticks out further than it’s supposed to. Soo not a pretty girl.

  5. rhfan says:

    I just came back to the site and seeing this pic, the first thought that came to mind was:

    Is this an audition for the show “What Not to Wear”?

    OMG…Another Fashion Don’t by Bravo…LOL

  6. Free Kroy says:

    Hey Puff Daddy’s baby moma.

  7. Harper says:

    You guys are brutal! Lol Thoroughly entertaining.

  8. Lola Falana says:

    Somebody needs to get Kathy a stylist, ASAP. She is an attractive woman physically (although her lack of personality makes me SNORE), but she ALWAYS wears the WRONG clothing for her body type.

    It is like she dresses too young and too tight for her body type.

    Kathy, please buy some age-appropriate clothing that FITS.

    And get out of those damned cannolis, Woman!!

  9. Klown Kardashian says:

    Jennifer and Teresa have been “friends for a long time”. Long time equals to 3 years. LMAO!

    The cast addition is very ghetto.

    • jen says:

      LOL!! They may be ghetto but I would rather watch them on my TV screen and less of the 3 manzo babies still attached to Big Mama’s nippy’s.

      • Klown Kardashian says:

        Me too! I hope Greg gets no screen time this season. AGH! I can’t stand him.

        • CaTfAcE says:

          I heard from a few different blogs that Greg won’t be on season 5. I know I shouldn’t trust it just because I saw it, but I just hope it’s true so damn bad! Also, Greg tweeted that he moved to San Fransico (I think, either that or some other city in Cali) and hasn’t been filmed so hopefully he won’t be around.

    • anonymous82 says:

      I believe someone is teresa’s friend if I see pictures of them together before teresa had her breast done. Anyone she met after being on housewives I would not consider to be her real friend.

  10. rhfan says:

    Ok, sorry but I have to ask.

    Who is the blonde lady between GorgaMel and Jen?

    She looks kind of OompaLoompa-ish lol

    That said, Tre watch your back. This Jen/Mel/Kathy thing could be another made by Bravo friendship that ends up biting Tre in the ass.

    • Ms.Torres says:

      That lady is Puff Daddy’s oldest sons mother. She was in Biggie Smalls video…I love it when you call me big papa. I think it was that one. Anyway in the video she’s in the hot tub with Puffy and he’s sucking her toes.

      Omg I think I was 10 when that song came out. Ho the years go by.

  11. Stacey says:

    Yep, the island of misfits alright.

  12. Anacapri says:

    They all look like they came from the island of misfits. Talk about strange. 🙁

  13. jen says:

    Where do I start?!?! WHy does Whoregette look like she just came from the gym? Why is Whoregette dressed like a teenager? Why does Katfish look like a stuffed sausage ready to explode? And lastly why the hell is this Jennifer chick wasting her time trying to find these 2 morons a new home, neither one of them has a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of!!!

  14. JPG says:

    Jennifer’s face frightens me. A lot.

    • jen says:

      What frightens me is that blonde next to Melissa. She went crazy with the bronzer and looks like she has a 5 o’clock shadow.

      • JPG says:

        Agreed. Blonde is not her color.

      • JD says:

        Blonde is P.Diddy baby mama…Misa hylton

        • JPG says:

          What the hell is P Diddy smoking?

          • anonymous82 says:

            It had looked good back in the day. Also it wasn’t as white as it is now. She need to change it. Her son is 17/18 and I don’t know how long she’s had the color before he was born. The look is tired.

          • Klown Kardashian says:

            That is his first son’s mother. He is now 18. She was more than good looking for Puffy when he was broke and on the come up. He was not the music mongul then…

          • Lola Falana says:

            What the hell was SHE smoking when she got with Didd’s ugly ass? She was actually quite cute when she got with Diddy, which was basically before he really made it big.

            So, I guess she really loved him…despite the fact that he cannot seem to close his mouth. Why that man has never used his money to get some dental work on that grill is beyond me!

            Mouth Breather, P-Shitty.

          • Klown Kardashian says:

            Lola, he actually cheated on her with her best friend, Kim Porter. The mother of his twin daughters.

        • jerseygirl says:

          No you guys, I think that’s Lil Kim!

      • rhfan says:

        I agree. I just said below I think she looks like an OompaLoompa, lol

        • haydaki says:

          Oh my gosh! You all are making me look stupid laughing at my computer screen! Everyone one here is too funny!

      • Chellemybella says:

        Bronzer? Umm, miss is black, luv.

        • jen says:

          She may be black, I have no idea who the hell she is, but she still went crazy with the bronzer.

          • Harper says:

            The photo is in either black and white or grayscale. How can you see she has too much bronzer? If you can see that,then, what color is kathy’s eyeshadow?

          • jen says:

            @ Harper you’re right about the bronzer! I guess she just has a 5 o’clock shadow.

      • Klown Kardashian says:

        Those 2 new girls are very ghetto! They fit better in Love & Hip Hop.

        • JPG says:

          *People of Walmart 😉

        • Harper says:

          Ghetto? You know this how? Utterly asinine…

          • Klown Kardashian says:

            I know this because they are well known in the hip-hop industry and as hasbeen baby momma’s or groupies. Misa is a hasbeen stylist who has not done much but collect child support from Diddy.

            The other chick that will be also a guest on NJ, is DJ Envy’s wife. The epitome of BX trash.

            Lil Kim is not exactly your best example of class & wealth.

            Want me to go on?

            Utterly asinine if you are commenting about an industry you are not familiar with.

  15. PandaBear says:

    THey are together because they are on the same show.

    I’m pretty sure production has them film together for a storyline. Since Jennifer is now I’m quite sure she can’t demand to not film with people.

    They are releasing pics etc, to generate buzz for the show. RHoNJ seems to be the most contrived of all the shows now.

  16. holy cannoli says:

    I am not going to judge Jennifer..Yet. As long as she isn’t playing both sides, and letting the others trash Teresa in front of her, I have no problem with her being ” friendly with the others.

    If she is helping Katfish and Messy find new homes, ok, so what? She is in the business she is on the show, this will be her storyline, right?

    • Lilly says:

      Idk on that,but I’m not trusting Jennifer right now though.

      • holy cannoli says:

        Why? What has she done? Nothing. How can anyone trust/ not trust until the show airs and we see for ourselves?

        So what if she is friendly with the others, they have to film together. She has no dog in this fight between Teresa and her family. As long as she steers clear of all that drama, and does not involve herself, talk behind Teresas back, etc., than in my opinion she will be cool.

        • Annah says:

          I think if she was involved and ‘on Teresa’s side’ too much she wouldn’t come off well either. Like LuAnne when she got in the middle of Jill and Bethenny AND between Jill and Ramona. I don’t want to see it go that way. There is no reason why she can’t be ‘normal’ with ALL of the cast as long as she doesn’t back stab anyone.

          • anonymous82 says:

            right. she should support teresa but also remain neutral. Basically she should defend teresa when others are badmouthing her when teresa is not there. But she should not get into it if teresa is badmouthing the others.

          • Annah says:

            @anonymous82 Not really. I think you can be a supportive friend without getting involved. Being supportive doesn’t mean you run in all armored up ready to jump all over someone who is speaking badly about your friend… like LuAnne does. Sonja was supportive of Ramona but didn’t cause bad feelings with the other ladies.

          • anonymous82 says:

            Annah, how about if people are talking bad about teresa jen just say that is her friend and she doesn’t want to hear it.

          • realhw610 says:

            I agree…It would make sense for Jennifer to be cordial with the other ladies while being on Teresa’s side.

          • Annah says:

            @anonymous82 Yes, that would be the thing to do. I hope that is how it goes and she doesn’t allow herself to get dragged in.

        • Shipp says:

          Holy, ditto. I have a pet peeve about people jumping the gun before anything is even aired.

    • rhfan says:


      I agree. I am also giving this Jen the benefit of the doubt.

      I do caution Tre to watch her back with the made by Bravo friendships of Jen and the other ladies. You never know in which direction Bravo will take it 🙂

  17. Lilly says:

    Why is Melissa dressed like a teenager?
    Why is Kathy dressed like she is going to a job interview?
    What the heck are they even doing in that picture together?
    So many questions,so little answers!!!
    Jennifer will have to gain my trust.
    Kathy lost mine,until she can prove otherwise!
    Melissa makes my blood boil,and Joe Gorga OH My,he is just disgusting.With this new arc saying he raped someone,makes me sick!!!I hate the GORGAS!!!!

    • my6girls2012 says:

      What kind of job interview would you wear something like Kathy has on?? Biker bar maybe.

      • anonymous82 says:

        Lol. I have never seen someone where that to an interview. Kathy along with jac and caroline do not know how to dress for their body type. Teresa and melissa can sometime look tacky but they usually dress well. Caroline get it wrong most of the time but sometime she gets it right. I can’t say the same for kathy and jac. They dress badly all the time. They are trying to compete with teresa and melissa and look sexy but they just fail at it.

      • Mrs Poulakis says:

        I think Kathy borrowed Rosie’s jacket for the night.

    • Klown Kardashian says:

      To a job interview? Where at??? At Lookers maybe.

  18. MonkeyFighting says:

    WTH is horse face wearing ? On her head? Y the need for a half shirt @ her age? A mom wearing a half shirt? Don’t care if you has the body or NOT, not age app! She looks like Rambo @ a club!

    • Just sayin says:

      LOL good question. I am trying to figure out this picture. I see tables and one person wearing a cocktail dress and cowboy boots, Kathy is wearing a motorcycle jacket and leggins I think and Melissa looks like she was at the gym trying to pick someone up. WT? What a bunch of clowns really.

    • my6girls2012 says:


    • Harper says:

      Trying to look like Gia. Or a true “dancer” for that matter. Laughable really LOL

  19. Rach says:

    Is Melissa still messing with her face? She looks different and not in a good way.

  20. millania says:

    1. I cannot stand Kathy & Melissa.

    2. Now jen Dalton will have to gain my likes… lol… anyone who gives those two stank a$$ 2=faced losers 1 sec of NICE Is not a good friend to Teresa in my book. I wouldn’t befriend backstabbing family members of my friends.

    3. Look how FAT KATHY LOOKS.

    4. Melissa dresses and behaves like a teen. what trash.

    ok, I’m done.

  21. Sofia says:

    actually…it doesn’t make sense..

    They had to wait for T’s friend to come on the show and find them a house?
    Are there no real estate agents left in NJ?
    Why T’s friend?
    Don’t they know anyone else?
    I smell a catfish!

    • michers says:

      Yeah, something is not adding up here…that explanation is a little teenager-ish…

    • JD says:

      I think they are just introducing Jennifer to the group, they did the same thing with Gretchen in the OC. Jena had to “show” her a house

    • Harper says:

      Well, she does have to have a storyline…. Besides she can’t film SOLELY w/ Teresa.

  22. JD says:

    This is a twitter exchange between Jennifer and a RHONJ fan below:

    Jennifer Dalton ?@flygirljennifer
    @debralieberman doin things @ Sear Steakhouse….
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More

    3 Feb CarrotTop Manzo ?@CarrotTopManzo
    @flygirljennifer ugh! Melissa always tries and steals Teresa’s friends. So pathetic! Get your own life you freak!

    4 Feb Jennifer Dalton ?@flygirljennifer
    @CarrotTopManzo you have no idea
    Hide conversation Reply Retweet Favorite More

    5:27 AM – 4 Feb 13 · Details
    4 Feb CarrotTop Manzo ?@CarrotTopManzo
    @flygirljennifer ok girl. I really like you so I’m just hoping that weasel isn’t up to her tricks again.

    21h expirezzz2 ?@expirezzz2
    @flygirljennifer @CarrotTopManzo What? I must follow Jennifer again!

    • LoLo says:

      Yeah I saw that, too! So Jennifer is saying Melissa is cray cray and steals Teresa’s friends…I can’t wait to see what drama is actually unfolding behind the posed pictures!

      • michers says:

        I think we have all seen Melissa befriend EVERYONE that was attached to Teresa.. I think its disturbing. What is even more disturbing, are the ones who were oh so close to Teresa, actually hanging out with melissa. YUCK. Thats almost worse than sloppy seconds from a lover, LOL . Oh wait, Dina is the only rational person who never befriended Melissa!

      • Klown Kardashian says:

        You are obviously not reading it right. No Jennifer didn’t say that, CarrotTop did.

        • JD says:

          UM…Jennifer said ” you have no idea”

          • Maru the Cat says:

            I think Jennifer could have meant, ‘you have no idea since you don’t know any of these people personally’. But who knows? We can read a lot into a couple of words.

      • Harper says:

        From where did you glean your interpretation? @LoLo

      • Klown Kardashian says:

        I was talking abou this (which is what LoLo is implying)

        Feb CarrotTop Manzo ?@CarrotTopManzo
        @flygirljennifer ugh! Melissa always tries and steals Teresa’s friends. So pathetic! Get your own life you freak!

        Jennifer dind’t tweet that. CarrotTop did.

    • disgusted says:

      I have 4 words for this picture FAKE FAKE FAKE and FAKE

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