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Dina Manzo Announces Separation From Husband Tommy Manzo

In shocking news, former RHONJ star Dina Manzo has officially announced a separation via twitter from her husband Tommy Manzo. Dina married Tommy Manzo back in 2005 and their wedding was even featured on the VH1 television show My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding. Tommy is also Caroline’s husband Alberts brother! What’s even more shocking is that Dina has been separated from Tommy since October.

Dina retweeted a tweet from her friend late Friday night that said, “@lisagastineau: Secrets are heavy……..lighten the load”

She followed that with, “My secret…I have been separated since October, my heart hurts but Tommy & I will always share a very special love.”

Dina continued, “So grateful for the support of my loved ones during this time, especially my spiritual friends. You know who u are xoxo. And of course my biggest supporter Lexi, Tommy adores her & they will remain close.”

Looks like the two are sadly headed for a divorce. Here’s to hoping that Dina’s family reaches out to her and they put all the petty drama aside. Are you surprised by Dina’s secret?

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  • I wonder if the fight has to do with Tommy and Albert both cheating. Perhaps Dina has the courage to throw in the towel but Caroline doesn’t. Maybe the reason Dina didn’t want to do the show is because she doesn’t want to be around Albert. He isn’t the best husband. I can tell that Caroline is the type of wife to turn a blind eye because she wants a nuclear family.

  • Wow I just read this and I think my eyes are bleeding an I’m a bit dumber’ though left laughing on some lol.
    I see where Lacy though miss guided is comming from. But if you are going to come into a forum like this I think you need to expect some shanagins.
    That being. Said.
    I don’t wish divorce on anyone been there done that. Especially if the other is un faithful. Its a hard pill to swallow. But I think because of Dinas ?appwarance? And angelic personality she has a good gambit of playing a marder(sp). She is a smart woman and new what she was getting into. And is now crying foul? F
    I also think this had a lot to do with her and her sisters fued. I think the divorce was in the works for a while and clownface wouldn’t support it. Why should she. When she accepts her own husbands cheating and has come out saying if al cheats. Shell forgive him. How sad. No wonder that put a rift in. As her own sister couldn’t relate to her pain.or wouldn’t.
    But I also agree dina is resiliant and will do well reguardless of a ms. Or mrs.

  • I remember on Dina’s show she never had a wedding ring on I feel for her, and truly hope she does move to LA to get away from that toxic family. I have always liked Dina.

    • I never had a problem with anyone calling any of these ASSHATS names, I do it, why the F word I care?

      The only thing that bothers me is when people call the kids names, UGH.

      • Holy – You’ve been for the most part pretty fair to me. I don’t recall you having a problem with it. Some people however, almost lost their minds over it (the same people who have names for every other cast member.

        Glad to see you can give as good as you take 🙂

        I appreciate that.

        • Lord, I have seen Teresa called worse than that. BTW, Tretard has been around forever.
          I got where you were coming from, you were not making fun of special needs people.
          You explained it over and over again for people that didn’t get it.

          • LOL.

            Alot of the names people have come up for these ASSHATS, in my opinion are freakin hysterical.

            Damn people like who they like, the ones they don’t like they have names for..It’s not that serious, who cares?

  • @ LMAO in Louisianna

    I think Cracker Jac is ” tweeting” about Teresa. Cracker Jac is up to her nasty tricks again. She also tweeted a read about so.paths. she did the same thing about Danielle a few years ago.

    Actually that tweet ( in my opinion) is really about herself. She is the one that blamed Teresa for all the wrongs in the world, and making excuses for her behavior, drunk tweeting, not showing up for the season 3 reunion, ” her breakdown”. ETC. and so on.

    • I want to say that Leaky Laurita is straying from her new-found act of professionalism here, LOL and I wonder if her new little supporters are ok with her STILLLLLL trash talking others? Do you think Autism Awareness or Parents mag will like this behavior? Jac will never change! This is the type of person she is. She is a jerk, she is not to be trusted, and she acts like a juvenile. I just said above that her words of wisdom can be used for most of the cast and should be the new Bravo cast picture to hang up , :)( and especially for Melissa!!!) BTW- her and Jacawac are one in the same as far as Im concerned.

  • Jaq is drunk tweeting again….who do you think this bit of advice is directed towards? I only hope it is for herself and not Dina.

    “Cease lying to yourself and stop telling yourself stories about why you behave the way you do. Stop blaming your behavior on other people and take responsibility for your emotional reactions. If you could forgive all the people in your life that have hurt or wounded you it would be possible to be in control of your behavior instead of being in reaction to other people all of the time. Imagine living life without experiencing a constant emotional roller-coaster of pain, anger, and jealousy. That would be bliss.”

    • She is such an annoying person and worse whens he drunk tweets. I saw that also, but was hoping no one will give her attention on it or allow her to speak ill of anyone! I think that should be the new Bravo cast picture for them to hang, LOL!!!! ( especially for Ms. Marco)

    • I don’t tweet so I miss all this stuff! Thank you for shareing. It has to be Teresa! No doubt! It sounds like Teresa and what Jacqueline would say to her if they ever sat down just the two of them and could manage a respectful conversation without going for the jugular.Honestly I don’t think they can unless they used a mediator. Teresa seems to talk over anyone she feels doesn’t agree with her and says anything she doesn’t want to hear. It’s too bad. They genuinely loved one another and it had to hurt them both badly. I genuinely hope they can get past their differences and be friends again.

  • CDAN is saying Dina had to come out with it because Caroline mentioned it while taping the new season – posted 2/3/13. Wonder if this is true:

    “Back in October Dina Manzo and her husband Tommy separated. Apparently the topic has come up during filming for RH-NJ. Caroline mentioned it so Dina wanted to talk about it first so did what everyone does now when they have important news to share and no publicist. She used Twitter. Dina was on the show for the first seasons and a half, but unlike the rest of the husbands, her husband would not come on the show even though his brother Albert, who is married to Caroline is on the show. I always thought it was strange that Tommy never wanted to be shown.”

  • I’m definitely not blaming Dina’s separation on her split with Caroline but I often wondered how uncomfortable that must have been to have her husband working with Caroline’s husband when she wasn’t speaking to her sister. Just a bad situation all the way around.
    I hope things work out for Dina. She’s a little kooky but seems like a nice person. I liked her HGTV show.

    • Ya know, its funny you bring that up. I thought about that also- brothers in business together all day every day, sisters who are not speaking. And did you ever notice that in the years we have come to “know” these people on tv and interviews, I have never seen Tommy with the family. Ever. He was against tv, but never even in pics and NO ONE ever speaks about him. I think its strange, LOL. I think Dina will be ok, she has a hustle and hard work ethic to her! And her daughter has grown up to be such a great young girl!

  • I’m not surprised by the split at all. What surprises me most is that Dina took so long to figure out it’s better to be single and alone than married and lonely.

  • I like Dina and wish her the best. I know Caroline and Jax are going to find a way to blame Teresa for this.

  • Rumor has it, Caroline mentioned it during taping, so Dina wanted to say something before it aired. If true – shame on her. Not her place.

  • About cheaters — my observation is men cheat for two reasons:

    1. They are inherently misogynistic and view women as objects to fulfill their self-vision of manhood and power.

    2. They feel neglected by their wives, not so much physically, but emotionally. Men are big babies and need constant attention, support and nurturing. Women tend to be much stronger and less needy.

    I would imagine that TM falls into the top category. I met Dina once for an interview and found her to be an attentive, nurturing and very strong lady. She is very practical and has a beauteous spirit.

    • Honnie I love the way u word things and I think u hit the nail square on the head koodoos on this one my friend

      • Big hug to you, Angie! Thank you so much. I so enjoy conversing on here because I feel like I’m in cozy salon with friends!

        • You do express yourself beautifully Honnie. You mentioned an interview with her. So is that where you get all your great writing experience? You write articulate and to the point too and I love that. I find most many of the people who write on these blogs that have that wonderful gift of expressing their thoughts and feelings so eloquently are usually professional writers, reporters, have their own blog sites etc. I am just being nosy but it is well intentioned! Just love reading your comments!

      • Thanks, Jennifer!

        Since I was a kid (I’m 46 now), I have been fascinated by people, and have been a natural observer and one who also absorbs too. I neither put folks on pedestals nor is anyone beneath me, I just love to learn how folks tick and why. The more I learn, the better I can be for other people. This is my hopeful way of contributing something to society because I do not have the money to contribute much. But when you can truly understand and empathise without judgment, people tend to be appreciative and feel a certain sense of peace.

        So, overall, my observation above is from years of knowing a wide variety of men through various interactions, and many opening up to me confidentially.

        sorry for the long-winded psychobabble! I’ll peace out for now and wish everyone a festive Superbowl Sunday, even if ya ain’t into the pigskin proper! 🙂

  • I am so sorry to hear of this. Divorce is devastating….I Know from experience. I also know the long lasting effects it has on children. Again, from experience. I pray God will help them through this.

  • Eh, I’m not really that surprised. They seemed to be living very separate lives for some time now. Dina is not the needy loner that she was made out to be in Season 1. She is a business woman and very independent and once she got her wings (her name out there) she took off.

    I think in a lot of these situations, where 2 sisters marry 2 brothers, one of the couples inevitably feels pressure to get married because the whole idea of it, that being this fun foursome, is too hard to walk away from. At this point in Dina’s life and with the estrangements from her family the timing to walk away is really not surprising.

    Now all those niceties aside…I have a feeling her husband was a cold-hearted cheating DICKHEAD who could have cared less if she came home at night or not!

  • I like Dina, sorry to hear that she and Tommy are separating, but I can’t say I’m not surprised, Tommy has a history of cheating on Dina, ALOT, unfortunately, you can’t help who you fall in love with.
    I wonder if Caroline is jumping for joy over this. She probably thought Dina would come running back to her for comfort. Seems like Dina knows who is a real friend to her, and that is definately not her backstabbing sister and sister-in-law Jacqe-wine.

  • If he cheats on you he doesn’t want you. I hate she married homeboy but if it was to get money I’m not mad. Let him do what he wants if what you want is financial stability for yourself & your child.

    • She is probably like alot of people who think there is a chance that maybe once they were married, he would change or not cheat. I remember after season 1, I watched her episode of My Big wedding.. and honestly I was surprised that she did end up marrying him, BUT, like everything else on tv, I did not judge too much because its not like I knew him from anything else. Never heard any bad rumors about her marriage so I figured all was good. Ya just never know… But I like Dina ! From what I can tell, she seems like a great Mom, friend, etc.. wish her the best

  • I do honestly like Dina. She has beauty, poise and talent.

    But — why do folks spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a wedding (one day) and then get divorced only a few years later? What a waste of money. Seriously. Women have got to stop thinking only about “wedding” and seriously put their thoughts and energies into what happens after — “marriage.” The wedding industry is what always wins, big time. And then the divorce lawyers swoop in to win again, big time.

    • soo true Honnie, my husband and i were married 33 years ago in a wedding chapel. The total cost was under 300 dollars.

      • Congrats, Bryn! Jennifer, I do know it’s “the Day,” to remember. But, as Bryn says, it does not have to amputate anyone’s bank account. The day can be spectacular, memorable and filled with love without having to spend extravagantly. Now, that said, yes indeed, folks who have a lot of money will have weddings that reflect what they can afford.

        I have known couples who had such extravagant weddings,they couldn’t afford to by a house but had to live with in-laws for a couple of years. My only advice, so to speak, is be very practical so you can start off without having money problems.

        Meanwhile, I have a great feeing about Dina and her own success. She is well on her way to becoming a respectable TV personality; I personally loved “Dina’s Party,” and want to see more of this from her.

        • It doesn’t need to a 200k fest or for Dina 750k and I always thought it was too much. It just becomes expensive. The budgets come in and it just knocks you for a loop. Weddings are crazy expensive for a few hours. You are right.

  • I feel very sorry for Dina,but once a cheater-always a cheater. It was coming.

    It’s not easy to go through divorce,but I think Dina needs closure and fresh start more the anything else now.

    I am happy for her new role in a series.
    I hope that Caroline and Jac will reach out to her. This situation is so above any show drama.

    Even though I am not at all T’s fan, I have to give her credit for being loyal and supportive friend for Dina.

  • Soo sad to hear, but I hope she gets half of the Brownstone, that would be good. Wonder what Caroline would do then?

  • This is someone I wish had never left RHONJ. I loved her and miss her, and I can’t imagine the pain she’s going through right now. Isn’t it interesting that this happened back in October, and yet she didn’t spread it all around to use to her advantage.

    Now you see why I’m not a Brandi fan. I’m a fan of remembering there are always others involved, and I’m a fan of holding yourself up with class and dignity. IMHO Dina has always done that. I’m glad she has new project to dive into.

  • I really don’t know anything about obeservation is..there are a ton of divorces in reality that normal? I remember a talk show host stating that it is more likely for a cast member of a reality show to go through a divorce. weird.

  • I am sure that Dina has always had “Plan B” in her back pocket as she had a VERY clear picture of TM’s cheating history. I adore Dina but why does she constantly surround herself with Gay men?? She allows her very gay assistant Luke to live in her basement ( he posted the pix on Twitter ), he constantly refers to her as “MOM” and she seemingly allows him to drive her expensive cars ( all in TM’s name as she verifyed on Twtter) shit face drunk. He has disgusting and very graphic conversations with other gay Twitter friends that Lexi sees as they are friends. As private and protective as Dina is I am suprised she tolerates this. I wish Dina nothing but the best and I am sure she will be fine. I am sure that there is a prenup.

    • Really? Lets set a few things “straight” Here. First off I Never read this Bullshit Ever, but when a family member inboxes me and say “luke i think you should read this’ Where do i start? All you info was taken from my “twitter account” Did i ever once say WHY i was living at dinas? Maybe because we were filming TWO seasons of her show back to back working 17 hour days, If i wasn’t with Her i was helping out with Lexi who was 15 at that time. Second May i ask Is there something wrong with being GAY??? I refer to her as Mama not MOM and that is a joke with in our friends, YES i drive and have driven her “Expensive” cars Like you stated in the beginning of the Landish comment that i am Her Assistant… HOWEVER Never have i driven any of her cars “Shit faced DRUNK” I only drive her cars when SHE is in them. PLEASE tell me the Very Graphc conversations i have with people on twitter??? I will close with this. Next time you decide to slander a person on the internet, make sure A MAKE SURE ALL THE FACTS ARE CORRECT, B WHAT DOES THE PERSON HAVE TO DO WITH THE TOPIC AT HAND (in this case nothing) C think of the persons friends and family that may read this…

      Clearly you all have nothing better to do that to make shit up to fill peoples heads with.

      I do hope the best for you… but will leave you with this..


    • If Dina doesn’t have a problem with any of her assistants then why the fuck do you? To me your just starting shit that makes you sound like an asshole. I know Luke very well… And for you to say such insulting negative and untrue things makes me realize what type of a person you are. Luke is a great person inside out. You don’t know jack shit about his life. So mind your business and take a Xanax.

  • The most I remember of her is..she was on rhnj and she does not talk to caroline and she is a good friend with Teresa and I remember reading she has her own show. That is sad news when families separate..take care.

  • Bullies. Almost all of you. Stop with the name calling already. It’s old and annoying. Act like grown ups people! I’m not a fan of some particular HWs, but I don’t hide behind my keyboard and a fake name throwing out randumb (misspelling on purpose) insults to people I have never even met. Grow up. Many of you are probably parents-please set a better example for your kids! If you don’t have something nice to say, keep it to yourselves. Didn’t we all learn that as children?

      • Oh shizz, not another one.. Oh Holy whatever can be done about this on a blog site where we all partake in sharing thoughts, gossip and and everything else, LMAO???? Funny when someone we have never seen before on here comes here not to address the story but talk shit to others who comment…

        • I didn’t come on just to “scold”. And I don’t need to be “calmed down”. I was simply trying to make the point that all the needless name calling is hurtful. That is all. Sorry ya’ll find that funny and stupid. And yes it is a gossip site. Last time I checked, name calling doesn’t equal gossip. I’ll just keep my comments to myself in the future ok? Obviously, rational thinking doesn’t apply here. Thank you.

          • Umm yes you did, re read you post.

            Does it hurt your feelings that people call these ASSHATS names? LOL.

            Meatball Manzo, Cracker Jac, Katfish, Fredo, Messy..There, thats just a few that I have for them.

            Sorry that it hurts your feelings, 😉

          • Lacy do you object to the names caroline and her family are being called or do you object to name calling of anyone. I only ask because I don’t see you reprimanding everyone who calls teresa, melissa,joey,kathy or rich hurtful names. Just asking.

          • Lacy I DO agree with you! First of all, I don’t know who they are talking about as I am not reading these posts every single day. I do go to a site a daily blog about the housewives that the gal who blogs the stories first rule is no nicknames. She will ask the person posting if they are still in Kindergarten! If they continue she blocks them, Bit only is it mean (I am sure all these name callers aren’t all supermodels) I just picture them hiding behind their computer screens on here hours daily (no life) bored, over two hundred pounds and they remind me of those teen gamers addicted to the war game they all play eighteen hours a day. Same mind set. Look and it is the same names on all the sites!! Who has time for all that?? So Lacy if you disagree or call any of them out, they will attack usually in a very smug snarky manner. Just be cool and know you are right.

          • Lacy,

            What the heck? We are all being nice on this thread for once. We are in agreement because she like and want to support Dina. This is not the time to scold us. Seriously it is a love fest!

          • Lacy – To be fair, these people who are so okay with name calling, lost their fool minds when I called Tre, Tretard, stating that I must be the meanest person on earth and I must regularly make fun of retarded people.

            Nope, just making fun of Tre’s stupidity and no one else’s.

            So yet again, the hypocrisy is amusing to me.

          • All the name calling is ridiculous. This is about Dina and her husband and no one else. I feel bad for Dina and wish her the best.

          • Why is it ridiculous?

            This happens all the time, all of the sudden it’s ridiculous???

            Holy Sensitive People.. Jesus!

          • thats what I was trying to ask Lacy. The name calling happens to everyone. My point is they don’t say anything when its teresa and her family (includes gorga/marco) being called hurtful names but god forbid its caroline and her family. I am fine with the name calling as long as I understand where it is coming from. I understand calling melissa horsey face, joey fredo, etc

          • I have no problem with posters calling these people names at all, I do it, why would I have a problem with it?

            What I do not like is when they call the children names, I think that stinks.

          • I object to anyone name calling and being hurtful just for the sake of being hurtful. I was bullied as a kid, and it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I see adults hurling insults at one another when I’m just trying to keep up with the HWs. That’s all. This got way blown out of proportion. And very mature responses BTW. Reality TV is reality TV. I think these are “real” people posting here? Am I wrong for not wanting people to call each other nasty names? Sheesh! Tough crowd…

          • And to anonymous….I didn’t take anyone’s side….weird that you read so much into my comment when I mentioned no one by name.

          • Lovely Lacy

            You came on this site and scolded people( and called names) because they call Reality Tv people names on a gossip site. Re read your first post. Now really how freakin ” mature” is that?

            Did you really expect people to not reply?

          • I know these names are the RHONJ nicknames, but I find it necessary to jump in.

            I love calling Adrienne, RHOBH, “Smurfette” and I’m not going to stop, LOL 🙂

            Sorry for the detour, carry on 🙂

    • What the heck??? I haven’t seen a bad post on here. We all seem to be in agreement and support of Dina.

      • Micher, Holy…

        Dancer, Connie, Stump, Snaggle Tooth, Mama Meatball, Sausage Fingers, Fat Albert, Bloated Booze Bag, Lurker, Lapband Lauren, Ass-lee.

        Love it. Keep it coming folks.

        • Shipp

          OK, really funny! I think I know who Bloated Booze Bag is. But can you use it in a sentence? Maybe it was used before I became an addicted follower of this site! Boy, do I know some BBB’s…

          • Just for you kpasta, lol…Jac-Ass, that bloated booze bag, is gonna be wearing an orange jumpsuit soon (prison garb). Her Lurker husband too.

          • ahahahaha! Shipp! You are too funny! My husband just walked by and asked “are you alright? What in the hell is wrong with you” cause I’m laughing so hard!! Seriously, I can’t breathe!! lol!

          • Shipp, you mean Creeper Chris 😉 I will never forget the shot of him lurking around when Big Red suddenly appeared for the ambush on the deck.. YIKES

        • Micher, Holy and Shipp

          Bucky Beaver, Critterfur, Piglet, Fatneck, Shore Whore, Big Red, Assclown and Tricky Dicky.

        • I usually only call people by their real names except in the beginning I was compelled to refer to Joe as Sweaty Gorga. But while I wouldn’t like this in the real world, this is a gossip blog where people are expressing their feelings about people who have done some pretty horrible things to someone they like. Plus some of them are pretty funny. I have to admit I laughed to see a grown man ( Juicy) say the words “horsey face”.

          • Let it out hannavas, just let it out. It will make you feel free, LOL!! ( Just kidding.) I feel the same. I cannot imagine walking around and talking to people like how we comment on here.. some of it anyway, LOL

          • LOL.. We are all just having fun coming up with these names, My God it’s not that serious!

            Read Michael K on dlisted, that guy has great names for these people. It’s funny!

            Oh we are such ” bullies”..Give me a freakin break!

          • Note to – Principal Sister Mary Dicipline;

            From – Sister Mary Aggravation;

            Shipp, Michers, and Holy Cannoli, and anyone who contributed or laughed, are to serve to detention for life, and probably hell for eternity

          • Damn detention for life?? WTF?

            I’d rather go to confession, do my 5 Our Fathers, and 5 Hail Marys and be done with it.. LOL.

          • LOL LOL Holy cannoli, ah yes, the old 5 and 5, as we used to call our penance.

            Happy Super Bowl. And if you’re not interested watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, it’s a hoot.

          • Holy cannoli – Yes San Fran, and yes party. After I’ll probably be watching the toilet bowl. Burp, hiccup.

            Have fun.

          • LOL, I love ya @Shipp!!

            You have fun, remember it’s a marathon not a sprint, easy freakin does it!

            Who the f wants to be hugging the toilet? LOL. Brings back my college days..Holy Shit!!

          • LOL !! Shipp,Holy the rest of the cult: Hey at least we have a sense of humor. I cannot allow the negative nancy’s to rent space!!! And Shipp, my youngest put the puppy bowl on.. Im not sure how much of a “party” we will have here. Hubby is “away” for work for a longggg while 🙁 But I will make it fun around here for the kiddos!

          • @ Holy, in response to your post way upthread, I have a new name for Booze bag! Leaky Laurita. Should I feel bad, LOL? Nah..not on this day.

  • For you twitter gals- is it true Dina tweeted on/about Jan 8 to Brandi of RHOBH about cheating husbands? If it is, clearly this topic hit a nerve? Would support those who are promoting the cheating Tommy theory. Even though the bashers/haters on this site drive me crazy, this is a place where I trust the material, from the author(s), and you fellow posters. Anyone?

    • Dina Manzo ?@dinamanzo

      Watching @BrandiGlanville find all this out & I want to cry…Why do men do this?

      Dina Manzo ?@dinamanzo

      worse??? the WOMEN who go along with it. If he’s married MOVE ON…plenty of singe men out there

      Dina Manzo ?@dinamanzo

      Word of advice women~if they cheat its THEIR shit, NOT YOURS (most of the time) Don’t blame urself, they’ll only chng when they work on them

      • Wow. That’s interesting. As an old married, I agree completely with what she said. But, to tweet it, to me shows that it is an issue close to home, or why bother? ( A lot of issues drive me crazy, but I don’t know that I would put something out there, unless it was really near and dear to my heart-) Otherwise, it would be a full time job!!

        In a second time situation, and no young children, why stay, especially if others know, and you are being humiliated.

        • It is very interesting kpasta. I hadn’t seen those before and only looked due to your previous post. This definitely supports the cheating theory. Some of the other posters on this thread feel that in no way should Jax or Caroline even be mentioned in connection with this post. Believe me kpasta, I am no basher but I really do despise hypocrites and know it alls. I feel in this case Caroline will keep quiet, however, only because it involves HER family business this time. Too bad she did not use the same discretion with T’s marriage. I vividly remember her almost gleefully predicting the end of T and Joe’s marriage. If they announced their separation, you can be damn sure Caroline would be all “you heard it hear first”.

          • That Caroline prediction made me cringe! The one thing no one can call is whether or not a marriage will work. It may not be what you want, and it may be ugly to watch, but never be that smug– I can see why people went crazy when she said it. Not a good moment, and something like that you can’t apologize for in my mind.

      • good advice Kimoke, also if he cheated before you were married, he will cheat while you are married. Good luck Dina

  • I live Dina but I am not surprised even on their wedding special she admitted he was unfaithful that’s a hard pill to swallow. Hope she can move up bc I do believe they loved each other.

  • I’m not surprised for the little interaction that was shown between the two when Dina was on the show said it all……..
    Dina’s a smart cookie along with a great/positive outlook on life & will do just fine in all aspects of her life as she continues to move forward with class……….

  • In October Dina wrote on her blog in her website about phantom husband, she said they are fine and always in honeymoon stage. Poor Dina.

  • The gay rumors make me laugh. He is far from gay. I know at least two women who he has been with and one was certainly when he was married. His sexual conquests def led to the separation…but it was more the cheating than the team switching. :/

  • While I do not like caro most of the time I don’t think she will say anything about this. Now crazy on the other hand I’m sure will say something. We just have to wait for a drunk tweet night!

        • Deb, I think so too. The cousins appear to all be in contact and close still which is good ! I think with the sisters( leave Jac out) they will be fine and this may actually help bring them together? I think Jac is a Melissa in their situation and makes the rift worse.. just my opinion.

          • michers well said. she is the melissa in the family! You hit the nail on the head. Wow these two; Jaco and Messy have so much accountability, it sickening.

          • Dont they? They seem to be 2 peas in a pod. Which, is hilarious because sometime in the future, one of them will start “secret sourcing” the other’s drama/gossip! Or they will both do it to each other 🙂

  • Sorry to hear she is separating. It’s always sad when families break up. I wish her and her family well.

    That said, she announces her separation on the heels of announcing her new TV role? Well played Dina. She can now turn interviews about her marriage into plugs for the upcoming show.

    I’ve always thought she was great at playing the game.

    • Me too!!! I think a lot about her is an act for the cameras. This is one woman in control..Always.Nothing wrong with that.

  • My heart goes out to her. Brava for keeping this private as long as sh did.

    Not a fan of Caroline but I think the disparaging comments about her In this instance are out of place. My guess is she’d rather be there supporting her sister than watching from sidelines. This story is Dina’s alone.

    • Out of place? Caroline is a pig. She should have shut Wacky down after the “Dina has her own problems” comment.

      • I dont understand how can someone be “loyal” and so attached to a “sister by injection” than their own blood. Chris can divorce Jac, there goes the relationship but Dina & Caroline are blood sisters. Caroline doesn’t know what the hell loyalty is.

    • I agree Laurie. Who knows? Maybe they have been talking but keeping the downlow due to Bravo and Andy and all.

  • As I said above to holy cannoli – everyone knew about this in October and no one said a word.

    Is clearly stated Dina chose to share this information. Why you all are focused on Caroline and Jacqueline I’m not sure.

    And really who is surprised? She married a man that she knew was cheating. She wanted the money in the lifestyle And ended up footing the bill with her heart. Just goes to prove money isn’t everything.

  • Pure speculation here but I wonder how much Dina and Caroline’s feud had to do with this. What I mean is that I can just picture Caroline constantly making Big Al get in Tommy’s ear about how disloyal Dina was acting and how she was ruining the family and get your wife back in line, blah, blah, blah nonsense. It probably put a lot of stress and unneeded friction in Tommy and Dina’s marriage. Just a thought.

    • Agree with both of you. I can picture ClownHair doing this. We’ve all seen how vicious she gets…

    • Oh my god Kimoke, that is precisely what i concluded! Not only is It is conceivable but I can totally envision this happening.
      For sures there was if not immense pressure but at the very least some pressure from Carowhine and Jaco to get Al to “”whisper in his ear” like you said, this would’ve made an already fragile marriage crumble.
      Isn’t it sad that the majority of the public are poiting fingers at her sister. Look where the ever level headed Carowhine has come to. WOW.
      Nonetheless I feel so bad for Dina, but I think she made the right decision. When I watched that wedding special I just cringed at the sight of him. It seemed she was more in love with him, than he was with her. That there is a vital sign!!
      This chick is super classy. Everything about her, from the top to the bottom exudes elegance. I’m surprised she is related to Carowhine. Two very different personalities whom share the same blood line, but one always takes the high road and doesn’t throw family members under the bus whilst being provoked continuously. And the other speaks for herself. She is a curmudgeon. A sourpuss and a vicious woman for systematically attacking a friend with such hate, that her sour face was permanently frozen in that way all two seasons!
      She was angry over nothing and couldn’t come up with why she loathed Teresa so. Only straw she managed to clutch was that Teresa ruined her relationship with Dina. Yuck. Dina you have a halo on top of your head so don’t worry, sadly your sister has horns. Enough said me thinks.

    • Took the words right out of my mouth. These are feuding sisters, married to brothers. I could just imagine the strain it can put on all the relationships involved.

  • Feel so bad for her, but I’m not suprised! On their VH1 wedding special she said she caught him cheating SEVERAL times bad way to start marriage!
    Dina is thee most beautiful-classy of the housewifes &I wish her N her dau the best..

  • I’m not surprised. She’s always in the Hamptons and traveling. Some men can’t handle her level of success and I never thought he was that kinda of man. Second when she got married it seemed like it was for security reasons. I think she Canmore than take care of herself now.

    • I felt something was wrong, when she tweeted plans to come to miami on new year’s without her hubby…#notgood

      • She also tweeted that she wants to move to the Hamptoms or California in a year. I also thought that it was weird.

  • Not surprised at all. Did anyone see how he talked about her in that episode?? I’ve also heard rumors that he plays for the other team…

  • I am kind of surprised. But they were both always in different directions and busy.. then again, didn’t she always tweet about ” date night”??? I wish her the best ; health, happiness and success!!

    • Married people have date night. My husband and I schedul date night whether we are in good spirits or in bad… It’s about trying to make a marriage work .

      • I know ! But I guess thats why Im surprised and sad for her. They did a very good job handling their private life and personal matters and I wish Dina the best. It also seemed like not too long ago they had date night- after October, during this separation. ( thats why I mentioned that )

        • Yes Michers! – I was also remembering the somewhat recent “date night” tweets when I heard about this! I feel so bad for her. Love Dina and all her positiveness and spiritual attitude and I hope she’s ok during this….no one better exploit this on RHONJ…..

  • Dina in my book is one of the classiest women. Bravo was lucky they had for the time they did. Lexi has always behaved like a beautiful, young, intelligent lady on twitter. Can we all say the same for the Manzo clan or Ashlee.

    This is painful, if her sister doesn’t come out and support her now publicly.

      • Dina does have class, you know she isn’t going to go out and write some nasty book about the divorce.

    • Her sister probably will just bash her. They don’t have a relationship. Will seem odd that now she wants to be supportive.

    • Dina has done a beautiful job with Lexi for sure! Beauty plus brains for sure. BUT why is this child to go by LEXI MANZO and does not use her fathers last name??? This child is not Manzo!!! Her Father must be really really hurt by this. Is this a ploy by Dina to get her daughter some spotlight? Very sad.

    • She did alluded to Dina ” going through something” in a recent interview she gave. Also didn’t Dina kinda go off on twutter recently about something, and we were all kinda trying to figure out what is was about. Something about being contacted for a quote from a tabloid? Maybe someone remembers this.

      Anyway I’m guessiing that Dina and Tommy tried to keep this as private as they could( if this has been going on since October) they has kept it pretty damn quiet. I’m guessing someone( cough cough Cracker Jac) ” leaked” something to Radaronline( her go, to since her bestie Tom Murro works for them, and Fox News. I’m guessing shit was gonna hit the fan, and Dina had to let people know before it hit the gossip sites.

      Anyway I’m just guessing

        • Holy, I does not suprise me. I follow her on twitter, and she never talks about him. She and Lexi were in CA for New Year’s Eve; I thought it was strange she was not spending it with her hubby.

      • Wacky Chan must be so proud of that comment. Fat Al tells his pig clown wife. She repeats it to the drunk and the drunk repeats it to the public. Ya gotta love family. So loyal. I can’t imagine why Dina doesn’t speak to Caroline. Let’s all hope that Karma pays the drunk and the Butch a visit soon.
        The difference between Butchy and Dina is that Dina can survive a divorce. The clown would fall apart at the thought of having to get off her fat ass and get a job.

        • Who are you talking about???? This is why I hate nicknames. I don’t know who butch or fredo or any of these are…. I have a favorite Tea I go to and her number one rule is no nicknames, I like that rule….It’s too hard to follow yoiu guys when you use all the slang and nicknames.

          • Klown Kardashian Honey I am just frustrated!!! I like it here and I the like the commentators too. I just loathe the nicknames because I don’t know who the hell y’all are talking about!! It isn’t a personal attack against anyone I am nosy and want to know who you are talking about is all!

      • Holy – It clearly states in the article above, Dina wanted to get her “secret” off her chest. If this has been going on since October, there has been plenty of time for Caroline and Jacqueline to tell. They obviously respected Dina and Tommy’s privacy.

      • Wow! Did not know Jax did that! She is one busy-body. Dina probably does not speak to Caro cause Caro stays in her marriage and this will be Dina’s 2nd divorce.

      • Yeah, I heard rumors too about him being gay (just over the internet, not from anyone in person)

        If she knew and they married, maybe she was lonely or wanted more of a partner to be by her side.
        If she found out afterward, well then that’s just heartbreaking.

        Of course, I don’t know one way or another if it’s true

      • I really, really try not to stereotype, and I know that not everyone who seems gay actually is gay, but the first time I saw the clip of them together on “My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding,” I thought the flames coming off of him would melt my monitor.

      • Oh Jennifer! The more “countless girlfriends” stories, the more likely he is gay! Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

      • Great point. Many “in the closet” gays hide their tendencies by having many partners of the opposite sex.

  • I feel so bad for Dina I know that had to be hard on her to keep that inside all those months!! I hope she gets the support she needs from her family and friends!! I hope they can work it out and try to fix this if they can, I don’t think they have filed for divorce yet have they? Maybe that is a good sign that niether of them has took that step yet, but it’s between Dina & Tommy I just wish them all the best!!

    • I think it’s funny how many of you Tre fans read an article about Dina and two sentences into your comments, you are dissing Caroline, wondering how Caroline might be plotting to connect Teresa to Dina’s divorce. Always going to Caroline and attacking is doing exactly what you all accuse her of doing to Teresa? What gives? Can’t the article just be about Dina and her unfortunate news? Let’s not all be “Carolines”.

      • Shiks,

        Ummmmm Caroline is Dina’s sister and she is part of the story because she was featured heavily on their wedding story on tv. Also people are wondering if she is giving any support to Dina or is she still being a hard ass biatch when her sister is going through this.

        • Ummmm, JoJO – We have to agree that at least Caroline didn’t blab about the separation during the past several months, right, that is kinda supportive, baby steps.

          • Oh please Shiks. As another commenter stated – it’s tongue-in-cheek to the way CaroLIE has bheaved for the past 2 years and the way she blames Teresa for all the worlds problems. If CaroLIE was a supportive sister, she wouldn’t support Jacqueline planting stories about her sister.

        • What is the Hooker and the EX thread? Sorry. Trying to nderstand all this news. I didn’t know Dina’s husband was a cheater either and that’s why the divorce. Where does it say this and what am I missing? How do we know Caroline and Dina aren’t already talking and they are keeping it a secret for the show or Bravo?? Just a random thought. Something as serious as this may just have brought them back together and let all the petty stuff go. I didn’t speak to my sister for five years over things I was so hurt about. I ended up calling her when our mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers. We were both relieved to cry together and get over the past hurts and are now back together as sisters in a crisis should be. Just saying…

      • Shiks, at the risk of speaking for others, I think those comments are “tongue-n-cheek” and only represent the theme of the past two seasons of RHNJ.

      • ITA. This has nothing to do with The Caroline you all hate, Holy Teresa, or Jax. Unless I am missing something, they don’t go home at night to the Dina/Tommy household. To even bring up any of the others here, defies logic!
        These two are not new to marriage-so, it’s all them. My, my, Dina is not a saint. There has been stuff brewing-remember she said in 1st season how she “was going to quit working” to be with her husband/daughter? Then turns right around and goes on to big TV. She pulls away from family/friends, because she has trouble in the marriage. And who the heck tweets about their own divorce? I love my “spiritual” friends? Sounds like instability to me. Good luck to her.

        • To correct your recollection of the record, she was going to quit her current business because it was a weekend based business………there’s a difference between working M-F and S-S.

        • @ kpasta

          Umm Bethenny has …Brandi won’t quit tweeting about it…I’m sure there are others but those 2 just came to my mind right out of the gate.

          • holy

            you’re right. i just can’t see her doing that, especially as private as Dina was/is. Maybe she just wanted to beat the media to the punch? Especially since people know when a couple is not under the same “roof”- it was only a matter of time. Just hope she doesn’t spin crazy. Hopefully, this acting job will keep her busy, and mind free.

          • @kpasta

            Thats what I think. Cracker Jac alluded to something like this9 she said Dina was going through something) in a interview a few weeks ago, then Dina went off on twitter a little bit, maybe it was connected somehow. Anyway I wrote my thoughts on that further down on this thread.

            I agree Dina is pretty private and since she an Tommy have been separated since October, I’m think they both wanted to keep this as quiet as possible. I do think she really had a choice, I think she had to go public.

        • @ Kpasta let me get this straight!! They are not suppose to talk about Caroline & Jac in this post, but you can sit here and bash Dina and talk about her like a dog!! Can we say hypocrite I love how you double standard people talk shit about everyone else, but you people can say and do anything you want!! I see exactly why you two are Caroline and Jacqueline fans your just exactly like them lol. They can post what ever they want to post about if you don’t like it don’t read it!!

      • I think the point that is trying to be made is that Caroline is very judgmental of others’ marriages, especially Teresa’s. Given her history of feeling the need to give her opinion, regardless if she’s asked to or not, it’s reasonable to assume that she will have something to say regarding Dina’s situation and since she hates the fact that Dina and Teresa are friends, it’s probably safe to assume that she will have something to say about Teresa and what she thinks to be her role in the divorce. That’s how Caroline rolls!

    • Yep her and her delusional side kick, I mean SIL Jacqueline. According to them it’s Teresa’s fault because Satutday is sandwiched between Friday and Sunday, and you Teresa is totally at fault for that. I thought it was insensitive and hateful when Caroline made disgusting comment in Teresa’s marriage, and equally true when that bitch Jacqueline kept going on and on about Joe cheating on Teresa (as if she could talk). If I were ever to come face to face with either of those two I’d likely try to slap them. I am sorry for Dina, maybe this is just a separation and maybe they can work it out. If not I hope they can workout to where they’re both happy and can be beneficial for them all.

  • .

    Do you all remember when Caroline Manzo
    went on abouthow Teresa Guidice would be
    gettinga divorce. She was publicly nasty
    about Tre & Joe’s marriage.

    Oh Caroline….don’t even have words
    for that woman.


    • Caroline better not say a word about this, Caroline has consumed herself in a petty fight that was none of her business while her baby sister was probably going through the worst moment of her life and having to rely on other people for support.

      I am sorry to hear this but not surprise. It is good that they can continnue to be amicable and Lexy is already 17? She will be fine.

      • I think that you hit the nail on the head Mary. I generally don’t like to make comments or suppositions about people who I don’t know, but I would guess that this situation has something to do with Dina’s estrangement from her sister. I’m sorry for Dina’s situation and wish her the best. No one should enjoy someone’s suffering.

    • Wow Jersey Chicklet. I didn’t even remember the “You heard it first here folks ” comment until you mentioned it..
      That was disgusting for Clowzo to say..I remember saying this woman really is a f ing clown .. She’s throwing her friends marriage under the bus..In fact All Of the cast of NJ has made Negative remarks about the state of Teresa’s marriage..And continue to do so ..

      Divorce is never easy..

      All the best to Dina and Lexi

  • I like Dina, too bad things didn’t work out. I’m sure Teresa is a good and loyal friend to her and will help her through this difficult time. God knows Caroline won’t.

  • this is so sad =( , but we all knew he’s been caught before who knows how many more times he’s cheated on her and she just put up with it, the same goes for big brother Al, Caroline’s husband he’s been known to have had affairs also……..

    • I’m sad for her… nobody wishes this on anyone… but sh’s a beautiful woman, and I know she will come out of it all right.

      I wonder how long before Caroline finds a way to say It’s “Teresa’s Fault”…?

      • now that’s the truth right there…. plus chuckie is also probably secretly jumping for joy at this….yes i do think she is that sick of a puppy to get joy from her sisters heartache.

          • I believe you’re full of s*** if you keep talking crap about Caroline feeling that way about her sister. I don’t care so much about Jacqueline but Caroline is not like that.
            seriously people get a life

          • I think Dina was a beautiful bride and the photos above are perfect. It’s a shame but they’re all adults and regardless of what happened, happened and a decision to split was made.
            I don’t believe for a moment that Caroline is happy about this. I do think it is breaking her heart. I can’t help but feel Jacqueline is pleased about the split. I hope Dina finds love and peace and all her dreams come true. Something tells me Dina was a good wife.

    • This has been a long time in the making but they are separating they might get back together. I love Dina!

          • I remember her tweeting late one night, that she wished her husband was home in bed with her at 3am. I thought that was sad.

            I think she wanted to have a normal marriage but what’s normal about the Manzo’s.

            Both Tommy and Al have the same non relationships with the spouse.

            They are not thick as thieves. Only Caroline and her 3 ducklings are.

          • none of them are “actually” wealthy…all the court docs, real estate issues. this is all a show. how sad to get caught in a web of junk.

  • Not hugely surprised since there have been quite a few rumors about them since her wedding (and before). But, those are none of my business. I’ve always liked Dina and wish her the very best.

    • Yes a couple weeks ago she also tweeted she would be leaving jersey in a year and moving splitting time between Hamptons and LA. “finally getting out of here” or something which I found odd since she has a husband here.

      But I agree, I like her and wish her nothing but the best.

    • I think Dina had to do this partly becuse Jacqueline Laurita opened her BIG botoxed mouth (what’s new?) in a recent interview alluding to this.

      I was also on reality tea when that poster “lolag” commented on this as well. I am an avid reader of reality tea (since it started) and that “lolag’ person is DEFINATLEY jacqueline! At one point I even called her out, but she totally ignored my comment and did not even dispute it lol.

      • I wondered how she had managed to keep this quite with Jax. Didn’t know crazy was dropping hints. I really can not stand women like Jax. Here hoping that everything turns out well for Dina.

      • Ugh… leave it to Jacqueline to be involved in Dina’s business where she doesn’t belong, nor does she do any good. With a face that stiff, you’d think she couldn’t open her mouth, but oh well.

        I wish Dina the best even more so, since I’d hate to have a SIL as malicious and sh*t-stirring as Jacqueline.

      • I feel so sad for Dina. I hope she remains happy even without him. Tommy has always been a cheater.

        I would sometimes believe Lolag was Jac because she would only bash on Teresa, and would have all this info about Dina and Teresa. That woman would leave a billion comments a day on Reality Tea and on here. Haven’t gone on Reality Tea in months, but has Lolag (Jacko) posted anything so far about Dina. Especially the whacky stuff she says…

      • I remember Lolag, I used to post on realitytea off and on. I thought also that Lolag was a person that had to have been close to the crowd. Also I think not only where they seperated in october but they probably was emotionally seperated since 9 months after the wedding.

    • Rumors around town and ppl who know the family is that allegedly tommy is a switch hitter and dina knew about it. Doesnt mean i dont empathize with her. She’s done alot for her charity and seems to be a great mom. But there will be a payday for her… guaranteed !