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PHOTOS: Before And After Melissa Gorga Edition!

It’s common sense that most of the ‘Real’ Housewives have gotten some sort of plastic surgery done and most are very upfront about it. Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Kathy Wakile and Jacqueline Laurita have publicly stated they’ve gotten their nose done. Melissa Gorga has been asked several times if she has gotten her nose done and continues to deny. In the photo above, it shows Melissa Gorga before appearing on The Real Housewives and how she looks after appearing on the housewives!

It’s clear not only has Melissa gotten her bubbies done, she’s done her lips and nose! Do you think it’s weird when Real Housewives lie about the plastic surgery they’ve gotten done or would you do the same?

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  • Melissa was ugly as a teen…got her boobs done first by a guy who liked her at Lookers…now nose job. She looks nothing like she did in season 3. I remember Caroline saying she was a younger/prettier version of Teresa in season 3 and the Manzo boys drooling over her and her short shorts at a family playdate. I remember thinking she looked like a witch face & a whore. Now season 5 she looks like JLo so much better on outside but such a terrible person inside. Her original face matched her inside. Now her new face is helping to mask her rotten insides.

  • Ditto, with all who have expressed how ugly Melissa Gorga is on the outside and inside. She is poison, hopefully her husband sees it one day. She is such a witch!!!

  • Melissa Gorga is still beautiful no matter what; such a great mother. What she wants to do with her face is her choice. After all she lives in so call “free country”. I wonder why does it bother so many popole that she is famous and she si doing her own thing…. hmmmm. Alla of them are beautiful in their own way of corse they have their issues band half of them are notte so nice but some of you are being a little hypocritial, so whatever.

    • Melissa looks like a tranny!!!!! And seriously she has her nose done TWICE. Her husband needs to lay off the steroids. They need to give it up seriously. I side with Theresa and say no one has truly seen the fake trashy bitch that Melissa really is.

      Melissa you look like a guy in drag. Lay off all the plastic surgery, make up, fake hair, fake lashes and fake attitude you wanna be JLo

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  • There was a time I think two seasons ago she was on Watch what happens at the same time RHNJ. It was so obvious she had work done. Yet people were saying it was the make up artist did a better job on WWH. Or maybe it was her sister covering the work done. Kathy could not not tell. The difference is so dramatic she doesn’t even look like herself. I would have preferred a confident Kathy keeping her looks real and proud of it. I liked the old look better on Kathy. Now she doesn’t look real and doesn’t even look like herself.

  • I see the point of this blog/article is not whether Messy had a nose job or not. Or whether it looks better before or after.

    Point is Melissa will continue to stupidly lie about something and expect people to believe her.

    Even if the truth is as plain as to see as the nose on her face.

  • Melissa has had a boob job,nose job,lip plumping , Botox, she wanted to get her ears pinned but has no $

  • Again, ugly on the inside makes you ugly on the outside, and I have thought since day one she was a very ugly person for saying she did not come on the show to bash her sister in law, and that is all she did. It’s all on the show and yet she still denies it. Teresa is her only claim to fame, and funny thing is, now bulldog is her claim to fame because no one really cares about anything else she does. Her and her sisters are only relevant by other people. At least T always had her personality and exudes love – not saying she is always right etc., she’s just not evil. Hope people can see the difference and not just think I dislike Melissa because I like Teresa. Melissa has given me no reason to like her – she’s a sneak!!!

  • One boyfriend paid for the boob job, SloJo paid for the nose job. Will she find another sucker if she wants a vag rejuvination done????!!!!

        • mellisa is so skinny that you can tell that she had her boobs done. But she did mention the fact that one of the things that the gorgas don’t like about her is the fact she had her breast done because only strippers get their breast augmented. Her thing was now that teresa had hers done how do the gorgas(parents)feel about teresa. She shouldn’t have even mentioned that because fake breast is just one among many reasons the gorgas don’t like her.

          • It doesn’t bother me when you spell her name wrong. I just assumed it was an error. Lol. Plus, only a few people would mention it and that’s usually when the commenter is mad.

  • Melissa has a nasty little personality, but I don’t get why people call her ugly? I mean, sure she has a long face that is kind of “horsey” at times, but she’s not ugly. I find her to be one of the prettier housewives. She looks so much better when she doesn’t have all the fake hair and heavy make up.

  • I don’t like Melissa but she is a beautiful woman. Her nose job looks amazing but I prefer the Season 3 opener. To me, she was absolutely gorgeous then! I also love her naturally curly hair. IMO, straight hair has no personality and ages you. If I ever decide to get my nose done, I WANT HER DOCTOR’S NUMBER! Lol

    I can’t tell she had her lips done. That must be some good work!

  • wow reading ths commments I’m wondring.. since:

    Melissa + rumored nose surgery = fake woman?

    Then using the same equation..

    Teresa + provn breast surgry = fake woman!

    • Hi Sana,

      In my opinion, I think it is two totally different stories. T put her breast enhancement out for the world to see in Season 2?? I think and we watched her go through it. She never lied about it or tried to deny it, if anything, she shouted it out to the world. Melissa has obviously had the nose job but still denies it. That’s the difference. I’m not judging doing it but I am judging lying about it when it is so patently obvious. Just admit to it like T did and she would come across a lot more honest.

    • I think that mellisa needed the nose job, well the first one anyway. I also think that teresa needed the breast augmentation just like I assume that mellisa needed it to since she had one done also. Mellisa is fake because of who she is not because of her plastic surger. Do you know who did not need any type of plastic surger? Kathy and Jacqueline. I think that they were prettier before. The only thing that kathy need to fix is her bulging eyes and there is no fix for that.

    • Why don’t you add ALL of Melissa’s surgeries to your equation and THEN give us your poignant theory? Genius.

    • Not knocking on people with small boobs because I, unfortunately, wasn’t blessed with huge perfect knockers, but Teresa looked completely flat-chested before her surgery. But at least she wasn’t afraid to say that she was getting breast implants.

      Melissa needed that nose job about as much as Teresa needed boobs. The difference is that Melissa has constantly lied about getting anything other than her boobs done.

      I don’t get why people lie about plastic surgery. If you’re a public figure, we can pull up pictures of you from the past and compare it to how you look now. Just own up to it. Jacqueine is queen of pretending she didn’t get anything done between seasons 1 and 4. Her face in season 1 was still movable. Her face now is frozen.

  • Correct me, anyone, if I may be wrong. I think Melissa had a rhinoplasty years ago, and just got another one between the two RHONJ seasons. I personally believe that she looked perfect after the first one; the second one is too much and completely altered her facial landscape. I know it sounds rough, but I think many photos of her now look like she’s constantly smelling something very foul and dank.

    • She did!! If you look at old pictures she had one done before joe. She should have stopped there because you wouldn’t have known unless you saw old pictures of her. She did have a second one done before she and joey apperared on andy’s show. She had her upper lip done around thanksgiving. I know this because of the pictures she posted of her fameily at thanksgiving dinner. I also think she had other stuff done to her face. I happen to think that she looks prettier now. Also the picture posted as her before is not her before, that is after her first nose job. Im sorry but mellisa was ugly. She is like joan river. Both were clearly ugly before having work done and now look better even though you can clearly see that they did have work done. It is not good when people can tell you had plastic surgery but with them, that is an improvement. Just so everyone know, I am a big fan of joan rivers but I know what she looked like before the plastic surgery.

      • Hi, anon! I love Joan Rivers, too; what a true original! I remember her from the 70s and she is so truly talented.

        I think Melissa is very attractive in a sexy, exotic way. My observation is that I loved her face as it was before the latest round of enhancements; she didn’t need any of it.

  • Attractive or not I wish Melissa would stop with the adolescent duck face pout.
    If she was Gia’s age(12), I could understand it.

  • Good God, when will she realize when ur ugly inside, you will be ugly outside.

    Horsey was born with horses’ features but, if she was nice, those features could be cute. But she is nasty to the core. Now she just looks a horse with nose, lip, forehead etc. jobs done!! She is still ugly to the core!

  • Why do so many people care about who had what do? Melissa is beautiful either way.
    That’s why Teresa is so jealous of her.

    • When I first saw Melissa on the show, she looked so young and refreshing. Now, Lord have mercy, she looks so worn out. She doesn’t even smile like she did before.

  • I do think it is weird when they lie about their plastic surgery. It makes them look like, well, liars! LOL! When there is so clearly a difference how can you sit with a straight face and deny? Even if they just say they would prefer not to discuss it, fine, but when you outright lie, you just look stupid.

    • Most liars like Meho, lying comes natual to them. Some lie even when they dont need to lie. I wonder if Slojoe has caught on to how easy it is for her to lie?

      • Naahh, there is a reason he is called Slojoe glasshalffull. He is still drinking that koolaid definitely!! Melissa is a pathological liar in my opinion. There is no changing a bs artist. That is what they do.

    • ITA!!! The lying about the nose supports all the claims from people who say she is a phony, and makes up stuff. Whether or not we find her attractive, it just makes her look bad as a person, to deny the obvious. What is the phrase: IT IS AS OBVIOUS AS THE NOSE ON YOUR FACE?! LOL.

    • I agree with all three of you! Mel is a pathological liar, but there are people on Twitter who actually believe her nose is all natural because Mel always says that her makeup artist contours her nose so much so it looks like she had a nose job.

      I can tell from her bump though. Her new nose doesn’t have it.

  • If I was going to be constantly judged by my looks and I could afford it then I would probably do everything I could to present my best self. I just don’t like when they over do it and then they all start to look the same. Same nose, same duck lips, same boobs. All the RHOC look the same to me. I love that Carol on RHONY is perfectly imperfect. She has an overbite that I find works because she doesn’t look like every other person on TV and it is refreshing.

    • ITA! I wish more women embraced the things that make them unique. I have been pressured by my dentist for a long time to get braces, which I don’t need for any medical reason just a little crooked, but I have always said I liked my teeth because it makes my smile my own. Just kind of sad that so many people feel pressured to look like a carbon copy of what a “beautiful woman” is supposed to be. Even if I don’t like Melissa I try and not comment on people’s looks because I believe every one is beautiful, and Melissa is a very attractive woman.

      • I think plastic surgery and injections should be used to fight against aging not to change your looks… I have honestly never seen a nose job where I thought the person looked better. Your nose is nothing to be messed with. It is the character of your face. Once you get the ‘perfect’ popular nose you loose your own look and become generic.

        • I’m with you. Botox (if not over done) and injections (also not overdone) can really help a lot in bringing a more youthful appearance. It is when people go overboard and totally change the person they were before that I dislike. It’s great to keep yourself up and always look nice as possible, but don’t let it get out of hand. And I agree with you about noses, I believe it gives a person character (I mean who wants a cookie cutter nose anyway???) and usually is in proportion to one’s face already. I am going to sound weird here but oh well….I’ve always been attracted to men with large noses…lol, something about it….hehe ok enough from me on this 😉

          • I agree, Catface. Botox can make some look younger and more radiant, but some (like my aunt) gets a little too obsessed that they have to go 4-5 times a year.

            Janice Dickinson gets botox once a month! That’s too much!

          • hahaha, funny, I’ve always liked men with a larger nose too. I don’t think it is their nose per say that attracts me, but most men that I find attractive have a unique look, their own look and that is largely due to a big and/or different nose.

            I agree about injections being over used. Some women don’t even look human anymore. First they look plastic and then with too much eyebrow work they start to look like they were once a man. Just look at Danielle, Teresa’s make up artist and Faye R. Adrienne is leaving the plastic look and entering into the tranny look phase. Geesh, what are people thinking.

    • It looks like she has her chin shaven down also. She will not own up to anything she’s done. She just keeps lying, even when the proof is right in front of her. I wonder if she ever considers paying back her in-laws the money that her and SlowJo owe them?

  • Looks like maybe an eye lift too. Her upper lids are no longer puffy and low and her under eye bags are gone also in the second pic.

    • ITA, if she was smart she would be a spoke person for the doctor who did the work. They did a good job and I think it looks more natual than most others. (Sorry, Katfish’s nose job is too severe.) ITA about the tan and old makeup, much better now. If I recall correctly, didn’t she eggmitt to having her lips done in one of her talking heads. She said she was having problems talking because she was not used to them.

      • I vaguely remember that too Glasshalfful. Also, I think there were pics taken when it was first done and it was very pronounced. As much as I dislike her, I think she really does look great now. Too bad she still has the same old rotten core! haha!

    • She definitely gets botox. I bet WHEN RHONJ is about to premiere… She’ll get more botox and more lip injections so she’ll be camera ready when she’s in the clubhouse or doing interviews.

    • I was thinking the same thing, she had something done with the eyes too. Its so hard to say which is better because she is so ugly on the inside that it just leaks through either photo.

  • I don’t mind her nose before because its what God gave her and big noses run in my family and we are pretty proud of them so its hard hate on her for that.What makes her look ten times better in after photo is she lost witchy hair,fake tan and hooker makeup.

  • She looked like the Wicked Witch of the West before and now she looks like the Wicked Witch of the West with overinflated lips and a different nose.

  • I’m not a big Melissa fan but I think she looked much prettier before the nose job and lip job. She didn’t need all that work done.

    • I agree with you, Annie. Melissa looks better now because her before look is borderline ridiculous. Her nose job was cut off wayy too much though. Reminds me of that whole drag queen look.

      I would own it, and tell everyone what I had don’t. So what? What’s wrong with telling others you want to improve your features? When it’s so obvious… Why lie?

      Her curly hair is cuter than her straight hair. Idk. I never see her rock her curly hair anymore because she relaxes her hair too much. Why change your hair so much, Mel?

  • Mel was pretty before the nose job and pretty after.

    I don’t understand not copping to a nose job, but really it’s her body and her business.


      • Who said anything about a “Big Deal” ?

        Also, I can’t think of 1 housewife from any franchise that hasn’t had plastic surgery, so they’re all fake.

      • thank you- you took the words right out of my mouth. melissa is the most annoying wanna be person on our planet.

        • Really? In the entire planet, Melissa is the most annoying?

          I don’t know, there are some pesky tyrants, dictators and terrorists killing thousands of people a day. But you’re right. Mel takes the cake.

          • I agree to some extent. In my opinion she isn’t the most annoying in the planet but imo she’s still pretty annoying. It’s her business/choice if she doesn’t want to say. I don’t care as long as she doesn’t start bashing other people for it because clearly she’s had work done.

          • Jpg no not that Im aware of. I’m just saying that I don’t care what she does to her face as long as she doesn’t criticize anyone else. 🙂

          • She have called Teresa out many times for not admitting to things. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    • JPG I actually agree with you. I may not like her on the show very much, but she is a very attractive woman. I think she was pretty before, and I like that she has a more unique look. Its boring when everyone has the same “perfect face”. Anyway, I don’t know why she would hide it, she doesn’t have any reason to be embarrassed or anything.

      • I agree CaTfAcE. I prefer someone with a few flaws. I don’t understand the desire to be “perfect” which is bs anyway. Everyone likes different things. When you get too much plastic surgery you just end up looking like every other lady who did too.

        • I don’t like that being on TV puts so much pressure on people to look a certain way. I wish everyone could leave looks out of it, I feel like a lot of the women get judged on the way they look just because people dislike their personality. And just to be fair, they did use the worst possible before picture on this, there are much more flattering early pictures of Melissa.

          • Well ya both know I do not like Melissa at all. But I have always thought and still think she is very attractive, actually pretty, with a great body.

            As far as her having anything done, meh I don’t care she looks great, and she has not gone crazy with it. She still looks like herself only better.

          • I agree with you! No matter how much I dislike a person’s personality I always feel bad commenting negatively on looks because that is one thing a person doesn’t have control over. I can dislike her for other reasons though lol. I do have to give it to her though, she has a great body/sexy look.

          • I always thought Melissa was attractive/ pretty. I also think Kathy is, she just needs a stylist. Lauren Manzo is very pretty in my opinion also.

          • I thought Kathy was much prettier before her surgeries. Granted, she had a larger nose with a bump, but it just fit her face so well. And her eyes are killer.

          • Her nose never bothered me at all, I agree it fit her face.

            It looks ok though, and it bothered her so she fixed it. Good for her.

            I just hope she doesn’t go the Cracker Jac route with a ton of botox, fillers and lip injections. She looks ridiculous!

    • Come on don’t you think a tummy tuck too? I’m jealous. I would own it and flaunt it. What are the odds of a woman not having one strech mark after giving birth to 3 kids?

      • I agree. The picture on the left is the “after” picture. Why do these women wreck their faces? I don’t get it.

      • Look it’s plain to see she has her nose done. Why not just admit it. The public isn’t blind. She just lies about everything. If her mouth is moving, you know she is lying.

      • I hate the nose job too. I always thought she was pretty with an awesome figure. Now I can’t even look at her face because she messed herself up. They did something to the bottom of her nose that changes her whole face. And I have no idea where they got that b4 pic because I never seen her look like that. She shouldn’t have messed with herself when there was nothing wrong with her looks to begin with.

    • I think she looks better with the nose job, but then again I’m used to the nose job Melissa not the “natural” nose one

    • Its the fact that she iss so comfortable and. Relentlessly dishonest bout. A almost. Everything aabout. Her life!