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Melissa Gorga Says Friends Are Everything!

Normally the saying goes that Family is Everything but not with RHONJ star Melissa Gorga. Melissa Gorga wants the world to know that friends are the one that mean everything to her!

Filming continues to go on for the 5th season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and last night Melissa had a get together that was filmed for the hit show and invited the gang and Teresa Giudice’s former best friends Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo!

After the night, Melissa took to twitter to say, “Hi everyone. Had a full house tonight…Friends are everything.”

Find that saying laughable since she only met Jacqueline and Caroline because of Teresa and since they’ve only became close because they all hate Teresa. Another funny thing is Jacqueline has claimed several times that she doesn’t consider Melissa Gorga a friend yet Melissa wants us to know that these “friends” mean everything to her! Do you think Melissa should just stop tweeting?

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  • Crap I think Brittney is mad. She blocked me on twitter. If its the same one. I really was not trying to pick on her. I was merely pointing out the humor of it all and that Maby we take it to far sometimes.

    Sorry Brittney. Please unblock me. 🙁

  • That’s funny about the Brittny/Mariska thing! Brittany did indeed eff up, I believe! I was on the Famewhorgas site yesterday reading and there is a “Brittany” on there posting to come here and read that a friend of Melissa’s named Mariska is giving some good info on Melissa! This shit is more entertaining than the show, isn’t it folks? 🙂

    • And this is exactly why I don’t believe “sources.” I have to wait until the show comes out to see if for myself.

      • @ HAHHA

        I agree with you, especially when they come on random gossip sites and say all kinds of stuff, .Weird.

        The “sources” from like articles/ radar on line, etc., I think are just them going off twitter and stuff. Maybe some might be from the atual housewife or their camps, God knows they have all excused each other of this.

        I agree though about waiting to watch the show.

        • You always say you don’t buy sources and you want to see for yourself, Holy, and I completely agree. Though I do enjoy my share of looking at this site to read the “gossip” I try not to believe anything (Caroline and Jacqueline not coming back to RHNJ, etc.) until I see it with my own eyes. P.S. Radar Online is SUCH a freaking joke, people!

        • The point is with Melissa is we don’t need any source to tell us who she really is. She does that all on her own. However, I am enjoying reading her ex boyfriend’s twitter and I believe 100% that he is who he says he is. I believed him to begin with but then Melissa’s sisters confirmed it.

    • I saw that too @ DLL.

      I don’t know, it looks to me like she( brittany) was just answering for Mariska..I don’t know..But Rox could clear this up real easy.

    • Lmfao. How bout when JPG was schooling Mariska on sp of Dumped? Too flipping funny. I’m totally team T always have been but lets lighten up a bit folks.

      PS. I live this blog site

    • DLL – I agree. Regardless of whether you’re Team Tre or Team Mel or just like the show, this blog has made me LOL, more than once.

    • Brittany/Mariska is also posting at FW as “Lilly” (not to be confused with LilyM, a different poster).

      I would have loved for this to be true but it sounds like someone who is just making stuff up for attention…like Roxy Poxy or BravoMaxine. Who knows why people do these things.

      That being said, I’m surprised we haven’t heard from any real former friends of Melissa’s. You know they must be out there, rolling their eyes every time she lies on RHONJ.

      My recommendation is that no one give this Brittany/Mariska/Lilly any more attention. She repeated the same old gossip about Melissa that we’ve already read–no new information. She couldn’t provide a photo of her and her good friend Melissa or any other kind of proof.

      • One has been identified – Melissa’s ex boyfriend Bryan who she fooled around with while she was married to Joe. It’s nice to have everything I already believed confirmed.

  • This is one of the funniest threads I have read in a long time. I was laughing so hard I woke my BF up. Hilarious!! Thanks for the laughs. At least we can laugh at times. Maby we do take this Shiz to serious at times guys. Let’s all lighten up a little bit.

  • Hi! My cousin who lives in same town as some of the hw. Anyways she was at a cvs drugstore behind melissa by one person ahead and her credit/debit card was rejected! Just thought I would share!!

  • Melissa never gives up does she so sad. I wonder when she will realize that Caroline an jaq are just using her

  • Melissa looks like a beast in that photo. That must be her natural look before all the plastic surgeries.

    • No. They “information” you’ve given is what has already been presented on tv, through blogs or interviews.

      You really are a sad human being.

      • I was answering Brittany’s questions and I have way more then that!
        What are you trying to do?
        It’s not working!!!!!!
        Your the one who is the sad human being,I would love to hear how I am?
        Sorry hun!Hate that you fell that way!

        • You “have” nothing. You’re spewing off shit that is commonly known and has been said by members of the cast.

          You make no sense.

          You go to high school with her in FL, then just happen to move to the same town in NJ? Right.

          • I just answered this uptop!Quick asking ee the same exact question!!!Now your pissing me OFF!
            I don’t understand,if you don’t believe it then why you comment?

        • Mariska
          I am glad you are speaking out. Most on this blog are very nice and can see through the “acting” Not worth dealing with the rest. Best to skip over them.

      • You’re right – all this nasty stuff is already known about Melissa. Much has been said on twitter by people who REALLY know her. So the point is Mariska isn’t who she says she is but Melissa is who we all already know her to be. Anyone that can know all this nasty sh!t about her and still not see through her con is beyond me.

        • Don’t worry about JPG,he is an awhole!You did answer my questions,my mom learned today to,lol!Thank you!
          You know Melissa,and JPG just can’t rap his head around it.All that stuff he is saying,talking about your stupid,It just means your getting to him!Stay Strong Mariska< Love ya!

          • You fucked up Brittany. Look above where you forget to log off your Brittany account and posted as Brittany trying to be Mariska.

            You are such a loser.

          • Oh Brittany, I am a female. A smart one, unlike you :)))

            Next time you create a fake account, remember to log off and log back in as Brittany to talk to yourself.

            Too effin funny.

        • I’d like to know which name you’re going to pick for your leap into stardom on Twitter — Brittany or Mariska?

  • @Brittany
    Melissa never really liked Teresa.Melissa had a plain jane look,and Teresa still was fabolous.Teresa wanted to be sisters with Melissa,and Melissa said she already has two sisters,she doesn’t need a new one!If you have seen the wedding photo you will see Teresa sitting in the far left,where they seated her.Melissa has always been envious of what other people had.As In Lisa from RHOBH dress that she weared,or trying to be a Jlo look alike.Melissa even has an half sister from what she told me.Amanda or something,she is a singer.Which explains why Melissa is trying to be one,and she is also very very very pretty,and to me it looks like Melissa is trying to be her.
    When Joe got married,that is when everything changed.They all had there ups and downs together,but they started to get along after a while,until Melissa and her sisters started bashing Teresa.It first started when Teresa was filming season 1,which was in 2008,and It aired in May of 2009.Teresa didn’t know and she still doesn’t.Melissa and Joe “bought” the lot next to Teresa,not for the kids to play together,but because Bravo was filming.In season 2 of RHONJ,that is when things started to get even worse for Melissa.Melissa has always wanted to be a housewive and once Teresa got it,she was really peeved off.Melissa has been planning for this day ever since 2008.In season 2 is when she started with Danielle,after Bravo said that they were boring and didn’t want them.It took off from there.She met Bravo prodcers in person,she email,call,left vociemails,and even wanted to help Danielle attack Teresa.If Danielle said yes,she was supposed to be at the country club,Melissa and Joe Gorga.Joe Gorga called Teresa garbge,that is nothing compared to what he said about her before!

    No,Melissa NEVER I mean NEVER talked about a singig career,only thing she talked about was Teresa.

    How she met Joe Gorga is really sad!He was and still is like a love sick puppy.She called him tiny,short,midget,and she said he wasn’t her type.They first met in Cancun of 2003,not 2001 like Melissa has said.Even Joe Gorga said it was 2004.So that should tell you she doesn’t want any of that coming up.

    She sees me at parties that she goes to when she claims the kids are with the “nannies.”Sometimes she contacts me,her and her crew,is what I like to call them.Last time she called,she bragged about some dumb video,and book of hers.

    Danielle first herd of Melissa,because Melissa wanted to be on the show,and was basically trying to friend her just like Kim G did.SHe wanted to plat both sides.A person who is on team Teresa,and a person who is on team Danielle.She didn’t care what she had to do as long as she was on.Not only was Melissa furious about Teresa being on housewives,but she seen Teresa career take off from the table flip!She wanted the press.Melissa use to not only bash Teresa,but the others and mainly Caroline.Jacqueline met Melissa awhile before elissa was known on housewives,because Melissa came to every party of Teresa’s.Bravo blocked her and Joe a few times,they didn’t I repeat DID NOT,want them on.The only time all of you see them was in season 2.At tTeresa housewaring party,at Gias 9th birthday with the pink lemo,and at baby Audriana Christening.

    lol@Brittany I know what you mean,I seen it.

    • It’s already confirmed you’re not who you say you are but FYI, Joe and Melissa’s house is not on the “lot next door” to Teresa’s. Teresa is in the Towaco section of Montville and Melissa is in Montville Township. While there isn’t a great distance between them, I can assure you they are not next door to each other.

      Melissa’s cousin is the singer, not her half-sister. Her cousin is from PA and her sister lives in South Jersey.

      Funny I know more about them than you do and you’re supposed to be an ex-friend of Melissa’s?

  • What about Teresa @Mariska?
    Was Melissa always jealous of Teresa?
    Did Melissa ever talk about a singer career?
    How did she met Joe Gorga?
    Does she still hang out with you?
    Melissa to Danielle,do you know that?
    I understand what you are saying about how long you’ve and Melissa known each other ignore the two above comments,not literally the two above lol!

    • Teresa and Melissa got along great at first!Melissa always sized her.Melissa had a plain Jane look to her,and Teresa was always fabolous.Melissa kinda kept Teresa far off.If you seen the wedding photo,then you will see where melissa kept Teresa far off in the left!
      I was there to.Things started to shift even more when Teresa and Joe got married.Joe Gorga and Teresa barley had that bond anymore and there families ofcourse came #1!With Joe Gorga previous fiances’,they where using him for his cash.Joe was even on edge about them.That is why when Teresa herd the rumor,it aired in season 4 epi 1,she quickly took it to her brother,that Melissa would leave him for more money.If go throuh that episode,then you will see Melissa facial expression.

      No,Melissa NEVER NEVER I mean NEVER talked about a singing career.

      She met Joe Gorga in Cancun of 2003 and if you ask melissa its in 2001.Even Joe Gorga said it was 2004.So you can tell that is something she doesn’t want coming up!It was very sad if you ask me.Joe is what you call a love sick puppy!

      I’ve seen her a few times at clubs,while her kids are with “nannies.”
      Last time she contacted me,was to brag about so book and video of hers.

      Melissa to Danielle is alot!After Melissa herd Teresa was on the housewives she was peeved off!That is when her and her sisters started bashing Teresa.They first started filming in 2008,and the first season aired May of 2009.Melissa contacted Danielle while season 2 aired.

        • Woooo your timeline is wayyyyy off.Sorry JPG,but the waay you think is horrible!No,I my brothers and sisters are in NJ and that is why!I moved to Nj before Melissa did.

      • If the last time she contacted you was about her book and video deal…that must have been recent then, huh? I thought she dumped you when she joined the show?

        • She dumped me as a friend.She still brags,she even does to Penny and she can’t stand her.I seen at a party and she hugged me that was it,then she called me about that.

        • Wait a minute.

          So Melissa did the exact same thing to you, BRITTANY (dumped you that is, and congrats on finally spelling it right), that she did to MARISKA? And not only that, but you’re BOTH friends with PENNY?

          What a whacky, verging on UNBELIEVABLE, COINCIDENCE! Talk about a SMALL WORLD! 😀

          • I know you’re hep on this shit, Estelle, but play with me for just a minute….

            Just mere moments ago, Brittany was just dying to know:

            Brittany says:
            January 31, 2013 at 3:46 pm

            What about Teresa @Mariska?
            Was Melissa always jealous of Teresa?
            Did Melissa ever talk about a singer career?
            How did she met Joe Gorga?
            Does she still hang out with you?
            Melissa to Danielle,do you know that?
            I understand what you are saying about how long you’ve and Melissa known each other ignore the two above comments,not literally the two above lol!

            But now, she’s answering questions for Mariska?? Wow. That is nuts, ain’t it?

            What a nutjob.

          • Estelle/Sam, are you responding to yourself here thinking it was JPG? Sorry, looks a little suspect < LOL after you are busting Mariska's balls.. @ 5:51, 5:53 pm. ^

  • Whenever I was growing up and told a white lie to get out of trouble with my parents.. My mom always asks me, ” where do you go for lieing ??”

    She was always right, and I can’t respect any form of lieing and I think liars are the worst kind of people…

    I don’t know if Melissa was ever asked that growing up, but she needed to be…

    All of her lies keep adding … And adding… And adding up.

    Karma karma karma….

    Tre is and always has been right. Only thing is , she has NOT spilt the beans on her SIL, when she has SO much juice on her..

    Tre is always about loyalty, like her or not, that is admirable…

    Good job, Tre. Keep doing you. You make the show !

    • EXACTLY! Those who think Teresa is so bad, at least she protects her family even though they don’t deserve it. If she wanted to make Melissa bad, she could do so very easily.

  • Those two women are pathetic they make me sick!!! I thought Melissa didn’t like Kim D now their kissing each other ass and taken pictures together??!! Seriously they both are nothing but trash and two faced fame whoring bitches that deserve each other!! 🙂 🙂

  • Rox, I hate to say this, but you’re going to have to start putting warning labels before posting close up photos of Kim G.
    I think I’m going to have nightmares tonight.

    • LOL @ warning labels. FUGLY x2. those two look like old casino whores.

      Someone needs to get the steam iron out to flatten out the creases on Kims face, and hope like hell the steam doesn’t kink up Messys hair

  • All I can say to y’all that can define Melissa.
    Gold digger
    liar ‘actress’
    (she even got herpes and gave it to Joe gorga)
    Go to the epi in season 3 where she first went down to the basement with Gino,while Joey was buliding the recording stdio,and you will see the guy she was messing around with,while married to Joe)!

    • So you knew Melissa in high school and that translates to you knowing everything about her life now, in her 30s?

      • Hun she took me off being her friend when she got on the show,and I first met her in Boca Raton Highschool.Get that through your head!!!

        • Woah woah woah. I don’t need to get anything through my head. I understand that you met her at Boca Raton High SCHOOL. Just because you met her in high school doesn’t mean you know her life now, that’s all. And what does “she took me off being her friend” mean?

          • Hun that is when I first met her and she keep me he in her life until she got on the show.She still sees me at parties while her kids are being watched by “nannies”.
            What I meant by that is that she dumbed every friend she had,because she was afraid of what was going to come out on camera,and she said it’s her time now not ours.So I guess she got tired of kissing are a**,and thought she was going to met other friends as in other “celebs”,Idk.She’s CRAZY!
            I’ve known Melissa every since she was 16 years old.Wen she basically told me she was done with me is when she was 32 years old,when she got on the show or was filming.

          • Will you please learn the word DUMPED.

            D-U-M-P-E-D. Dumped. Now let’s use it a sentence.

            If you weren’t full of shit, and actually had ever known Mel, she would have DUMPED you for being a crazy stalker bitch.

            2nd – So you’re telling us you followed her from FL to NJ?

      • lol,and thank you!
        I don’t know why Melissa fans thank I’m just making this up,if I’m making this up some one give me a golden globe!You can’t nmake this up.

        • You can make it up and are doing so quite poorly.

          You have presented nothing that has not been shown on episodes, written about in blogs or said in interviews.

          • Well then she’s following your example. People ask you all the time to fully explain your opinions. Instead you insult, curse at and/or ignore anyone who calls you out on your chatter. I don’t know (or even really care) if this woman claiming to know Melissa does or not. You claim to know what Teresa is all about, yet you also claim to live in CO. Really JPG. You’re doing what you’re doing pretty poorly also. Ok…bring on the insults.

          • Lysel – I fully explain my opinions when someone asks me a genuine question.

            You go back through the last 5,10, 15 threads and you show me once where I attacked someone personally. I talk smack on Tre, the same way you all talk smack on Mel, Caro and Jac. Yet when I talk smack on Tre, most of you take it upon yourselves to attack ME personally.

            I do live in CO, but I also watch the show, read the blogs and follow the gossip columns. You all claim to know what Mel is all about, do you know her either? No you don’t.

  • Haha,so many lies coming out of Melissa mouth.To the people who are believing Melissa CRAP,good luck with life,you’ll need it.
    Oh and I got questions asking if Mel was a dancer or not.
    Melissa was a whore.!!!!
    She did anything for Jewelry,and clothes.Basically money.The marcos are poor!
    That is why when she herd from Joe Gorga bestfriend(the one she was dating,and why she put her hands on Teresaat the reuion),how big his house was,in her head fireworks went off,and she,in her words,jumped on that sh**!

  • I actually liked Mel when she first came on the show. I thought, nice, someone who would put Teresa in her place….but DAMN, i didnt think she would be such an evil witch, with her passive/aggresive back stabbing antics. Now I feel bad for Teresa. Melissa is just nasty, nasty, nasty ! Teresa stands alone. Gotta respect her for that.

    • Teresa stands alone, cause no one wants to put up with her bullshit.

      Usually when NO ONE wants to be around someone, it’s the one person, not everyone else.

      • does that info come from your vast experience with people never wanting to be with you?

        You make no sense. Teresa has LOTS of friends in REAL life. Melissa hangs w/her sisters and her mother, and Jac and Caro when she’s filming. Oh, and her makeup artist who must be with her everyday so people won’t ever have to see her without the makeup she insists on.

        Teresa is the same person today as she has always been. She always says the same thing, no matter what season you watch. Her story is consistent as is her loyalty. I definitely respect her for that-and much more.

        • Camm, I agree, thats what I think based on every episode I have seen Teresa on since season 1. That is also why I like her so much more now then I did season 1. It was a bonus that with the horrible hand she was dealt having those buzzkills join, she stood alone, did the best she could and still worked on getting her and Joe out of financial troubles. She is not perfect, but I will take her over anyone else on that cast any day of the week!

  • I thought mellisa/Jordan was mad at Kim d. I’ve been away for a bit. I hope that this years wives are just bitchy! MAybe some wives will get what they deserve ! I would pay to watch Melissa/Jordan vs Theresa ! My money would be Theresa !!!

  • Teresa was right, if she wanted to be mean,she would have put the picture of what she really looked like before all the surgeries in her book. I’m sorry but Mellisa is ugly which perfectly match her insides. I will say that she does have nice teeth.

        • I guess they find success on this show, get out of debt, and have multiple best sellers and do not stoop to the levels of those around them; bashing, instigating, putting out personal things/lies.. So if Teresa acts like an ape then I hope more people act like one, LMAO!!!

        • Well they are wild animals, so usually they are socially inept. They will do things like flip tables, chase people through country clubs, start fights everywhere they go and are generally unable to speak with any sort of intelligible language.

          • jpg and estelle, I would take you more seriously and even respect your opinions if you would explain to me how apes behave. If you can’t than I can only think that your opinion of teresa is based on hatred and that means that I can never take you seriously. U can never objective when you hate some. Thats a fact.

          • jpg from your description, you have described teresa, joey, mellisa, lysa, etc. So from your description if teresa is an ape, so is mellisa and the rest of the marcos. PS, that is not how apes behave so if you want to disparage, please pick another word.

          • Oh it ‘s their lovely decent way of thinking they compare Teresa to an ape for some reason. I never understood the connection myself, especially because at first it seemed they were both using it to pick apart Teresa’s hair and how she looks. Which, still does not make sense. And last I checked, Apes are not stupid by any means either.

          • Well Tre does look like an ape. The massive brow ridge, low hair line.

            Apes are smart, so you’re correct Michers, probably not the BEST creature to compare her too.

  • Melissa,in her words dumbed me as a friend,because not only do I know her NASTY secrets(that she spilled to me,when she became the most hated girl in Boca highschool,after she slept with have of the football team that had girlfriends),but I wanted to be her a** because she did my boyfriend!So she apologize to me and I felt for it.Just like she is doing to Joe Gorga,using him!!!Now I am out for blood,and the truth about some people “loving” Melissa needs to come out.!!!!!

    • why was she transferred to Boca? What did she do in NJ that was so bad that she had to get out of town?

      • Class of 1998
        I know Melissa from Boca Raton Highschool,which was an mistake!!!!She slept with alot of guys who had girlfriends,and I was one of the girls who wanted to beat her a**!She apoloigize to me and I fell for it.That was a mistake to.She started hanging out with the tough crowd,and Jamie was one of them,Melissa ex girlfriend,(that she cheated on when Jamie was arrested).Eventually after Melissa got caught shoplifting,and was arrested.Me and her came closer.

        • Thanks for the reply. Has anyone contracted you to film or get your side of the story? How many others know the REAL lookers and are willing to speak out?

          • Ohhhh,half of New jersey knows Melissa,lol.It is not that hard to find somebody that knows that whore.
            Melissa called me to rub it in that she got on,just like she did to Penny!Of course she blamed it on Teresa and said she did that on season 3.
            Rhonj has been hilar for me.To the people who are actually believing Mel,good luck with your life!

          • Are you a friend of Penny’s? What did she say to you when she phoned you (to “rub it in”) after she got on the show? When did you move from Boca to Jersey? And you didn’t become close friends with her until AFTER she slept with your boyfriend and got caught shoplifting?

            You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but it would help your credibility. Plus I’m genuinely curious. 😀

          • Forget my questions — I just read some of your other remarks (lol) and you’re a total phony.

            Good luck getting as much attention can out of this — at least you’ve stumbled upon the hicks who are most likely to believe this shit LOL.

    • You’re stuck on something that happened 15 years ago? Assuming this is even true (doubtful), what a sad way to live your life. Move on.

      • As they say in court her past life and what she has done show a pattern of behavior. She has NEVER taken responsibilty for her actions. Even when she eggmitted that she had contact with Danielle she said “yes” and then blew it off not really owning it. If she had come on the show and OWNED her life and her past no one would care. But instead of owning it like NeNe she came on all sweet and nice.

          • I would think the first one should be all of her lying. If you watch RHONJ episodes back to back you will see the lying, i.e. she was babysitting in order for Teresa to attend her Fabellini launch party? She took those girls for their mani/peds in July.

          • All of her lying?

            Tre is the liar. Hell, she lies to government officials, you think she gives a shit about lying to her family, friends and on tv? Of course not, she has to keep up the facade of her “Fabulous!” life.

      • Hun in your head It’s the past,but Melissa getting on t.v.and lying to everyone,including her own mother and father in law.Then she gets on twitter and even behind twitter and her and her crew(Marcos and there families),and threaten anyone who is ready to come forward.Yeah it’s not the past anymore,it’s the DARN present.Rather you like it of not!

      • Oh shut-up JPG,things that you are saying aren’t suprising,you get mad at anyone who says negative things about Melissa!

        • Not true. I get mad at ignorant ass clowns who are so desperate for attention they have to pretend they knew someone who is on a reality show.

          And for the 50th time, if you really did know her, THAT WAS 15 YEARS AGO. You are a mentally imbalanced stalker.

        • Mariska, you can’t argue with JPG, because she IS Melissa (or one of the nappy sisters)… she’ll deny, deny and deflect, deflect.

          • Or this JPG as usual is some JackAss who is just F*cking with everyone! JPG, may be some total reject looking for attention and Love, awwwww!!!! Stop being Mean as usual, JPG…go Scratch!!!!

          • I don’t think talking to “Mariska” (or “Brittany”) about phony aliases is a very good idea at this point lol.

    • She means her family,the ones who help her keep her lies going.Trust me God really knows what she is doing to her fans!

  • When you have family like Teresa that you don’t want to be around, you have to have good friends.

    Good for Mel.

    • Nice to see you on this arc to,NOT!In that tweet Melissa was talking about Jacqueline!”friends”,meaning housewives!
      She told me,that me and her wasn’t working out, because she didn’t want to give her soon to be fans the truth and then she laughed.
      Rhonj has been a great laugh for me!

    • Wow, you are a Real Moron! I guess as usual you know nothing, JPG!!! You as always try to start Shit! Oh and again we All see you are an Idiot! Do you even read these blogs/postings??

      • Whats funny is do you even ever read your own, and everyine is laughing there ass of at you JPG, always….dumb ass!! Thanks for the laughs!

  • Melissa had a nose Job,cheek filiers,lip injections,and she had three boob jobs.It’s funny how she says friends are everything,but dumb the ones she made in Boca highschool,and some that she made at lookers.When she got on the realty show,she dumbed them,because she thought they where going to spill her secrets on camera!I was one of them.

  • Something that I have noticed. The only time that you ever see Lookers, Mad Manzo or Jacko tweet about being with friends is when they are together or after a paid event. Never just a Saturday night dinner. Yet they all tweet about going out and spending time with their families. Lookers is with her sister at least once a week if not more.
    Teresa on the other hand always tweets about dinners, parties, and friends at her home for meals. Teresa’s friends list off the show seems to be very long and very loyal.

  • Don’t you think your “friend” would follow you on twitter if you both actively used the social networking site? Yeah well Jac doesn’t follow Melissa I noticed last night, some “friends” they are…

    • Simply a strategical move. Would you invite someone over for dinner, and it was in the off-season, and tweet about it if you weren’t friends with someone?

  • One word… Hypocrites!! The whole friend thing is crazy it is just for this show…Caroline always has said they they are not friends now MG tweets about friends are everything….so phony!!!

    • ya it is and your right about this phony sh** too this Meliss-ass is going no where with her Friends are everything she needs to take a few classes on being a Friend first cuz everything she has said is all BS an everybody is seeing right through her. I just can’t with her on this Real House Wife sh** anymore…………..

      • Not everyone. There are still people who are allowing her to con them. Oh well if they want to continue with blinders on.

  • I usually never think Melissa is bad looking but this photo of her is not too good. Too much blush and she looks tired & run down. (It must be tiring sitting up late at night thinking of ways to outdo you SIL)

  • Ahh, Melissa’s pre nose job shot…love it. Her Doctor used the knife after removing it from Teresa’s back…

    • LOL Jen. Ok, it makes wayyyy more sense to me that this is BEFORE a nose job and not after. As I said up the thread to a speculation this was a post-nose job pic, I’ve never heard of a nose job to make your nose bigger.

    • Yes, however Melissa has had at least 3 or more nose Jobs and other body plastic Surgeries and facial plastic Surgeries! B*tch Melissa also gets fillers and paralyzes her facial muscles! Ya know these fillers and botox are so scary! ( ok yes any surgery can be dangerous)! Also Botox and fillers do cause problems also, like muscle Atrophy and gross like features! Yuk!!

  • When was this picture taken?

    So Melissa can be cordial and friendly ith Kim D. who according to her plotted against her with Angelo to out her past but she can’t be cordial and friendly with her SIL?

    I swear this lady would do anything to get her picture taken.

  • Did she tweet this before or after T tweeted about Dina? LOL And really lets be honest, this is just another immature jab at Teresa to remind her that she was able to manipulate others in her ploy of fakeness while fame chasing. I firmly believe, that Melissa, Caro, Jax are not really “loving ” each other.. They just love making T miserable, or try to make her miserable. Its all out of spite, IMO

    • michers, she’s SO transparent, right? I don’t get the people who don’t see right through her…

    • They’re making teresa miserable. According to Teresa has sold more books than Bethany Frankel, if anything Caroline and Melissa are tiring themselves out wishes they could keep up with the bitch. I’m curious why Caroline nor Jacaueline tweeted Dina a congrats. And they wonder why…. They can stay their fake and completely irrelevant asses with the other posers. And dead God Melissa, Crowe’s feet, the joker grin, camel nose, raccoon eye make up. God it’s time to revamp when Kim G is looking better than you. Give you one guess on the topic of conversation: starts with a T and why she didn’t come visit her poor, sick brother on his death bed.

  • Yes, real friends mean everything.

    Friendships made by Bravo, I guess we’ll see how they hold up after the contractual obligations no longer require it.

  • Isn’t Messy and Fredo the ones that were so upset that Teresa considered Meatball Manzo and Cracker Jac family at one time?

    • Holy, yup. Fredo went off his tiny little rocker when T said she considered them family. Now Dancer is doing the same. Surprise, she does everything T does.

      • WoW that’s so right I forgot all about that BS , See this is what I was talking about its ok for Meliss-ass to say (O ya Friends are my Family an its all great). What is that??? This is why a lot of people’s are seeing things on the other side now Meliss-ass love to make as much trouble as possible, then on top of it she COPIES Teresa with everything an anything that Teresa does that’s the Truth. Everybody is finally seeing what Meliss-ass is all about the girl is no good Mel doesn’t know how to be a real friend or have a friend for that matter she so sneaky in every way.

        • I also remember an episode where they were all at Jacqueline’s house and Melissa said something along the lines of she never needed friends because she had her sisters. I’m pretty sure once Melissa’s 15 minutes of fame are over she and her sisters will probably never speak again. I think the two hag sisters are genuinely close, but I think Melissa is probably not a “full” sister and they are just riding her coat tails right now because they are such famewhores. They don’t care about her, that is all fake, they will drop her like a hot potato once this show is over.

          • Ho-Bag Melissa’s sisters wants to be on this rhonj so flipping bad! It’s killing these Marco Trolls!!

    • @ holy cannolie your exactly right that was the way they were acting the first 2 or 3 episodes in S3 their 1st season!! Joey Marco and Melissa and even Kathy and Ricky Dicky were mad cause T was treating the Manzo’s and Laurita’s like family!!!

  • I’d bet if you take Teresa out of the equation, there’d be NO “friendship” — any relationship built on gossip isn’t real. These women are like those beasts that eat their young. It will be only a matter of time before they go after each other.

  • This picture makes KimD and Mel look like “Drag Queens”

    The heavy badly done makeup, fake fur, not flattering. I wonder if they’re still using makeup artists, if so fire ’em! Mel’s makeup usually looks better than this.

    I think these ladies are going to look back on this as a “Glamour Hell No”

    • I couldn’t agree more! The first thing I thought was damn they look horrible in this pic. I normally am not a big Mel basher, but she looks like a man in this picture. Seriously fire whoever did the make up, she usually looks better than this. Sorry but its the truth! :-/

      • Meliss-ass really needs to get off her phone nevermind Twitter. She looks like a Fool in drag and there is never enough makeup for that face of hers that’s for sure. All I know is this wanta be is nothing great to look at I seen much prettier LADY’S then this walking talking lying BS back Stabber, Meliss-ass is so FAKE that its not even funny her & her husband really needs to grow up an see what’s important in life ………

      • I think Horsey needs to fire her plastic surgeon. That face IS a tranny Horsey. Don’t think she can have it fixed.

        Oh my good Eyes! They saw horror today!!

      • Nasty Melissa has one of those Nose Jobs that look like a Nose Job! And a Weird one at that! I am almost sure Messy Meho has had a few Nose Jobs! I have seen pictures threw out the years and it has looked at if Yuky Melissa has had several Nose Jobs! (And yes I do see she has had more done)! And it just LOOKS so BAD!!!!!

    • rhfan, lol. That picutre would scare small children. Hot mess.

      Do I think Dancer should stop tweeting? YES, she’s a fool.

      • Haha! Yup! I agree, Shipp. Melissa and Kim look dreadful. OLD PICTURE because they looked worse than drag queens! Now THIS is the way MeHo used to look before she realized how unattractive she was. Nasty, ugly, very unattractive, washed up, and has that hooker look to a T. MeHo has done a lot of surgery with a good amount of botox, but she’s still unflattering.

        • Totally. Look at the difference between that and now. I personally prefer her older nose than to the one now that makes her always look like she’s sniffing farts.

          • Do people ever get nose jobs to make them bigger?? I have to lean more towards the angle of the pic, but agreed it’s just a gawd awful picture of both of them. Melissa’s eye make-up and Kim D’s sexy face both make me want to run screaming from my desk, but I fear my co-workers would judge.

        • I feel as if Mel has had many nose Jobs. Only because I have seen old pics of Mel and new pics and newer pics! It looks as if Mel, Melissa, has had several Nose Jobs! Plus I can also see Mel has had many other Plastic Surgeries! And Mel gets Botox and Fillers! It’s so obvious and a waste of Mel’s Husbands money cause she still looks like an Ugly Man! Keep going Mel, ya freeze that Face! B*tch!

    • Lol. I agree, rhfan. Not a flattering look/picture.

      To be fair, Mel usually looks fantastic and well put together.

      I think Kim D always looks like a drag queen.

    • Yes! I clicked on it and thought what a horrifically bad picture. I’m not a fan of either but geez they don’t look this bad. Melissa’s nose, forehead and chin look huge. I have a big nose and I’m all about working those angles (thank you ANTM). Contour (sp?), shading, make up can be your best friend.

      This would have been a delete that here and now, pic.

        • If u would have put this on Bravo, they would have never printed this, cause Bravo is and are Big Babies! Just seems like anyone’s opinions that they, Bravo, doesn’t agree with they just will Not agree with and put out there, kinda unfair, right????

    • Melissa has a different makeup person now – guess who! Teresa’s old makeup person. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny.

    • Her 15min? Good lord she has another 5min looking like a tranny! Jeeesus, is it me or is she really turning into a tranny?

        • I think this is an older picture, she has had a nose job, botox, lip injections, also her chin looks different now. Just own it but she won’t she is a chronic liar.

          • This is cuz Messy Melissa wants us to think she is a natural Beauty! But sorry, she wasn’t beautiful before or after All her Plastic Surgeries! And I guarantee she isn’t done, just like Gross Cracker Jax!!!!

          • @Miss Vegas, ITA! At first Meho’s procedures were a littlee more subtle! Now if you look at an before/after pix there is a huge difference! She needs to stop or shes gonna end up with either the “jokerface” (Danielle) or the “asian eyes” (Jax)!!! LOL!!!

            Btw, I think Asians are beautiful but the over done cosmetic surgery look is not!

        • I was thinking the same thing about her nose. Maybe it’s an older picture because I didn’t think her and Kim D were friends.

          Kim D is no better than Melissa Gorga. IMO

      • Omg, Whodat, I am dying laughing cuz I say the exact thing u said to my family and friends, I can’t believe it! We r freaked out! Holy Shit! I knew I liked u! Wow!! Friend-Soulmates…lol!!!

  • Wow this isn’t a one sided, deliberately placed post at all. Heaven forbid anyone tweet anything nice at any stage at all….. And no I’m not a ‘Melissa fan’ this is just ridiculous.

    • @ SambSam why are you here then? No one is holding a gun to your head!! I for the life of me don’t know why people wanna complain about this site!! Roxy works dam hard to make this site be a good place to come and read her blogs and post your comments without being attacked for posting your opinion on what she has posted!! Seriously she shouldn’t be attacked either for what she wants to blog about if you don’t agree with Roxy’s opinions that fine, but that doesn’t give you the right to attack her!!

      • I agree with SambSam, this is very one sided. No one is slamming Roxy or this site. All she was doing was stating her opinion, just like you did Victoria and just like I did.


          • Wait, why does anyone have to move on?? Roxy set up the comments section so everyone can state their opinion, even if it isn’t the same as yours or mine or hers. I don’t understand the anger over someone not agreeing with Rox’s opinion on this one particular post.

        • It’s just a post repeating what she saw on Twitter last night. But I take umbrage with the thought that Mel is ‘close’ with Jac and Caro. She doesn’t even talk, socialize or associate with them off-camera. They tolerate her over Theresa for the cameras.

          Again, as I posted the other day… It was most likely a get-together forced by Bravo to get some “what did Teresa say/do this time footage”. Gotta have footage to air people… especially with the nasty bunch sans Teresa. Otherwise, how or when are they ever going to be able to bitch about her on camera without her there to defend herself?

          • Is that why there have been several times that Melissa and Jac have gotten together during the off-season? Of course they always have to tweet about it – kinda like rubbing Teresa’s nose in it. I think it’s beyond cruel and totally transparent what they are doing. I can’t believe there are people who can’t see this.

      • I’m sorry Victoria. I didn’t realise that if I didn’t agree with an opinion then I shouldn’t say anything at all. I didn’t attack at all, I simply pointed our something that is OBVIOUS about the post above. If someone tweets that they love their friends I don’t think it makes them a horrible fame whoring person. She has done ALOT worse than that to deserve the title!

      • Is sam not allowed to express his opinion on this post as well because he disagrees with Roxy? I’m pretty sure Roxy would rather have him as a reader and a poster whether he agrees with her or not.

        That being said, I too completely agree with Sam. I think Melissa is TERRIBLE, but this is a stretch.

    • I don’t find it so ridiculous if you have followed other things posted by Melissa. She has completely cut off half of her family (her inlaws) and then says friends are everything, says alot really.

      • I don’t follow here on Twitter so to me I thought it a stretch to automatically assume this was a dig, but if you follow her and say it’s obviously a dig, I am happy to admit you’re likely more correct than I am!! Just from what I’ve seen on here and on the show (and Famewhorgas website) I think Melissa is the worst!

        • I do think it is a dig but I don’t think she realizes it. One thing I have noticed about Melissa and her sisters is that they say things but do not really see the implications of what they say. Of course sometimes their nastiness just eeks out of them without their even realizing it.

          • Just sayin: I do believe that Melissa is very aware that was a dig. I think that she and her sisters do see the implications of what they say and revel in it. Yes, nastiness eeks out of them and I think they do realize it and enjoy the effect their hateful words and actions have on others.

          • Yes I see it! Melissa and her Hag Sisters just Love putting little Digs out there! I just can not stand Melissa and her side of the family! They r trying so very hard to become Famous! Just F*ckin Gross!!!!

          • @just saying, I disagree. MeHo is very street savvy. I think the Marco sisters know exactly what they’re saying and how it will be taken! I do think she tries to be a little more sly about it but her sisters do not! They just attack or makeobvious digs. JMO

          • She more than realizes it – it’s why she did it in the first place. I can’t believe she has so many conned.

    • Isn’t mellissa the one who attacked Teresa for treating her friends like family. This is just hypocriyical

    • Is that Kim D? I get them confused by Kim D or Kim G. But, she is not attractive. She looks like a man in the picture.

      • I could be wrong but I think Kim D. is the clothing store owner and I think Kim G. is the older lady Kim who has a son who is friends with one of Caroline Manzo’s child! Anyways I don’t really care for either Kim, they seem Shady, its like they are doing anything to be on the show!

        • Oh sorry, I got caught up in what I was saying! I think, and again I could be wrong, that it is Kim D. in the picture!

    • This blog belongs to someone who doesn’t like Melissa, and Melissa hasn’t been too nice to the blogger, and she is entitled to blog her opinion. You don’t like, don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you