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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Joe Gorga Approaches Teresa Giudice; Causes A Scene!

Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently filming and things are getting ugly between Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga! Kim D invited the ladies to an event for her Jewelry line and an insider is telling AllAboutTRH the EXCLUSIVE details!

“Joe Gorga approached Teresa Giudice at the event. He came with Melissa and went up to Teresa. He immediately started a fight with her causing a scene and she wasn’t having it. She walked away from the situation wanting to go home but producers asked her to stick it out. Joe Gorga and Teresa haven’t even spoken and everyone finds it odd that Joe only will talk to Teresa on camera!”

That’s not all! Kathy Wakile was also in attendance!

“Kathy showed up after Teresa and didn’t even say hi to her. Teresa congratulated Kathy on twitter about her Cannoli set and assumed everything was fine but Kathy still obviously has a problem with her!”

Interesting! Here’s my question: why is Kathy and Joe plus Melissa even going to Kim D’s event? Are they that desperate for air time?!

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  • I’m curious why Bravo doesn’t constantly air the legal issues the Gorga’s and Laurita’s are facing. It seems they are only focused on the Guidice’s legal issues. Also, what kind of a man would attack a woman, especially his sister, the way that Joe goes after Teresa. It reveals that he is no man at all. It’s understandable why his parents have an estranged relationship with him.

  • Well the gorgas will never be mistaken for parents! Melissa wants to be the star of the show! Joes just the putz that gets her! None of you all truly know her. You see her edited but she is 10x more horrible . She pawns her kids off! She thinks she is top star. Her friends can’t stand her!!

  • LOL, Melissa posted a video of her and little Joey Marco on keek, looks like they moved into a new smaller home ,guess the mortgage company told them to leave the mansion,here’s the video http://www.keek.com/!RAZYaab and her kids hiding in a toy box ,really dangerous, keek.com/!KBYYaab this is the play room of their new home

  • i wish joe giudice was there, joey marco would’nt have showed up if producers allowed joe giudice to attend, lil joey marco would not come up in teresa’s face of joe giudice was there.

    • You got that right, big sis should have smacked the top of his head & told him to shut up & sit down in the corner.
      He’s like a fat little chihuahua
      yapping non stop who still hasn’t been house broken.

  • Good for Tre for showing some class. SloJo and Victim can’t get tv time without Tre – that’s why they went up to her. They bring nothing to the show.

  • Haha,on the Rachel Ray Show,that the other housewives are still braging about after three years,Teresa actually won the cook-off not Caroline. It was rigged.

    • There was a story over the weekend,RT maybe, about Tre tweeting pics of Sunday dinner, JoeG making meatballs. A few hours later, GorgaMel tweeted meatball pics too.

      Seriously, that’s just lame.

      On a side note, I feel the most up to date, I’ve ever been. Most off my family was gone for the weekend, lol.

  • JUST FOUND THIS from an old thread… JPG (initials exactly like Joe Guiessipe Gorga)… So if JPG is living in Colorado harboring such hate for Tre in some random state far from NJ, how could THIS be:

    Laurie says:

    October 8, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    JPG are you saying you PERSONALLY know Melissa? You’ve seen her interact with her kids off-camera?

    JPG says:
    October 8, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    Yes Laurie. That is EXACTLY what I was saying.

    • If you read his comments he writes on a personal level, as if the troll is writing as someone else, with a slip up in word usage every now and then.

      JoePeonGorga knock it off, just because you write in the 3rd person doesn’t make you any taller than 3 people. Shorty.

        • a girl…with the mouth of a truck driver.
          Quit whining and crying you big baby.
          You antagonize others here, calling them names or by just being your old JoesPatheticGnome self. You can dish it but can’t take it.
          I’m done with you. I came up & wrote with the Bitter Ginger with a twist of lemon face…comment. (yeah I’m bragging, so what lol) If you reply, reply with something funny next time.

    • Bless your heart Lauire for trying girl !! As much as I hate to “eggmit” this to you and I feel bad doing so, I think it was a sarcastic comment. Sorry 🙁

        • Awwww,Nice try! Not biting!!! Was that supposed to be an intelligent response? Because it wasn’t! Guess what??? I COULDN’T CARE LESS WHAT YOU SAY TO ME BECAUSE I HAPPEN TO HAVE ZERO INTEREST IN YOUR OPINION! Your sick love for Meho Marco and SloJo lets me know you’re not a person or commenter i could ever converse with or care what you think! I do LMBO at all of your ridiculous posts! So thanks for the daily laughs!!! Wow your posts sound just like at least 2 other commenters…hmmmmmmmmmmm

    • You’re so stupid, Laurie.

      And obviously have never encountered sarcasm in your life.

      You’re actually starting to scare me with how much you’re obsessed with me. You went back to October following my comments?

      I think Roxy should remove you, you are one scary stalker bitch.

  • You know what I wish on the Marcos, karma. To me karma would be for gino and joey jr. to marry women exactly like their mother and for their wives to treat anthonia exactly the way mellisa treats teresa. Only than will joey truely realize what he has doen to his parents and his sister.

    • I wouldn’t wish that at on anyone. I hope they somehow learn from their Aunt Teresa’s lead and take the highroad. As Teresa says, it’s all about family.

      • Its not like I want that to happen but what is it going to take for joey to learn the error of his ways. Do you think he will realize what he is doing to his parents and sister before one or both his parents die, after his wife leave him. I’m all for forgivenss but me personally will only take so much. I seriously don’t know how teresa keeps forgiving him. I am all for family but I realize that family can hurt you more than strangers can. If it others, I would be more likely to forgive and forget because they mean nothing to me. I am of the mindset that if family go out of their way to hurt you over and over again than they deserve to have the same thing done to them. Only than will they truely understand what they did to you. This view might not be nice and might be spiteful to some but I freely admit that.

  • OK here are the things I love about Teresa..she was a wicked sense of humor and she loves her children and when life goes only her way..she is as happy as pig in you know what..and she will not take crap from anybody.All good qualities…what makes Teresa ugly, is her constant lying to her castmates, insead of just saying who cares if I sell stories..none of their business…when approched about the content of her interview’s all she had to do is say”that is how I felt at the time of the interview” instead of lying 24/7. That was the crux of last season, my interpretation.
    From what I watched..Teresa’s financial life was in chaos and was in survival mode (hence cook books, tour, selling interviews) She is a champion of working moms, for sure. There was also the possibility of her husband looking at jail time..again survival mode make money and provide for children..
    These situations may explain her erratic/ugly behavior, she spent last season voicing very loudly, that she is not to be held accountable to anyone at anytime for any reason..(okay?).
    I would rather believe that her life was in chaos and living in survival mode is chaotic, I would prefer to not think that she is nothing but a two faced backstabbing cow, who should never wear green.
    Addressing right now…because we did not watch the content of the episode how will we know why/how this came about.
    The brother/sister/sister-in-law have a weird dynamic, each of them scream/lie/backstab and all of the adults explode within an inch of children..disgusting.
    Can’t wait for the new season!

    • I am giving my opinion only based on the latest manipulations of the Media. Teresa did not give those interviews to the magazines, they snatched some of her comments from the show and other times they created stories with their “inside sources” and plaster Teresa’s face on the cover just to sell more magazines. If you ever read the articles itself (I did during check out line) then you would had noticed that the stories were negative towards Teresa. I doubt Teresa would be so dumb as to plant negative stories about herself, if it doesn’t make sense then it is not truth.
      Based on that, it is perfectly possible that Teresa actually never gave the interviews or was paid for them. It is my opinion that the inside sources were most likely from Melissa, Kathy, Jac or Caro’s camp.

        • Actually the ones I did read while waiting on line seemed to be from what happened on the show and what was said, then they twist it, nothing really big in any of the interviews which are really just typed questions you answer and hope they don’t twist your answer which they do.

    • But Sam, all of the other cast mates are also lying and selling stories to the tabloids so if you hate Tre for that, same should go for the others.

      • Yea that,to as in when she signed season 3,she signed up for season 4 to.Bravo told her about them(Gorgas and Wakiles),coming on the show after she signed up!

          • Why should she walk away when she was the 1st on the show. You know they all wanted her too so they could get a bigger piece of the pie. Melissa said it, Andy and is his cronies. Kind of said to take someone’s livelihood away from them.

          • mzjulesaz, you are not allowed to pint out the logical obvious fact that Teresa was there first! Even though its true and Messy Marco stated several times ” if ever there is a problem for my family I will walk away from the show”.. UGH. Teresa should not leave, I agree, as she was there first and really got this franchise their attention they wanted with ratings!

          • Michers – Does it really matter who was their “first”?

            She doesn’t have to deal with them. She chooses to.

            I think everyone should remember that.

    • Why should Tre leave just because a coke whore and her husband who can not think for himself have decided to try and take her down on her show. I would say screw them and go back on too, getting paid pretty good bucks to work a few months a year and advertise my products too! Thats another funny funny part, Mehoe tries to sell products or herself and no one is buying LOL

      • Well then Tre can shut up about it all.

        If money means more to her than family and peace of mind, quit bitching.

  • I’m tired of this family drama crap bravo needs to cancel this show. Poor Teresa I truly believe she’s sick of all the drama in her life and her brother is making things worst. I know its hard for her to have a evil brother who only cares about FAME and have a sick father. T is carrying a Load on her back )):

  • OMG I just read Danielle hasn’t filmed,are you kidding me!No wonder Melissa is so relaxed.Well Let just wait and see(even though I really don’t want to watch).When Teresa is gone from the show,I am to.

    • Amen to that!Teresa is the show!The Teresa show.
      Melissa said Teresa has karma coming to her at the reuion in pt 3,when the man where there,lol!I still laugh at that!
      The only karma I’ve herd at this point for Teresa is her “family”,that is it.
      Teresa beat out Bethanny Frankel,she is social star of the year and she beat Andy Cohen,she is nominated for a shorty award,she has won an award for Nephcure,and she is out of debt.
      If that is Melissa type of karma for Teresa,let me have some!

      • I don’t know maybe it’s because of all the emails,phone calls,and voicemails melissa was doing to Danielle.Even melissa got caught in season 4,on her stupid ON Display party.She even had to admit that she was in contact with Danielle,because Teresa knew that Melissa is the only family that she has nephews’ from.

        • Melissa already “eggmitted”))) to all those things on camera. Danielle has nothing to add. And probably had nothing to make Bravo interested in her return.

        • Old news. If Danielle had all of it, that famewhore would have released it literally years ago. Now, even if she did have it, it doesn’t matter. It’s old news that Mel copped to.

          • I have a feeling Danielle has been holding on to that sh*t to have something to get her back on the show.
            But at this point there is much worse sh*t about all of the housewives floating around that whatever Danielle has IS old news and not interesting.
            Can’t figure out wtf Bravo wants with her on the show.

  • This story just reminds me that I will not watch season five. Enough is enough! I refuse to support BRAVO in their lets destroy Teresa campaign.

  • Tre should of walked out and sue Bravo for causing her to continue to work in this hostile environment. If Joe went up to her and tarted on her for no reason she should walk away. Its time for a restraining order against tht little 4foot troll. He is no man he is a girlie man. He is pissed because he isn’t Tre. Remember he always wants to dress like her. Wht type of peple are these. I hope the ex spills because mayb they need a good dose of reality. I’m definitely not watching and yes I will file a bbb report.

    • I agree- when her evil brother attacks, Teresa should calmly remind Joe with Mel to visit their sick father once in a blue moon and to keep peace in the family for their parents and then she should turn and walk out. Tell Bravo they can follow her home visiting her sick father letting him know his son just attacked her again like a drunk lunatic. When Melissa and Joe show up, Tre should just leave every time. This would just drive Melissa and Joe insane because they no longer will have a story line or screen time if they are not on air attacking their sister or nieces. Then Melissa and Joe will be forced to have a family party where they get drunk again and scream insults at their mother and father again to get some air time. Followed by Joe and Melissa’s fans writing comments on what great people they are again.

      • Those aren’t fans those are their fake accounts writing compliments to themselves. Anyone that writes the truth about them gets deleted and blocked.

  • Oh geez, please tell me Melissa & Joey will have some other storyline. As much as I don’t care for her singing, I’d much prefer they show her recording or trying to dance.

    Rox – get the scoop, is Mel even ‘fake’ pusuing music while filming?

    • Storyline Maru? Hilarious. Without Teresa they do not have one so unfortunately for us, as long as they are on the show I think this is how it will be. If things get normal, what ever would they tweet about, interview about, go on display for? Nothing 🙂 Normal means no action or camera time for them!

    • Their real storyline would not mesh with the housewife/mother role Bravo has assigned to Mellisa. You can not have a housewife going out and swinging with her husband.

  • This is all because melissa went to gias bday party because shes the best aunt in the world and she couldnt show up to gabriellas bday, so she shows up and kim brings something up whicj causes melissa and tre to go at it. Since melissa doesnt have the balls to be a woman who cant handle the truth, she goes and tells her 2 feet tall husband who of course is ready to defend his lying wife. All i know is i really hope eventually bryan releases more information on melissa and exposes her. I felt bad at first but seriously someone needs to expose her for who she is. Shes lying to people and most importantly to her fans. Bryan said she DID marry joe for the money. She was a cokehead. She was cheating on joey because melissa told bryan he reminds ber of her brother in law “juicy.” i just feel bad for the children. And joe gorga is the biggest puss ever. I wish juicy would whoop him already

  • I can tell already that season 5 isn’t going to be any different and that Me-Whore and her Gargamel-troll-fug husband along with Stinky Katfish are still up to the same old crap. Yep, I definately WON’T be watching. Bravo, when will you put a stop to their trashy bullying?

  • Joe Gorga causes a scene – well there’s a big surprise. I can’t stand watching him and his stupid childish antics for attention. This is a show about housewives. Enough of the attention whore husbands.

  • I’m tired of this same drama too. Tre should leave the show and get her own. Then Bravo will see there will be no viewers. Cuz I know I won’t be watching. If they get a whole NEW cast then I’d watch. There’s plenty of interesting NJ families they can find.

    • I agree that T should leave and get her own show.

      There will be plenty fo viewers for both shows. I’ll watch RHONJ without T for sure,won’t watch her show though. All i need to see is T and Joe being separated.
      Tired of the same story.

  • I’m really getting sick of both of T and her brother >.<
    lust change the whole damn cast and let us see new drama other than the sutpid Gorga family fued.. it's getting really REALLY OLD!

      • She’s ugly, dumb and rude.

        No one made her any of those things.

        It’s about time her ape ass is off my tv.

        • JPG,not only are you racist,but is dumb as a sack of rocks!Melissa is ugly ass hell,she lies 24/7,and she is very rude!

          • Will the real JPG stand up? JoePinheadGorga? JoePoorGorga? JoePointlessGorga? JoePenislessGorga? JoePrickGorga? JoePainintheneckGorga?
            JoePah-leaseGorga? JoePunkGorga? JoePeabrainGorga? JoePeeyooGorga? JoePiglettGorga? JoePunkGorga? JoePansyGorga? JoePaltryGorga? JoePutthepipedownGorga? JoePendejaGorga? JoePenitorusGorga? JoePickledikGorga? JoePiratehookGorga?

        • Hey JPG, here is an idea, change the channel then she won’t be on your TV. Oh wait, you can’t because then you can not watch your sister pretend to be something she is not.

          • HAHAHA love when you copy what I say to you JPG, but yes I do still feel sorry for you, I feel sorry for all internet stalkers who attack people they don’t know. You are not alone in that group here, but are good for some laughs.

          • So you do feel sorry for yourself?

            Cause you instigated the attack on me. Not vice versa.

            I laugh at you, because you are so pathetic and sad. I come here to comment on RHONJ, you come here to follow me around like the creepy little stalker you are.

            If you don’t like my comments, ignore them. It’s simple.

  • Well,they went to Kim D’s event because this is where Bravo was filming RHONJ S5 and this where they were told to go by the producers.
    Why even keep asking those questions?

    It’s not their real life communication,it’s filming of the show.Period.

    • Really,because Melissa said If there was any sorts of problems in her FAMILY,coming from the show,she is DONE!
      That right there is basically saying,right now there is none!SHe hasn’t left!
      It has to turn on Melissa for her to LEAVE,but then again she might stay,so she can play victim,like all the other seasons since Gorgas and Wakiles have been on!

      • My post was the answer to the question in the topic about why Mel/Joe/Kathy went to Kim D’s event.
        Because they were told to do so by Bravo.They are filming there and had to be there. In real life they wouldn’t even go to the same event.
        It doesn’t matter who is done,who is not done.

  • He always has some stupid crap to spit out on camera to his sister, directed by production or stupidity. I’m just tripping out that he can snap and go off on her so easily and quickly. I know someone who was the same way but they were on drugs. Very irrational behavior just like this caveman reject.
    Can’t stand all 4″10′ of him.

      • Where’s my point? If you have to ask then you’ll never find it. Where’s my point?

        My point is that the stump is an out of controidal hairy little man who has no respect for his own blood family.
        Theresa reacts to their constant attacks when she can’t take their tomfoolery & shenanigans anymore, apparently she couldn’t walk out in this case bc prodution wanted her to stay, while her wee chubby brother just attacked.
        I guess Joe Guidice wasn’t there, I doubt 4×4 would’ve gotten in Theresa’s face with her man there.

        • I have to ask cause you didn’t make one.

          Teresa acts the same way as Joey. Exactly. They get angry and BOTH of them overreact and make fools of themselves.

          I just find it funny you act like Joey is the only one who does. I have a funny feeling the whole damn family acts that way. Probably where BOTH Tre and Joey got it from.

          • There was no point to be made. It was an opinion, an observation, a comment.
            Thanks point monitor! Not only are you invested so deeply in their families you’re more so about the content of this board! Take a chill pill it’s fun and games.
            Joe & Melissa suck fish cannoli’s.
            Team Theresa & Juicy Joe! hahaha.

          • btw WHY do you have to ask me or anyone else for that matter what, I mean ‘where’ our “point is”? lol Are you serious? funny stuff
            “I just find it funny you act like Joey is the only one who does.”
            Tell me, how else do I act that you find funny? Tell me how I’m acting now? Like your comments are hilarious and you’re the only one who makes those ridiculous comments? That’s how I’m acting right now.
            What was your point in asking and in pointing out in my comment that there wasn’t a point, just a comment? like this>
            If you need it spelled out and dumbed down– Joe is apelike and out of control, an idiot, his wife is a lying ugly moon head that has a black heart and no soul.

          • Actually wtf is your point except to harrass another person on these boards. It is so obvious who you are and btw in case you missed it, anomnomnom was referring to when Joey said to Kim go sniff another line when we all know Joey does that and Mehoe is a coke whore.

          • Anomnomnom – You are ridiculous. I pointed out things about the cast, not YOU. YOU personally attacked ME and then continued to do so throughout this thread.

            So really, you have proven you have no life and are the pathetic one.

            Go outside. Read a book. Just get off the computer for awhile. Might do you some good.

          • JPG- Idiot you asked me a question, I answered you nonsensical question.
            You tagged along on my comment dummy.

            Where’s your point Pinhead?

            You’re gone with the wind crazy. byebye

  • Ok, more Bravo required events, no surprise. KimD is friends with anyone who can support her store.

    I am not even going to speculate on why JoeGrody started up with Tre. We know it’s for Bravo favor and the money.

    Regarding Kathy, I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and wait for this to air. If she saw or heard that Tre/JoeGrody had an incident, she may have just wanted to stay away. Tre has a tendency to go after Kathy after a run in with Joe/Mel

    • What?If I recall from what I just read uptop,is that Kathy ignore her.Teresa thought things between them where fine,even we did because of the way they were on twitter with the whole kit thing.Kathy saying its always good to hear from her,and Teresa with the congrats.Everyone loved it and thought the fighting was over with them.

      • Actually the source said “kathy arrived after Tre and didn’t even say Hi”. It didn’t say Tre approached Kathy and was ignored.

        Avoiding someone who just had an altercation with her brother, who very often misinterprets what you say, and often goes after you when she has a run in with Mel/Joe is probably just good sense at this point.

        As I said, I’ll wait to see what actually happened before I judge.

          • I didn’t say you said Tre approached.

            You used the word “ignore” to describe the comments. I take the word ignore to mean someone was approached or spoken to and didn’t respond

            I interpret the comments to mean Kathy stayed away from Tre.

            As Tre fans, we alll want the others to stay away from her. It looks Kathy did. As I said before, I’ll wait and see how this really went befor I decide.

        • Good point on Kathy, rhfan. I have to say, I find you to be probably the most fair and balanced person on this site.

          I know you are a Tre fan, but you are usually fair in your assessments.

  • The difference,is that Melissa and Joe only tries for the family on camera,and Teresa tries when the cameras are down and up,and even on twitter.

  • I am so over this family drama. It is obvious these families are never going to get along and it’s unfortunate. No matter how many times one of them (Joe, Melissa, Teresa) says they are going to forgive the other and “start completely fresh” there is always some “well way back when…” comment. It never fails. Find a new story line, Bravo. This hurts my eyes and my ears, yet for some reason I can’t look away :/

    • TBH if they wanted to work it out, they wouldn’t have entered the TV show. Teresa takes her family seriously while Joe and Melissa don’t care, and thats the truth!

    • Tre has no reason to forgive Mehoe, she simply does not want her brother married to stripper trash, can’t say I blame her. Especially when the trash has convinced her brother she is the enemy so he does not speak to her or believe her when she tries to tell him the truth.

    • See what? Tre being an ass again? I’m sure she did her regular ape like behavior and said or did something fake, phony and bitchy…like she ALWAYS does. Then tried to play it off like the other person started it…like she ALWAYS does.

      Tre is such a waste of flesh.

      • Teresa being ass about what,not wanting her family talking to her like a piece of CRAP!
        Hun you are really messed up in the head,sweetheart it’s called editing,that is what Teresa got in the last few seasons.If you think it’s going to be different this time,think again!

        • Right. So they ONLY edit Teresa. And they ONLY take Tre out of context. Right?

          Tre looks stupid enough on her own without any help from editing.

          • No she doesn’t,and yes they give Teresa the bad editing!In season 3 &4 Teresa was the only one who din’t have a friend/family member/boyfriend or girlfriend in the production.Not just Teresa but joe Giudice to.

          • JPG I get that you don’t like Teresa. I see it here a lot. You are totally entitled to your opinion. My only issue here is that you only ever comment on Teresa. Teresa is not the only cast member to do shady things. I admit Tre says some pretty dumb stuff that gets her in trouble. I get that she and Joe have been shady about money; but so have the rest of the cast. I know you see that. My question is, what are your opinions on the other cast members crap? Tre is no angel. Not by far, but its all been aired out.At least admit that Melissa and Joe Gorga are dirty too. Just in a completely different way. Aren’t you just the least bit annoyed that the rest of the cast gets a good edit even when they have some seedy things going on in the background? Not being disrespectful to you in the least here.

          • Crywolf – where is the proof of Joe and Mel being shady? I’m not talking about any court cases filed…anyone can file a court case against anyone – where is a guilty verdict or a civil case that is resolved not in their favor?

          • Where is the verdict against the Guidice’s? There hasn’t been a verdict yet but you feel they are guilty just the same. See how that works? I dont know JPG. You seem like you follow this stuff pretty well and I have seen your level headed opinions on other topics. I know you have to see how you focus only on the Guidice family.

          • I just think it would be refreshing if the show would air everyone’s dirty laundry equally. Don’t you agree? There is some pretty damning info out there about the Laurita’s right now. I think you could agree that what they did by dispersing business funds was pretty shady right? I just think things get so heated on this site and before you know it insults are getting thrown. I dont want to throw insults. I think you end up on the defensive here a lot and I can see why you get your back up about it. I get like that on RHBH lol

          • Crywolf – I agree there is varying degrees of dirt on probably all of the housewives.

            I guess part of what bugs me SO much about Tre, is to me, she lies about so many things and pretends “everything’s okay!”. Then her fans try to say “Yeah, it’s nobody’s business!” – ummm, yeah it is. She put her life on reality tv for people to observe and judge.

            She also literally lied by trying to hide assets, which I find despicable.

        • STFU JPG! You make 0 sense. Get off the hate wagon already. You probably can’t sleep at night, hating on Tre.

          Melissa and Joe have used services that they have not paid for. They will have their day in court. Till then STFU!

          • @Klown Kardashian, Awesome!!!! The same posters never respond to intelligent questions, no substance in their answers! Just hate and insults whether at another poster or about the STAR of RHONJ TRE!!! Also they deflect, not answer and its more blah-blah, hate-hate,Tre is this or that,other posters are this or that…. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ 😉

          • So did Richard Wakile. And he has been found GUILTY! ( proof)Think one was Exxon for a large sum, and the others was the landscapers.

          • The Gorgas or Joe has many lawsuits! At least 33. There are a few he has been guilty of with proof. Non payment for home building supplies, a catering business…Oh yes something with their big debut Christmas Party/ charity/gifts. And aren’t they in trouble for the spec house that they have been living in that they STILL cannot find anyone to buy after years on market?

          • JPG (and Estele for that matter) won’t comment on other cast members because she’s a Marco (or likely Mel herself) so she doesn’t have the scoop on the other cast members… mainly I’m guessing because she doesn’t KNOW them. They won’t associate with her when the cameras aren’t on. Make sense?

          • So that was an intelligent response?! bahahahahahahahaahah!!!!

            More insults HOW PREDICTABLE!!!! BORING…………..


      • You sure WASTE a substantial amount of energy concerning yourself with “such a waste of flesh”…. It’s increasingly disturbing. You must have a pitiable existence outside of cyberspace.

          • JPG is obviously a Marco or one of their minions because the way she/he responds and what they say and the language they use is just as trashy as the Marco’s. The funniest part of it all is that they are unable to see their own flaws and believe they are fooling everyone

          • Just sayin – *Sigh* This again? Really. I love how claim I have no valid points, but all you can come up with is I’m a Marco?

            For the 1,788,788th time. Roxy can verify.


            Use your brain and say something intelligent, not some tired shit like this.

        • And all you people waste a substantial amount of energy concerning yourselves with Mel and Joey. So really, how is it any different.

          You’re not that bright, Harper.

          • How sad for you that you sit and call strangers names all day on your computer. For most this is an amusing hobby while at work, for you it seems like a lifetime commitment to attack people you don’t know to defend either people you don’t know or do know. Truthfully I could care less who you are, but it sure is fun watching you get bent and attacking for no reason.

          • I personally challenge you to find one place in this thread where I attacked ANYONE FIRST. I commented on Tre and YOU ALL attacked me. So yes, I attacked back. I know you won’t answer, cause you won’t be able to find it.

    • I find it ridiculous that Bravo is still sticking with the Teresa vs the world storyline. And that Troll Gorga and the witch he married are still happily going along with it, doesn’t surprise.

      Meanwhile, Kathy remains a fake, passive aggressive, useless waste of air time.

      • Well, let’s wait and see what the new season brings…
        On the other side I must admit, there is a mean side of me who would really enjoy some Melissa-bashing.

      • If that is the story line, ( I am hoping not) then they need new writers and directors because the one’s they are using have a limited imagination then.

  • I’m so sick of this storyline. The producers are destroying the franchise and a family. I really wish they would find some other drama. Sheesh!

  • BTW… WHAT are all those ASSHATS ( Fredo, Messy and Katfish) doing going to Kim D. event anyway? I though they all hated her, why freakin support her?

    • I remember back when Kim D. started following Melissa on Twitter she and Melissa had agreed to film together. I am sure its all about more camera time which both of them are all about.

    • Exactly Holy, What a bunch of hypocrites! It makes no sense. They are supporting the woman who came right out and admitted she was the one who had Angelo say hello to Melissa (ooh, big set up there, would never have been a big deal until Melissa made it one, cause no one cared) but they continue to blame it on T. Are they stupid or something? They are just looking for an excuse obviously to keep tearing down T. It really is their only storyline.

  • Poor Tre. This is why I can’t watch Season 5-more of the same scripted drama, tearing a REAL family apart. Watching the show feels like an uphill battle….no matter what Teresa does, there are too many people who want to make her look wrong. I had hopes for Kim D helping to set the record straight, but it looks like she just wanted on the gravy train for a check and a little more reality fame. I hope I’m wrong but….

    • Camm, I feel the same. And at one time I too had hope and thought Kim D was a friend, but I think with her everything is for business. She kept up with Teresa because Teresa was the only housewife who still supported her, now that she is on the show again, I think she will be playing many games. I also think she has been the one keeping Jax filled in, making tapes, etc.. we will I guess.

  • I’m SO tired of this bullying!! I want to see Teresa but won’t be able to watch due to this mess. I say we all file a claim with the Better Business Bureau on Bravo! I don’t feel like dealing with this negative mess!!! An argument here an argument there okay FINE but it’s still 35 against 1? I’m over it!

    • I agree, I am a creeper I never post. I do not have twitter account, but I do stroll through every now and then. I was so looking forward to seeing Teresa and her children again and I’m a sucker for an underdog over comes it all type story. I feel like after the last two seasons Teresa has been Kicked in the face and drug through the mud, but as UNCOMFORTABLE as it has been to watch (and it really was at times UNBEARABLE!!)I sat through it all in hopes that THIS season she would FINALLY be vindicated. I had hopes for her family getting back together and Jacqueline just GOING AWAY, but if you peeps are telling me that’s not going to happen… I am HEART BROKEN. I cannot put myself through another season of watching a person be bullied. I am over it… has anyone voiced these opinions in a rational way to Andy @ Brvo? I mean I know it’s not realistic to think they will all be one big happy family again, but at least edit Teresa in a GOOD LIGHT and the others let them show their true colors for once!

      • I believe Andy is well aware of what people think but his palpable hatred for Teresa keeps him trying to break her to the detriment of the series. He does not care what people think. I know people think he does because he got rid of Jill after a lot of people complaining. But I think he was tired of her manipulations trying to take control of the series content so he saw his out.

        • It has nothing to do with his hatred for Teresa… it is because people are STILL watching. Why fix something that isn’t broken. Andy and Bravo don’t care what we think or feel or what we want to see, they care about rating. As long as the ratings are good they will keep going with what they are doing… when the ratings start to drop THEN they will change things up. They will string us along with little tidbits of hope that things will turn around… so we watch, waiting to see Melissa fall and Teresa get her apologies or her justice… but it doesn’t happen… then something new comes out… someone new… with inside info on Melissa… we watch we wait, only to be disappointed again. They will milk this for as long as they can because they know we WILL watch until we finally get to see what we want to see.

          • I think so too Annah. Obviously we all keep tuning in, even though it actually physically upsets some of us to watch a family being torn apart. What I think they don’t understand is that a lot us were waiting for season 5 to turn things around, and I think there will be a lot of pissed off people who will not watch if it is the same thing. Even if people want to see Teresa vindicated, there is only so much we can take and so long before we ge bored. I mean they have squeezed two years out of this same fight! I personally am bored to death with this and if it is the same I will not fall for it again. I am not just saying that either I refuse to watch it again. I don’t like feeling like I’m I think so too Annah. Obviously we all keep tuning in, even though it actually physically upsets some of us to watch a family being torn apart. What I think they don’t understand is that a lot us were waiting for season 5 to the things around, and I think there will be a lot of pissed off people who will not watch if it is the same thing. Even if people want to see Teresa vindicated, there is only so much we can take and so long before we ge bored. I mean they have squeezed two years out of this same fight! I personally am bored to death with this and if it is the same I will not fall for it again. I am not just saying that either I refuse to watch it again, I don’t like feeling like I’m being played for a mindless drone who watches blindly everything the show shoves in our facebeing played for a mindless drone who goes along blindly with whatever crap the show throws at us.

          • @CaTfAcE Exactly… but because we are strung along we DO keep tuning in to ‘see what happens’. That’s the point. They don’t create a show that we like and WANT to watch, they create a show we HATE to watch but HAVE to tune in ‘to see’.

  • Really ,Kathy can’t even stand up straight to Teresa , Teresa has so much more Class then Kathy an not only that Kathy is a nasty person and a personality sucks as well as her thing she calls Husband, Kathy go home your a downer for any Function or Party find some Class…… Teresa did the right thing by walking away from her Bother I GEUSS he really loves those cameras to make him look like a hard ass to his only sister. Who does he think he is to yell right at his Sister always he never ever had any Class what so ever when it comes to real women, That’s why he married to no good for nothing lying back stabber wife of his , Please someone tell that fake thing Joe’s wife Melissa to STOP being so jealous of Teresa an copying everything she is doing in her life cuz its not working out . They both are just low life’s (Joe & Melissa)……

    • If Tre is classy for walking away from her brother and not fighting, why is Kathy “nasty” for avoiding Tre and staying out of it?

      I’m a Tre fan too, but I think I’ll give Kathy the benefit of the doubt until it airs.

      • I just do not like how Kathy always flip flops for the sake of the clique! I found it funny how not that long ago her and Teresa were making progress then in front of the clique/cameras, she ignores her? Either make up or don’t! Be family or not, talk / keep building on it or call it quits! This family is ridiculous.

        • I don’t like flip floppers either. I see what the source said as really one-sided. The situation could also be told as Tre didn’t say Hi..yada, yada, yada with all the same details.

          I see this as Kathy staying out of it, until it airs, I give the benefit of the doubt.

          • I can go with that, but as history has shown us, ( LOL), Kathy talks out both sides of her mouth and her actions pretty much never match what she says! But, I will wait and see.

          • True Teresa is not a perfect person and could also have said Hello, but from what I have seen of Kathy on this show, she came on as Melissa’s friend and so Tre’s best defense to avoid conflict is to try to ignore them IMO.

    • I don’t know why Kathy is on this show except to discredit Teresa…Kathy is boring and I FF through the scenes w/just her.
      Melissa could actually be interesting and fun 2 watch if she wasn’t sooo obsessed with trying to be a second rate Tre and with taking Teresa down.
      I never quite trusted Joey and Melis after the Christening ..Soooo contrived for the cameras and drama..For anybody’s bro to treat them like that @ their son’s event. The entire family was in multiple fights….. @ a child’s christening…They have problems!
      I do think Tre likes attention and isn’t perfect, BUT she is the type of person that naturally gets attention…She’s funny and over the top. I think if Joey and mel would ever stop hitting below the belt and being manipulative they would actually get along. Even if they can’t be friends they SHOULD be civil. Hopefully for the Gorga grandparents things will change one day. Maybe when there is no RHONJ….

      • Melissa is nothing but trash from the streets of South Jersey, probably a coke whore in her younger years and Tre has the dirt on her so Melissa is desperately trying to take Tre down and put her in the worst possible light with her meal ticket (aka Joey) because once Joey sees what he is really married to its all over for Melissa. Tre will be ok in the end, the truly sad part to this is the children Joe had with this piece, they are the ones who will be hurt in the end.

  • Teresa’s the insider. I knew the minute she said she just “walked away” from the situation (She ALWAYS says that). That plus acting like mentioning Kathy on twitter was some huge favor that Kathy owes her for.

    • She always says that? We’ve seen her on multiple occasions walking away from a fight that her brother, Melissa, or Kathy started. FACT.

    • It’s not that Kathy owes Teresa anything for tweeting about her canollis. It’s her inconsistency that drives me crazy. I always say “either like me or hate me; I don’t care either way, but at least be consistent.” If she was still mad at Teresa she should have ignored the tweet; now she just looks like she follows the lead of everyone else.

      • Hanna- did Kathy put out a few months back that her and Teresa were taking baby steps again??? She kills me.. She said nice things to T on twitter a few times since reunion, which is public, then in front of cameras, ignore Teresa??? This is one effed up family!

        • Then I guess I do; but I’m certainly not going to lose sleep over the opinions of people who don’t pay my bills or put food on my table.

    • Estelle please STOP trying to get people to believe that everytime there is an indsider or a source,all of sudden it’s Teresa.GIVE US BREAK!When its a story negative about Teresa,you don’t think its Melisa or Kathy who are the source or insider.So get over yourself!

    • She said she “just walked away” from Danielle (country club chase), Monica C (physical attack outside courtroom), Joey (chistening), and Melissa (grabbing and twisting Melissa’s arm in a parking lot — at her own kid’s party).

      • Where the hell do you get your stuff?

        She nevcer said she walked away from Danielle at the Country Club. She did tell eveyone she waited to talk to Danielle outside of the bathroom.

        She never said she walked away from Monica C. she did appro. her.

        She did walk away from her Jackass brother at the Christening, while that fool screamed at her and cussed at her in front of her daughter making her cry. Ruining his childs special day!

        There was never ever any altercation at her own childs b’day party, that was a complete lie made up by Messy and Cracker Jac. totally false, and you know it!

        • Every single thing I mentioned was either discussed in detail or shown on the show, except for the assault on Melissa (who’s word I’m taking on this. I don’t care what Endora the Party Lady said.)

          • Melissa also said that she never contacted Danielle then was caught red-handed. Yes, her words are the god honest truth.

          • @Nicole ~ Melissa has said consistently from day one that Danielle contacted her on facebook three years ago and that she responded.

          • @Estelle, Well if you were enlightened to Teresa’s evilness behind the scenes why don’t you share with us what that was? Not trying to be an ass or anything but now you made me curious. If it changed your mind you should tell us in hopes that it might do the same? And now I am wondering what you are talking about since I haven’t heard.

          • Oops I replied in the wrong place, I meant to a little farther down where you said the thing about behind the scenes stuff with Teresa. Sorry! I’ve been making stupid mistakes all day on my phone 🙁

          • @CaTfAcE ~ Not trying to be an ass either (swear), but would you mind looking this one up for yourself? Every single thing I’ve said about the christening has been discussed ad infinitum either on the show itself or in the blogs for the past three years.

          • @Estelle, wrong, my dear. Melissa did an interview before season 3 where she said she didn’t know how Danielle got any information regarding her (Melissa) and that she (Danielle) must have heard stories about Melissa and Teresa from someone else. You can google it and find that interview yourself. So, clearly, Melissa did NOT say from the beginning that they were in contact. She denied ever speaking with Danielle until Danielle made it public knowledge that they were communicating. Only then did Melissa say she was in contact with Danielle.

          • Oh alright then, I have thoroughly been over any info regarding the christening from every possible angle/source and saw nothing that would change my mind.

        • Everybody was telling her to get away from the table (christening) but she refused to walk away. Gia, who was crying, was trying to pull her away from the table, but she refused to walk away.

          She’d spent the entire day (and entire three months preceding) driving her entire family nuts and knew damn well they were about to explode. It was a dream come true for her.

          • It figures you would find an excuse for what Fredo did. It was disgusting and you know it, didn’t you say you were Italian once? You should really be ashamed, seriously!!

          • I had very definite opinions about the christening until I got the full background on all the nonsense Teresa was pulling behind the scenes. Now I think that when he called her garbage he was being kind.

          • It was also obvious from the way Mr. and Mrs. Gorga were looking at Teresa both during and after the brawl that they knew she was behind the whole thing.

          • @Estelle

            First, I have to say that all involved in the Baptism Brawl were digusting!

            That said, JoeGrodyGorga was the worst, his wife a close second. I don’t care if Tre or anyone else was “dancing with the baby”, “congratulating them” or whatever else happened, he should have been man enough to keep the peace. At the very least he should have respected his parents and other guests and kept his mouth shut and walked away.

            His party he should have kept it from going that far. That is what a man does.

          • OMG Estelle..

            Seriously you are sooo wrong..Watch that episode again.. They were ashamed of their son THAT was obvious!

            Fredo is a disgrace the way he ruin his childs day. The way he screamed and cussed at his sister in front of her . The way he screamed at his parents, and you are teliing me they they think Teresa was behind the whole thing?? I’m sorry you are so so wrong!!!

          • @HCannoli..

            Well Tre did dance with the baby and she also congratulated Joe/Mel. LOL

            I guess to unstable people those are fighting words, lol

          • Yes, it’s SO obvious that Mr. and Mrs. Gorga believe Teresa is behind it all. That’s why, of the only two children they have, they spend 99% of the time with Teresa and don’t even bat an eye at Joey and his wife. SO OBVIOUS that Teresa is the trouble maker.

            Also, you should probably watch that episode again because Teresa DID walk away and stopped when Joey kept yelling obscene things at her.

          • I think the Gorgas are 100% aware of what an unholy mess their daughter is, and I doubt they spend anywhere near as much time with her as she tries to make it seem. Given a choice I’ll bet they’d rather spend time with their son and his family (and probably do).

            And why is Teresa still claiming that she “never let” Mr. Gorga watch the christening episode? That’s got to be one of the more ridiculous lies she’s told.

          • @ Estelle have you lost your dam mind? Nothing you have said is true get your facts straight before you post something!! You F-in people think if you say it enough it will come true!! Joe blow & Meho are both pathetic they thought they could just come on this show and spew their lies about Teresa and her husband Joe and everyone would just believe them and turn against T!! Caroline thought that to and it backfired on her to, and the more lies they told us about Teresa and Joe the more it came back to bite them in their ass!! LOL

          • I have it recorded, just watched it now as I read what you say, Joey started being very nasty to Tre and she turns and says really after he calls her garbage, before that she started to walk away. Remember there is more to this scene than what Bravo allows us to view. Joey is totally at fault for going after his sister here. Melissa and Joey both started with Tre when she comes over to say congrats again and they ask her why are you saying it now and again. I love love love Tre and I think she went over to them while the Bravo cameras were on to show herself with her family as instructed by Bravo. More than likely at the same time someone from Bravo told a obviously drunk Joey his sister said something nasty about him and so the fight started. Joey is obviously not the sharpest tool from that shed and Bravo knows he is easily manipulated.

          • @Estelle, your logic regarding the senior Gorgas and their actions don’t match up. They spend majority of the time with Teresa and her family. All you have to do is go on twitter to see the pictures of the Gorgas with Teresa’s family. Also, if the Gorgas prefer Joey and would much rather spend time with him, please explain WHY Joey said they haven’t seen each other in a year at the reunion? Please explain to me why Joey and Melissa said that his parents don’t like Melissa?

            If your answer is that Teresa “poisoned” their minds then that contradicts your initial statement of the Gorgas knowing that Teresa is bad person and the root of all evil.

            Most Italian families value their sons probably moreso than the girls. Yet the senior Gorgas have always stood by Teresa and not the other way around.

          • @Just sayin ~ She also said she just “walked away” from Monica Chacon. Which she did! Right after she tried to BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HER! LOLOL

          • OMG Estelle

            Teresa never said she walked away from Monica C, she always said she appr, her. And she never ever tried to beat the crap out of her.. Wher the hell do you get your stuf..Honestly you ar full of shit!

        • Oh, and regarding the attack on Melissa at Whoever’s party — a friend of Jacqueline’s witnessed the assault and texted her about the whole thing. I’ll bet she’s still got it. Just like she’s still got the text from whoever ratted Teresa out about setting up Melissa at the fashion show.

          I’m pretty sure the assault will be covered in detail on S5.

          • LOL, if Cracker says it, than it has to be true..The woman is a complete WHACK, involved in so much BS/ DRAMA/ GOSSIP. Sick stalker that she is. Get help and take care of your Austistic child Cracker Jac, stop your freakin obsession with Teresa, Jesus!

          • It’s not just Jacqueline — there’s the witness at the party, and the person who knew that Teresa was in on the setup.

            I’d believe Jacqueline in this matter regardless, although that’s really irrelevant since I’m sure she’s still got the texts to back up what she said.

          • Who was the witness..Oh thats right a Cracker Jac friend..someone she made up in her cracker jack brain.. Funny when the ” rumors ” came out about that, Melissa said her self in several interviews nothing happened at Gia and Maliania party, Teresa said this also.. oh then fast forward 8 months later Melissas story changes, when Cracker Jac broke out once again in a drunken xanax twiiter rant one of how freakin many the freakin whack!!

            Ther was no person that knew Teresa that was in on the set up. what the hell are you talking about? SMH

            Of course you beleive Cracker Jac, just like you beleive what you do about the christenning..LOL.

          • Yes, because what Jacqueline says is the truth. Jacqueline has been caught in many lies before. The “witness” that supposedly saw Teresa grabbing Melissa’s arm is obviously lying or made up. Again, if that happened it would have been all over the gossip sites when it happened. Little Melissa even said that nothing happened at Gia’s party when there were rumors about what happened. But then 9 months later, she all of a sudden remembered that Teresa grabbed her arm? Melissa must have a case of selective amnesia then bc she also forgot that she was on contact with Danielle until 2 years later when she was caught.

          • And then of course there’s Melissa herself, who not only was the victim in both cases but also knows who the other two witnesses are.

          • Estelle

            You are wrong very wrong, so many people have proven you wrong and you still will not admit it, it’s actually funny now.

          • Estelle

            What the hell are you talking about?

            Read over what people have posted to you regarding this whole convo. They have proven you wrong left and right. There weree no witness , the shit didn’t happen except in Cracker mind. Melissa even said nothing happened for 8-9 months, then whe nCracker Jac lost it on twitter once again all of the sudden Melissa says this shit happened.. I and everyone calls bullshit but YOU!
            You are the one that is throwing out bullshit and you know it! Same as the bullshit you have thrown out about the Christenning.

            You are really just throwing out bullshit to see what sticks, It funny!!

          • Nobody’s proven a damn thing, and how hilarious is it that you couldn’t even come up with one example of THAT.

            And I’m still waiting for you to get that whatever you think of me is just fine by me. The only time I even bother to deal with you (in case you haven’t noticed) is when you keep horning in on my threads or when I catch you in an even crazier-than-usual spin on Teresa’s behavior.

          • Horning in on YOUR THREADS? LMAO! Do you even know what that means? You comment on thread idiot!

            Read over the whole convo that has been going on people have posted over and over again given examples and proof!!

            There is seriously something wrong with you. Do you seriously not understand what people write? Do you really just like post the same shit over and over thinking maybe possibly someone will agree with you?

            BTW you are the one that starts with me on every single Jersey thread , don’t get it twisted!

          • I keep ASKING you for SPECIFIC EXAMPLES of commenters who have PROVIDED PROOF that Teresa didn’t attack Melissa, and here’s what I’m getting back from you:

            – “People have posted over and over again given examples and proof!”
            – “They have proven you wrong left and right!”
            – “The shit didn’t happen except in Cracker [sic] mind” [exactly how in the f*ck do you PROVE something like that LOL]
            – “Melissa even said nothing happened for 8-9 months.” So what? Her contract probably forbade her from talking about it until filming was over, and she also probably didn’t want to discuss it publicly until she disclosed at the reunion that she was moving away from Teresa due to fear for her children.

          • @Estelle, when Melissa supposedly was “attacked” by Teresa, she was NOT under contract because they WERE NOT FILMING. So Melissa not speaking about it for 8-9 months because she was forbade to is inaccurate. Also, many times Melissa have spilled the beans about what’s going on while filming while she was under contract.

            It never happened. Elvira, the lady that owns the place, said it didn’t happen. People who were present at the party and workers said nothing happened. It only happened in Melissa’s head.

          • OMG Estelle

            Jesus Mary and Joseph!!!

            Get over it, you are wrong wrong wrong with not only THIS , but just about every freakin thing that you post about on every Jersey thread, Again read over all the posts, maybe something will ” stick”.

            God I’m over you, there is seriously something wrong with you!

            Do not address me ever again!

          • @ Nicloe

            It didn’t happen in Melissas head because she said for 8-9 months nothing ever happened at the party. She only changed her” story” when Cracker Jac drunk xanax tweeted that her friend in her head told her something happened. LOL.

          • First off, yes at the Christening she started to walk away then her brother called her a name and that stopped her in her tracks as it would stop any normal thinking person. Joey and Mehoe were totally at fault for starting that fight…as for the so called attack on Melissa at the party, I doubt it, but truthfully I would not blame Tre if she did. Personally I would do more than just twist that little whores arm, Melissa is truly a piece of trash.

      • LOL you must be watching/reading a completely different show because Teresa had never claimed to “walk away” from Danielle at the country club nor did she claim to walk away from Monica at the court. In fact, Teresa admittedly said she walked up to Monica to talk to her at the courthouse. Teresa DID walk away from Joey at the Christening with Gia, so watch again. As far as grabbing Melissa’s arm goes, it’s a flat out lie. There were MANY people at the party and if it that truly happened, it would have been all over the media and Melissa isn’t one to keep her mouth shut. She’s the first to throw Teresa under the bus. Melissa even said nothing happened at the party AFTER the party when their were stories about “drama” at Gia’s party. So why 9 months later all of a sudden there was drama and Teresa “grabbed and twisted” her arm? Right, because it never happened.


        • The fight didn’t really get off the ground until Joe Giudice tried to physically attack Joe Gorga, so technically Giudice is the one who started the actual brawl (after, as he said, Teresa got him “all worked up” — which is probably always the case.)

          Off topic, but I’ve like Melissa ever since (at the christening) she told Joe Giudice how nice he looked “in his little suit.” I thought I’d die.

          • Again, I am watching as I am typing this, Joe Gorga is actually the one who makes the first lunge in the scene, watch carefully, lol you also get to see Melissa kicking and pushing people like the animal she truly is.

    • ” walked away ” is not exactly a catch phrase not commonly used. Your sleuthing needs some work Estelle. It is sub par & WEAK!

    • If she’s WALKING AWAY from a situation how exactly would you want her to describe it? If that’s what she is doing then she can sure say it.

      • But if that ISN’T what she’s doing of course she can still SAY it but all that means is that she’s lying again.

    • YOU’RE MELISSA Estelle!!!! We all know only Melissa is as sick and hateful as you. You are a disgusting piece of trash and karma is coming for you and your ugly heart.Shut up and leave Teresa alone you sick fuck.

  • They go because they’re told to go. Hello! They’re paid to be on a show and if drama is created it’s better for ratings. Bravo loves it.

  • I am so proud of Teresa. She has learned that no matter how much she loves her brother that he is just not the same person anymore. Fredo will always blame Teresa and Juicy for everything as long as lookers is feeding him her insecure jealous crap. Keep walking away from Teresa. Don’t feed into the crap. If you will not fight with Fredo, Lookers and Katfish then they have NO storyline.

    One day Fredo will wake up. Lookers will be gone, his parents will have passed and he will realize everything he destroyed for fame and sex.

    • And unlike most of us, whose memories of the mistakes we have made fade into the past, his are forever imortalized on film.

    • I agree! If she keeps walking away from him and Melissa and their BS conflict then Whorgas loose their storyline. No Teresa. NO story. I hope Tre can maintain it all season.

    • I agree Melissa is the one feeding Joey with her hate your sister campaingn but it’s not jealous insecure crap. She has Joey under her spell of lies and she does not want his sister to wake him up and smell the truth about her. I believe Teresa knows alot more than she has said but is trying to be respectful of her family and not bring it up which is why she flipped when Danielle tried to and why she got upset with them when they came on the show. Teresa just wanted to do her reality thing and leave her family out of it but they could not do that. Melissa and her sisters think they are the south jersey mafia and can do whatever they want.

  • This ia all so ridiculous. They might as well just argue over how one of them farted and then they all blame T for the rest of the season.

    • Teresa needs to get a retraining order on Joe and Melissa and enjoy the peace and quiet and freedom of no longer being dragged through the mud by her idiot brother and his jealous loser wife.


  • Of course they are that desperate for the air time. Same old, same old, riding on T’s coattails. They need to get their own friends and back off beating this dead horse. We get it Sloe joe and Missy, you can’t stand Teresa!! Geez, how long do you think this story line is really going to carry the both of you?


      • Just Me, I remember hearing T say that her parents do not discuss the show with them and that her father won’t even watch it. I agree, Mama Gorga should step in and have a talk with her son. She is probably the only one that could get through to him at this point, although I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Maybe that is why he is the brat that he is, Mama G should’ve called him out long ago. Who knows?

  • Fredo you are such a disgusting POS, seriously! I can not beleive that people actually stick up this POS!! They must be just like him, scream at their sister in front of crowds, ruin their childrens and people events, scream at their parents, etc..

    And Kathy what the hell is the matter with you now? You were all happy happy happy that Teresa tweeted you, and sent back a really nice tweet to her, still holding on to you imaginary issues with her? Honest to God!!

    • Ugh, Holy, Fredo really is a POS! I hate to even mention the non entity Kathy, but really, you think this dumb ass would’ve learned the past two seasons that she sided with the wrong people! What an idiot. Keep it up Katfish, we know this is your last boring season and so do you.

        • @Sandy,

          Bulldog is Bryan, Melissa’s ex who is starting to spill all over twitter. Fredo is Holy’s nickname for Joe Gorga, as in the weak, weasel of a brother in the Godfather movies and POS stands for Piece of S–t! Hope this helps! lol!

          • Me too realhw610! He is slowly telling more and more. I have no sympathy for any of the Marco hags. If they had just kept quiet and not gone on the attack against him, he probably would’ve kept the worst to himself. By attacking his cancer, he is now on the warpath! Good for him, they are sooo stupid. They think they can bully anyone they want but he doesn’t strike me as the type to be scared off.

        • Hey Sandy – Fredo is Joey (a Godfather’s reference), POS means piece of sh** and also Joey, Bulldog is the nickname of Melissa’s old boyfriend of 2 years aka Bryan. Check out Famewhorgas to learn more about him. He may be able to reveal a lot about her character, if you know what I mean 😉

          • She’s playing nice and that is what we asked her to do. I, too, get confused at the names but sure find them funny when I figure it out. I think Fredo is my favorite.

    • @HCannoli…

      Maybe Kathy didn’t want to get in the middle of it. Tre often takes it out on her after fighting with Joe.

      Many on here, including me, think it was right of Tre to walk away from JoeGrody. Why wasn’t it right of Kathy to just sat oit of it?

        • Hi rhfan

          I don’t think Teresa takes out on Kathy when Fredo and her get into. I think Teresa doesn’t like when Kathy takes Fredos side right away, invloves herself when she shouldn’t.

          Anyway like you said maybe she just didn’t want to get involved this time and just avoided the whole thing.. I hope thats what it was. Guess we will find out when the episode is on.

          • Kathy and her husband are disgusting. All Melissa, Joe, Rich and Kathy will be remembered for is using Teresa in the worst way possible to try and get famous. They have done anything they can possibly think of to hurt Teresa and her kids. That is all those creeps will be remembered for.

        • I understand what you are saying, but in the past Kathy has been a complete B#$%^ to Tre…I guess we will see next season..Hopefully Kathy will wise up.


  • dayum fugly troll need. This storyline is getting to old.
    I do hope bulldog, exposes the troll and wannabe jho.
    Katfish, just mad that her fish cannoli’s was not a hit and the fact the Teresa did good by congratulating her made katfish look foolish.

  • Yet i’m sure this will be misconstrued to look like it was Teresa’s doing/fault and if that is the case, then RHONJ will again have a horrible season.

    • We all need to STOP watching the show and stop talking about it. That is the only way to change things, otherwise they can change the name to Real Housewives Who Bash Teresa.

  • It sounds as if this real life family drama is going to be used again to attack Teresa on the show. I’m not liking the sound of this. Her brother disgusts me most of all.

    • I’m not liking the sound of it either. I absolutely refuse to watch another season like last season. If Kim invited the ladies to her jewelry event, why was Joey even there?!!?!? He is a famewhorga, and I could see that in he & his wife from the first episode. Sad that Melissa so easily pulled the wool over Jac & Caroline’s eyes.

      • I am just wondering here, could it be that Ms. Andy is purposely pushing the attack Tre plot again to make her fans not watch anymore. If Tre looses her viewers then he can talk the producers into letting her go. I could be wrong here but people do all kinds of nasty things with ulterior motives.

  • Because Bravo told hem to and directed Joe to approach her. Scripted notes. As always. They always get notes for the ‘scenes’ they’re going to shoot. That’s why the producers wouldn’t let T leave. Then there would be no drama and nothing to air. They’d have to scrap it. Sucks!

    • That’s what stuck out to me too. Under normal circumstances Teresa would have walked away to not esculate things, but it sounds like the producers are forcing the issue. I don’t think I’m going to like this season.

      • Why doesn’t Bravo have someone approach the dirty Gorgas and confront them on the billion shady, lying, greedy things they’ve done? And news flash dirty Gorgas no one gives a shit about you or your disgusting marriage so leave Teresa alone!!!!

    • I agree that a lot of the show is scripted, but damn! Since they most likely do have control of where the story goes, you think that they would realize this storyline is old and no one cares anymore if they ever did in the first place! They should MOVE ON to other drama. I’m pretty sure Joey will do anything they ask him to so I wish they would make it happen already.

      • The reason is that Andy has a hard on for Teresa and Joe. He can’t stand them at all and he keeps poisoning Teresa to his higher ups. By this time Teresa should have already been offered her own show, why not? It’s because to Andy it would be a reward to her and he doesn’t want her to win so to speak.

        • If Teresa had her own show it would have huge ratings, Teresa is the ONLY reason I or anyone I know watches. They are missing out on a goldmine because Andy is a jerk.

          • Andy is definitely a jerk, and shitty host too. He never stays impartial and picks favorites and doesn’t even try and make it less obvious. I can’t stand watching him…

          • I can’t stand how Andy never calls out the Gorga tools on all their lies and junk! All the Italians in Jersey hate Joe and Melissa Gorga, we can’t stand what they do and continue to do to his family. Oh and Melissa you are NOT Italian and I feel insulted everytime you lie and say that you are. Melissa you’re are half African American and you need to stop lying. Melissa is a cheater, a liar, a jealous and mean b****, and she would still be a nobody if she didn’t use her sister in law in the worst way possible.

        • Curious, if Andy is still holding a grudge from season 1 when Joe (Teresa’s Husband)said a Gay Slur on camera! And since then Andy keeps saying he, Andy, was forced out( meaning Andy was forced out to being.Gay)! What I took from this is that Andy has held a grudge to Joe and Teresa and even though they apologized Andy is pissed off! Plus Andy has since then has seemed angry with Teresa and her Husband Joe, cuz Andy keeps mentioning that he, Andy, has had to finally admit he, Andy, was Gay!! He, Andy, says this of Teresa and her husband All of the Time!! He, Andy is Pissed and Holding a Grudge against Teresa and Joe! And trying to ruin them as we can see!! Andy always says its Teresa and her Husband’s fault that Andy had to Come out of the Closet! It’s bullshit!

  • SloJo and MeHo are simply disgusting!!! They are horrible people! I just can’t understand how a brothercould be as worthless as he is! I hope Bulldog lets all his knowledge about MeHo out!Katfish is not even worth mentioning! I’m sure when SloJo and Meho run out ofpeople to borrow money from she’ll move on to the next sucker! Then he’ll be left with a mountain of debt and a destroyed family! I hope its worth it SloJo!!!

    • @Whodat2112…. Who in the hell are you talking about?? I loathe when these silly (and really stupid) little names are given to the cast. I don’t know who you mean and it is frustrating enough that once i see it’s you or whoever else does it, I won’t even bother to read your inane comment.

      • Sandy I’m sure she’s not crying if u don’t read her comments but obviously you did. Regular readers here know exactly who she speak of. If you are interested to know read more and insult less.

        • Do you people have lives outside of these reality shows??? You’re all very vested in people you don’t know. I read these blogs for a mindless release. It’s not real!!!

          • You are wasting just as much time reading it as it takes to comment on it. Either way it is wasted time; so stop acting like you are above it. We all do it when we read it, judge it, love it , hate it or comment on it. The only difference is we comment on reality personalities and you comment on us.

          • Here’s my question: Why do ANY of them continue to go to a Kim D event? These women truly have ZERO brains…or refuse to learn from the lessons life is attempting to teach them!


          • I really hate Melissa and Joe Gorga. They make me sick. I hate even seeing a picture of them, they are dirtbags with no heart.

          • Obviously, the cast does whatever the Producers tell them to do. It would seem to me that they all need the money! 😀

          • Haven’t read Famewhorgas since October. CHECK THIS OUT!!!

            “Fred Caruso was the main guy in the northeast to get whatever you needed: coke, X, K, etc. … and yes, Melissa knew him. She was the tag along.”
            The same source told Fame-Whorgas that:
            “The friend whose closet Melissa lived out of was Love & Love has stated that she’s willing to do guest appearances when Penny Drossos gets on to confront her. Mel was a leach to everyone & she even took advantage of Love’s driver because they, Mel & Brian, [edited out].
            Bryan ?(@bulldog_nj) said on January 20, 2013:
            “@lisaslying @lovemajewski yes she’s great! We go back a long time. No I don’t think I have them pics lol but I know what u mean.”

            Wow! I never knew Love and MeHo roomed together. Would be nice if Love made several appearances on RHONJ to blast that nasty girl!

        • I have NO interest in Joe or Melissa Gorga or Kathy and Rich. They are played out and need to leave Teresa and her family alone. I watch to see Teresa and her girls and it sucks because Melissa and Joe Gorga have ruined this show. No one cares about them and they take it out on Teresa. I hope this season Bravo exposes Melissa,, Joe, Kathy, Rich and fires them.

        • I am SOOOOO sick of Bravo forcing the DIRTY GORGAS down our throats. They are lying scumbags and we don’t like them. Why don’t you invest your money into people we actually like Bravo? This makes no sense, maybe Melissa is blackmailing Andy or something lol



      • @Sandy, 1- why are you so angry and full of hate?

        2- If you read this blog it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out! Well, at least, for those of us who have reading comprehension!

        3- This is the MOST important one… Ready?


        Have lovely day! 😉

        • Ding, Ding, Ding, Round 2 goes to Whodat2112. And the championship and still standing winner is Whodat2112.

          Sorry, my husband is making me watch boxing too much.

          • @Patricia C, Thank you!!! I literally LOL’D!!! 🙂

            No worries about the sports reference!!! I totally get it! I’ve been subjected to a lot of football lately and now it seems we’re moving to MMA on Saturday nights!

          • It’s called context, it is so not your fault that high and mighty can’t figure it out…

            Some days it takes me a minute, but all I have to do is read, and then I get it 🙂

            Love your comments all !!

            Long time lurker

        • Whodat!!! Thank you!!! Your Awesome and We All know it!! So you keep writing what you write! We All understand what you wrote! Love ya, MissVegas….p.s. screw the assholes…lol!!!

          • Thanks Miss Vegas!!! You’re awesome as well! I didn’t think it was too hard to fugure out who I was talking about because those names are used on many blogs! Love ya back! I find those commenters hilarious! 😉

        • Whodat, you are right! Like I have always said of you, Whodat, love what you write! Don’t ever Stop! Screw These Idiots WHO wanna start Crap!!! Lol!! Love ya Whodat

          • @Miss Vegas Thanks! I will always speak my mind but I’ll never lower myself to the crap some do! You’ve been so kind and the support, from this board, when I was attacked was amazing!I really appreciate it! xoxo!

      • #1 – I thought that Joey Gorga had placed a ban on his wife and the other ladies from ever attending an event thrown by Kim? (via the Season 4 finale).

        #2 – Where is the rest of this story? This exact story has been all over the internet for 2 days, but the part about Caroline being there and jumping in and throwing in her 2 cents and “blaming Teresa for all the wrongs in the world” is left out…

      • I see Melissa and Joe are continuing to use Teresa this season as they have zero interest from viewers without Teresa. I feel for Teresa this has to suck for her so bad. They never leave her alone.

      • Lets not pretend you don’t know who’s who. You don’t have to read this blog regularly to know that slow joe is Joey and MeHo is Melissa and Katfish is Kathy. It’s called context clues. Part of their names are in the stupid nicknames given to them. I don’t think anyone cares whether you read their comments or not.


          • OMG! Exactly! I usually don’t comment; however it’s obvious who she was referring to. The names are awesome!

      • Yeah Sandy leave Whodat alone! Do your homework and catch up to the past blogs. I’m curious why you, Sandy, didn’t just ask Whodat who she was speaking of in a nice way?

      • @ Sandy who do you think you are taking to Whodat like that!! Whodat has every right to post comments and give her opinion just like you do if you don’t like it don’t read it!! You don’t have any right to attack no one on this site for giving their opinions!!

          • Whodat, I just get so angry at people who get made at others I care about! And I care about you Whodat! You are a great blogger and I’m glad to see you are blogging and ignoring any idiot and or idiots!! Love ya Whodat!! Your Awesome, and lets just say Piss Off to the Moron who was saying Shit, right!! Lol!! Whodat, I too am so Happy so many were on your

          • I accidentally pushed submit comment before I was done…so to be continued, I am also so Happy people/ everyone was on your side, Whodat!! Love MissVegas

          • Thanks Miss Vegas! I enjoy stating my opinion and reading opposing ones but I don’t like the anger/personal level some people come out with! I enjoy a little “verbal sparring” with commenters on here but some get to emotionally invested!

            BTW- I spent my Honeymoon in Vegas. 17 years ago! We stayed at the MGM when it was still one of the “newer” hotels! lol

        • Agree and I know who you meant lol. Not sure why you were singled out since there are MANY people who use those names!

          • IKR!!! I thought everybody knew the names and most of us use them! IDC my life is happy, I don’t have to resort to anger and hate! 🙂

          • I’m the same way, screw fighting its a show. I do get worked up sometimes about NJ but I don’t see the point in attacking other commenters or just being mean. I read the comments because you guys notice things I may not have, and I learn a lot of new stuff in the process. Anywho I like your comments!:)

          • Thanks, I like yours too! I get worked up also but i try to never insult other posters. I’m told I can have a bit of a wicked toungue but I TRY to keep it under control! lol I do reach my limit but even then I try to state my opinion and what I see. I read and comment for fun, to take a break from the crazy days that are my life.

    • Joe and Melissa are pathetic and sick in the head, I feel so sorry for Teresa because her family are such liars, users, manipulators and scumbags. Joe and Melissa need to leave Teresa alone and get a life of their own. I hate Joe and Melissa I just can’t even stand to look at a picture of them now.

      • @Harmony, thanks! I can’t take credit for giving them the names, other posters did that. I def love the names and find them fitting… and hilarious! 😉

        • Whodat, the people that don’t agree with U or r acting like SHITS, F*CK THEM, LOL!!! Sorry, but WHODAT we ALL r on UR SIDE! I’m ready to stick up for u! So anyone who wants to be rude to WHODAT, let’s RUMBLE! And I’m NOT the only one, ok!

          • @laur, Thanks hunnie! They don’t bother me! I feel we all have a right to post but the hate or insults are uncalled for! Glad to see you on here, I havent’t seen you in a while!