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Peter Thomas Calls Kordell Stewart A “Hammerhead Motherfu*ker” Over RHOA Preview

At the end of this week’s Real Housewives of Atlanta there is a sneek peak for next week’s episode where Cynthia and Porsha seem to have a bit of a misunderstanding when it comes to Cynthia’s pageants and Porsha’s involvement in it. Porsha is seen talking to her husband Kordell about it and he tells Porsha that she needs to “check” Cynthia!

Peter, Cynthia’s husband, was live tweeting and did not take to this comment lightly! Peter tweeted, “Did this HAMMERHEAD MOTHERF***KER JUST TOLD HIS WIFE TO CHECK MY WIFE?”

It’s funny considering when Peter found out Cynthia was starting to hang out with Porsha, he basically got a b*ner over the fact that he was going to meet NFL star Kordell Stewart! LOL.

Some fans tweeted Kordell about what Peter had said and after some joking about Peter wanting Kordell’s autograph, Kordell took the high road and said this, “@_BizerkJerk @PeterThomasRHOA for the record peters dude. He and Cynthia. Great family….#realpeople.”

Nice of Kordell to not escalate the drama on some dumb tweet. Peter sure has been very vocal on Twitter lately! Just last week he went on a short rampage calling Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR “ghetto”.

How do you feel about Peter’s comment? Do you think he is taking on the role of ‘Househusband’ too seriously?

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  • None of you people knows WTF is going on. Peter has every right to respond the way he did. Porsha has been lying to her husband since the show started and Kordell telling her to check someone when he never were even interested in listen to the facts from his doormat wife in the first place. Then he told Cynthia to her face, I can’t stand you over a non conversation Kordell had with his wife! Kordell is wrong and that’s why he didn’t try to defend the twitter situation his wife started. Cynthia tried to give Porsha a job and Porsha was lazy and dismissive so Cynthia fired her. Cynthia don’t know that girl to be loyal to her so Cynthia can say and do whateva she wants. Porsha is a liar and a shit starter stepford wife with no business.

    • Nah……I disagree. Porsha is a true “housewife”!! I adore her quirky ways. She is really naive and trying really hard to adapt to her new role. Go Porsha and do your thing. Cynthia on the other hand, is two faced. In the episode where she had Porsha helping her out, she came across very rude. Porsha was helping out, not doing the job for her. Cynthia should have never asked or agreed to let her participate. Cynthia is poop and so is her girlfriend Kenya.

  • Peter needs to chill and hang back like the rest of the men do. This is about housewives, not househusbands. He is needing some attention I think.

  • I haven’t seen enough to know what the agreement was but from what they have showed it seems like Porsha is the charity and shouldn’t be expected to do any work. It isn’t her fundraiser. It is Cynthia’s practice run and I think it is the pot calling the kettle black that she wants Porsha to do work to help her practice run after she got such an attitude about Pheadra looking for unpaid help from her agency. I’ve always been a BIG Cynthia fan but she is just terrible this year. She needs to mind her own business and especially stay out of anything that has to do with that crazy Kenya. She is really caddy and quite a gossip this year. Re: peter, I’m wondering if he is trying to keep his/ her name in the blogsphere so they remain relevant since Brave has made changes on casting a lot lately. he wouldn’t be the 1st to do so.

  • Maybe Peter is trying to take up the slack because Cynthia is such a bore. She has the personality of a dishrag. And she’s a phony. She tries to act like she is above all the gossip and talking behind others backs, but it sure didnt take her long to run to Kenya about what the others were saying about her.

    • Just asking, not being rude. Do you think that because she doesn’t get crazy , does not fight, scream , yell? Seems some think others are boring when they act normal on these shows lately. As for running to Kenya, Im sure she is enjoying this because they have all backstabbed her in the past , been nice to her face and biatch behind her back.

      • I think I dislike Cynthia’s personality because she goes too easily with the moment. I really didn’t like it when she believed Kenya about not getting paid. She took it as gospel and then immediately assumed she wasn’t getting paid. I was liking her ok until then. Sure she had made the nasty comments about Phaedra and Apollo’s relationship. But that was the moment I had to rethink Cynthia. How does she take the word of a crazy like Kenya that so easily “dropped it” right on her man on national tv?

        • I couldn’t agree with you more. The day that Kenya went on that trip and came onto to Apollo…whew, that spoke volumes to me about her character. She is low, down and dirty. She really thinks she’s classy? She wouldn’t know classy if it slapped her in her face. Phaedra should have seen from that point that Kenya was garbage. Ugh…can’t stand that ugly thing.

  • Peter has been way to vocal lately on the show and on twitter…some of these househubands on these shows need to check themselves,.just saying!!

  • OK, total digression. Years ago, when Kordell played for the Steelers, there used to run a popular champagne commercial for Korbel. Its tagline was “But… the champagne is not Korbel!”

    Every now and then when the backup QB would relieve Kordell, I would exclaim, “But … the Quarterback is not Kordell!”

    Love the guy. He was a fantastic QB! Ah, memories…

  • Cynthia is beautiful and classy I don’t know what she sees in Peter who is creepy and ornery. He’s very outspoken and negative.

    • I dont think Cynthia is, however her hubby is sure fitting the definition lately! And Keyonce takes the Krazy Kake 🙂

  • Ok this is a stupid question.on the atlanta hw when kordell and porchA were They are in the hot tub , what is all over kordells chest and arm area. Is it surgery marks skin disorder! Ya I am bored !

  • PS: What is a “Hammerhead Motherfucker” exactly?

    Head shaped like a hammer? Stupid?

    I’ve never heard this slang before. (or what did Apollo say to Kenya? A “biter” – meaning copycat? So educational! lol)

    • My dad worked on the water so I know a bit about ocean life. A hammer head shark has its eyes on the sides of its head even more so than a regular shark. My guess is that It was a slam against his looks. Cordell’s eyes are slightly far apart. This was a weak insult and if I were Peter I would shut up. Cordell could take that “hammerhead” of his and knock Peter out cold.

      • Peter gives me the creeps. He seems to always talk down to women, mostly his wife.How old is he to still be trying to start a business, has he ever been successful at anything besides getting women pregnant? Housewives, he is not.

        • I totally agree bc Peter is a Old JackAss bc he does speak DWN to woman and i really believe he’s using Cynthia as his meal ticket…As far as Kordell he needs to mind his business a little more and let his wife learn how to handle herself mooooore. But with that said Peter and Cynthia 2 of the most two-faced couple that I know Really YA’LL 2 ND TO HV SEVERAL SEATS (in my Tamar vc)!!

  • If you guys don’t remember, kordell did say that Peter was so dark that he was purple. It was in the first Anguilla episode.

  • I think Papa Smurf did indeed get a boner – in more ways than one, lol! 🙂

    Cynthia is Peter’s paycheck…nothing more and nothing less. I think he’s become aware via social media and blogs that his meal ticket is boring as all hell and he’s made a conscious decision to amp up the drama to keep her relevant/paid/on the show.

    Didn’t work for Househusband NYC Simon…doubt it will work here.

  • I like Kordel & Phorsha I like that Kordel is down to earth and he don’t go for the drama!! Cynthia and Peter are straight up two face!! They act like their your best friend to your face as soon as your back is turned they stab you right in the back!! I see exactly how Cynthia is and what she is about after this episode and Peter more of a bitch than his wife is, I think Kordel needs to give Peter a lesson on how to act like a real man!! 🙂

    • True… that would be an interesting show. However, Cynthia would probably try to fight the fight for her husband. Someone needs to put Kenya in her place though. She is very full of herself and has no reason to be.

  • Peter is really acting like a lil bytch lately..he is one of those people who is not capable of tweeting ….he needs to back up from that….

    Yes, he nutted in his pants when he found out that Portia was married to Kordell…

    Cynthia should be checked…her attitude and instigating ways this season is pathetic….why does Portia allow herself to get caught up….time after time…

    There is no way she should have taken on the responsibility of being the flunky for the pageant ….for some proceeds for her charity that won’t be collected…

    • Kim is boring as hell. She’s too big headed, and I’m glad she’s gone. 🙂 I missed the old Kim, but she is just too cocky and too much overall.

  • Okay Wait. Am I the only who finds it strange that Porsha would not allow cynthia and her 2 assistance over to her house, because her husband was not there??? Sorry that is rude, after they included them on the trip?

  • I thought Kordell meant to check the situation not Cynthia. I thought I heard him say “Check that” not “Check her.” Also, seems like Peter and Cynthia have to be involved in everyone’s drama to stay relevant. Stop talking about other people in social media and men up and talk to them face to face, he did that with Sheree, Phaedra and Apollo, Kim and Kroy. BTW, Cynthia last night running to Kenya to tell her what everyone said about her, what was up with that?! Wasn’t it 5 episodes ago that you couldn’t stand the girl and was saying the same thing Porscha and Phaedra were saying. Cynthia and Peter, please get off my tv screen.

    • i agree! and i think cynthia needed to be checked! who was she trying to run like a faucet? cordell didn’t want his wife to be the fool. AND cynthia just loves to drag a bone from one woman to the other–so shady. so stupid. so cynthia.

    • I agree. Peter and Cynthia have leveled up their game this year to get involved in every bit of drama possible. Cynthia has something to say against everyone this season BUT Nene of course.

      • Crywolf, agree to an extent! I think Cynthia has been backstabbed by everyone but NeNe though. I like her this season a little more, she is more assertive, direct and confident with the ladies. And she ain’t got no time to be backstabbed no more, LOL!
        Peter seemed good beginning of season, but off camera he seems arrogant as always.
        You remember how the Phaedra lied on Cynthia? Kandi always chimed in with Kim and others accusing Cynthia of having no voice, being NeNe puppet etc.. I think since all that happened, she handles herself well and tries to be civil..

        • Yeah. I really didn’t like that Phaedra couldn’t just come out and say she did not care if Cynthia came to the party. I would like it if Phaedra could loose it on camera just once. I feel like she is holding back to uphold her image. But its giving viewers ammo to call her Phakdra. I still like her. I think she is pretty smart.
          I don’t like the way Cynthia goes back and forth carrying info. To be honest, Kandi did a lot of that last season and she seems to be calmer about that this season. But sometimes I wish she would take a stand.

          • My thought exactly. Take a stand and make it count. I think she has good reason to do so. As the saying goes, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for everything. Just do it Phaedra!!! Much love sweetie.

  • I really don’t like Porcha or Koredell. Ever since i saw her in that ghetto ass music video about screwing that she was in I can’t really take her “classy” act seriously. I respect Cythia and peter for thier hustle At least she knows how to make some money besides laying on her back.

  • In Jamaica where Peter comes from, we call a man with his type of behavior Mother Lashy. This means that he is a flighty, quick to quarrel, idiotic embarrassment of a man.

    • Bitch! Mother Lashy! Who yu a call suh! Your a hater, and the very example of what I can’t stand in our Jamaican people. This man was defending his wife! nothing wrong with that, because Kordell was also defending his wife too, but trying to control her same time. You may or may not see it, but Peter has changed, and to judge him based on his emotions for his wife, you are wrong! He should have put Kordell in his place, which is out of 2 women’s business! Peter didn’t jump into their business, but Kordell is constantly all in Porcha’s business, like she can’t do anything without him, and like he’s one of the girls! No wonder people accused him of being gay! Just shut the hell up. Maybe if you can find a damn man, you might get one that is bold enough to stand up for you like Peter did, even if the person is like a hero to him! Gweh!!!!

  • Peter just seems like an ass. I get the trying to be funny thing but c’mon son, you acted like a straight up groupie when you heard about Kordell.

    • Porsha has a job, a non paying job promoting her charity.

      I thought Peter was going to pee in his pants when he wanted to meet Kordell. Also I thought that was a jab at Kroy. Peter is an asshole.

      • Yes Peter is and so shallow and very jealous man cuz he don’t have nothing to show off or tell for that matter so PETER you need to be gone an stop acting like a little girl …………….

    • Thank you! I was just thinking he reminded me of Richie. He better knock it off or people will really turn against him and Cynthia. I know I liked Kathy even LESS (which is hard to make possible) after reading/seeing things about Richie.

    • Yeah, Peter’s response is sort of a Richie comment. Peter, if you are reading this, that is not a compliment, Rich is over emotional and over the top.

      • Lol. Never thought of Peter being like Richie. Richie Wakile is far worse! LOL. He’s nasty, very unattractive, has overall bad looks, and is more of a douchebag than Peter. Peter is an asshole, but not nearly as bad as Richie. I’m glad apeter doesn’t have bad teeth, bad hair, talks to women like Teresa like shit, and he doesn’t kiss ass to people most of the time. He kissed ass to Kordell, though! Haha! Richie just does it ti all the Manzos and Lauritas…

        As for Kordell, glad he didn’t act petty on Twitter by responding insults back to Peter. Kordell telling Porsha to ‘check’ Cynthia… He shouldn’t have said that. He’s a man, not a woman.

        • I didn’t think Kordell meant it like that. I thought he meant that Porsha should ‘check’ the situation, as in Porsha should get on the ball & deliver what she promised or else it would make her & her grandpa’s foundation look bad. I’m probably wrong, but that’s the way it came off to me. Bravo usually builds up the previews for the next show, makes it seem like something big & juicy is going to go down & it normally winds up being like 2 seconds of nothing…kinda like last night’s epi of Shahs. In the previews they showed GG grabbing a knife off the table like she was gonna cut someone when in the actual show, she grabbed it so Omid/Mike wouldn’t go after it, since one said he would stab the other (can’t remember which one said it, though). Eh, I reckon we’ll find out next week, huh?

  • Peter is an asshole and so is Cynthia. She was throwing so much shade at Porsha last night for no reason. And rme at her jab about Porsha not having a job. Porsha has a husband that can provide for her so she doesn’t have to work. I understand thy Cynthia can’t relate to that with the bum she married, but the subtle insults just made her look like the two-faced hater we’ve always known her to be.

    • But isn’t the title of the show The Real Housewives? Porsha is not supposed to have a job, neither are the rest of them. But Cynthia and Peter couldnt even afford two cars until this season. Maybe she resends Porsha for being well off. Now I see what everyone is talking about Cynthis is shady and she is now up Kenya’s ass like she was Nene.

      • Hmmm you made me think of something. I wonder if this is NeNe’s last season, so Cynthia has to latch onto someone with a strong personality. Im almost ready to give up on RHOA, I watched the episode last night, it was SOOOO BORING!

      • Hi, Alabama That exactly what I’m talking about……… Cynthia is one shady back Stabber and Now she is right up Kenya’s Ass, What’s up with this 2 Facing I mean Cynthia was Always a follower but this is bad and she was talking about bad about Kenya just not too long ago……….

      • This is not true, she stays up nene’s buttox Kenya just makes it looks better since nene is not around, I am glad she is getting along with someone else instead of just nene, I like kenya and I like kandi, Porsha does not have a backbone when it comes to her life because I know what the bible say about a man and his wife and you are right Porsha does not have to work she is rich when it comes to her husband but think if he leaves her what will she have? I bet even though there is not a pre-nup I bet he still will take it all if there is no kids…

    • Cynthia hates Porsha because her husband has money and she’s young and pretty. Cynthia is pretty too but she let her baby’s daddy get away from her Leon the actor and she married this bum that used all her money.