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Lisa Hochstein Reveals Details Of Her Lawsuit; The Woman She Is Suing Is An Acquaintance!

Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein is suing a woman who left some defamatory comments about her being an escort and doing soft core porn on an entertainment web site, and it was a bit out of character because Lisa seems to be one to not entertain any drama! Lisa is now revealing details of why she decided to go after this particular online commenter, and it turns out it’s not just some random user on a web site, but someone she actually has had at her house before!

Lisa explains to the Miami Herald that she filed this lawsuit a few months ago and has no idea why it surfaced right now. She says, “This was filed a while ago and somehow it surfaced. This isn’t something I was going to publicize. It’s not the kind of exposure I was looking to get. I do want to put out there that I get it, that I’m out there on TV and there’s gonna be anonymous bloggers and posters who will say what they want about me.”

So, the reason why Lisa took legal action is because she knew this particular woman and was an acquaintance of the Hochsteins! Lisa adds, “This person is an acquaintance we’ve invited in our home and who has smiled in our faces. She had no shame in saying these horrible things. If you are going to put something that nasty, saying someone’s an escort, a porn star, that’s a big deal to me I want to have a family. The fact that she knows me and I’ve seen her in my home, well, it just sits the wrong way . I’m not going to go after every blogger and commenter out there. Trust me, I’ve been called way worse. I have thick skin as part of this whole show, but this really struck a chord. I didn’t want it to get out of hand and I’m all for freedom of speech, but when you know someone personally and act like you’re friendly with them and then go making an accusation like that, it’s a big deal. What have I done to her?”

TMZ reported that Lisa sued on the grounds that this damaged her emotionally and would hurt her socially and as a viable employee. Lisa says that as she looks to expand her business, it could damage her with these false accusations out there. Lisa continues, “People are still looking to use me as brand ambassador and people who think I am a hooker, an escort . . .it’s a bad look….I don’t go patrolling for these things. I don’t take myself that seriously, but it just rubbed us the wrong way. Maybe [the lawsuit] could have been a little extreme, but at the time we felt it was something we needed to do.”

Lisa explaining the situation makes much more sense. It was a bit bizarre that she would sue a random commenter on a web site, but now that we know she is someone who Lisa knew, it makes sense that she would take action.

With more information revealed, do you think Lisa has a case against this woman?

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  • I am glad that she explained that and I respect that she looked at the reaction of some comments on blogs like this for reaction. It really admire a person who puts the truth out there instead of thinking they are above reproach. Some of these housewives would do well to learn from Lisa’s approach here. She obviously respects the opinions of her fans. Kudos..

  • I totally believe she used to escort here’s a quote from a site I will post. Also it has a pic of Joanna on a VIP section of a website that offered services for her. You may say that the escort site was just using her image and do the old bait and switch, but that doesn’t work for the higher end/UTR ladies. They had Tera Patrick and other models and pornstars on the screenshot also.

    You see if you paid for a Joanna for two nights for 20,000 or more, you want Joanna and not some other woman and you would know it was her. The first time a VIP client got someone that wasn’t what he asked for, he would want his money back and not use the service ever again (if not report it to the police). There are only so many people who not only use escorts but can afford services at this amount, and so it’s imperative that you don’t scare them away to another agency or get them mad to talk about your agency. And if you still don’t believe it for Joanna, then if they would post a fake Joanna pic for some other girl. Why would they past a “fake” pic of Tera Patrick or Jesse Jane, two pornstars who said they don’t escort. You would know that you had a them yes or no. So if theres is real more than likely hers is too.

    • i knew you would be in here. stop obsessing over it. didn’t i tell you it was a fake pic and joanna confirmed it. it doesn’t matter if it’s low end or high end. con artist escort websites do use fake pics and names. nobody would report a different escort being used. if they did then they will admit to doing something illegal. i know this is blowing your mind that an escort service will lie but they do. a client would not care as long as their getting laid. also there are escorts that they probably resemble the famous people. all i know if i worked for an escort i would not use a real pic of myself or name. notice the pics are professional model pics. not real pics of them. so that should tell you something.

      • You must not know to much about the business I do. The lower end escorts yes they would bait and switch but the higher end ones know there are only so many big whales or fish that can afford this and at the same time in the hobby. So to say this person you want is a celebrity and then bait and switch would turn the person from ever using their services again. There’s a reason why it was the VIP area, you have to bet verified (make sure your not a cop or have the means/lifestyle) to afford to be around women like that and not just refinanced your house to get a b rated star to sleep with.

        One site you have to pay 1500 dollars to get a VIP accomadation and that is used to do a good background check as I mentioned before. I’ll say this again since you didn’t understand. If you are paying 10 to 20,000 dollars a night for a person of your dreams you are paying for the person not a bait and switch. If thats the case then you might as well go onto and get a couple of girls for a night for alot less than what you are paying.

        I know about this because I use to be a hobbyist in this business.

      • no, i’m not obsessed with the escort business as much as you are but i know what i know. i know how the escorts websites like to scam people and lie about who they have. has any customers of joanna’s or lisa’s come forward? has any escort co-workers come forward? it has to be risky business to actually put your name and pic on an escort website.

        i already read your post more than once and i understand what you’re saying i just don’t buy it. you want to believe joanna and lisa were escorts that’s fine by me but i think it’s strange your on some weird vendentta to constantly say they were. i choose not to believe because there isn’t any evidence. just a fake pic and name on a website. i need more than that. if there is proof then i’ll give you a high five or fist pump. whichever you prefer. also VIP doesn’t necessary mean safe. i know many cases of VIPS getting busted.

        • Yes your right VIP’s have been busted but this VIP section of the website was hosted on an offshore server in Singapore I believe, you don’t go into that much security for a bait and switch when the ones that are showing their faces are on servers in the US and the ones UTR are offshore.

          • that’s all very interesting and makes sense but offshore doesn’t necessary mean you’re protected. would be harder for police to get to you but the women’s pics and names are on websites for forever. when joanna “allegedly” did this do you know if she was already semi famous or was just starting out as a model? because i’m thinking if she was already a professional model then why would she risk her image being on a website? it all just seems unbelievable to me.

            i’ve been wanting to ask you about kim zolciak from rhoa. i tried asking you a few times but you i’m assuming you didn’t see my posts. do you think kim was in the business as well?

            hopefully you read this or else i’m gonna feel like an ass asking you again. 🙂

  • Good for Lisa, being on a reality tv show people are gonna throw shade at you but for an aquaintance to down right slander your name knowing what she is saying is total BS and says it anyway is down right shady. Speaking from experience, it does damage your reputation and job opportunities. Most people believe bad things being said about you more so than good things being said about you. Lisa I wish you the best and I hope this person pays for the damage she has caused you. I believe this person is jelous of Lisa and told lies about her because this person is insecure.

  • I saw what she tweeted on Twitter last night about the woman being an aquaintance, I was hoping you would update the story after that, and you did. Good job Roxy!

    • Just wanted to add that I like Lisa and knew there had to be another reason why she would sue this person. Its pretty sucky that they were an actual aquaintance.

  • I’m glad she explained this, and I support her fully. I can’t believe the nerve of this so called friend who has been to her home, what a betryal. Lisa is right, she needs to fight this and clear it up now. Lisa is still one of my faves!

  • I just adore The Hoch. I find myself just wanting to give her a huge Jewish Mother hug. She’s such a good girl.

    • I agree!!! I like Lisa. Now we know that it was stated with malice and intent to hurt her. I thought she could sue before, but I believed the commentator would use the idea it was mere opinion. So, now we know it was not opinion but false fact with intent to defame her. It is very different.

      Lisa is a sweetie pie.

      • I know you will agree with me that the woman who asserted her post as fact is purely jealous of Lisa. That simple. Now she is already paying — by being publically outed.

  • I’m glad she explained it further. I hope she is successful.

    For the record, I thought she was right to sue the moment I read this person stated these things as fact.

    • Yes you did, helped bring attention that it was stated as a fact to me too 🙂 That is why I like reading everyone’s comments, it helps me see so many other things I may have missed or not thought of, or just plain didn’t know.

  • In my opinion Lisa has every right and this makes sense now. That is a serious accusation for someone who can claim they know you!

  • I’m glad she cleared that up. I can understand why she and her husband would be upset in this situation too.

    • I’m glad she cleared it up also. I had a feeling there was something more to this than some random poster on a blog spewing hate on Lisa, which happens to all these housewives.

    • Yes this makes more sense to me, and I hope everyone reads this so they they do not have the wrong impression of Lisa (as I did, before reading this). It seemed strange if it was a random commenter and felt like maybe we needed more info, so this helps. Well I learned a good lesson lol. Always get all the info before forming opinions.