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Is Bethenny Frankel Already Dating?

Bethenny Frankel filed for divorce from Jason Hoppy earlier this month so does that mean she’s already dating? Not exactly! Bethenny might not be dating anyone but she is staying at her billionaire “friends” home Warren Lichenstein New York City apartment with her daughter Bryn.

According to Radar, Bethenny even went to Aspen, Colorado with him over the weekend but are only friends at this point. Bethenny even apparently took a vacation with him back in October and while Jason was invited to go, he declined and was upset that Bethenny went.

Bethenny is still seeking full custody of Bryn. Do you think it’s odd Bethenny has decided to move in with her guy friend with her daughter?

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  • Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that ANYONE who was brought up in the horse racing industry is well schooled in the art of conning people. She learned it well.

    • @ LMAO you are exactly right she has conned alot of people including her husband and fans!! 🙂

  • everyone needs to stop worrying about jason. he’s hot, sexy and intelligent and i’m sure since the split women have been throwing themselves at him. he’s gonna be on the dating scene soon enough. he’s a big boy. he can handle it.

    • And soon to be richer and possibly with 50 percent or more of his cute child’s custody. My guess of how things look 5 years down the road, Jason remarried probably with another child or two, Bethanny on her 2 or 3rd post divorce relationship, Brin ping pogoing between her mom who works all the time and her Dad who is sort of normal and her half siblings. I hope Bethanny is prepared to see another woman bring up her daughter 50 percent of the time because that is what she has precipitated.

      • You’re right, I hadn’t thought of that. Bryn WILL eventually have another mother figure in her life and that will not sit well with Bethenny. She has already shown how selfish she is when it comes to sharing Bryn. She wants her all for herself like a security blanket.

  • Bethenny was lucky to have Jason love her & give her a beautiful baby girl. Bethenny wouldn’t know how to be happy if she tried. She “has it all”: looks, love, career, family. But it’s not enough. Her therapist is making a fortune just listening. What has he done to help her? Nothing! Bethenny – get your head out of your ass – the best gift you can give your daughter is a happy marriage (and happiness is a CHOICE). Put your marriage first. The rest will fall in place.

    • Jason said that Bethenny pays people to say what she wants to hear. While I don’t think it is her intention, I think people feel the need to side with her and she really has no one in her life to help her see straight and beyond her own crap. They just validate her and it isn’t helping. Too bad she didn’t have REAL friends who felt comfortable to just tell her how it is.

  • I do think that Jason was gay or at least bi and that what ruined the marriage at the end. She is only looking for herself and who can blam her after being trapped in that marriage. and knowing those celebs, thier divorces get dragged years in court.. what does she do? wait?

    • I have heard the rumors about Jason being gay for a long while but there is no actual evidence of that. I think that this is just another crazy rumor that surrounds this couple.
      Jason will be okay and Bethenny will be okay as well, there was no cheating, just a couple of people who had never been married to begin with, they focused on the physical atraction and overlook how very different they are.

      • Or… their marriage was a business deal with a 3 year contract. Bethenny got Bryn and her show, Jason got some money and recognition.

    • @ Sana why would you say something like that? What is wrong with you people? How could say something that foul about someone who you don’t even know??!! That is why shit gets started about innocent people who are not gay that is just stupid!!

  • This information is old news, the Daily Mail has already informed that Bethenny hasn’t moved in with the guy or is dating him. She spent one night at his house when he wasn’t there to spend time alone with Bryn, after all Jason has the luxury of going to his house and have his own time alone.
    The media of course makes up all this crazy rumors to sell more magazines.

    • We don’t know if they are dating. We will see in time. Beth did go on vacation with him to Aspen and accompanied him in October to HK for a business trip. Please it is fishy. Warren is not an old friend of 10-20 years like some pubs say. She met Warren through her last two boyfriends prior to Jason. Bethenny will start dating warren at one point. Bethenny always wanted a man with money and power she said that to Ramona’s friend on Season 2 of NY housewives.

      • I think the term “friend” is being used loosely in this case. Yes, Bethenny might have known him to 20 years, I read that she used to cater for some events for his companies, probably more like acquaintances, but as you said time went by and then probably with Bethenny becoming more and more recognized in the financial world and having her own money to invest, the ties grew stronger and now they are friends.
        I doubt Bethenny will date him, I like Bethenny and all but she is way out of his league, this guy dates billinaire heirs, mebers of the british royalty. He is probably already regreting having let her use his apartment. I am sure he had no idea it would create all this mess of especulation.

        • Mary,

          She doesn’t know him for 20 years. I know this. I don’t need a pub. This is first hand knowledge. She met him through her boyfriend prior to Jason 1, but she knew Warren well through Jason 1. Jason 1 dealth with PE and they knew each other pretty well. They were both Acolytes of Icahn.

      • She probably knew this guy the way she claimed she knew Kelly. Bethenny’s a lying loser who is incapable of being honest with herself or anyone else. I hope Jason protects his daughter from her self-absorbed, wacko mother.

  • Another classy move by B. File for divorce, demand that Jason move out of the family home, then move in with the “friend” across town. If she wanted to leave the apt, why ask Jason to leave?

    Always the class act, B. Way to go, your child’s daddy moved out, you uprooted your daughter from her home and unless this is where you’ll be living forever have set yourself and her for another move. What happened to giving your child a bit of stability in a difficult situation? I hope for the daughters sake, that B is able to rein inher selfishness.

  • I still like Bethenny, never been deluded by her.But who cares, let me know when Jason starts dating. He has my empathy.

    • I have no doubt that there will be plenty of women wanted to date him, I hope he doesn’t make the same mistake and marry a girl trying to change her to his liking, he better finds a girl that already meets all his standards.

  • Now that they are divorcing, watching this rerun of their show is completely different. You could see why it didn’t work.

    • I agree. you could see that they are so different, Bethenny once she makes a decision, right or wrong, goes for it, Jason was the opposite, always trying to please everybody, always hesitant, always trying to be “Switchzerland” and sometimes ,especially in the business worls, you have to be everything but.
      I only hope that they both are able to find hapiness in their future.

  • I think B is a bery smart business woman and I also believes she loves her child uncondionally Did she do n say some rude things to Jason? Yes but who doesnt In my opinion Jason seemed jealous of all her success and couldnt handle not bein the bread winner I believe they both played a role in this divorce and if shes not happy then she should not stick around and vice versa Bryn will be happier in the long run Who wants to fight around their child all the time Not healthy Anyway hope they all find peace n closure

    • Jason was passive aggresive and IMO he was palying the role of the perfect husband but behind doors the story was different, it doesn’t matter anymore because they are now separated, but I am sure they both tried their best to make it work and it was just impossible, they are so different, Bethenny is a go getter , Jason is hesitant, their communication styles are different as well, if anything they had an amazing physical chemistry but a marriage has to have more than that.

      • Sorry, I have to disagree that they had “amazing physical chemistry”, at least not on camera. Their touching, hand holding seemed forced. Even when walking or sitting together, they never appeared like “Newlyweds”.

        • Oh I agree. I did not think Beth loved Jason. It was all made for TV reality and Beth fooled everyone to the bank. Beth got a bonus a baby and she won. I say it is morally repugnant but Bethenny got what she wanted.

  • I dont care if shes dating but why stay with him when she had a 5 million dollar pad in tribeca?! What is going on with that house?! I thought they said jason was moving out or hes actually already im very confused

    • It is confusing to keep up with the media manipulation. Like you I thought he had already moved out, then I heard that he had moved out even before they announced the split, now he is still living there and they are claiming that she moved out which is false.
      Bethenny herself the day after this report hit the web was asked by a tweeter follower if she had moved out of her apartment and she said: NOPE

      • Thats weird..i was gonna say i dont get why she would move out when she has her own house. I saw the guys pic in a magazine….all i can say is…….ew! Lol.

  • Bethany is a business tycoon and this is the best tactical move in order to protect Bryn from the media.Most Billionaires already have in place security and “people” to ensure that the media stays away. So the only way the media will know of anything to do with, not if, when Bethany does her media travels, when bethany tells, we will know. Good co-parenting move, if this is the case.
    Who actually cares if Bethany is Bethany being a responsible parent is what I am watching.

    • Don’t you think moving in with a”friend” only creates more media buzz? If she wanted less attention, she would have stayed home and gone about her business. The media attention she is getting now is of her own creation.

      • This is why people think Bethenny is such a ‘savvy business woman’. She knows how to keep herself relevant.

    • Bethenny isn’t some big star who needs that kind of protection. lol She’s a reality star whose 15 minutes are almost over.

    • Bethenny hasn’t move and I doubt she will, her apartment is not only the place where she lives but also the place where she works. her apartment is SG headqueaters and it would be extremely complicated for her to move out of there without affecting her business deals.

      • Lexy,

        That is silly. She could rent office space easily in NYC. She could get shared office space anywhere in NYC same day. That’s is not a joke and even in class A commercial space at excellent prices. She could even use Beam offices in NYC which are in Midtown. There are many ways to work out Skinny Girl business and have Bryn with her full time.

        As for Warren, Beth says she went there to have a Girls day and night with Bryn. LOL! She could have done that at the Plaza or anywhere with no controversy. Every celeb stays at hotels and are not bothered. If she stayed at the Pierre she would never be bothered. This is just silly.

        • Maybe she thought that if she went to a hotel, there would be fodder for gossip, there is so many possible leaks there, the front desk ladies, the bell boy, the maids,etc,anybody with a phone line and the number of TMZ. She probably just wanted an unknown private space to enjoy her daughter and most likely peace of mind for one day and night. Little did she know that some “inside source” (ahem Jason) was going to tip the press about her whereabouts and there was going to be this mess of cheating allegations.
          I hope that now Bethenny finally realizes that every one of her steps is being watched and whatever she does would be leaked to the press.

          • Mary,

            There would have been less gossip if she went to a hotel and if she went to either the Pierre, Setai, SoHo House, Plaza or any number of hotels they keep secrets. They keep secrets for far bigger stars on a daily basis. This is all for show.

            As for Warren, NYC is small community. It is known that Warren is seeing someone in media. The hedge fund community is very small. She is dating him or trying to date him. He never says with anyone too long.

    • What? Come one! Please! Warren’s duplex apartment on the upper Eastside is no more security than her TriBeCa loft that is totally incorrect. I know warren’s building. She is likely going to come out dating Warren and that just solidifies that she never cared for Jason and this marriage was for TV only.

        • Lexy thinks she is “all knowing” when it comes to Bethenny. I try not to read her posts, but there are always so many.

          • I like Bethenny. I do. I believe Bethenny deserves the lion’s share of the assets, but Jason deserves something. He was there during the success.

            Oh and Bethenny will be dating Warren it is a given. Warren is not all friendly. This I know about Warren. Lexy is not the only one that knows someone personally in this HW thing from NY. It might be a HW I know well, but the financial community is very small and very tight with the legal community.

  • I’m one of those who actually enjoy Bethenny…
    As I’ve always said, she’s a very savvy successful businesswoman & that along with her daughter are & will always be her first priority… ‘Committed’ realtionships are always difficult when one is so dedicated to business that it becomes their life..
    I’ve always loved the saying about ‘when you love what you do, it’s not work’. Jason is a super nice guy & perfectly matched for a ‘commited’ relationship of which Bethenny can’t give… Hopefully, they’re both moving on with their individual lives & enjoying living in the present….. 🙂

    • Jason was not very nice and he could be cut troat many times but I do wish him the best in his new single life, he after all is Bryn’s father and I am sure that Bethenny and Jason are both just learning to live with their new single status. It has to be torturous for both to be living under the same roof but I also get that when you are going through divorce, it is best to follow the lawyers advice and I am sure both lawyers have advice against moving out of the marital residence.

      • Except that the press that loves to make up cheating allegations against Bethenny, has printed time and time again that Jason already has most of his stuff in another apartment and was basically living on his own before the split. This is nothing else but a tactic from Jason to make it look like he wants to work on the marriage but he most likely like you said is following his lawyers advice.

  • Jason was probably not exciting enough
    for her. She has her child, and now she can move on. Hopefully, Jason has a great lawyer and will get 50/50 custody. Another broken family; what else is new?

    • I think Bethenny is a train wreck. A rich train wreck, but a train wreck. I’m sure Jason’s not perfect, but watching Bethenny Ever After, she treated him like sh*t. I swear she cried every episode, and constantly looked for conflict. He had a nice family that loved her and wanted to be a part of their life. She made it out to be a bad thing because of her upbringing. Good luck Bethenny on finding someone who wants something from you other than your money with that kind of behavior. I really dont know how Jason put up with her whiny snarky a*s for as long as he did.

      • I don’t think Jason is a prince. I really don’t. I think he was the kind of man who is cruel but only when the cameras were not there. Just my opinion.

        • I wish Bethenny would just go away. Her 15 minutes are up. I don’t think her talks show will last very long because she’s totally insincere. She will fade away like Rachel Zoe, another self- centered annoying person.

          • We will never know what truly went on behind closed doors…but can be certain that in life no one is perfect.

            As for having a male friend…it is possible. I have several…they are platonic. It isn’t a crime to seek the comfort of a friendship when you are hurting.

            Is Jason a saint…no
            Is Bethenny a saint…no
            Are any of us saints…no

        • Jason acted like a prince in front of the cameras but as the frog behind close doors. I assumed that it has to be really hard on Bethenny because she let this man, whom she loved, fooled her like a naive 15th year old girl with her first crush, Bethenny prides herself in being such a tough cookie, being so independent and rational, but she sure put her defenses down with Jason and later found out what he was all about.

          • It would be nice if there were some evidence to back up that claim. Unless you are one of them or were there “behind closed doors,” there’s no way you can support that statement. How tiresome it must be to fabricate claims in the service of some character on TV.

      • She cried every episode because she was having an emotional meltdown, with an s^%hole of a husband that was like Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde, looking all wonderful for the cameras while being a passive aggresive, demeaning jerk behind close doors and she couldn’t even talk about it, she put herself in that position by building Jason up to be the perfect husband when he is just another flawed human being like the rest of mortals on earth.

    • LOL, nice try, Bethenny is still living in her apartment , even though Jason refuses to move out, I can’t say I fully blame him for that, I am sure he is following his lawyers advice and will wait until there is something like a court order.

      • Interesting Lexy….

        Further down thread, you say “Jason has the luxury of going to his own house” indicating that he has moved out. Here you claim he refuses to move out, which is it?

        Not that it really matters, but I would think your Bethany promo campaign should be more consistent.

        • Jason has moved out
          Jason still lives in condo

          Bethenny lives in condo
          Bethenny has moved out

          Well…Bethenny has tweeted she did not move into same bldg as her friend in upper east side.

          • The luxury of his house, his parents house; you make it sound as if poor, destitute Bethany has no other option for privacy other than spending the night with a “friend”.

            She has money, get a hotel for the weekend! I really am growing tired of the constant complaining about media and lack of privacy when SHE is creating the attention with her actions.

      • Both of them are likely trying to avoid being called up for abandonment. On top of which Jason does not want a divorce. Bethanny is a dope, she is going to end up splitting the childs time 50/50. She is being selfish and I think she is hooking up with the rich guy.

      • @Buck Henry I totally agree with you Bethany didnt love Jason all Jason was to Bethany was a sperm donor!! She got Bryn and didn’t need Jason no longer, she will never find someone who loves and cares for her like Jason did. Everyone wants to put this off on Jason and say it’s his fault bs Bethany is the one with issues, she never wanted his parents around or spend time with them. She doesn’t want a normal life she wants to be able to do what Bethany wants to do, she treated Jason like shit and after she got that money she treated Jason even worse!! I hope Jason takes Bryn before she screws that percious lil Bryn up like she is!!!

        • a sperm donor would had been infinitely much cheaper, less annoying and she would have had to share custody or any of Bryn’s time with him.
          A sperm donor would not be living in her house and refusing to move and most important, a sperm donor would get nothing in the event of divorce.
          Bethenny was blinded by this guy who is going to take her to the cleaners, her only good idea was to make him sign a prenup and the idea wasn’t even hers, it was her partner Mr. Kanbar who wanted to protect his investment in SGCocktails, otherwise Bethenny would had lost all she has work so hard to get. Bethenny owes Mr. Kanbar a lifetime of gratitude for keeping it real and getting all the present and future profits of SGC protected.

          • You’re right, Jason was more than just a sperm donor… he also gave Bethenny an opportunity for her own show for a couple of seasons. If she just went to the sperm bank she would not have been able to create so much drama in her show.

            I always thought their relationship was like the one she agreed to do with Frankie, the hairdresser from RHNY. Frankie is gay, they agreed to marry if both were single at 40 and he would give her a child and she would take care of him. I wouldn’t doubt that Bethenny’s relationship with Jason was a business deal with a 3 year contract.

    • No just any man but Warren Lichtenstein that is one big hedge fund guy. He definitely a big deal and she has not know him for 10 years. She knew him through her last two boy friends before Jason. She knew Warren through Jason 1 and some other guy who was before Jason so since 2006.

    • Poor Jason? Nah, Jason will be fine, he will have more money than he could had ever made with his pharm rep. job and ladies will be all over him. Now he will have to be careful about the gold diggers and especially with choosing a lady that is willing to spend all her free time in PA.

      • Jason was not broke and was a big deal in real estate not just a Pharm Rep… in addition to that… He didnt expect Bethanny to spend all her time with his parents.. He wanted his parents to have the chance to be close to their grandchild. His parents WANTED to be close to their grandchild.. Considering his mother had all boys she is probably crazy about Bren.. Poor Bethanny… bitches she has no family , has no one to love her, is unloveable and then when her daughter has the chance to get all the things she wishes she had.. she turns it into a bad thing… It is not a bad thing for grandparents to want to be a part of their grand childrens life!

        Sick of Bethannys self centered cry baby bullshit and im glad people are waking up about her.

        • Say what?

          Jason was no one in real estate. No one knew him NYC. That info is not true. You can go through ACRIS and see what Jason Hoppy owned. Hoppy was a no one. He was only a pharma rep. Jason was also a trainer for a while.

          Who did Jason work for as a real estate broker? He was never a known broker. No VP, EVP at Cushman Wakefield. Jason was a nothing.

          • Exacty. Jason was nobody in the real state business, how come nobody has been able to find one, just one property that Jason has sold as a real state broker, is he licensed to do real state? I look at the guys in Bravo who do real state and they always have houses listing them as the brokers,there is factual evidence as their job as real state agents, how come Jason doesn’t have any past or present listing with his name? is he using an alias to sell properties?
            Jason did a little gig as leasing a couple of properties and subletting them to generate himself a little extra income and then used that to present himself as a real state broker plus a pharm. rep, plus a personal trainer, but the bottom line is that Jason hasn’t sold anything or there would be proof of that.

          • He might not have been rich and famous but he was not broke and took care of himself. He was doing ok and that is why he continued working after the money came in… because it was HIS living.

          • Annah,

            No one is saying he was broke, but he was not a big real estate agent. Trust me he wasn’t. ACRIS you have to love it.