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When Will The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 5 Air?

Who’s ready for Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey? I know I am! The season is currently filming and started around October/November. All the housewives will be back for season 5 and there will be fresh new faces joining the cast but not as an official housewife!

Jennifer Dalton, Elvira Grau, and Kim Depaola will be a few of those faces that will be seen on the season. So when will Bravo air season 5? Producers tell AllAboutTRH that the season will be back in April! Can’t say I’m not excited. Are you ready for the hit show to come back to your TV’s?

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  • I sincerely hope Teresa and Melissa can make a mends. The feuding has gone way to far and it’s almost at the point of no return. Its time for both of the ladies to move on from their terrible past. It’s enough room in TVland for each of them to be popular.

  • I love Caroline and her family.. and wish Deana would come back. The Manzo’s seem to be the most level headed and mainstream and bring everybody back around.. They have issues but seem to handle them like an ordianry family.. can wait to see season 5..

  • I grew up in the northeast…I lived in”little Italy” and was one of the few kids in my Catholic school whose last name did NOT end in a vowel…so all my formative years were spent watcing how Italian families act and act out and act up. The women tend to be “club-Y” and or cliquish. The men tend to be short, mouthy, and attempt to portray themselves as hotties. Let’s just say….I find this show to be typical behavior from family to family. Growing up a lot of them were poor, blue collar families….lots of big families, lots of feuding amongst siblings and cousins especially as one nuclear family made it out of the lower middle class….often rumored due to mafia connections on the part of the dad…. The moms stayed home, kept immaculate homes and kept the kids well- fed….Church was a huge deal for Moms but you seldom saw an Italian father in the pews….Anyhow now that I am all grown and moved away…I guess I watch it because it reminds me of the families from my community! I can’t wait for season 5. BTW I think both Joe G’s are sawed off fat jerks….that Gorga dude looks like a gangster and Theresa’s husband is a lazy lout. It is very common for the women to gossip and be jealous of one another’s material possessions, and appearance. Most Italian women are beautiful and petite in their youth, but most of them tend to become overweight as the kids come along and the hubby isn’t necessarily treating them with respect. Therefore these middle aged women are quite well-preserved…thanks to their $$$. I think Caroline and Hubby have a wonderful marriage, and Chris Manzo appears to be a stand-up guy. Joe Guidice is a fat, lazy pimp…and Theresa should dump him, and Joe Gorga has too high an opinion of himself. His wife is very pretty; he seems to need a trophy wife to compensate for his vertical challenge.

    • You are stereo typing. You are Jealous of Italians! Keep your envious Opinions to you self. Italians have more Intelligent people in historyt than others!

  • I agree with Lisa Teresa isn’t the best one.. But I will say this who has a family that don’t fight and if you say you don’t your sadly mistaken… Reality isn’t about always having fun… It comes with fighting, arguing and talking crap about one other.. I think Teresa is all about drama and gets what she deserves.

  • I can’t believe the posts I’m reading. Have I watched the same show? Teresa is an idiot. She starts crap with everyone, how much should all the housewives take before they give it right back. I can’t stand teresa and she needs to start treating people better she likes to dish it out but can’t handle it coming back. I know she is what TV wants it gives drama to the show however in real life who would put up with her, life is to short to waste your time with a person like her.

    • Im so with you lisa teresa is so full of crap i cant stand her ,she always talking crap then says she didnt say anything im so sick of her ,somebody needs to really whip her butt !!!

  • Anyway..funny how everyone is defending Teresa. I am glad the housewives will be back BUT the “new faces” are Teresa’s friends that will no doubt be starting crap just like Kim D did a the end of last season. And one sees a problem with that…sheesh

  • lol I think I’m the only one looking forward to the next season, from what I can tell from the comments before me. :-/ And I guess I’m the only one who thinks that Teresa has gotten everything that she has deserved. lol When you lie & start drama as much as she does…she deserves to have it pushed back into her face like she gets. And that hubby of hers is no good. I can take Teresa…but just looking at her hubby Joe just makes me sick. He’s so mean to her. lol also I guess I’m the only one who thinks that Melissa & Joe are right majority of the time regardling the family issues lol & I think Jaqueline has great points! Oh & Caroline…just love her lol she don’t put up with crap & she’s just upfront! Personally, I can’t wait to see what happens next lol

  • This blog site is the biggest load of bird turd I’ve ever seen. Am I the only one here that’s NOT on Teresa’s side?! I used to like her in the first two seasons but she’s just full of envy and dishonesty and it’s disgusting to watch. Every single person writing on this blog seems to be a Teresa fan. Wake up America! Are you all Teresa’s little elves?! Seems like you know her and are writing nice things about her to make her look good. Anyone with common sense would not agree with any of you. Teresa was not ganged up on! They had enough! If I saw that behavior coming from a friend of mine, I wouldn’t want them in my life either! I can’t wait to watch Season 5 and I hope all the families besides the Guidices stay the same!!!

    • LOL finally! I totally agree! As I was reading all of the above comments I was shocked about how so many people was just so “pitty me” for Teresa. lol She deserved everything she got!

  • Altho’ I’m the most “invested” in NJ (kind of like I used to be in the glory days of RHNYC,) I don’t plan on watching this time around. BRAVO TV and BRAVO have systematically ruined this once fun franchise. (shades of “systemic bullying” remember that on NYC? lol) The ruin roots started with the addition of Melissa and Joe Gorga but The Christening was must-see-tv for me. It’s how it’s all gone DOWN since that Season. The destruction of a family due to these famewhores (add in the toxic Wakile’s here – did you see that BS Rich said about bloggers going down 1 by 1??? *barf.) It’s kind of like when BH’s got unbearable to watch due to the real life disintegration of Russell.

    If Melissa was exposed for her lies, Caroline correctly edited as a Beast, along with Jacquelyn’s impaired and criminal activities, I would consider watching. But if it’s another fake gang-up, I’m out.

  • I can’t stand that shrew Kim D. She is a total sh*t stirrer. If she comes back full time I’m not watching even though NJ is one of my favorites.

  • I was surprised they brought back Jac after she missed that reunion, and revealed future story lines on twitter. I stopped liking her after the way she treated her daughter. I would never sit by quietly as family members berated my child. And the scene when Ashley was taken to the airport was awful. And now using her son as a story line and in my opinion, a way to distract from her disgusting behavior at the last reunion. She dated Chris while he was engaged to Dina’s friend (although that says more about Chris than it does about her I guess). I used to think she was this fun, somewhat ditzy girl, but the more she shows of who she really is, the more I just can’t stand her. As someone else said, who would “swear on my autistic child”? Gross.

  • Why do they always say that Atlanta is the most successful of the Housewives? It’s really not…the first four seasons of ATL averages 2.527 million viewers. The first four seasons of NJ averages 2.665 million viewers….

  • Jersey used to be my absolute favorite of all of the Housewives…but I can’t take another season of everyone’s hate of Teresa. I get they were scared off by NYC’s cast change and drop in ratings but they dropped the ball by bringing Caroline and Jacqueline back…both of them are nasty, horrid people whose entire storyline’s revolve around being nasty to Teresa and their “children.” The one good thing they did (if they really did it) is bring some new ladies on board. I used to think that Danielle Staub was bat sh*t nuts and out of her mind…now I wonder just how much of that was her truly being a psycho or just not being a strong enough person to handle CaroLIE the BRUT and Wacko Jacko.
    And whoever it is that uses the handle name Lapband Lauren – I love u.


  • I love NJ! I think it is the best out of the franchise. I for one will watch. It was one of the most highly rated franchise. It ties with ATL and Bravo cannot be happier with the money hey make from it.

  • The housewives of new jersey are ridiculous.
    After what went on with the producer texting jaqueline during the posh fashion I am completely disgusted. Even the producers were out to get Tre

  • I hate to admit it, but I can’t wait! I love all the ladies – but each season I am always disappointed in a few (maybe thats why we watch) but I cant give them up. I wish Dina would come back . I really enjoy watching Kathy with her family and even the Manzos,but I do not want a giant theresa bash-fest. I really hope the gorgas and guidices can work it out. I would like to see teresa and melissa trying to get along like they did briefly on there trip. I do like the drama, too, but not to the point where it is childish and an embarassment to women.

  • Last season was so painful to watch. I’ll watch but I hope to see some vindication for Teresa. I don’t understand how anyone can’t see how manipulative Melissa is. I was at a party last weekend, and one of my friends said she just doesn’t see that Melissa has done anything to Teresa. I don’t get it. Also, a friend saw them filming at an ice rink in Wayne. Everybody except Teresa. And someone asked Caroline on Facebook if she’s spoken to Teresa since the reunion and she said no, it’s better for all concerned. How are they going to avoid filming together?

    • @A Real NJ Housewife, I completely agree. I want vindication for T also. If not, then I’m out! I’m done, done, done! LOL!! People don’t get it cause they only watch the show (which should be enough) but unfortunately, it is not. If you want the real housewives, follow the blogs and twitter. They tell you exactly who they are on them. Melissa, ick, but no one takes the hypocritical, self deluded, nasty cake like good old Jax, in my opinion. There really is something wrong with her.

      • You need to read her Parenting Magazine article. She has to be sick, really. Who would us the words “ashamed” and “shameful” when referring to her son and his autism. She should be ashamed at what she and her husband did.

        Then her story changed. If I remember correctly it was some insurance glitch that prevented them from obtaining treatment for three months, now it is the waiting period to see the doctor.

        That woman is sick.

        • So true MomaJackie!!! What about her whole spiel about this has given her life purpose, blah, blah, blah… Yeah, it always ends up being about Crax somehow! She is disgusting.

          • @ MomaJackie

            That ‘s what I remember her saying, it was an insurance thing. Ugh, she is something eles!


            So agree..

            This woman totally disgusts me.. First she uses her daughter as a storyline, and now she will use her Autistic child as a storyline. Just awful! I’m telling ya if this were Teresa people would be up in arms.

          • OMG Holy! If it were Teresa, they would be calling DYFS on her for sure! I can’t quite put my finger on it but there is just something off about Jaxs reaction/behavior in regards to Nicks autism. First, they don’t get him treatment immediately, then her time lines don’t add up on twitter, then the swearing on her autistic son at reunion, then insinuating autism is a shameful secret, now devoting her whole life and this happened to me for a reason nonsense…. and I’m sure I left out some of her whacko behavior. I just can’t get my mind around it. None of it makes any sense. Who behaves this way?

          • I so agree @ Kimoke

            I remember reading on another site, damn I can’t remember now, maybe it was even this site..
            A poster had put together all of what Cracker Jac has said on twitter/ in interviews etc, regarding Nicholas.. It did not add up at all.

        • But no waiting period for all of her $$$ cosmetic procedures during the same time frame/not covered by insurance? WHAT Mother does that?

          • That is an EXCELLENT point! She had enough time/$$$/resources to have her face botoxed and pulled so tight she looks asian! That much work can’t be cheap… I bet all that $$$ could’ve helped that beautiful child instead of his pathetic mother!


  • I heard Jennifer was going to be a fulltime Housewife.. Along with another woman whose name hasn’t been thrown out in the media yet…. But i could of heard wrong lol

  • I HAVE to watch!!! Only for my tre. She is my favorite!!!!! Melissa isnt my favorite but i’d like to see what shes been up to and her children. I would love to see the family get together again but i doubt that. Besides that i would like to see what the new housewives bring to the table. I already know elvira seems like a good friend to tre and has been for years, jen is friends with both mel & tre and kim…..what an instigator! If she tries to mess with both tre and mel’s minds i will seriously hate her! Enough with the instigating and setting up kim! If you dont like mel then just say it and move on!

    • I don’t know what to think of Jennifer Dalton yet @ Lapband Lauren

      AATRH “source” said that she tries to stay out of Melissa Teresa thing, but plays both sides? Huh?? Really??

      I will respect her if she does stay out of the family issues between Teresa and Melissa.

      I do not want to see another friend of Teresa’s involve themeselves where they have no business and hurt Teresa by turning on her and speaking really bad about her to her family and spreading rumors about her I’m looking at you Meatball Manzo and Cracker Jac!

      • I can’t watch Season 5 because I just can’t watch the Teresa bashing AGAIN. And if there are NEW people who are so-called friends of Tre, and they don’t call out the BS Teresa is dealing with, I will go ballistic! Season 4 was too much of an entire cast against ONE person. Now, Tre needs a friend-with a BACKBONE. Failing that, I’m done. I can’t endorse that kind of bullying-and I hesitate to use that word, but it really IS bullying-by watching it.
        However…I will be lurking Holy, and Lapband Lauren, so I’m glad to hear you girls WILL be watching!! LOL I’ll be reading…

          • Cammi i think u will give in. We all do lol. I think the one friend who is WILLING to stand up for tre is elvira and we’ve seen that so far. I know i already like elvira. But jennifers time will come in april and we will get to see who she is. It does suck for tre considering she had “friends” for 10 years and they stabbed her in the back. Its just all sad

      • I think it is like winning the lottery, the winners spend, spend and spend until they are broke, because they think the money will last forever. Being cast on a housewife show makes them all think they are big stars and their program will last forever, along with their stardom. After all Kat and Rich went to Chicago so their fans could have dinner with them. That went well, as well as those cannoli kits. Let us not forget Melissa and Joe at Sam’s Club. You would think they would have received the message by now.

        Looking at Jennifer, Kim, Elvira and Penny, I only see Melissa and Kat. They might start out as friends of Teresa, but in the end it will be about them bringing the drama to stay on the show.

        It is not often I hope I am wrong, but in this case I do.

        • I agree. “Paid friends” will want the checks to keep coming, so they will eventually follow the Bravo lead. I have been saying all along that I wish Tre would film with her actual friends not Bravo employees.

  • I won’t be watching. I don’t think I could even be enticed by Melissa being exposed because as far as I’m concerned, she already is. Everyone sees her for what she is…. she’s the only one who doesn’t know she IS exposed.

  • I will be watching; however, with that said, I will definitly have to fast forward through the gross Richard and Catfish scenes as they are either rude or uterly boring. Jackass will be either crying or acting crazy, either way she is a snooze fest. Caroline will be doing her best to win back viewers to see her book and that in itself will make me repulsed, along with her inbred clan of bitter and obnoxious children. Lauren can lose weight but she will never losse the bitter attitude. Now let’s talk about the skeeeevy Melissa and her disgusting poison talking little runt of a husband. Those two are the most fake and gross of them all. The only one I enjoy watching is Teresa and her family.

  • Fed up with the Teresa bashing and will not watch season five. It doesn’t matter if they are adding new cast members, the show has lost it’s appeal. Season four was too long and mean spirited. Actually last season turned me off all the housewives and I no longer watch Atlanta, NY or Beverly Hills.

    • HWAddict, agree with your comments. I will not be watching season 5. Im done with the Manzo’s and Laurita’s and do not want the have MR. and MRS. PIG selling, books, tapes and advice.

      All the franchises have suffered due to the way Bravo handled the bulling of Teresa on S4 and Russell Armstong’s suicide. Taylor is still pumping drama for Bravo.
      Bravo doesn’t really care about people. It cares about $.

      And off topic but want to add that Kyle from BH should find an ALANON meeting.

  • Unless they tone it down on the Teresa-bashing, and treating the rest of the cast like they’re perfect angels, I’m not watching. Now, if they finally show Melissa for the evil person that she is, I would DEFINITELY watch it.

  • Someone of the name of Chris Stark comes up with story’s that Bravo producers tried to make Teresa look bad again in season 5 and tried making it look like Melissa G has a happy mariage. I have to see for myself because I dont think Teresa is stupid.

  • I believe that Andy knows that Teresa is the STAR now. I am hoping his love of money over-rules his hate of Teresa.

  • I would be looking forward to it if wasn’t for the make Teresa look bad,Melissa look good storyline,and with the editing!

    • That’s why I want to see it @ Brittany.

      There have been so many rumors floating around about this season from people that think they ” know” everything it’s ridiculous, in my opinion. How in the world could these people actually ” know” what the ” storyline will be, how in the world could they” know” how this season is going to be edited? In my opinion they couldn’t possibly ” know”.

      • That would be funny if they(Bravo and Andy)switched up on Melissa.
        Alot of people are starting to think that is why Melissa is calm about Danielle and Penny coming on the show.
        The way it is going to be edit.

        • I don’t know, guess we will just have to wait and see.

          I just hope that if those 2 coming on to ” destroy” Messy happens( all theses rumors are saying that is the reason they are coming on them along with Kim D.), that Teresa stays the hell out of it!

          • I’m with you holy. What is really bothering me are those two books and the times they are being released.

            Caro’s in March, right before Season 5 and Melissa’s one right after Season 5 ends. It just smells.

    • I only follow bh and that has become difficult.Jersey was a favorite but I think I am done. Posters said if Teresa signs on for another bashfest she will be hard to support and I agree. Dont want to see Kathy,Jax,Meho or any Manzo so why should I watch.

  • I am not looking forward to it, nothing changed. Why is Kathy still on. They are so boring and I want to see Melissa’s crap come out!

  • I’m ready to watch it, but I’m definitely not excited to watch it. Who knows? Bravo and Andy may finally show Melissa as a snake in the grass, and everyone will finally see how manipulative and fake she is. I just hope they don’t cut scenes or add scenes of Teresa to make her look bad. They edited her ass so bad last season, and it sucks how they would use different clips and put it into one whole scene.

    Like I’ve said in the past… Bravo and Andy, please do a 5 minutes clip of MeHo’s lies. 5 minutes is too short, but at least that’ll be long enough for others to see the lying, phony person she truly is.

  • I am not sure if I’m looking forward to it or not. I certainly know I am not up for another season of the whining about family and friends that they’ve all been doing for the past 2 seasons.

    For me, RHONJ needs to get back to being fun or I will dump it from my TV life 🙂

    • I feel the same! But I think even though I don’t want to watch and I know how it will go down, I will not be able to look away.. I know, its a problem, LOL

      • Last year we all couldn’t wait for it to be over it was make me anxious .. Now we all can’t wait for it to start .. LOL Hope the story line is different so we can enjoy the show ..

      • @michers

        LOL…. It is hard!!

        I dumped RHOC. I started slow, recording them and not watching. Then after several weeks, I had too many to watch, so I deleted them, and went cold turkey. Sometimes, I feel tempted to go back, but I just get out my box of wine and think what would CrackerJac do? Oh yeah, tweet, drink and cry! LOL

        Really, I moved on, you can too 🙂

        • HAHA!!! It sounds funny to do over a show, but I can relate. I used to walk by my tv and think, on or off? Ugh, do I want to see what happens? No..Yes.. Damn. Turn on.. Yell, LOL, regret my choice!

  • “Someone” that seems to think they “know” so freakin much that posts on twitter( cough, cough ” reseacher”, lol) non stop, and posts on another blog that I read.. Swears, swears the the new season will air in the Fall… LOL… I never beleived it! But this person is such an “expert”, she has so many people fooled. LMAO!

    Anyway NJ, since it has been on has always started in the late spring early summer , so I beleive this in a way, but really I’m thinking more May, early June.

    Yes I want to see this next season. There have been so many rumors going around, that I really want to see for myself whats what.

    • Was Melissa the one who tweeted that Season 5 will come out in the fall, or was it Wacko Jacko? They are all bonkers! Lol.

      • I don’t recall Messy or Cracker Jac tweeting anything like that.. No I was referring to a person( a regular person not a housewife) that thinks they are in the” know” and spews bullshit all the time.

    • Holy….The “someone” you speak of posted an apology on the “other site you read”. I suggest you read it. Give her a break, don’t be so harsh on her. 🙂

      • I saw when she posted one to me the day it happened, after the blog owner contacted her.

        I stand by what I posted back to her.

    • Hey Holy 🙂 Ugh, so from now until whenever it airs, we can prepare for the roller coaster. Im sure it will be crazy and Im sure a certain someone will be sure to try and “bring” it for camera time and victim speeches, LOL

      • Hi mich

        Oh God.. I don’t know who will be worse.. St.Cracker Jac or Messy?

        Ugh, they both make me sick!!

    • Holy, I think I know which person you are talking about. Her tweets are non-stop and she thinks she finds things out before anyone else.

      • Hi socal!

        Yep! She spews so much BS, Radar on line called her out this past weekend, Andy Cohen did also. Housewives are always calling her out, and alot of bloggers are too!! She has been called out for her bs so much, it’s a wonder people beleive her!

        I had an incident with her on another blog this past weekend, she really is something eles!!! She spewed bs on this one blog about me and then took it to twitter! She apologized but only after the blog owner contacted her, and people from the blog were telling her she was wrong, otherwise she would have kept it up.

        • I saw it as it all went down, holi, & wondered why in the world she was calling you & a few others out. Also saw ROL call her out – with evidence – but not Andy or her apology (been a bit outta the loop since then). I have to go look that up. When anyone questions her folks come out of the woodwork saying she’s so accurate. Is she really, because I have no idea?

          • Fame deleted alot of the comments..But damn it was really something.

            In my opinion the woman is not accurate, she spews bs, and anything that she sees on the net thats gossip.

          • @Holy, I know exactly who you’re talking about! I saw the apology but not the comments. I had no idea what was going on but it makes sense now!

        • I think she does that so somehow the truth will come out during the conversation. You have to admit some of what she is tweeting is true..Look at famewhorgas with bulldog’s story.

          • and the shoplifting case…Every blogger have a little bit of info. I like reading her twitter. But its not like I believe everything, I formulate my own opinions. Just like this blog, famewhorgas, and stoopidhouse and other ones

          • Another person on twitter posted about the shop lifting story, Chris claimed it as her own. This person called her out on twitter about this also.

            The ” bulldog” story has been out for quite sometime, Chris had nothing to do with ” breaking” that either, in fact there was a poster on here that posted all about that way before Chris said anything on twitter, and Fame was emailed about that story months ago.

  • UGH – they didn’t change the cast? I am not excited. I can’t stand Melissa or Kathie and Jacqueline is unbearable to watch.

    • I agree they are unbearable. I am going to watch to see if Teresa gets any vindication with the help of the new faces. If its the same sh** than I am turning the channel.

      • Hello what show were you watching Teresa started a lot of shit herself. She’s the one who will do anything for cameras. All of the ladies on the show have gotten childish and petty.

        • Thank you!!!! I have been a loyal and dedicated fan since season 1. If you people can’t see the difference between Teresa in Season 1 until now….YOUR ALL CRAZY! Teresa is the one that brings all of this upon herself. She doesn’t know when to stop running her mouth and she has become so stuck up and belittling. Milania is funny for TV but if that were my kid, I would be humiliated by her behavior. I look forward to her being called out on her @#$%!!!!!

    • I agree, however Teresa’s brother and sister law would help the show if they would grow up and have some class in their behavior !!!!!!

  • Eh. I’ll watch. I understand that it is getting stale with the whole Gorga v. Marco stuff, but this isn’t some Golden Globe winning show like Homeland. It’s just reality tv. Something that lets you shut off for an hour and make you feel better about yourself. 😉

    • That was why I stopped watching last season. It no longer let me “shut off” – I was getting upset with 4 women ganging up on 1. Maybe it’s different because it is reality – if it were fake I might not care so much, but there are real tears and real families involved, and I just don’t get off on it. That’s why I won’t be tuning back in.

      But if they ever want to get back to fun, wacky storylines, I’ll be back!

      • Agree! Thats why i quit watching last season. It was too dark and not something you could watch and enjoy beofre bed on a sunday night lol

  • I have mixed feelings….I think it will be the same Jack Crap! only this season Caroline and Cracker Jaq will be kissing some serious ass. Caroline has a book to sell and Cracker Jaq needs to stay relevant. Kathy’s scenes i find disgustingly boring. While Melissa and Joe i find just disgusting. Looking forward to watching Teresa’s segments, mainly beacuase of Milania.

      • Ditto. Another season Teresa bashing and I’m out. I don’t watch TV just to watch bullying. The Manzos, Gorgas, Lauritas and Wakiles belong on that morning talk show where everyone repeats the host’s name over and over again; then the weirdest of the weirdos come out.

  • The show feels stale. I for one will not be watching. I don’t need a third season of Manzos, Lauritas, Gorgas and Marcos sitting around on their arses talking about Teresa. Total snoozefest.

    • I’m with you! I’m so upset that this will be the second season of RHNY that I’ll be missing. I really like Teresa and want to see her in action but I can’t get over of low her brother & sister in law are. SMH.

      • Really do you see how petty Teresa and Joe are talking about Melissa and Joe in a negative way in front of the kids. Both sides need to grow up. But it’s definitely not just Melissa and Joe. I think you need to watch the show again.

      • I agree 100% why are we waiting so long to see Season five????the Manzos and her brothers family should take a leave of Absence. They are boring!!!! That includes Caroline’s children and I mean children.

    • I will watch if its not another season of ganging up on Teresa.. and not another season of dark fighting. Watching last season was stresful. I started recording it and watching it at off times because its hard to watch something so heavy before bed.. Hopefully the change in producers will bring things back around to a lighter , funnier show. Not holding my breath.

      I quit watching all the shows but BH and ATL and ATL is getting old for me. I dont look foward to new episodes.

    • This show is terrible..i seen it as i flicked through the channels & it was just a bunch of daft richy cows arguing over nothing! Pure headache. I already voted at frinzee.

    • Anyone who can’t see how FAKE Theresa is has a screw loose. It’s not the other housewives that are “ganging up” on Theresa it’s Theresa that has lost all family/friend loyalty because she’s a FAME WHORE…..PERIOD!