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RHOA’s Peter Thomas Puts Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurant On Blast; Calls It ‘Ghetto’

Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Cynthia Bailey and her husband Peter are in Los Angeles visiting for a few days. Earlier, Cynthia and NeNe were posting pictures of themselves hanging out on set at The New Normal. Peter stopped by RHOBH’s Lisa Vanderpump’s West Hollywood restaurant SUR Wednesday night and let’s just say he was not too happy with his experience!

Peter instantly took to Twitter to announce his far from pleasant experience at SUR, calling it “ghetto” and asking Lisa what was going on! Apparently, a woman was being taken into custody by sheriff”s while Peter was there and he took the opportunity to put SUR on blast to the whole world. Read his tweets below:

You can tell by the later tweets that Peter tried to make it seem like he was talking about the actual arrest of the woman, not the restaurant. I still don’t think that he should have said this about Lisa’s restaurant especially since he is also a self-proclaimed “restaurateur”. This could make Lisa’s business look bad and he should’ve just kept quiet about it. Also, SUR is in West Hollywood, not Beverly Hills. And there is a difference, believe it or not.

Thoughts on what Peter tweeted about Lisa’s restaurant?

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  • OMYGOSH!!!!! Are y’all serious?! Maybe it’s a Sourhern thing or a black thing but we are usually curious about the race of a criminal. Peter on the other hand is from Jamaica and recently moved to the South. He lived in New York and Cali for many years. I think he was just clarifying the term Ghetto can refer to white or black people. He gave a description!!! A description!!!!! I repeat, a description!!! He didn’t “say crazy white B” or “poor white trash” he just stated the lady was white. To all those offended you mean to tell me you have never told a story to someone and described one of the people in your story as male, female, Asian, Mexican, hispanic, tall, short, fat, skinny, white, black etc?!

    If he said skinny woman would that mean he was prejudice against skinny women?! No!!!!!

  • OMG! I’m surprised SUR is still open. I was there in 2011 and the service was just terrible. One of the waiters made an obscene gesture in reference to my friend’s breasts and laughed with the bartender… What they didn’t realise was that I could see them in the large a** mirror against the wall..Besides, that spot is in the worst location. If you want good food you’ll cross the street to Cecconi’s or go a block to Il Piccolino… For fun you’ll go past it to The Abbey…

  • Whatever, I think Peter Loves and is loving this so let’s turn his racist Nasty Shit off!!! Ok!! He is actually Grumpy Smurf, as others have pointed out! He is an old grumpy weirdo and his wife is just an evil meany who is kissing up and wanting to be Nene!!!! Ok that is now my Rhyme!! Wrote it and blogged it on my time! Sorry lol, ya its mine…on West coast…even though u all will see East Coast time!! Anyways just cra cra crazy people!!

  • I think Papa Smurf was trying to get publicity for hisself . . . yo Pete? There is no chance of a Bar One spin-off, k?

  • I am just going to say it like I see it

    , yes he did mean that white woman the same way white people will refer to it as some black woman.. he is loving it because of the steriotypical of the ghetto scene of someone being arrested at a restauraunt only happens at a poor black neighborhood.

    Sounds to me he is just making a point and they go hand in hand and that it doesnt matter where or who because it really does happen anywhere and to anyone.

    The tweet to Lisa was just a hay wth there is something going on at your place..


  • Lisa can’t prohibit the officers from arresting someone. I wouldn’t take Peter’s advice on anything. He said they were Sheriff Deputies which would be there for different reasons than the police so it’s difficult to know why they had to arrest someone in the restaurant. From all the crime shows I watch, I think they would have avoided making a public arrest that they couldn’t control if they had the option. Peter is tacky. I do hope he keeps us updated on the race of everyone he interacts with and witnesses on a daily basis.

    • FYI …. West Hollywood does not have its own police department. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department IS their Police Department. They handle the same situations and bad people that the LAPD or BHPD handle in their jurisdictions. That particular Sheriff’s office is quite busy as WeHo has a lot going on all the time.

  • This man has probably never gotten this much attention off of any comment he’s made thus far. He hitches his name to Lisa V. And 200 comments. I think his mission was accomplished. I bet Cynthia regrets Peters comments. Just a hunch.

  • First of all, this show is not called House Husbands of the RHW of BH. I couldn’t care less about the men. If Peter or the men want to join, let them wear sequins and high heels. Then it would be more enjoyable to see or hear them speak.

    Truthfully,if I was the customer at SUR, and that incident happened, I would never go back. Most likely this happened because of this “Rules” show, and I think it will happen again. I feel the servers are/will be the demise of this show/restaurant; at least for the older crowd with money to spend.

  • Ghetto!?!?!?! This coming from a man who wore sunglasses to his own vow renewals. WHAT!?!?! Take those off and look at your wife in the eye. You have no room to preach about what is and is not Ghetto! PS….why are you tweeting Lisa like you are a somebody of RHOA?!?!? Who does that? “This is Peter from rhoa” You are not a star of the show…your wife is so turn it down about ten notches.

  • Jeez, for all we know this (ghetto, white) woman 🙂 who was arrested may have been using a stolen credit card to pay her bill and the restaurant had no choice but to inform the authorities.

  • Was he mad cause he’s a “bravolebrity” and no-one recognized him and picked up the tab?????

  • wasn’t peters own restaurant located in the “ghetto”. wasn’t sheree making fun of him because of the location? didn’t he and cynthia get offended of that? so he’s an idiot for saying that about lisa’s restaurant. how is someone getting arrested right away “ghetto”. i’ve seen people thrown out or arrested in the most fancy places. especially when there is liquer involved. besides sur is located in west hollywood where it has an active nightlife of nightclubs and restaurants that diverse people attend.

    • Didn’t we see the location on an episode? While the club appeared nice, the area did not. People pointed that out to him and around other places. But hey, I will not knock someone for tying to do right but his personality kills it, just when I think I can like him on the show!

      • i know!! i try to like him as well but there is something about him i don’t like. i can understand why phaedra and sheree got pissed at him for doing an interview about them. the way he talks can be offensive and aggressive.

        • Yes! He comes off from jump aggressive and very impatient. I had hope when they went to Anguilla, because he seemed relaxed and normal!

        • He, Peter is Crazy weird!! He needs to go off the the show and take his kiss ass wife Cynthia with him!! Cynthia kisses NeNe’s AssHole!! I mean I don’t know where Cynthia’s Ass and NeNe’s Face begin!!!

          • Yes lol!!! So right my b/f/f!!! Always funny!! You r Right!!! Sick and tired of Cynthia and her husband trying so very hard to be buddy buddy with NeNe and up her booty hole!!

  • Why all of the “correcting” of Peter? He flat stated a “white woman” was arrested. That pegs him as someone who sees color and I’m not impressed.

    He can own it and apologize.

  • Wow so many comments; he is an idiot her and her usband have realy money they have been in the nightclub and restaurant business for years; he couldnt shine lisa;s shoes; in other words he is not even a business man who can respect another business man. Give theses people from the HOusewives a little camera time and they think they are all that; he needs to go back to atlanta

  • Wow, the comments about this post says it all. Peter’s just trying to stir sh*t up so he can get people talking about him. You got what you wanted Peter.

    And I do detect a little hint of jealousy from his childish antics (yeah, the live tweets were CHILDISH!). Lisa & Ken are SUCCESSFUL restauranteurs and sounds like he’s on to his second failure.

    Does anyone here believe he would have gone on a twitter rant if this happened at any other well known BH restaurant? I sure don’t.

    • And for him to mention that woman was ‘white’ and calling Sur ‘ghetto’ to stir up controversy? SO transparent.

    • No and u are right! It’s so sad! What the Shit!!! I guess we gave him what he wanted, however now for sure we all will never ever go to any of his establishments, Peter’s, because of how rude he was to Lisa!!! Ya now thank u Peter I’m so hungry I am going to Sur and Then the next day to Villa Blanca!!! Thank u Peter we all now will stay away from anything u and ur wife owns and or sells!!! Seriously!! Love XO XO!!!

  • Question How many people on here think if Peter got a tweet about BAR ONE what he tweeted Lisa he would not be pissed off about it especially coming from another HW franchise?

  • IMO the comment was not necessary to put onto twitter I really do not think Lisa would have ever tweeted anything about anyone’s restaurant…..just saying!

  • WOW…Ghetto is for a man who can’t come up with money for the bar on his wedding day. Ghetto is for a man to open failed restaurants after failed restaurants. Peter is too ARROGANT for his own good. he is officially a HATER. He is always on the side hating…

    • right on. If Peter wasn’t so arrogant, he would be able to see, by reading the reviews he’s getting, what his place is doing wrong-instead of pointing out incidents in other people’s establishments. He’s such a baby

      • Oh Peter needs Cynthia his wife and the show on bravo so bad!!! Why do people keep living out of there means for these shows!!!???? Sickening!!

  • How is he racist for acknowledging (sp?) that she was a white woman? He didn’t say anything offensive in my opinion. It is what it is, if this was Lisa going into his resturant and wrote it was ghetto and a black woman just got arrested, would she be racist? GMAFB.

    • If Lisa went to Peter’s restaurant, which she never would, and Twittered that it was ‘ghetto’ and that a ‘black’ woman was been arrested there, all hell would break loose!! Peter and all the GA cast would be screaming racism.

      Peter should just focus on his own business in GA.

  • Just re-read his tweets. It was ghetto and he loved every minute of it? So cops were called for a fight.. and? Its not that uncommon no matter what state in America.. what the hell was his point anyway?

    • lol, I think his point was to have people talking about him. He has always done articlesand such talking about the housewives…usually the ALL ones. He’s just expanding HIS area.

    • Re: “He loved every minute of it”

      When you take pleasure in sonmebody else’s trouble, that’s just jealousy. He didn’t have to put it on Twitter. People who try to make it in the entertainment business, but who fail, as Peter did, look for any reason to tear LA down. He’s trying to tell himself that he isn’t missing anything.

          • Well if thats the worst they can say, then God Bless her! I have a feeling that others may try and knock her. Others have issues with another succeeding, having success, etc, and really whats the worse anyone can say about Lisa? Just tacky name calling? I see she is getting it lately, but I have no doubts she will handle it and be alright.

      • Peter did love this Crap for Lisa! But look how much more successful Lisa is than Peter!! I’m so Sick of Peter and I’m getting sick of Cynthia too!!!! Wtf!!! U would think u would be nice to others on ur fellow network Bravo!! Guess not for Grumpy Papa Smurf Peter!!! Keep being Grumpy!!

        • Please stop being a hater Papa Smurf Peter!! Doesn’t Papa Smurf Peter always seem So Crabby! There has got to be a reason why his wifes family hates him!

  • Peter was being an ass for putting that on blast. He was so put out when ppl said bar one was ghetto so he is an idiot. What was that “white women” crap. Would he have said “black man/women”. I doubt it. Racist.

  • Even if one considers Peter to be the worst restaurateur in the universe, he is still entitled to voice his opinion of his experience at SUR and can surely tweet what he sees going on.

    • This is true. I think Peter has the right to his opinion, but he should get the location right and not make it look like a racist statement IMO. But, Lisa is fair game. She wants SUR to look as if it were Bagatelle which it is so not.

      Lisa wants the publicity so SUR can be a Bagatelle with NY, Vegas, South Beach and now Hong Kong restaurant club appeal. She is not an idiot. Cipriani did this and has over 26 restaurants and 55 main clubs not counting their other businesses and products.

      • @Jennifer … Good post making comparisons to Cipriani and Bagatelle. Clearly, SUR has tough competition on LA’s westside.

        • West Hollywood is the hip part of LA. She has significant competition. People would hate to go to a restaurant/bar that has an older crowd. Lisa wants the young sex appeal just like Bagatelle in NYC and make it the models hang-out which in turn attracts men and women to come and meet and spend money. Lisa is not stupid and I totally think that she wants SUR to get that name and out rank the other restaurants in the area. You are right!

  • I don’t know what Lisa would or wouldn’t do but I’ve never heard that she was responsible for the negative comments about Peter’s restaurant.

    Peter wasn’t necessarily malicious (although as a restaurateur who has experienced the impact of unflattering comments, one would think he’d be sympathetic). Perhaps he just wanted to make a point. It’s just that he doesn’t get it. As with all of us, his conduct shows us who he is.

    While any customer has the right to express their opinion of their experience, one would think that Peter & Lisa would want to extend each other professional courtesies. They are both under the microscope so they share the kind of scrutiny that can be damaging.

    • If Peter owns a restaurant then why don’t they ever film there? I know they did when it first opened, but why not now? He doesn’t have slightest clue as to how to make money.

      • What gets kinda crazy and annoying is how all and I mean all reality stars think they r all that and a bag of chips, sorry I couldnt help myself, to start up businesses and sign there names to Crap and also just think they should start up any sort of a line! Sick of most of them!! Lol!!! Oh and p.s. what is also annoying is that they get paid and make a shit loads and most not all don’t do all the work! And its crazy Crap!!! Lmao!!! Just saying!!

  • So because he has restaurants that have failed he isn’t allowed to call Lisa’s partons as being ghetto. I don’t think Lisa would have done the same to Peter, but I doubt Lisa would go to ATL and even visits Peter’s establishment. He reported what he saw, big deal, he was actually telling to come down here and get your shit in order..she responded Im on my way..chill. Big deal I doubt people will stop going there because of Peter’s tweet, really, if she loses patronage I think it will be because of her trashy staff she has working for her.

    • I think the bigger deal is he is in the same business as Lisa. He has to know what he said was wrong even if it were true. Do actors go out and say a fellow actors movie sucks and dont waste your money seeing it while its in theaters? No.. thats in poor taste. He may be right about her resturant… the bad reviews of his resturant may be right as well. What he did was in bad taste.

    • Lisa is not gonna lose Customers, however why would u jussipussi say Lisa would never go to Peter’s establishment in Atlanta! That was very strange and not cool! So sorry but u set this up! If Peter had a good or great place to attend then Lisa would be there!!!! So guess Peter doesn’t!!!!

      • Yes so good luck rude racist Peter! And yes Lisa would go to Atl. to ur establishment, if u had one… u Peter have another one u tried again…just curious!??? Don’t Care Really….i hate racist!!!!!

  • I’m surprised by the comments. So Peter can’t comment on something he observed with his very own eyes? And instead of addressing the scene he describes, people resort to ad hominem attacks ….

    I think the Vanderpump show has demonstrated that Lisa’s restaurant is ghetto.

    PS. I like Lisa

    • Its the staff! UGH. I think this just was just not the right type of show for her. To me, I think it just looks bad on Peter for commenting on another franchise’s member’s business, as he is a business owner himself. ( In the past not a very good one). I said upthread had it been just a random putting out what transpired, I would not even comment on it.

      • Def not. This show is not showing her in a “classy” light. Isn’t the drunken chick her daughter’s bff? and this is why she didn’t fired her? I thought I read that somewhere.
        It is as bad as watching Paul in Dr.90210 like really? People were coming out looking like wax figures.

        • Yes, Stassi and Pandy are BFF’s so Lisa keeps her on Im gathering , out of loyalty. I think Stassi is the really bitchy judgmental, insecure one. Itired to sit through it because I really do like Lisa, but I think Im too old, LOL! Its like a fraternity soap opera. And Scheana works there now and is on the show..Stassi does not let her forget what a home-wrecker she was.

          • Hell No Michers ur Not Too Old! Don’t say that please! I could care less for Stassi!!! But Stassi has gotta let Shit go! michers love what u say, always!!!

        • I don’t understand the logic for Lisa going ahead with this show. It definitely does not put her place in a good light.

          • Well all the waitstaff want to be ‘famous’ so she probably thought she’d do them a favour, whilst increasing the size of her hip pocket.
            Makes me feel ill when people say they want to be famous! What happened to being an amazing musician or actor!!!!

          • Its a business deal! And what was the harm in trying? She promotes her business, something else for her to do, and maybe try to help that staff out! Its funny how people change in front of a camera, LOL. From what I have seen, the only 2 that seem like they change for camera are Scheana and Stassi. The rest of the staff did not seem any different really from any other restaurant.

    • I agree JLath!

      If your restaurant is the focus of a reality show, you’re going to be under the microscope.

      I’m sure the twitter is full of SUR tweets, good and bad. I bet Lisa wasn’ bothered by this at all. In fact I bet the traffic into SUR is increased due to the twitter buzz.

  • Well if you have been there you would agree. The place and staff are just as bad as the shows ratings . . . and West Hollywood is a few blocks from BH and is easy for those not familiar to get wrong.

  • Ignorant racist……any place that is open to the public can have incidents happen. Lisa’s places stay open, not close down in a “minute”. Neither of them would maliciously hurt another restaurateur…..and both know how to spell. What a shame…

    • Any place that is opened to the public can have incidents including Lisa’s and she’s not the exemption for comments or complaints. That’s part of a business.

  • I wonder if Peter’s club or the people that go there, are squeaky clean? Naughty Peter! Make sure your own backyard is clean first before you make comments!!

    • Why? Only hoodrats should be in attedance? Like only the creme of the creme should go to Lisa’s?

      People go where they can afford. There are a lot of dirty money people and corrupted executives in West Hollywoon and BH.

      • No!! You are misinterpreting Bionic!!! Why would you jump to that conclusion?
        Im saying based on his comments, he should not speak of another’s business that way unless he can afford to! It looked like he was giving bad press and unless he is willing to accept someone saying things about his place of business he should watch his words.. can come back to bite him in the butt. I guess if he were not a Housewife hubby, it would not look that way. If it was a random person that put it out, it would not seem that way to me.

        • I dont think this dude cares. It wouldn’t be the first time he doesn’t bite his tongue. You said if his business or the customers are “squeaky clean” that’s where I am concluding from. lol

          • Meaning, are he and his customers all perfect do-gooders, without sin, LOL.. Drama free, fight free, etc…

    • Does he have to help her?

      I am sure if she was at his establisment and the same happened, she would have put it on blast too. He is a jerk but let’s be for real, if you were the one that sat at the table you would have tweeted too. LOL

      • Yeah probably lol. Just watching 5 minutes of “vanderpump rules” made me never want to enter that place anyway.

        • Trust me, I’ve had the errr privilege I guess of dining there. Not once but three times. I tried to give ot a chance. It’s not that great at all. Overpriced and the food is not that good. You are paying for the name, the owners name, the area, and I guess the ambience.

  • & why is it Lisa’s fault that a criminal wanted to dine at her restaurant….your restaurant is GHETTO giving people time limits on eating smh.

    • Kash511 – I couldn’t agree with you more. I read the “rules” on the website for his restaurant/bar and with all of those rules, his place couldn’t be more ghetto! As ghetto as his place is, he needs to keep his ignorant mouth shut! I absolutely cannot stand him! He is nothing but an ignorant alcoholic!

      • He’s an alchy!? SMH he’s such a damn hater! Mad bec he doesn’t own a plethora of restaurants & bars like Lisa.

    • Who’s blaming Lisa? Its absolutely not her fault. But that was some ghetto shit to happen at a classy restaurant, could have happened anywhere and it would still be ghetto. Does it make me not want to go to Sur? No, I hope when I go there I get to see something ghetto too so I can say rich folks is ghetto, trashy, hood etc. too.

  • Why does he have to say a “white woman” is being arrested. If he was being arrested and someone said “black guy” he would have a FIT! & I’m a black woman…that’s not right dude

    • I am black too, but come on..if he said someone was getting arrested in Sur and its ghetto, first thing in mind is what race are they? When the hannibal that was eating people in fl last year happened I thought they were white (ain’t going to lie) because I don’t think black people do that shit..I was wrong, but it doesn’t change my mentality of thinking. I am happy he clarified it was a white person because it saves me from asking what race are they?

  • Lisa talks about everybody else and even put down the people at DMV in season one as if she was to good to be in there, so…. YES HE WAS RIGHT TO DO IT. I am not a Peter fan either…

    She think she is better than everyone else…

    • Her grandiosity air gets old quick. And please don’t tell me the BS that she is “classy”. Classy has nothing to do with arrogance. This lady is far from humble. None of them in this state are.

      • so…it’s ok to say that no one in the state of CA is humble? That’s not ignorant? That’s not biased? But me saying that most of times the cops are called into a club it’s NOT because of a serious criminal incident offends you? Ok. Glad we got that straight!!

        • State as in the state of the show. You know, they have different states for the same franchise…

          So no, we didn’t get anything straight. You have your opinion and I have mine. Perhaps, you worded your previous post discussed wrong or I read it wrong. It is what it is…

          • Last week didn’t Peter say that he had lived in LA and worked in the entertainment industry for a while. I think he said something about working with Nia Long. Basically Peter came to LA, failed and had to move back to GA where he could afford to live. Same with Kenya, and same with Cynthia, but in her case it was NYC.

            All of them had to take the midnight train to GA.

            You know Peter wishes he could have had a successful restaurant in LA, and that’s why he’s bashing Lisa. he has to tell himself that being in LA isn’t all that, so he won’t feel so bad for having failed.

  • Um no being ghetto has nothing to do with being African American. Any race can be ghetto. You are very ignorant. Also just bc its lisa’s place he shouldnt have tweeted about it? Why not? The staff there is ghetto and unprofessional they deserve to be exposed if the sheriff has to be there arresting people

    • Thank you! That was racist and ignorant the least…

      If I go anywhere as a paying customer, I am entitled to give my review. That’s why sites like YELP exist. Everyone calling it wrong because they are part of the same franchise. Like must all these people d*c*ride each other? Peter is a real jerk but at least he keeps it REAL. No phony bones.

    • How is that a review of SUR?
      Peter did not say one thing about the service or the food.
      He tweeted something that had NOTHING to do with the restaurant, except that the manager called the police
      For a person who’s behavior needed to be dealt with by the
      Police….(whatever that may be)

      Being a part of the HW franchise and being an owner of a restaurant, he should of known better. And to try to call
      Lisa out for that, classless.

    • Of course any race can be “ghetto” in the sense of using the word as an adjective in popular culture, but the majority of “ghettos” in the US were made up of African Americans because that was the race that was historically segregated in the US. They typically moved into urban areas and created communities of their own creating “ghettos” as they were called, for several different reasons, which you can read here if you like:

      It is extremely common for people to associate the word “ghetto” with African Americans for this reason, not because it stems from racism or discrimination. To throw out words like “ignorant!” and “racist!” over someone only needing education about a definition of a widely mis-used term is to breathe life into the very thing you are criticizing. Maybe just an education on what the word really means would do, rather than feeling the need to throw out a word like “ignorant” just because you can.

  • I think he must have broken a HW code or something. I bet Cynthia will hand him his ass over this one. I like them as a couple. Kind of like beauty and the beast. They offset each other quite well.

  • Didn’t Peter put down black people when he called the restaurant ghetto? Isn’t ghetto associated with poor people, mostly African American living in bad neighborhoods or acting like they came from them.
    Peter needs to clean up his own act before going after someone else’s. Many classy places have incidents that are beyond their control due to customer behavior. Although I don’t like the staff at SUR as portrayed on the show and believe that Lisa needs to get ahold of her business and fire the lot of them I still believe that she is far more experienced in business than “rob Paul to pay Peter” (pun intended. When Cynthia runs out of money, Peter will run out of her life.

      • Ghetto does not mean “black”..
        If you want to get deep it came from jews being segragated. It CAN mean black, white, asian, hispanic..

        ghet·to (gt)
        n. pl. ghet·tos or ghet·toes
        1. A usually poor section of a city inhabited primarily by people of the same race, religion, or social background, often because of discrimination.
        2. An often walled quarter in a European city to which Jews were restricted beginning in the Middle Ages.
        3. Something that resembles the restriction or isolation of a city ghetto: “trapped in ethnic or pink-collar managerial job ghettoes” (Diane Weathers).

        • Just because someone doesn’t know the correct definition of one word doesn’t mean they are stupid. That is a very common misunderstanding about the definition of that particular word, and she was actually pointing out her concern that he was insulting a group of people.

          Wow, you really are a piece of work.

    • that’s why he clarified it was a white women so you wouldn’t think he was referring to black person when he said ghetto.

      • This I agree with. I do believe Peter’s intention seemed racist and he IDs ghettos as an African American phenomenon. He hasn’t heard of the Jewish Ghetto uprising during WW II in Poland or the fact the Jewish Ghetto in Poland existed prior to slave trade to the America’s. Ghetto’s are segregations of people who have one of more similar trait or socio economic background. Of course I am broadening the definition.

    • Hi Meri,

      Your interpretation of the word ghetto, while incorrect, is a common misinterpretation. Say What gave you the definition below.

      You are not stupid, ignorant, or racist for not knowing the correct definition of the word “ghetto”, and anyone who automatically assumes that has issues of their own.

  • I tweeted him this morning saying “How would you like it if someone tweeted this about your nite club” he should have just let it be……

  • I would say the same thing if I went to any restaurant and say the Sheriff’s arresting someone #ghetto…still love Lisa, still want to go to Sur.

    • I agree! Really, I’m no twitterer, but I seriously doubt that Peter’s tweets about someone getting arrested at a celebrity restaurant were the only ones about this.

      Please, really if your restaurant is on TV every little thing that happens is going to be out there. This is a simple set of tweets about something that happened. People tweet about anything and everything. It’s not like he joined twitter for the sole purpose of taking down the VanderPump empire.

      Sheesh, I can’t believe the “outrage” here over a few tweets about an event that actually happened.

      • Maybe it’s outrageous that Peter would put a full fledged Housewife and fellow Bravo cast member’s business on blast? What’s next…Mauricio calling Tamra a wanna-be real estate agent? Gretchen tweeting that Teresa’s lip gloss gave her a rash? Peter has no class. This is just more proof.

  • Peter is a bonehead anyway..stoped watching rhoa due to his idiocy…Lisa is a classy business woman and her business reputation is spotless – I am sure she will do the classy thing and ignore the bore.

      • I agree with you. I love Lisa and I have felt really let down by seeing the people she hires at Sur. I worked at restaurant for almost twenty years before becoming a nurse in my thirties. Granted most not all establishments like young good looking people. It is a young persons job unless you are in a mom and pop type of set up where you aren’t running, lifting heavy trays, handling aix tables at once or more and staying plwasant smiling and genuine to your customers. I couldn’t do it now. It’s a hard job! I hope this show is editting like crazy and really isn’t being run like they are showing Sur to be. It makes Lisa look like a bad manager. The main issue I have is with that employee Stassi. Granted there would be nothing much to talk about without her drama and histrionics on the show. Her attitude and how she treats some of her fellow servers is so ugly and mean that she creates a hostile environment. A person like Stassi would be fired in most places for that reason alone. Drinking on the job is something wlse they show and this is a huge no no wherever I have worked. For one thing it’s against the law and the owners can be fined or even shut down for employees drinking on the job. Stassi was drinking right in front of Lisa! I would only want to go there to see Lisa and Ken as they come in almost every night. I certainly wouldn’t want some self absorbed, arrogant, dramatic, spoiled rotten brat as a server. Especially if she is drinking and bringing all her problems to work. IMHO is all this is.

        • I am sure these people on Lisa’s New show r not Really being Real! I’m not buying it! It just doesn’t seem 100% real. I dislike Peter but I wonder if this is Bravo stirring up the pot for juicey fake gossip! I just thought of this! Or also maybe the arrest was just staged and Peter was there and Bravo knew about it! Who knows Peter is a jerk and he is rude and jealous, oh ya and a racist! Cuz of everything I have seen and read about Peter, that is how I have formed this opinion!

  • Notice he had to inform Lisa who he was lol? “I’m Peter from RHOA”.What a major duesh. Anything for attention! Seriously I just can’t….

    • Hey LJ!

      How are you? I did notice that and thought it was pretty funny. These “house-husbands” are starting to make even Slade look uninvolved! (just kidding of course) LOL

      • Hey girl! Im good! 12 weeks preganat!!! Just had an ultrasound yesterday and this baby just stole my heart!!! How are you? Where you been? I havent been on here as often myself.

        • AHHHH congrats!! I’m good! Not pregnant, but I’ve kept an indoor plant alive for three whole weeks! LOL

          I had to take a break, it’s so intense in here. But I can’t stay away, there’s just too much to discuss, what a juicy seaon. 😉 It’s good to hear from you, glad you’re back! 🙂

  • LMAO. The Countess told y’all money can’t buy you class. He should’ve blasted them. He was there as a paying customer. He would’ve done it at McDonalds why not Sur? That is pretty tacky to have the authorities in your shit.

    Lisa get a hold of it. All publicity is not good publicity, all advertisement is not good advertisement. Bravo is going to want to tell her how to run her establishment, instead of letting her deal with it in her own way. Lisa was worried about Adrienne ruining her reputation, but she’s gonna let bravo do it.

      • Yes Say What,

        It’s completely Lisa’s fault that something happened in her restaurant that caused the police to be called. Can you believe the nerve of her? I mean, how tacky is it to own an establishment and then have the police called to it for some reason which we don’t even know?!?!?!


    • It is not Lisa’s fault. Nomad in NYC which is one of best of last years good restaurant cool places with a rooftop has had an incident like that and it is old NYC chich inside. Heck I have been there with police activity at University Club on 54th and 5th where it is members only so unless we know what happened to call police we cannot comment.

  • hahaha! I saw this on twitter last night and figured I’d read about it today…I’m not a Peter fan but I bet he was sick and tired of hearing about how his restaurant is in a “bad” section of Atlanta, and “classy” people are afraid to go there. His point is that no one would be afraid to go to Sur, yet there was police action inside a so-called “nice” place. Big deal. My bet is that the police were called to handle a loud, rude drunk, who probably spilled a drink on someone’s Loubotins, not some drug crazed criminal waving a knife. To me it just proves that Peter is an idiot, with no idea how to be a successful club owner.

    • How do you know that it was a drug addict at Sur? How did you come to that assumption? What exactly are you implying with that comment? Because there are plenty of crack heads and coke and pill poppers roaming the streets of Beverly Hills, like every other city in America. And those addicts are not just of a certain skin tone or socio-economic background. He was right. It is ghetto to have the cops called to your resturant. Why couldn’t the manager on duty handle that before it got that far gone?

      • my comment came from 40 years of experience in all kinds of restaurants, in all kinds of locations. Some managers refuse to call the cops for any reason because they don’t want the negative publicity, and some call the cops for minor things they should and could handle themselves. All I was saying is that I thought Peter was being defensive about his own place, which people have said is in a ‘ghetto’ area of Atlanta, and the fears associated with that. I said nothing about skin tone or socio-economic background, and I never said it was a drug addict at Sur!

        • No you didn’t. My question was how do you know it wasn’t a drug addict at Sur? Why did you assume it was drunk there but a criminal drug addict in Atlanta. Lets be clear, if your drunk or high and your acting an ass in public it’s a criminal offenses of public intoxication or criminal mischief or disorderly conduct. That occurs in BH, Atl, OC, NYC, and everywhere else in the world. There are thugs, drunks, and dope heads on Wall Street, Pennsalvania Ave, Peachtree, and that basic ass neighborhood that Marissa lives in. Your comment was socially ignorant and personally offensive. It could’ve been a “drug addicted criminal” at SUR showing her ass just as easily As it could’ve been a drunk in CL at Bar One in Atlanta. And again why couldn’t the manager handle this situation is pure and grand SUR as opposed to letting the cops be called and this paying customer to blast their asses on social media?

          • And FYI, I’ve been to Bar One, its not in the Hood or ghetto. Sheree ignorant ass made the comment that the area used to be the hood. The area is going through rejurvucation, but its not the hood. All kinds of real celebrities come there, and lets be clear Peter is a lot of things, some good some bad. But if he’s a paying customer he is able to give his critic of the establishment. He has had several very successful restaurants, that he’s sold.

          • I’m sorry you were personally offended Andrea but I think you misunderstood me. And truthfully, my hackles were raised by being called a racist by Bionic, a person who doesn’t know me and has never interacted with me in person or here on this blog, to my knowledge.
            It certainly COULD have been a drug addict at SUR, but my BET was that it was a minor incident that caused the police to be called. I never, ever said that the “drug crazed criminal waving a knife” would be found at Peter’s place rather than at SUR because I don’t BELIEVE that.
            I agree with you that the manager should have handled the situation rather than calling the cops, and that Peter was wrong to blast them on social media.

          • actually your question was “How do you know that it was a drug addict at Sur?” which is where I think the confusion started bc she didn’t say where the drug crazed criminal was. I think it was more of a hypothetical thing and saying it probably was more likely to be a drunk rather than a drug crazed criminal. But anyways, I agree that druggies and crazy ppl are everywhere… and I think that’s the point Peter was trying to make (that crazy stuff happens everywhere). One tweet would’ve gotten his point across though. Posting more than once and badgering Lisa just made him seem like a racist grude holding fool.

          • This restaurant is in Hollywood!! Have any of you guys been to Hollywood? My daughter lived there for about ten years before returning to Seattle. I visited her in Hollywood and it is full of bad areas. In fact most of it is a bad area. Sur is in Hollywood not Beverly Hills. Can anyone help me out that knows the name of the restaurant comments from actual customers that can get on line to that specific restaurant and say what their experienxe was like? Darn I forgot the name. I know someone out there knows what I mean. I am old and forgetful sorry. Anyway my point is go onto that site with Sur. Most of the comments are terrible. The food being bad, the service, outrageously over-priced for poor quality etc. The only thing nice everyone seems to agree on is that it is beautiful.

        • Cammierari, I get what u r saying and so do many many others of all races and agree with u. So u keep blogging!

        • Go read your post. You are even naming labels and connecting scenario because of the location. Sounds ignorant to say such bullshyte. There are drug users EVERY WHERE and can make a scene at any given time. “Shyte happens not matter where you are”.

          • I’m doing nothing of the kind. That’s what PETER was trying to do-play on people’s fears by mentioning that Lisa’s place had to call sheriffs. I’m just saying that having police in your club doesn’t mean that there is real trouble there. I never said Sur wouldn’t have that kind of clientele or that you can’t find trouble anywhere you go. MY point was that seeing police in a club tells you NOTHING about what kind of people are there, or whether it’s a “safe” OR “classy” location. Period.

          • I seriously think you don’t know WTF you wrote…

            “I never said” but your bet was:

            “My bet is that the police were called to handle a loud, rude drunk, who probably spilled a drink on someone’s Loubotins, not some drug crazed criminal waving a knife.” Really? For all you know they could have been arresting a kingpin. But you’re betting different… LOL

            Bye now.

          • @cammierari I understood what you were saying. Not really sure why everyone freaked out it was pretty clearly stated. I guess some people just like to read into things and only see what they want to see.

          • cammie.. bionic is just looking for an argument. i don’t even think he knows what he writes. he obviously took your post wrong and making it up in his head the way he wants. you did nothing wrong.

    • cammierari I have a question and would really love for you to email me privately if you would hotdawgsbme at gmail dot com

  • They were probably taping an episode of Vanderpump Rules. It was for dramatic effect, I’m sure (wink, wink).

  • I think in his mind and context that he meant no harm. Maybe to someone else it seems he’s putting the place down, but I don’t think he was, sounds like he was joking. 🙂

    • I think in his mind he was defending his own resturant.. Its gotten terrible reviews and is described as being

      I think the white woman comment was a racist comment.

      Remember the audio going around of the texas mother who shot the man who broke into her house? The neighbors 911 call went like this ” Some black guy got in her house and she shot him” I dont know how the black dude got in her house… Nothing was said about that but it was clearly a racist comment.. Does it matter if he was black , white, hispanic, asian? assholes are everywhere. Racists are everywhere and some dont even realize they’re racist!

    • I agree. This wouldn’t be the first time one of his jokes has gotten him into trouble, and I doubt it will be the last. 😉

    • I think he was doing what many people do. Tweet everything they’re doing, especially if doing it in a “famous” place.

      I am still trying to understand the “outrage” over comments made about a public restaurant that is the focus of a reality show and the events that happened there. I bet there were probably other people tweeting about it too.

      As a longtime restaurant, bar owner, I’m sure Lisa doesn’t care about some random tweets.

      • I really think it was no big deal and I didn’t find the white woman comment racist as someone said above. He’s black, the lady was white, he wanted that included in his tweet…I think he was just pointing out that anyplace can have cops show up.

        Peter Peter Peter, he really should just focus on his BarOne and back away from the drama.

  • Lol probably one of the staff being arrested! I will say that when Stassi told a guest to suck his own d¡€k is pretty ghetto. But that’s the type of people you attract when that’s the way the staff treats its customers.

      • Very first episode when Lisa was talking to her business partner he said that she was drinking while working and told a guest that. It didn’t actually show the scene, was night before they started filming. Lol maybe getting into character?

        • Ohhhh yeah in her little segway meeting, that’s right. I couldn’t even watch the first 30 seconds of that show.

          LOL, definitely getting into character. How’d you like to be that desperate to be on TV!

    • I agree. At least Lisa’s restaurants stay open for more than 10 minutes. I also don’t like the way he says “white woman”. This guy is a racist and a failure in business. He needs to STFU.

          • Shit why not?? I’m black and when some one is arrested we have to specify that it wasn’t one of us. Especially to his twitter followers. It wasn’t racist. Bit it is assumed that if some one is arrested it is a person of color. Just like when the DC shootings happened everyone assumed it was a crazy white man. It turned out it was a crazy black guy and shocked the nation.

          • Why does color matter? Why can’t he say someone was arrested. It’s 2013 let’s move on from the color and focus on the person.

        • Ya I hated that comment about white woman! Confirms my suspicion that he may be a Mean Racist!! He is a dumb asset!

      • Yeah what was the point of pointing out the person’s ethnicity? He could have gone about complaining in a way that didn’t make him sound like an idiot.

        • because we would all wonder in the back of our minds what ethnicity are they. He said ghetto everyone would think black person. He said trashy we would all think white..its just society.

          • I would wonder more why the person got arrested there, but yeah I’m sure people do think the other way.

          • Not ALL of us would think that. SOME might think it but definetly not ALL. Speaking for myself the term trashy is a behavior and can be any ethnic group. The term ghetto pretty much the same only I would think loud, obnoxious, poor looking. Nothing to do with race. But then I am from the northwest and we have such a huge mix of cultures alll blended American Indians, Phillipino, Asians, Latinos, American born blacks and blacks from other countries same thing with whites. Everywhere you go you hear someone with an accent. It’s cool and it;s all I have ever known. We never had the races segregated while I have been alive and I am sixty. I hate to assume about anyone but maybe you are from the south? I have also noticed it’s still pretty racial in a lot of smaller northeast American towns. I think Sur isn’t all that great due to that show Lisa Rules or whatever it’s called. Ithought the youngsters were there were asshats.

          • @ sandy I agree. I probably wouldn’t have even wondered about ethnicity if he hadn’t brought t up in the tweet, but that’s me. I’m more curious why this person was arrested.

          • TMH_Krap perfectly stated, it is society. Arrest/Ghetto = Black, Trashy = white. He needed to specify and it goes with his other tweets that shit happens everywhere to everyone. He’s brilliant, happy he was specific, but his whole rant was idiotic, that’s a family member you’re bashing, and a distinguished, prominent member of your Bravo “family”

      • I agree , He made a lot of people mad about what he said , A White woman , come on now he didn’t have to say it like that and about Lisa place either Wtf what a loser .

      • The real shocker is how did peter and Cynthia afford to travel to LA. Who is watching their Atlanta empire? Who gave Peter a voice? He is just a hw husband whose opinion doesn’t matter. Bravo should put these guys in the background and Lisa should think if this crapfest called sur is worth ruining her hard won reputation.

      • Yeah, when he made the ” white woman” comment my eyes bugged out. There was no need for that extra bit of information because it made no bit of difference for the point he was trying to make.

    • Funny coming from someone who had to close his club because it wasn’t doing well. You’d think with like occupations, he would have supported Lisa, not blasted his eye witness account of Sur on Twitter.

      Lisa has more class in her pinky than Peter does in his entire being.

      • Ya I know right , He was not making any MONEY from the one that he had lost then he open a other an he had to borrow the MONEY off his wife cuz No Bank would give him a loan for it , I think that’s the funniest thing he need to ask his wife for the money to get it up an going , Cynthia’s Family is so right about him, Peter SUR is to classy for you to even go in it that’s for sure so stop being so jealous of Lisa place an go back to your ghetto places that everyone is all nervous to park their car around there cuz it was said on the show many time .

      • And just why does he have to go back to GA? He went to a restaurant and made a comment on it….granted he should realize that his comments would be scrutinized, but geez now he’s banned from CA? I don’t see your point.

      • Yep!!! That is true West Hollywood and it is like West Village was 10 years ago hip but urban. Now west village has lost it’s urban appeal…over built

    • Not only that he is a idiot but the biggest ass, I really didn’t think that Peter was like that but I guess you never know, Right. I can’t believe that he said what he said “who does he really think he is cuz Peter wouldn’t see Class if it hit him in his face, His place is BS and its in the ghetto as he has said, everyone is very scared to park their cars around his place of business it was said many times on the show. Peter keep your nasty comments to yourself Lisa “SUR” is a very classy, beautiful restaurants and you are just jealous cuz you don’t have Anything like that so just stop it an grow up.

      • You r right! He is so jealous! He is a jerk! I never liked him! He doesn’t know L.A. at all. And Peter is so classless and a bit of a racist….????

        • Peter is from Jamaica but lived in LA for many years. I’m sure he was trying to bust Lisas balls by reporting that a white woman was being arrested in her establishment. I agree it didn’t read well, but he isn’t a professional writer either..

    • I think he is bashing her and her resteraunt! No need for that. If he felt that he needed to address it with her why not personally contact her.What a low call on his behalf. If the law enforecement was there and the female was arrested then there must have been cause for it and it goes to show that she did not allow whatever was going on in her establishment. However I really think she needs to get her staff under control and especially the crazy blonde waitress!! She has an attitude that stinks!!Peter may eat those words one day…I’m sure that thier resteraunt is far from perfect!!!