Is Teresa Giudice On Good Terms With Her Brother Joe?

January 14, 2013 |By Continue Reading

If you follow Joe Gorga on twitter, you probably feel dumber every time you read his tweets just because they are so bizarre. Anyways over the weekend Joe Gorga came down with the flu and announced it on twitter saying, “I’m dying over here in the hospital this flu kicked my ass.Not a word or movement from Tarzan in 4 days #pain”

Teresa later tweeted, “My poor brother with this horrible flu. Everyone, please, get your flu shot!”

Interesting. Does that mean Teresa and Joe are moving past the drama? You decide?


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Comments (50)

  1. audpaud says:

    If Melissa keeps attacking Housewives blogs she won’t even get singing gigs at flea markets…what a moron!

  2. Lapband Lauren says:

    Melissa put on facebook shes gonna host an event this weekend with joey…i thought he was sick with the flu? Is this his excuse not to make it to gias birthday party????

    • Isabella Patricia says:

      Most likely! You know how shady and self-centered Joey is. He’s filming, so he’ll say whatever he can not to make himself look like a horrible uncle.

  3. SS says:

    Everyone Melissa True Colours are coming out I am going copy her tweets. And Rox she calls you a Joke!!

    Melissa Gorga ?@melissagorga
    . @Realitytea Mary’s stories keep getting more & more biased. & sources are always way off. Hmm wonder who she talks to?

    Melissa Gorga ?@melissagorga

    . @Realitytea my book is about staying sexy & being fit as well. Just started working out now? Seriously. Have you seen my press page?

    @Realitytea you should check it out.. T always prides herself in interviews, she never had to work out until now.

    . @Realitytea Get the facts before just trying to make up these ridiculous stories. Thx

    Ty Turner ?@TyTurner92

    @melissagorga @Realitytea U need to correct allabouttrh they have some ridiculous stuff about u!!

    Melissa Gorga ?@melissagorga

    @TyTurner92 @Realitytea could care less about that one… Such a joke..

    Debbie LoBiondo ?@DebbieLoBiondo

    @melissagorga I get it maybe the facts are not factual are they ever with any blog but why mention T in this tweet..just saying….

    Melissa Gorga ?@melissagorga

    @DebbieLoBiondo because of what the article is about..

    Alejandra Plantillas ?@AlejandraPlant1

    @melissagorga @Realitytea so now you’re bashing T to defend yourself.

    Melissa GorgaVerified ?@melissagorga

    @AlejandraPlant1 @Realitytea bashing?? Oh lord..

  4. September24 says:

    JoGo came on the show to be closer to his sister…how about tweeting something nice about her????

  5. jewishevileye says:

    No I don’t believe everything’s better. The problem is you have one sibling, Teresa, who whole heartedly is mourning not having her brother and then you have another sibling, Joe Gorga, who could care less. He’s too busy trying to convince America Melissa is a good submissive wife and he’s the man of the house. I think at this point Antonia’s probably even ahead of him in line as far as running that house. We all know Melissa calls the shots. That’s why this book is a waste of paper. Lies.

    He’s an obedient little man that likely gets very little sex and thus has plenty of time to talk about it. The only kinky sex he’ll be getting in the New Year is when Melissa pulls out the riding crop to punish him for wanting to talk to his parents or sister.

  6. Mariska says:

    I agree

  7. Brittany says:

    What upsets me,is that Joe Gorga knows what Melissa and her family,Caroline,and Jacqueline put Teresa through,and he let it happen!
    Melissa has Joe wrapped around her finger and there is nothing anyone can do about it!Melissa uses the kids,and Joe parents for him to stay!Teresa said Melissa talks in her brother ear negatively about her,and it was justified at the PFS!

    • etta says:

      I do not believe for one second Mel has Joey wrapped around anything.He is in ass deep with attention and loving it.If Mel and Joe were just your average everyday couple they would not even still be together.Teresa sent the message because that is what she does.No different then sending out congrats to all the other asses on the show.

  8. Bionic says:

    She probably found out on Twitter that the dwarf was sick.

  9. Anonymousey says:

    Teresa is just being nice. She worries about her family and I’m sure she was worried about JoeGorga.

  10. Victoria Veney says:

    No I tell you exactly what this is, this is the cameras going up again for season 5 and now Joey and Melissa are going to act like everything is good and wanna play nice for the cameras so they don’t look like the bad guys!! These two make me sick when the cameras go up their all about family and then they wanna work on their relationship with Teresa!! Seriously Melissa and Joey are truly scumbags I hope Teresa sees right through your bullshit and shows the fans exactly what you two are!! I am so pissed right now how long has it been since they have talked to Teresa? Now their all filming they are all up in Teresa Giudice face!! Melissa Marco had the nerve to go to Gia’s birthday party and the only reason why she went to the party is because their filming and the cameras are up!! These people are unreal I hope Teresa sees right through these two how could anyone be this evil and treat family the way Melissa and Joey have done Teresa and her family!!!

    • Marty says:

      ITA, Theses two are so desperate to stick they’ll join a circus (big top and all) just to stay relevant.

  11. michers says:

    No.. I think it just proves again that T loves her brother as family should and he only cares about Tarzan swinging on a branch to Messy.

  12. Annah says:

    I doubt anything is different. Teresa is often reaching out to her brother and Melissa. Now if this had of been Joey tweeting something of concern to Teresa… I would think there was a shift of some sort and a possible reconcile.

    • Mommahurley says:

      It’s pretty hard to start any sentence talking about JoGo, tweeting about Tarzan with anything but a nod to his lack of class and intelligence… He’s just so incredibly tacky and tasteless! That said, I cannot see Teresa being anything but concerned for her brother. She isn’t the one feeding the drama and she’s never kicked him to the curb or started a fight with him…the problem between them is one nasty shore whore manipulative fame whore who’s twisted joes mind and caused all of this drama. Teresa will always live her brother even if she can’t get him to see the light!

      • Annah says:

        I agree she is concerned. I just doubt they are on better terms. Teresa’s behavior in’t any different, she is reaching out to her brother, like always. They never reach back.

  13. Pinky says:

    Am I just crazy??? I thought I read somewhere that Joe wasn’t in the hospital, but went to an urgent care type facility. They gave him rx’s and he was home in bed. Reason stated was they have no health insurance. I can’t find where I read it…..I may have dreamed it? lol
    I can’t imagine not having health insurance with little kids – but he and MeGo aren’t very bright. lol
    Gotta love Teresa and her undying love for her rat brother.

    • PandaBear says:

      I hope that’s not true. I totally agree with you, having children with no health insurance, all bad.

      If he is home and contagious I’d be terrified my kids would get it, aren’t the majority of flu deaths small children and the elderly?

      As much as I dislike him and his wife I do hope he recovers and that Melissa and their children are spared any sickness.

    • DLL says:

      Pinky, I read the same thing! I can’t remember where, but it may have been on FameWhorgas or Faux Reality or SH. I think it was a poster named oldNJgirl or something like that who seems to know what’s going on, maybe from living in the same area?

      • old NJ Lady says:

        Sorry, It wasn’t me this time. As much as I can’t stand Fredo and Lookers I don’t want their cute kids to get the flu. If Lookers got te flu someone would have to come and take care of all of them since I don’t think Fredo could stop playing with his “lil man” long enough to feed the kids.

    • DeeDee says:

      And don’t forget the unconditional love she has for her husband who has no problem calling her the c word on tv.

  14. yungmulababy says:

    Definitely not but regardless of that, I’m sure she doesn’t want to see her bro ill. I think it was merely a sympathetic tweet.

  15. sana says:

    “If you follow Joe Gorga on twitter, you probably feel dumber every time you read his tweets”
    I guess reading T’s tweets make you feel smarter?? why do you always search for negative things to say when talking about joe G or his wife?? I don’t like the guy but your hatful atittude makes me want to try!

    • Olivia says:

      Okay, Joe really is disgusting, and so is his “bro” Richard Wakile who spent his weekend baiting and insulting women on twitter. Did you see that? With that being said, there is bias on most of the hw blogs, and since I am teamteresa it worries me for her. You’re not the only person who’s rationalized Mel & Joey’s behavior after acknowledging unfair judgement from fans. People (fans) on both sides seem focused on convincing everyone that Teresa is as bad as Mel and vice versa. It doesn’t change who they are, or that all of the blogs are guilty of insulting the cast. Most of which are insulting Teresa. Why? Because she had enough insight to know that Mel joining the show would tear her family apart. It’s not over yet. Before you know it, the cast will dump Richard and Kathy. ( Fam or not) Rich is just an embarrassment to men in general. The cast will dump Jacqueline. Just wait and see. I’m off topic now, but I just want to add that I think Jacqueline dumped Teresa because she knew her association with someone who ( she accused) was accused of bankruptcy fraud would not look good for her and Chris’s up coming case. I said it before, nobody wears rose colored glasses for a decade, and you’re known by the company you keep. Teresa is the only cast member who isn’t hiding behind everyone else’s problems. She isn’t perfect, far from it, but she is who she is. Real!

      I don’t think Teresa and Joey have reconciled or even spoke. He is a Neanderthal who needs his sister to NEED him. The only way she will have a relationship with him is if she allows him to control and take advantage of her. That is the problem in their relationship.. Melissa is not the problem, her role is to supply Joe with valid excuses. He certainly can’t come out and say, my sisters changed, she doesn’t need me like she used to. Just my opinion. The way he spoke to Teresa behind the therapist doors (when he thought the cameras were gone) said it all. He’s a control freak.

    • Cr says:

      Have you read either siblings tweets? Really NO ONE gives a shiz about his dick.
      When was the last time you saw a tweet from tre talking about her vagina?
      I don’t know if reading tre’s tweets would make me feel smarter but reading joes tweets (which I am only savvy to when they are blogged about) makes me think of the future quite comparable to the film idiocracy! God help us!

  16. rhfan says:

    I hope they’re working things out for the family’s sake. I don’t place much value on tweets, though.

    • audpaud says:

      sana>”“If you follow Joe Gorga on twitter, you probably feel dumber every time you read his tweets”
      I guess reading T’s tweets make you feel smarter?? why do you always search for negative things to say when talking about joe G or his wife?? I don’t like the guy but your hatful atittude makes me want to try!”

      Did you read the article? GMAB! The guy cannot even Tweet about being hospitalized for the flu w/o mentioning peen and you want to try to like him?

      Have fun with that.

  17. JD says:

    No one can break bonds, really if you think about it. Melissa tried, BUT she can ONLY delay it. I hope they get back on good terms, and kicked the shore whore, where ALL the foul bitches go.

    • JPG says:

      Where is that? She’s the mother of Joey’s 3 children, she isn’t going anywhere.

      • booked says:

        First let me preface this by saying that I have a Mas. of Psychology. May not mean much to some or all– but my belief is that it should provide some credibility to what I am about to comment on (mainly due to my experiences in studying personality and behavior).

        JPG- Seen dozens of your posts on this site and I am convinced you are a Gorga. Maybe even Mel herself :O!

        Your trolling in defense of Mel is eye opening. You are always there to clear things up on her behalf and take a cheap jab at Tre. The way you express your thoughts and your prose are reminiscent of the way Mel speaks in her blogs/on the show.

        Just sayin’. I sincerely apologize if I am wrong. Then you are just a superfan.


        • hoodie417 says:


        • DeeDee says:

          Booked, could be Gorga. But, there are a lot of posts on here that could be T, her close friends or other family. So what; what’s your point? Someone’s not allowed to post an opposite point of view or stick-up for someone? I am not for either side but the hatred that is spewed here for Gorga and his wife is not normal. The people on this blog talk like they know this family personally?

          • booked says:

            Just a silly musing from me I guess. You are completely right,anyone can come on here to share their opinions — I respect that. Re-reading my post showed me that it was complete drivel and nonsensical. I had no point whatsoever but a stupid urge to post a meaningless and baseless opinion anonymously.
            Note to self *don’t post on blogs while under the influence of weed*

  18. holy cannoli says:

    I would hope they they have started to move past their issues, especially since their father has been so ill, etc. But who knows? I really think it’s up to Fredo to make things right.

    Anyway I do beleive Teresa loves her brother and does not want him to be ill, or anything bad to happen to him or his family.

    • Anacapri says:

      I feel the same way-It’s time for Fredo to man up and be there for his family! (His Mom and Dad and Teresa and her family I mean!)

      • jerseygirl says:

        Anacapri, I get the feeling Joey Gorga was always the baby of the family, being spoiled and coddled and allowed to get away with bad behavior most of his life. Teresa & the senior Gorgas spoiled him – probably why Juicy is sick of his antics.

        He’s seem incapable of being a man. Carrying on about f’ing Tarzan like he’s just hit puberty and bouncing around for attention like a child.

        • Cr says:

          Yep he is disgusting. God I would be so embarrassed if he were my brother. Totally delusional. Teresa really is stuck between a rock and a hard place with this one.
          Honestly I would have had enough by know and I’d rip him a new arsehole just to get him to shut up!

        • anonymous82 says:

          Not only was joey spoiled but he also married someone who was spoiled their whole life. Melissa is used to being loved and I think that she hates the Gorgas for not loving her. Hell they don’t even like her.

          I think the issue between joey and juicy is that they grew up together and juicy is tired of joey’s antics. Joey’s issue with his parents’ is 1. Tree clearly is the favorite
          2. His parents love and respect juicy
          3. He is mad that his parents don’t love and respect Melissa. In his mind, his parents should automatically love the woman he chose as his wife. They do not and I think that he hates them for that especially since they love juicy.
          4. He resents the fact that his parents love and respect tree and juicy and they clearly don’t feel the same toward himself and Melissa. Especially since he is their parents’ only son.

    • Say What?? says:

      I doubt it.. considering Joey didnt even bother visiting his own father in the hospital until the media picked up on it and put him and melissa on blast.. THEN they went to visit him. Highly doubt he’s spending time with his parents unless their is a camera or PR involved. They are so transparent

  19. Rach says:

    I doubt it.

  20. Memememe says:

    At the end of the day it’s her brother. When your loved one is ill, you put the bs to rest.

  21. camm says:

    Probably not past the drama because Melissa is whispering crap constantly in Joeys ear. I think Teresa is just too nice. She wants her brother back in her life!

    • Another RHO_ Fan says:

      I doubt if they have patched up their relationship, as well. Melissa would prefer they remain at odds…it makes her look like the victim…or so she thinks.

      This is yet another example of Teresa being the bigger person and trying to improve the family situation. Especially now with her Dad being so sick.

      Let’s hope this small family can find a way to make things right befoe it’s too late.

    • Isabella Patricia says:

      Camm, ditto!

      Joe is in the hospital just for the flu? Why exactly is he in there? Can’t be just for that. Makes me wonder if he’s really ill… I just can’t believe anything he says.

      • Judy says:

        This strain of the flu has been causing a lot of people to be hospitalized. My husband got it over Christmas. When he went to the doctor the day after Christmas, he was told he was about one day away from being put in there for dehydration. So yeah, I can believe he’s in there for “just” the flu.

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