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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Dalton Playing Both Sides In Regards To Teresa Giudice And Melissa Gorga Feud!

As most of you know, RHONJ stars Teresa Giudice and her sister in law Melissa Gorga are having their share of problems. Season 5 is currently filming and the whole cast is back! Teresa Giudices friends Jennifer Dalton and Kim D are appearing as “friends” of the housewives while Danielle Staub will appear in 4 episodes!

An insider close to the cast tell AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY that Jennifer Dalton is playing both sides when it comes to Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice. “Jennifer got on the show because of Teresa. They were really good friends before Jennifer got married and had a baby. They sort of drifted but always remained friends and now Jennifer is on the show because of Teresa. Jennifer has been playing both sides regarding Melissa and Teresa. She hangs out with both of them and tries not to get in the middle. It does get irritating because no one likes when someone plays both sides and that’s what Jennifer appears to be doing throughout filming!”

Do you think Jennifer should only be loyal to Teresa or is it better that she’s friends with Melissa?

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  • Melissa would take a picture of her s h I t if she that it’s in magazines ! She’s so transparent! Her past is Coming full circle! She tweets if she has her period! What’s that Melissa? Rock-a-bye baby !! Try to explain that?

  • Why is Melissa hanging around kim d? Kim must have the goods on the gorgas!!! I also rumors or the truth that Melissa/Jordan has been bugging playboy to let her pose for the magazine!

  • Melissa Gorga has one friend that she uses as a prop. That Maria Chappa woman who was a supposed fundraiser for Mitt Romney. Wonder if Melissa is a closet Republican. I suppose I could hate her more than I do now.

  • I think the only true friend that “may” be seen on the next season is Elvira. She is very classy and honest. I read that statement she put out to the media after Melissa disgustingly lied and accused Teresa of hurting her in the parking lot after Gia’s last bday. This woman is a genuine friend. I also heard that she is “unpaid”. Whether she’s cashing in or not she seems to care deeply for Teresa and her children.

  • “She hangs out with both of them and tries not to get in the middle.”

    Sounds like a grown ass woman being a grown ass woman to me. If she likes them both, then she can hang out with them both. Good God.

    • This ” source” does say that and more, like she is playing both sides, etc.

      I don’t know if this Jennifer is doing this( playing both sides) I hope not. I’m waiting until the season airs to see whats what.

      I will respect this woman ( Jennifer) if she does not involve herself in Teresas and Melissas issues, like Cracker Jac and Meatball Manzo did

  • I feel for Teresa I really do and I love her family and for Jen to do that too Teresa is straight out “wrong” its like saying Here We Go Again , Melissa go away and find yourself an maybe a real friend, leave others alone . God, ” Melissa needs everything Teresa has even her friends but again if Jen was a real friend of Teresa’s an knows what she’s been through she wouldn’t be doing what shows doing in the First place, RIGHT !!

  • jennifer’s hubby looks like a down low brother, no way is he a multi millionaire new jersey real estate developer,i can;t find anything about him, i bet he was an extra in puffy combs vieos.

  • I bet this season will start out as usual, then veer toward making it seem Bravo is playing fairer with the Giudices, but not for long. Just long enough to keep Tre’s viewers watching and hoping it’s real. But in the end it will devolve into another Tre bash-fest.

    So I won’t be tuning into Bravo.

  • Melissa claims that she was never invited to Gabriellia birthday party. I hardly doubt that considering how much Teresa involves all the family together…to ya’ll believe her.

    • Wow i said in the last post the broad would try to say she was never invited to gabriellas bday to make herself look like a “victim” again! I was so right! LOL

      • This chick is predictable for real. She calls Rox young and immature. I guess I am young and immature considering i am hunny you are just to damn obvious

  • Jennifer Dalton ?@flygirljennifer
    @ReadMyRealMind @stark3923 you cannot believe everything you hear! I love Gia and all the girls as if they were my own. Xx

  • Lol she arguing about not copying Teresa, yet she tweets a half hour later about dance moms.. what a joke she is!

    This chick is getting positive press, and if something doesn’t go her way. you watch and see, she’ll go all coco on you lol

  • Everyone Melissa True Colours are coming out I am going copy her tweets. And Rox she calls you a Joke!!

    Melissa Gorga ?@melissagorga
    . @Realitytea Mary’s stories keep getting more & more biased. & sources are always way off. Hmm wonder who she talks to?

    Melissa Gorga ?@melissagorga

    . @Realitytea my book is about staying sexy & being fit as well. Just started working out now? Seriously. Have you seen my press page?

    @Realitytea you should check it out.. T always prides herself in interviews, she never had to work out until now.

    . @Realitytea Get the facts before just trying to make up these ridiculous stories. Thx

    Ty Turner ?@TyTurner92

    @melissagorga @Realitytea U need to correct allabouttrh they have some ridiculous stuff about u!!

    Melissa Gorga ?@melissagorga

    @TyTurner92 @Realitytea could care less about that one… Such a joke..

    Debbie LoBiondo ?@DebbieLoBiondo

    @melissagorga I get it maybe the facts are not factual are they ever with any blog but why mention T in this tweet..just saying….

    Melissa Gorga ?@melissagorga

    @DebbieLoBiondo because of what the article is about..

    Alejandra Plantillas ?@AlejandraPlant1

    @melissagorga @Realitytea so now you’re bashing T to defend yourself.

    Melissa GorgaVerified ?@melissagorga

    @AlejandraPlant1 @Realitytea bashing?? Oh lord..

    • MeHo is ridiculous! She talks crap about Roxy being a joke? MELISSA IS A JOKE! Just look at her!

      What has she done or accomplished? GOLD-DIGGING AND WHORING WHILE F’ING A MAN for a pair of stilettos is all she’s accomplished.
      Being a great mother? Yeah, I don’t know about that. Partying comes before her precious children.
      DOES SHE HAVE ANY MORALS?? Not even close! She doesn’t even respect herself or her body to even have morals.
      MeHo loves fighting and dissing Roxy who is over 10 years younger than her??? Why? At least Roxy calls her out on all of her bullshit. Roxy already has a successful website and making over $8,000 a month on this website. She’s studying full-time, working hard, making money, and doesn’t threaten people because she has A LIFE.
      Does MeHo even love and respect her husband and the Gorga family? HELL NO. She’ll destroy them all for fame and money.

      Roxy has too much love and respect for her family to even do stuff as degrading as her!

      MEHO, GET OVER YOURSELF! 🙂 You’re the joke! That’s why we laugh at you!!!!! LMAO.

    • It’s so funny the way Messy gets so defensive when Bloggers blog about her and she finds what they blog umm not flatering..LOL.. She and her sisters have been like this since she has been on the show. I always laugh when she goes off on RT ( Mary ) and AATRH (Rox)

      Actually Rt made a crack about her Chanel bag being rented..OMG it was a joke, and Messy answered a tweeter when they asked about it( jokingly) ” Oh thats funny I didn’t even think you could do that,, Umm a castmember publicly files BK, and I have have to rent a handbag?”

      Damn, Ouch!! See..That B, has to take it there for for freakin reason!

      BTW Messy. you could be talking about your bestie Cracker Jac with that slam also.. You B!!

  • Rox, hopefully you do not care too much , but Melissa just happens to be talking smack to and about Realitea( spell?) and someone tweeted her about her setting you straight, LOL and referenced this site ( which I hold dear to my Housewives heart ) as a “joke”.. You really should not give her any more publicity in the future. She sucks!

  • I don’t want to make accusations just yet. We will find out eventually. They way you know someone is to see if they are consistent on the show and off the show. I didn’t fall for Melissa because she is not consistent. Just wait and see truth always comes out somehow.

  • I love Teresa, but I think it’s so silly when people expect grown adults to choose a side in fights that don’t concern them. I think Teresa and Jacqueline/Caroline falling out had a lot to do with the fact that they were constantly butting into Teresa’s family problems and eventually picked sides. I mean, as much as I love Teresa, she is terrible at articulating and her temper can be scathing at times. Melissa, on the other hand, is stupid but good at articulating so she can spin whatever story around and make herself the victim; she’s good at manipulating.

    Jennifer may be brought on as Teresa’s friend, but that doesn’t mean she has to insert herself into the family feud. Grown adults can be friends or friendly with people who don’t get along and it doesn’t mean they’re playing both sides.

  • Did anyone see the us magazine website. Mel is getting a lot of positive press. Miss Andy wants to shove MeHo down our throat. First impressions are everything. She will always be the famewhore who convinced her husband to air out the family dirty laundry so she can have a music career. Why a book or a workout CD? Because she did not sell enough CD to get a record contract.

  • Seriously these are grown ass people. This is not a secret that jennifer is friends with melissa-they HAVE been friends since melissa joined the family. I dont think its fair for jennifer to get involved in a family situation because first off-its none of her business and doesnt imvolve her
    second off-what happens if the girls make up with each other? Jennifer will be the odd girl out because she picked a side. Shes being actually a GOOD friend to not pick a side in this stupid pity fight ANYWAYS! what are they even fighting over again?!?!??
    Yes melissa is wrong in a lot of situations but for you to ask your friend to pick a side its just wrong. If you cant make it work with someone then leave the situation alone and move on!!!!

    • I think they all have to talk to one on another its part of the show. besides she knows teresa for a while so who care.

      • I dont even think its that SS. danielle didnt have to talk to anyone she didnt want to. At the end of the day jennifer is friends with both of them. Its not okay for both mel and tre to make jennifer pick sides. Its none of the friends problem nor business. Its a family issue. Its already worse enough that caroclown and jaqaholic got involved with tres family problems. I respect jennifer for not taking sides. BUT-if i do see jennifer talking crap about tre in her interviews on the show, i would not trust her. Im not gonna jump the boat because we have no idea whats going on right now. I think she is just a friend thats butting out and i respect that. She wouldnt want to be caught in the middle IF tre and mel do make up. So i think her choice of staying out of it is very wise.

      • I dont even think its that SS. danielle didnt have to talk to anyone she didnt want to. At the end of the day jennifer is friends with both of them. Its not okay for both mel and tre to make jennifer pick sides. Its none of the friends problem nor business. Its a family issue. Its already worse enough that caroclown and jaqaholic got involved with tres family problems. I respect jennifer for not taking sides. BUT-if i do see jennifer talking crap about tre in her interviews on the show, i would not trust her. Im not gonna jump the boat because we have no idea whats going on right now. I think she is just a friend thats butting out and i respect that. She wouldnt want to be caught in the middle IF tre and mel do make up. So i think her choice of staying out of it is very wise.


  • Does anyone else ever think Kim D. has a kind of reptilian look about her? Always picture a lizard in my mind when I see her. Kind of fits her personality I guess.

  • Ms. Dalton is on the show for one reason- fame and money. She knows she will get more screen time and controversy if she plays both sides instead of just being Tre’s friend–that is what Bravo tells them. Why do you think Brandi of RHBH has fought with a different housewife or husband nearly every episode this season- guaranteed camera time on her and securing her future on the show. These new women who join the shows know the Bravo game and formula and play it for all it is worth. Melissa is the master of this.

    Do you really think Melissa showing up in a red and black outfit at a kids birthday party where everyone was asked to wear white as part of the theme was an accident. Pulease! Goodness forbid famewhore Melissa let the focus of the night be on her beautiful nieces-she is not capable of suck kindness even for one night. Justice will be years from now when Melissa’s kids will see online how awful their mother was to their cousins they love and their grandparents.

    • No. Justice will be when her two sons marry a woman trashy just like her. It will happen because karma is a bitch

  • I’m calling a bit of BS on this source. Of course she’s around both of them, she’s on the show. The show consists of set up scenes to maximize the drama so if they are filming (or shortly before filming) of course Melissa & Jennifer would be seen together. That’s their job.

    After reading about last season (I kept my promise not to watch one episode), there is absolutely no “reality” left in this show. I read about it because I’m a Teresa fan and used to love the show seasons 1 & 2. I keep hoping it will be more tolerable.

  • Jeeezzz I hope you guys are right and she isn’t on “Melissa’s side” secretly…..but with bravo editing, they could make her look like she is 2-facing Teresa, when she really may not be. Hate how they edit and target people, Teresa – last 2 seasons.

  • I’m not one of those ppl that believes that if I have a problem with someone, my friends should automatically dislike that person as well (if that person hasn’t done anything to them). I think it’s fine of she’s friends with both as long as she doesn’t stir the pot to cause even more drama between T & M. Judging from the pics, Kim D is stirring the pot enough as it is.

  • What I don’t understand is why these women have to go at each other at a CHILDREN’S BIRTHDAY party. If you have bad blood, just bring your kids and stay in a corner and shut up OR don’t come at all! It was Gia and Milania’s day but like everything these women made it about them. They are making things worse than it really is every time they keep addressing it. We know these women are never gonna get over the whole “you called me a stripper so I’m going to destroy you” crap so just cut your loses and move on! I don’t understand how someone can dwell on negativity for so long. If what Teresa said wasn’t true then why are you feeding the hate? At the Posche Fashion show last year when Tre told her what was going down, she should’ve just said “That guys full of S#$%@ I wasn’t stripper, so stop thinking I was” and moved on, not made a spectacle out of the whole thing. Melissa says that it’s hurting her children, by the time Antonia is Gia’s age, RHONJ will probably be a thing that is long forgotten so why does she care? Jennifer probably hangs out with both of them cause the whole feud is ridiculous! She looks like she’s not a s%^#-taker and she’s sitting there wanting to punch her way out of that room. In my opinion, Tre should STOP trying! Since when are side pieces (like Melissa) main character material? I don’t know if Bravo is making Tre the odd man out in order to give her and her family their own show, like they did with Beth or if they’re going down the Jill route(which I would hate) And this whole workout, pop-star, author bull is going to fall through cause as you can see it’s mostly ONE housewife of some cities that are relevant and thats NENE, Beth and I can’t think anymore but SORRY MElissa but Tre already took the NJ spot, no matter how hard you try! While main predators make the kill, theres always a scavenger looking for scraps.

    • Beacause they are filming a TV show. If they came to the party and nothing “happened” and they all behaved liek adults.. it would not make it on TV LOL

    • I never really understood why any of the HWs have their children’s parties on the show when they know they are expected to fight and possibly ruin it. Not to mention if the kid is shy around camera’s it could be uncomfortable. Usually the parties revolve around the women too and are not as focused on the kids. Who knows though maybe Teresa sets up a second party sans filming where there’s no drama. That would be nice for the girls, 2 parties ha.

      • Arg, no apostrophe should be in the word “cameras”. Drives me crazy when I do that even if no one else cares.

  • The “source” said she doesn’t want to get in the middle. How do you get playing both sides out of that? That’s called being an adult.

      • That is what I was saying. The source said both sides, but right it the following sentence, I am assuming for an example, they say she hangs out with both and tries not to get in the middle.

        • First it says that she doesn’t want to get in the middle, but then says she is playing both sides.. Thats what I mean by the source saying both thngs.

          So to me it kinda sounds like this source is friends with both Teresa and Melissa ( and Jennifer) and maybe has heard Jennifer being 2 faced, maybe going back to both saying this one said this that one said that? I don’t know, just guessing..

          Anyway I will see when the season airs if Jennifer is going to be a Cracker Jac Laurita. LOL.

  • I have said all along that actual friends of Tre filming with her would be be better than “paid friends”. “Paid Friends” are going to follow the Bravo lead. I hope I turn out to be wrong, I guess time will tell.

    That said, maybe this Jennifer did not want to add any more drama to a kid’s party. Possibly, she might have some class.

    • Do you think its curious that we have seen photos and stories about all the housewives even the friends of housewives.. but NOTHING on Kathy? Not a single leak, source, photo on kathy in regards to filming. Or did i miss something ?

      • I haven’t seen anything on her, but I’m not surprised. Kathy is really just a peripheral character. If she isn’t socializing with the rest, I wouldn’t expect to see much of her.

        I am curious how the season will go. Will it be full of made by Bravo situations? I am struggling to think of what any of the RHONJ are doing that might be interesting. I don’t follow the Twitter and this is my main source for HW, so I am sure I don’t know all. I just know that their family, friend drama is long played out.

      • I’m not surprised because no one cares about Kathy. Why she is still on this show is a mystery to me. She literally serves no purpose. She’s a complete waste of air time.

  • Glad to find this out now so I don’t have to bother watching the new season. Not sitting through anymore Teresa bashing. Simply REFUSE to do it.

    • Me either. If its another season of Teresa bashing I wont be watching. Last season was not fun to watch it was stressful. I use to watch the episodes reruns when i was stuck doing laundry (lol) but last season was so dark and dirty that I could not stand to watch the episodes more than once. I wont watch at all next season.

  • I love Teresa but, Melissa and Teresa are sister in-laws. So nobody wants to get in the middle of a family feud. Jennifer saw the fans turn on the Manzos and the Lauritas went they got involved and turned their back on their friend, Teresa. This is Jennifer’s first year and she want’s the public to see her for the person she truly is not to be judged on witch side of the Gorga and Guidice feud she plans to take. Jen is not going to make the same mistake that Jac did, she will stay neutral.

    • NO, nobody like Jacko.

      Jacko was Teresa’s friend for 15 years, they were really close and Jac betrayed her in the worst possible way by telling the world things that were told to her in confidence.
      I don’t think Teresa would ever trust anybody the way she trusted Jac, at least nobody who is in a reality TV show.

      • ITA!!! Jax is awful! Even if you stop being friends, how do you start telling all of her secrets? Jax is so immature! I do hope that between last seasons gang up and all of the rumors out there, surely Tre will be on her toes!

    • Agreed!! I cannot watch another season full of idiots ganging up on T for no reason at all. WE need to see someone have T’s back.

  • Brandi started off as Adrienne’s “friend” on RHOBH and look where that went? I don’t think Teresa and Jennifer were truly “friends,” otherwise she wouldn’t be hanging out (alone, I presume) with Melissa. Not getting involved in their issues and hanging out alone with someone are 2 different things. Don’t get involved, but don’t go and hangout with your “friends” enemy who puts out bad press about her and makes ridiculous statements. Show some loyalty.

    • I guess this depends on if she’s a full housewife or just a friend. If shes a full housewife she is contracted to appear with all the housewives and interact with them when producers tell her to.

  • Amen Heather! One grown woman demanding another not be friends with someone because they dont like them is ridiculous.

    • I am sure Teresa won’t demand her that, this should come from her herself, without request.

      Look at the example of Kim D. That harpy is still friends with Jacko and Carowhine and Teresa is still friendly with her. I just hope she wises up and never trusts her with any of her secrets, just for safety.

      One thing is to be civilized but I just hope Jenn is not trying to promote her own agenda and going from one side to the other to instigate more fights.

    • Actually, if I’ve known and seen the antics between my FRIEND and someone who’s hurting them, I wouldn’t be friends with them. That simple. It’s one thing to be cool with someone if they’re harmless and didn’t do anything to you, but we’ve seen Melissa destroy an entire family and ruin years of friendship. I’ve would’ve kept Melissa at arms length.

  • HMMMM….Tre just needs to watch her back…..Also, Kim D plays both sides too she is also good friends with Jac….just saying:)

    • And anyone that *wants* to hang out with trash like Melissa Gorga, is someone I woulndn’t be missing.

      • That peeves me because Jennifer, being friends with T for awhile knows the history between T and Messy. She most likely played up to T get herself another 15 minutes! I guess her being on Pregnant in Heels on Bravo was not enough to find her another gig!

        • The sad part is all the blogs predicted this. All the blogs said that Jennifer would change sides once she was on the show. Interesting that its happening now. Makes you wonder who the source was behind the leaks

          • I remember that, and thought it was all talk.
            Hmmmm, how interesting.

            Teresa needs to watch all of them especialy that KimD, I don’t trust that one at all, another site (RT) had pictures showing Kim talking to Mel, and then this photo of what looks like Tereas and Mel going at it again.

            All of this transpired at Gia’s birthday party. Teresa needs to stop inviting Mel to these events. When she has parties for her children’s birthdays, it should be for CHILDREN ONLY. Mel started something at Gia’s party last year as well, and then accused Teresa of grabbing her at that party, during the reunion.

        • Michers, I agree! I feel bad for Tre because this Jennifer person will squash Tre if Bravo and Andy tell her to just to stay on the show. I hate it when people have no loyalty to their friends and family. I’ve always been loyal to my close friends and family, and I just know Jennifer will turn against Tre just for her spot on the show.

          Act civil, but don’t act fake or play both sides, Jenn! Not a good sign…

      • Well I hope Teresa is ready for another season of ” All out war on the Giudice family”. I can’t see how it is worth it to her to continue on a show where clearly her boss does not like her or her family. I’m sorry people but Andy can do all the interviews he wants and to get Teresa to say that he doesn’t play favorites. Of course your employee will side with you Andy!!! I am so irritated with this network and how they set people up. I understand ratings but I have not seen a network treat an employee so bad out of all the housewives like they have Teresa and her family. Anyways theres my rant.

        • She probably can’t afford to quit. She and Joe still have a large debt to pay off, don’t they? She even said at one of her big signings that she would love to quit RHONJ and do her own cooking show. I think she stays because she needs to the money and the exposure for her products. You do what you have to so when you have a family to support and few options.

          • Well I cant afford to quite my job either, I don’t know why people keep saying that like its a bad thing, most people would like to quite their jobs but can’t so just keep trying to do the best they can, it is the way of life.

    • Teresa will never learn. Bravo keeps promising this an the other to get her on the show and then they stick it up to her so far …, Bravo promises friends and as soon as this so called “friends” make it into the show, they forget all about Teresa.

      I agree that this is not high school and that anybody should be friends with anybody they choose, but the fight between Teresa and Melissa was so huge that unless you were living under a rock, you can’t claim you didn’t know about it.

      I hope that this is just Jenn being civilized with Melissa and she should, but I have the feling that she might turn into a Jacko and turn her back on Teresa and join the bandwagon of “Teresa is awful and I can’t be her friend” that Bravo so eagerly promotes.

      We will have to wait and see.

    • I am so sick of bravo stuffing that disgusting trashbag Melissa down our throats. I feel sick to my stomach seeing her bothering Teresa again. Melissa is a miserable person and she will never stop causing shit.