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Sneak Peek: Kim Zolciak Flaunts Her New ‘Dream Home’

Looks like RHOA star Kim Zolciak has finally got everything she’s ever wanted! Kim showed a sneak peek photo of her new ‘dream home’ via twitter saying, “Giving u a sneak peek of Our work in progress 😉 #watchoutjoneses”

The outside looks okay. Not my taste, to be honest. Do you love/hate it?

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  • Jazie

    Seriously, why can’t people just be happy for Kim? I do believe that she is in a better place now with Kroy and her children. If she did not love him I don’t believe she would have let herself get pregnant with her first son. At one point she would have been too vain. She was not a gold digger with Kroy. He only had a one year contract for 400k before being signed when they met. Kim made more then he did just from RHOA plus her wine is also taking off. Call me crazy, but I think they really do (at this time) have a loving relationship and Kroy has stepped up and become a father figure to her daughters as well. It appears he has accepted her and her past so I hope for the best for both.

    I am happy that she finally showed the home and as far as the cost they had to be approved to afford the payments especially as new construction loans have even tighter requirements now.

    I don’t see her one upping Phaedra and her pregnancy with timing. Yes, she may have made a dig at Nene with the Jone’s comment, but Nene as well as all the HW’s in all shows throw their digs out, Kim included. If they didn’t well what would we be watching. Tea parties with Luann as Emily Post?

  • PinkPoodle

    Please find another word besides “flaunt”.

    • Brooklyn


  • Mechanical Emotion

    The house looks tacky so that’s appropriate for the ever-tacky Zolciak. I don’t understand how she and Kroy will be able to afford this, given that they couldn’t keep up with rent in the “dream house” owned by Kendra Davis. Maybe Big Poppa is helping finance the building of this monstrosity? lol

    Kroy is a fool and he will deservedly go broke with this aging whore.

  • Bionic

    Money must have been an issue here that this house is so cramped up in building. The baddest house of this franchise is Maloofs. That’s one RICH BIOTCH honey! BOOP!

  • Beachiest

    I think Rapunzel is up in the tower and the Hobbit is the groundskeeper.

  • I’m happy for them but I also wonder how they will afford it. I wonderif his contract has a buyout if he is seriously injured. I thought I read somewhr tht ths was his first contract and its for 3million. If thts true then they must have spent this years pay and next years for this house and all the decorating. I wonder if they sold his home and her townhoue. Anyway its looks interesting and I wish them the best. Guess she wasn’t lying afterall. Best wishes!

  • CEC

    I live in Atlanta. And I’m only two years younger than Kroy. He seems like such a great guy and there are such great sweet southern girls around Atlanta. I truly just wonder what in the heck he sees in her. She really is an embarrassment to the whole Falcons organization!

    • BrianOz

      The polite term is ‘love struck’. The impolite term sounds similar.

      • Buck Henry

        Your exactly right, she’s very dirty in bed and Kroy is acting like she was his first piece of ass ever. You never let a virgin get laid by a pro, it can whip him.

        • BrianOz

          So true.

    • BrianOz

      And both wear off eventually.

    • michers

      Im wondering if he saw publicity? Or if she is the only woman in Atlanta that gave him the time of day? He does not strike me as one who was out on the prowl.

      • Bionic

        He’s from Montana… not many options there. He probably was never a hot tamale and she gave him burn. I also think he rode the coat tail to be on the show…

    • Bionic

      He is also not a very important in the lineup…

  • I wonder how Kroy’s family really like Kim…She threw her mother out of the wedding and then did the court thing, just terrible. I noticed even from Season 1; while she and NeNe had lunch Kim’s mom was there but was never formerly introduced her to the show.

    • michers

      I have heard that they dont care much for her, the quickness of the relationship. His mother did not seem to take too kindly to her when there for wedding. The sister did not seem impressed either.

      • Buck Henry

        Because they aren’t fooled like their son who is acting like he just got his first piece of ass. In her mom and sisters mind they know she is a golddigger and there “pius” son who they probably tried to instill marriage before sex didn’t see a pro coming. And as I said before months ago, I think Kim is very very dirty in bed and does alot of nasty things and he was hooked.

        • Sorry, I just have to laugh. Dirty and Nasty? Sex is sex and the only thing dirty or nasty is fear of sex.

          • Melissa’s Forehead

            How is it nasty to have a fear of sex? Strange maybe but nasty?

    • Lexy

      If Kroy was my son I would be mortified that my son is currently living in house bought with his wife whoring ways, I would cry myself every night to sleep knowing that my son’s money is being used this frivolously and when he gets injured or traded down, he will come home to me with two little boys for me to raise.

  • Maru the Cat

    The house is nice/new, sure. I just feel tired of this ‘storyline’. There was Sheree’s, Kandi’s, Melissa’s ‘redone house’, Heather Dubrow’s, Kim’s, Kyle’s house-took-2-years-for-Faye-to-decorate, who else?

  • Wait a second…. Doesn’t it looks like Kandi’s estate? The stone brick house? Wowzers.

  • Lexy

    That is great that she can prove that the house is real, I was starting to doubt. Now I just hope they don’t default on the loan and the house get foreclosed when Kroy gets injured or traded.

    I don’t like the house, not my style but it seems to fit Kim’s style and she will be the one living there so kudos to her at least for now.

    • Melissa’s Forehead

      Lol she can prove it unlike sheree

  • michers

    What up with the Jones comment? This girl loves to believe people are jealous of her, its hysterical! Yet she is the only one who went from man to man in search of someone with a cash flow to keep supporting her! Yeah, watch out Jones!

    • BrianOz

      Right on.

    • laur

      Yes and she is so so gross, has anyone noticed how much plastic surgery, aspecially on her face too, she has had since season one! Check it out. Plus her mother, Kim’s mother, looks like and acts like a meth head! Plus all Kim’s stuff and cars and townhomes were bought by her married ex Big Pappa…the ugly short married with children and with a wife guy that paid for all ugly Kim’s stuff and now her new man Kroy is living in and Driving in big Pappas gifts to kim! Heard Kroy doesn’t even make that much!!

      • laur

        Oh Kim looks so so different from season one. Look how bad Kim’s face, nose, and wigs looked. But compare her gross face and nose on Kim…big Pappa supported her and her two different daughters that were not his, big Pappas. Her, Kim’s two daughters were by two different men while she was also with a married man with children…gross and he paid there Bills. Now she is with a younger man who she just got pregnant back to back on to trap him and I know he plays football, but I hear he don’t make that much and he is way younger than him. His parents don’t like her it seems. What do u think. Damn even with her face and body plastic surgery she is still so f**kin ugly.

  • MelbourneHW

    It looks like a huge church

  • Anna

    It’s nice & all but I think the house might be too large for them! If u kno what I mean? It looks like a castle!

  • JustMe

    Not my style but I am happy for her & Kroy. They really seem in love & a genuinely happy family. The house looks like it might be dark inside though as 1 bldg is blocking hte light from the other. But other than that chickies, its more than what I have so be happy for them

  • Brooklyn

    Remember NeNe’s first line from Season 1 ‘I dont keep up with the Joneses, I AM the Joneses’

    Sneaky dig Kim.

    • missha50

      Exactly Brooklyn, she is always throwing a dig at Nene.

      • lifetimemovie

        At least she didn’t try to strangle her…

  • Lapband Lauren

    I dont like how it looks like a castle from a fairy tale or something…idk what made them settle on this house and it doesnt look modern on the outside whereas the last house did-kendras house- but whatever!

  • Julie

    Good for her I’m tired of people hating on her.

    • RHOAmbler

      Ditto that!

    • ajaii

      Me too ! But The Thing about Kim is She Always makes it out on top , so ppl can stay Hating lol

  • Sofia

    I like castle like houses, the windows are so beautiful and interesting!
    Would love to play hide and seek in it…

  • Crystal7

    Looks like a haunted house.

    • BrianOz

      Totally. That’s what I thought. There’ll be a dungeon in there somewhere for when Kroy wakes up to himself and tries to escape! Free Kroy.

      • Crystal

        Kim will have a moat built around the castle so Kroy can’t escape

        • BrianOz

          Buwahaha.. with crocodiles.

        • BrianOz

          You’re right. She’d need the dungeon for other things..

  • Sofia

    I like it!!

  • CallingOutHousewives

    It looks like a up of Porshas home and Melissas

    • CallingOutHousewives

      Mash up*

    • Melissa’s Forehead

      Lol it reminded me of Danielle’s house

  • rhfan

    Not a fan of the cookie-cutter McMansion that this seems to be. If I were to spend the type of money she will probably be spending, I would want something more unique.

    Good Luck to them in their new home.

  • TheWorld’sAStage

    She’s going to dump the rest of poor Kroys money in this house…. looks like he bought his own prison!!!! Poor guy he’s so young, naive. She’s really got him locked up now!!!!”

    • Say What??

      This always makes me laugh. Kim was making more money than Kroy until last year. Actually she is still making more money then him. She may have been a gold digger in the past but she did not get with Kroy for money

      • totojessie

        Kim is making money how?

        • michers

          Thank you– and how in the hell is it more than a football contract?

          • dicky d

            Ooooohh… Trust me! She makes a lot more than him! It’s the other way around, he’s got her! He scored big with this one. An older wealthy woman that’ll do anything for him, he made out big time! And with all the drama, if the sh1t hits the fan, hell get the kids and alimony! Are you kidding me…..

          • Bionic

            Neither of them is making money. Kroy is not Brady and Kim is no Giselle… Let’s be for real. According to records she has $500K and He has $3.5 that’s not “A LOT” of money when they want to floss buying $500k bracelet. Give me a break!

            She needs to go back to her previous gig… tricking.

      • Harper

        He must not make much money then… Who pays their rent on credit? Living outside their means much?

        • JustMe

          For the last time people she did not say she paid her rent with her AMEX she said she paid all her bills with AMEX ! Geez go watch the rerun & get your facts straight !

          • Harper

            How about, No. I know what I heard. Context, dear. Context.

        • Tre

          Paying all your bills on your AMEX is a great way to get mileage to travel and for other things… can even travel first class……I put my bills on AMEX and pay the entire balance at the end of the month….I also travel for free… girlfriends do it as well….my friend took her five member amity to Hawaii, first class with her AMEx points….sometimes you can also get 2x and 3x the points depending on where you use it.

          • Bionic

            If you have to worry about free miles, then you don’t have real money. Sorry. The very very rich don’t care about such thing. Then again, they also have their own private jet. Let’s be for real…
            Kim pays her bills on a charge card to get miles but wears a $500K bangle?

            Ish aint adding up…

          • Marqueii

            Plus you. PAY it off every month!They,AMEX, don’t like big s&t balances unless you’re using Black card. Excellant record keeping.

      • BrianOz


        • dicky d

          That’s funny! Que?

      • Connie Fuller

        Actually, She’s not. Kroy just signed a new contract with the Atlanta Falcons. For 3 years and 9 million dollars. Which is 3 million a year. Way more that what Kim will ever make.

    • SassyMama

      Can you say 18- years worth?

  • CaliSteve

    Notice how she twitted this around the same time It was announced that Phaedra was pregnant. That woman can’t seem to let other have their moment.

    • Lizzielou

      Good catch. Always trying to one-up her co-stars.

    • Say What??

      I didnt take it that way. She tweeted a picture of her house after being called a liar for 6 months. Its not like she released a story.

      • JustMe


      • YeahRight

        I agree

      • Dayna


      • ajaii


    • CryWolf

      And NeNe tweeted her new pics after Kim posted this one…

    • She gave Phaedra two days, what did Nene give her? 20 minutes?