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RHOM Reunion: Part One Recap! Ana vs. Lea, and Adriana vs. Joanna!

It was an explosive first part to the Real Housewives of Miami season two reunion! Although the season finale ended on a very amicable, and friendly, positive note, I just knew that the reunion would not reflect that because of all the drama the ladies had while the season was airing. By that I mean the cat fights on Twitter, WWHL, and on the blogs.

And it appears that I was right because the fireworks were definitely out last night! Ana was much more vocal at the reunion and was out to drag whoever needed it. This time it was Lea. But was all the fighting even worth it? On RHONJ, the screaming and attacking was at least over real issues. In Miami, I felt that the ladies were just amping it up for a spot on the next season of the show. What do you think?

The ladies are in a sound stage, decorated to the nines. They all look fabulous. They are in NYC in some studio instead of in Miami. For some reason, I love when they film the reunions in the respective cities in famous locations, but I guess the sound stage will do.

Andy prefaces the drama by asking about all the work the ladies have had done. Miami has the most beautiful cast, collectively, in my opinion, so what is real and what is not? Lea says neck lift, Joanna says boobs, Lisa says boobs, but the other ladies stay hushed.

Mama Elsa’s plastic surgery comes up and Marysol reveals she had botched eye lifts in the 80’s and that’s it. Really? I love Mama Elsa but it looks like botched lip injections, fillers, cheek implants, botched lifts, etc.

Things begin with discussing Joanna and her relationship with Romain. Joanna reveals that they’d broken up (they got back together a couple of weeks later) and that’s when bitchfest number one begins. Adriana chimes in and says Joanna and Romain are fame whores who broke up for publicity and will end up back together.

Adriana WAS right in that, because they both got back together and publicly announced it, but are they fame whores? I’m not sure why these two hate each other so much. It actually seems to be more from Adriana’s end. She seems so consumed in Joanna’s life and it is sad and desperate. Joanna seems less invested and just says things to fight back, but it’s Adriana who is so vicious and comes for Joanna like a pissed off vulture.

Lisa got accused of not being a good friends because she wouldn’t back her friend up. Except she’s not just blindly going to back someone up. What I like about her is that she tells you things how they are and doesn’t just spew what you WANT to hear!

Karent and Rodolfo are the next topic and Karent flashes her infamous smile revealing that she decided to leave Rodolfo. FINALLY. She said her family was more important at the time so she couldn’t focus on a relationship. This chick will never stop with the delusions will she? Ana begins shouting that Lea and Karent have a fake friendship since Lea comes to Karent’s rescue and the two seem to be buddy-buddy.

Lea gets up everytime she has something to say and it’s really kind of annoying. Someone put a seat belt on this lady. When she gets up to fire back at Ana, Ana tells her to sit down because she doesn’t want her to break a hip. LOL.

While Ana is going at it with Lea, Marysol takes the opportunity to jump in. Marysol is upset that Lea bashed her and her business all seasong long. Everything she has is her PR and event planning firm, so for Lea to bash it all season long, was very damaging. Lea says that the show follows her and her life, and she was not going to be fake about her feelings towards Marysol’s reputation and business. Marysol breaks into tears and Ana again comes to her defense and speaks for her.

Ana continues arguing with Lea and Lea deems it a “character assassination”. She tells Lea she is not self-made, married rich, did her best work while on her back, etc. It’s very insulting and a lot of viewers are wondering WHY Ana is being so “mean” to poor, little Lea. A lot of things happened off-camera that have pissed Ana off.

Apparently, Lea planned to attack Ana at the reunion which is why Ana came with her guard up. She also had tax returns she found that did not make Lea and her charity gala look so charitable, but Bravo seems to have edited this out! Ana promises to still release this info on her web site.

There is a film package that Andy shows regarding Joanna’s drinking and her temper while she is drunk. Joana claims she is not a drunk and does not have an alcoholic problem, she just gets a temper when she drinks and her big mouth gets even bigger. Adriana takes the chance to call her an alcoholic, call Joanna out on racism, and call her Ho-anna for the rest of the show. Okay, the Ho-anna thing was pretty damn funny, but still.

Like I said, the reunion was of RHONJ proportions and over WHAT exactly?! I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just the spicy Latinas in the room. It was a good show, though. Next week Mama Elsa and Alexia join the ladies and Andy! It seems like the claws are out and Mama Elsa is out to call some girls out. Same with Alexia and Karent. Things will continue heating up in Miami!

Very quiet was my girl Lisa. You know what they say about these reunions, whoever doesn’t deliver gets the boot. I hope this is not the case with my beloved Lisa!

What are your thoughts on this over-dramatic reunion? Do you think Ana was being desperate or just expressing herself? Is Adriana mean? Does she need to just let her dislike for Joanna go?

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  • Michers…exactly!! Remember Adrienne & Roman at the club with Adrienne saying he is missing out on brunettes??? She would snap him up in a second if she could & is just jealous that Roman showed NO INTEREST AT ALL?? Her BF..WHERES THE RING BY THE WAY?? Has anyone seen Joanna’s canary diamond?? Adrienne’s BF is creepy…..

    • Last season , Adrianna did not act like she was all lovey dovey with her man.. I did not like that she flirted with Romain that night they were at his club, now she is all too concerned about their relationship status. Why? Worry about sailing away on your yacht boo!

    • I agree! I though for sure Adriana would have not been happy with her displays on tv all season and act right, lol! It seemed like she calmed down near the end of the season and she was civil to Joanna, so what is up with these ladies getting all kinds of idiotic come reunion time? So are they that fake? Was it the real them on the season, or real them during reunion? Too many inconsistencies and crap out of left field! Why is she so hellbent on going in about Romain and Jo( umm do you want to sleep with him, or have you already?) And Alexia being all up in Karent’s relationship?

  • Sorry for the typos, writing from my phone, but I forgot to mention..Joanna is a slut…..really, girls gone wild Joe and Joanna!!! Makes you kind of want to vomit 0(

  • I have numerous comments but the ones I really want to make are these:

    a) Joanna is about the most vain person I’ve ever watched on any of the RHW shows. Unbelievable, she asks Roman “do you know how many men wish they were in your position?” Serious, Joanna, you’re a pretty girl sure, but you’re not really sexy, sure cute, but sexy …uh I don’t think so

    b) Karent, who cares if Joanna was in more well known than anyone else on this show, we watch this show for the people on it, like LAST YEARS crew, you newbies are just fodder and in the way!

    c) I never heard anyone ever talk about whose in the press before this be honest, the new girls are boring, seriously! And no one likes to hear the kind of language that truckdriver Joanna uses on these shows, talk about classless…..she takes the cake!

    I could go on but those are my main peaves at this moment!

  • adriana is a nutjob. i can’t believe she’s an adult and a mother. who in the world acts like that. she was mocking joanna’s crying? i don’t care if it was fake or not. it’s never okay to mock someone crying. little kids do that to each other and here is a supposedly grown ass woman doing it to another woman. there was nothing funny about adriana. she looked down right pathetic and too obsessed with joanna. the woman needs another hobby.

    • I agree ru!
      She acts like an idiot!!
      And so freaking mean!They all say nasty things to each other BUT Adriana is on a different level of ‘nasty’ I can see how mean she is on the inside!

  • Awesome Reunion

    I think Evil / Jealous Adriana has met her match with Bitchy / Foul Mouth Joanna

    same with crazy old Lea vs over reacting Ana.

    Ps. Karent is so sexy , I see why all these chicks relish in making her miserable.

  • I’m really team Adriana and couldn’t stand Joanna/Hoanna. She could not take responsibilty for anything and treated Marta horribly. That revealed her true character in my opinion. The only thing keeping Marta from the career that Joanna/Hoanna has is some really expensive hilites in her hair. I’m glad someone called Jo/Ho on the way she treats Marta. She also said she trusted Roman and yet she read his emails. That is not trust. Roman was right, she is an embarrassment. Why didn’t anyone point out that it was Karent that asked Joe Francis if he slept with Jo/Ho? I was waiting for that confrontation to go down.

  • Lisa came off the best, she can be direct and give an opinion opposite of someone and yet not go too far. But some points were maybe lost in the big drama with the others. Lisa was about to say that maybe Romain and Joanna…may not be compatible, that Joanna didn’t ever call her when they weren’t filming/maybe Lisa felt slighted? She kept getting cut off.

    Ana does seem to be completely irritated by everything Joanna. Ana may have had a point, that Joanna and Romain make-up/break-up around the filming schedule. But both Ana and Joanna said they wanted to marry in the Spring, let me guess, that is when a new season could starts filming. And Ana had a good point that when your Mother, fiance and only sister say you have a drinking problem – you have a drinking problem!

    This cast seems somewhat disjointed, especially after watching the reunion. Who really enjoys hanging out with each other when they aren’t filming?

    • OMG – sorry, I wrote Ana above when I meant Adriana fighting with Joanna. Insert Adriana every place I wrote Ana. Wish we could edit after we post!

  • I actually loved this reunion. RHOM is great because their fights and issues are much more superficial and surface level (played up for TV). But I actually prefer this! The chaos that has become of RHONJ is just TOO F’N MUCH. Seriously.

    The ladies of RHOM are dealing with personal and serious issues, but they are not to the degree of NJ. So you know in the end these ladies are going to be alright.

    I do feel bad for Marysol and her reputation. Regardless of what happened at the gala, Lea should have handled things off camera. Even if Marysol was terrible, you just don’t fuck w/ someone’s livelihood like that. But beyond this issue, everything else seems to be great for TV. And that works just fine for me. 🙂

  • I think Joanna is the fakest person on this show. Who gives a crap who gets the most press or any of that? As far as I’m concerned, her fakeness takes away from the show entirely. She has a drinking problem and they keep her around because of her mouth. She’s just another Tamra, Bethenny, etc, in a sense, where you don’t know what she will say next and Bravo loves that. Adrianna isn’t jealous of Joanna, because if Adrianna wanted to, she could break up with her fiancee every other week and scream in public and wear shirts with her boobs completely exposed, but she doesn’t. She could get the same press, but chooses not to. (side note: Adrianna actually looked like Teresa from the s4 reunion – looks strictly. the hair, the top of the dress (Adrianna’s wasn’t a “christmas pageant dress” and the tan, they both looked great!) Joanna is just looking for the most camera time and attacks Adrianna because she knows Adrianna won’t just take it (Marysol), she will fight back, hence more camera time.

    The Ana/Lea fighting seemed kind of like they were trying to secure their spots for next season. Don’t get me wrong, I think Ana was great last night, looked the best and is the smartest, but she definitely didn’t bring it this season so I feel like this was a last attempt thing to secure her spot for next season. (Same story, different housewife. This happens all the time at reunions, those that didn’t bring much to the season try and amp it up so they are asked back. I think it’ll work for Ana though, she finally stepped up to Lea, unlike Marysol). You can tell Lea was PISSED she was sat on the end of the couch. She clearly felt she deserved a better spot, which is why she kept standing – and you know AC sits them based on drama.

    I think Lisa was the most quiet and didn’t really have a storyline this reunion yet and I think she has great looks, but she isn’t as fiesty as expected of her (or at least from myself).

    Karent is just a brown noser like no other. Adrianna was hilarious with her jokes about it.

    My predictions for the cast next season (just based on this first reunion and previews for next week): Joanna, Adrianna, Lea, Ana, Karent, and Alexia.

    I think Lisa was kind of boring and hasn’t brought that much to the table this season (kind of like the Heather of RHONY). Marysol, I think, was expected to go head-to-head with Lea and never did. I think if she really cares about her business she’ll step away, go part time so they can still feature Mama Elsa (another reason I think Marysol was kept around) and take a back seat to the Lea drama and let Ana handle it. So I think these 2 will not be asked back full time. And i think Alexia and Karent have a new rivalry forming that could be featured in season 3.

  • All of these women have had something done. Mama Elsa should be the poster child of all that can go wrong with too many cosmetic procedures. Marysol’s mouth does not move when she speaks. Karent’s face is frozen with too much Botox and her smimle is more like an evil smirk. All of them look fake, except for Ana, who does not seem to have had anything done. Lisa, OMG, she is only 29…shame.

    These women are pathetic and with the exception of Ana, who works very hard and to some extent, Karent, they do not represent the real women that live and work in this city and they are NOT socialites. Please!

    If they do not return next year, it will be a relief.

    • Yes! At 29 Lisa should not need anything done!!! Poster child is right.LOL. Around 45 is when botox should be considered. If you take care of yourself one could.hold off till after 50. Women and men look so much better natural when they eat right and exercise.

  • Ana was over “acting”. Didn’t have any reservations about her before, but now think she’s not if any relevance to the show. Sneaking into peoples background is stalkish and should be grounds for dismissal. On RHONJ BRAVO dug up meHo’s past. Now Ana’s fair play, can’t wait to see the dirt dug up on her. Glass houses baby.

    • I think she was overreacting too… or “acting” as you put it lol. She’s smart and successful, but it seems she’d be smarter than all the trash talk and insults she spat. I get defending yourself, but I still don’t get what was so horrible that Lea did…? I need someone to explain this to me so I can understand Ana’s rage.

      And Adriana just seems bitter and hates Joanna for whatever reason. I think it’s stupid that people care so much abt what others did in the past (that didn’t involve murdering someone or anything as bad)… no one will ever be able to completely move forward from mistakes they’ve made or stupid things they’ve done when they were younger. People grow up and change, but can’t change their past. Adriana just needs to let the Joe Francis thing go. And why is she trying to make Joanna seem racist bc the slums of Rio comment? Isn’t her fiance Brazilian, but grew up in France? Or maybe I have it backwards… either way, I don’t find Joanna’s comment to be racist as she wasn’t attacking anyone’s ethnicity. She just said, “maybe she’s from the slums of Rio.” Idk. Fill free to enlighten me.

      • If you read Lea’s blogs during the season Lea attacked Ana’s daughters. Lea said that Ana’s daughters were socially awkward. Lea went on and on about Ana’s marriage ending. Lea was downright vicious in her blogs as per usual.

        • Quote it. I read her blogs. I saw nothing that went on and on as you say. She merely mentions her perceptions and moves on. You perceive things to be entirely to vindictive and Lea is not that. She shoots from the hip and moves on. Its Alexia, Ana, Adrianna and Marysol that are like dogs with their bones. Finding an issue, hanging on every comment and beating it to death even years later. That damn green card issue was addressed over and over again and still Marysol brings it up. It was a damn joke! It wasnt that funny but it was no more cutting than the crap Adrianna and Alexia have been spouting off about Karent all season. Such hypocrites and double standards.

          • I agree CryWolf. And until yesterday and right after reunion, I have never heard of this and never saw one viewer keep bringing up what Lea supposedly wrote so negatively about Ana’s daughters. The blog I went back and read does not have Lea saying nasty things about Ana’s daughters. I agree with what you said in another thread, that Lea was writing her “perceptions” etc.. in re to what all of us saw on tv!

  • Damn Ana got the Mayor of Miami all shock up, she kept getting up and her voice kept getting higher..I loved it!! Lea can not intimated Ana, no freakin way!

  • I think that after Bravo got such explosive drama with Kim Richards and her battle with alcoholism, they seem to have decided to go back to that well again and again. In Shahs of Sunset and RHOM, they have recruited an out of control alcoholic and are milking the two of them for drama as they did Kim. GG on Shahs and JoAnna on RHOM are both women who cannot handle their liquor and who deny their drinking problems. It’s sad to see Bravo exploiting this horrible disease when these women need intervention and rehab, not exposure of their out of control alcoholism in front of millions.

    • Couldn’t it be that alcoholism is a real problem, even among the rich and beautiful? Why do you think Bravo is recruiting alcoholics? That’s the stupidist thing I’ve ever heard.

      • Because it’s guaranteed drama. There’s no other reason to bring in Joanna Krupa who isn’t even from Miami. She’s staying with her boyfriend for the show, but her home is in Beverly Hills. Joanna was enough of a public figure, they knew she was a mean drunk.

        Then look at Shahs of Sunset and GG. Their footage is pure exploitation. It’s disgusting.

        • Agree they are definitely, pushing an alcoholic theme, which i find ironic since on WWHL there is a drinking game which asks you take “guzzlets” when the word of the day is spoken.

          in this case Ironic= hypocrital sh*t stirrer

  • Ana, poor Ana, she needs some counselling!
    And Adriana is OBSESSED with Joannas life and boyfriend. Putting Joanna on this show really pissed off Adriana ! Ha!