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Alexia Echevarria’s Son Peter Rosello Avoids Jail Time In Battery Case!

Real Housewives of Miami‘s Alexia Echevarria had a rough past year, and one of the contributors was her eldest son Peter Rosello beating a homeless man and then, stupidly, posting a video of it online! Peter had to turn himself in to Miami authorities a few months ago, but what has been determined in his felony battery case?

GossipExtra has obtained details on this case and it turns out that Peter will not be serving any jail time for this felony! Who does he have to thank for this? None other than the victim homeless man himself!

Peter entered a pre-trial diversion program which is basically a deal made between authorities and the victim, that keeps Peter out of jail as a first-time offender. Peter must complete the six-month program, which is designed to keep first-time offenders out of the system, and then his case will be dismissed. As part of the program, Peter must:

  • write an apology letter to the homeless man he beat
  • perform 100 hours of community service at a homeless shelter
  • donate $1,000 to the victims assistance fund
  • complete a class on social values
  • pay the investigative costs

Peter’s attorney says, “He’s young, and he made a foolish mistake. He’s going to pay for it in kind.”

Do you think this is a fair assessment of the case? Should Peter have had a different punishment?

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  • This woman is dubious to say the least: she know to watch her mouth though unlike her street colleague adrianna (total trash hooker).
    This one keep a better facade: but her evil son beating a homeless guy for his own sick pervert amuzement is just toooo much.

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  • Alexia…it should be Ex Laxia….has really raised some garbage. Go back to Cuba and take Scarface #1 and #2 with you. You cry about your sons accident…why do you care how many times someone called you to check on him?? You are physically repulsive with those grapefruits popping out of your chest. But at least you aren’t Ana with those sagging udders on display during the reunion. These women are so nasty, and they wonder why things happen…being rich can’t hide you from Karma. just look at Elsas face. karma has turned her into a human wide-mouth bass.

  • I think he was raise as a spoiled rotten child, and given everything to him on a silver platter. Now he is an adult. He knew exactly what he was doing. He thinks its ok to HIT someone and boast about it by posting a video on FB. That is so disgusting and shows that he thinks he is above everything and that he can get away with anything. His punishment should have been more severe. The Poor homeless guy that was called a “HOBO” should have gotten restitution for the injury and the embarassment of the video being shown to the whole world. Peter Rosello you are a poor excuse for a human being and I hope this follows you and haunts you for the rest of your life. And Alexia YOU should be ashamed of yourself with your behavior on the show, and knowing your children can see you. GREAT EXAMPLE!!! You are disgusting Yuck!

  • I agree with the poster unthread, if this were a kid (legal adult actually) of poverty or of a different social class he’d have served time. This to me is the real tragedy..Money somehow minimizes the the real crime here!! His blatant disregard of another less fortunate human being is despicable!! His mother glossing over it…unacceptable!!

  • Can you imagine if he beat a (homeless) woman???? Mommy bought him a free pass. To all women – stay away from Peter. Useless human being – serves no purpose in life. He will never redeem himself.

  • Alexis is very pretty BUT she is also very mean!!!

    And…what the hell is wrong with her sons’ faces????Punks!!!

    • Yep, how bizarre! As Alexis proudly smiles in the middle her sons are intentionally “posing” as punks. I am saddened to hear about the younger son, but have to agree with Buck Henry that there is something being hushed up in the case.

  • Congratulations, Alexia! You raised a real scumbag! Now, innocent people have to be very cautious around him. Thanks a lot!


    The Population

  • He’s not a teenager!! He should’ve done jail time. He committed a crime!! We wonder why people are so effin crazy well because you can commit crimes and get away with them. Bet we’ll read about him committing murder inafew years. And out of all the housewives ever…Alexia is the worst. Cannot stand this woman!!!

  • There is no excuse or understanding for what he did. But I do think the sentence is a good one because it forces him to educate himself on social values and make amends to the community he hurt. I think this is a good way t treat first time offenses for all people rich and poor. But maybe spending a week in jail in addition would be a good taste.

  • It’s not shop lifting or mooning out of a car window. He beat a human being. When young, we all do dumb shit. Beating a helpless human being is NOT one of those stupid, silly youth things. He will get worse as he gets older unless his parents help him NOW. What a bunch of rich and ugly assholes.

      • What an assinine comment. When you were a teenager did you beat tons of people? I certainly never did, and I was a teenager not too long ago. When teenagers beat people they usually get punished with some sort of juvenile detention. It’s wrong to write this off as “He’s young, we all make mistakes when we’re young”. This is not a mistake, it is a crime.

      • A teen that beats someone who is asleep? No. Thats not typical. And if it is in your neighborhood then please let us all know where you live so we can never go there.

    • I think 20yrs old is not a child. He certainly did not value this mans life. I think he should be watched very closly for further anger issues.Not sure if the punishment fits the crime, that is not for me to decide but this youngs mans values should be called into question.

  • agree. Rich get away all the time, if it had been some poor kid he would be in jail for the next 10-20. Because it is a poor homeless man and a rich man, he gets a pat on the hand.

  • He should have to do all that plus jail time.

    He BEAT another human being. It’s not like he shoplifted.

    Stupid rich kids getting away with murder yet again.


    • I agree. When a young kid walks into a school and shoots up a bunch of little kids it is all of the news that he is on the spectrum and there is blame all around.His mom, guns, TV, society…etc. This kid commits an act of violence and lacks empathy,compassion and any sort of human decency and it is swept under the rug. These are the types of warning signs the rest of us are told to look out for in our own children but this kid gets off because his parents probably paid off the victim. Does he torture animals too? Community service is great but where is the therapy he obviously needs? Or the time away to think about how he should be contributing to society? If he doesnt clean up his act and does something worse, then you better believe I hold Alexia and Herman accountable first and foremost. Warning signs for a criminal mind set are there.

      • Your totally correct, totally. Lets start from number one, this kid isn’t a kid he’s a 20 year old man a young man but a man. He was drunk and/or high running around with other rich young people and they decided to do something to someone that didn’t have their breaks so to speak. This guy did this at 20 years old, and he’s supposed to learn his lesson? No way, his mother and step father paid off the homeless guy and that is why he got the punishment he got.

        This guy should do jail time in order for him to sit and ponder what put him in this place. You have to stop this stuff real soon, but allowing him to essentially get off he will do something worse you wait and see. Like the shooter who was mentally unstable but yet the mother continued to have weapons and even showed him how to shoot. She thought (like Alexis) that she can control her son, she can’t. And one day she’s going to find out and someones is going to feel the pain to.

        Here’s something else that everyone should consider. Her 13 year old son who was in that horrible accident. Do you know that they still haven’t commented on who was “driving” the car at the time of the accident. I bring this up not because I don’t think she loves him I know she does. But why is it so important that the person driving wasn’t known. It’s one of three things. Either the person who was driving decided to leave the scene and leave her son to almost die. And the son doesn’t remember and/or don’t want the person in trouble (I don’t buy that, It would have leaked already if it was just child loyalty someone would have talked). Two, her son was driving (I don’t buy that, the accident was so terrible that I can’t see him being mistaken as the driver). Or three, the person he was hanging out with is someone that is very important or the son of someone very important and they are doing everything to keep it hush hush (I think that).

        • Oh and to add, lol.. not all teenagers find this as something to do out of boredom or just being stupid! Being stupid and bored is toilet papering a tree or peeing on a fence for shits and gigs! ( or young 20 somethings)..
          I agree Buck- drugs/ alcohol.. this was not a normal thing to do , a rational minded individual does not go around assaulting others then broadcast it! It enrages me that some in society can be so non- chalant and dismissive of it.

      • UGH Crywolf- so maddening! ( See above).. I totally believe that he will do something again… This to me was a perfect opportunity for the judge to send a message to the youth out there that do these things and then broadcast it on social media!! It should not be tolerated so lightly- this type of behavior starts somewhere , and if the punishment is not stiff enough the first time, he may do something” stupid” again ( unless your parents have money and can get you off right?)..

  • None of us should judge kids do really and i mean really stupid things. Glad we don’t have to waste tax dollars putting this boy in jail.

    I do hope his family does get him counseling. Honestly i believe it should be court ordered but again mental illness gets brushed under the rug.

    • Kids do stupid things. Commit stupid crimes etc.. but when they do, usually the harashest punishment is facing the parents. Alxia and her husband came out and defended his behavior as “boys will be boys” and “he meant no harm” They saw nothing wrong with his behavior because they themselves treat people this way. Your children are usually a direct reflection of you..

      • We can sit here all we want and say how we would have handled the situation. They are in the public eye. I am with you that there is no excuse. As mentioned in my above post i believe the court should have ordered mandatory mental health evaluations and counseling.

        • I dont think he should have gotten Jail time. I think he’s a stupid teenager and ruining his life with a felony is pretty steep. But this behvaior, to me, is just more proof of Alexia being a mean girl douche bag with zero compassion for the people around her.

          • Yeah but it always starts somewhere and usually with excuses like that! So can we all get assault / battery charges and get away with it too? And if t he consequence is not heavy enough, he WILL be a repeat offender. Im sorry but I don’t think this is the last we will see of him being in trouble. Oh I do agree with Alexia being a mean girl douche! She has really come undone, or this is the real her we did not see last year! This crime, because it was a crime, should have enabled the judge in this case to send a message- with “kids” who behave like this and then turn to social media for the amusement part of it! The ” stupid teenagers” should have a different message sent to the public that you do not all get your friggin wrist slapped for doing crap like this!

    • Not only should he do that, I also believe he should have to look the homeless man in the eye and apologize to him. Freaking spoiled little worthless sack of shit.