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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Carla Facciolo Responds To Renee Graziano! Says Renee Is On Drugs And Needs Help!

Earlier today, it was reported that Mob Wives star Renee Graziano called Carla Facciolo mean, uneducated, and ignorant. Renee confirmed that the two go at it on Season 3’s Mob Wives and said she absolutely despises Carla!

Carla is now responding to Renee Graziano EXCLUSIVELY to AllAboutTRH saying, “Renee is a clown . She wants to say I’m mean. Maybe everyone should know the real Renee . She did nothing but bash everyone’s family’s fathers husbands boyfriend and god knows who else. If anyone is mean dumb and ignorant its her! How the hell can she say she was hurt by me when her own husband betrayed her and ratted on her own father! That’s mean!”

Carla continues, “As for me and Renee’s friendship it seems everyone has it twisted. Me and Renee were friends as teenagers. We never hung out after that! We know each other but she was never my BFF . She really needs to stop saying we were friends for 20 years cause that definitely is not the truth.”

Renee also claimed Carla “wrecked” homes which is far from the truth! Carla says, “As for me wreaking houses well she got the wrong girl! I Never was the one to wreck anyone’s family . I know plenty of Renee’s friends who were wrecking houses including herself! I never stole anyone’s man as she says . She’s just jealous I had boyfriends and never had a problem getting one!

Renee addresses that she is hurt Carla because she is uneducated about her disease saying, “The beginning of the show is very serious. Carla is mean and ignorant and uneducated about my disease. She’s a name-caller. I despise Carla.”

Carla’s response? She tells us, “Renee does not have a disease she has a drug problem and that’s why she acts crazy and tells lies and makes up sick stories! Renee needs help and I’m praying she gets it . Renee’s been though a lot but so have a lot of people and they never acted the way she does. She strives for attention and will do and say anything to get it . For a girl who preaches the bible so much she’s definitely no saint! She more like a devil in disguise . Renee has major issues she need a lot oh help and I hope she’s getting it!”

This is just the start of a juicy season! Who’s side are you on?

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  • loli

    Carla keeps her cool. Renee is an overdramatic wackjob who keeps investing in drama and asshats (Jr.). Her whole life is drama and perhaps she should question why she courts and attracts it. It’s not just the lifestyle. She has a desperate need for attention. I also think that Renee is too impressionable, quick to jump before getting facts, and treated Carla poorly at the cabin with Karen and Ramona. Carla is really not into all that craziness. She comports herself. Also, it IS hard to treat addiction as a disease when so many people are the victims of the addicted. It’s always great when addicts get help and stay committed to it, but I’m not gonna deify them for it after their loved ones put up with years of BS. I also feel that addicts often have a very self centered perspective.

    • mboy

      omg you stupid moron, you wouldnt be making those kinds of comments about addicts if you had a clue what you were talking about. addiction is a disease, check your medical books and look it up. just because you dont understand it doesnt give you the right to judge. get a clue fucking moron. and as far as carla goes, she is a self absorbed home wrecking whore that will sleep with an womans man to get what she wants with no concern for her children and what her actions might do to them. a real class act… yeah right.

  • disgusted

    Renee looks like she is going to eat Carla in this pic. ScCaaarrryyy

  • disgusted

    Carla’s hubby is hot.. She should have waited for him instead of of screwing everything that looked her way. Now she is not happy that he wants nothing to do with her and has a young girlfriend .. I don’t blame him.. .. I do believe she is carrying a grudge against Renee for telling her about her boyfriend touching and advances. Renee has some major issues , but it seems like she is working on them.. No need to kick someone when they are down or trying to pull themselves up. One thing is for sure this is not scripted . They Hate each other..

  • carolyn barnes

    forgot to say love you renee. oh and by the way lots of people think renee is prettier than carla

  • carolyn barnes

    iam now and always have been in renees corner. carla was not a good friend to renee
    a good friend is there when their friend is going through a rough time and carla was nevwe there for her.


    First of all, regardless of what has happened in the prior seasons.. WE ALL HAVE SEEN THE TRUTH .. PERIOD !! Carla wants to play Mrs. Innocent but let me tell you she’s far from innocent!! AND THAT’S A FACT !! Being from the area & sharing mutual friends I have heard the stories over the years.. so my dear Carla .. you can “PLAY” innocent but even you know the truth !!!

    Second of all, ANYONE who has something to say about Renee.. you should ALL take a good look at yourselves! Regardless of what Renee has done or has been through in her life NO ONE has the right to pass judgement. I’m sure somewhere in EVERYONE’S immediate family there is someone who is suffering with addiction!! You can choose to hide your head in the sand & deny it but the truth of the matter is.. IT IS A DISEASE !! And this I can say b/c I know several people & I have supported them through there addictions.. therefore, when you goto meetings with them its how the professionals translate this!!


    In the meantime… Renee, I would like to personally congratulate you on taking the first step. Its more then your “so-called” friends are doing with their own lives. No one will ever understand this disease but people who have been directly affected.. DO NOT ALLOW THESE IGNORANT, NON FRIENDS OF YOURS TO TAKE YOU STEPS BACK !! This is what they want .. obviously, there jealous! Go on and be your fab CRAZY self b/c there’s a lot of us in your corner & we love for who you are!! Your gonna thru this process everyone you have been involved with NEVER were your friends!! Its gonna be the family that was always there for you!! STAY STRONG & PERSEVERE through all the negative!


  • Tenisha

    Well…Renee just responded on another sight and OH BOY! She let Carla have it. You can find it on Twitter.

    • holy cannoli

      Thanks Tenisha..

      I’m going to check out her twitter.

      • socalsoccer

        Holy, what is your name on twitter?

        • holy cannoli

          I’m not on twitter socal

          It scares the shit out of me.

          I just read tweets

          • socalsoccer

            It’s fun, some of us who read this blog, follow each other, you should join it!

          • michers

            LMAO Holy!!!! Thats how I feel 🙂 But I occasionally go check some things!

    • holy cannoli

      I was just on her twitter I didn’t see anything .

      What site did see did she respond to Carla on?

      • Tenisha

        The article is here:

        • holy cannoli

          Thanks Tenisha

          “Holy Thats some Ugly Ass Shit!!”


          • Tenisha

            Yes! I was floored after reading it. If true, Carla should be a lot more careful about throwing stones. All her skeletons are being thrown out of the closet.

          • michers

            O.M.G… i just clicked and read it.. This is not the last of it, Im sure, LOL! These chicks get nuts!! I love how Rox’s site was mentioned though- HOLLA 🙂

  • socalsoccer

    Renee needs to calm down; I’m surprised she has not had a stroke.

    • holy cannoli

      I know @ socal

      With all of Renees issues and just leaving rehab, maybe filming was not such a good idea. Seems to me she is not doing well at all. It seems she should be far away from all this shit and concentrate on what the hell is important.

  • Honnie Badger

    Regarding the pic accompanying this post, I daresay that if anyone snarl-screamed that close to my face would be pushed away with all the physical force I could instantaneously muster.

    • Tenisha

      Seconds after this, there was a physical altercation with all types of hair pulling and swearing.

  • Bloop

    Addiction is not a disease. You choose to start taking drugs knowing the adverse effects they can cause.

    You dont choose to have cancer.

    Addicts try to victimize themselves in order to validate their own self worth without having to take any of the. Personal blame for destroying their own lives and the lives of their loved ones.

    When you live with an actual terminal disease, seeing someone deliberately choosing to shoot up or sniff blow or what have you, is utterly disgusting and a waste of human life.

    • RENEE

      you are correct addicts choose to put the drug into their body!! But if you have the “addiction gene” it suddenly isn’t your choice anymore!! Be glad you obviously don’t have it (as I don’t)
      Just like some people get cancer and some don’t !!

    • Alcoholism and drug addiction are considered a chronic medical condition. A.K.A. a disease. They are both believed to be influenced not only by situations (choices) but by altered brain chemistry and genetic factors.

      Some groups of people are missing the enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase that protects the majority of us from becoming addicted to alcohol. This probably does not apply to Renee as its mostly in Asian and Native American ethnicities…..but I mention it to point out that it’s not all just making the wrong choices. It truly is a disease that we are still struggling to understand.

      I treat people in addictions at a psychiatric hospital and believe me, sometimes I feel it’s all within their power to choose or not; but to be fair, we must recognize all components of this disease in order to be able to offer effective treatments, not just condemnation.

  • ellen

    I like Renee well enough, but the chick is seriously unstable. She seems to thrive on drama and has serious tunnel vision. I’m not a big fan of Carla, she’s a little too cold for me, but in this instance, I’m probably in agreement with her. I think Renee wears people out, and she has a hard time accepting that people don’t want to live with her drama 24/7. They’ve got lives outside of that.

  • kayla

    I am not claiming to be a expert but being surrounded by people with terrible addiction problems I been brunt of some crazy erratic behavior and understand Clara stance.Renee has proven she has serious issues and if she is seeking treatment good for her but that does not mean Clara should have put up with it either and has the right to defend herself from Renee and her behavior.I know Iam going to get flax for this here but from my understanding drug addiction to me it is NOT a disease.That not from being uneducated it comes from first hand experience.

    • darling8705

      That does come from being uneducated. I’m sorry for your experiences. Addiction is a strong, ugly, horrible disease. Please do your research before making harmful comments like that. Untrained, first hand experience without the watchful eye of a professional doesn’t count as “actual” education on addiction (I’m not trying to down play or minimize what you went through on your experiences).

  • janey

    I don’t even know this woman or watch this show, but she looks like an animal. Gross.

  • Maru the Cat fka Sharon Lea

    Great exclusive Rox!

    I like Renee, but woah, we have seen some things – ‘no crumbs!’ for one. She can be reactive but is sensitive when things are said back to her.

    I can’t help but wonder if Renee is still pretty mad at Junior and doesn’t have an outlet, so those closest to her are on the receiving end, like Carla.

    So far, Carla has used words and had how many sit downs last season – anytime someone called for one, she went (LOL!), I respect her. What she has said on the show jived with what was shown. Plus, she and Drita are tight. I think Drita is honest, so that tells me something.

    I hope Carla gives Renee some space and not respond too much. It’s getting messy.

    • holy cannoli

      I agree @ Maru.

      I really like both Renee and Carla for different reasons.

      The only ones I can’t stand from that show are Karen and Ramona..UGH!!

  • lana graziano

    Carla, im suprised at you, your a mom right and a grown up. Why lower yourself to this after your affair i would have buried myself and yes we all know it to be the truth, now what about your kids reading or hearing this and they will, what kind of mom are you, all i know is my family has been hurt enough now your out of line my newphew doesnt need this nor do the rest of the kids in our family. all Renee said was that you were mean and ignorant to something we all know is a desease. give me a break. Shut your mouth and leave my SISTER alone.

    • hils

      Wowza. Right on.

    • RENEE

      Not sure if she gets that.. you stated alot of class 🙂

    • linda

      that most certainly isn’t all renee said, check your sisters tweets for months. blow job, homewrecker, boring and other little digs while carla never responded. what do you think carlas kids will feel hearing renee and her buddies calling their mother disgusting names whether true or not? nobody is thinking of the kids! NOBODY, renee included! period. Makes me sick.

  • Karen

    Addiction is a disease and Carla’s lack of education is validated by saying otherwise. As for being a homewrecker… She does not deny her indiscretion with Mikey Scars. She uses the excuse she was young but does not deny her participation. Did she ruin his marriage? No he did,but she willingly participated knowing he was married. Do not go on national tv and mention your husbands philandering ways and critique a Goomah on a sit down when you were nothing but one yourself. She had nothing but contempt for the other woman when she was on the receiving end. The moment you put yourself in the public spot light you open yourself up to their opinion. If you don’t want anyone to throw your past in your face then you need to own it for what’s it worth. A married man does not have to leave his wife for you to be branded the homewrecker. You just have to be his wife for the night.

    • HFT

      Woo! Tell it like it is!

  • darling8705

    Just an FYI if Rene is on drugs(like Carla “said”) addiction is a disease…it’s comments like these that make me not like Carla as much as I would like…but that is an ignorant comment to make….

    • michers

      I think she has always been the most ignorant to Renee, especially when she had issues going on.

      • Valerie

        Everybody on the show has issues, why does everybody have to tiptoe around Renee? Renee loves to dish it but she can’t take it! Team Carla on this one!

        • michers

          You are right Valerie, to an extent! They all have issues but none of them besides Renee struggle with anxiety, depression, etc.. and have been through various therapists and treatments. When a person suffers with that, you should not publicly mock it, IMO. Drita had a cheating hubby who went to jail, Carla had a cheating hubby that went to jail, Karen had to deal with a dad being a rat, Ramona had her own marital crap..yes, all issues, but they all appear to have dealt with their things differently and seem more emotionally/mentally tougher than Renee.

          • Shoelover1512

            I also suffer from anxiety (not really depression) but I take medication for the anxiety so I can live a happier life.

            The one thing I wouldn’t do as it would directly impact my anxiety is go on a reality TV show. So while yes I do believe that addiction and anxiety and depression are diseases it’s hard to have too much sympathy for people who are doing things that directly counter act their chances of getting better.

          • michers

            True shoe! But I think Jenn, her sister that produces the show, stated that she felt it would be beneficial for Renee and help her because of her having anxiety, depression, etc. Especially because of everything she was going through with Junior ( cheating, in/out of her life) it would keep her busy , give her a job, and make her feel better.

          • Shoelover1512

            If my sister told me going on a reality show would help me by giving me a job I’d have to disown her. How she convinced her that airing her relationships and her life, day in and day out would help her is beyond me. And not very sisterly. Good for the sister, not good for Renee. It can’t be helping. You’re under constant scrunity. How could that be benefical for someone suffering from anxiety and depression?

    • lisa

      She is just saying it does not excuse Renees CRAZY behavior and it doesnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna

    Team carla al the way, Renee is acting like a fook and mob wives is not even on air yet.

  • Mylia Saa

    I’m seeing some drama on carla’s twitter and these 4 random ladies attacking her on twitter by calling carla terrible names. These ladies need to grow up and stop acting like immature girls.

    • DiggityDawn

      I saw that, too, Mylia Saa. They’re going at her pretty hard. I was wondering if these are women Carla knows IRL because of the things they’re saying.

  • Samantha

    My whole thing with Renee is she can dish it but if anyone says something back she makes it a huge deal like she will with this. Renee just wants a storyline

    • Lapband Lauren

      Yes samantha yes!!!!!! She can dish it but definitly cant take it!!! I always liked carla and i believe renee pops pills and if its someone who doesnt have loyalty its renee. Shes a big flip flopper

  • millania


  • Kara

    If anyone is having trouble finding a man it’s Renee (obviously) not Carla so I believe Carla on this one. Carla, keep your head up

  • Heather

    God I hate Carla!

    • michers

      Heres the thing- she is lying a little! She definitely had an affair with Toni Ricci’s hubby, started when she was 19. And also , she never , until today, denied the long history and friendship she had with Renee.. never on the show when they fought never on reunion,s and never in interviews until today. And honestly, I don’t respect a woman who kicks people when down ( Carla).. The issues Renee has and what she sought treatment for, are not for Carla to continue making bitchy insults about! Renee may be a drama queen, but she was always forgiving Carla for her nasty snarky comments in the past.

      • LJ

        Michers I agree. I am a recovering addict and IT IS A DISEASE AND SICKNESS! I liked Carla tell I read this. Addiction should be taken seriously. Not belittled and minimized. I’m disgusted w/ Carlas attitude towards it. Hope your doing well Michers! Just found out I’m pregnant so I haven’t been on here much!

        • DiggityDawn

          Congrats LJ! Many blessings & much joy! : )

          As for Carla & Renee – I’m glad Renee sought treatment & hope she finds peace & happiness. I don’t really know what to say about what Carla said, I’m just SMH. I like both of these ladies & have wondered about their true relationship because it seems to be such a roller coaster ride on the show.

        • michers

          OMG LJ!!! God bless you!!! Thats so awesome! I wish you the best- well deserved 🙂 🙂 Im ok- speeding through holiday season , then my hubby is off for awhile ** which sucks, but not our first rodeo 😉

          • lucy

            I don’t know you LJ but congrats it is truly a blessing and a joy

        • thetinks

          I agree with LJ, that Drug Addiction is a disease and it tricks and consumes your mind and rapes your soul. I think Renee would be a big mouth drama queen liar anyways..the drugs would just make it a can of gas on a bonfire. I love watching Ramona get Drita and Renee all worked up. Drita’s a chicken shit and shows fear, where as Ramona is cool as ice. Good job LJ for getting clean, ive been there its brutal. You will be a great mom and know all the signs and dangers to warn your child.

      • Tenisha

        Carla lost a lot of my respect with the way she reacted about her boyfriend groping her friends. I don’t like Carla and I don’t trust her.

        • michers

          Tenisha, I thought about that too- she was such a meanie about that and I felt bad for Renee..

          • Tenisha

            That really bothered me, Michers. She totally dissed Renee because Carla feels like she’s better looking and no guy would want Renee when he could have her. They all said her boyfriend was touchy- feely but she still called Renee a liar. She is an awful friend.

        • ellen

          OMG – I totally forgot about that! Yeah, she handled that horribly. I would be so pissed off if a friend of mine dismissed my concerns like that!

      • disgusted

        i also agree Michers you are so right.

  • Dana

    Team Carla! And I’m happy Carla is finally speaking out. Renee is crazy. I feel sorry for her but she’s crazy and bored so she’s trying to stir drama and chose Carla to do this with

    • September24

      Totally agree – Team Carla. Carla worked in investment banking and Renee is still working on jail mail – she cannot let go of the organized crime world she lives in. Since her father and ex-husband are no longer valid in the mafia she has no status. No more June-Yah to show muscle to bail her out of her self made situations. Handle it yourself Renee – and stop striking out on others.

      • hardkor34


        • mboy

          thanks hardkor for educating people on the facts. carla is a home wrecking whore.. people would love to believe that she is a straight shooter but the truth is, she only a man hungry whore that will sleep with anyone, married or not to get what she wants and she doesnt care how it affects her children. a sorry excuse for a woman and a mother

      • angie

        LOL @ June-Yah…..Priceless…

  • Mylia Saa

    I kinda believe carla on this one. Renee is known to be very dramatic about things. I think Renee is kinda jealous of carla.

    • CrystalGpink

      I agree

    • stalina

      i also agree

    • Lala

      100% agree! Although Carla can be too much of a straight shooter at times and seem cold which can make situations a million times worse with ultra-sensitive Renee. These two just don’t mix well.

    • Only, how could they have hung out as teenagers together as Carla says? Isn’t Renee at least ten years older?