AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE Interview With Evelyn Lozada; Plus, Photos From PETA Unveiling & Birthday Party!

On Tuesday, AllAboutTRH was invited to attend the exclusive unveiling of Basketball Wives‘s Evelyn Lozada’s new “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign for PETA! In addition, we attended her birthday bash later that evening in Hollywood, CA.

I got the chance to sit down with Evelyn and ask her some questions. Evelyn was not what I expected. I presumed she would be a little closed up and not very personable, but that was not the case. She was very friendly and directed me by name and acknowledged that she has read AllAboutTRH before! I learned that Evelyn loves to laugh and joke a lot. There were moments where she was sassy, but her vulnerability definitely showed when we talked about certain topics.

After joking with her that her PETA ad campaign was very Katy Perry but more fierce, we got to talking about why she decided to do a PETA campaign, especially since she has publicly worn fur before. Evelyn and I talked about the new season of Basketball Wives that is currently filming through March, what she thinks of her ex-BFF Jennifer Williams, axed out cast member Royce Reed, and of course, her ex-husband Chad Johnson. Evelyn does not hold back at all and is very blunt! Check out our conversation and see photos I snapped from the events:

AllAboutTRH: Happy belated birthday Evelyn! Any changes you have planned for the next year? Do you feel older, because you definitely don’t look like it.
Thank you! I recently went through a really big change, so I just want to feel stable. I feel like I’ve been traveling a lot. I think next year I want to make more ‘me time’ because I’m all over the place.

I will tell you this. This is how I know I’m getting older. I didn’t even have that many drinks yesterday and today I feel like AGH!

Congratulations on your beautiful PETA ad! What inspired you to do the “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign?
I had a girlfriend that asked me to watch this video, and I love fashion, and I was one of those people who had fur. I had fur everything and when I saw the video I was mortified. I think for people it’s “out of sight, out of mind.” When you’re shopping, you’re like ‘this Louis scarf is awesome!’ but then you see the video and it’s so heartbreaking. It really, really is.

I am an animal lover. I have my dogs.  I don’t eat meat anymore. And that’s why I did it. It was really the video that impacts you, especially mentally because it sticks in your brain. Imagine somebody doing that to you. It’s not cool.

Basketball Wives started filming season five already. What can we expect from this new season?
Well we started filming like three weeks ago. It’s always hard to say what to expect when you’re going into a season and you never know what’s going to happen.

You just never know what’s going to happen. I will tell you this, there won’t be no bottle throwing! That won’t happen.

Speaking of the show, how’s your current relationship with Jennifer Williams?
You know, I actually bumped into her recently which is crazy. We happened to be at the same restaurant eating. So random. But we spoke and were very cordial and that’s about it. You know, we don’t hang out and it’s just different. I don’t wish her any ill will and you know, I truly wish her the very best and I really, really mean that.

It’s just sometimes friendships change and it’s meant to be that way. And I feel like if it’s meant to go back to what it was then that’s fine too. But when you add the show, and fame, and drama it just puts strain on certain friendships. I have very few friends, people that I really call friends. Everyone else is just acquaintances.

Do you miss her at all, or do you feel that you guys are fine just being cordial?
Yeah, we’re fine at being civil.

How do you feel about Royce Reed quitting the show?

Royce Reed.
[sigh] Ummm. How can I be politically correct? Thank god.

Let me just say this. When I film I give so much of me to the show. I don’t care what’s going on. So if your storyline is repetitive…you know it’s a good thing. I think that Tasha will bring more flair to the show and people will find her interesting.

Did Royce leave on her own or was she asked to leave?
She was asked.

Do you speak to her at all?
No. No. I stopped filming with her two seasons ago because I just wasn’t going to do that. And the thing is there were certain interviews she was doing, and she just fueled the fire. When the show airs there’s so much we deal with – with Twitter, the blogs are talking sh*t about you, so, whatever. But when a cast member also adds fuel to the fire…

Because my thing is, when I’m done filming I don’t really talk about anybody. I’m not going to just talk about you. I have other things to talk about. I just feel like some of her interviews went a little too far and I just cut her off two seasons ago because I didn’t want to talk about her. And I knew that if I did I would make her relevant. I’m just saying!

You say you give a lot of yourself to the show. After this rough year did you have hesitations about coming back to Basketball Wives and putting yourself out there on reality TV again?
No. I feel like reality TV is like a double-edged sword. There’s a lot of negative that you get to deal with, but then there’s also a lot of positive that comes from it like the opportunities to do this, the PETA ad, or writing a book, or having a product that you want to endorse. These are things that I probably never would’ve had if I never signed on to do the show. I’m grateful for those opportunities and don’t take them for granted.

Have you spoken to your ex, Chad Ochocinco, since your divorce?
No. We have a no contact order so we can’t really communicate.

Do you feel that you have forgiven him, or do you feel angry about the situation?
No, not angry. I feel like I do forgive him. I’m not angry. I have certain questions in my mind. It’s hard because we can’t talk to each other, but I’m not angry. I do forgive him and I would want someone to forgive me.

He admitted a few days ago in an interview that he did cheat and he said that he felt worthy of a second chance. Do you think you would ever consider that?
Let me never say never, because when I said I would never date an athlete everyone attacked me

I don’t know. I know he’s in therapy and he’s getting help and that’s what I want for him right now. I feel like if that’s meant to happen it will, but right now, I don’t think either one of us are in that space to walk down that path right now. I know he still wants his marriage but I have things I need to work on and he does as well.

Are you currently dating anybody?
No, no, no. Not ready for all that just yet!

Who are you closest with from Basketball Wives right now?
Shaunie is my BFF. The new cast member, Tasha Marbury, that’s my girl. We’ve been friends for 10+ years.

Aside from Basketball Wives, what other shows are on your DVR?
I like watching Housewives of Atlanta a lot. I love NeNe of course! And I like Jersey Shore, but that’s not coming back.

What is next with you career?
I have Youth H20. I am working on book two of the Inner Circle, I have my clothing line coming out so I’m working on that. I have a few things. I’m a busy lady!

Anything you’d like to tell your fans?
Thanks for supporting me through the ups and downs. It’s been a rough year and they’ve definitely been supportive.

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  • I think there should have been a reunion for this season. Evelyn what’s your deal with not wanting a reunion? You felt the audience hanging! Why!

  • Evelyn is trashy. I’m embarrassed for her daughter. I’m proud of Jennifer though. She educated and classy and can take care of herself. Plus she knows when to leave a man when he cheats on her unlike Evelyn.

  • I have 2 admit I didn’t like Evelyn initially at all, OMG I dreaded all d episodes she ws in,she ws jst extremely violent nd not dat I reali like her now bt I tink I’m gaining a little bit of respect 4 her now afta dis interview. I will always be on Jennifer’s side tho, #TeamJennifer# all the way

  • Guess im in the minority. I think shes saying what she has to say for her image. I still think she is trash and shouldnt be on the show. Maybe she will prove me wrong next season… but i doubt it..

  • she needs jesus and self respect. I cannot give a woman like this credit for doing things on her own when she’s slept with athletes for gifts and money and used them as platforms to launch her reality career.

    Evelyn…. hang up those red bottoms. You are sad.

  • I’m sorry but this women is so trashy. She threw wine bottles, plates, vases etc. at other women. She’s extremely violent. I feel bad what she went through with Chad b.c no one deserves that but she is just as violent to women.

  • Great interview Jose! Glad you asked about Jennifer, I had wondered if they were in contact at all especially after what happened with Chad. I really wonder if/how this show is going to evolve.

  • I just googled Evelyn’s age and it says she turned 37. She looks incredible! Good for her. Very inspiring to see someone look so great and healthy at that age. Awesome interview!

  • Great questions. I think it’s funny that Royce made it like she quit the show and Evelyn now says she was basically fired? Royce was getting on my nerves anyway!

    I like how Evelyn wasn’t holding back in the interview #TeamEvelyn

  • Roxy and Jose you rock! Great interview. I always liked Evelyn but this makes me like her more so appreciate you guys for interviewing her and allowing viewers to see what she really is about!

  • Honestly after reading this interview I respect Evelyn a lot more. She’s grown up and while I didn’t like how she acted last season she seems like she is in a different place

  • Roxanne, you did an amazing job with your interview. Very poignant. And Evelyn did a great job of opening up to you. Seriously, for the first time, Evelyn comes across very likable and positive.

    Thank you very much for your hard work and giving us a really interesting read!

  • Hey joanna i agree with you. And jose good job. I love love loveeeeeee evelyn, always have always will. I could relate with her on her anger issues om the show but eventually started meditating and found my inner peace. As i watched the show i became worried for her since she seemed to be getting worse. And then the news hit that her and chad got into it…i was devaststed for her. I also watched her interview with iyanla. I can feel she is growing and healing and i love that. I’m also glad she is so independent and has so many things going on in her life. You go girl!!!

    As far as royce, im glad she is donezo. Everyone eventually got over her diva-like attitude. I’m sorry but she started acting way too damn rachet at the reunion shows. I think if she kept it classy all the way-even if the ladies were attscking her-she wouldve still been popular and well liked. I stopped liking her after the way she was acting after the season 2 reunion. Plus she had a lot of bfs. Not judging but she was calling ev and jennifer hoes but she had a lot of bfs on the show….ok…

    P.s. I want evelyn and jennifer together again!! Miss their friendship!

  • I’m glad she’d rather wear naked than wear fur, but when she was in Spain and they went to see the bull fighting, she didn’t even care when the man killed the bull. She sat and WATCHED IT! If I ever go to Spain in the future, which I plan to, I would never wanna see any of the bull fighting, and watching the man stab that bull would be too much for me.

    Just because Evelyn poses nude, doesn’t mean anything. Animal cruelty is heartless and cruel, but she says animal cruelty is wrong and violent which I agree. But wait, what about all the glass throwing, yelling and cursing, attacking people, threatening them, head butted Chad, posed nude in the past, acts like a crazy drunk, needs anger management, and so on?… She can pose nude for PETA, but she is violent and crazy herself, and PETA picked the WRONG person to represent them.

    • Isabella, last i remembered the only person that sat and watched was tami but i could be wrong. And they didnt know what was going to happen which is why they left. As far as her “headbutting” chad- she did not and he admitted it that he did it to her. So thats clearly out the window. Yeah shes not perfect, hell none of us are. I have seen far worse women do disgusting things to other women. I mean step inside a nightclub and watch the weaves fly! The only difference is that these women arent recorded and set on tv VH1 at 8 o clock on mondays. My point is, a lot of women get into fights. Do i think its okay? Hell no its not. I have never got into a fight with a fenale in my LIFE and 26 yrs old. But shit happens in life. If you dont learn from your mistakes than how will you grow or become a better person in life? I think evelyn got a wake up call after her husband HIT HER AGAIN and she knew physical violence is NOT okay, whether hitting a man or woman. I applaud her for that and hope she finds peace.

  • Good interview Jose, it’s cool to see you out there and helping Roxy. I am on the fence about Evelyn. the whole Chad fight was super crazy and just got out of control. I am happy to see Royce gone, she was a whiny little mess. Looking forward to this new season!

    • Oh and everyone, as hard as it is, needs to watch these videos. It is the complete absence of compassion and pure suffering that you will witness and it will remind you every time you see a fir coat. Hopefully as we evolve further as human beings, we can eliminate the senseless suffering in the world.

      • I can’t watch the videos based on everyone else’s reaction to them. I’m that squeemish. I also won’t wear real fur based on the word-of-mouth about what goes on to get it. I do love myself some faux fur though!