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Sneak Peek: Kenya Moore Vs Porsha Stewart Round 2!

In this sneak peek footage from next week’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart get into it yet again but this time in front of NeNe Leakes and the other ladies! NeNe begins by saying she couldn’t wait to take this trip and adds that she heard a lot of things about Kenya and wanted to see for herself. Porsha gets involved adding that Kenya was different then she was when they first met and Porsha was coming off kind when Kenya snapped! Check it out below

I think Kenya gets very sensitive when it comes to her age and I think Kenya disrespects Porsha only because Porsha is the new girl. I don’t see Kenya ever talking to the other ladies like she does to Porsha

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  • Kenya maybe crazy but “Porsha” (btw who made up that name…every educated person knows you spell it Portia or Porsche…if ur referring to the car)is so dumb!!! She is not articulate and acts & speaks like she’s an immature teenager. Kenya is right to call her out on her grandfather’s charity b/c she hasn’t accomplished anything of her own…yet Porsha insists on belittling Kenya’s accomplishments?? And what’s with hood rat comment?? Is Atlanta any better than Detroit?? Personally I’ve been to bothand guess what?? I prefer Detroit! Does Porsha fancy herself some kind of socialite when it’s so obvious when anyone sees the way her name is spelled and when she opens her mouth she’s a hood rat herself who’s family received publicity riding on the coattails of martin luther king jr…and now she’s riding on the coattails of her footballer husband. Guess the apple doesn’t fall from the tree. At least Kenya speaks English and isn’t fake…she’ll tell u like it is to your face and not behind your back.

  • Kenya is so disrespectful she so unhappy with herself and she don’t care who she destroys or TRYS to get with other women’s husband’s, Kenya loves to hang on everyone’s husband’s too ,like what is it with her all over her friends man and that mouth of hers is so nasty. I really don’t like her on the TRHWOA this girl is just waiting for a Fight an she’s starting with everyone .

  • Doesn’t everyone on the show sign a contract as to not state what really happens? I wonder if Walter will be sued….
    Remember when Kendra was lying on her bed…either making believe she was crying or not….Walter asked her if she took her medicine? I feel there is something deeper going on with her.

    I feel Porscha is just a sweet person. Her husband should stick next to her closely.

  • I refuse to call out this chicks name here or anywhere. I am going to call her DISGRACE. Because THAT is what she IS. This woman makes pageantry even more of a joke than it already is. Even Honey Boo Boo has more class than this wretched fiend. I could muster a smidgen of respect for Disgrace if I thought for a second she was atleast a genuine LOON. But she isn’t. Her entire story line is a farce. From here background to her phony indignation. She goes from picking fights to picking more fights and this is what she sold Bravo on. This is what Bravo thinks we want because they think we are stupid. Well, viewers; are we stupid or what? Are we going to continue to tune in to faux reality tv and line the pockets of FALSE people like Disgrace, Trailor, Mego and countless others that are making a joke of family, marriage and making fools out of the viewing public? This paired with the editing on RHNJ and RHBH has me throwing in the towel on another city this week. Peace out Atlanta!

  • Hood rat( with a crown)..That was pretty hilarious Porsha calling her that! I give her props for not cussing Kenya back.

      • yep Julie very young and naive but, I still secretly hopes she decked Kenya just because I don’t think Kenya knows any boundaries so we need someone young and naive to let her have it! The rest of the women are already bored with her antics. LOL

  • What a shame. This is so embarassing… Kenya acts like a true low-life and so juvenile. I must say that I would have dropped her, right then and there. PHAEDRA IS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! Her facial expressions are too funny and she was acting like the true “southern belle” she is.

    I want to say that Kenya is ACTING and bringing on the drama because she got nothing else going on and wants to secure her spot. LOSER!

  • Keyna needs to calm down! but I love the way Porsha really stands up for herself this time..

      • How so? She was actually saying that she basically got to see a different side of her. Sounded as a compliment.

        • I think Porsha was giving her a compliment in a way at first but then she kept pushing the issue.

          I don’t really like either one of them.

          I don’t know I think I’m becoming very jaded with these shows. NJ was so fake & scripted last season & now we find out Kenya is a huge fake I don’t even think these arguments are real. Just more staged drama.

  • Kenya is crazy… I don’t even like the drama she brings to the show!
    OUT KENYA!! miss stupid America oopps… USA lol 😉

  • Kenya is totally jealous that Porsha is a younger, hotter version of her. Porsha may not have a job, but at least she’s not a washed up 40 something year old who’s still living in the past thinking that a crown makes her queen or something.

  • Did I hear Kenya right?! I KNOW she didn’t just say that Porsha’s ‘grandfather’s organization was how many years ago’!!! I think Miss Kenya Moore better brush up on her history & learn how to have more respect for the ones who went before her, who fought hard, were beaten & killed in order for her to have been able to even sign up to compete for that crown she’s so proud of & rubs everyone’s face in. I can’t believe she disrespected not just Hosea Willliams but everyone who fought so hard just for equality.

  • I like Kenya because she is a super hot mess and brings the drama. Considering her childhood of rejection by her mother, I don’t believe she is acting!!! I really think she is an emotional mess.

    • She almost had me with that- I felt bad hearing her story.. Now Im actually wondering if that is true considering that she is how old, and has not acted right.. but she won a crown? Something does not add up here! Then she fakes a boyfriend, LOL? She is a mess Im just not sure what to label it.