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PHOTOS: Teresa Giudice Seen Talking To Caroline Manzo And Jacqueline Laurita!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are currently filming season 5 meaning the ladies are forced to be at the same events with one another and awkwardly enough have no choice but to communicate regardless if they want to or not! Teresa tweeted Kathy Wakile earlier in the week proving the two are on good terms and Teresa might even be in the good with both Caroline and Jacqueline!

Photoed Kim D, Teresa Giudice, Elvira Grau


Jacqueline Laurita, Chris Laurita, Caroline Manzo 

They all attended Damian and Beau Monde Salon & Spa Holiday Party and are photoed communicating while Bravo films! Interesting! Who’s ready for season 5?!

Source: Bergen

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  • Don’t care – sad – this show caused my blood pressure to rise. Won’t watch with these women back on the show. I stick with Duck Dynasty – 100 times better than watching these creeps just try to sell you all their crap.

  • Of course they are talking..Caroline and Jacquiline are keeping their promise..and this is awesome pr for Teresa. Good for all…this is how real women communicate. Even if it is for next season…so least Teresa’s face is not contorted when she is not screaching..she is a beautiful woman..watched some of her interviews…she needs psychiatric some point it would be irresponsible for bravo to employ her if she does not get help for her brain.

    • @samael, I think you mean Wacko Jacko when you talk about needing psychiatric help. She tweeted me a couple of times in the middles of the night, the woman is deeply disturbed. Have only gotten nice tweets from Tre, so I have to go by what I have personally experienced of these women, not what Bravo chooses to show us.

  • I agree paula & Just Sayin…bored AND composed. Wonder who is to our right of Jax? Super short hair? Not familiar looking at all.

  • I went and looked at the pics again and Tre looks absolutely bored. She could care less about wht is happening or tht Caro and Jacass came to their table. Tre does look beautiful and she is in great shape. JackAss and caro look like they have log rolls for breasts and I definitely see the Leno thing with Jacs face. Caroline really needs to volumize her hair or something and why couldn’t she wear a more festive outfit. Sheloks like she just woke u. Also on another note. We may not all agree but I do think we are al entitled to our opinions and laugh with each other. I feel jpg if ur unhappy mayb u shouldn’t share because we all like to stay upbeat and have a little fun.

    • Agree, she does look bored, she has a look on her face that says, what do these bitches want now, lol.

  • Teresa has been friends with Kim D as long as Cracker Jac has been friends with her. Caroline has known Kim D. for a long time due to Albert and KimD fathers being friends. Elvra and Teresa have been friends for a couple years since she did her housewarming.

    Who are the friends filming with Cracker Jac?? Oh Teresas relatives?? Disgusting!!!

    • Thank you Holy. Jac does not have friends- she has suppliers and injectors. Caro- her friends are her 2 sons and daughter. Kathy- the hot tub horn dog who teased Rosie in front of her hubby ( classy 😉 ) And Melissa- her tramped stamped sisters! Wow! And yes I agree. Its pretty disgusting that Jax and Caro are really befriending T’s relatives. That is just the tackiest. If that does not scream douches…..OY.

  • Interesting story on the Famewhogas blog – this site is credited in the story… Hope this is okay to post here.

  • Teresa looks thrilled to be there. Maybe it’s sinking in that her new assigned BFFs (for the show, anyway), are just users who couldn’t care less about her. And btw those are three of the tackiest-looking women I’ve ever seen (yes, I’m including
    Teresa) and I hope they’ll all be given short shrift when it comes to camera time for the show.

    But seriously, Kim D. and Endora the Party Lady were the best she could come up with? If this isn’t proof that she has no friends left, I don’t know what is.

      • Because, as a viewer, I like to keep abreast of what’s going on on the show???

        But yes, I’m enjoying that apparently she’s only got hangers on to film with and not a single friend. It’s called karma.

        • Teresa has many friends, only a few want to be part of the drama. I think Kim D and the others are going to shed light on the Lauritas and Gorgas. Melissas prostitution and drug use will most likely come out.

          • As much as I do not like Messy Marco..I do not beleive those Prositution/ Drug use stories. Seriously I don’t.

          • Holy maybe not prostitution- she may have done things for free thinking she was moving up the social ladder. Now as for myself, I think the pics of her that circulated drunk on a toilet with a pill bottle nearby spoke volumes. The other rumors, may just be rumors- about her and her big sisters doing the white powder. Who knows? Somewhere down the line, ( no pun intended) she did some nasty things because there are hundreds of stories of her nasty past! Not everyone on the show has those kind of things said about them! I am quick to believe some things only because I dislike her however, I would be more inclined to believe certain things if I saw the evidence/proof!

        • That brought me joy as well Estelle. Poor Tre all alone with people who are either literally being paid to be her friend or who just want their ugly mug on tv for 2 mintues. Lmao. Love it!

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            publicly, in reply to a troll’s behavior to discourage further replies, may discourage the troll. However, it can also have the reverse effect, becoming itself food for the troll. Therefore, when a forum participant sees an apparently innocent answer to a troll as potential troll food, it may be more prudent to deliver the “Please do not feed the Troll” warning to the answerer…”

    • Theresa is smart enough not to bring her “real” friends on this show, we saw what happened when her supposed “family” came on. At least she has pretend friends to invite on the show. All Kathy is, is mego’s co-signer, and Jacqueline is Caroline’s. No one in their right mind would wnat a close friend or family member on this show.

    • Well let’s see, Estelle. The last time people who were close to Teresa came on the show, what happened? Oh that’s right! It was her brother, sister-in-law and cousin and we saw how that worked out. And her “friend” Jacqueline? How are they doing these days? So if history is a good indicator of what Bravo does to a person’s close relationships, maybe it’s a good thing that Teresa only has pretend friends for the cameras, no? If I were her I wouldn’t bring my real friends anywhere NEAR that vortex.

      • Me either Cara. Im hoping to see backstabbing amongst the others this season. You know its coming- if they all did that to Teresa, there is only a matter of time before they do it to each other! Most of them do not even really like each other, they just played the game together to hurt Teresa. I may just have a few laughs this season!

  • Did anyone see the flyer Melissa tweeted for the Toys for Tots event? It seems Melissa has found a new desperate angle for attention. Richie and Kathy have a picture together,rosie.then Melissa ALONE for once. No photo or name listed for Joey Gorga. So Melissa has obviously become even more of a bottom feeder and is going to put her marriage on display to make us all think her and Joey are having problems. We ALL know she has never once made an appearence with out Joey. And the fact she’s suddenly making one at a family event is obvious. This girl will do anything for attention. Joey should be scared, very scared. Its not like he is working since he is busy doing girly stuff with Melissa and finding more ways to play pretend rich. Teresa is right she will leave him in an instant for more money. Watch your back Joey. Melissa has moved on from making Antonia the pawn to now her husband being her mascot. He might think she’s playing a character on tv but this girl is a certifiable single white female. She’s been dying for fame since she had her flat ass and mutant vagina on display for the old men w/the 100$ bills at Lookers.

  • It looks like Big Red and Wacky Chan are speaking with Kim D. Teresa probably looked at them once and that’s when the pic was taken. I’m sure the photographer was waiting for the right moment. I don’t that they’re all okay with each other.

    • Jac was standing there saying ” I have recordings”..I think the look on T’s face is expressing deep concern for Botox abuse on Wacky’s face!

      • All Jacquelines pathetic drunken text messages are still up on Teresas web site(page2). I bet she is so mad that Teresa called her out, I think it’s hysterical! I dislike Jacqueline more than any other housewife. I hope she gets her bloated ass handed to her this season.

        • Lol @ bloated ass! Sometimes the best revenge is not responding- if Teresa lets them see her sweat per se, they get upper hand. She really twirked Jac’s bloated nerves by all of the ignoring she did- it made her crazier and it was a riot watching her tweet away. Mad woman

          • Sure makes Jax nutzo when she is ignored. I hope Teresa has learned how to press Jax buttons, listened to us fans and documents every text message and records every phone call. The Gorgas drug use and Lauritas bankrupsty should be put on Blast!

  • Teresa looks hot!!!I’m straight but I would turn lesbian!:);)(Not that there is anything wrong with that)!
    Jac and Caroline and Melissa and Joe gorga and KAthy and Richie,brought this on themselves,Karama is a bitch,but not for Teresa she’s living it up!!!
    Stay Strong Tre
    Rhonj should be called The Teresa Show!!!
    If Andy hurts Teresa I’m done!!!

      • JPG you take everyone’s opinions much too literally. Like Brittany meant Andy’s gonna beat the shit out of Tre (” If Andy hurts Teresa…”) Of course you’d love that. Seriously, lighten up. Oh wait, I forgot, a dim bulb can’t get get any lighter or brighter.

        • How did you get me taking that literally?

          My point is Andy has absolutely nothing to do with Tre being hurt. None. Nada. Zilch. Zip. You think he’s there while they film and directing?

          SHE SIGNED UP FOR THIS. So she can put on her big girl panties and deal with it. Andy can continue to take his checks to the bank.

          • JPG – Than make you’re point. Don’t leave people wondering what the hell you’re talking about (as usual) implying and making you’re vague rude insults. “If Andy hurts Teresa? WTF?”

          • Butting in! For someone who has such a problem with Teresa, and as you stated on here 24 hrs ago you r sick of hearing about her? You do realize as I went back and read all the comments I could not help notice that you have been bitching about her for over a day and a half on this site! Just thought I’d point it out only because I read some of your comments how others should get a life! Really?

          • You don’t tell me what to write, what to think. I can write whatever I damn well please. It had nothing to do with you and you just had to jump in and pretend like you actually had something valid to say. You don’t. You never do.

    • Hahaha!! Maybe she had hers taken out .. and I think Jac started eating for the both of them lately. Funny self control comes up,considering most of that group does not have any! I love how Caro covers lack of control by saying” I hate the Caroline on season 4. Its not me. Caroline on season 4 was thinking she was menopausal.”

    • Socal, I was thinking the same exact thing! She looks heavier than she was before she got the lap band. But this is what happens when people don’t learn to eat better or exercise.

      Caroline, put down the extra plate of pasta and go take the dog out for a walk!

  • I think they are all trying to keep their place by getting along to some degree so that they don’t end up being fired. They all obviously need the money. We all know Teresa’s financial situation; however, I believe that each one of them is struggling too. ie, Caroline selling her home, Waco’s law suits, and Meho moving etc.

    • I agree. They all need money,except maybe Caroline. I totally understand why she is selling her house and looking for an apartment. The house is way too big for just her and Al,and it requires too much work and money to keep it in good condition.

      Howewer, I don’t buy for a second that Melissa&Joe are moving because of Teresa. They are obviously broke. And even though I am not a fan of T’s kids,I don’t believe that they will bully M’s kids in school. So stupid.

      Jac’s financial situation is getting worse. Besides lawsuits,I realize that they will have a lot of medical bills to pay because of Nick’s condition.I don’t mind her to be on the show.

      Melissa…well. We know her “career” is pretty much over. So she obviously will keep “milking” her family drama on S5.

      As for Kathy,I’d rather see her opening her own small bakery and be a small business owner, rather then selling overpriced cannoli kits on TV….

  • OMG! The first pick looks like Tre is the judge, and two hookers are making their not guilty plea! haha!

    Jax face is distorted and Caroline needs a total makeover. She is so maitronly!

  • No I can’t take NJ anymore, please keep them off til 2014. I would like to enjoy Alanta, and Beverly Hills. I also enjoy the OC and NY. NJ is just to dark and scary. I am out.

  • These pics look like the same old set up by Barov’s producers. Oviously Caroline and Jac were told to go say “hi” to Teresa. None of them looks happy,including T.

    Just like T was told to go say “hi” to Danielle in the Country club in S2 (she herself said so).Danielle knew how to push T’s buttons, T has a short tepmer…and we know the rest.

    Caroline looks Ok,better then in S4, Jac doesn’t look healthy. Teresa really aged,the stress in her life is showing ( I actually feel sorry for her).

        • Not at all. You talk shit about my father and I’m going be in jail for kicking your ass. I think Rosie was quite restrained.

      • I guess we can say the same for Jax and Caro, especially this past season JPG. My gosh talk about NO self control.. Jac takes the cake with that statement.

      • Don’t put your words in my mouth. Teresa isn’t an animal,but she does have a short temper.And excuse me for having my own opinion.

        • I didn’t put words in your mouth. I spoke my own words in reaction to yours.

          I have my own opinion too and when you post on a public forum I can reply to what you write.


          • JPG you are one of the nastiest posters I’ve ever seen on this site. We MORE THAN GET THAT YOU DON’T LIKE TERESA and that’s fine because everyone is entitled to their opinion. What isn’t fine is for you to continue to attack ppl for posting their pro-Tre opinions, which they are entitled to!! If you don’t like what they have to say, then why don’t you just ignore them?!

          • There are soo many nasty posters in here! They just come out when someone says something bad about Teresa. Many people on here are EXTREMELY aggressive.

          • Hey Yung. Do me a favor. You find ONE instance where I attacked a poster for thier “Pro Tre Stance”. Just one. Dare you.

      • I’m sick of hearing you complain about Teresa…your a bitch that won’t shut up and for your side kick yoga frog…don’t you have any of your own thoughts? Man you bitches are dumb

    • She needs to fire Lauren from doing her makeup for starters. Some things are changeable, however I think she just me be stuck on ugly. And with that personality EEEEEK!

    • Yea, ugly on the inside. However, I wouldn’t call anyone ugly physically. I think Caroline, looks nice for her age. I believe she’s just not that into makeup, but hey I can relate too that. I was taught that natural beauty is more important than what can be applied with a brush.

  • AWKWARD……tis the season!

    I find it difficult to complain about this bunch cause while we’ve pleaded for peace (as peace may be what they are attempting to give), I wanna call BS. Am I wrong?

    Just unsure how to take this…..Soap Box is all I can say at this point.

    Sigh…..yet I still plan to watch….

    Hi! My name is Patticakes & I’m a HW addict.

  • My goodness, why wasn’t Jacko down the street at the Autism event in Englewood…..check out the mother of Autism was a no show???? no cameras???
    I thought that was her priority? What a loser!
    Tre, you’re the bomb, stay positive & move forward

  • Mama Jugs, jeez get some decent foundation. Like a block and tackle to hoist your girls up. And perhaps a cami to cover your gross-ness.

  • Teresa looks so thrilled to see Jacowine and Caroclown, NOT! lol
    As for Caroline, girl you need to get to a professional bra fitter, stat!!

  • Things will never be the same with any of these people again. How could they? too much backstabbing, hypocrisy and betrayal. And I think that Teresa is the only one who truly feels sad and disappointed at how things turned out and would probably be quick to forgive for the sake of moving on positively. Im sure she misses the closeness they all had- but I think she is the only one who has real feelings about it.

  • Seems they are talking to Kim D and not Teresa she just happened to be sitting there and listening to the conversation. I really hope T stays away from the drama and not give them the satisfaction.

  • That first picture looks a bit confrontational and Jac looks sloopy as usual (can she get a proper bra that doesnt show on the open back of her dress?)

    • Holy Shit..Caroline and Teresa rockin the cleavage! And Cracker Jac rocking her fat rolls and bra, LMAO!

      Teresa does not look happy seeing those 2 magpies, I don’t blame her!

      Oh and Chris Laurita are you are going to be more freakin annoying this season..Wow, you sure have changed, from someone that barely liked the cameras to a Camera Whore like your Bestie Joey/ Fredo Gorga!!

    • Right? I find it SO ironic that everyone says that Tre “is RHONJ”. But they forget no one gave a flying shit about Tre UNTIL her family came on and supplied the drama.

      She owes them quite a bit.

      • JPG….TEresa became the staple of the show after her table flip boo….NOT her family. IT has been YEARS since the table flip and ppl still talk about it.Her family is her background singers…while she is the lead.

        The only reason her family is even on the show is because they whored themselves to Danielle to get on.

        P.S JPG you sound like one of Meho’s sloppy sisters…..just saying (in my best Dirty D voice.)

        • JoJo – BS about the table flip. She became the idiot of the show, not the staple. Danielle was the draw of the first 2 seasons whether you loved or hated her. She was the so called “Teresa”.

          As for being a Marco, pathetic. I REALLY REALLY wish someone smart would come up with something good. Not the same old lame crap you all spew.

          • If she was the idiot, why is she the most sought after for endorsements, business deals, CA, etc..? Or I should say she has had way more opportunities than the others

          • She stole her mother’s recipes and sold them. Really, Mrs. Guidice should be receiving ALL the proceeds from every book.

            As for the rest of her “endorsements” lmao, what a joke those are.

          • @JPG- wouldn’t that be something if Kathy’s cannoli recipe is actually Teresa’s Mom’s? I bet you it is!

          • UGH- JPG I did not mean for that comment to come out the way. Meant that it would suck for Kat that she took T’s Mom’s recipe and its not hers( Kathy). Damn it.

          • The “idiot” that actually got endorsements, other shows, books, beverage, hair care line… WHAT AN IDIOT THAT IS!

            STFU! You sound like a bitter hater. You probably sit with your 4 cats all day on google. Bag of Dorito’s in one hand and a Coke can on the other. Go check on your husband now..

            Just Plain Gross.

          • Bionic – we don’t all live like you. I know that’s all you know, so it would be natural for you to assume that’s how everyone else lives. Sorry about your sad life.

          • Jesus JPG

            You seriously are full of Pasta.. Teresa did not ” steal ‘ her Mothers recipes BTW her mother is Mrs.Gorga.

            She has stated all the recipes are family recipes, that she has put her own spin on.

          • I know it’s hard for you to ” get this” JPG, but Teresa is the most sucessful Jersey housewife.

            Try as they might, the others have not even come close.

          • JPG, as always we are all entitled to our opinions. But it does seem that you are misinformed about some well established facts. Teresa’s cookbooks are collections of recipes that have been handed down in her family. She refers to them as her mother’s recipes because she learned them all from Mrs. Gorga. She put them into a book for publication so she’d have something beautiful and sentimental to share with her own daughters and with her fans. Never once has anyone in her family accused her of stealing the recipes, let alone her own mother. In fact, we have family cookbooks in my family too with recipes that have been passed down for generations and nobody gets accused of stealing my great-grandmother’s stuffing recipe.

            Now. My opinion as far as Teresa? She was my favorite NJ cast member from the first episode of season 1. Way before the table flip. But the table flip sure as hell made her the star of the show. People who never saw the show knew about it and knew who she was. That table flip was the topic of discussion at many a barbeque in the summer of 2009 and I wasn’t even the one who brought it up usually. I even went to a wedding that year where the maid-of-honor made a reference to it in her friggin speech.
            So I will have to disagree that Danielle was the draw of the first two seasons. She may have been a point of contention among viewers. But becoming a pop culture reference? Coining the term “flipping a table”? Oh and I forgot to mention that Kathy Griffin even talked about how awesome she thought the table flip was in her act. Yeah those distinctions all go to Teresa. Love her or hate her, Teresa wears the crown of RHONJ.

          • I knew about Tre, the table flip but nothing about Danielle before I started watching! She is, was, and will always be the star of RHONJ!!! She’s even the star of the threads we spend our time debating on!So yeah STAR!!! 😉

        • So true JoJO – and the table flip was also a big part of one of the Celebrity Apprentice challenges (Medieval Times Dinner & tournament). I remember people in the audience were ecstatic to see her – and especially thrilled to see her flip a table.

          • Wow, what a bunch of animals – male or female? Tre AND Dan are two very unladylike, uneducated, classless women. I know it’s hard to be all of the above and be on a reality show, but some of he women are…..btw – it’s December. Isn’t fat, ugly, ignorant Joe supposed to be sentenced> Or, will the NJ judges take a payoff from Tre to keep him home, as a MR MOM???

      • Teresa has been my favorite housewife since the first episode of this show! Teresa has been the only reason why i watch since season 1! Everytime i read something on this blog you’re spewing some bullshit about Teresa. Get a life

  • Let’s keep it real….Teresa is the face of this shw and the other women would be stupid to try to band together and force her out. KIm Z was easily kicked to the curb because Nene is the one that is the face of Atl serie and she is the staple. NJ on the other hand….if Jax has ZERO storyline without keeping Teresa in her mouth. Caroline is boring and the whole adult babies storyline is played out. Mel and Kathy’s whole existene of the show is because of Teresa. So unlike other series….every single one of the NJ ladies has strong ties to tre.

    Hopefully Teresa will just keep it cordial with Jax and not give this broad ANY airtime….as I don’t trust Jacqueline fake botoxed butt at all. IF she could ambush Teresa like that on screen claiming to be a “friend” no telling what she will pull now as a sworn enemy. Jacqueline to me is the worst HW in the franchise….as she tries to act like she sweet and has good intetions…but deep down she is an intentional shit stirrer.

      • I don’t think so. Tre should go balls to the wall and give those bitches the same they gave her.

        Good to forgive, but don’t ever forget.

        • I’m on the fence about this! I know she should be cordial and not give them any ammunition BUT I would lOVE to see her go all “balls to the wall” on them! Just because Carocow and Crax sooooo deserve it!

          • Agreed! I would love to see Teresa go all “prostitution whore” crazy on those two but at the same time I don’t want her to stoop to their level and give them what they want which is to make herself look out of control and crazy. As long as she can keep it classy she’ll have the upper hand. But again, another table flip would make my day.

    • The thing is…Teresa has class and decency that NONE of these broads do. She is not gutter like the rest of them and she does not fight dirty. Teresa would not give back to them what they have given to her because she knows how she felt while it was happening to her, how her children felt, how angry her husband was, how hurt her parents were. Teresa has respect and consideration for the people who would get caught in the crosshairs if she were to start fighting back.
      She is a good person with a kind heart, isn’t hurtful the way the other women are and she doesn’t calculate or manipulate. I honestly don’t think we are going to see her kicking anyone’s ass because she’s above doing that. Teresa’s too busy living her life to climb into the gutter and fight with those four and why should she anyway? What would it accomplish?
      Probably the best/worst thing she can do to them is exactly what she’s been doing. Don’t even give them the time of day. It will make them furious because without conflict with her, they have nothing. If she MUST acknowledge them out of contractual obligation, then she can keep it cordial. But by fighting with them not only would she be mirroring their horrendous behavior, she’d be proving them right in every horrible thing they’ve said about her. She’s better off just staying where she is…quietly away from them.

      • On a completely snarky note….the photo showing the back of Caroline and Jacqueline is horrible. Caroline has 8 rolls of back fat and Jacqueline has her bra hanging out.

        Stylist needed ASAP also a full length mirror!

          • It seems she is! Do they not have a stylist with a mirror?! I am a stylist and I would be horrified if my client ever went on camera like that! You’ve got to do the 360 degree turn before going on set, oops, I mean walking in to real life camera situations 😉 … anyway…. she, either, doesn’t have a stylist or her stylist should be fired IMMEDIATELY!j/s

    • 5 big boobs in that pix. From someone who is flat chested how is it Caros cleavage starts at her chin? Really, those need to be reduced.

    • I agree. Teresa looks like she’s been thru a lot of emotional pain, and now having to put up with Caroline and Jac’s hate all over again. I wouldn’t be surprise if she suffers a nervous breakdown. Jac looks like she’s out to get blood. She is one weird person and so are her fan base. Before I’m attacked I live in a tree on a deserted island and I have no life nor any way of getting drugs or anything. So save your insults for the next person. lol Oh and I laugh at my own jokes. ha!

          • Losing your family? Losing your friends? Having an emotional abusive and more than likely cheating husband? Paying back $11 million that you never had to begin with? Having most people think you’re a fool?

            I’m sorry, where’s the good stuff?

          • The good stuff?? Moving forward in your life upon finding out your brother and his skank wife are trash, that you finally know who you real friends are. Showing you will/can work hard when you get in financial trouble. Beginning to pay back your debts, launching several successful lines that you did on your own name not riding somebody elses coattails. NYTBS cookbooks based on family recipes. Please, spare me “they’re her moms recipes! I use my moms too, sometimes I tweek them sometimes not.
            That is good stuff! Way to go tree.

    • Im sure they already have their tricks lined up. They got away with last season, so there is nothing to stop their BS. Can it get any worse? I don’t even want to know! I have a sneaking suspicion there will be a long line at the store for new tv’s. God only knows how many will be broken due to season 5!

      • michers,at this point anything that goes against Teresa will be suspect.Nobody will buy that lame bull shit from last season.

  • That look on jacquelines face (in the picture) says it all! She does not look happy at all! I hope she gets what she sowed these last two seasons! Please Theresa do no not fall for anything these weak woman throw your way.

          • He’s a Lurker and a Creeper McCreepster for listening in on his wifes convo. with her x husband. Lurking when she was having the ” talk” with Teresa on her deck, and calling Meatball face over to attack Teresa.

            So yea in my opinion the guy is a lurker and a Creep, besides a thief/ crook.

          • Nope he filed personal bk, then dimissed it and is now paying off his debt. So no, not a thief.

            He did do jail time for the dui, and he is going to trial for that dl thing so yea, umm a crook, ok.

            I still think Creepy McCreepster is worse, but thats just me..LOL.

          • Sorry Holy, but I do find it hilarious how you all act like they made the choice to retract their BK. They DID NOT and were proven to be hiding assets. Upon this discovery they were told to either retract or go to trial for fraudulently claiming BK.

            BIG difference.

          • No one ” proved” anything those were allegations.

            They withdrew their Bk, it was all over the media, they are paying back their debts.

            Prove what you are saying.

          • Lol. It wasn’t “proven” because they would have to have gone to court for BK fraud for it to be proven by them going to prison.

            However, the trustee charged them with BK Fraud. If they were “innocent” and not hiding assets, they would have not revoked their BK.

            Just google “Giudices hiding assets” – I know you won’t cause it doesn’t fit into your perfect ideal of Tre in your head, but it’s all there.

          • @JPG- wasn’t it “proven” when they made a settlement with the BLK case? To me, considering a settlement was reached, proves something.

          • Shadiness JPG- and their federal fraud case is not done being handle yet, so no one knows the outcome. Im thinking someone in the Laurita crew may end up doing some jail time. They still also have the Komen Cancer charity to answer for as well. Wow- they have alottt on their plates huh? Giudice case was very small potatoes compared to what they have piling up. Sucks to suck 🙂 Sorry for misunderstanding- I actually threw the BLK settlement in by accident.

          • If the Lauritas are guilty then they deserve to get time.

            But Joe and Tre were guilty as well. They shouldn’t have had the option to withdraw, otherwise they both would be in prison as well.

          • Oh boy JPG- you cannot compare their cases. So not the same Im sure you know that…that is why they were able to withdraw and actually PAY back their debt. Im thinking Chris and Jax will never be able to afford that bill- yikes!

        • Oh and sorry, but I have this little thing called a life and I’m not on here all weekend long. I’m actually out and about and doing real life activities. So yeah, usually not on here on the weekends.

          • Yeah, really? We can’t tell since you sound sooooooo invested. Don’t go shopping for stuff you can’t afford like Tre & Jac, you know…


          • LOL Joanna..It does sum it up.

            Opps sorry mich..My Bad.


            I do know all about the Guidice BK, it was all over the net and every Blog when it all went down. Nothing was proven, no depos. no nothing It’s over they withdrew..Move on.

            Now the Lauritas Business BK has been going on since right after The Guidices ( they filed right after) It is really nasty and there is no end in site, very very shady they have been depo’ed, lawsuits have been filed against them from quite a few of the people/ buinesses they stifed.

            Jesus they rippped off a Charity, you can’t get much lower than that.

          • I don’t rent and I’m sure my house in one of the more expensive cities in So. Cal in much nicer than your home. Oh wait, I forgot you live in a trailer and smoke crack all day. I know my house is nicer. It’s probably time to call your dealer, half the day if over.

          • Real life activities- taking care of my sisters kids while she is out famewhoring, huffing out of whip cream cans, stalking people on facebook and blogs and on and on and on…

          • Oh Socal. You amuse me so.

            How old are you? 13? “I bet I live in a bigger house than you!”

            Sure you do sweetie, sure you do.

          • You have this thing called a life? That’s why you post here all day long during the week? Funniest thing you’ve written yet.

            Maybe you need to get a job. And if you have one you’re stealing from it by posting on the internet all day long. What a great employee you are then.

          • Hey Indigo.

            What sort of life do you have to jump into something that has absolutely nothing to do with you?


    • JacAss & Creepy Chris are both disgusting…anyone that could rip off a charity & use their kids for attention makes me sick. I can not believe I actually liked either 1 of them. I used to feel sorry for Chris but they deserve each other. They are both gross con-artists.

  • I can’t imagine they are doing anything but faking it. Those relationships are so damaged and beyond repair in my opinion.

    • completely agree irish… i think bravo told everyone to ‘play nice’, that is until another knife get’s stuck into T’s back by those two

    • I agree! Caroline is now so hated by the viewers and her popularity has plummeted so deep that her only hope of restoring herself is by kissing up to Teresa and faking a restored friendship!

      Jacqueline is facing fraud charges! So after telling Teresa on the reunion that her “finances are just fine, thank you”, the only way she can save face and perhaps control what is discussed or outed on the show, is to fake a friendship with Teresa!

      THEY need Teresa to save their dying popularity and fan base…Teresa doesn’t need them!

      I don’t believe this for a hot minute!

      • I believe the same. They all love to call Tre a liar, but all of the things that Teresa has said about them proved to be true. They love to dish it but hate to take it. Teresa has repeated numerously that she never called Melissa a stripper, and well I don’t know behind the cameras but she’s always said ” I HEARD she was a stripper” I mean why would she say it if there was no truth behind it? Why would she say all the stuff about Jac if there was no truth behind it? Teresa is dumb but not stupid. Thats why I believe Teresa, all the things shes said have turned out to be true and all the fans ave seen it and that’s why they turned on the other housewives!

        Season 4 was just bullying at it’s finest.

        I’ll admit what she said about Caroline sucked but what she said about Lauren was dead on! I believe that surgery should be the last resort or if your health is in danger (like Caroline’s husband). What she said about Caroline sucked but we seem time and time again throughout all seasons Caroline commenting on Teresa so why is that not wrong?

        I’m not a Teresa fan but I do believe in fairness and the truth! It seems like Teresa is the only one that has been telling the truth

        • It is nice for a non fan to admit that Teresa while wrong in some situations is right. And truthful in others.

        • Teresa is fake fake I would never want to be friend with her and if I could help never ever be in her family. I believe if you run with the dogs you catch flees. And she runs with some dogs. J

      • My thoughts are, Carocows face is falling and Craxs face is stretched too far up!! I guess, in a scary way, they balance each others nastiness out…. Wow, Crax was so pretty in the earlier seasons, now she is hardly recognizable….

    • I agree with you, but I hope that Teresa watches her back with those 2 I tell ya , I wouldn’t trust those 2 if they gave anyone 1,000,000 dollars that’s for sure . Jaco-WACKO is a biggest liar going an a crazy nut bag that drinks like a fish, Big Red (caroline) she’s a sneaky snake she don’t care about nothing an no one but herself.