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Video: Newest Housewife Jennifer Dalton On Pregnant With Heels While Friend Teresa Attends Prior To Being On RHONJ

Newest RHONJ star Jennifer Dalton will appear on the fifth season of The Real Housewives of New Jerseyand appeared on pregnant with heels prior to being on RHONJ! Get to know Jennifer below on her episode of Pregnant with heals and see Teresa Giudice make an appearance!

Jennifer confirmed she will be an housewife on her official twitter and has been seen taping with the housewives very recently! Do you think Jennifer will make a great edition to the show?

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  • Well I have to say, in my opinion, that these are some of the ugliest women I have seen. TRHONJ cast gets increasingly scarier every season. Where do they find these hags? Rosie Pope is a strange girl, but good for her, who would have thunk she could ever be a success? But Bravo, please—give us a break with these women! I am from NJ and the majority of the people there do not look nor act like these gals.

  • OK so now we have a Mike bashing Tre. It used to be a Larry. What do you thinks guys is it a Marco? OH and sorry the plastic surgery is getting scary to me. Poor girl.

    • LOL! Unless Scary Larry changed his name, he has actually been behaving ( no jinxing ??) So, it may be Scottie Simpson- he loves to have bitch fights.

  • i can tell jennifer has a feisty side to her. she looks like she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. i have a feeling she will get involved in some arguments with some hotheads of the show.


  • Rosie Pope is both British born and has a speech impediment (to address the mean comments). She moved to US when she was 18, with no family, and has made a success on her own. I would rather watch her show, altruistic and creative…and also Jeff Lewis Designs than a bunch of middle aged women act like the school girls all stay away from…at least Tre walks her talk, and is a hard worker with values most can relate to.

    • How do you know that the people who comment on this blog are not hard working? Rosie Pope caters to so called “rich women” who are pregnant and have mostly ridiculous demands. Nobody said she was not hard working. I think the show is uninteresting.

    • @ Laram- I was not being mean, so you can scratch.
      I asked politely and specifically asked IF she had on based on how she came across speaking on her dumb show. My goodness! people re allowed to ask a dman question aren’t they? Not everything is mean spirited or an attack- stop trying to pick drama. BTW- I like Flipping Out!

  • I saw the ep of Pregnant in Heels with Jennifer on it.She’s going to be a firecracker. I really liked her on PIH. She & her spouse & another couple went on a “baby moon.” The the other lady felt very unattractive in her preggers state. Jennifer was very open, warm, & giving to that lady. Jennifer was just as helpful as Rosie was. Now she is a very take charge, over the top, get what I want personality. She & her husband love each other alot. I believe they have “real” money. She also seems like a hard worker. We will see how she fits in. I can see it going either way. I want to like her, just because of they way she treated the other lady on PIH. Very sweet.She wears the pants. I also think this is the 1st biracial couple on Housewives correct?

    • I agree Michelle. I do not mind a strong personality, it usually means you can get the job done, and I really respect that. But even with the strong personality she showed kindness to the other mom-to-be. We shall have to wait and see how the situation goes.

  • Its gonna be a interesting season….I think the negativity is gonna shift toward either mel or kathy…Teresa is gonna be moving on and caroline is gonna try to play nice because she has some book coming out (it will not be a hit)…The Manzo’s might be on the back burner this season due to the popularity of the other housewives of the show…Its gonna evolve around,Teresa,Kim D,Mel,Kathy,Jennifer,and maybe danielle if she really returned!

  • I think Jennifer is kinda cute.

    Also, Rosie Pope is endearing with her mouth full of marbles speech. She cracks me up.

    • Shipp- WTH is up with her speech? Not making fun.. Does she have an accent or an impediment? Or both?

          • I was at my son’s high school soccer game. I was reading the comments. It’s funny how one person loves to antagonize; takes all the fun out of this blog.

          • I know Socal, I know. Always the same name, different day! Did you notice the diablo came back with a new identity? Friggin horsecrap.

  • Oh I think I will like her-maybe she can sing ;-)Perhaps she and Lil Kim will listen to Melissa singing and fall over laughing! HA Maybe she will call Caroline Bozo the clown! THAT WOULD BE GREATNESS!!!

        • Hey AnnieB, how about you grow up and quit acting like a child and realize that different people have different opinions. Shocker.

          Michele- I look great, but I know your game. Any picture I would provide you’re gonna be pissed that I’m actually a young, attractive, physically fit female and claim it isn’t me, so to that request I say pfffffft.

          • You have made my case. Calling a person ugly is, in my opinion, childish and mean spirited. Having a different opinion is another topic. We can all agree to disagree in an adult like manner – calling someone out because of their looks is just wrong.

          • Annie – Calling someone ugly is in itself an opinion. One I am allowed to express. If you don’t like it, ignore it.

      • Just remember that we generally project onto others what we dislike in ourselves so I would say JPG feels he/she is ugly themselves.

        • Right Just Sayin’. So for all the women I call pretty, then I must feel pretty. Your logic makes no sense. It’s an opinion on physical attraction. It has no bearing on how I look.

          • Holy.. dead! I was thinking that too when I saw that. Well, you know Holy, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Amazeballs.

          • holy, i don’t think ellie saw that scary pic of jac a few years back with frizzy hair. i used to think jac can sometimes look pretty but damn did that pic shock me. have you seen it?

          • How would you know what a stretched out vagina looks like? Hmmmm? Just sayin’, you’re making a bad case for yourself 😀

          • @JPG

            You were just complaining on how Annie responded to your comment. Now you are doing the same. Hypocrite

            As for the long vagina. That’s my opinion on how I think she looks. It has nothing to do with me having one.

            You tend to say a lot of stupid comments and I respect your opinion. Never once have I ever said anything to you. I expect the same from you.

        • I agree that Jacq is pretty, but in all honesty she does need to slow her roll on the injectables. She’s much too young to be worried about all that nonsense.

          • Cracker Jac is 43, and has been playing around wwith her looks for a while. I think she is afraid that she will end up looking like her mother, now that woman did not age gracefully.
            Cracker Jac is going over board and looks ridiculous.

          • Whoa…….Sorry but I agree w/JPG regard’n this new chick & Jac….they are both fugly!!!

            Naughty of me but heck I’ve done my nice for today.

      • Hey Anacapri. You must be NEW as hell to the sight. Lmao.

        Sorry to break it to you kiddo, but there are THOUSANDS of people who cannot stand Tre. Lol.

        Hahaha. You really thought you were original with that “zinger” huh? Lmao.

        • Are you kidding me right now? —in my very best Teresa voice. Oh yes honey I’m “NEW as hell”- ha -I do like it when you call me kiddo-now say it with a french accent OK?

        • Now wait just one dam# minute-are you telling me that there are others that hate Teresa???? That is news-

          • Ana – I just get sick of whenever people who don’t worship Tre, people on this site automatically try to brand us as the Marco Sisters or Mel or whatever.

            It gets old. I don’t call everyone who hates Mel, Teresa.

          • Most of the commenters here do.

            Tre can do no wrong and when she does they always have 100 excuses at the ready.

            Nope, she’s THE most f*cked up HW.

      • I’m hardly a Marco sister, just someone who isn’t a Teresa fan but actually likes Jacqueline. Sorry, but not really.

          • You cannot joke with anti-Teresa people. Although I do find it humorous the way they have to stir shit up and get attention with their little hate fest.

  • There’s Tre and that funky head-cock pose again. I know there are people in “the business” who advise celebrities how to stand for pics and such, but I think the one who taught Tre should be fired. NOT flattering

    • I don’t know, LBEL. The other side of that same coin is that her unique pose is natural to her mannerisms and personality and can therefore be considered her signature. From what I can recall, she has been doing that since RHONJ inception. It’s similar to Caroline’s unique laugh first before crying. It’s innate. But — as viewer, you either love it or hate it! And it’s that factor that further distinguishes these reality characters.

      I think Teresa’s head slant is kind of cute and rather benign.

    • I think she cocks her head that way, out of habit, because she is taller than her husband, especially when wearing heals. In order to both appear the same height, she has to cock her head toward him. Otherwise she would appear to tower over him.

      I do agree the pose looks awkward when she is posing with others.

  • The next season will be the a repeat of last, Andy nor the ladies are letting go of the hate. Besides they need to focus on the issues in Teresa’s life to keep attention off the 55 million dollar Laurita bankkrupcty/lawsuits.

    Teresa should be careful, everyones issues will some how be her fault.
    Joe’s legal issues, Gorgas being bbroke, Wakiles 11 mill Exxon lawsuit, Big Al cheating, Cafface Lauren’s weight gain, Carooline’s booksales. If any thing negative goes on Teresa will be blamed.

    • Im sure! Thats why Im not into caring to much who is on or off the show right now- the foundation has been set for Jersey and Im sure because of drama, ratings, etc.., the theme will stick.

    • I really don’t get how these people keep pimping themselves out on reality TV with all of this baggage and their legal troubles? At least Teresa’s life for better or worse had been an open book on TV. She hasn’t been able to hide from it, but these others are the ones truly walking around like everything is ok, when it’s not. In fact they walk around like they are better than everybody. WTF.

    • I stopped watching RHONJ last season. I just could not stand to watch the fake Lookers and Katfish along with the mean Manzo’s. Jac is nothing but a pill popping drunk stirring up trouble to avoid anyone looking into her closet.

      As much as I hated RHONJ last season i found myself losing interest in all of the other housewives. To me they are no long a look at the real lives of these housewives but a “scripted, edited view of mostly fake scenes” that the producer want us to see.
      I would love to see Andy start treating women like he would treat his mother. In my opinion he loves to treat women as fools and something to laugh at on WWHL and the housewives shows.
      Time for Andy and the producers to grow up. Life is not all about partying.

      • I agree NJ Lady. I stopped watching Atlanta when people were allegedly getting choked and hair was being pulled. I never have watched Miami. I would put New York on this year but never watched it. I sort of still watch OC. I will not watch BH because Shana is still on. And if four of five cast members return to New Jersey, I seriously doubt I am going to watch. It is sad, it used to be fun to watch. Oh well, I love to read.

  • Whooooa!! She wears a lot of make up!! It’ll be interesting. Any changes on rhonj have got to be an improvement from season 4!!, otherwise, I’m out!!

  • Number one: It’s Pregnant in Heels not Pregnant in Heals (medical term).

    Number two: Great, another ugly but rich chick who pals around with a dummy married to a cheating asshole who calls his wife a bitch and a cunt to his friends on his cellphone. I can’t wait.

    • Do you feel superior now that you pointed out the correct homonym, Mike? Being so wise with words, why did you miss the other misuse of a homonym?

      Listen, this is a blog, it’s not the New York Times. It’s the quality and tone of the information the blogger puts out that attracts regular readers that is the primary focus.

      Getting back to the point of this particular post, I don’t know enough about this woman to make any type of judgment. Producers tend to select big personalities that have the ability to cause “love them or hate them” responses in viewers. This new addition probably fits that requirement. We’ll see.

        • Gotta love Honnie!

          I just love when people come on this Blog and put Rox down. LOL. Really??

          It’s a freakin Blog, all Bloggers mess up every so often, even the oh so great posters that point out spelling and grammer errors mess up!!

          • I completely agree @holy!
            It’s a blog…fun & entertaining! I can not stand the correction police. I think it’s so rude.

            Hope everyone has a good Friday! I’m off so it’s great for me! 😉

      • I am not getting why so many people think she is not pretty? I think she is so pretty. I do not get it.

      • Aww, I love you too! The warmth and camaraderie here, which Roxanne promotes too, is very endearing. Especially because I live and work at home by myself. Oddly, I never find myself lonely, as that is a state of mind.

        It’s 5:00 somewhere in the world (not here in Jersey), but I’ll raise an imaginary glass to toast all of you. Cheers!

    • Damn Mike..Wake up onthe wrong side of the bed?

      Some spit in your Wheaties?

      It’s Friday, Lighten the F-Up!

    • Although your approach was a little rude, I agree with you Mike. I’m no English teacher but this blogger doesn’t have the best grammar! Sorry Rox. Still love the blog though!

    • #1
      Thank you SO MUCH for this useless comment!
      Here’s a little hint for you-don’t watch.

      I’ve had the flu-so I am a real witch right now-deal with it!

    • Whats her husbands full name and his company. From what I’ve read he’s a big time developer. I want to know if he and her have real money or it’s just charge card wealth.

    • Number one: I’d rather be called a cunt than have the world know I didn’t properly wash mine. #Katfish

      Number two: If you’re going to be a grammar/spelling Nazi, you should make sure your sentences are beyond reproach. They’re not. Commas are your friend, dickhead, and you misused “but”.