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Sneak Peek: Brandi Glanville VS Adrienne And Paul; Brandi And Paul In A Better Place Now

In this sneak peek footage from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim Richards tells Paul Nassif and Adrienne Maloof that Brandi has released something very personal about Adrienne’s family which really upset’s Paul! Adrienne fights back by saying she is going to file a lawsuit and Paul calls Brandi a b*tch!

I wonder what it is that Brandi said! Looks like despite the drama between Brandi and Paul that they are now in better terms since Brandi recently tweeted Paul thanking him for recommending her with a good surgeon tweeting, “Thanks for hooking me up with the BEST surgeon for my booby ouchy! I appreciate it! Surgery the 12th!!! Thank u again!!!!” Do you think Kim should was starting drama? Did Paul go too far?

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  • As a friend, it was Kim’s responsibility to let Adrienne know what Brandi said but she was absolutely wrong to have brought it up at Mauricio’s party, that was so completely the wrong place to do it, he had clients and business partners there. She should have waited until they were alone. I’m on the fence about Brandi, sometimes I like her but she really has diarrhea of the mouth. BTW, that Faye chick that was at Kyles party is a meddling nosey bitch who needs to shut up and mind her own business. Brandi showed class (for once) by walking away from that… if it were me there, it would have gone down a lot differently.

  • From what I hear all this fuss was caused by Brandi alleging that Paul and Adrienne has used a surrogate to give birth to the twins. The reason Bravo glazed over the actual allegation is because they have been placed under a gag order from the judge that is handling Adrienne’s lawsuit.

    If you watch the episode closely you will observe a few hints that would seem to confirm this.

    • I don’t understand why that would be a big deal though. Who cares if she used a surrogate to carry her twins? Lots of women, particularly older women, use surrogates to carry their children because they are unable to carry a child to term, let alone twins.

  • First of all… the one that needs to shut her mouth and mind her business is Brandi. So ya’ll shoot the me messenger??? Nice!

  • I think Adrienne is feeling embarrased this season becaue if you notice she isn’t as confident as she has been past seasons. She seems to not be able to handle how her and Lisa r barely talking. I think she should really give a btr apology and move past it. I also don’t think she is vry intelligent or is it me?

  • Guys I was extra listening in ghe rerun 2nite and I think I know why Paul may have attacked. In Brandis talking head she said something abt Paul and Andrienne wanting her to comment on twitter regarding the heat they were taking abt Lisa and Brandi refused to do it. I guess these two got a lot of hate tweets regarding the whole Lisasells stories and she wouldn’t. She made a comment abt Adrienne needs to defend herself etc….. however I’m thinking Kim was Kyles mouthpiece and said something to Adrienne and Paul. Anyway. This is wht I’m thinking and I do think Adrienne was trying to start something cause she said look whose crying 4xs and then acted so innocent. Still Brandi shldnt of said STFU. But Brandi did try to tel her to stop but it took tht language 2 get Adrienne 2 shut up.

  • I saw where Brandi said that she comes off as a bitch next ep. She said the ep doesn’t show her full explanation, so she asks people to please read her blog after the show. I love Brandi this season.

  • I read an article where Adrienne tried to get her friend and hsd her staff tlk crap abut her to get Brandi fired. So I don’t blame for saying ANYTHING about Adrienne. Adrienne see like she’s above them all.

  • I saw the clip…. Adrianne is such a cold woman. I think the alcoholic of kim should of spill the beans at another time…. Was so uncalled of her. She enjoyed it every bit. She is a passive agressive alcoholic. I cant stand her. Paul is very emotional i understand where he was coming from. Brandy is a big mouth sometimes but a lot of people misinterpreted what she says. Remember Trashy taylor at lisa’s party. I want to see with my own eyes what brandy said about A and P

  • wow, i feel for paul and adrienne as parents and i would be pissed off too if someone was talking about my family. as much as i understand their anger i don’t agree how crazy paul reacted. he’s a big man attacking a woman and that never looks okay in my eyes. i don’t understand why kim needed to tell them at that party, at that moment. how on earth did she think they were gonna react?! so many people are saying “well her loyalty is with adrienne”. since when? i didn’t even know they were close. her loyalty should’ve been to keep her mouth shut, knowing damn well how angry paul was gonna get. kim still has issues with brandi and not completely over it so this was an opportunity to get brandi in trouble. i’m a brandi fan and as much as i like her, i do think there are times when she should keep some comments to herself. i wonder what she said that would get paul so crazy.

    • Adrienne and Kim are very close, Adrienne is the one who protected Kim from Kyle in the limousine scene, they have gone shopping together, she also has stopped several times to pick up Kim on their way to some place. They might not be BFFs but certainly Adrienne has been closest to Kim than any of the other ladies.

      I also think that Kim told Adrienne because when Brandi mentioned it, cameras were rolling, who knows what gets cut and what not? Kim probably thought best to let Adrienne know immediately as to not be perceived to be hiding this importat information from her.

      I like Brandi sometimes but in cases like this she takes it too far. Adrienne said that Kim was crying, Brandi told her to STFU, at that point they were pretty even. Then Brandi makes this kind of allegation and it takes it to a whole different level were it didn’t need to be. Some things are better left alone and Brandi is old enough to know this, yes, she is funny and blunt but that is getting old really quick too.

  • Can’t remember where I read this, but it said Mal-hoof had a surrogate for her kids. This was a couple years ago.

    Mal-hoof did go on at the dining table about her “c-section”, blah blah blah. Who cares unless Mal-hoof is lying. Hmmm…

  • If what Brandi said about Adrienne is true, then she has no grounds for a lawsuit unless she made Brandi sign a contract agreeing not to divulge this information (highly unlikely). You cannot sue someone for stating a fact about you unless it’s under the HIPAA rule (where you are a health care worker releasing someone’s private health information) or breaks some sort of contract (confidentiallity agreements between ex’es, nanny’s of the stars, etc).

  • That could be. And yes, I’ve used to say Brandi should thank Adrienne for introducing her to the group but since then Lisa has become her champion.

    I always wondered why Adrienne associated with her in the first place. Remember when Adrienne was the one making excuses for Brandi at the beginning of last season?

    Why is it one woman needs or needed not 1 woman but 2 women to excuse her behavior? Big red flag for character flaw if you ask me.

  • Found this on WetPaint, what Brandi said was that Adrienne used a surrogate instead of carrying her children herself.

    Wetpaint Entertainment can exclusively reveal the reason. “There’s a gathering that most of the cast attends,” a RHoBH insider tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “And during the party, Adrienne is overheard telling a story about the birth of one of her sons, where she suggests that it was she, herself, who delivered the child.

    “Brandi takes issue with it,” the insider explains. “And says that everyone knows Adrienne and Paul used a surrogate. Adrienne doesn’t hear Brandi say it, but Kim Richards does. And Kim tells Adrienne and Paul and they go nuts.

    “Was it the most tactful thing to say? No,” the insider continues. “But Brandi and Adrienne already had some underlying issues with each other, which were clear during the cast trip to Ojai. And as we all know, Brandi has a very knee-jerk reaction when she thinks people are lying or being fake. This was her way of reacting to something she thought Adrienne was being dishonest about.

    Whether is true or not that Adrienne used a surrogate, that is her business and I think that Brandi went too far by making those comments if Adrienne didn’t want to reveal that part of her life JMHO.

    • ITA, it’s NO ONE’S business if she used a surrogate. So did Camille. So what? It’s their private life. Brandi has no right to call anyone out on their personal business EVEN if Adrienne was not telling the truth… it’s her life.

      While I feel for Brandi going through her own issues, remember it is BRANDI that makes her OWN shit public so why would she have any diplomacy for anyone’s elses. Poor people who weren’t raised with manners and decorum don’t know any better unfortunately. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Brandi has no business playing with the big boys and girls of BH… she’s just not of that level. She’s being mentored by Lisa and she should thank her lucky stars that if it weren’t for Lisa, she wouldn’t have a relevant pot to piss in.

      • “She’s being mentored by Lisa and she should thank her lucky stars that if it weren’t for Lisa, she wouldn’t have a relevant pot to piss in”

        But it is Adrienne who brought her to the show, she is the one who introduced her to these group of ladies and last season Brandi didn’t want to go anywhere if Adrienne wasn’t there because she was her protector. Brandi quickly learned to aligned herself with a better and most powerful allied: Lisa.

        I thought about this and the more I think about this the more sense it makes. Adrienne’s surrogacy hasn’t been on the media the way Camille has. It was probably something that Adrienne wanted to keep private due to still some stigmas going around about surrogacy, maybe she wanted to wait until her children were old enough to know (if it is even truth) but how did Brandi learned about this? it is not something that Adrienne obviously goes around talking about.

        My guess is that Adrienne thinks that the only way that Brandi could have known about this is if Lisa told her, Lisa was after all for many years one of Adrienne’s close friends and neighbor, so I am thinking that this is why Adrienne thinks that Lisa is the one using Brandi as a puppet to do her dirty work.

        • If you recall. Adrienne and Brandi didn’t knew each other until the Bravo producers introduced them to each other. After that Adrienne introduced Brandi to the group. They have never been closed friends.

      • laurie, lisa didn’t create brandi. brandi was already born and the producers of bravo hired her to be on the show. brandi was also a very successful model and she’s a grown ass woman. she’s not some young naive little girl amongst O.G.s of beverly hills. she’s been around the hollywood industry for many years so she knows what it’s like. she’s on the same show as the other women so they’re all on the same level showing their private lives for the world to see and judge.

      • Hate to break this to you but being poor has nothing to do with manners.Some of the rudest and most undiplomatic people I have met have money.

    • Whenever they were all discussing child birth in Ojai, Adrienne said she gave birth thru c-section. If Brandi knew she used a surrogate, why did she ask Adrienne how she gave birth and why didn’t she call her out on it?

  • Kinda hard to judge anything by this. I don’t remember anything being “released” by Brandi anywhere about Adrienne, except for her and Lisa making some vague comments that they thought she might be behind some of the sold, negative stories about the HWs. (something that many seem to think is true)

    The fact that Paul and Brandi are cool now makes me wonder if Adrienne is actually behind some of this but Paul didn’t know at the time.

  • Brandi is so stupid. If that bitch really was talking about Paul and Adrienne’s children, then she deserves to be punched in the face. Anyone with any common sense knows children are always off limits. Brandi must have an IQ of 0 to not know this. And Kim wasn’t stirring the pot. She and Adrienne have been good friends and she was just warning her, while Brandi has been nothing but a bitch to her. Kim has no reason to be loyal to her. Jesus Christ Brandi fans, grow up.

  • One thing that my daddy has always told me is…. Never mess with a man’s family. And I don’t blame Kim for telling Adrienne. Kim and Adrienne are very close friends. What Adrienne accused Lisa of and what Brandi accused Adrienne of( Assuming Brandi said something about their kids.) is completely different. I’m very young and I’m not a mother yet but when comes down to it, my family will come first. And anyone that would try to screw with my family, would get their neck broke. # just saying

    P.s. Adrienne never said anything about Brandi’s kids so what makes it right for Brandi to comment on hers’.

  • I’d like to know what Paul meant when he said Brandi, Lisa and that other one. Looks like he’s trying to blame several people for whatever happened. Hmmmm……

    Kim should have kept her mouth shut. And, Paul should have directed his bitch remark at the real bitch, Mal-hoof.

    • I think Paul referred to Lisa as “that other trouble maker.” How Lisa is a trouble maker in their life, beats the hell outta me.

  • I don’t think Kim was trying to stir the pot when she told Adrienne and Paul what Brandi said. Her loyalty is to Adrienne. And Paul, not Brandi. When everyone was against Kim, Adrienne was the only person who stood in her corner. Kim telling Adrienne what Brandi said about her is no different than when any of the other ladies tell each other what was said about them behind their back. Sure Brandi lies, but I wouldn’t label her as a liar. I think Brandi hears things and believes it, then stretches the truth and add flairs to it. I’m sure whatever she said about Adrienne and Paul was partly true.

    I love Paul so much, but he came off so low and scummy in the clip. I don’t care what Brandi said about their marriage or their family, but calling another woman a bitch and threatening her is just disgusting. He should have left and not made a scene in front of everyone.

    Lastly, Brandi looks like chewbacca with that vest she has on. Not a cute look on her.

  • I’m not sure what Brandi may have said, but I remember at the season 2 reunion she mentioned something about Paul & Adrienne’s marriage and Adrienne responded “no, we’re still married.” Clearly, Brandi had some information regarding their marriage before it became public knowledge. Also, I find it funny Adrienne would say it’s “character assassination.” Isn’t that the same thing Lisa said when Adrienne lied about Lisa selling stories?! And why is Paul so caught up in the women’s drama?! Doesn’t he have a career he should focus on?! And clearly, he should’ve been more focused on his marriage than the drama with Adrienne and Lisa (which Adrienne started I might add). Why did he need to know what Lisa said in the above clip?! No one mentioned her. I think the real bitch is Paul and Adrienne.

    • An old wise woman told me that when a man picks a fight, it means he’s sexually frustrated. Paul wants Brandi.

  • Are you all serious right now? Kim stirring the pot? If someone was going around, releasing private information about you and your family, you wouldn’t want your friend to warn you? Wow.

    • Thank you. I think people are forgetting that Kim and Adrienne are very good friends way better than Kim and Brandi. Kim’s loyalties lie with Adrienne. People are calling Kim a shit stirrer and hypocrite, but didn’t Brandi do the same exact thing with Adrienne and Lisa? When she went to Lisa saying “Adrienne wanted me to say mean things about you on Twitter, but I wouldn’t”? If Brandi can do it and get away with it then everyone else should be able to too.

      • I think where Paul says what eles is she ( Brandi) saying and Kim agrees with him, yea to me that stiring the pot.

    • There’s a time and place. Sincerity is not done on national TV; especially something that is embarrassing and they wanted to keep private. Really Kim, tell them on camera? You’re a good friend? Think not.

  • Brandi brought up that A & P are getting a divorce, which they wanted to keep out of the show altogether. Hence why they are so pissed, cuz it now makes them look like humongous phonies. Guess they were gonna try to play it off like the divorce happened after filming or something. I forget where I read that but it was in a few different articles.

    • If that was the case then they should had downplay whatever Kim told them. By Kim telling them on camera then it was KIM who blasted it publicly.

  • All these reality shows are scripted. My daughter was on one as an extra and she saw first hand how 2 actors were actually friends.Before the scene started they were told by the director to start a fight to add some drama. If there isn’t any drama the show will be boring and no one will watch. Some of these ladies like drama more than others such as Brandi and Kim. I was disappointed in Kim then realized this is just a show for entertainment purposes and ratings.

  • I want to wait until I see the full episode. I want to know what exactly Brandi said and did. I want to know why exactly Kim felt that she needed to say something, to me it looks like she is stirring the pot, especially when Paul said who knows what eles she( Brandi) is saying, and Kim agrees.

    I get Paul being angry, but Damn, calling Brandi a bitch, not once but a few times.. Not cool.

    • yeah he was no good guy that night! Must have struck nerves! And really? Adrienne- karma- like she assassinated Lisa’s character on reunion!! Why don’t we talk to Brandi and ask first? How do you instantly believe hearsay and go right for a lawsuit????

      • I can’t stand Brandi, but I don’t like that Paul called her that, angry or not he could have reined it in.

      • Good point Michers. I don’t know who did what in this case but Adrienne never seemed too sorry for what she tried to do to Lisa. Still doesn’t. Hers was the most lame apology to date.

      • Exactly Michers, Karma. The thing I don’t like about Adrienne is her money gives her this weird power, she acts like she is above anything and can get away with anything. Some of these Beverly Hills people who have come from wealthy familys just naturally act this way and it sets them apart and singles them out in my opinion. My Uncle is a surgeon that lives in San Marino, just outside of Los Angeles, he and his wife are lovely people that give a lot back to the community and I have never seen them behave arrogant or badly like some in this bunch. You can’t fake sincerity or class. If confronted with a *he say she say*, they should have just nodded,walked away and spoke privately with Brandi at another time. Kim is helping Kyle with the shit-stirring this season it appears.

  • I’m gonna wait till I see the episode. 🙂
    The clip doesn’t really tell us anything. I agree with a few other posters it seems like its about their kids.

    • Kim is no Taylor.We need to give Kim a chance.I still am not sure she needs the pressure from this show right now.

  • Unless Kim has proof of this she should have kept her mouth shut. Kim did not like it when Kyle revealed she was an alcholic but she tattles on Brandi. Not cool Kim. Hypocrite!

    • It sounds like she was there. They were asking her what everyone was saying.

      and i think outing your sister on national tv vs bringing drama to a reality show is two different animals

    • I think being called out for being an alcoholic is a lot more serious than being busted for talking shit about someone’s friend. Kim is Adrienne’s friend.

      • This whole starting over between Brandi and Kim is so new I would not find it strange for Kim to tell a trusted friend when something hurtful has been said.It`s like learning to swim all over again but this time they tossed in a couple of sharks.

    • Umm…did you actually watch the clip? Kim said Brandi revealed something about Adrienne and Paul’s marriage while they were all at dinner. So, yes, Kim WAS there so she does have proof that Brandi said something. LOL

      I’m not a fan of Kim, but being outed as an alcoholic on TV is completely different than telling a friend that someone was talking about them behind their back.

  • Hmmmmmmm…I could be way off base here but does anyone remember hearing that Adrienne actually never gave birth to her children so I wonder if this has to do anything with it….A says in this clip she needs to worry about taking care of her own kids..? Or maybe B was talking about Paul and A’s marriage I guess we will find out soon enough!!!

    • Yes, it must have been about the kids, because why would Adrienne say “she should take care of her own kids”. I must say, you would think they don’t have children, especially such young ones. They do not seem very involved with their kids. I get that they might not want them on the show, but really, do they even attend the kid parties? I think Bernie has them washing pots in the kitchen!

      • Shiks, I agree! I don’t believe Adrienne was ever really involved with her little ones- she has her people take care of that!

      • @Shiks I think the rumor was at one time that Adrienne did not carry her 3 boys……..not sure it they used a surrogate or they adopted….could be just a rumor!

      • But Adrienne said at the table that she had a C-Section, so this should be very interesting. Adrienne seems like the kind of person who, when someone knows too much info and there is a chance it could come out, the threatens to sue.

        • BINGO !!!!

          YOU WIN!!!

          Adrienne was sharing fiction at thevtable and on canera about a c-section when she actually had used a surge gate.

          Brandi hates fakes and liars. Brandi told the truth, hence no lawsuit could be filed.

    • Yes, I heard that it was because Adrienne was telling a story about her son’s birth, and Brandi was like, “What is she talking about, she didn’t give birth to her son, he was via surrogate’

      I believe it was in response to them all sitting around that table in the ‘vacation’ and telling pregnancy stories, you will recall that Cammille was very quiet because, as she said, “I had my kids through a surrogate, so I don’t have those stories’.

      So I think it was because the way Adrienne was talking, she was acting like she had given birth, and Brandi, who did have her two kids, was like, “No, she didn’t”

    • well if adrienne used a surragate, that is no big deal. what is a big deal is that she sat at a dinner party talking about giving birth via c-sections. so if someone who knew the truth, possibly brandi, called her out on her lies, then she deserves what she gets. how so you keep the fact that you used surragates a secret, especially in bev hills

  • Of course Brandi and Paul are in a better place, he and Adrian are divorced and Adrian is Lisa’s arch nemesis. So Superficial.

  • Why did Kim get involved?? And what did Brandi say? Did I miss that in the clip?? I like Brandi, but I hope she didn’t open her mouth when she shouldn’t have.

    • I was wondering the same thing! Why would Kim do this? Certainly she knew it would create more problems! These women are real gems!

      • Because as a good friend of Adrienne and Paul’s, it was her responsibility. Brandi needs to learn to keep her mouth shut!! I really believe that she involves herself with drama to stay relevant.

        • I have many good friends, and as such, I would not bring gossip to them about what someone said!

          It serves no useful purpose, only creates animosity and hurt feelings, and often times produces a situation that can never be repaired.

          Clearly, this was a matter of KIM not knowing when to keep it to herself and zip it!

          • Her responsibility? Really? Is she responsible for putting her nose in all her friend’s business? High School mentality…..

          • Brandi shouldn’t have opened up her mouth if she didn’t want what she said to get back to Adrienne and Paul. Kim doesn’t need to cover Brandi, if Brandi said it she needs to own it when called out on it.

          • I agree with RHO_Fan. It was really tacky on Kim’s part. I was feeling sorry for her and started to like her, but crash, what she did to repeat hurtful gossip whether it was true or not was just that…hurtful. Anyone who repeats gossip is just as bad as the person starting it. It does no good to keep it alive.

    • Interesting that Adrienne goes directly to filing a lawsuit. I don’t remember anything about them actually filing. Wonder if what she said was true?

      • Especially interesting considering her comments last season: friends don’t sue friends. She jumped down Taylor’s throat last season. Pot, kettle, black? I think so

      • Brandi recently gave an interview about her fighting Eddie in court regarding Leanne around her kids and Brandi said she didn’t have the money to do it because she was dealing with the lawsuit from Adrienne and saving for a house.

      • Adrienne went directly to a “lawsuit” because she is a drama queen and desperately trying to position herself as “Queen Bee” by implying she has power!

        Pitiful, pathetic, miserably inadequate…
        But she does provide good belly laughs when she acts out this way! 😉

        • I remember when she said, “Friends don’t sue friends” in regards to Camille being served a lawsuit from Russell Armstrong.

          • Yea…but are Adrienne and Brandi friends ? No they are not. Adrienne is not a drama queen. She and Lisa are the only cool ladies on the show. Keep in mind Adrienne went through a tough divorce. All that preassure and stress can make anyone acting crazy (just like Camille in the 1st Season).

      • Wasn’t Adrienne the one who said ” friends don’t sue friends” in reference to Taylor’s husband/Camille??

    • Kim did this, I think because Adrienne is her good friend, when she didn’t have any of the ladies on her side Adrienne was there for her. Good friends tell one another when someone is spreading BS about them, or talking about them behind their back, at least that’s what I think a good friend is. So Kim told Adrienne, it wasn’t to start drama I don’t think.

        • Anytime someone is told that someone is talking about them behind their back, or spreading rumors around or whatever it is going to start stuff. That’s a given. As it should, because one shouldn’t spread BS or talk BS and not expect it to get around.

        • Just like Brandi knew she was starting shit by telling Lisa what the Maloof’s chef allegedly said! Brandi is out of line!

      • I agree, if somebody was talking about my family and something that can be potentially damaging I would be pissed too.
        Adrienne has been extremely good and protective of Kim in her struggles with addiction so if Kim saw fit to let Adrianne know about Brandi talking to other people about them, then it is Kim’s prerrogative.

        What Brandi said must have been very upsetting because Adrienne in fact filed a lawsuit and quit the show, Bravo had to forced her to comply with her contract or she would had been gone. I am sure that Adrienne probably doesn’t want Bravo to show what Brandi said so I wonder if we would learn about it from another source.

        I am getting tired of this non sense of Brandi opening her mouth to slam everybody with no filter at all. Think and then Speak, that seems something that goes out the window with Brandi and some think is cute and it is just her being real. One day Brandi is going to dig herself in a hole that she won’t be able to crawl out of.

        • But wait. I’m really confused. Adrienne is suing Brandi. Brandi and Paul are friends. What the heck? Paul was the one originally cursing Brandi out and saying she said something about HIS family. He doesn’t seem upset now. Adrienne and Paul are divorced? And it’s Brandi’s fault? Is this a story line in all the RH stories? It’s always the most popular fault?

      • Yes maybe….(I’m only saying maybe) Paul and Adrian needed to be told…. but there is a time and a place and this was NOT the time NOR was it the place for this to have taken place.

        I’ve never liked Kim. She is to be admired for kicking her habit BUT her mentality never grew from the time she was a child and got involved with these drugs. Kim needs a LOT of psychological counseling. Real friends defend the friend who was attacked and then forgets about it. Kim said nothing at the dinner but chose a party to carry the tale? Not good.