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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE Interview: Ana Quincoces Defends Herself Against Lea Black & Reveals That Karent’s Ex Tried Contacting Her After Their Break-Up!

When I first started watching Real Housewives of Miami I was curious to see how the new ladies would fare on the screen. I was also looking out for who I liked and who I was on the fence with. Right off the bat, I liked Ana Quincoces because of her great relationship with her daughters, how real she was, and being a first-generation Hispanic-American, I was personally intrigued because of her embodiment of success in the US. Ana is not perfect but she does pretty well as a lawyer, chef, cookbook author, mother, and now reality TV star.

I recently had the chance to ask Ana a few questions about her experience on the show, her personal life, and of course the juicy drama that unfolds on any Housewives show. Ana was very well-spoken, direct, short and to the point about what she had to say.

Ana revealed that she sees some of herself in Joanna Krupa, talked about the drama with Thomas Kramer at the dinner party from hell and some comments Lea had to make regarding that, and admitted that Karent’s douchey, shady ex-boyfriend Rodolfo still tried texting her even after he broke up with Karent! Check out what Ana told AllAboutTRH below:

AllAboutTRH: Has being a Housewife been different from what you anticipated? What has been the greatest learning experience?
Ana: I embarked up on this journey with a bit of apprehension. Luckily, being a “housewife” has been a very positive experience for me so far. They say that in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.  For some reason, I have always felt like the one-eyed man. Under the circumstances, it’s a good thing.

Did you watch any Real Housewives shows before you joined? Do you have any favorite Housewives from other franchises?
Yes, I am a fan and like many professional women, reality TV has become something of a guilty pleasure. It’s like watching a train wreck; you don’t want to see it, but you can’t look away. I have many favorites. My favorite housewife of all time is Bethenny Frankel. In fact, I fancy myself something of a Latin Bethenny. She raised the bar and since then we have seen an influx of super sharp housewives.  A few faves are Carole Radzwill, Heather Thompson, and Heather DuBrow from O.C.

Besides your friends from years back, Alexia and Marysol, who have you become close with from the cast?
I really like Joanna, her unbridled passion is both endearing and infuriating. I suppose that is why she is so appealing. I see a little of myself in her. My maternal instincts just want to take her under my wing and spare her some of the heartache that she is sure to experience if she does not control the emotional extremes that she allows herself to experience. I also enjoy spending time with Lisa. There is an ingénue quality about her that I love.  I also believe she has a pure heart.

You were a little upset with Marysol and you felt she needed to stand up for herself against Elaine. Why do you think she seemed scared of Elaine? Was she scared of Elaine herself, or is she scared of conflict in general?
Yes, yes, and yes.  Most people do not like conflict.  Marysol in particular avoids conflict at all costs because she believes such conflict damages her business reputation which she has spent years building.  I believe that she is afraid of Elaine for no other reason than the fact that Elaine is a 6 foot plus male and Marysol is well…not.

At the RHOM “dinner party from hell”, Thomas Kramer said some really insulting things to you. A lot of viewers were proud that you stood your ground and did not follow suit and suck up to him like everyone seems to do. Do you think you were being rude talking to Thomas in a defensive manner in his own home, or did that not matter at that point after the way he was treating you and Joanna?
I don’t believe standing my ground was a choice. At least it wasn’t for me. Inviting someone to your home does not give them license to insult you. Accepting an invitation is not a waiver of your values. My dignity is not for sale.

Lea Black wrote in her blog that you shouldn’t have gotten offended by what Thomas was saying to the women because of the sex-natured jokes you make with your daughters and your ex on the season premiere dinner you shared at your home. What do you have to say regarding that?
The comparison is nonsensical.  Perhaps Lea needs to sit with her husband to determine what makes an effective argument.  My private conversations with my children and their father are just that, private. They are not intended to offend or objectify women, and everyone involved was a willing participant.  Addressing her rambling nonsensical blog is an exercise in futility.

We also saw a vulnerable side to you when you moved out of the practice you shared with your ex. How are you two doing now, and has your relationship remained friendly even after you guys stopped working in the same office space?
Moving out of my office after 20 years was very difficult. It was the end of so many things and my future that had been so clearly defined for decades suddenly became uncertain.   Robert and I will always be friends.

Karent recently revealed she and Rodolfo are no longer dating. Does this come as a shock you? Has he tried contacting you again ever since the show wrapped?
No, it does not, and yes he has.

A lot of viewers have complimented you for being an intelligent Housewife and for being an inspiration to them. Do you view yourself in that way, being a self-made Hispanic success story in America?
It is wonderful to receive so many tweets and emails from women and men all over the country. I am terribly flattered that people actually take the time to write me and express their support. This has been the absolute greatest part of this whole experience. I have been true to myself this entire season. I have shown my tough side, my vulnerable side, my acidic tongue, and my unconventional family. I have allowed my life to unfold for the world to see and many times felt completely naked doing it.  To my surprise, I have received nothing but encouragement, support, and outright praise and I am truly humbled because of it. I can honestly say that this experience has made me a better person, because the viewers have held me to a higher standard and I don’t want to let them down.

Well, season two of RHOM has sure had tons of drama. Were you looking forward to your first reunion taping?
I don’t think the reunion is something anyone looks forward to.  Other reunions have demonstrated just how ugly things can get and how quickly. I do understand that it is a necessary evil, an opportunity to discuss things that were disclosed to us for the first time upon watching the episodes.

What did you expect to go down at the RHOM reunion?
I had no expectations. I plan to go with the flow.  Fortunately I have been blessed with the ability to think on my feet. And when you are dealing with the truth, confrontations become very winnable.

Can you update your fans on what is next for you? Any other cookbooks in the works or new ventures?
I just submitted the manuscript of my third cookbook for the famed Versailles Cuban Restaurant in Miami. I am about to launch my “Million Dollar Marinade” in December. It is what I like to call cooking for dummies in a bottle.  Cooking and serving a delicious meal does not have to be rocket science. There aren’t enough one step products out there to make cooking with confidence a reality for most people. Until now… 😉

Ana is a very respectable lady and she makes very valid points. I hope we get to see more of her on the next season, though. What did you think of what Ana had to say?

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  • Ana you are the real representation of our immigrant population- You are class, intelligence and a great Cuban sense of humor. Loved the way you set Kramer straight he has been nothing but a bad mark on Miami since he moved here.
    And I admire you straight from the hip comments about Lea Black, most people take short cuts in life and they believe that money will buy you class and living vicariously thru her husbands money , and patronizing her house keeper whom encourages her sons Asperger’s condition. She clearly is nice to people outwardly so it can make her feel superior. how sad that everyone feels the need feed her ego – I am also a Cuban American immigrant who surrounds herself with interesting women who have made a life for themselves professionally and break the mold people want to put Hispanic women into submissive etc… I am a physician education paid for by my hard working parents who always told me to remember who I was and to be proud of our heritage no matter what , education not marrying up was the great equalizer and the only path to being truly free.
    More power to you keep talking, love your spirited comments , speak your truth always !

  • Ana is all in when it comes to her kids but that’s it she’s a very mean woman inside very very nasty person , sorry I say it as I see it and I did .

  • I love Ana. She is very intelligent and is a.good friend. I loved the way she stood up to that obnoxious man at the dinner party. She’s an attorney, Mom, Chef and author of receipe cookbooks and now has her own marinade. I loved the episode where she taught Joanna how to cook risotto. If I had to pick a RHOM.who I would want to be friends with, it would be Ana. I felt her pain as she emptied her office. I cried as it was the end of an important chapter of her life. I too am divorced, and the finality is like a death. I wish her the very best.

  • I liked Ana until the reunion, where I thought her behavior was inexcusable. What kind of attorney is she if she has to go to those ugly extremes to make a point? She took the easy way to try to make Lea look bad, and it made her look worse.

    • I totally agree. I was truly offended by her relentless attack on Lea, especially when she said that Lea’s best work was on her back. Any woman that attacks another woman like that is simply CLASSLESS !

  • Ana is my least favorite Housewife. I think she is always negative and she doesn’t add anything to the story line. She is always trying bully someone and “take them down”. I also think she is a little thick and mannish looking.

  • I love love love Ana. So much so that I went and bought her newest cookbook and I don’t even cook! But I will learn as homage to her. She is an embodiment of class, grace, dignity and finesse!

  • I completely disagree with the majority opinion on this site! I think that when Ana plays the mommy role, she is lovable. But when she wants to be a diva and realizes she can’t compete cuz of her body issues, she appears angry and disgruntled.
    Ana, kindly stick to playing mommy to the girls, it’s much more attractive! Don’t mean any disrespect but you are better than that.

  • I found the story. I was gonna share w/friends because they didn’t know what was going on between Lea & Ana and couldn’t find it. I just figured Lea got her lawyers involved again…lol. I agree A Valdespino 🙂 I love Ana and know that something had to have happened prior to the reunion to cause Ana to be on attack. She doesn’t seem to me to be a petty person who cares about b*ls*it that goes on. I just wish Bravo would release some kind of statement on what really happened. Her ex-husband coming to bat for her was amazing. Lea is just jealous and worried that she isn’t “releavant” now that Ana is on the show. Didn’t anyone notice how she switched teams mid-season and hung w/the new young ladies in hopes she would be on Season 3. I really don’t think Ana cares if she is on RHOM since she has a great career as it it. Ana is the one of the realest HW’s in the franchise. LOVE ANA!

  • I read the interview with Ana’s ex-husband at this website. I also love Ana and feel that she is in a class by herself. Loved how she rattled Lea in the reunion show. It’s about time that someone give it back to Lea. Go, Ana!

  • What happenned to the story of why Ana was going after Lea on the reunion and her ex-husband’s statement to your website? Did Lea threaten w/her lawyers? LOL!

    • Look at the date the interview took place. Duh…. It was before the reunion. “Did yoiu even read it it? The interviewer brought it up a couple of times about what will you and how will blah blah blah at the upcoming reunion…

  • LOVED how Ana was not afraid of that Tomas Kramer ego maniac and put him in his place! Neither does she let loud mouth Lea intimidate her. Ana can be sweet and kind but does not allow herself to be manipulated nor intimidated. A wonderful example of an intelligent articulate and secure woman, truly fabulous in every way!

  • Great interview.
    I think Anna was the best addition to the show.
    She has class and brains. She is the true voice of reason on the show.

  • Interesting that she has published two cookbooks before yet did not pimp them during the season, not even on the episode teaching Joanna how to make risotto.

  • Ana is definitely my fav. Miami Housewife.
    She’s certainly a cut above all the rest and is a real pleasure to watch.
    She is someone to emulate.

  • Ana is too classy and smart for this show. It must have been very difficult for her to show he break up of her marriage and law partner/husband .

  • I always admire a woman that knows how to express herself and OMG compared to the likes of other HW, Anna definitely is in the upper echelon.

    I love the way she expresses herself and I started liking her more when she handled Tomas like a pro.

    Way to go Anna, it is nice to like at least one of the RHOM.

  • She is a very good woman, mom and a hard working lady wit a lot of Class and very beautiful in an out.

  • I’ve like Ana throughout this season so was glad to see this interview. I enjoyed seeing the sense of humor she shared with her family and I like her directness. She is spot on about Lisa, she does have an ingenue quality that is really sweet.

  • i don’t like ana but i don’t dislike her either. i do find her to be a very intelligent business woman and i always respect that. i just didn’t like how she was being a jealous school girl over rodolfo. this interview was good. this is the side of ana that i like. the more mature side.

  • I like her. I also like Joanna for the same reasons she said. She’s feisty but endearing. Adriana still still looks dumb and low class even if she snagged a rich boyfriend. And well, Lea without her money is just that, dumb!

  • She’s very quiet yet this kind of makes me like her. she’s more outspoken in this interview and you see a different side to her

  • OMG finally a h.w. that admits to watching the shows, what a breath of fresh air.The dinner party was horrible (know that) with vibes of Allison Dubois and caused me to stop watching this show. Ana seems very grounded and Bravo must have stopped hiring from the crazy house to find her.

  • At first i did not like ana considering how rude she was to karent and how she was texting rodolfo, but as time went by and she was helping joanna learn to cook and then the dinner party from hell, i loved ana. How no one else had her back that night bewildered me…clearly ana was sticking up for the women at that table and all she got was insults by karent and leah saying “oh poor thomas kramer!” you know what, to hell with that rapist and pedophile! Ana continue to be an amazing woman and role model for us. I also like how she claims to the the “cuban bethanny” didnt karent try to say that?! Lmao. Ana is the cuban bethanny, an attorny, author, chef, mother..her list is going on and on. Congrats ana!

    • yeah right sticking up for women! and then she bases her attacks to another cast mate on her age and on her work selling cosmetics and on having slept with men to get ahead in life!! please only the biggest machistas attack women because of their sexual life and looks! This Anna is the biggest hypocrit and people are too dumb to see it! just because she’s comparatively articulate! PLEASE

  • I don’t watch RHOM but this was a great interview & demonstrates why Ana has received primarily positive feedback. She has great sensibilities.

  • Good job with this interview. Ana seems real and loyal which is uncommon these days with the other housewives shows!!

  • I loveeeee Ana! She’s the best new addition. Finally a normal person that works hard and has real life things to worry about not stupid bickering girls.

    • Please please please – Watch reunion show because nobody could like Ana. Hard to believe she’s educated. On that show she needed to converse like a street hoodlum with no class and no truth to share. Go attack in the court room Ana because it’s obvious you wouldn’t get away with such crap. You are dirty and I hope it catches up to Ana…glad you are gone and your idea of loving Bethany Frankel is comical because your attempt to be her was a JOKE!

    • Please please please – Watch reunion show because nobody could like Ana. Hard to believe she’s educated. On that show she needed to converse like a street hoodlum with no class and no truth to share. Go attack in the court room Ana because it’s obvious you wouldn’t get away with such crap. You are dirty and I hope it catches up to Ana…glad you are gone and your idea of loving Bethany Frankel is comical because your attempt to be her was a JOKE!