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Adrienne Maloof Says She Is Brandi Glanville’s Target!

RHOBH star Adrienne Maloof took to her blog to talk about the latest episode of The Real Housewives. Adrienne Maloof believes that she is Brandi Glanville’s target and says next week’s episode is intense to say the least!

“What an episode! First of all, it was nice to get away with the ladies and connect outside of Los Angeles to celebrate Kim’s sobriety.

The dinner party in Ojai was a bit tense and heated after Brandi told me to “shut the f— up.” My intentions were to simply ask Kim why she was upset. Brandi’s language was completely inappropriate and made everyone feel uncomfortable, however, I accepted her apology and we moved on with the weekend.

I must say, it was nice for all of us to spend the day driving around the grounds and racing with each other in the golf carts, it was really fun and a great way to enjoy the day without any bickering. Also, a mud bath with seven other women is not exactly my idea of a relaxing spa day, but Kim did say it was the “clay from God” who can say no to that!?!

Conversation over dinner was a little unusual, but at least we were all getting along. By the end of the night we were even letting loose and having some fun arm wrestling, doing gymnastics — it felt like a real slumber party.

Unfortunately, Brandi is looking for a fight and I am her target of the moment. I’ve been trying to get along with her and not engage in unnecessary drama.

Next episode is intense, stay tuned.”

I think it’s interesting that Adrienne doesn’t deny Brandi’s claims about the twitter claims. I sometimes feel bad for Adrienne but she seems like she kind of deserves it. Are you team Adrienne or team Brandi?

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  • I have just started watching the show and from what I see everyone but Lisa gains up on Brandi. I think its hilarious that they were all apalled at Brandi using the f word. Yet they use the word and its okay.

  • Adrienne…everyone knows that you do not backstab..and you are a business titan…but you are unbelievably were unable to just tell Brandi “use your manners that your mom taught you”..if Brandi just said”Adrienne it’s okay..we are having a good moment” then everyone would have said good and life would the way of course you would want to know if the crying you heard was good or bad…geez. This show is Brandi’s she is performing for us..I know you will address Brandi with honesty and respect..wish I could say the same for Brandi. I think brandi should have one less drink and stop telling Kim that these “girls” just want her to fail.

  • Adrienne comes off as a spoiled brat that has to get her way. She is so passive/agressive. Brandy certainly could have handled the situation a little better, but I don’t blame her for telling Adrienne to shut up. Someone needed too.

    Also thought it was kind of ironic that the girls got so drunk when they were on a trip to celebrate Kim’s sobriety.

  • “You’re a fucking liar Camille!”- Kyle from season 1, AT A RESTAURANT no less.
    What a hypocrite….

    • Kathy, yup. I posted that on another thread.

      Also Kyle said something like, fuck you Kim, in the limo fight, after Traylor Trash’s party.

  • Can someone please tell me what exactly did Brandi say against Maloof’s family that made this idiot feel entitled to call a woman the B word several times in front of national TV? Please?

    • At the reunion she strongly insinuated (or said out loud even) that Adrienne and Paul’s marriage was a show and they didn’t really get along. Hello? No new flash there!!

        • Allegedly Brandi said something about Paul and AM using a surrogate for their kids. I think that’s why the childbirth convo was show in the btwn commercial, during the retreat dinner. Adrianne makes it sound like SHE had the C section w/the kids which is why Brandi says AM is a liar in tonight’s episode, which Bravo had to edit, heavily, b/c of the lawsuit P&AM had filed against Brandi.
          The preview for next weeks show has brandi saying “it can get bad” (btwn her and Adrienne )to Lisa and Lisa saying it is bad. Brandi replies ‘it can get worse’ – the whole exchange makes me think Adrianne told Brandi about Paul abusing her,

    • Because Brandi was selling stories about Paul and Adrienne’s children. Any normal thinking person knows that children are always off limits. Too bad Brandi is to much of an inbred, brain dead idiot to realize this and continues to talk about their children anyway. Paul had every right to get upset, he should have socked her in the face, but he’s too much of a gentlemen to do something like that.

      • Really? It wasn’t Chef Bernie? Thats odd. I highly doubt Brandi would do that, especially because of what she goes through with Lonny Leanne. I would not be so quick to accuse Brandi of that, especially when Bernie seems to be the rag mag Queen with an apron on.

      • She was accused of SELLING anything. She said something to her fellow cast mates, on camera abt Adrienne using surrogates. That is neither about the children, nor is it something Adrienne should be telling people if she doesn’t want the public to know, it’s a GD REALITY show, unwise to have so many ‘secrets’ and then tell them to everyone. It was basically the same thing Camille did when she shouted “we don’t tell ppl he broke your jaw!” at Taylor

  • If Adrienne’s intentions were to “simply ask Kim why she was upset”, then why didn’t she merely ASK Kim why she was upset? Noooo, she had to ANNOUNCE that Kim was upset to the entire table, all the while glaring at Brandi. She knew exactly what she was doing… she was passively-aggressively calling out Brandi because she thought Brandi was the reason why Kim was upset.

    It’s not Brandi who’s looking for a fight, Adrienne. Take a long hard look in the mirror and you’ll see who the real shit-stirrer is.

  • I’d like to hear more about what Adrienne and Paul wanted Brandi to do on twitter…
    Brandi’s my favorite on the show.
    I found it laughable that Kyle would jump on Lisa for defending Brandi when she defends Taylor the Freak at every given opportunity.

    • I was just not minding Kyle so much until first hal of episode. Who the hell is she to tell Lisa what to decide or do, and go on after Brandi’s eff word? Does anyone else remember how she was to Camille and WTH she said to her, in public? Good for Lisa for being logical and not needing a team of cackling hyenas sway her.

        • After reading Yolandas blog about how she is upset with Kyle not being there for Kim, it hit home with me. Really did. I can’t respect Kyle after that, she used to be funny but I look at her different now.

          Adrienne, well, she just can’t be trusted, look what she did to Paul and to Lisa, she has a nack for putting out damaging info that she never backs up.

          Like throwing character assassination bombs. She just lights the fuse…and walks away!

          • See, thats what gets me! Every now and then, I see that down to earth Kyle that is witty, then BOOM- Bitch is back. The passive aggressive one.. And I agree about Adrienne. Now she wants to turn around and accuse Brandi of that next week I heard.

  • SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, TEAM BRANDI ALL THE WAY! I’ll use B’s words too… Adrienne shut the f*ck up

  • “My intentions were to simply ask Kim why she was upset.” So why didn’t she ask “Kim, are you okay?” “Kim, what’s wrong?” “Kim, why are you crying” instead of saying “UH OH, someone’s crying.” ? (Any of the 3 would have been better than what she actually said) Brandi isn’t stupid and knew exactly what Adrienne was doing, trying to rile up the rest of the girls against Brandi and make her look like she made Kim cry. It was more than obvious. Adrienne obviously doesn’t like Brandi (because Brandi didn’t go on twitter for her) but can’t say that to the group, so she is trying to take Brandi down any way she can, and this is how she chose to.

    Side note: Next episode Paul gets involved, and it’s clear he’s a drama queen (Joe Gorga-esk?) and together he and Adrienne are afraid of what Brandi says/will say, since it’s clear she doesn’t have their back.

  • I second that EllieBell! Adrienne is nothing but a painted up blow-fish looking bitch who needs to swan dive back into the ocean and go Find Nemo, I can’t stand her.

  • I think Adrienne put her own target on herself, but here is my concern.

    Next weeks episode, Kim tells Adrienne that Brandi has told people that she sold something to a tabloid or is telling certain people things about her and Paul and somehow that esclates into that huge Brandi/Paul/Adrienne fight.

    • Jelly, Brandi said last night I think that her and Adrienne have issues because of what was said in reunion. Adrienne and Paul had been trying to get her to change her words, and she would not! So , there is the problem.. and POOF- guess who got divorced?

      • I don’t know what that means. Adrienne and Brandi have issues cause of the reunion which I agree about but Kim told Adrienne something that Brandi said I believe that Brandi told a tabloid or something which ignites what happens on the episode Monday.

        • The statement Brandi made about Adrienne and Paul’s “marriage”- did she say people thought they were acting, sham, etc..? They wanted her to basically retract what she said, told her what to put on her twitter, but she said no! IDK what you are referring to , LOL, sorry! Missed preview for next one. But anyway, what Im saying here was mentioned by Brandi last night, maybe to Lisa?

  • If you are walking around being a jerk, people can call you out on it. This woman is entitled and thinks everyone should just take her crap. Then when one doesn’t, that person’s being a meanie and targeting them. It’s bizarre how some of these people have no concept of cause and effect.

  • Brandi was looking for a fight? But yet Adrienne was the one who inserted herself into a Brandi/Kim convo. Right.

    • Right? I love how people shit talk Brandi when she initiates none of these dramas! She stands up of herself, and she is wrong? I wish Camille would have reminded sweet Kyle of her own nasty mouth and behavior season 1.

      • brandi seems to always have to defend herself.everyone treats her like if she’s some dumb naive person. many people and the other housewives underestimate her. she’s just more open minded and isn’t afraid to speak up. she’s a fighter. on the other hand she was stirring things a little at the reunion but so were alot of the other ladies.

  • I don’t understand her saying: “it was nice to get away with the ladies and connect outside of Los Angeles to celebrate Kim’s sobriety.”???? Who celebratees sobriety by getting drunk? Maybe she should have left it at ‘nice to get away with the ladies and connect’… JMO

    • I completely agree. I felt so bad for Kim when she had to leave because the girls were getting hammered. You could see how uncomfortable she felt. I’m not saying the ladies can’t enjoy a cocktail infront of Kim, but they went overboard. Especially with what Kim’s intentions for the weekend were.

    • Yeah.. her own sister did not seem to mind getting chocolate wasted!
      But, Kim and I may be reaching here but ( Taylor) had the alcohol issues, no one else does. So the other girls can wasted if they want and Kim has to learn to step back until she can be around it and be strong enough I guess?

      • Yes Kim did have issues with alcohol and will her whole life, hence being an alcoholic… my point is the ladies keep saying this was a celebration of Kim’s sobriety, so they shouldn’t celebrate that by getting hammered!
        Also I want to point out that a lot of people keep saying Kim shouldn’t expect everybody to not drink or she should learn to step back until she can handle it, but Kim didn’t have a problem with them getting drunk. She said in her talking head that she felt it was a great weekend and that some people got closer and got to know each other, just not her and Kyle as sisters.

  • Sorry Rox I know you are Team Brandi all day.

    But I can not stand her!

    No freakin way am I team Brandi.

    I think Adrienne is Brandi’s target, only because Brandi is Lisa new bestie, and her ” protector”.

    • I am not Team Adrienne either, just to be clear.

      But I do feel that Brandi is going after Adrienne because of Lisa

        • Yes she sure is, and they both love it!

          Brandi is getting something out of ” being Lisas girl”. And Lisa loves that Brandi has the ” mouth” and zero class, she loves having someone being a complete yes girl to her.

      • Brandi is totally going after Adrienne on behalf of Lisa and I don’t even like Adrienne. But I can’t stand a gang up even if it’s on a person I don’t care for.

        • I agree, I feel the same way. I also do not care for ” making fun” of her in their talking heads.. I saw enough of the mean girl business on NJ, when they all did it to Teresa.

      • So true. It was hilarious last night when Brandi said she won’t be Adrienne’s puppet, and yet she seems to have no problem being Lisa’s puppet. She will do anything Lisa says because she’s a tool.

        • I think it’s because Lisa can and has done a hell of alot for Brandi. Brandi is a user, in my opinion, Lisa will find out.

          • To the comment about Brandi being close with Cedric,I just had to clear this up: That whole “Brandi’s friendship with Cedric thing” was BRAVO MADE UP 4 TV “drama BAIT”.

            It was Bravo’s way of 1). Introducing Brandi to the show, 2). Adding drama, angst, tension & hopefully interest 3). Antagonizing Lisa – again, in hopes of a strong reaction/drama & 4). Another -failed- attempt to bring Cedric back to the show….but Lisa will NOT have it.

            Brandi, Cedric and others admitted the entire thing was made up, described the set-up/plan & “tip the press off photo op” that was engineered by Bravo Producers and came clean that the whole “STORY” of knowing Cedric from their “modeling together in Europe back in the day” was 100% RUBBISH to put Brandi on the show. She was TOLD to say it. Now Lisa HAS to refer to it in her Talking Head i-views (notice how *unnecessarily often* Lisa mentions it &/or repeats it in a non-sequitor…..once you know the Real story, the Truth, Bravo’s tactics are glaringly obvious.

            Bravo has dones this many times b4 & in all their shows. One notable example is the NJ Housewives series: Bravo has so many FALSE storylines going on there that THEY even became confused & as a result, it blew up in their faces & a number of Bravo producers were fired (“let go”).

            Although no one on these shows are memorizing entire scripts with ALL their Lines, former Bravo producers have revealed the process & if you Google everything I’ve stated here, you’ll find the QUOTES from Direct SOURCES that back this up. Anyway, the process is this: Bravo producers interview the show cast and decide on STORYLINES to highlight &/or outright create DRAMA, tension, pathos & ‘watchability’ which = RATINGS. They then write basic SCRIPT OUTLINES with both topics cast members must cover (subjects to bring up, mention), DIRECTED Reactions, SPECIFIC LINES that Must get in and (more & more these days) sometimes INVENT outright Falsehoods, Fake arguments/drama and even totally made-up storylines to bring in the drama and action and VIEWERS….just like the Brandi & Cedric ‘relationship’.

            Cedric was, and is, a TOTAL STRANGER to Brandi, other than filming together for one day at Bravo’s direction when Brandi was introduced on TRHWives of BH and one other Brief moment when Cedric was Mic’d for Sound by Bravo prior to his “last minute surprise drop-in” at Lisa’s restaurant soiree last season. EVERYONE knew he was coming and the entire thing was FAKED.

            I hope my revelations of what goes on behind the scenes at Bravo enlightens some people….as well as stops viewers from hating on & judging others/ie: cast members because other than issues like Kim Richards & “Taylor” Armstrong (which isnt even close to her real name — she’s changed both her 1st & last names more than several times & I don’t mean legally) having alcohol & other problems, THIS SO-CALLED REALITY IS 100% SCRIPTED.

      • I think Brandi is going after Adrienne because she saw who Adrienne really was and didn’t like it. She explained at the reunion last year that Adrienne never tried to reach out and call her, hang out with her, etc. Brandi also said that while Adrienne was trying to get Brandi to go against Lisa last year and was saying nasty things about her, Lisa did not say one bad thing about Adrienne to Brandi.

        • Ellie, my sentiments exactly. clearly Lisa needs no puppet, like others on the show. Adrienne has become a menace. Kyle was good most of the episode, but I thought it was childish how she went on and on and on and on again about STFU Gate– Hello, did she see herself scream at Camille at a table in New York??? That was pretty psychotic.So to me some of these chicks are way too quick to forget their own misgivings while being a bitch to Brandi. Brandi can stand on her own, as she has shown with no one in her corner, and so can Lisa. Taylor is just looking for something to give her attention so she gets drunk , meditates, makes fish lips and tries to fight with Brandi. Ridic!

          • Michers, we often do not see eye to eye but this is a definite AGREE! I typically like Kyle but she was harping and harping on STFU and wouldn’t let Lisa get a word in! Additionally, I think all of these women are soo caught up in being the RH from BH that they want to present this classy, upscale appearance, they forget that they too in fact swear. Everyone (OK, not everyone) swears! It’s not the end of the world that Brandi said that, in fact I think Adrienne deserved it. My only issue was yelling in the middle of a restaurant.

          • I agree 🙂 Was that not super annoying? If I were there I would have thrown a dinner roll at Kyle! Camille had a perfect chance to serve Kyle a slice of memory pie last night and I wish she would have! And you are right but the problem for the crew last night was , it was Brandi. I love how Taylor is a wreck, Kim is in recovery, Adrienne is an ass, and Kyle was stirring pots, but lets wage war over the f- bomb? Crazy..

        • Oh I’m sorry..I do not beleive for one minute that Lisa never said one bad thing about Adrienne to Brandi.

          Hell to the No!

          • i don’t believe that either because that is what girlfriends do. that is not what people are saying. many people just don’t agree that brandi is lisa’s toy. brandi is a strong minded woman and you really think she would allow herself to be used that way? i think it’s more of a mother /daughter relationship between them. just like how lisa was with cedric and now it’s brandi. brandi needs someone on her side and lisa is that person that gets her.

          • I was referring to the post up thread where @EllieBelle said Brandi said Lisa never said one bad thing about Adrienne to her.

      • brandi isn’t exactly going after adrienne. there’s just tension between them because apprantly adrienne and paul tried to get brandi against lisa on twitter. so there is a reason why there is drama between them. haven’t seen lisa on camera throw brandi at adrienne. as you can see all those ladies have their own personalities and can speak their own minds.

        • ooops.. i meant to say something on twitter. saying something that she lied about their marriage i think. remember what brandi said on the reunion and apprently adrienne and paul are still butt hurt about it. don’t insult brandi’s intelligance by trying to say she’s lisa’s puppet. that’s a cop-out. brandi isn’t lisa’s secret weapon. all you need to do is watch adrienne and see why many people don’t like her. she’s controlling, manipulative, an instigator, and just a plain fake person. she almost had everyone fooled but now slowly but surely her and pauls true colors are coming out.

          • I will say Brandi is Lisas puppet, and she loves it, Lisa loves it too. This is my opinion and I stand by it.

            BTW, I love Lisa, but I know what she is about 100%.

          • holy, you say that alot. everytime someone disagrees with you. you say “it’s my opinion and i stand by it”. we all stand by our opinions and nobody is at( least i’m not )trying to change yours. i’m just giving you my opinion as to why i disagree and i’ll always stand by my own opinions and nobody is gonna convince me otherwise. for someone to say that they likes lisa .li find it weird you are demeaning her and trying to portray her as some diabolical genius that likes to use people to fight her battles. as far as i can see. lisa doesn’t need anyone to fight her battles. never once did i ever see lisa encourage brandi to argue with anyone. doesn’t anyone really need brandi or lisa to dislike adrienne? no, adrienne does that all on her own.

          • Yes I do say it alot because it is my opinion, and I do stand by it. Sometimes I feel like it just needs to be said. I see no problem in posting it. I’m not trying to change anyones mind either, but I do feel ” at times” some people have.

            I do not feel I’m am doing that to Lisa , but go head and think what you want.

            I like Lisa, I like her taste and style. But I also see another side of her, I have since the first season. I think she does have a nasty arrogant side to her, I see the same thing with Yolanda

            Sorry but I do think that she would encourage Brandi to say things that she herself would not say, especially on camera. It’s just my take.

        • I don’t know about that ru kidding, neither Brandi nor Adreinne adressed that in their blogs. Brandi said it last night but I don’t beleive alot of stuff that comes out of Brandis mouth. Just my opinion, but the woman is shady and a shit stirer to me.

          • i don’t know if it’s true or not either but it makes sense to me. brandi did say something about their marraige at the reunion and it wouldn’t surprise me that paul and adrienne would be upset about it and would want brandi to apologize for it. for now i’m taking brandi’s word because i don’t believe she has a reason to make it up.

    • Me too! I love Brandi Glanville! She may be blunt at times, but she is honest!

      I think we are witnessing a bit of “projection” on Adrienne’s part: Brandi is Adrienne’s target! She is hateful and jealous of Brandi’s rise to fame and popularity!

      Adrienne is boring and self absorbed…she needs to go away!

      • Concur! She is getting alot of heat on her page and she’s trying to deflect it to Brandi. She is a total shit starter.

      • Brandi is a Bitch…she plays the victim and everyone else is wrong like Taylor with her book. Taylor’s husband just died and Brandi lies..Pure evil. I’m surprised she still has her kids with her profanity, slashing tires, and doing drugs (like she said before). If she is in Housewives next season I will stop watching it.

    • Ya know what, I was not fully committed to it but I am now. These broads are relentless.. Im over it. Go Brandi!

    • I didn’t care for Brandi last season but the girl right and I love that she calls the women out! I can see her talking to anybody where the other ladies seem so fake and transparent.